Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 5, No. 1
January 21, 2052

Web Posted April 01, 2002
Updated April 01, 2002


Happy New Year, autoduelists. Welcome to the beginning of the fifth year of CWIN. If you have difficulty believing that fact, the editor cannot believe it either. Due to personal matters (again) that required my attention, this issue is extremely late but what do you expect from a one-duelist operation? Anyways, the newsletter should (finally) get back on schedule next month.

The 2051 WADA League Standings have been updated. The deadline for submitting events and notifying me of errors in the standings, January 31st, is coming quickly, so please look over the points totals and tell me about errors as soon as possible.

The 2052 WADA League files have now been posted to SWAT HQ. For the second year in a row, Edgar T. Lincoln and his gang, the AAIE, claim the title of running the first event in a WADA season. Congratulations.

I have revised the WADA Chapter Registry. Please tell me if I have mislabeled a gaming group as active, inactive or dissolved. What criteria should be used to classify Car Wars gaming groups as active?


Next month is when the new Car Wars line will start to appear in gamestores. SJ Games has planned to run the AADA World Dueling Championship at Origins (the Columbus, Ohio convention, not Gen Con in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) this summer using the new Car Wars rules. There are no concrete plans to run a dueling tournament using the current rules (CWC2.5, UACFH, Pyramid Online articles, etc.) at Gen Con. Because the Car Wars community is going to be experiencing several substantial changes, I would like to ask you some questions in no particular order:

1. When the new Car Wars products are released next month, will you abandon your old rulebooks in favor of the new rules or will you continue to use them?

2. Should CWIN cover only old rules games, only new rules games, both old and new rules games, or should it stop publication (assume the online Car Wars publication Autoduel Times begins running)?

3. Origins will be the site of this year's AADA World Dueling Championship, an event that will use the new Car Wars rules. Would you like to see one more AADA World Dueling Championship that uses the old rules before all AADA events require the new rules? This tournament would be at Gen Con and would be sponsored by players of Car Wars only.

4. Should the 2052 WADA League give points for both old rules and new rules games, or only old rules games? Should a tournament for only new rules games be run alongside a tournament for old rules games?

See you on February 1st. Drive safely when you encounter the hazards of snow and ice this dueling season.

Michael P. Owen



Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / WDC at Origins?
Date: Jan 10, 2002, 2:04 pm

It appears that Steve Jackson wants to run the Car Wars World Championships at Origins. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail message Steve Jackson sent to the members of the Men in Black, the SJ Games volunteer organization:

Car Wars World Championships

What: Big double-elimination Car Wars tournament.

When: I don't know. An all-day event, basically.

How many players: Six per table. Preferably double elimination, if time allows. Should plan to serve over 100, since this is the big Car Wars relaunch.

How many staff: At least a half-dozen referees.

What's neat: This is Car Wars. If that's not neat enough,we're in trouble.

What's hard: Organizing a big tournament.

Facilities requirement: A dozen tables (at a guess) all one day (at a guess).

Budget: Dunno. SJ Games will offer prizes."

John Blaylock
SHAAG President



Release Date: February 08, 2002



Subject: Web Site Closing Down
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 15:24:57 -0500
From: Stephen De Chellis <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Mike,

Unfortunately I will no longer  maintain the AADA Chapter 11327 Web site. Due to work and family concerns I no longer have the time to run online games or maintain a proper Car Wars web presence. Please pass this information along and remove all links to the site. Thanks.

Steve De Chellis
AADA Chapter 11327 President, Retired


From: Bryan Rider <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: New Year Bash
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 19:05:42 -0800

Welcome duel fans to a new year. To start off a new year there is a new poster, so please be nice. I am doing my best to figure this stuff out. We also have a new member to the club: Bill "Red Line" Little.

The New Year's Duel was a Division 10 event with eight players driving in model scale in Edgar's Basement. The battle started with Bill firing a volley into Wesley's side, weakening him for the following ram that took out his left tires, making him a mobility kill. Steve then came and rammed Wesley. Steve and Wesley traded shots until Steve breached Wesley and finished the kill. On the other side of the room Carol Started with two VFRP salvos to Howard's side.

Back on the other side of the room, Bill did a 45mph t-bone to Bryan, giving him a firepower kill but causing him to sideswipe the wall at 80 mph. Tom's first point was with an in-air shot to Bill's engine, performed just as  Howard rammed Steve for a kill. Bryan, recovering from an impact with a pillar, foiled Bill's "AAIE maneuver" with a head-on that finished off Bill.

The game seemed to draw to a close with Tom going for a t-bone on Bryan but he was t-boned by Carol. This forced Tom to close to Bryan and the spikes that Bryan dropped. The caltrops took out both Bryan's and Tom's tires, giving Bryan a mobility kill when the spikes sent Tom into a pillar. Carol messed with Howard, forcing him into another patch of Bryan's spikes, giving him a full kill on Howard and a mobility kill on Carol.

The best is always saved  for last. Edgar flew off the table, flying 9 inches right into Bryan's ramplate, turning Edgar into confetti, another full kill for Bryan.

WADA Stuff

January 01, 2002
AAIE Div 10 Duel
Lincoln Basement
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8
Special Rules: 8X Scale

1. Bryan "Easy Kill" Rider (48, VK x 3)
2. Howard Lalicker (23, VK x 1)
3. "Disco" Steve Carder (14)
4. Tom "Leapin'" Lentz (5)
5. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (4)
6. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (3)
7. Bill "Red Line" Little (2)
8. Wesley Twitchell (1)

Our next game will be a Division 5 championship duel in two weeks on January 15th. See you then.

Bryan Rider


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES Duel Report
Date: Dec 16, 2001, 6:34 pm

HADES 9X Duel Report
November 2001

Four duellists met in the HADES arena for this Division 40 duel: Bryan Kollmorgen in a sloped, metal-armored sedan; Kirk Draut in a CA-framed luxury with five forward-firing recoiless rifles; Victor Torres and Eric Seale in nearly identical sloped sedans with dual gauss guns and triple spike dropppers. The arena was modified with several bunkers (infinite DP) and a wrecked car for this duel. Each duellist started from a different side of the arena.

Bryan turned towards Kirk in the first turn, both duellists having old scores to settle. Shots were exchanged in the second turn. Bryan's ATG stripped 13 points of Kirk's front armor. Kirk hit with 4 of 5 recoiless rifles, removing 3 points of Bryan's metal armor but failing to damage anything inside the vehicle. Eric and Victor exchanged fire with their gauss guns, each hitting with one and missing with one. Eric took 9 points off Victor's front while Victor removed 7 points of Eric's front armor.

Bryan dropped a heavy-duty flame cloud, hoping to catch Kirk it it. Kirk sverved out of the way and nailed Bryan with a paint streamer, painting his car bright pink. Eric nailed Victor with both gauss guns for a whopping 25 points of damage, triggering his spike droppers as well. Victor dropped spikes as well.

The tail-chasing race began as both Bryan and Kirk made hard right turns. Kirk roared off across the arena with Bryan in pusuit as Eric and Victor circled towards Bryan. Bryan had marked himself as the most dangerous vehicle, making him the biggest target in the arena. Eric hit Victor with one gauss gun, removing 10 points of left side armor. Victor hit Bryan's right side armor for 13 points, penetrating it and hitting the plastic underneath. Victor clipped Bryan as he swung past him, doing 1 point of damage to each car.

Eric and Victor both missed Bryan the next turn as the tail-chase continued. Kirk fired his paint sprayer again, angling the spray to catch Bryan in the next turn. As Eric swung behind Victor, Victor fired all of his weapons. His spikes nailed Eric's tires for 6 points as his gauss guns chipped at Bryan's rear armor. Eric hit Victor's rear armor with both gauss guns for 15 points. Bryan's sedan was once again painted pink as he entered Kirk's paint stream. Bryan triggered his HDFCE and set it to automatic to break up the parade forming behind him.

The next turn, Bryan nailed Kirk with his ATG, sending him into a major fishtail to the right. Kirk triggered his HTMs and accelerated to 70 mph. Eric hit Victor with both gauss guns again, stripping off 20 points of Victor's rear armor. Bryan fired his ATG at Kirk, but missed.

Kirk fired his paint streamer again, recoating Bryan's car. Victor dropped spikes again in an effort to shake Eric. Eric fired his gauss guns again, blowing through Victor's rear armor, spike dropper and Victor, chipping at Victor's plant. Bryan hit Kirk with his ATG, removing most of Kirk's rear armor and sending him into a skid. Kirk slammed on the brakes in an effort to make Bryan overshoot him. To everyone's amazement, Bryan decelerated 50 mph to stay behind Kirk. At this point, the game was called due to darkness and spouses.

Final Results

1. Bryan Kollmorgen: survived
2. Kirk Draut: survived
3. Eric Seale: survived, VK x 1
4. Victor Torres: killed

Elapsed Time: 12 seconds

Kirk Draut
HADES President


Arena Watch: Eldora Speedway
Articles: Alternate Vehicular Shotgun Rules, Power Plant Comparisons, Division 5 Cars
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 14, No. 1
Vehicle Database: Compacts, Campers


Subject: SCAB December 16th Duel Report
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 09:27:47 -0800
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

On Sunday, December 16th, SCAB hosted a Division 45 event that was a hybrid race/duel. The venue was the Freeman Towers Arena, which has eight columns. Victory conditions were per the CWRQ with the addition that any circuit around the columns could also score points. The way this worked is that a duelist would announce that he is beginning a circuit, and a marker would be placed. Then, when he returned to the original mark, we would determine how many columns had been enclosed by an imaginary line that traced his path. In Jeremy's case, we did not have to use an imaginary line (more on this insanity later). Anyway, each column so enclosed counted for 9 points, or slightly less than a quarter kill.

Attendance was good for a late notice event, with eight participants and four empty gates:

Gate 1 (west): empty

Gate 2 (top): Hans Rennert -- Pickup, TL, 12 AP HRs, rocket platform, rocket EWP right, rocket EWP left.

Gate 3 (top): Rick Cross -- Luxury, driver, gunner, pulse TwL in turret, 2 MFs (1R, 1L).

Gate 4 (top): Peter "I even bring a ram car to a Div 45 race" Cossaboon -- Ramplate (no notes provided, so no details available.)

Gate 5 (top): empty

Gate 6 (east): Rob Hagmaier -- IndyCar, electric PP, rocket booster back, 10 dischargers, sloped armor.

Gate 7 (east): Jeremy Willis -- Station wagon, rocket booster aimed back on ejectable EWP top, OJ (with pyrophoric oil and 5 extra magazines) back.

Gate 8 (bottom): Mike Hording -- Streamlined sedan, gasoline ICE, pulse laser in turret, sloped armor.

Gate 9 (bottom): Tom Lalonde -- Streamlined station wagon, 2 MFs right, rocket booster aimed back on ejectable EWP top.

Gate 10 (bottom): empty

Gate 11 (bottom): Robert Steinke -- IndyCar, electric PP, LFT front, FOJ right, MD (with RC napalm mines) back.

Gate 12 (west): empty

The changes in the victory conditions brought out the racers! Right out of the gate, Jeremy turns on his OJ, leaving a Hansel and Gretel
trail of pyrophoric agony everywhere he goes. Rob Hagmaier quickly blasts his way to 100 mph + and scores two wide circles around a single pillar, scoring 9 points for each, while Rob Steinke takes the steady, rational way, by completing two tight circuits of a single pillar at 80 mph, for
9 points each.

Meanwhile, Rick and Mike have been mixing it up, with the dice gods frowning on Rick as he misses shot after shot with his twin laser and
mine flinger, finally connecting a single time with Mike's tire, but only managing to remove the rubber flap on Mike's plasticore and causing
a fishtail. Mike shoots his laser at Rick's car, but quickly switches to his tire after discovering Rick's laser-reflective armor. Mike then
misjudges a bend at 100 mph and spins out into the wall, killing himself. Rick decides to turn his attention to Rob, but again is cursed of the dice as his mines scatter harmlessly into the breeze (weird rule, isn't it?) Rob tries to mess with Rick by dropping a "joy package" of ice, flaming oil and a flame cloud, but Rick is not phased. Peter is, however, when he plows into Rick, on the ice, and manages to flip his car, earning Rob a mobility kill (thanks Peter).

Hans misjudges a tight bend at 50 mph and rolls his car, effectively becoming a half kill as he hits a pillar and ends up on his side, after
his rocket platform and EWPs are torn off. Robert Steinke drops a flaming oil right under the immobile Hans, completing the carnage.

Tom completes a 3-column lap, scoring 27 points, as Peter rolls to a stop on his side. Tom comes screaming in and rams Peter's top at 90 mph . . . and Peter lives (darn rollcage)! Jeremy, meanwhile, has completed his own 3-column circuit for 27 points. Robert Steinke then completes a circuit
of two pillars, giving him 18 more points.

At this point, Rob Hagmaier, who has achieved speeds up to 200 mph, completes a circuit of five pillars, earning him 45 points and starting the
5-second clock ticking (if he can survive for 5 seconds, he is declared the winner). Robert Steinke harasses him with his flamethrower, but Rob
continues to circle pillars, hitting the brakes hard to slow down and make some very tough bends at high speed.

Rob is close to completing a circuit of two more pillars, which would end the game, when he is forced to drive across Jeremy's pyrophoric oil. Rob's beefy tires and FP underbody armor survive the damage, but the hazard puts Rob on the edge of control. Robert Steinke is happy to make things worse by shooting Rob with his flamethrower while Rob is on the oil. Rob needs to roll to maintain control at 170 mph, and makes it by 1!
The next phase Rob completes his 2-column circuit, giving him the win.

Final Results

1. Rob Hagmaier: 101 points, mobility killed Peter, 9 columns circled
2. Robert Steinke: 56, completed kill on Hans, 4 columns circled
3. Jeremy Willis: 27 tie-breaker, 3 columns circled total, earns "Most Ludicrous Bonus" to lock up third place
4. Tom Lalonde: 27 points, 3 columns circled
5. Peter Cossaboon: 20 points, full kill on Rick, mobility killed by Rob
6. Mike Hording: -40 points
6. Rick Cross: -40 points
6. Hans Rennert: -40 points

The event was a huge success. If anyone has any feedback on the format, I would love to hear it. I want to use this format for our club and
regional racing championships.

Rob Hagmaier

Subject: Duel Report: Dragster Duel, Nov. 18, Pasadena
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 10:53:17 -0500
From: Bob Steinke <>
To: SCAB Mailing List

There was a small crowd for the inaugural dragster duel, just four of us: Tom LaLonde, Jeremy Willis, Aaron Cappocchi, and myself.  This was a blessing in disguise because I had neglected my duties and had only three pregenerated vehicles. Luckily Aaron brought five and a smashing time was had by most. Unfortunately, it has taken me a while to get this duel report out, and a few of the design details have been lost.

Race #1: Bob Steinke vs. Aaron Cappocchi

Bob: 200 ci ICE (with turbocharger, supercharger, N2O tank, and 20 mph rocket booster), 5 AP HRs.

Aaron Cappocchi: Sport PP (with PlatCats and HDHTMs), rocket booster (10 mph x 3 seconds), MD (with napalm mines).

0/5    Nitrous, HDHTMs and rocket boosters activated.
1/0    Bob 50 mph, Aaron 40 mph
1/1    Bob fires 5 APHRs at Aaron's front-left tire. Four hit, shredding it. Aaron fishtails, skids and drops to 35 mph.
1/4    Aaron drops a mine next to Bob who does not set it off.
2/0    Bob 85 mph, Aaron 75 mph.
2/1    Aaron performs a drift, fails the control roll, skids and drops to 65 mph.
3/0    Bob 120 mph, Aaron 105 mph
4/0    Bob 155 mph; Aaron at 135 mph pushes plant for 1 point of damage
5/0    Bob 190 mph; Aaron at 165 mph pushes plant for 4 points of damage
5/5    Aaron turns off HDHTMs.
6/0    Bob 185 mph, Aaron 180 mph
6/5    Aaron turns on overdrive.
7/0    Bob 175 mph, Aaron 190 mph
7/3    Bob crosses finish line pops drag chute.
7/5    Aaron crosses finish line pops drag chute.
8/0    Bob 100 mph, Aaron 130 mph
9/0    Bob 35 mph, Aaron 90 mph
9/4    Aaron rear ends Bob killing both drivers.

Result: Bob Steinke tied with Aaron Cappocchi

Race #2: Tom LaLonde vs. Jeremy Willis

0/5    Jeremy activates nitrous oxide.
1/0    Tom 20 mph, Jeremy 30 mph
1/3    Tom hits Jeremy's front-left tire with his HVMG missing the hub and
destroying the tire.  Jeremy turns on ice, flaming oil, and spikes
1/5    Jeremy loses control during a manuver and skids towards Tom dropping ice under Tom. Jeremy 10 mph
2/0    Tom 30 mph, Jeremy 40 mph
2/1    Tom manuvers on ice, avoids setting off the spikes, but does hit the flaming oil resulting in a fishtail.
2/2    Tom hits Jeremy's back left tire with his HVMG destroying the armored wheelhub and damaging the tire.
3/0    Tom 50 mph, Jeremy 70 mph
3/2    Tom finishes off Jeremy's back-left tire causing Jeremy to spinout.
3/4    Jeremy rear ends wall killing his driver.  Tom has to drive over one more patch of ice which he does without incident and his path is clear to victory.

Result: Tom LaLonde wins.

Race #3: Jeremy Willis vs. Bob Steinke

0/5    Bob fires 20 mph rocket booster.
1/0    Jeremy 40 mph, Bob 50 mph
1/1    Jeremy fires twin RRs at Bob linked to a 20 mph rocket booster. Bob fires 5 APHRs at Jeremy linked to 20 mph rocket booster. Bob damages Jeremy's power plant. Jeremy kills Bob's driver.

Result: Jeremy Willis wins.

Race #4: Aaron Cappocchi vs. Tom LaLonde

0/5    Aaron activates nitrous oxide and destroys his transmission when rolling an 11 for the engine check. Tom fires 40 mph of rocket boosters linked to three ISCs.
1/0    Aaron 35 mph, Tom 95 mph
1/1    Aaron turns on a paint sprayer.
2/0    Aaron 65 mph, Tom 160 mph
3/0    Aaron 90 mph, Tom 215mph
4/0    Aaron 110 mph, Tom 235 mph
5/0    Aaron 120 mph, Tom 155 mph
5/5    Tom activates drag chute
6/0    Aaron 125 mph, Tom 60 mph
6/1    Tom crosses finish line.
7/0    Aaron 120 mph, Tom 25 mph
8/0    Tom 0 mph

Result: Tom LaLonde wins.

Race #5: Aaron Cappocchi vs. Bob Steinke

1/0    Aaron 10 mph, Bob 20 mph
1/1    Both racers fire HVMGs. Aaron hits Bob's front-left tire. Bob hits Aaron's side.
2/0    Aaron 30 mph, Bob 40 mph
2/1    Both racers fire HVMGs again. Aaron finishes off Bob's tire. Bob hits Aaron's side again.
3/0    Aaron 50 mph, Bob 60 mph
3/1    Bob manuvers in front of Aaron so both vehicles are out of the other's firing arc. Bob skids and drops to 55 mph
4/0    Aaron 70mph, Bob 75 mph
4/4    Aaron manuvers to achieve a firing arc and hits Bob's back-right tire
5/0    Aaron 90mph, Bob 95 mph both take damage from pushing their power plants
5/1    Aaron sideswipes the wall
5/2    Aaron finishes off Bob's back right tire. Bob vaults into the stands.

Result: Aaron Cappochi wins.

Final Standings

1. Tom LaLonde
2. Jeremy Willis
3. Aaron Cappocchi
4. Bob Steinke

Subject: Duel Announcements
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002 07:23:54 -0800
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

I don't know if you are still publishing these, but I thought you might like to know about our upcoming SoCal events:

February 16-17, 2002: Car Wars Southwestern Regional Dueling Championship hosted by SCAB.

Saturday 10am: Preliminary Duel #1, Division 30
Saturday 6pm: Preliminary Duel #2, Division 10
Sunday 11am: Final Duel, Division 20

This tournament will be a two-round event. The final winner will be declared the AADA Southwest Regional Champion. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round. Vehicles provided or bring your own for approval (must meet AADA guidelines). The Freeman Towers Arena will be used, but venue is subject to change depending on turnout.

SCAB will also be hosting an off-road duel Sunday evening (February 17th) on a huge 3X arena courtesy of the BattleTech guys. Details to be announced.

Contact the SCAB Mailing List <> for further details.

Rob Hagmaier

Subject: TCM Duel #9 Final Report
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 20:25:43 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

The ninth TCM Championship duel took place at the Pasadena Muncipal Autoduel Arena on November 25th, 2051. This was the second to last chance for competitors to earn points and kills toward the 2051 TCM Championship titles and six competitors rose to the challenge! Jeremy Willis enters the event with the lead in both the points and kill divisions and knows that his performance (and Rob Hagmaier's) could upset the points ballance going into the last game. This was only the third TCM Championship appearance of Rob Hagmaier, but he went into the game with two out of two win trophies for this season! Would he make it three?

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Rick Cross (Quadrophenia) -- Sedan, electric PP, driver, gunner, 4 linked HMGs (each with incendiary ammo) and HRSWC front, SD back, FOD back, AWHs front, WGs back.

Aaron Cappocchi (Aslan Autoworks Armada T-40 2.5) -- Luxury, electric PP, driver, gunner, 2 linked ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) and HRSWC front, JD (without ammo) LBC, 4 AWHs, 4 WGs.

Tom LaLonde (Hell Turtle) -- Mid-size with CA frame and rollcage, gasoline ICE, HVMG (with HD ammo and HRSWC) front, sloped armor, 4 WGs.

Rob Hagmaier -- Reversed light trike, electric PP, pulse laser with HRSWC left, lots of dischargers, sloped armor.

Mike Hording -- Sedan, 4 plasticore tires, BC (with HESH ammo and HRSWC) front, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back, 4 WGs, 10 points plastic CA around driver.

Jeremy Willis (TCM adVantage VII-G / Earl Schibe Van) -- Four-wheeled van with rollcage, driver, gunner, PS (with 8 LRWs) front, VMG (with bumper trigger) right, OG (with flaming oil ammo) left, 2 HRSWCs (driver and OG, gunner and VMG), 2 PFEs, SD back, no-paint windshield, seven 10-pt. plastic CA compartments (all internal components), 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Duel Summary

1/3    Willis's gunner's VMG hits Hording's left side for 5 points.
1/4    Lalonde's HVMG misses Hagmaier.
1/5    Hagmaier's laser misses Cross's tire. Cross misses Hagmaier with 4 HMGs. Cappocchi misses Willis with 2 ATGs. Willis's driver shoots OG in front of Cappocchi but falls a bit short.

2/1    Lalonde and Cross miss Hagmaier with all five of their heavy small-bore weapons.
2/2    Cappocchi misses Willis twice again. Willis's driver is a little off with the OG again. To avoid Willis's flaming oil counters, Cappocchi has a choice of doing a D2 bend onto the SW oil pool heading straight for its center pillar, or turning very sharp left.
2/3    Cappocchi does a D5 bend left that pleases Willis since it gives the van a break from the twin ATGs. Hording's BC hits Willis's right side for 11 points, however.
2/5    Hagmaier melts through Cross's front-right wheel hub to damage his tire. Willis's gunner hits Hording's front for 7 points.

3/1    Cross and Lalonde's five heavy small-bore weapons miss Hagmaier again. Hagmaier's laser removes Cross's tire causing him to spinout.
3/2    Hording's car grazes the SE oil pool and he misses Willis. Willis's gunner hits Hording for 7 points and D4 hazard.

4/1    Willis's driver misses Cappocchi with OG. Hagmaier lasers another wheel off Cross's spinning car. Lalonde enters NW oil pool.
4/2    Willis turns his van left to target Hagmaier across the arena.
4/3    Willis's gunner needs a 12 to hit Hagmaier and misses. Cappocchi hits Lalonde with 15- and 17-point attacks, breaching and damaging some component armor.
4/5    Hagmaier enters NE oil pool.

5/1    Cross's car spins to a stop (mobility kill for Hagmaier). Willis enters center oil pool.
5/2    Lalonde misses Cappocchi by one. Hording does 15 points to Willis's rear armor. Hagmaier melts off Lalonde's front left wheelhub and fake wheelguard to damage his tire.
5/5    Hording follows the van onto the center oil pool. Cappocchi blasts Cross twice to kill his gunner.

6/1    Hagmaier's laser cuts Lalonde's wheel in two. Everyone now smells a mobility kill in the air.
6/2    Willis's gunner misses Lalonde's front-right tire. Hording blows off Willis's back right wheelguard and wheel, causing the van to heavy fishtail and start slidding toward a center gate pillar.
6/3    Cappocchi blows off Lalonde's front left tire for the mobility kill.
6/4    Willis slows to 25 mph and successfully bends (D3) to barely avoid colliding with the pillar. Cappocchi sideswipes LaLonde while going over two obstacles for minor damage to both cars and his right tires. Hagmaier enters NW oil pool.

7/1    Hording misses Willis's back-left tire. Hagmaier hits LaLonde for 15 points but LaLonde's LR-metal armor takes no damage. However, Hagmaier also drops a few dischargers including a FCD on stationary LaLonde. Willis's gunner misses Hagmaier.
7/2    Willis's driver puts the SD on automatic.
7/3    Cappocchi skids on Hagmaier's IcD to start rolling on fire.

8/1    LaLonde misses Hagmaier by one. Willis's gunner misses Hagmaier. Cappocchi rolling car smashes into the arena wall for 25 points and stops on its wheels (still on fire). Hording misses Willis's tire again.
8/5    Hagmaier hits Cross point blank for moderate damage while dropping dischargers and kills Cross's driver (completed kill for Hagmaier).

9/1    Cappocchi's burning car turns back into the battle and hits LaLonde once for 12 points with some component armor damage. Willis's gunner misses Cappocchi's back-right tire.
9/3    Hagmaier misses Cappocchi's tire.
End of Turn 9    Cappocchi's fire mobility-kills him (mobility kill for Hagmaier).

10/1    Willis's gunner turns off the SD. Cappocchi hits LaLonde once for 18 points killing his driver (completed kill for Cappocchi). Hording hits Cappocchi for 14 points.
10/3    Willis's driver shoots the OG under Cappocchi's car.
10/4    The flaming oil ignites but does no underbody damage.
10/5    Hagmaier hits Cappocchi for 10 points knocking out his gunner.

11/1    Hording T-bones Cappocchi squishing his driver (completed kill for Hording). Hagmaier hits Mike's front for 17 points.

12/1    Hagmaier does another 17 points to Hording's front armor. Willis's driver misses Hording with OG.
12/3    Willis does a D4 bend right to bring another weapon to bear.
12/4    Willis's gunner misses Hording as well.

13/1    Hording misses Hagmaier.
13/2    Willis's gunner misses Hording again. Hagmaier does 14 more points to Hording's front end, breaching and destroying his power plant.

14/1    Hagmaier cuts Hording's driver in half with pulse laser for a full kill to earn his third TCM Championship League trophy.

Final Results

1. Rob Hagmaier: +50 points, 2 tie-breaking points, killed Rick, killed Mike, mobility kill on Aaron
2. Jeremy Willis 0 points, 1 tie-breaking points (Darn happy to take second place!)
3. Aaron Cappocchi 0 points, 0 tie-breaking points, mobility kill on Tom, completed kill on Tom, killed
4. Mike Hording -10 points, 1 tie-breaking point, completed kill on Aaron, killed
5. Tom LaLonde -20 points, 1 tie-breaking point, killed
6. Rick Cross -20 points, 0 tie-breaking points, killed

TCM Points
36.0 Rob Hagmaier
17.0 Jeremy Willis
10.0 Aaron Cappocchi
 3.0 Mike Hording
 2.0 Tom Lalonde
 1.0 Rick Cross

2 kills for Rob Hagmaier
1 kill each for Aaron Cappocchi and Mike Hording

Season Points Totals

141    Jeremy Willis
138    Rob Hagmaier
94     Stan Wells
82.5    Rick Cross
47.5    Tom Lalonde
46    Paul Dreyer
44    Chuck Phillips
41    Aaron Cappocchi
31.5    Michael Taylor
30.5    Steve Richards
28.5    Peter Cossaboon
17    Kimmy Effrig
13.5    Dennis Bolin
10    Dean Gibson
7.5    Rob Steinke
7    Mike Hording
4    Josh Rust
3    Rich Dekany
2    Jarett Weintraub
1.5    Mike Rosenburg
1    Jaime Vickers

Season Kill Totals

7    Jeremy Willis
5    Stan Wells
4    Tom LaLonde, Paul D., Chuck Phillips, Peter Cossaboon, Rob Hagmaier
3    Rick Cross, Aaron Cappocchi
2    Kimmy Effrig, Mike Hording
1    Rob S., Dean Gibson, Michael T., Steve R.

Rob Hagmaier is now only 3 points behind Jeremy Willis! Of the two of them, the player who performs better in the final round will almost certainly take the points championship! Only the return of Stan Wells to California dueling will threaten Jeremy Willis's hold on the kill title, however.

In other TCM news, the final round of the 2051 TCM Championship League has been postponed until early 2052 and might not take place until after the 2052 SCAB Club Championship. We will inform everyone when the date is set.

Happy motoring!

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

Subject: TCM Family Car Challenge 2
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 23:31:52 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

On December 8th, the TCM Family Car Challenge 2 took place with only four entries. Due to the small turn out, only the southern half of East Midville was used with all edges of the map being blocked off with concrete barricades. Tom LaLonde's car started in the yard of the house on the SW corner of First Street and Pine, under the tree and facing First Street Jeremy Willis's car started just inside the warehouse, facing the parking lot. Mike Hording's car started in the driveway of his house on the NW corner of Second Street and Maple. Rick Cross's wagon started in the driveway of his house on the NE corner of Second Street and Pine. All vehicles started the game from a dead stop with standard acceleration during the first turn.


TCM is sponsoring another duel to promote family car design concepts. For this duel, carrying capacity, offensive ability and defensive ability will be equally important for winning the duel. All entries must use the following vehicle design guidelines that were devised from continuing consumer research, otherwise SCAB/AADA rules apply. The budget for your vehicle is $30,000. You will also have a $10,000 budget for any hand weapons or personal equipement. No leftover money can be applied to the other costs.

Cars and pickups may be designed for four to six people. Four- and five-seaters are designed with driver and gunner (or passenger) on the front seats and 2 or 3 passengers on the back seats. Six-seaters are designed with driver and 2 passengers (no gunners) on the front seats and 3 passengers on the back seats. Pickup passengers must be in the cab and use non-cargo spaces.

Station wagons, campers, and vans may be designed for four to eight people. Four-, five-, and six-seaters are designed just like the vehicles above. Also, six-, seven-, and eight-seaters may be designed by taking the three seating arrangements above and adding a middle row of two passengers between the front and back seats.

No other crew configurations will be allowed for this event. Drivers must be located in the front-left seat. Gunners must be located in the front-right seat. The front seats will be considered "crew compartment," and the middle and back seats will be considered part of the "cargo compartment" for combat purposes. Component armor will not be allowed arround any vehicle occupants.

All vehicles must have a single "trunk" of at least 2 spaces that incorporates all unused vehicle space. It must be either in the front or back or the vehicle. Any vehicle with cargo-only space must have the trunk in the back. The trunk of a pickup will be in the open bed. If component armor is used for the trunk it must be arround it entirely. Each vehicle gets one 50 lb. piece of luggage for each space of the trunk with 1 DP each. Trunks are to be configured so that all rows of luggage are 2 or 3 wide from left to right, or they can be configured so that all rows of luggage are 3 or 4 wide from left to right.

Each vehicles engine or plant can be located front, mid (between front and middle seats), or rear, but can't be where the trunk is. Gas tanks, which must hold 300 miles worth of gasoline plus one gallon per N2O tank, may go anywhere in the vehicle and must be full. Free gasoline will be provided for this event and will not count towards the cost of your vehicle.

Alternate encumbrance and GE restrictions must be used for all occupants. All occupants must have their hand weapon firing arc on one of the sides that they are sitting by (the driver couldn't have his arc to the right or rear, middle seat passengers couldn't have their arcs to the front or back, passengers in the center of the front or back seats couldn't have their arcs to either side, etc.). Also, station wagons, campers, and vans must have three rows of seats and no more than one row of luggage to be allowed any rear firing arcs.

Skills: Drivers and Gunners will have base level in the three main skills plus one extra level in something. Passengers will each have Handgunner +1. To top it off, your can have one extra skill level for two occupants of your vehicle.

All vehicles will begin the game with -46 victory points. Points will be earned for kills, being killed, etc., like our normal duels. Each intact DP (not including protective measures) of all your occupants and luggage is also worth 2 points towards your victory points. Any vehicle reaching 40 or more points will start the clock ticking for five full turns. Earning 50 points will not stop this duel instantly. During this time, if that vehicle loses even 1 point for any reason, the clock will stop, reset, and count down again for the vehicle with the most points (if it has at least 40 points). If, during a countdown, another vehicle gets a greater number of points than the vehicle being timed, the clock will reset and count down for the new player. If the clock completes its countdown, the game ends instantly. If the game ends with a tie for first place, the vehicle earning the winning points total first will take the victory.

To make things interesting, the walk-through of the vehicles will be preceeded by a duelist fashion show, showing off your crew and personal equipement. Nothing will be hidden from sight. Everything must be announced with the exception of ammo types or blended body armor.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Tom LaLonde (I can't believe I brought a HVMG to the Family Car Challenge) -- Luxury with rollcage, gasoline ICE front, driver and gunner on front seats, 2 passengers on back seats, 2 bags in truck back, 4 SB solid tires, HVMG (with HD ammo) front.

Driver's Personal Equipment: Impact body armor.

Gunner's Personal Equipment: Impact body armor.

Passengers' Personal Equipment: SMGs (with AP ammo and LTSs).

Mike Hording -- Luxury, electric PP with SuperCons front, 4 plasticore tires, driver and gunner on front seats, 2 passengers on back seats, 2 bags in trunk rear, 2 linked HDFTs (each with HT fuel) front, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back, 4 WGs.

Driver's Personal Equipment: Blended BA, flack jacket, no-paint gas mask, SMG with folding stock.

Gunner Personal Equipment: Blended BA, no-paint gas mask, bazooka (with 2 AP shells and 1 standard shell).

Passengers' Personal Equipment: Blended BA, no-paint gas masks, MPRLs.

Rick Cross (Vista Bruiser) -- Station wagon, hvy. chassis, 200 ci ICE (with carburetor, turbocharger, IFE and 10-gallon racing fuel tank) front, hvy. suspension, 4 SB solid tires, driver and gunner front, 2 passenger on middle seats, 3 passenger on back seats, 2 bags in trunk back, HMG (with 10 HD shots) aimed front on EWP right, HMG (each with 10 HD shots) aimed front on EWP left, VMG (with HD ammo and 10-pt. plastic tripod gunshield) on pintle mount, SMD (with radio-controlled napalm mines) back, HDSAs, sunroof, link (right and left HMGs), SWC (HMGs). Plastic armor: F30, R18, L18, B25, T4, U12, four 10-pt. plastic AWHs, four 10-pt. plastic WGs, 10 pts. plastic EWP armor on right EWP, 10 pts. plastic EWP armor on left EWP, 10 pts. plastic CA around ICE. Accel. 5 (10 with turbocharger), Top speed 75, HC 2.

Driver's Personal Equipment: Body armor, FP suit.

Gunner Personal Equipment: Body armor, FP suit.

Passengers' Personal Equipment: Body armor and battle vests for 4 passengers; body armor, 4 impact-fused explosive grenades, and 2 paint grenades for pintle mount gunner; 2 bazookas (each with 2 AP rounds) for two passengers; 3 bazooka rounds for two passengers; 4 impact-fused explosive grenades and four impact-fused flaming oil grenades for 4 passengers. Bazooka and pintle mount passengers in back row, bazooka round loaders in middle row.

Jeremy Willis (TCM Electric Eye) -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs) front, 4 SB PR tires, driver and 2 passengers on front seats, passengers back seats, 5 bags in trunk, pulse laser with HRSWC in turret, IcD back. FP plastic armor: F40, R20, L20, B40, T20, U9, two 7-pt. FP plastic AWHs front, two 7-pt. FP plastic WGs back.

Driver's Personal Equipment: Body armor.

Passengers' Personal Equipment: Body armor, 5 bazookas (each with 1 standard shell and 2 AP shells).

Duel Summary

Turn 1: Jeremy pulls out of his warehouse into parking lot, Rick and Mike Start pulling out of their driveways, and Tom starts moving out from under his tree.

Turn 2: Jeremy floors it and turns right toward First. Tom floors it and drives onto First, turning left and heading toward Maple. Mike drives onto Maple turning right toward Second while Rick drives onto Pine turning left toward Second, both with pedals to the metal.

Turn 3: Rick enters the Pine and Second intersection dropping a mine counter, tossing a flaming oil grenade half way up Second toward Mike, misses Mike with a MPRL round, and hits him with his pintle-mounted VMG (loaded with HD ammo) for 9 points. Tom drifts right to start a wide left turn onto Maple and clips the curb for a minor hazard. Jeremy flies out of the parking lot onto First and hits Tom's left side for 17 points of pulse laser fire. Tom's left passenger misses Jeremy with his SMG.

Turn 4: Tom accelerates arround the corner but gets hit by Jeremy's pulse laser for a 15 points shot that breaches armor, injures a passenger, and causes Tom's car to fishtail up the curb into a lamppost twice. Tom's roll cage protects him from further damage. Jeremy chooses not to bend tightly onto First and drives up the sidewalk into a small vacant lot. Mike turns onto Second to chase down Rick.

Turn 5: Jeremy turns his car so his back faces the intersection of Pine and First stops, and waits for Rick. Tom goes up curb into large vacant lot behind his house and hits Mike left side for 16 points with HD ammo from his HVMG. As his car emerges onto First, Rick tosses some grenades at Jeremy doing minor damage, and is met by four attacks by Jeremy. One AP bazooka round hits Rick's left side for 20 points, breaching his armor while the laser beam's 15 points cuts his driver and gunner in half (mobility kill for Jeremy).

Turn 6: As Rick's wagon slows, his pintle gunner hits Jeremy for 7 points and more grenades are thrown. Jeremy floors his car in reverse and hits Rick's left side EWP for 11 points with the laser. Tom drives deep into the vacant lot toward the back of his own house. Mike goes through the Pine and Second intersection as far away from Rick's mines as possible. Rick curses the fact he has nobody left who can detonate the radio-controlled Spear 1000 napalm mines.

Turn 7: Jeremy's car hits its reverse top speed (17.5 mph) on First toward Rick, misses with the laser, and fires two bazooka rounds with one destroying Rick's engine. Tom deceides to plow through his own backyard fencing to the annoyance of his neigbors. Mike continues down Second and turns right onto the parking lot.

Turn 8: Jeremy slams on the brakes to fire another bazooka and the laser for moderate damage, but they have little effect. Rick's pintle gunner hits Jeremy for 10 points while two other passengers miss Jeremy with grenades. Mike continues to cruise the parking lot toward the First Street action and Tom drags some fencing into his backyard.

Turn 9: Jeremy punches it forward and fires his laser and two regular bazooka shells at Rick, but achieves very little. Mike continues through parking lot toward the action. Tom's car goes through his backyard and off the curb onto Pine to attack Rick's pintle mounted gunner. Rick's pintle gunner shoots at Tom for little effect. Tom attacks the pintle gunner and smears him with more bullets than necessary.

Turn 10: Jeremy accelerates and right turns back onto his parking lot, firing his laser at the approching Mike's tire but missing. Mike returns fire with twin high-temperature HDFTs and does big damage to Jeremy's front end. Another of Rick's passengers emerges from his sunroof to grab the VMG handles, but Tom fires at the pintle mount, sending the whole assembly flying out of the guys hands and off the roof in pieces.

Turn 11: Mike and Jeremy accelerate toward each other. Mike steeply drifts right in front of Jeremy who has no choice but impact him for a 70 mph net collision that breaches both vehicles' front ends. The impact pushes Jeremy's plant into his front bench seat, breaking the legs of all three front crew members (mobility kill for Mike). Mike loses one HDFT and has heavy damage to the other from the collision. Jeremy's laser loses power and is now useless. Jeremy's back left passenger fires his bazooka through his breached side and into Mike's front end to destroy his remaining HDFT and engine (mobility kill for Jeremy). They are now both stationary with Mike's front practically touching Jeremy's left side. Tom starts boaring HVMG rounds into Rick's back armor, destroying his MD and damaging his trunks component armor.

Turn 12: One of Jeremy's front passengers ignores his pain long enough to pass his bazooka to the car's driver. Mike shoots MPRL rounds with burst effects into Jeremy's car to start the slaughter. Tom's HVMG shreds some of Rick's luggage and one or two crew members.

Turn 13: Jeremy's crippled driver squeezes the bazooka trigger to take out a couple of Mike's crew. The burst effects from Mike's MPRL rounds impacting inside Jeremy's car slays all but one of his crew members. Tom fires at Rick again and shreds Rick's remaining luggage and more crew members leaving his vehicle virtually helpless (completed kill for Tom).

Turn 14: Mike fires again, slays the last crew member, and wins the point-blank small arms war with Jeremy (completed kill for Mike). With Rick and Mike having remaining arcs of fire that Tom can avoid, and the fact that Tom had plenty of front armor to ram with, the game was called with Tom the victor.

Final Results

1. Tom LaLonde (-10 points; completed kill on Rick; crew: unhurt 3, injured 1, 2 bags)
2. Mike Hording (-28; killed Jeremy; mobility killed; crew: unhurt 1, unconscious 1)
3. Jeremy Willis (-46; mobility kill on Mike; mobility kill on Rick; killed)
4. Rick Cross (-58; killed; crew: unhurt 1, unconscious 1)

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

Subject: 2052 TCM Championship Season Schedule
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:01:30 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: Michael Owen <>

Here are all of the dates for the 2052 TCM Championship Season:

1. Div. 20 on January 20th (starts about 1pm at Jarrett's house)
2. Div. 10 on February 10th (weekend before GameX Convention)
3. Div. 10 on March 10th (Mothering Sunday)
4. Div. 5 on May 5th (Battle of Puebla Day)
5. Div. 30 on June 30th (weekend before Independence Day)
6. Div. 25 on August 25th (weekend before Gateway Convention)
7. Div. 15 on September 15th (Yom Kippur)
8. Div. 20 on October 20th (Future Holiday Yet to be Named)
9. Div. 10 on November 10th (Remembrance Sunday)
10. Div. 15 on December 15th (Final 2052 TCM Championship Season game)

All games, using the Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena, will take place at GameZone in Pasadena unless otherwise stated (subject to change).

The first half of the 2052 TCM Championship League Season will be played in accordance to rules specifications made in the second half of the 2051 TCM Championship League Season with a few additions. The duels will now be scored using Eric Freeman's Official AADA Points System. All checkpoints used will be worth 2 points.

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Classifieds and Conventions / Upcoming SPARK Events (St. Paul, MN)
Date: Jan 01, 2002, 9:09 pm

We expect 2052 to be another great year in dueling here at the St. Paul Area Road Knights, and on Saturday, January 12th, we kick it off at the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. After the duel, we'll be adjourning to one of the local eating establishments to plan out the next year of SPARK dueling.

If you're near the Twin Cities of Minnesota, come out and duel with us! Full event information is below.

We hope to see you there!

Mike Miller

Place: Source Comics and Games, 1601 W Larpenteur Avenue, Falcon Heights, MN, 55113, USA
Date: Saturday, January 12, 2002
Time: 1:30 p.m.
Type: Off-Road Duel
Division: 30
Arena: Lambeau Field

Notes: Lambeau Field is an off-road arena with jumps between hills that are surrounded by water. For this event, the water is frozen solid and all of the land is covered with snow, making off-road and snow accessories a must. There will be no duelmaster for this event, so please design your cars carefully. SPARK members usually use Bughunter's Car Wars Vehicle Designer or the CADC Design Program, both Excel spreadsheets, to design or double-check their cars. (I use Bughunter's program, for what it is worth.) Extra cars should be available for those who don't have one.

Date: Jan 07, 2002, 9:06 pm

Due to a scheduling screw-up at the Source, our duel and planning session had to move to Saturday, January 26th. Everything else is the same.
(Once again, the Anime Club stomps on the Car Wars players. Sigh.)

Also, we're running a special Car Wars event at this year's Con of the North. "Drivin' and Killin' with Jimbo and Ned II: Tanks for the Memories" is a mix of silly South Park references and big explosions as the players try to stop Jimbo and Ned from destroying South Park with their gigantic tank.

Con of the North 2002 is February 15-17, 2002 at the Red Lion (formerly Ramada) Inn in St. Paul. For more info about the Con, go to the Web address below.

Con of the North 2002

Drive Offensively!

Mike Miller


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: TSAR Mailing List
Subject: TSAR Chapter Raacing Championship and Northeast Regional Dueling Championship
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:07:55 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

TSAR will be holding their Club Racing Championship on Sunday, February 3rd.  The event is open to anyone, and beginners are more than welcome to come. The event location is still to be announced. Please RSVP if you are interested.

The event will be a hybrid duel/race. The arena, called the Freeman Towers, has eight pillars, laid out in two rows of four pillars. Victory points can be scored  by earning kills in the normal fashion, or by completing laps around the pillars, or a combination of both. Points will be scored as follows (These are actual points, NOT tie-breaking points):

+20 points for a mobility kill (-20 for being mobility killed)

+20 points for a completed kill (-20 for being completed killed)

+8 points per pillar circled: This means that if you do a circle around one pillar, you get 8 points. If you do a circuit around 2 pillars, you
get 16 points. You could circle each individually, or both with a single circuit. A circuit will be defined as any path that starts and ends in
approximately the same spot (within 2"). You must declare when beginning a circuit (a marker will be placed to indicate location).  Only one
 circuit "beginning" point can be had at any time.

No points will be awarded for partial circuits.

In addition, TSAR will be hosting a tournament at MonCon, held April 5th-7th, 2002 in Tinton Falls, NJ at the Holiday Inn on Hope Road.  It is located just off the Garden State Parkway Exit 105. The hotel can be reached at 732-544-9300. The convention has a special room rate of $99 per night for single/double, and $10 per person additional.  Be sure to call during regular business hours, and ask for  the MonCon room rate.  We also have arranged for "Quiet Floors" and a "LARP Floor." If you have a preference, please notify the hotel. Neither they nor us make any guarantee that you will be placed on the appropriate floor, but we will do our best, as space permits.

The 2052 Northeast Regional Championship will be a two-round event. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round.  Vehicles
provided or bring your own for approval. Beginners are welcome.

Saturday, 10am Car Wars: Preliminary Duel #1, Division 15
Saturday, 5pm Car Wars: Preliminary Duel #2, Division 30
Sunday, 11am Car Wars: Final Duel, Division 20

The final could be moved up to 10am if need be. The number of players I an accomodate is practically unlimited. Check the TSAR Web site for updated information on both events, or e-mail me for details.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman
TSAR President
AADA Head Referee

From: Eric Freeman <>
To: TSAR Mailing List
Subject : TSAR Jan 6 Duel and TSAR News
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 16:49:44 -0500 (EST)

Hey all. TSAR is hosting a duel on Sunday, January 6th at 1:30 p.m. The duel, to be held in  Haddonfield, NJ, will be Division 60 (limit of $60,000 to spend) in an off-road arena. The arena is to be announced and will depend on the number of participants. Beginners are more than welcome.  You may bring your own design or choose from a selection of pregenerated vehicles. Please RSVP so I know how many to expect. Check the TSAR Web site for up-to-date information. What follows is a duel report of our last duel.

Sunday, December 12th
TSAR Division 10 Duel in Double Drum

Participants (in clockwise order from Gate 1, the middle gate in the East Drum)

West Drum
North Gate: empty
West Gate: Byron
South Passage Gate: Eric Freeman

East Drum
South Gate: David McGee
East Gate: Curt Lindmark
North Gate: Joe Barlow
North Passage Gate: Mike Keegan

Vehicle Descriptions

Bryon (Chocolate Thunder) -- Compact, HD tires, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and HRSWC) front, FOD back, sloped metal/plastic armor.

Jeff Dodge (Cheese Maker) -- Compact, electric PP, HMG with SWC in turret, plastic armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

Eric Freeman (Tulsa Torpedo) -- Compact, electric PP with HDTMs, SaD front, IcD back, airdam, spoiler, sloped metal/plastic armor (metal only on front), AWHs front, WGs back.

David McGee (Fahrenheit 451) -- Subcompact, gasoline ICE with turbocharger, 4 HD tires, 2 LMGs (each with incendiary ammo) front, 3 FODs (1R, 1L, 1B), SWC, sloped metal/plastic armor.

Curt Lindmark (TSAR II) -- Compact, electric PP with HTMs, RR right, SaD front, SkfD right, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor (metal only on front), AWHs front, WGs back.

Joe Barlow (Irish Hammer) -- Subcompact, gasoline ICE with turbocharger, 4 PR tires, driver in safety seat, fake small-bore projectile (front?), airdam, spoiler, plastic armor, ramplate.

Mike Keegan (Dime Store Novelty) -- Subcompact, gasoline ICE, 4 PR tires, driver with body armor, MG front, SD back, tinted windows, HD brakes, SWC, link (MG and SD), airdam, spoiler, sloped plastic armor, 4 fake AWHs, 4 fake WGs.

Duel Summary

In the West drum, Dave turned slightly west towards Curt. Meanwhile, Curt and Joe turned towards each other. In the passages, Mike and Eric both  turned to the east. Bryon veered slightly to the south of the drum to get Jeff in his sights, while Jeff turned west to avoid the Bryon's
ATG. Bryon and Jeff exchanged fire early (with Jeff missing and Bryon scoring a hit on Jeff's side?).

Dave took some early shots at Curt that missed/were ineffective. Curt and Joe approached each other head-on at 50 mph. Curt tried to force a sideswipe by turning at the last minute, but Joe was able to force the head-on 100 mph collision before he could do so. Both vehicles survived the damage from the collision. Even with Curt being stunned by the impact, neither got a serious crash table effect and both were left at
0 mph. At this point, Eric turns north parallel with Jeff and then turns west through the middle passage between the drums. (Dave fires at them here?) Curt accelerates to 10 mph while Joe goes to 5 mph. Curt pushes Joe out of the way and takes a point-blank shot at his front.

Jeff shakes Bryon temporarily behind the east pillar. Dave passes the still-slow ram victims and heads east towards the westbound Eric, who  chooses to avoid the head-on ram with Dave and drifts north. This puts him on a collision course with Curt at a combined speed of 110 mph.  The collision damage cores Curt (Eric +40, Curt -40), however the jolt from the collision stuns Eric's driver. The additional hazard due to the stunning is catastrophic for Eric, as he fails his control roll and has to roll on the Crash Tables at +8. Eric's car goes into a roll, but manages not to catch on fire. From across the arena, Bryon takes a shot at Eric's exposed underbelly and misses. Eric eventually stops against the wall on his side, giving the full kill to Curt (no bonuses or penalties for Eric and Curt).

Meanwhile Jeff has headed North and then west through the North tunnel.  Keegan continued to go around the east drum clockwise.
Bryon and Dave meet each other near the middle of the arena and exchange (missed?) shots. Joe has now gotten back up to speed and is heading east behind Dave. As Bryon clear the middle area, Keegan gets a bead on him and targets a wheel but misses. Jeff has passed through the tunnel and Bryon slides in behind him from the north. Keegan misses Bryon's wheel again while Joe bears down on him.  Bryon meanwhile starts to pummel Jeff's rear armor while Jeff's return fire misses. After passing Bryon, Dave continued south and then did a few sharp turns to head back north.

The incoming Joe convinced Keegan to turn back East through the north passage. Joe follows him into the passage. Keegan lays a spike counter that Joe later misses.  Keegan in the next turn puts his spikes on automatic, but Joe manages to clear the tunnel without hitting any of them.

Jeff and Cryon continue to circle counter-clockwise the west drum with Bryon continuing to pummel Jeff's back and Jeff missing him in
return. Dave is approaching tehm, but too far away to take a shot. Jeff maneuvers throught wreckage of the two collision and Eric and Curt, which temporarily shakes him from Bryon. Cutting off the angle sharply by moving southwest, Dave sneaks in behind Jeff. He taks a couple shots at his rear wheel and misses both.

In the East Drum, Keegan has laid a trail of spikes that forces Joe counter-clockwise around the drum while Keegan goes clockwise. As Jeo
approaches, Keegan turns back counter-clockwise. Joe in reaction turns back clockwise. Joe drives his car through the only gap in the spikes,
forcing Keegan to pass him to the north. Keegan hits one of his own spike counters and in the next turn hits another while in the 1/4" detection radius. As he had already hit the counter, Keegan takes a tight bend over it. He passes the 1/4" detection radius of a third spike and that pops a tire. The popped tire cuases him to go into a roll at 80 mph. He eventaully is stopped by a head-on (with his side) collision with the wall
ofthe opening between the drums and the collision kills him. Since Joe was nowhere near Keegan at the time and no longer an immenent
threat, no kill was awarded (Keegan -40).

In the West Drum, Bryon had passed all the wreckage and was finally able to bear down on Dave/Jeff.  He slipped in between the two and blasted off  what remained of Jeff's rear armor.  Dave then clipped the back end of Bryon to force his vehicle (due to conforming) into a head on collision with the wall.  Meanwhile, Jeff did a tight (D6) bend to hide his vulnerable rear.

With Bryon (who had to leave early and whose vehicle was now driven by Curt) now immobile, Dave was uncontested in his pursuit of the
wounded Jeff. Dave followed in behind Jeff and with a couple shots into his breached rear, finished him off (Dave +40, Jeff -40).

After finishing off Jeff, Dave turned north in the West drum. With no one left in the East Drum, Joe was now finally popping out of the south
passageway behind Dave. He closed on Dave from behind and hit him in the rear. The collision (40 mph?) was enough for him to take out Dave  (Dave +0, Joe +40).

Joe then accelerated and closed towards Bryon, who scored one hit on Joe's weakend ramplate, but missed a second shot that would've removed it. The two vehicles collided, killing them both (Joe +40, Bryon +0) and securing the win for Joe.

Final Results

1. Joe Barlow: +40 points, killed McGee, killed Byron, killed
2. Eric Freeman: +2, killed Lindmark, killed, survival bonus
3. Byron: +1, killed Barlow, killed, one checkpoint
4. Curt Lindmark: 0, killed Freeman, killed
4. David McGee: 0, killed Dodge, killed
6. Jeff Dodge: -38, killed, survival bonus
7. Mike Keegan: -39, killed, one checkpoint

Eric Freeman
TSAR President
AADA Head Referee



For no real reason that I can convincingly articulate, I decided to try converting some of the units from Dream Pod 9's Gear Krieg into terms
usable with Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars. I've converted a number of units from the core rulebook so far, using several variants off the Web (linked to below), plus some rules hacks of my own.

-- William Spencer


Welcome to Axles and Alloys, a miniatures ruleset for playing "Post-Apocalypse" games with hordes of converted Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Last updated -- 30/11/2001.

-- Owen Cooper


This site features a Web-based vehicle design program (a note on the site mentions Internet Explorer is required to use the program). Several vehicle designs are also listed.

-- Jonathan Doolin


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Scenarios and Campaigns / New French PBEM Car Wars Championship
Date: Dec 22, 2001, 2:42 pm

Hi. For all French speakers, I'm starting a PBEM Car Wars Cahmpionship. The first arena begins in mid-January, I hope.
Inscriptions at <>.


The North Jersey Gamers Autodueling Alliance (NJGAA) is the local Northern New Jersey chapter of the national GAA, a logical extension of the Car Wars universe. The GAA fills an important (though some call it wimpy) ecological niche, embracing an autoduelist philosophy that emphasizes style and strategy over blood and mayhem. By catering to a less bloodthirsty crowd, the GAA attracts less money and attention in the short term, but by nurturing celebrity drivers and their vehicles, the long term financial payoff is still quite lucrative.

Raven's Gate Gaming


Road Wars is a play of simulation of combat of car in Mad max (and thus with the Bus Wars . . . ).

-- Road Wars Designer

Editor's Note: This game is written in French. The Babel Fish Translation program will quickly convert the text to English.

Babelfish Translation


Designer is a car designer for Steve Jackson Games Car Wars. It was written to ease the design of cars, currently is in only a beta, it support all basic cars, all ballistic car weapons, and most engines (gas and electric). It is far from complete, but still useful if you are just dueling.

-- Mike Wynn