Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 12
December 13, 2001

Web Posted April 01, 2002
Updated April 01, 2002


Greetings autoduelists. I hope all of you are taking the extra difficulty maneuvering on ice and snow in stride. This issue is off-schedule again but it does have some interesting news, including information about the AADA and the new Car Wars line.

I am proud to annouce this issue contains the final report of the 2051 AADA World Dueling Championship. I would like to thank the report's main author, Eric Freeman, for taking the time to compile information about the event into one document, and for giving CWIN the opportunity to publish the report. Thanks also to the other duelists who contributed to the report.

Be sure to visit Dueling Debate soon. Several new gadgets are being discussed there, and are being playtested. The idea of creating PBEM Car Wars games for playtesting new items is also being discussed. Many other important subjects for the game are being debated, so make your opinions known.

Happy Holidays,

Michael P. Owen


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Shut Down
From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Dec 03, 2001 8:21 pm

I recently tried to renew NOVA's AADA charter, only to have my check returned with letter informing me that the AADA is shut down until the release of Compendium third edition. Very strange behavior for SJG, indeed. Does anyone know anything about this shutdown? I didn't find anything on the SJG Web site.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

Date: Dec 04, 2001 2:15 pm

Would it be possible to post a copy of the letter to let the other chapters know?

John Blaylock
2051 AADA World Dueling Champion

From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Dec 09, 2001 8:22 pm

Hi John;

I'd be happy to post the letter. See below.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President


   Due to the impending re-release of Car Wars, Nova has been temporarily shut down. We
   do intend to re-start the program once the release has been completed, however that will
   likely be several months.

   We encourage you to continue running your chapter, and to enjoy the game, but for the
   moment be will not be directly involved. I apologize for the inconvenience.

   Check our website from time to time, for news about NOVA's restart

   And above all else, thank you for your interest in Steve Jackson Games!

   Cyndy Westrich
   Steve Jackson Games
   Customer Services

Date: Dec 09, 2001 8:41 pm

Is that a typo, or is SJG talking about NOVA and not the AADA?

Jimmy "Snake" Anderson
MADHAT President/Referee

From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Dec 09, 2001 9:40 pm

Hi Jim;

I don't know, that's how I got it. Considering there are typos in the letter too. Or maybe she didn't know or was just passing the message on. Take as you will.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President



March Releases

The Daily Illuminator
November 28, 2001

Our March release announcement is up, and speaks for itself. Go, then, and marvel at what is in store . . .

Car Wars Division 15 Set 1 -- Hotshot vs. Piranha

This is the first of three Division 15 starter sets. Each one gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two evenly matched car designs. Get one and play; get all three for a high-powered free-for-all!

The Hotshot is a luxury car that spits fire in all directions, from twin machine-guns to the front, twin flamethrowers to the rear, and another FT on each side. The classic Piranha mounts three front machine-guns, plus a rocket launcher and a gunner to handle it.

16 pages with full-color counters. Stock #40-1201, ISBN 1-55634-583-6. $5.95.

Car Wars Division 15 Set 2 -- Lightstrike vs. Banshee

This is the second of three Division 15 starter sets. Each one gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two
evenly matched car designs. Get one and play; get all three for a high-powered free-for-all!

The Lightstrike is a low-slung speedster (120 mph top speed) with linked light lasers. The screaming Banshee is just as fast and shatters its foes with a sonic cannon!

16 pages with full-color counters. Stock #40-1202, ISBN 1-55634-584-4. $5.95.

Car Wars Division 15 Set 3 -- Vindicator vs. Dragon

This is the third of three Division 15 starter sets. Each one gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two evenly matched car designs. Get one and play; get all three for a high-powered free-for-all!

The Vindicator features a turreted recoilless rifle with an extra magazine, a machine-gun to the front, a minedropper, and a gunner . . . and 200 points of armor! The deadly Dragon breathes fire with a front-mounted heavy flamethrower, and its gunner can lash out to all sides with light lasers and heavy rockets.

16 pages with full-color counters. Stock #40-1203, ISBN 1-55634-585-2. $5.95.


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Tool Kits and Play-Aids / CW Font
Date: Dec 07, 2001 9:55 am


I was wondering if anyone had a nice "Car Wars" font that they could turn me onto. I know this has been discussed before, so I surfed around some sites looking and checked the archives, but didn't find anything. If anyone from the CADC is listening, the font in their logo is pretty decent.

Rob Hagmaier

From: Michael P. Owen (OWENMP)
Date: Dec 07, 2001 11:05 am

Dear Rob,

The "StopD" TrueType font I received with my WordPerfect package is the same typeface used with the Car Wars logo. Fonts are software, therefore I cannot simply upload it here or e-mail it unless the creator gives permission.

Date: Dec 07, 2001 11:15 am

Great! I happen to have WP so I will check it out.

Absolutely. I wouldn't want you to. I do know that there are many free fonts out there and I was hoping one of those would fit the bill. But when you go to those sites they often have thousands of fonts to wade through. I just thought I would take a shortcut!


Rob Hagmaier

Date: Dec 08, 2001 12:15 am

For what its worth, the old CAR WARS logo font is the same as the Steve Jackson Games logo: Microstyle (Extended Bold Italic for CAR WARS, Extended Bold and Extended for SJ Games). (I don't have a copy of this font, so I don't know who made it.)

The newer CAR WARS green and yellow logo is based on Stop from Linotype.

Section headings in the CWC are Russell Square (Medium and Oblique) from Berthold.

The Catalog from Hell uses Flange (Bold and Bold Italic) for its headings. Flange is also from Berthold.

 . . . and if you're looking for a desktop publishing program to help make your Car Wars aids, check out MultiAd Creator and Creator LE at <>. I'm part of the programming team, and SPARK's files have been helpful in rooting out bugs. (My next project: compiling our own Compendium with additions, rules updates, and a useful index.

Mike Miller


Subject: Item for Car Wars Newsletter?
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 10:58:45 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
From: John Cudmore <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

I bought a book second hand that doesn't appear on but does on

Death on Wheels
Peter Haining (ed.)
ISBN 0 285 63507 7
1999, Souvenir Press Ltd

"A collection of short stories . . . from some of the top writers of our time." It has the classics like Duel, Along the Scenic Route, Auto-de-fe, Crash (edited) and some unusual ones. 19 stories in all.

John Cudmore
University of the West of England


Subject: WADA Event
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 10:10:34 -0800 (PST)
From: Dean Gibson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hey Mike! DRACAR is back, kinda. We ran a duel October 27th and I have posted the results and all WADA information at the following link:

If ya have any questions let me know! Thanks!

Dean "Dracos" Gibson
DRACAR Webmaster

October 28, 2001

DRACAR's Digital Season fell victim to rampant online cheating and was cancelled. After months of inactivity, DRACAR has returned to its roots and was reborn in the gaming world. DRACAR's founder, Dean Gibson, decided to bring league play back to the traditional board games that germinated the idea for DRACAR itself in the 2000 Inaugural Season. The new league format is bi-weekly and consists of three events in a single session: Car Wars (Strategic Vehicle Combat), NASCAR Champions (Dice Racing), and Car Wars: The Card Game.

The first meeting of this new format was held October 28th with the following participants: Dean Gibson, Kimmy Effrig, Cara Robertson, Andy Robertson, and Jordan Effrig. After the three events Dean Gibson and Andy Roberston stood tied for the lead in points.

October 28
DRACAR Div 5 Race
City Walk Arena
Racemaster: Dean "Dracos" Gibson
Special Rules: CA Frame Shrimps and Killer Karts

1. Kimmy Effrig
2. Andy Robertson
3. Dean Gibson
4. Cara Robertson
5. Jordon Effrig


From: Jimmy Anderson <>
To: 'Michael P. Owen'" <>
Subject: MADHAT Club Championship Report
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 23:29:51 -0600


Here's a report for CWIN.

Saturday, December 1st saw a combination Championship/Presidential Duel for MADHAT's 2002 season. We held a Division 25 three-lap race at the Ozark Off-Road Arena (Expansion Pack #7). There were only four entrants, but the action was fast and furious anyway.

Players, Starting Positions, Vehicles

Jon Hendrix (Returning two-time Champion, Start/Finish Line 6) -- Mid-size, TL in turret, 2 RLs (1F, 1B).

Jimmy Anderson (Current President, Start/Finish Line 5) -- Compact, VMG right.

Chris Johnson (Current Vice-President, Start Finish Line 4) -- Reversed hvy. trike, VMG in  turret.

Rowdy Curtis (Charter Member, Start/Finish Line 2) -- Van, VMG in turret, HRs on all sides.

Everyone had OR suspension and tires in anticipation of some off-road travel. The goal was to complete three laps. First-place finisher would
be Club Champion for the 2002 season. Second place finisher would be Club President. Third place finisher would be Club Vice-President.
Fourth place would be . . . Umm . . . a charter member.

Special rules for the event: No dropped weapons of any type. Hand weapons and pedestrian combat was allowed. You could win on foot as well as in your vehicle.

The action started right away as Jimmy made a lucky hit on Jon. Rowdy had some problems with his van and some curves, but managed to keep
everything on the road. Chris' trike was giving him no problems at all as he made it safely through the whoops and splashed through the water.
Surgical strikes with his VMG took out one of John's wheels, causing him to spinout into a tree at 45 mph. While "parked," Chris managed to
remove another wheel, stranding John.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is racing up a ramp and Rowdy and Chris both shoot at his back right tire, removing the wheel. With the help of an active
suspension, he completes the jump, but mistimed it (actually Jimmy as player-referee made an error on ROC, but didn't catch it until later)
and barely hits the minefield, damaging his remaining tires. Faced with a lower HC, he slows for the upcoming curves and passes into the front
arc of Jon, who promptly removes another wheel. They sit there and shoot at each other till finally Jimmy breaches Jon's front armor, hits his PP, and sets his car on fire. Jon and Jimmy both get out and decide not to kill each other just yet.

Chris, almost jumping too far, is now threading his way toward Jimmy and Jon, who start throwing grenades. Chris manages to avoid tire damage and makes the curves without any problem. Meanwhile, Rowdy has decided the only way to stop Chris is to go after him, so he leaves the course and begins a chase. He avoids the ramp and drives through the water, only to detour around a TV Bunker, taking a shot at it as he goes.

Jon's car explodes and Chris is trying to determine the best way to traverse the debris and obstacles on the track, avoid more grenades, and
deal with Rowdy when Rowdy loses control and skids right in front of him. Chris begins to open fire and narrowly avoids tire damage from
Rowdy's HR's. Finally breaching Rowdy's armor, Rowdy decides to don his Air Jimmys (another story in itself) and get out of the van. A stray
toss of a grenade from Jon takes out any chance Rowdy had of reentering his vehicle. A lucky shot from Chris' VMG and Jon is left behind a tree.

Throwing his last grenade, Jimmy makes a mad dash for the trike, knowing his only chance of winning would be to jump on the vehicle and somehow disable it. Still 3" away, Chris manages to hit him with his VMG.

Final results: Chris is the new Club Champion as he survived and could have easily made his three circuits. Jimmy came in second as he had
completed more of a lap than either Jon or Rowdy, so Jimmy remains Club President. Rowdy completed 19.77% of a lap and Jon completed 18.93% of a lap, so Rowdy becomes the new Vice-President as Jon is dethroned.

This was an extremely fun arena/track and we plan to have another game in two weeks, but not a race. We'll have a 150K BLUD event with unlimited pedestrians/gunners/drivers and no more than two vehicles of any type. This should prove to be interesting.

Jim Anderson
MADHAT President

P.S. For another driver's perspective, please see <>.


Arena Watch: Sunset Speedway
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 14, No. 2
Vehicle Designs: Mid-sizes and Pickups

From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: November 10th NOVA Duel Results
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 22:10:31 -0600

Hi, Michael;

Here's the results of the recent duel:

November 10
NOVA Div 15 Duel
Westroads Arena
Duelmaster: Norman McMullen
Players: 7

1. Andy Koeler (killed Shipley, killed Jacques, firepower kill on Garrity, accepted Lafreniere's surrender)
2. John Lafrendiere (killed Smyth)
3. Mike Garrity (killed McMullen)
4. Don Jacques
5. Adrian Shipley
6. Norma McMullen
7. John Smyth

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President


Subject: [SCAB] Car Wars Tournament at SoCal Games Day #5 (Final Report)
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 22:13:41 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

SCAB held a big two round tournament at SoCal Games Day #5 in Burbank, CA on November 10th, 2051. A couple pictures of the players and action can be viewed at <>.

The first round was a regular Div. 30 duel at Riverhead Tangram in its 13-gate set-up.

Players and Vehicles

Josh Rust -- Medium trike, VMG (with HD ammo and cyberlink).

Jim Craig -- Streamlined/sloped sedan, RL in turret, 2 linked HMGs front, ID back.

Jarett Weintraub -- Sloped light trike, pulse laser, lots of dischargers.

Kimmy Effrig -- Sloped luxury, BC (with HESH ammo) front, ramplate.

Dean Gibson -- Luxury, 2 linked VFRPs (each with AP rockets) left, ID back, MD back, link (ID and MD).

Paul Dreyer -- Luxury, 2 linked HDFTs front, JD (empty) back, lots of dischargers.

Mike Hording -- Luxury, 2 linked ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front.

Bob Steinke -- Four-wheel van, OG (with flaming oil ammo) in turret, 10 VSGs (with weapon timer) left, FOJ back.

Tom LaLonde -- Compact, HVMG (with HD ammo) front.

Jeremy Willis (TCM Battle Box 2) -- Luxury, driver and gunner, 3 RLs (1F, 1R, 1B), BC (with HESH ammo) left, 2 HRTCs.

Cara Robertson -- Luxury, 2 linked lasers left.

Andy Robertson -- Luxury, 2 linked lasers front.

Aaron Cappocchi -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, OG (with ice ammo and weapon concealment) front


1/1  Steinke fires OG in front of Effrig linked to a weapon timer that starts firing his 10 left mounted VSGs (2 per phase) on automatic. Willis's driver fires left side BC at Andy missing. Cara misses Cappocchi with both lasers.
1/2  Lalonde's HVMG (HD ammo) hits Gibson for 13 points plus a heavy fishtail. Steinke's VSG shells hit Effrig's car on the now igniting oil counter for moderate damage plus a big hazard. Craig hits Gibson with one HMG for 7 points.
1/3  Dreyer hits Cara with one HDFT for 9 points and a big fire modifier. Weintraub's laser misses Willis. Both Hording's ATGs miss Craig. Effrig hits Steinke with BC (HESH ammo) for 16 points.
1/4  Willis's gunner hits Weintraub with right RL for 6 points.
1/5  Cappocchi’s gunner shoots ice in front of Rust. Gibson puts ID and MD on automatic. Cappocchi's driver fires a nitrous tank and rolls an 11 for a transmission failure! Rust misses Steinke's front-left tire.
End of Turn 1  Cara catches fire, but doesn't explode.

2/1  Willis's gunner misses Weintraub with right RL. Rust hits Steinke’s front-left tire for moderate damage. Steinke shoots OG in front of Rust. Craig’s turreted RL misses Gibson and his linked HMGs (HD ammo) both miss Lalonde. Gibson fires 12 rockets from twin VFRPs killing Craig!
2/2  Weintraub blows off Willis's front-right wheel causing a major skid taking him out of the action for a couple turns! Hording hits Gibson once for 15 points causing him to roll (eventually Gibson stops on wheels!). Effrig misses Steinke.
2/3  Cara extinguishes her fire. Cappocchi shoots ice between himself and Steinke.
2/4  Steinke tries a D3 bend and spins out.
2/5  Dreyer misses Cara. Lalonde breaches Gibson's underbody ventilating his gas tank. Steinke's tire goes flat from spinning out and he starts to tip. Cappocchi seeing this, chooses to turn onto his own ice and starts to tip himself, but before either vehicle goes over they impact for heavy damage destoying the vans 10 VSGs and power plant, earning a mobility kill for Cappocchi! The impact causes a fire to break out it Cappocchi's vehicle however, and results in a completed kill for Steinke after a few turns!

3/2  Effrig ventilates Steinke's engine.
3/3  Effrig rams Steinke for the completed kill with some damage going all the way throught the van's roll cage into Cappocchi's ramplate!
3/5  Rust misses Weintraub's front-right tire. Weintraub misses Andy. Cara misses Cappocchi twice.
End of Turn 3  Effrig catches fire from some flaming oil, but doesn't explode.

4/1  Lalonde hits Gibson for only 9 points! Weintraub blows off Andy's front-right tire causing him to roll for a mobility kill! Cara hits Cappocchi for 19 points.
4/2  Dreyer fires a single HDFT and blows off Cara's back-right tire!
4/4  Dreyer rear ends Cara for 1 point plus 10 points from a bumper triggered HDFT.
4/5  Willis's gunner misses Cara with front RL.

5/1  Weintraub does 15 points to Hording’s back-left tire but his wheel guard saves it. Dean hits Lalonde with a 12-rocket volley removing 5 points of metal. Lalonde breaches Gibson, destroying a VFRP. Cara losses speed. Dreyer accelerates and impacts Cara again for just enough damage to squish the driver for a full kill!
5/2  Rust blows off Hording's back-left wheel causing him to roll for a mobility kill! Willis's gunner hits Dreyer with front RL on ice for 7 points and a big hazard.
5/5  Willis's driver misses Hording with BC.

6/1  Willis's gunner misses Dreyer with front RL.
6/2  Sideways Andy hits Dreyer for 11 and 12 points. Willis's driver hits Andy through roof killing his gunner.
6/3  Weintraub drops lots of dischargers in front of tailing Rust, who hits Weintraub's back-left tire for 9 points. Lalonde breaches Weintraub's rear killing his driver for a full kill!
6/4  Rust rolls on fire due to Jarett's dischargers, kill for dead Weintraub!
6/5  Dreyer hits Effrig twice for death and a full kill starting the clock ticking!

7/1  Willis's driver hits Dreyer with right RL for 7 points to his rear. Andy misses Jeremy twice.
7/3  To the apparent dismay of the other competitors, Willis turns his car sharply away from Dreyer, confident his rear RL will tackle him while he also approches other targets!
7/4  Willis’s gunner hits Dreyer with rear RL through smoke for 9 points destroying his empty JD and causing a heavy fishtail.

8/1  Lalonde hits Gibson's right for 16 points. Andy hits Willis's right for 10 points.
8/2  Willis's gunner hits Dreyer's left with rear RL through smoke for 4 points.
8/3  Willis's driver hits Andy through breached roof for 12 points to dead gunner!

9/1  Willis's gunner hits Dreyer's left again for 7 points. Willis's driver hits Andy's dead gunner again for 2 points!

10/2  Lalonde blows off Gibson's back-right tire.
10/5  Willis's gunner hits Gibson with BC for 10 points to his engine.

11/2  Lalonde hits Gibson for the kill, stopping the clock one phase before finish! Willis hits Andy for 5 points.

12/1  Willis rams Andy for 1 point and the completed kill.
12/2  Willis's gunner hits Lalonde with BC for 13 points with 2 points blowing through. Dreyer blows off Willis's front left tire for a mobility kill and the win!


1. Paul Dreyer: 50 points, full kill on Cara, full kill on Kimmy, mobility kill on Jeremy.
2. Tom Lalonde: 40 points, full kill on Jarett, full kill on Dean.
3. Jarett Weintraub: 10 points, full kill on Josh, mobility kill on Andy, killed.
4. Jeremy Willis: 0 points, completed kill on Andy, mobility killed.
4. Dean Gibson: 0 points, full kill on Jim, killed.
6. Kimmy Effrig: -10 points, completed kill on Bob, killed.
6. Josh Rust: -10 points, mobility kill on Mike, killed.
6. Mike Hording: -10 points, mobility killed.
6. Aaron Cappocchi: -10 points, mobility kill on Bob, mobility kill on self, killed.
6. Robert Steinke: -10 points, completed kill on Aaron, killed.
11. Andy Robertson: -20 points, killed.
11. Cara Robertson: -20 points, killed.
11. Jim Craig: -20 points, killed.

Round Two of the tournament was a regular Div. 20 duel in the still-under-construction "PetCo Cat Box". Next year, when the earth movers fill in the arena and construction is complete, the Cat Box will feature brutal off-road dueling in a small arena format.

Players and Vehicles

Paul Dreyer -- Sloped sedan, 2 linked VMGs (each with HD ammo) front, FOD back.

Robert Steinke -- Streamlined/sloped reversed x-hvy. trike, 2 FCGSs, ram plate.

Aaron Cappocchi -- Light trike, TL in turret, 2 RLs (each with LGL; 1R, 1L).

Rob Hagmaier: Sloped reversed light trike, pulse laser left.

Tom LaLonde -- Compact, HVMG front.

Jeremy Willis (ABC After School Special) -- Four-wheel van with roll cage, ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front, 2 SDs (1R, 1B), RL left, 7 CA compartments.


1/1  Willis's driver misses Lalonde with his RL.
1/3  Willis turns van toward Lalonde.
1/4  Hagmaier misses one of Steinke's tires with his pulse laser.
1/5  Cappocchi misses Dreyer. Willis's gunner misses Lalonde by one with his ATG (APFSDS ammo). Dreyer misses Willis with both VMGs (HD ammo). Lalonde misses Willis's front left tire with his HVMG.

2/1  Willis's gunner misses LaLonde by one again! LaLonde blows off Willis's front-left tire causing the van to roll.
2/2  Willis's driver puts rear SD on automatic.
2/4  Cappocchi misses Dreyer with his laser guided RLs.
2/5  Hagmaier misses Steinke's tire again.

3/4  Hagmaier melts off Dreyer's front-left tire causing him to vault! Cappocchi blows off Steinke's front-left hub and damages tire.

4/1  Dreyer lands upside-down and survives (mobility kill for Hagmaier)! Cappocchi misses Steinke.
4/2  Cappocchi sideswipes Steinke for minor damage.
4/3  Cappocchi cuts in front of Steinke and his trike gets T-bone confetti sandwiched against the wall, Steinke vaults at 80 mph from the collision over Cappocchi’s remains to survive impacting the wall with his roof and getting stuck balanced on his grill (they score full kills on each other)! Lalonde T-bones upside-down Dreyer for 17 points plus 12 points from bumper triggered HVMG.
4/4  Hagmaier does 16 points to breach Willis's rear and scratches his SD's component armor.
4/5  Dreyer does 11 points to Lalonde’s back-left tire.

Turn 5  Willis's van stops on its side (mobility kill for Lalonde)! Upside-down Dreyer misses LaLonde with both guns. Steinke shoots his FCGS at Lalonde who barely avoids it. Hagmaier's pulse laser does only 7 points to the van's component armor.

Turn 6  Hagmaier's laser does 17 points and melts through the van's SD and more component armor to injure the gunner. LaLonde hits Dreyer for 14 points killing the driver (completed kill for Lalonde)!

Turn 7  Hagmaier's laser carves through the gunner and more component armor to damage the van's power plant and cause a fire that's soon put out by the driver.

Turn 8  Hagmaier's laser misses the van's driver, splits the power plant in two, and damages even more component armor!

Turn 9  Hagmaier's laser misses Willis's driver again, but destroys the front component armor and ATG to finish off the van (completed kill for Hagmaier)!

The next seven rounds consisted of Hagmaier staying far enough away from LaLonde that the little trike doesn't hit once it manages to damage LaLonde's front armor with some laser fire. When LaLonde's ammo ran out he had to concede the game to Hagmaier, who's pulse laser had plenty of power available to finish him off.


1. Rob Hagmaier: 20 points, mobility kill on Paul, completed kill on Jeremy.
2. Tom Lalonde: 20 points, mobility kill on Jeremy, completed kill on Paul.
3. Aaron Cappocchi: 0 points, full kill on Bob, killed.
3. Bob Steinke: 0 points, full kill on Aaron, killed.
5. Jeremy Willis: -20 points, killed.
5. Paul Dreyer: -20 points, killed.

Congratulations to Paul, Rob, and Tom for their excellent performances at this event. I would also like to thank Mark Johnson for letting SCAB host this event at SoCal Games Day #5.

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

From: Bob Steinke <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: Car Wars Event Report
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 19:47:11 -0500

Event: drag race/duel

 Date: Nov 18

 Location: Pasadena, CA

 Racemaster: Bob Steinke,

 Host Gaming Group: SCAB

 Division: 20, 25, and 30

 Arena Name: New Irwindale Speedway Drag Strip

 Total Number of Players: 4

 Level: 1

 Special Rules: Dragsters only.  The arena consisted of straight road section
 3" wide with a finish line 88" (1/4 mile) away.  22" beyond the finish line
 there is a solid wall.  To win you must cross the finish line first and come
 to a stop with your driver alive.  Weapons allowed.  You could speed to the
 finish line, or blow away your opponent.  Racers race in pairs.  There are
 multiple heats with winners racing winners, losers racing losers in a ladder
 arrangement.  Each racer gets a new vehicle for each heat which is why there
 were so many kills.  Each heat had a different budget: 20, 25, or 30.


 Finish  Player Name             Gaming Group    Kills
 1st     Tom LaLonde             SCAB            1 full kill
 2nd     Jeremy Willis           SCAB            1 full kill
 3rd     Aaron Cappocchi SCAB            2 full kills
 4th     Bob Steinke             SCAB            1 full kill

From: Scavenger <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: U-Con Events
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 04:17:32 -0500

 Event (Please specify if duel or race.):
     U-Con Division 20 duel
 Date (Month and Day):
     November 18th
 Location (City, State/Province, Convention):
     Ann Arbor, MI, U-Con 2001
 Duelmaster/Racemaster (Name and E-Mail Address):
     Chris Duemling,
 Host Gaming Group (Name, E-Mail Address, Web Address):
 Arena Name:
     Scotch tape modular arena
 Total Number of Players:
 Tournament Round/Level (This value is considered 1 for gaming group and demonstration autoduels.):
 Special Rules (teams, off-road, ice, only one type of vehicle frame used, etc.):
 Results (Please list all places, first through last. If a player is not a member of a gaming group, list the player as
 an independent duelist from his or
 her state/province. If possible, please differentiate between Firepower, Mobility, Completed, and Total Kills.):

 Finish: 1st
 Player Name: Rick Coen
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Daniel Wier, Matt Wyeth, Dave Wyeth, Chris Duemling

 Finish: 2nd
 Player Name: Dave Wyeth
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Annonymous 1, Mike Ittel

 Finish: 3rd
 Player Name: Matt Wyeth
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Rebeca Reamy

 Finish: 4th
 Player Name: Chris Duemling
 Gaming Group: Scavnet
 Vehicle Kills:  Annoymous 2 (Mobility)

 Finish: 5th (4 way tie)
 Player Name: Annonymous 1
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills:

 Finish: 5th (4 way tie)
 Player Name: Annonymous 2
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills:

 Finish: 5th (4 way tie)
 Player Name: Rebeca Reamy
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills:

 Finish: 5th (4 way tie)
 Player Name: Blair Reamy
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Blair Reamy

 Finish: 5th (4 way tie)
 Player Name: Daniel Wier
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills:

 Finish: 10th (Illegal design)
 Player Name: Mike Ittel
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Annonymous 2 (Completed)

 Event (Please specify if duel or race.):
     U-Con Amateur Night Duel
 Date (Month and Day):
     November 16th
 Location (City, State/Province, Convention):
     Ann Arbor, MI, U-Con 2001
 Duelmaster/Racemaster (Name and E-Mail Address):
     Chris Duemling,
 Host Gaming Group (Name, E-Mail Address, Web Address):
 Arena Name:
     Scotch tape modular arena
 Total Number of Players:
 Tournament Round/Level (This value is considered 1 for gaming group and demonstration autoduels.):
 Special Rules (teams, off-road, ice, only one type of vehicle frame used, etc.):
     Everone using a Yellow Jacket
 Results (Please list all places, first through last. If a player is not a member of a gaming group, list the player as
 an independent duelist from his or
 her state/province. If possible, please differentiate between Firepower, Mobility, Completed, and Total Kills.):

 Finish: 1st
 Player Name: Dave Wyeth
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Daniel Wier, Matt Wyeth

 Finish: 2nd
 Player Name: Matt Wyeth
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills: Chris Duemling

 Finish: 3rd
 Player Name: Daniel Wier
 Gaming Group: MI Independant
 Vehicle Kills:

 Finish: 4th
 Player Name: Chris Duemling
 Gaming Group: Scavnet
 Vehicle Kills:


Subject: Re: Car Wars Internet Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 11
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 08:26:59 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>


I don't believe my final WDC report made CWIN yet. Could you sneak that in the next one along with the last two Philly duel reports? Our club
here has adopted the name TSAR (Tri-State Auto Rally) and we'll be having another duel in a week and a half.

Eric Freeman
TSAR President
AADA Head Referee

From: Eric Freeman <>
To: TSAR Mailing List
Subject: Philly Oct 28 Div 30 Duel report
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 18:13:43 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

What follows is a duel report of our most recent duel in Philly

On Sunday Oct 28th, a Division 30 duel was held at David McGee's house in
Sharon Hill.

 This duel was sponsored by the Internet Dueling League (IDL)....the best
 in real-time internet dueling...(well the only real-time internet dueling,
 but we're still the best!)...check them out at
 Get YOUR chance to duel against 4 (count 'em FOUR) of the duelists in the
 following report...Joe "Irish Hammer" Barlow, Micheal "Smokin'
 Cajun" McNeill, Dave "Steel Cobra" McGee, and Curt "Two-Time
 reigning IDL champ" Lindmark.

 Also sponsered by....

 Dueling Debate...THE forum for Car Wars discussion...check it out at

 Now onto the action...

 With 8 duelists, we had a packed Aspen Octagon.

 Clockwise around the table

 ES Gate - Michael McNeill, who drove for a gazillion hours to get
 here.  His first ever face to face duel - "Gator Baiter Mk3b", mid,
 electric w/HTMs, solid tires, no paint WS, body armor, turreted Gauss Gun
 w/extra mag, hubs all around, Guards back, HRSWC, Ramplate, Composite
 Armor all around.
 EN Gate - Joe Reynolds - Luxury, 3 RRs linked Right, 2 w/HESH and 1
 w/HEAT, PS back, SD w/normal spikes back, link PS-SD, link dropped weapons
 with RRs, SaD front, FP Plastic armor, Hub FR, Guard BL, electric w/HTMs,
 solid tires, CA around PS, SD, Driver, and PP, empty space.
 NE Gate - David McGee - pregen Apollo - Luxury, gas w/Turbo, BC front
 w/extra mag and HESH ammo, SBSolid tires front, SBPR back, 10 pt CA over
 each of the PP, Gas Tank, Gunner, and Driver, 2 Crew, HRSWC,
 Spoiler/airdam, MD w/radio mines, IFE, FOD L, FCD R, IcD L&R, HD Shocks,
 BTs to IcDs and BC, 10 pt hubs front, 10 pt guards back, 3 pt hubs back,
 fake guards front.
 NW Gate - Michael Keegan - midsize w/CA frame, electric, spoiler/airdam, 2
 flechette guns turret, hubs everywhere, guards back, 2 AP HRs front behind
 blow thru concealment, SD w/explosive spikes back, heavy composite armor
 WN Gate - Joe Barlow - sloped compact, gas w/Turbo and Super, fake guards
 and hubs, HD Racing slick tires, spoiler/airdam, 100 pt FP Plastic
 ramplate, composite armor elsewhere.
 WS Gate - Jeff Dodge - luxury, ATG front w/blow through concealment and
 HESH ammo, ramplate, spoiler/airdam, electric w/HTMs, hubs front, guards
 back, standard tires, CA ATG and Driver, empty space.
 SW Gate - Curt Lindmark - midsize, gas, turreted HMG, left-mounted HMG
 behind blow thru concealment smartlinked to turreted HMG, targeting
 computer, spoiler/airdam, ramplate, hubs front, guards back, fake weapon
 back, CA Driver, Gas tank, engine, FCD R, L & B, Stickyfoam dischargers L
 & R, IFE, Plastic armor
 SE Gate - Eric Freeman - luxury, 2 crew, ramplate, gas w/turbo and super,
 2 RRs linked right w/HEAT and dual weapon mag, HRSWC, IFE, Hubs front and
 BR, CA Driver, Gunner, & Engine, Guards back, spoiler/airdam, fake
 discharger back, SaD front, Composite front, plastic elsewhere.

 Action:  Right out of the gate, Curt and Eric fired upon each other with
 both missing.  Eric then turned West while Curt turned East.
 Barlow turned South while Jeff turned North.  Barlow had the opportunity
 to take the head-on ram, but passed on it.

 Keegan also went straight South.  He fired his FGs at Jeff doing minimal
 damage.  Jeff's return fire missed.  Keegan put his spikes on auto, and
 after passing Jeff, Jeff turned East behind Keegan.  This set off the
 spikes which took off 3 or Jeff's standard (yes, standard) tires.  The
 subsequent hazard caused Jeff to roll and he eventually ended the roll on
 his side. (+20 Keegan, -20 Jeff)

 McNeill turned hard South towards Eric, and they passed south of
 the SW barrier.  Eric took a shot at McNeill's wheel and missed, while
 McNeill's return fire also missed.

 In the NW corner, Reynolds had turned Northeast while David had turned
 Southwest.  They passed each other just South of the NW barrier.  Reynolds
 nailed Dave's right side for big damage, but the damage dropped an
 obstacle right in his path.  Dave responded by setting off his R IcD and
 rear mines.  The ice covered the obstacle and was unavoidable.  Reynolds
 took the D2 from ice OK and at the start of the next phase deceled to 25
 before hitting the obstacle on ice.  With Reynolds still on the ice, Dave
 radio triggered the mines.  Despite the heavy hazards, Reynolds stays in

 At around this point, Barlow starts tailing Curt, bumping him in the rear
 while in the center of the arena for minimal damage.  Curt drops a rear
 FCD and right FCD&SkD.  The stickyfoam slows down Barlow and gives some
 tire damage, but Barlow is going fast enough to clear the FCs before they
 go off...

 From the west part of the arena, Eric takes a shot at Barlow and
 misses.  Dave takes a parting shot at Eric with the GG and misses.

 SE bound David and N bound Eric close on each other.  David's BC
 shot at Eric's front misses, while Eric's return fire later that turn
 takes off a good chunk of David's front.

 Around this time Keegan started turning West.  He took a shot at Barlow's
 back wheels and missed.

 McNeill did a steep turn back North from the Southwest part of the arena
 and rolled his car!

 Curt goes into a fishtail and skid from some hazard.  Barlow then again
 taps Curt in the back, but this time the conforming movement pins Curt
 against the middle North barrier, causing Curt to take a 70 mph T-bone to
 his right side and putting Barlow at a dead stop.  Curt also comes to a
 stop and survives.

 Around this time Reynolds passes by and puts his paint (with spikes hidden
 underneath) on auto...he gets a good clean shot at Curt and hits with 2
 RRs...however Curt withstands the salvo.

 McNeil ends up landing on his wheels!

 To the South, McNeill and Dave mix it up with exchange fire...Dave's
 BC HESH ammo scores a thit and does significant damage to McNeill's
 composite front but does not breach.

 Barlow turns East and accelerates to try and catch Reynolds who passed
 him and Curt from the North.

 Keegan moving East takes a shot at McNeill, which his tire protection

 Curt accelerates and turns West to avoid the paint (and unknown spikes),
 this leaves a shot for Eric, who obliterates the gas tank, making Curt a
 mobility kill in 5 turns or so.  The next turn, Eric hits the Driver
 compartment with one shot, and comes within one pt of a full kill.  He
 hits the PP with the other shot and the engine critical hit puts Curt at a
 mobility kill in two turns.  The damage also sets Curt on fire.  After one
 turn of being on fire, Curt's IFE puts it out.  Curt's return fire on Eric

 In an attempt to complete the kill on Jeff, Dave takes some shots on the
 underbody.  He can't finish him off and passes with PB range of Jeff's
 ATG...Jeff has a decent shot on Dave, but misses it.

 With Barlow bearing down, Reynolds takes out two big chunk from his
 ramplate while dropping paint and spikes.  Barlow gets back up to 40 mph
 and T-bones Reynolds.  Reynolds survives the blow and continues on.  This
 slows down Barlow, but he has to roll to see if he hits the spikes, and
 lucky for Barlow he does not hit the spikes...

 Eric takes a shot at Barlow from the North and misses.  Curt accelerates
 while his is still able...but eventually is a mobility kill (+20 Eric, -20

 Barlow is still heading East with Eric just North of him.  Eric crosses
 South in front of Barlow with Barlow attempting to score the T-bone at 60
 mph.  At PB range, Eric takes off a wheel.  This send Barlow into a
 spinout, which pops his remaining 3 tires.  The range is far enough away
 that Barlow collides into Eric's right side, but with the impact happening
 on Barlow's right side and not the ramplate.  Eric absorbs the blow and
 keeps on truckin'.

 Keegan takes some shots through Jeff's breached top, but hits either
 the PP or empty space doing no damage..

 David and Reynolds close on each other just east of the middle part of the
 arena.  At PB range, they both shear off a wheel from the other..causing
 both to go into rolls..eventually Dave ends on his R side, while Reynolds
 ends on his top. (+0 Dave, +0 Reynolds)

 After leaving Reynolds, Eric takes a shot Barlow's back left rim and
 shears it off for a full kill (+60 Eric, -40 Barlow)

 Reynolds ends up ending his roll in Jeff's arc!  Jeff fires at Reynolds
 every turn, but Reynolds undamaged front is facing him, and Jeff misses
 most of the time.

 Keegan closes from the South on the slowing Curt.  Curt heading East
 suddenly turns back South.  Keegan unleashes two AP concealed HRs on Curt,
 but Curt has closed the gap enough such that Keegan cannot avoid the
 head-on collision and slows down as much as he can.  With the ramplate on
 CA frame the result is not pretty.  (+20 Curt, -20 Keegan)  However the
 fire from the PP damage does Curt in...(0 Curt, 0 Keegan)

 Eric lines up a ram on Reynolds to attempt to get to (two kills) +80
 pts.  He accels to 85 and nails Reynolds in the back....and Reynolds
 lives!  Denying Eric anything!  (It turns out that Reynolds had his body
 armor soak up some of the damage from the understandable
 mistake..and one of those fiddly Car Wars rules..)

 McNeill bears down on Eric from the North.  Eric down to 40 after the
 collision accels to 60 and McNeill and he exchange fire.  McNeill isn't
 going fast enough to tag Eric for a ram.  As he heads South to the East of
 Eric, he nails Eric's back armor with his GG.  Eric attempts a slight bend
 (D2 modified to a D1) North.  This forces a control roll.  Needing a 3 or
 better, Eric blows the roll and goes into a skid.  The skid forces Eric
 into head-on ram with the SW barrier.

 As McNeill passes to the South of Eric, he nails the stationary Eric's
 left side.

 The ram by Eric put Reynolds' left side to Jeff.  After a couple hits
 Jeff breaches the armor, but cannot finish him.  Meanwhile the stationary
 Eric accels backwards while taking pot shots at Jeff.  On the third turn
 of fire, Eric finally finishes off Jeff, to set the time clock
 ticking. (+80 Eric, -40 Jeff)

 McNeill attempts to circle back quicker to get a bead on Eric.

 Eric pivots backwards and starts lobbing shots in the now breached side of
 Reynolds (thanks Jeff!).  The first two salvos hit but manage to hit
 either empty space or the power plant.  With only one RR shot and McNeill
 soon to arrive, Eric takes his last shot at Reynolds.....and he HITS the
 driver, finishing him off and securing the W for Eric (+100 Eric, -20

 1st  +106 pts Eric Freeman (full kill Barlow, mobility kill Curt,
 completed kill Reynolds, completed kill Jeff, survival, 2 checkpoint pts)

 2nd  +6.5 pts Michael McNeill (survival, 2.5 checkpt pts)

 3rd  +6 pts David McGee (survival, mobility killed, mobility kill
 Reynolds, 2 checkpt pts)

 4th  +3 pts Michael Keegan (killed, completed kill Curt, mobility kill
 Jeff, 3 checkpt pts)

 5th  +2.5 pts Curt Lindmark (killed, full kill Keegan, 2.5 checkpt pts)

 6th  -18 pts Joe Reynolds (killed, mobility kill David, 2 checkpt pts)

 7th  -34 pts Joe Barlow (killed, 2 checkpt pts, survival)

 8th  -39 pts Jeff Dodge (killed, 1 checkpt pt)



Discussion Forum


Subject: [SCAB] Alternative Car Wars Rules
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 09:58:50 -0000
From: Frother Baz <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Hi folks,

Just to let you know, I am a newbie to your list -- I liked your Web site a lot and have been looking through your archives -- they were a good laugh (We will post a link to it soon).

I am the Webmaster at a new Web site dedicated to frothing (ranting) over all things frothable. We have a resident writer and mad gamer called UnclEvl (Mr B.) who loves tinkering with rules systems and making alternative suggestions. He has recently posted some suggestions for Car Wars. I think a bunch of mad frothers like yourself might be interested in these.

Why not check his pages out? They are in his frothzone on our Web site.

Frothers Unite

We support frames and no-frames formats (though sometimes I am not sure how we did it to be honest!).

I hope you don't mind me posting this link to you I did it because I thought you might be genuienly interested. We are a non-commercial site of frothers for frothers and do it for the hell of it.

I hope you like his suggestions if you do or don't or have something you want to froth over with him don't hesitate to have a good old rant at him on the froth boards at the site or over the e-mail -- we all like a good rant over here!


Frother Baz


Alternate Car Wars Weapon Statistics