Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 11
November 14, 2051

Web Posted April 01, 2002
Updated April 01, 2002


I apologize. I have forgotten . . . again . . . I am supposed to publish this newsletter on the first of each month. I hope to get back on schedule next month. Thanks for your patience . . . again.

The re-release of Car Wars has been postponed, but Harlan Ellison's classic autodueling story, "Along the Scenic Route," is going to appear on movie screens. The AAIE and SCAB are fighting with extreme vengeance to claim the WADA Championship. Several of their duel reports appear in this issue. St. Louis now has a Car Wars gaming group. Visit the Gateway ADA Web site and if you live in St. Louis, join the group's ranks. If you are interested in adding more character elements to your arena circuit, check out the Daemon Mechanic column. Andy Evans has presented Car Wars-GURPS conversion notes for aspects of Car Wars I did not cover in the Advanced Character System article I wrote for CWIN a long time ago.


If you have not visited my Car Wars forum Dueling Debate in a while, take a look when you have the earliest opportunity. The message board has been extremely active for the past several months. Stop by sometime and give your opinion on the current issues of the day.

With luck, you will see the last issue of CWIN on December 1st. Please continue to send me duel reports and variants, and drop me a line telling me what your Car Wars group has been doing lately.

Drive offensively,

Michael P. Owen



Andy M. Evans



The Daily Illuminator
October 22, 2001

For the many who have asked how the financial side of things is holding up: We're hanging in there. We have closed the books on 2000; yes,
indeed, we lost a great deal of money. Now the challenge is to catch up with the only-slightly-fresher mess that is 2001 and straighten out those
books. With luck, that will happen before 2002 starts and we'll be able to open the new year with a clean slate.

Despite the layoffs, we managed to maintain our ambitious schedule for a few months. We rather HAD to, in fact, to keep the money coming in.
But there's only so much you can do with a reduced staff, and that finally caught up with us. After looking at the Car Wars situation, we have
decided to push the whole re-release back - not just a little bit, but significantly. The first new Car Wars releases will now be appearing in

Yes, that's a long time. But too many issues . . . niggling game balance details, art, the web page, and our planned online successor to ADQ . . .
had just gone undone, week after week.

By admitting that we are nowhere near ready to send the first Car Wars books to the printers, we've been able to deploy enough resources to
save the rest of the schedule more or less intact. See the New Releases page for details.

-- Steve Jackson


Scribes take wheel on Par's 'Drive'

October 18, 2001

Paramount Pictures is getting into gear with scribes Cyrus Vorris and Ethan Reiff. In a deal valued at mid- against high-six figures, studio has hired the duo to adapt the Harlan Ellison story "Along the Scenic Route" into the actioner "Drive."

Alex Proyas ("The Crow") is attached to helm, and Proyas and his Sydney-based producing partner Topher Dow will produce.

Project is set 20 years in the future, when American highways are left unpatrolled and auto "dueling" has been legalized not just as an acceptable form of conflict resolution on the road but as a ratings-generating event on local newscasts. When a young man's fiancee is accidentally killed by a group of duelers, he decides to enter exact justice with his bumpers.

"I was on the 405 (freeway) the other day," said Vorris, "and I saw a guy cut across four lanes of highway to make an exit that was literally 30 seconds away. Twenty years from now, someone (will) definitely go after him."

Duo most recently set up the Chow Yun Fat starrer "Bulletproof Monk" for producers John Woo and Terence Chang at MGM.

Vorris and Reiff were repped in the deal by the William Morris Agency.

Proyas Goes Into Drive

Science Fiction News of the Week
Sci-Fi Channel
October 2001

Paramount Pictures will adapt Harlan Ellison's SF story "Along the Scenic Route" into a movie entitled Drive, to be directed by Alex Proyas  (Dark City), Variety reported. Cyrus Vorris and Ethan Reiff have been hired to adapt the story for the screen, the trade paper reported.

Proyas and his Sydney-based producing partner Topher Dow will produce. The story is set 20 years in the future, when American highways are left unpatrolled and auto dueling has been legalized -- not just as an acceptable form of conflict resolution on the road, but also as a ratings-generating event on local newscasts, the trade paper reported.


Car Wars Technology History


Subject: CWIN Dates and Overdrive Arena Review
Date:  Fri, 21 Sep 2001 04:11:25
From: Jason Walters <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hey, Owen. Its Jason from the Kult of Speed over here in the Midwest. I do want to point out one thing you did post in a past issue of CWIN was wrong. I am not a member of the CADC. I have gone up to Detroit several times to shoot it out with that crew, and I do hope that everyone is still fighting well, but <sigh> I have not had a chance to have gotten up there this year as much as I was really hoping to. Next year, we are going to try to bring the Kult up for a fight, unless anyone up there wants to come down here for a fight at the end of July. (The plans for June 2002 are terrible along with any other dates that we tried.) You will need a car, of course.

In other news, I did get to play a demonstration game of Overdrive Arena, the new auto-combat miniatures game out now. The rules were very simple, easy to learn, and the game played very fast. There were four of us playing with two teams of two players each. One hour was spent learning the rules, and another hour to actually play. The scale of the cars was 1/24th or 1/25th, which seemed big, but it was easy to move the cars and calculate ranges for the guns.

The other cool thing the sponsors did was they used metal die-cast cars versus the plastic ones included in the game. These models held up to much pounding. The sponsors have taken the same cars to several shows, and they have not gotten beaten up much.

The cars that were used ranged from small compacts, to SUVs, trucks and vans. The teams each had one big car and one small car. One team had a 1960's VW Bug with a Gatling gun in the front, and a '59 Impala with three MGs, one forward and two back. The other team had a new PT Cruiser with a ram plate and missile launcher forward, and my car, a mid-1960's Bonneville with a MG forward and mines to the rear.

The first car to be hurt badly was my teammate's PT Cruiser. Engine hits slowed him down a bit. He took most of the first shots from the other cars as he came around from the side to take out the engine of the Impala. He lost it, rolled into the wall, and landed on his roof, first kill. My teammate had no room to turn, so he t-boned me, lost control, and ended up in the ditch per se, second kill. I then lost it, got to move, and put a burst into the Bug, taking out the car's only gun. I then gave the car's driver the chance to surrender, which he did. The game ended with me winning with three kills, one being the accident with me being hit by my teammate. Oops.

I was told Overdrive Arena was to be sold through a Web site and through local gamestores which would order it for you. The price of $50.00 gives you rules, two 1/24th model cars which were snap-together construction, a weapons sprue, dice, and a couple of other things. The Web site for the company that makes the game does not have much on it right now, but the producers were talking about having more rules and options on their site in the future. They were also tossing around the idea of making the rules adapted to Hot Wheels scale.

The terrain the game was fought on was very nice, about 4 by 4 feet, which left lots of room to move and fight. Several Car Wars designers came by and were impressed by watching the game and from taking to Overdrive Arena's designers. Maybe we can persuade CWIN to include coverage of Overdrive Arena and Car Wars groups to play the game regularly. The best aspect of Overdrive Arena is the cars are much cooler to see than Hot Wheels scale miniatures because you can really "go to town" building models for the game.

Overdrive Arena

Testers: Overdrive

If you go to the second Web address above and order Overdrive Arena, you can a 20 percent discount.

I was making sure my clone was up to date and finishing the new paint job on my personal ride (for the current Kult of Speed campaign), the Alpha-Bit Slayer, a luxury with a rear-mounted rotary 4-cylinder gasoline motor (with every other engine upgrade I could could find from the Car Wars rules, including all of the toys that were printed in a back issue of CWIN), a spinal-mounted 75mm tank gun with "Alpha-Bit" (APFSDS) rounds in it. Needless to say, we just got it back together after it ate a ramcar head-on this spring. I was just overkilled by one point of damage.
I think the ejection seat needs to have the safety seat option to prevent a 120 mph ram from killing me next time. A roll cage and impact body armor were just not enough.

See you later. I hope to have a couple of more kill markers painted on Alpha-Bit Slayer before the next newsletter. The sad thing is I have had a couple of people survive being shot by it. I have only earned tree kills with the car. Bummer.

Tata for now,

Jason Walters
Kult of Speed President

P.S. As for the newsletter coming out (or not) on the first of October is really up to you. Everything now has died down a bit, so getting back to something looking like normal should be a good thing (I hope).



From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Subject: AAIE October 2nd Weekly Rumble
To: AAIE Mailing List
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 09:29:15 -0700

 Hey Duel Fans,

We had a good duel this week. Unfortunately, Tom had to work on his plumbing and was unable to make it, but we had eight players for a Div 25 in the Feynman Proving Grounds with a few new designs. One new one (for us) was a rework of the Jackhammer that I was driving (luxury, electric PP with HTMs, driver and gunner, BC front, 2 VFRPs right, airdam, spoiler). Carol Daugherty was driving an update of the Moose (luxury, 2 VMGs front, 2 RLs back, none of which had a full load of ammo). Steve Carder had a Suicide Slide (luxury, spinal-mounted 75mm TG and not much else, although since this was the Div 25 version, it had HTMs and HDSAs). Howard Lalicker designed a mid-size with 2 BCs mounted front due to a temporary lapse of memory regarding the third-spaces rule, but he never got to fire a round. Wes Twitchell had Tom Lentz's take on the Boom-Boom, a luxury with two ATGs mounted front. Bryan Rider was driving a Blast Trike (x-hvy. trike, BC right, BC left). George Neal was driving a Rat-a-Tat-Tat (sedan, VMG in turret, VMG front, VMG-VMG smart link). Sorry, I don't recall off-hand what Heather Hartman was driving.

The action started with me  missing with the BC on Steve then removing his side armor with a salvo from both VFRPs, just missing taking out his driver for the kill.  Next turn, I did the same thing to his back armor and left his TG with 1 DP. About this time Bryan came screaming by
but got too close and Steve put a TG round in one side, through both BCs, and damaged the far side of armor for a firepower kill. Also around this time, Wes got close enough to hit Howard with both ATGs, discovered that his armor was paper thin, and took out his power plant for a half-kill.

Carol got into a shoving match with Howard from behind, giving him more speed and longer life. I was cheesed that I did that much damage to Steve and didn't have a kill so I looped around, shot him with the BC for minimal damage, then  t-boned him at 70 and still only took out his tires, failed to finish him off again! Aaargh! I removed three full sides of armor and still only got a half-kill! Heather then finished him off for the other

Unfortunately for her, this left her too close to the jersey barrier outside walls. She blew a control roll, skidded into them hard enough to go through them, and was out of the duel.

At the other end of the board, George rolled and ended up on his top but still peppered a couple of people with his front VMG.  I got angle.
I was angling to shoot Carol with my damaged BC and forgot about those back RLs and the fact that she had a gunner. Oops. I ate two rockets into my open front and was a full kill for her. Wes then put more ATG rounds into her and finished her off to finish the game.

October 02
AAIE Div 25 Weekly Rumble
Feynman Proving Grounds
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 8
Special Rules: Teleporters

1. Wesley Twitchell (48, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (23, VK x 1)
3. Heather Hartman (14)
4. Edgar T. Lincoln (5)
5. Steve Carder (4)
6. Howard Lalicker (2)
6. Bryan Rider (2)
6. George Neal (2)

Next week is our school meeting so we won't be playing. The week after that is Div 5. Also, I will be doing a Div 30 this Sunday at noon
at Merlyn's Science Fiction and Fantasy Store, and the $100K Bloodbath, Saturday, October 20th at noon at Incon at the Shilo here in Spokane.  (That last sentence is sure to make English majors cringe!)

Last but not least, special thanks to Steve's wife Dee for providing dinner this time, home made lasagna and salad that were right and tasty.  Thanks, Dee!

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Five (!) Duels, Including Bloodbath
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 12:21:04 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

Okay, I'm sorry. I've been a complete slug. Five duels have gone by without being reported so without further adieu (or much embellishment!)
here we go.

The first one was a Div 30 duel we did to try to build interst for Incon at a local gaming store. Seeing as people from our regular group were
the only ones to show, I don't think it worked. The only design I really remember from this one was mine, a rework of the old Jackhammer from ADQ that moved both VFRPs and some armor to the right side and added a gunner. As I recall, I tried it twice, once in a previous duel, and it just didn't work very well. It was good for one kill (barely!) before being taken out both times.

October 07
Open Div 30 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Merlyn's Science Fiction and Fantasy Gamestore
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5

1. Tom Lentz (30, VK x 2)
2. Steve Carder (14, VK x 2)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (3)
4. Bryan Rider (2)
5. Dea Carder (1)

The second event in our October Flurry of Fury (six duels for us in one month, not bad!) was our October 16th weekly rumble. It was a Div 5 duel that turned silly when it was called due to lack of ammo and lateness.

October 16
AAIE Div 10 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5

1. Tom Lentz (30, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (14)
3. Howard Lalicker (3)
4. Edgar T. Lincoln (2, VK x 1)
5. Wesley Twitchell (1)

Next up is the $100k Bloodbath, our annual silly duel held at Incon, a fantasy, science fiction and gaming con held here in Spokane every October. See the Incon Web site for further details. Designs of note were as follows:


Urban Legend (Designed by Tom Lentz, Driven by Jeff Holman) -- Fast 30' bus, 75mm ATG (with APDSDS ammo) front, 80 mph of rocket boosters (the back half of the bus), big ramplate. This design was named after the car with the JATO unit.

Loomis's Revenge -- Sloped 20-space armored car, HVMG and kid gunner in 4-space cupola, metal/plastic laminate armor, all sides sloped, full reactive armor on all sides.

Star Cruiser (Designed by Mike Garrity, Driven by Dave Acton) -- Fast luxury, 2 XLs with cyberlink front.

Take 'Em to School (Designed and Driven by Edgar Lincoln) -- Fast 40' bus, driver, 2 gunners, two 75mm TGs (each with APDSDS ammo) front, 2 SDs (each with explosive-tipped spikes; 1RBC, 1LBC). Metal/plastic armor: F20/50 (ramplate), 55 in all other locations.

Shaboom (Designed by Edgar Lincoln, Driven by Kevin Taylor) -- Fast van, driver, gunner, 2 BCs (1F, 1R).

I mention Shaboom because it is a fairly basic design yet came in second amongst all the exotics because of good driving and tactics by
Kevin. He finished me off by concentrating fire on a weakened side while I was too slow to dodge. He was helped by the fact that I did bus movement for myself a little differently than the current rules. According to the book, a 40' bus maneuvers like a car, which is silly. What I did was to place a counter where a normal car would have moved, then put my front there, dragging the back like a trailer. It was close to the real thing, but I need to look at it a little more as I was turning a little too slow even for a vehicle that size.

Anyway, the carnage started with me trying to make Steve King the recipient of this year's Ritual Sacrifice award (basketball guy on a trophy base; it could be a head or other organ being offered up to appease the gods of the duel) but I missed with one TG so I didn't finish him off.  That award was earned by Brad Chapman in the next phase when he was splattered by Jeff in the Urban Legend with a 618-point t-bone (ramplate, DM 3 on bus, CA frame on Brad).

Down on the other end of the board, the action was fast and furious around Tom as people tried to get through his reactive armor, or failing that, take him out with a ram. The collisions were very ineffective against the scout car (takes half ram damage to begin with) and the
reactive armor bounced most everything else. The cupola even sucked up a TG sabot round without breaching (barely). Tom got two full and two half-kills through a combo of people splattering thenselves on his sides and well-placed shots by his kid.

Kevin managed to take out Jeff and Wes, and the field had been narrowed to me, Kevin, and Tom. I talked Tom into a AAIE maneuver, out of scientific interest more than anything else (When would we have a chance for a collision like that again?). We both figured we could survive the collision as neither of us were going that fast (I think it was only around 90 mph or less). I managed to confetti him (barely) because of the combo of the ramplate and DM of 6. It was a good thing he confettied because Tom would have survived otherwise with a couple of points left on his engine!

Tom's driver (and the kid, still in the remnants of the cupola) both survived. Tom started shooting at Kevin as Kevin shot a side that had taken a TG round, finishing off my driver for a mobility kill (next time I get extra driver controls for one of the gunners!).  Kevin then ran over Tom, losing his engine in the process to give Tom a posthumus kill as a ped and the victory!  Bitch. :-)  was a fun duel again, it will be interesting to see what people do with what they learned this year.

As a quick side note, had the pleasure of having two boys that were between about 10 and 12 play and was pleasantly suprised at how well
they did. Chris Adams and Robert Folsom picked up the game pretty well and did okay, considering the amount of experience they faced. I was a little concerned about Chris at first. While he was waiting to get started, he was having great fun racing his car around, having it crash, roll, skid and burn in interesting ways. I almost told him he couldn't play as I was afraid he would do this during the duel! I explained that he couldn't once we started and he said okay, so with grave misgivings, I let him play. Not a problem! He did better at paying attention and following the game mechanics that some adults I know! He even managed to duel on foot after his car was taken out. So, if any of you out there know these 2, tell them thanks again for me, I look forward to having them play again next year!

October 20
InCon Div 100 Bloodbath
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Tom Lentz and Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 11
Special Rules: Most printed vehicles, weapons and accessories permitted.

1. Tom Lentz (66, VK x 3)
2. Kevin Taylor (32, VK x 2)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (20, VK x 2)
4. Jeff Holman (13.5, VK x 1)
5. Steve King (WA Indep, 7)
6. Wesley Twitchell (6)
7. Dave Acton (AAIE South, 5)
8. Chris Adams (WA Indep, 4)
9. Brad Chapman (WA Indep, 3)
10. Robert Folsom (WA Indep, 1.5)
10. Ken Fourn (1.5)

Almost there. Next was the first duel I've won in a while. It was a Div 20 in the Junkyard. A neighbor boy has been smashing all of his Hot
Wheels. I got the bits, used some hot glue, and now I have five walls of crushed cars that range from 2 to 3 game inches long. They look pretty neat, if I do say so myself. The next time I'm feeling flush I think I'll go down to the Salvation Army and pick up some more cars to smash.

Anyway, I had a sedan with HRs in the turret and front with rocket magazines for both. People mistook the weapons for two RLs. This perception cost Steve dearly as his metal wasn't up to taking 3d attacks.

The funniest bit of the duel was the teleporters. We put out four numbered 2-5. When a vehicle drove across one, we rolled 1d6 and to see what happened. On a 6, nothing occurred. On a 2-5, you go to that teleporter and roll a d12 for clock facing, and on a 1 you disappear into the pattern buffer. You only come out if someone else rolls a 1 or if you make a luck roll at the end of a turn. Steve disappeared for about three turns and only came out because someone else went in. Lots of people became stuck in the pattern buffer this time.

October 23
AAIE Div 20 Duel
The Junkyard
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8
Special Rules: Teleporters, Walls (made of wrecked Matchbox cars, DM 3, cannot be driven through).

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (48, VK x 2)
2. Tom Lentz (23, VK x 1)
3. Wesley Twitchell (14, VK x 1)
4. Howard Lalicker (5)
5. Carol Daugherty (4, VK x 1)
6. Heather Hartman (3)
7. Steve Carder (2)
8. Theo Hill (1)

And finally, the last duel was a Div 40 that was a regular Laser-O-Rama. Tom had a luxury with three lasers in the front. I had Rob Hagmaier's
Tire Sniper, a trike with one laser out each side. Steve had a luxury with one laser in a turret and guided HRs out the front.

Carol whupped up on us again with her mage.  "I don't have any offensive spells!" she says, batting her eyelashes at us. I personally find Wizard's Reverse and Reverse Missiles very offensive.

There was a wonderful pile-up with the loss of many tires at the end of one ramp when Tom, Steve, and Wes were all sideswiping or t-boning each other while running over Tom's spikes.

October 30
AAIE Div 40 Duel
Devil's Cross
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6
Special Rules: Jumps, checkpoints and Magic in Car Wars spells.

1. Carol Daugherty (36, VK x 1)
2. Tom Lentz (17, VK x 1)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (10)
4. Wesley Twitchell (3)
5. Howard Lalicker (2)
6. Steve Carder (1)

We should have a Web site soon. Bryan and Wes will maintain it, so we should have pictures to shorten these descriptions and show off our
neat stuff. Next week is a Div 30 again. I hope to see you there.

Edgar Lincoln
AAIE President


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / DRACAR via Webcam
Date: 8:57 pm

Well, its been far, far too long since DRACAR has ran a Car Wars race (none at all in the 2051 season!), so I thought I would give this Webcam remote Car Wars thing a shot.

I have four in-person drivers committed to a ten-race schedule (will meet every other week and try to do two races a sitting) and was thinking about opening it up to all my fellow Car Wars enthusiasts here on the debate board via my Web cam and Yahoo Pager.


* An account on Yahoo pager. Join the Yahoo Car Wars club for access to its chat room and associated die roller. With the pager you can communicate directly to me and also monitor the Web cam to see positions, announce directions, speed changes, etc.


For the first race I thought a stock car would be used by everyone. Perhaps the Killer Kart in honor of the launch of the new Car Wars line this month. Races will be one stock and one custom design as per the DRACAR rules/regulations but the format will be a duel with racing "gates" or "check points" to encourage speed equally with kills..

Anyways, I will be looking here for anyone who might want to try this out! Here are the links for everything you need to get involved!

Looking forward to any responses,

Dean "Dracos" Gibson
DRACAR Webmaster


Subject: IDL October 7th Update
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 09:26:48 -0500
From: Internet Dueling League <>
To: IDL Mailing List

For those of you who have not visited the IDL Web site lately, the fall issue of Autoduel Illustrated is out.  This months issue has the results of the September duel. I could just tell you who won, but isn't it more fun to read about it -- with the pictures only Autoduel Illustrated provides?

Autoduel Illustrated: September 2051

In other news, The IDL offices have moved! We are currently unloading boxes in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Once we have found the box with the Car Wars equipment in it, you can expect another IDL duel.

This move spells many improvements for the IDL.  First, it means more room for us in the IDL, which means less likelihood that I'll trip over the map (again). It appears that there are a number of Car Wars players in the Nashville area, so that means we may soon have that all important third person available to help run the IDL events. The biggest improvement means that we are now hooked up with a broadband connection. The cable modem was installed yesterday, and it screams. This will seriously cut down the lag time between phases. Our Technical Director is still working on networking the computers together, since the cable modem seems to have changed things. Once we get this worked out, we will want to run some tests, then the next duel will be scheduled.

Stay tuned as the IDL continues to lead the way in live -- online autodueling!

MJ Daniels
IDL Public Relations Director


From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: NOVA September 1st Duel Write-Up
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 22:37:03 -0600

Hi, Michael. Here's our September duel's write-up. It was an amusing fight.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

Seven duelists competed in a Division 20 duel in the Double Drum Arena: Andy Koehler, Marty Koehler, Don Jacques, Adrian Shipley, Norman McMullen, John Smyth, and Joe Petito. From the start Marty and Joe turned towards Andy and hit his left and right sides respectively with rockets and blast cannon shells. In the other drum Norman and Adrian angled in and  traded shots. Don headed for Andy while John decided to go against Norman.

Joe and Marty continued their barrage on Andy. Adrian and Norman closed the range and fired. Norman's blast cannon did heavy damage to Adrian's front, and he also commenced to lay a trail of spikes from his back and right sides. In turn, Adrian's rockets bounced off of Norman's
metal-armored front. He also dropped his own spikes and a trail of stickyfoam. In an unexpected turn, Adrian swerved and collided with
Norman head-on at a combined speed of 100 mph. Norman lost half of his metal armor while Adrian lost all of his front armor, his rocket
launchers, and his power plant. Because of this, Norman earned the first kill of the arena.

Meanwhile, Andy sustained an armor breach and lost his power plant from Marty's rocket volleys, becoming the second kill. Joe fired a final
blast cannon shot, passing through the wreaked power plant and stripping the remaining armor on the other side. John came around the central
obstacle of the right drum to engage Norman, who backed up and pivoted to fire on John, doing moderate damage and dropping spikes
again. John's rockets did minor damage to Norman's front armor. All the while Adrian's driver exited his vehicle and proceeded to the nearest

Andy slowed and did a bootlegger reverse while Marty entered the other drum. Norman accelerated to meet him, trading shots. Again Norman's
remaining metal armor sustained light damage while Marty smarted from a solid hit. Don closed and fired his VFRP into Joe's left side, doing
light damage. John dodged Norman' spikes and ran over Adrian's driver.

Don circled around the obstacle of the left drum while John circled around the right drum. Marty went out the nearest gate and became
Norman's second kill. Giving the spikes and stickyfoam a wide berth, John continued his maneuver around the obstacle. Norman followed John while Don followed Joe into the lower connection tunnel.

Norman and Joe ended up facing each other and traded shots, doing minor damage. They passed without incident. Then Norman faced Don, each doing moderate damage to the other. Andy's driver left his vehicle and ran towards the nearest wall. John, completing his turn around the obstacle, t-boned Joe, killing his driver.

Norman passed between the arena wall and Andy's wreck, taking no damage to his front from Andy's anti-vehicular rifle. In a final pass Don and Norman traded shots, doing moderate damage. The duel lasted 15 turns.

Final Results

1. Norman McMullen (killed Shipley, killed Marty Koehler)
2. John Smyth (killed Petito)
3. Don Jacques
4. Joe Petito
5. Marty Koehler (killed Andy Koehler)
6. Andy Koehler
7. Adrian Shipley


Subject: Gateway Tournament Duel Results
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 18:56:50 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <
To: Michael Owen <

Here are the final results again. I changed your e-mail from the Hotmail address (to the ServNet address) so I think we will have better contact now. The Saturday events were on Saturday through Monday, September 1st-3rd. All convention tournament events were in Freeman Towers. The three last events were Amateur Night events done with Amateur Night rules and took place in the El Segundo Ugly Oval.

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

Well, here are the results. Sorry about the lack of details. Notes were taken and given to Stan Wells, but he dropped the ball and all we have are the results. It should be noted that Peter's win in the final with five kills was due to a mistaken notion of our tournament official that if a ram car
impacts two vehicles simultaniously, both impacted vehicles would take full damage. After the event, when the data was revealed, it was
determined that the rammed vehicles should probably have taken half damage each.

Because this tournament was at a convention where prizes were awarded, any ties in the top three finishing positions were resolved by group vote.

Preliminary Round 1
Saturday, September 1st, 10:00 a.m.
Div 40 Duel
Freeman Towers
Cars, Trikes, and Cycles

Table 1
1. Jarett Weintraub (30 points, killed Wilcox, mobility kill on Dreyer)
2. Erik Rasmussen (20, killed Hagmaier)
3. Devi Hughes (20, killed Rasmussen, mobility kill on Wells, completed kill on Dreyer)
4. Stan Wells (-10, mobility kill on Hughes)
5. Rob Hagmaier (-20)
5. Paul Dreyer (-20)
5. Chris Wilcox (-20)

Table 2
1. Aaron Cappocchi (20, killed LaLonde, killed Cossaboon)
2. Jeremy Willis (20, killed Chernik)
3. Rick Cross (10, killed Hansel, mobility kill on Taylor)
4. Bernard Hansel (10, killed Cross, completed kill on Taylor)
5. Tom LaLonde (0, killed Cappocchi)
6. Benjamin Chernik (-20)
6. Peter Cossaboon (-20)
6. Michael Taylor (-20)

Preliminary Round 2
Saturday, September 1st, 6:00 p.m.
Div 25 Duel
Freeman Towers
Cars, Trikes, and Cycles

1. Rob Hagmaier (60, killed Wells, killed Cossaboon, mobility kill on Dreyer, mobility kill on LaLonde)
2. Jeremy Willis (10, completed kill on LaLonde)
3. Paul Dreyer (0, killed Rasmussen)
4. Stan Wells (0, killed Phillips)
5. Chuck Phillips (-10, completed kill on Dreyer)
6. Jarett Weintraub (-20)
6. Tom LaLonde (-20)
6. Peter Cossaboon (-20)
6. Erik Rasmussen (-20)
6. Aaron Cappocchi (-20)

Final Round
Sunday, September 2nd, 11:00 a.m.
Div 15 Duel
Freeman Towers
Cars, Trikes, and Cycles

This event was worth double points.

1. Peter Cossaboon (80, killed Weintraub, Hansel, Cross, Rasmussen and Cappocchi)
2. Stan Wells (20, killed Cossaboon)
3. Bernard Hansel (0, killed Phillips)
4. Jeremy Willis (0)
4. Rob Hagmaier (0)
5. Chuck Phillips (-20)
5. Jarett Weintraub (-20)
5. Rick Cross (-20)
5. Erik Rasmussen (-20)
5. Aaron Cappocchi (-20)

Losers Table
Sunday, September 2nd, 11:00 a.m.
Div 15 Duel
Freeman Towers
Cars, Cycles, and Trikes

This was a separate duel played at the same time as the final round of the tournament. It was worth only single points. Since this wasn't worth a prize there were no tiebreakers.

1. Pam VanMugen (50, killed LaLonde, killed Lockwood, mobility kill on Silmer)
2. Tom LaLonde (0, killed Chernik)
2. Amie Silmer (0, killed Coduto)
4. Gate Coduto (-10, completed kill on Silmer)
5. John Lockwood (-20)
5. Benjamin Chernik (-20)

Amateur Night 1
Sunday, September 2nd, 9:00 p.m.
Div 15 Duel
El Segundo Ugly Oval
Cars, Trikes, and Cycles

1. Erik Rasmussen (30, killed Cross, mobility kill on LaLonde)
2. Rick Cross (0, killed Wells)
3. Tom LaLonde (-10, mobility kill on Rasmussen)
4. Stan Wells (-20)

Amateur Night 2
Sunday, September 2nd, 10:30 p.m.
Div 5 Duel
El Segundo Ugly Oval
Cars, Trikes, and Cycles

1. Erik Rasmussen (40, killed Wells, killed Willis)
2. Stan Wells (20, killed Cross, killed LaLonde)
3. Rick Cross (-20)
3. Tom LaLonde (-20)
3. Jeremy Willis (-20)

Amateur Night 3
Monday, September 3rd, 12:00 a.m.
Div 10 Duel
El Segundo Ugly Oval
Cars, Trikes, and Cycles

1. Jeremy Willis (0, survival bonus)
2. Rick Cross (0, killed Rasmussen)
2. Erik Rasmussen (0, killed Cross)
2. Tom LaLonde (0, killed Wells)
2. Stan Wells (0, killed LaLonde)

From: Jeremy Willis"<>
To: Michael Owen"<>
Subject: SCAB September 16th Duel Report
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 12:56:51 -0700

TCM and SCAB sponsored the inaugural duel in Riverhead Tangram on September 16th. Designed by Jarett Weintraub, this unique building features outer walls and inner structures that could be moved before an event to form at least eight arena configurations with different numbers of evenly spaced gates around the exterior. The inaugural duel was Division 20 with skills and rules as per TCM league specifications. However, this event was not part of the TCM championship season. Four giant cigar-shaped holograms were located between the four existing inner structures for this game and were each worth a checkpoint to the vehicle touching them first, causing them to disappear.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom LaLonde's Vehicle -- Compact, HVMG front.

* Aaron Cappocchi's Vehicle -- Luxury, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo).

* Jarett Weintraub's Vehicle -- Mid-size with rollcage, ICE (with turbocharger and nitrous oxide tank), dropped solid right, 2 dischargers (1R, 1L), airdam, spoiler, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Robert Steinke -- Pickup, 100 ci ICE (with HD transmission), 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front.

* Jeremy Willis's TCM Snowball -- Sedan, electric PP (with HTMs), BC (with HRSWC) right, ID (with weapon concealment) right, JD (with 7 shots, two extra magazines each with 10 shots, and weapon concealment) back, 3 links, 195 points plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Mike Hording's TCM Rim Reamer -- Compact, electric PP (with HTMs), 4 SB PR tires, AC (with HD ammo, HRSWC and bumper trigger) front, SD (with bumper trigger and link) back, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Duel Summary

1/5 Cappocchi misses Willis's left side with twin ATGs (APFSDS ammo). Steinke fires ATGs (APFSDS ammo) at Lalonde and hits his front once for 13 points.

2/1    Weintraub opens NO2 tank and damages his radiator.
2/2    Cappocchi fires at Willis again and hits once for 19 points. Hording drops a spike counter.
2/3    Steinke fires Both ATGs at Lalonde again hitting for 14 and 20 points! Lalonde fires his HVMG at Steinke's front left tire, damaging it and destroying his wheelguard.

3/1    Hording goes through a hologram making it disapear. Lalonde hits Steinke's tire again destroying the wheel. Steinke hits Lalonde's front twice for 37 more points!
3/2    Hording puts SD on automatic.
3/3    Cappocchi goes through a hologram making it disappear. Steinke sideswipes Lalonde, each car suffering 2 points of damage.
3/5    Cappocchi only has line of sight to Willis's out of arc front end and fires a single ATG missing. Willis puts concealed rear JD on automatic gaining laughs from the crowd.

4/1    Willis goes through a hologram making it disapear.
4/2    Willis puts concealed rear ID on automatic and the junk doesn't seem quite as funny any more.
4/3    Cappocchi takes a point blank shot at Willis's front left tire hitting once destroying hub and wheel.
4/4    Cappocchi T-bones Willis at 50 mph for 15 points, causing him to fishtail and skid a bit (at 60 mph with three wheels he's happy).
4/5 Hording goes through his second hologram making it disapear. Cappocchi goes over Willis's junk and ice at 25 mph keeping control and only losing 2 points off one tire.

5/1    Lalonde fires his HVMG at Steinke.
5/2    Weintraub goes too near Hording's trailing spikes at 125 mph, takes some damage, and keeps control!
5/3    Weintraub rear ends Hording (net speed of 60 mph) doing 37 points and killing him, but his car starts rolling at 95 mph! Willis hits Cappocchi's front with BC for 14 points.
5/4    Cappocchi fires both ATGs at Willis's back right tire but misses.
5/5    Weintraub hits outer arena wall roof first for 43 points of damage taking his car out of the game, but his roll cage and component armor spare his driver for another day!

6/1    Willis begins a T-stop to aim his BC at Cappocchi.
6/5    Cappocchi fires ATGs at Willis's front right tire hitting once and taking off the wheel earning him a mobility kill.

7/1    Willis completes his T-stop and fires BC at Cappocchi's front, hitting for only 8 points.

8/1    Willis gets a last shot at Cappocchi's left side and hits for 18 points.
8/2    Lalonde hits Steinke with HVMG for 19 points.
8/3    Lalonde T-bones Steinke at 15 mph for 1 point of damage (Steinke loses one point of metal armor).

9/1    Lalonde fires HVMG at Cappocchi, who hits Lalonde's front with both ATGs for 19 and 14 points.
9/2    Cappocchi and Lalonde collide head-on for 39 points killing Lalonde!

10/1    Steinke misses Cappocchi's tire with both ATGs.

11/1    Steinke hits Cappocchi's side with both ATGs and takes out his driver and power plant for a mobility kill, taking him out of the game.

After a few seconds free movement, Steinke pulls up to Willis's left side and fires both ATGs at point-blank range, destroying Willis's power plant and driver for a completed kill.

Final Results

1. Robert Steinke (+30 points, 0 tie-breaking points, killed Cappocchi, completed kill on Willis)
2. Aaron Cappocchi (+10, 1, killed LaLonde, mobility kill on Willis)
3. Mike Hording (0, 2, killed Weintraub)
4. Jarett Weintraub (0, 0, killed Hording)
5. Jeremy Willis (-20, 1)
6. Tom LaLonde (-20, 0)

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

From: Jeremy Willis"<>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: TCM Duel #8 Final Report
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 13:00:41 -0700

Duel #8 of the TCM Championship season took place on September 30th at Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena. This was the seventh chance to earn points and kills toward the two TCM Championship titles for 2051. Due to the festivities following the wedding of Erik Rasmussen (winner of the 2050 AADA Southwest Regional Dueling Championship) to his new wife Jonelin (SCAB's Webmistress), a couple of the TCM
season's veteran players were not in attendance. However, several new TCM rookies have now joined the league!

Players and Gates (Note: All mid-arena gates were closed for this event.)

West Wall
Southern Gate: Rob Hagmaier
Central Gate: Jaime Vickers
Northern Gate: Michael Hording

North Wall
Western Gate: Jarett Weintraub
Eastern Gate: Paul Dreyer

East Wall:
Northern Gate: Josh Rust
Central Gate: Aaron Cappocchi
Southern Gate: Jeremy Willis

South Wall
Eastern Gate: Michael Taylor
Western Gate: Empty

Vehicle Descriptions

* Aaron Cappocchi's Vehicle -- Sedan, large electric PP (with PlatCats and HTMs), 4 solid tires, driver (with PFE), gunner, 2 linked lasers (with HRSWC) front, IcD back. Plastic armor: F71 (fake ramplate), R35, L35, B18, T2, U9, two 10-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. plastic WGs back, three 10-pt. plastic CA compartments (protecting driver and gunner separately and protecting both lasers).

* John Rust's Vehicle -- Streamlined/sloped medium trike, electric PP, solid tire front, 2 SB PR tires back, VMG (with HD ammo and cyberlink) left, two cycle AWHs front, two WGs back.

* Jaime Vickers's Vehicle -- Sloped mid-size, electric PP, 4 PR tires, 2 linked GGs (each with blow-through concealment) front, fake ramplate, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Jarett Weintraub's Vehicle -- Sloped reverse extra-heavy trike, ICE, 3 radial solid tires, HMG (with HD ammo and HRSWC) front, 2 cycle AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Paul Dreyer's Pop Flamer -- Sloped luxury, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), 4 radial PR tires, driver with impact body armor, 2 HDFTs (each with HT fuel; 1L, 1B), 3 FODs, HRTC. FP plastic armor: F40, R30, L30, B30, T1, U10, two 10-pt. FP plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. FP plastic WGs back, three 10-pt. FP plastic CA compartments (protecting driver, left HDFT and back HDFT separately).

* Rob Hagmaier's Improved Laser Light Show -- Sloped reversed light trike, electric PP (with HDHTMs), pulse laser left, dischargers galore.

* Michael Taylor's TCM Battle Box -- Luxury, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), 4 PR tires, BC front, 3 RLs (1R, 1L, 1B), MD (with 4 links) back, HRTC. FP plastic armor: F60, R40, L40, B35, T8, U12, two 2-pt. FP plastic AWHs front, two 3-pt. FP plastic WGs back.

* Michael Hording's TCM Heavyweight -- Sloped sedan, large electric PP (with PlatCats and HTMs), 4 FP solid tires, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and bumper trigger) front, BC (with HESH ammo and bumper trigger) right, HRTC. FP plastic armor: F50, R45, L30, T8, U13, two 9-pt. FP plastic AWHs front, two 8-pt. FP plastic WGs back.

Jeremy Willis's TCM Red Hot Poker -- Sedan, large electric PP (with PlatCats and HTMs), 4 snow radial PR tires, AC (with incendiary ammo, HRSWC and bumper trigger) front, FOJ (with link) back. Metal/FP plastic armor: F7/47, R0/30, L0/30, B0/20, T1, U6, four 10-pt. FP plastic AWHs, four 10-pt. FP plastic WGs, four 10-pt. FP plastic CA compartments.

Duel Summary

1/5    Hagmaier misses Vickers' front right tire with his pulse laser. Both of Cappocchi's lasers miss Weintraub. Weintraub needs a 5 to hit Dreyer with his HMG and rolls snake eyes! Willis's AC hits Cappocchi's rear for 4 points (FM 2 and BD 1). Rust's cyberlinked VMG misses Dreyer's tire. Hording's ATG misses Weintraub.

2/1    Hagmaier enters SW oil pool. Willis misses Cappocchi's rear.
2/2    Willis does D6 left toward SE oil pool. Taylor enters SE oil pool. Dreyer enters NE oil pool and misses Rust with his side mounted HDFT. Weintraub hits Dreyer for 7 points (D4 hazard). Rust's mind controled weapon blows off Dreyer's tire (Dreyer starts rolling, no points for Rust; see Turn 4, Phase 1 notes below).
2/4    Vickers needs 12s to hit Hagmaier with her concealed twin GGs and misses twice.
2/5    Hagmaier melts off Vickers' front right tire. Cappocchi hits Weintraub with one laser for 11 points.

3/1    Vickers misses Taylor with her GGs. Hagmaier melts off Vickers' front left tire (mobility kill for Rob).
3/4    Willis enters SE oil pool.
3/5    Both of Cappocchi's lasers miss Rust, who ponders targeting Cappocchi's tire and does 6 points to it.

4/1    Willis turns sharply toward Taylor. Dreyer smashes into outer wall, stopping his roll on his wheels! Taylor's rear RL hits Willis's front removing 1 point metal while dropping a mine counter.
4/2    Taylor enters center oil pool. Willis hits Taylor on oil for 13 points (D5 hazard).
4/3    Cappocchi melts off Hording's wheel (big skid). Rust thinks a little harder and blows Cappocchi's wheel off (Cappocchi starts rolling, mobility kill for Rust).
4/4    Hagmaier completes full circle of Vickers, who fires point blank at Hagmaier (needs 9s to hit) and misses twice! Hagmaier triggers FOD in front of the slowing Vickers (right where she will stop)!
4/5    Hording collides head on with upside-down, rolling Cappocchi (net speed of 100 mph) for 52 points of damage to both vehicles! Rust goes over the wheel Hording just lost and spins out from the hazard!

5/1    Hording's right mounted BC misses Rust. Willis hits Taylor for 8 more points.
5/3    Weintraub hits Taylor on oil for 2 points (D3 hazard). Taylor hits Weintraub with left RL for 5 points.
5/4    Hagmaier fires at Willis's back left tire from rear arc, missing the wheelguard and melting off the wheel!

6/1    Hagmaier fires at Willis's back right tire and shaves it's wheel guard off! Willis hits Taylor for 10 points and puts rear FOJ on automatic. Cappocchi melts off Hording's back left tire (mob kill for Cappocchi)! Hording's BC hits Cappocchi through the underbody and destroys his power plant (completed kill for Hording)!
6/2    Taylor sideswipes northern, center gate for 2 points and a fishtail.
6/3    Dreyer misses Jarett. Hagmaier enter SE oil pool.

7/1    Hording's BC misses Taylor. Willis slows to 20 mph and does a tight bend (D8 manuever, keeps control) onto the center oil pool.
7/2    Weintraub hits Hording's left side for 6 points.
7/3    Hagmaier shoots at Willis's right-back tire through a hole in flaming oil-generated smoke and misses.
7/5    Weintraub enters NE oil pool.

8/1    Hagmaier fires at Willis's out of arc, front left tire, shaving off its armored wheel hub (Willis skids to a stop from the hazard a moment later)!
8/3    Finally back in the game after his spinout, Rust thinks about hitting Taylor for maximum damage and it happens!
8/4    Hagmaier enters center oil pool.
8/5    Willis turns off his FOJ. Dreyer flames Hording for 14 points.
End of Turn 8    After taking five straight turns of flaming oil damage, Vickers' vehicle catches fire as the FOD-produced counter goes out!

9/1    Dreyer flames Hording for 12 points.
9/2    Hagmaier rounds center pillar.
9/3    Hagmaier fires at Willis's back right tire, missing the hub and melting the wheel off (Willis fishtails, mobility kill for Hagmaier)! Hording hits Taylor for 11 points.
9/5    Rust's thoughts wander a bit as he misses Hagmaier.
End of Turn 9    Vickers' driver loses consciousness from fire damage (completed kill for Hagmaier)!

10/1    Dreyer hits Hording for 12 points roasting his driver (completed kill for Dreyer)! Weintraub hits Taylor's front left tire for 4 points. Taylor hits Weintraub for 5 points.
10/3    Hagmaier flies by Willis's front and hits it with his pulse laser for 14 points while dropping another joy package, including a FCD on immobile Willis, who needs a 9 to hit Hagmaier's point blank rear tire and misses.
10/4    Hagmaier's FCD does some damage and breaches Willis's top armor, but FP component armor absorbs the damage.

11/1    Hagmaier does 16 damage to Weintraub's front left tire but his wheelguard saves the tire. Weintraub misses Hagmaier's rear tire. Willis misses Taylor.

12/1    Hagmaier turns sharply to make life miserable for Weintraub, who misses Hagmaier's tire again. Hagmaier melts off Weintraub's front left tire (Weintraub rolls on fire at 120 mph!) and drops more dischargers! Willis misses Rust. Taylor hits Rust's front for 8 points. Rust forgets to think in Russian (Reference to the novel and movie Firefox -- MPO) and misses Taylor.

12/5    Dreyer flames Willis's right side for 12 points.

13/1    Dreyer hits Willis right side again for 10 points (breach with no internal damage)! Taylor T-bones Rust for 48 points to each vehicle (Rust dies, kill for Taylor)!
13/2    Due to the collision, Taylor goes head-on into wall of south center gate (45 mph) for 13 points (only 1 goes internal)! Weintraub's rolling car impacts outer arena wall at 100 mph obliterating his vehicle (kill and victory for Hagmaier)!

Final Results

1. Rob Hagmaier (+50 points, 3 tie-breaking points, killed Vickers, killed Weintraub, mobility kill on Willis)
2. Mike Taylor (+20, 2, killed Rust)
3. Paul Dreyer (+10, 1, completed kill on Hording)
4. Jeremy Willis (-10, 2)
5. Aaron Cappocchi (-10, 0, mobility kill on Hording)
5. Mike Hording (-10, 0, completed kill on Cappocchi)
5. Josh Rust (-10, 0, mobility kill on Cappocchi)
8. Jarett Weintraub (-20, 1)
9. Jamie Vickers (-20, 0)

Good luck with the last three games of the season!

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

Subject: SCAB October 13th Duel Report
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:18:59 -0700
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

The Southern California Dueling Brotherhood (SCAB) hosted a Division 40 event on Saturday, October 13th in Anaheim. There were 11 players in attendance, including two rookies. The arena was the Freeman Towers. The event was a hybrid duel/race in which points could be earned towards victory for kills and/or by completing circuits of the pillars in the arena. Fast cars and lots of guns.

Players, Gates, and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1
Erik Rasmussen's Vehicle -- Luxury, HVMG front, 3 foam MnRs (1R, 1L, 1B).

Gate 2
Peter Cossaboon's Peter Special -- Luxury, ICE, ramplate. Normally, this design has no wheelguards or armored wheel hubs, but this time Peter went through the trouble of installing fake ones.

Gate 3
Tom LaLonde's Vehicle -- Luxury, driver, gunner, 2 HVMGs front.

Gate 4
Rob Hagmaier's Vehicle -- Camper, 4 RLs (each with AP rockets and LGL) right.

Gate 5
Jeremy Willis's Vehicle -- Mid-size, pulse laser right.

Gate 6
Mike Labrow's Vehicle (New SCAB Member) -- Pickup, 2 BCs right, ramplate.

Gate 7
Rick Cross's Vehicle -- Luxury, FPG (with flaming oil ammo) right, ramplate.

Gate 8
Jason Witt's Vehicle (New SCAB Member) -- Sedan, GG in turret, FOJ back, SD back, ramplate.

Gate 9
Michael Rosenberg's Vehicle -- Heavy trike, 2 pulse lasers (1R, 1L).

Gate 10

Gate 11
Robert Steinke's Vehicle -- Streamlined funny car dragster, 250 ci ICE (with blueprinting, tubular headers, and nitrous oxide tank), drag chute, 350 lbs. staged rocket boosters.

Gate 12
Mike Hording's Vehicle -- Luxury, laser in turret, 2 VMGs front.

Duel Summary

Like all high-division events, this one didn't take long before things got ugly. Right off the bat, Rob Steinke triggered a tank of nitrous, and fired his rocket boosters, making his funny car leap forward to 70 mph.

Tom turned and blew off Peter's front left tire. Peter's active suspension helping him stay in control. Rob Hagmaier tried to join the fun by shooting at Peter's left side, but missed with his laser, the rockets passing harmlessly overhead. Peter, in desperation, turned away, firing up his dropped weapons package, consisting of flaming oil left, ice right and paint in the back.

Mike Hording missed Erik with his laser, and Michael Rosenberg also joined the laser fun, by hitting Jason, who responded back with a salvo
from his gauss gun. Rick fired his flaming oil gun at Mike Labrow, but missed the shot.

In Turn 2, Rob Steinke really hit the gas, and sped up to 110 mph. Later in the turn his rocket boosters would bump him up to 140 mph.

Tom, realizing that his weak left side is too tempting a target for Rob Hagmaier's laser-guided rockets, turns away from the fleeing Peter to
engage Rob head-on, who wisely avoids a confrontation by staying behind a wall. Rob does manage to unleash rocket mayhem on Peter, breaching his left side armor.

Jason, realizing that Rob Steinke is going so fast that making the corner at his end of the arena will be tough, triggers his flaming oil and spikes as he pours some gauss gun hurt into Michael Rosenberg, who returns fire with his laser, but misses.

Mike Hording connects with his laser on Erik, doing very good damage, while Mike Labrow pounds Jeremy with his dual blast cannons, breaching the left side armor and doing heavy power plant damage. Jeremy continues on his way around a pillar, smacking Rob Hagmaier's weak left side armor for pretty good damage with his laser.

Turn 3 finds Rob Steinke with his foot still pegged to the floor, speeding up to 180 mph, with his rocket booster jumping him up to an
astounding 210 mph before the turn is over! Rob begins to look very worried about making that corner coming up. Rick makes his problem
worse, by trying to place a flaming oil counter right in Rob's way, but the scatter leaves just enough room for Rob to sneak between Jason's
flaming mess and Rick's flaming oil.

After getting pummeled by Jeremy, Rob Hagmaier turns away from him and lines up a shot on Tom, hitting with a monster salvo and removing most of Tom's front armor. Tom returns the favor by hammering Rob's heavy right side armor with both of his heavy Vulcans. Jeremy narrowly misses hitting the weakened Rob again, but also escapes another burst from Mike Labrow.

Meanwhile, Jason manages to ram and kill Michael Rosenberg, while on the other side of the arena, Mike Hording rams Erik, both surviving.
However, this leaves Mike wide open for a hard-charging, three-wheeled Peter who slams into Mike, killing him.

As the turn came to a close, Rick carefully positioned himself in such a way that Rob Steinke had no choice but to ram him -- head-on -- at 290
mph! The resulting collision (53 dice!) resulted in massive destruction. Even though Rob had only a 2/3 damage mod, he still did enough to confetti Rick. Rick, with a ramplate on the CA-framed Rob, managed to dole out an unbelievable 600 points of damage! The entire corner of the arena was hopelessly ruined with huge amounts of debris from the carnage. Rob Steinke is posthumously awarded tie-breaking points for achieving the highest top speed. (Now we know why the speed chart goes to 300 mph!)

The action slows down a bit in Turn 4 as Rob Hagmaier and Tom continue their slugfest, Rob breaching Tom's front and Tom peeling Rob like a
rotten onion. Peter forces Erik into the flaming oil that he had previously laid. Jason, finding himself out of opponents, rushes across the arena to get into some action.

In Turn 5, Erik decides that he has had enough of Peter, and blows off a second wheel, sending Peter spinning through his own flaming oil and
ice. Erik manuevers out of the mess after taking some damage. Rob Hagmaier and Tom continue their fun, Rob finally breaching Tom's front and destroying his guns and plant. Rob is left with only a single point of metal armor and two of his four rocket launchers are destroyed. Jeremy manages to hit Mike Labrow's front right tire, and completes his second circuit around a pillar.

Turn 6 finds Peter still spinning. Rob takes a shot at the spinning Peter, but fails to finish him off. As Peter finally skids to a stop, he is declared a full kill for Erik, since he has no guns and can no longer move.

Mike Labrow connects with a salvo on Jeremy, taking out his power plant, which leaves Jeremy as a full kill since he can no longer fire his Laser. He continues circling the pillar, earning 6 victory points before the duel ends. Mike turns on Rob Hagmaier, figuring he will finish off the
weakened Rob, but Erik has his sights set on Rob as well.

Turn 7 spells the end for Rob. As Mike lines up a shot, Erik finishes him first with a laser beam through his almost non-existent right side,
turning Rob's driver into a cinder. The clock begins ticking for Erik, who only needs to survive for five seconds to be declared the winner.

Mike loses control (DM's Note: I can't recall why) and curses the dice gods as he rolls an 11. His nearly pristine vehicle turns sideways and begins to roll . . . right at what is left of Peter. Mike's rolling car hits dead Peter's front (remember that ramplate?) and kills Mike. It's sad to see that even in death, Peter gets ram kills.

Meanwhile, Jason is flying in, trying to stop Erik from winning. Erik, who has been pretty beat up already, is killed when a shot from Jason's
Gauss Gun punches through his side, killing his driver.

Final Results

1. Jason Witt (40, killed Rasmussen, killed Rosenberg)
2. Erik Rasmussen (20, killed Hagmaier, killed Cossaboon)
2. Peter Cossaboon (20, killed Hording, killed Labrow)
4. Rob Steinke (0, killed Cross, tie-breaker bonus for top speed attained)
5. Mike Labrow (0, killed Willis)
5. Rick Cross (0, killed Steinke)
5. Rob Hagmaier (0, killed LaLonde)
8. Jeremy Willis (-14, completed three circuits of one pillar each)
9. Tom LaLonde (-20)
9. Mike Rosenberg (-20)
9. Mike Hording (-20)

Rob Hagmaier
SCAB Member

Subject: October 27th SCAB Div 35 Duel at Garbage Grove Ugly Square
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 23:20:04 -0800
From: "Jeremy Willis"<>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Due to the small turn out to this SCAB duel, the venue was changed from Garden Grove Municipal Autoduel Arena to the Garbage Grove Ugly Square. However, the Ugly launch catapults weren't active and regular SCAB regulation drivers and gunners were used instead of Amateur Night characters. Four $35,000 vehicles battled viciously in this game, which featured a compact ram car with spinal-mounted blast cannon, a car with blast cannons left and right, a turreted twin laser on a gas powered car, and the debut of the adVantage VIII-G series.

Players and Vehicle Designs

* Tom LaLonde's Vehicle -- Compact, ICE, spinal-mounted BC (with HESH ammo and bumper trigger) front, ramplate.

* Aaron Cappocchi's Vehicle -- Sloped mid-size, ICE with laser battery 4 SB solid tires, TwL (with HRSWC) in turret, 168 points plastic armor, four 10-pt. AWHs, two 10-pt. WGs back.

* Jeremy Willis's TCM adVantage VIII-G HazMat Van -- Van with rollcage, hvy. chassis, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 solid tires, driver with PFE, gunner (with extra driver controls and PFE), MG (with 12 shots) front, pulse laser right, 2 SDs (1 with explosive-tipped spikes L, 1 with standard spikes B), 2 HRSWCs (driver and MG, gunner and laser), DSP, 4 links, no-paint windshield. Plastic armor: F30, R25, L20, B15, T4, U1, two 5-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back, eight 10-pt. CA compartments (protecting driver, gunner, PP, MG, laser, left SD, back SD and DSP separately).

* Rick Cross's Entangled Baryons -- Luxury, ICE (with turbocharger and 4-gallon dueling gasoline tank), 4 SB solid tires, driver (with 3 grenades), 2 BCs (each with HESH ammo; 1R, 1L), SD (with weapon timer) back, no-paint windshield. Metal/plastic armor: F2/28, R8/25, L8/25, B2/28, T0/6, U0/9, two 10-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. plastic WGs back, three 10-pt. CA compartments (protecting driver, gunner and ICE separately).

Duel Summary

1/1    Cappocchi fires 15 mph-rocket booster. Cross's gunner hits Lalonde with his right-side BC (HESH ammo) for 15 points with 2 points blowing through the armor.
1/2    Willis's gunner misses Cross with his pulse laser.
1/3    Lalonde misses Cross with his BC.
1/5    Willis's driver hits Cappocchi's right side with his MG for 4 points.

2/1    Willis's driver misses Cappocchi with the MG. Cross's gunner hits Lalonde's left-front tire for 15 points destroying an armored wheel hub. Cappocchi's twin laser misses Willis by one.
2/2    Willis's gunner hits Cappocchi's right side with his pulse laser for 12 points.
2/3    Cross's driver turns on SD (weapon timer stops it after three spike counters).
2/4    Lalonde misses Cross's right side.

3/1    Willis's gunner hits Cappocchi's back armor with 10 points of laser fire. Cappocchi misses Lalonde's front-left tire.
3/3    Cross's gunner hits Willis's front armor for 12 points with his left BC. Willis's driver misses Cross's left side by one with the MG. Cross's driver flips SD on again.
3/4    After a D2 manuever, Willis's van skids toward Cross's new spikes.
3/5    Willis's van goes over spikes but avoids them. Lalonde's BC hits Willis's right side point-blank for 14 points.

4/1    Lalonde T-bones Willis's right side. His bumper triggered BC does 10 points and the ram does 50 points, but the van's roll cage limits the losses to the pulse laser and some component armor. The van conforms and major fishtails onto another of Rick's spike counters that damage Willis's tires and causes a further major fishtail, preventing the van from dropping anything that could affect Lalonde! Cross brakes to 40mph and starts a T-stop manuever.
4/3    Cross completes T-stop. Willis's driver misses Cappocchi's right side with his MG.
4/4    Cappocchi misses Willis's front-right tire. Cross blows off Lalonde's front-left tire.
4/5    Willis drives over Cross's first spike counter taking moderate damage but keeping control.

5/1    Cross's gunner misses Lalonde's back-left tire with his right side BC. Cappocchi hits Lalonde's back armor for 11 points.
5/3    Willis's gunner puts his rear SD on automatic.
5/5    Lalonde takes a points-blank shot at Cross needing a 3 and rolls snake eyes! Willis's driver puts left SD on automatic.

6/1    Willis's gunner turns off rear SD. Lalonde rams Cross's left side, his bumper triggered BC does 12 points and the ram does 25 points. Cross blows off Lalonde's back-left tire exactly with a point-blank shot earning what will develope into a full kill since Lalonde ends up with his BC facing the outer wall!
6/3    Cross T-bones Cappocchi (20 mph) for 6 points. Cappocchi hits Cross's front-left tire for 12 points damage, but it rolls on.
6/5    Willis's driver turns off left SD.

7/1    Willis's gunner puts rear SD on automatic. Cross misses Cappocchi's back by one.
7/2    Willis's van goes over metal armor lost by Lalonde early on and major fishtails, pointing the van toward outer wall.
7/3    Willis turns hard to avoid hitting wall with his breached side but starts to slide. Rick tries a tight bend at 20 mph and spins out, bouncing off a pillar for 1 point while his front-left tire goes flat.
7/4    Willis slides into wall for 4 points that are halved by roll cage and dent some component armor. Cappocchi misses Willis's back-left tire.

8/1    Willis's gunner turns off rear SD. Cappocchi melts off Willis's back-left tire.
8/2    Willis's driver need's a 13 to hit Cross and misses by one!

9/1    Willis's driver hits Cross's back armor for 3 points.
9/5    Cappocchi hits Cross's back-left tire, destroying wheel hub and damaging tire.

10/1    Willis's gunner hits Cross for 1 point with a big ricochet sound! Cross's gunner misses Cappocchi with his right side BC.
10/4    Cappocchi shaves off Cross's back-right wheel guard with his TwL.

11/1    Cappocchi shoots at Cross's tire again but misses by one.
11/3    Willis's driver hits Cappocchi's right side for 1 point with another big ricochet sound! Cross's gunner hits Willis's left side for 10 points.
11/5    Willis attempts a D5 bend to prevent Cappocchi from shooting his TwL into the van's breached side, but the van starts rolling!

12/1    Cross's gunner misses Cappocchi with his left BC. Cappocchi need a 5 to hit Willis's breached side as it comes up from the roll and misses by one!

13/1    Cappocchi goes over some of Cross's spikes losing 7 points of rubber. Cross misses Cappocchi with his left BC.
13/2    Cappocchi melts off Cross's back-left tire.

14/5    Cappocchi misses Cross's front-right tire. Cross misses Cappocchi's left side.

15/2    Cross hits Cappocchi's right side for 11 points.
15/3    Cappocchi misses Cross's front-left flat tire.

16/1    Cross misses Cappocchi's back by one. Cappocchi misses Cross's flat tire again.

17/1    Cross hits Cappocchi's back armor for 11 points. Cappocchi finally destroys Cross's front-left wheel leaving his empty BC facing the action and his BC with ammo facing the arena wall for a full kill and the win!

Final Results

1. Aaron Cappocchi (+20, killed Cross)
2. Rick Cross (0, killed LaLonde)
3. Tom LaLonde (-20)
3. Jeremy Willis (-20)

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

Subject: TCM's Postponed Game #6 Report
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 11:05:09 -0800
To: SCAB Mailing List <>
From: Jeremy Willis <>

The postponed TCM Championship League game from July took place October 21st at Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena. This Div.15 game had a small turn out, but the action seemed to last an eternity! An interesting point was that all five vehicles showed up with acceleration 10 power plants.

Players, Gates and Vehicle Descriptions

Western Gate, South Wall
Tom Lalonde's Vehicle -- Sedan, BC (with HESH ammo and SWC) front, IFE, 3 CA compartments, AWHs front, WGs back.

Center Gate, West Wall
Paul Dreyer's Pop Flamer 15 -- Sloped compact, 4 FP PR tires, HDFT (with HT fuel and HRSWC) left, various dischargers, 142 points plastic armor, four AWHs, WGs back.

Western gate, North Wall
Aaron Cappocchi's Vehicle -- Sloped reverse medium trike, 3 SB PR tires, 2 RRs (each with HEAT ammo; 1R, 1L), HRTC, various dischargers, 75 points plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, WG back.

Northern Gate, East Wall
Rick Cross's Vehicle -- Luxury, driver and gunner, HMG (with incendiary ammo) in turret, 2 SGs (1R, 1L), AWHs front, WGs back.

Southern Gate, East Wall
Jeremy Willis's 2051 TCM Shell Shock -- Mid-size, 4 PR tires, IFE, BC (with HESH ammo and SWC) left, FOJ back, 150 points plastic armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

Duel Summary

2/3    Jeremy enters SE oil pool. Tom enters SW oil pool. Aaron enters NW oil pool and misses Rick with his left-mounted RR.
2/4    Rick enters NE oil pool.
2/5    Jeremy's BC misses Tom.

3/1    Rick's driver shoots spikes by Aaron but misses. Aaron misses Rick's back right tire.
3/2    Jeremy hits Tom's right side for 15 points (two points blow-through, D5 hazard).
3/3    Tom does a D7 turn on oil at 20 mph. Paul hits Tom for 15 points (FM 6, BD 1, D5 hazard). Tom keeps control.
3/5    Tom's BC misses Jeremy.
End of Turn 3    Tom catches fire, but his IFE puts it out.

4/1    Paul misses Tom's back left tire. Rick's gunner hits Aaron for 2 points (FM 2, BD 1).
4/2    Rick's driver shoots spikes by Aaron and misses.
4/5    Aaron enters NE oil pool. Jeremy puts FOJ on automatic. Tom misses Jeremy.

5/1    Paul misses Tom.
5/2    Jeremy hits Tom's flame damaged left side for 19 points (three points blow-through) penetrating component armor and injuring driver! Tom hits Jeremy's back left tire avoiding guard causing Jeremy to roll toward SW oil pool and pillar! Paul enters SW oil pool.
5/3    Jeremy rolls into SW oil pool.
5/4    Aaron hits Rick's back for 11 points.

6/1    Jeremy rolls into pillar wheels first and stops on his side (full kill for Tom).
6/5    Aaron hits Rick's back for 6 points. Paul hits Tom with HDFT for moderate damage (FM 6, BD 1).
End of Turn 6    Tom catches fire but IFE puts it out.

7/1    Paul hits Tom for 9 points and does 1 point to driver knocking him out (kill for Paul). Rick's gunner misses Paul.
7/3    Rick's driver shoots spikes at Paul who is quite a distance away, but they fall out of his gun right by his own vehicle!
7/4    Rick goes over his own spikes while entering the SW oil pool (15 points to tires).
7/5    Aaron misses Rick.

8/1    Rick's gunner misses Paul's tire.
8/2    Aaron misses Paul. Rick's driver shoots spikes right by Paul.
8/3    Paul gets too close to Rick's spikes and takes minor damage (7 points to tires).

9/1    Rick's gunner misses Paul's tire. Aaron misses Paul's tire. Paul triggers some dischargers.
9/3    Rick's driver shoots spikes right by Paul.
9/4    Paul isn't affected by Rick's spikes. Aaron enters SE oil pool.

10/1    Paul misses Rick.
10/2    Aaron fires both RR's at Paul's tire, hits with one, and damages the guard.
10/5    Rick's gunner hits Paul's back right tire for 4 points and a big fishtail.

11/1    Aaron misses Rick's back with one RR.
11/4    Rick's gunner misses Paul. Rick's driver misses Paul with spikes.

12/1    Rick's gunner misses Paul.
12/3    Paul misses Rick's tire.
12/5    Rick's driver misses Paul with more spikes. Aaron hits Rick's back breaching armor and knocking out driver (mobility kill for Aaron).

13/1    Aaron misses Rick.
13/2    Rick's gunner misses Paul.
13/3    Paul hits Rick for 12 points taking out gunner (completed kill for Paul).

14/2    Paul and Aaron miss each other.

15/1    Aaron misses Paul.
15/2    Paul enters SE oil pool.
15/3    Paul misses Aaron and is out of ammo.

17/3    Aaron hits Paul for 10 points.
17/4    Aaron sideswipes outer arena wall for 10 points.

Turns 18-20    High-speed jockeying for position.

21/2    Aaron hits Paul's tire point blank for minor damage.
21/3    Paul rams Aaron for 35 points damage killing him and taking the win!

Final Results

1. Paul Dreyer (+50 points, 2 tie-breaker points, killed Tom, killed Aaron, completed kill on Rick)
2. Tom LaLonde (0 points, 1 TB points, killed Jeremy)
3. Aaron Cappocchi (-10 points, 3 TB points, mobility kill on Rick)
4. Jeremy Willis (-20 points, 2 TB points)
4. Rick Cross (-20 points, TB points)

The second to last TCM championship game will be November 25th, Div. 25. Hope to see you all there!

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager




Forum: Autoduelist's Haven <>
From:  Slippery_Jim_DiGris
Date: 10/18/01 1:59 pm

I would like to announce the opening of my Car Wars Web pages. The first address leads to my general purpose link and play-aid page. The second URL details the Car Wars universe in St. Louis

Remember, drinking and dueling do not mix.

"Slippery" Jim Digris

Forum: Autoduelist's Haven <>
From: Slippery_Jim_DiGris
Date: 10/9/01 5:15 pm

Hi, guys. I spent the weekend at Archon 25, St Louis' biggest sci-fi and fantasy convention. Steve Jackson was the con's Gaming Guest of Honor. Needless to say, I had a great time. I met Steve Friday night (I was working in the gaming area) then ran into him while hall crawling looking for room parties. He's a real quiet guy, and not too tall. No, I'm not going to impart any information gleaned from Steve about future projects as I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. But I did play a real good game of Car Wars an Saturday. The scale was 1:25 and the rules were Chassis and Crossbow.

There were six slots open since the referee furnished the cars unless you brought your own which one person did. We were divided into two teams of three and one independent, the "Green Team" if you will. Any damage done to the vehicle was duplicated on the model and if you were totaled the referee stomped on the model.

Victory points were rewarded for passing the other teams cars going the right way on the track however, few if any, points were scored. The winner was the last car on the track after the green team car collided head-on with the Black Teams heavy-hitter, a slow pig (acceleration 5 and HC 1) of a car mounting a tank gun. (By the way: I was the first casualty as my car, Vlad the Impala, was forced into a wall at 90 mph. My only consolation is that the car that forced me into the wall lost control and also went into the wall, destroying him.)

All the vehicles were gas-burning muscle cars as seen in the Mad Max movies. It was great fun. It was so much fun that the ref is starting a large-scale Chassis and Crossbow league here in St. Louis. Anyone interested contact me and I'll keep you informed of the latest developments.

See you later later and remember to Drive Offensively.

"Slippery" Jim DiGris