Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 10
October 01, 2051

Web Posted April 01, 2002
Updated April 01, 2002


Welcome back autoduelists. It is time for another set of duel reports, a list of new Car Wars Web sites, and news from SJ Games.


The description of the minesweeper in last issue's Daemon Mechanic column was printed incorrectly. The device can affect ice. Its creator, Chris French, wrote CWIN an explanation.

How are you defining ice counters for purposes of the minesweeper description? Are ice counters dropped solids or dropped liquids? Does a minesweeper affect ice, or does it only affect dropped solid counters on ice?

-- Michael P. Owen

Minesweepers affect dropped ice like other solid dropped weapons. If the entire game surface were ice (a winter duel, for instance), the
minesweeper would not be able to get itself under the ice to lever it out of the way (an icedropper counter on ice would be removed as there is
a sufficient discontinuity in the surface to allow it).

A word of explanation: The minesweeper is an extension of the front armor; the armor extends to ground level, then pokes forward; it looks like the splitter of the front wing of a racing vehicle, but lacks useful aerodynamics. It's more like a train's cowcatcher, extending to ground
level; it has some small springs to lever it out of the way if the vehicle needs to drive over a speed bump or other substantial barrier
("substantial" defined as any obstacle over 250 lbs., or something permanently affixed to the earth; a large person would be levered out
of the way, while a rise in the ground would cause the minesweeper to fold back out of the way. This is how minesweeper can work off-road).

As for "definitions, this is another failing of the Car Wars weapon description system, related to mine flingers and fluid projector guns being
large-bore weapons instead of dropped solid/liquid weapons. Under Car Wars rules, an ice dropper patch is a dropped liquid. However, ice is
not a liquid; it is a solid (basic chemistry). The minesweeper treats ice as a solid, not a liquid. This is why, in the minesweeper description, ice is specifically mentioned as being included with the dropped solids, not the dropped liquids.

Chaff has a similar difficulty. Officially, it is a dropped solid, while it acts like a dropped gas. To deal with this, I specified chaff was treated as a dropped gas by the minesweeper, not a solid.

-- Chris French

How do you view the operation of an ice dropper? The device would drop endothermic chemicals on the arena floor. The chemical reaction these chemicals have with each other causes a thin sheet of ice to form in their area, very similar to patch of black ice. Because of the small thickness of this ice, a device such as your minesweeper is going to have difficulty removing it.

-- Michael P. Owen

Think in terms of a snow shovel -- also quite effective against even thin sheets of ice (having had to use one while in Omaha, I should know).

Ice thickness: I've had occasion to do experiments involving ice (it helps to have winters with snowstorms blowing in from Santa's backyard
having been slowed only by three pine trees and a errant walrus).

I can tell you that for the ice to be of sufficient thickness to survive being driven over by even the lightest vehicle, it would have to
be at least 1/8" thick, which allows it to be shoveled out of the way quite neatly (any thinner, and it either melts away in short order, or
shatters, providing a rough surface, which defeats the purpose). So to have a usable ice patch requires ice of a thickness that leaves it
vulnerable to what is, for all intents and purposes, a giant snow shovel.

-- Chris French


High Velocity Dueling, the Web site that was first launched five years ago, has been removed from the SJ Games Web server. All eight issues of HVD Journal, both HVD Arena Books, and the U.S. Southwest Traveler's Aid are now gone. If you are interested in seeing these resources back on the Internet, let me know.

The SWAT Salvage Yard has also been deleted from the Web. The sponsor of the Web site, NBC Interactive, decided to quit providing advertising-sponsored Web space. I want to bring the site back, along with a substantial amount of new content, but I need to find new Web space. If you know of free (advertising-sponsored) or low-cost Web space that is reliable, drop me a line.

Because of space limitations on SWAT HQ, the archive of the HVD Car Wars Mailing List is temporarily offline. If you need its files before I find space for the archive again, contact me and I will e-mail the archive to you.

On a more positive note, SWAT HQ has received an autumn cleaning, its first tune-up since January of this year. I have removed most, if not all, of the dead links, added new links, and organized the material. If you find dead links outside of the CWIN Archive, let me know about them.

I am also updating the Car Wars section of the Open Directory Project. I need to add to the ODP only the most useful Car Wars Web sites. Please send me your suggestions.

Please send me information about upcoming Car Wars events. If you do, I will add them to the WADA Car Wars Event Schedule. Only with your help can that page be a useful tool.

On October 31st, watch out for cars with blood-red headlights and bumper spikes that are more accurately called "bumper fangs."

Wishing you a Happy All Hallow's Eve (and successful looting of candy caches),

Michael P. Owen



From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: A Month of Duels
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 11:07:20 -0700
Hey Duel Fans,

Well, it has been way too long since I reported anything. There are four games to report, and I won't be doing much more than giving points and highlights. I'll try to get back on a regular schedule for reporting.

Our first duel to report was a a very fun Div 25 duel at Moscon in Moscow, Idaho. There was a wide array of duelists in attendance, including Moscon's head of gaming and a local reporter that showed up to cover the event!

We played in 3X scale on a 5' round table with a 4' x 2 1/2' overlapping it. Using two compact discs for eyes, jumps for a nose, and jersey barriers for teeth, The Skull Arena was born.

Some of the newer duellists and a couple that only play with us at conventions did very well. Daugherty, Acton and I, probably the most experienced players at the table, got spanked! Well, life is just like that sometimes.

August 25
Moscon Div 25 Duel
The Skull
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 9
Special Rules: Jumps and teleporters

1. Josh Diemert (54, VK x 1)
2. Mark "Rhino" Rounds (ID Indep, 21, VK x 2)
2. Johnny Motley (WA Indep, 21, VK x 2)
4. Bryan Rider (6, VK x 1)
5. Heather "The Reporter" (ID Indep, 5, VK x 1)
6. Dave Acton (AAIE South, 4)
7. Carol Daugherty (AAIE, 3)
8. Troy "Ashon" Fisher (ID Indep, 1.5)
8. Edgar T. Lincoln (1.5)

Next up is our August 28th Weekly Rumble, another Div 25 duel in the Airway Heights Modular Arena. I am afraid I do not remember much about this one, but Twitchell put in a very good performance and took first place for the first time since he has been playing with us. Congratulations, Wesley!

August 28
AAIE Div 25 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 5

1. Wesley Twitchell (30, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (14, VK x 1)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (3, VK x 1)
4. Bryan Rider (2, VK x 1)
5. Howard Lalicker (1)

The third duel was a small Div 30 game in the Tukwila Flats Arena with patches of fog. There were only four of us. I finally managed to make a
design with BCs on both sides work. It took a Driver/Gunner combination with experienced characters and some luck. It was a very close match. I had to zig zag to bring both guns to bear on the same target in the same turn or Twitchell would have splattered me. And thus ended my chance to gain ground on Tom. I didn't manage much.

September 04
AAIE Div 30 Duel
Tukwila Flats
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 4
Special Rules: Fog.

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (24, VK x 2)
2. Wesley Twitchell (11, VK x 1)
3. Carol Daugherty (2)
4. Howard Lalicker (1)

The last one to report is last week's Div 15 duel where I tried using a blast from the past: a Lymestwold Defender mid-size. The first time I ever played Car Wars was driving a Defender in the Dumbarton Slalom. In that game, I was leading when I attempted to make the required 180-degree turn at one end of the arena. I lost control, rolled and burned. It was glorious! I figured I would try the tactic again in this duel. It worked about as well this time around. Experience doesn't always make up for a weak design!

Carder, in a ramcar with acceleration 20 called the Xenon, put on a masterful performance, racking up two-and-a-half kills (of which I was the first) for the win. He missed completely driving through me by 4 points. Ouch!

The only other real maneuver of note was Lalicker's roll that he drove away from. Lalicker's vehicle rotated all the way around once and ended on its wheels. Unfortunately, before he had time to do much more, Carder nailed him to earn a prestige point and one higher place in the standings.

September 18
AAIE Div 15 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 7
Special Rules: Jersey barriers.

1. Steve Carder (42, VK x 2)
2. Carol Daugherty (20, VK x 2)
3. Wesley Twitchell (12, VK x 1)
4. Tom Lentz (4, VK x 1)
5. Howard Lalicker (3)
6. Ken Fourn (2)
7. Edgar T. Lincoln (1)

Tonight is a Div 20 duel in an unspecified arena. I hope to see you there!

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: September 25th Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 10:56:38 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Last night was an odd one. We did a Div 20 duel on an arena Daugherty set up called the Pinwheel Suprise. She had set up two pinwheels with jersey barriers and a 70 mph jump.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Edgar T. Lincoln: Big ICE, thick metal ramplate, little else
* Wesley Twitchell: RL front, ramplate
* Tom Lentz: 3 linked HMGs (each with incendiary ammo) front
* Howard Lalicker: 2 HDFTs
* Steve Carder: AC with incendiary ammo
* Carol Daugherty: VFRP (with TL and LGL) front

The mayhem started with Rider and Twitchell discovering three of the designs were illegal. We got them fixed, all set up, played about turn . . . then lost power! Fortunately, I had stocked up on candles for Y2K so we had enough light to finish.

The action resumed with me driving mostly through Rider. Twitchell ended up getting hit with only one shot of Tom's two salvos of his three HMGs, turned into a questionable collision with him. The impact did not fit well with any of the described collision types. Lentz ended up taking it as a head-on under protest. Lentz confettied and Twitchell came to a stop. Twitchell decided to chuck a grenade out the window to discourage Lalicker from coming to get him, dropped it inside the car, and took out most of his own components. Oops!

Carder, in an effort to avoid Lalicker's twin heavy-duty flamethrowers, drove through one pinwheel, taking out a jersey barrier. Lalicker went up, forced a surrender from Twitchell, then came around toward me, Daugherty and Carder.

While this was going on, I was trying to line up Daugherty for a ram when she cast the spell "Wizard's Reverse" on me! Suddenly, instead of
having her lined up for a possible kill, she is behind me with a laser-guided VFRP looking at my very thin back armor! Her first salvo took out
the CA on my driver and injured him. I tried to turn away to make her take speed modifiers before the next salvo, but I skidded and she waxed me. Following my loss of control, Carder rammed Daugherty. He had tried shooting her with his AC but missed. The collision softened Carol up but it did not kill her.

Lalicker came in, t-boned Daugherty, and lit up Carder with both heavy-duty flamethrowers! Lalicker got a mobility kill on Carol, and after some pushing and shoving, managed to disengage with Carder just before his wheels melted, making him a mobility kill and ending the game.

Congratulations goes to Howard. This is his first win with us. It looks like we will finally have to start getting some flame protection!

September 25
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Pinwheel Surprise
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 7

1. Howard Lalicker (42, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (20, VK x 1)
3. Wesley Twitchell (12, VK x 1)
4. Edgar T. Lincoln (4, VK x 1)
5. Tom Lentz (2.5)
5. Steve Carder (2.5)
7. Bryan Rider (1)

Next week is a Div 25 event. I am open to suggestions for an arena. See you then.

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Anti-Gaming Movements
Date: 26 Sep 2001, 9:30 am

Hey Guys,

It's a good thing none of these excitable types saw our game last night! We had the pizza cooked, the cars picked and placed, had moved less than a turn, and the power went out! Not good when you are playing in a basement. Well, I dug into my stock of Y2K candles and we had enough light to finish the game. To make things worse, Carol Daugherty had set up the arena with a couple of pinwheels that were a natural place to put candles. We looked like every fundamentalist's worst nightmare! It was kind of fun to do . . . once. We got to finish the game so life was cool. I had to share that!

We only look like Satanists sometimes.

Edgar T. Lincoln
AAIE President


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
General: HADES Div. 25 9X Scale Duel Report
Date: 07 Sep 2001, 8:22 pm

Four duelists faced off in a Division 25 duel on August 19th. The event spanned a staggering 24 turns.


* Victor Torres
* Eric Seale
* Bryan Kollmorgen
* Kirk Draut

All four vehicles entered from different sides of the arena. Draut immediately turned towards Bryan and accelerated. Kollmorgen accepted the challenge and swung around to face Draut. Seale and Torres both headed towards the impending slugfest. Both Draut and Kollmorgen opened fire at the end of Turn 2, with Kollmorgen doing minor damage to Draut's front and Draut doing moderate damage in return. Both cars fired again on Turn 3. Draut did minor damage to Kollmorgen's front, then lost over half his front armor to Kollmorgen's return volley. The hazard from
Draut's HVMG, combined with Kollmorgen's sharp turn, was too much for Kollmorgen's suspension. He lost control and rolled. Draut swung past Kollmorgen's rolling trike and headed towards Seale, with Torres too far away to engage.

Seale and Draut exchanged fire, both doing moderate damage to each other. Seale's FCGS put a flaming wall between the cars as they passed each other. As both cars swung around to engage again, Torres reached the combat. Seale, having ended his roll on his wheels, floored it and headed back into the fight. Seale took fire from both sides as Torres and Draut both engaged him. Seale was caught between Draut and Kollmorgen as Draut fired into Seale's front armor, and Bryan fired into Kirk's front armor (breaching it and destroying the HVMG) .

Draut was t-boned by Seale before getting blasted by another triple-RR blast from Kollmorgen, an assault that destroyed Draut's power plant and killed Draut.

While Draut's car sailed driverless across the arena, Kollmorgen, Seale and Torres exchanged RR shots. Kollmorgen blasted Torres for heavy damage. Torres lost control and skidded to a stop, losing all three tires in the process. Seale's shots and t-bone collision breached Kollmorgen's armor and destroyed his power plant, taking him out of the game. Kollmorgen bailed out as his gas engine burst into flame.

Seale and Torres began to circle, trading RR fire. Eric slowed to 5 mph and pivoted to keep Torres in his front arc. Seale's heavy armor wore down under Torres's RR fire, while Seale had difficulty hitting Torres's sloped trike. After losing one RR, Seale lost his other RR and most of his power plant. With no direct-fire weapons left, he surrendered to Torres.

After the duel, it was discovered that Kollmorgen's trike was very overweight. It had been designed with no ammo in the RRs. We are a casual group though, so we let the results stand.

August 19
HADES Div 25 Duel
HADES Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Kirk Draut
Players: 4
Special Rules: 9X Scale Arena

1. Victor Torres (one kill, survivor point)
2. Eric Seale (one kill, surrendered to Torres)
3. Bryan Kollmorgen (one kill, vehicle killed)
4. Kirk Draut (vehicle and driver killed)

More details and photographs will be on the HADES Web site.

Kirk Draut
HADES President


Subject: Re: Car Wars Internet Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 9
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 01:03:36 -0400
From: David Mcgee <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Below is a first-person report of the Internet Dueling League's Div 15 event held back in June of this year.

Best Laid Plans
by Dave "Stee1 Cobra" McGee

What could possibly compare to one’s first duel? My first romantic encounter generated less adrenaline, and a lot less fond memories (though both would last about the same amount of time -- go figure).

I spent a lot of time in the simulators for this. Saturday night's IDL event would be a spectacle. A 15K newcomer's event, it held a lot of promise to draw a large crowd. I was, literally, itching to get strapped into my machine, flatten the accelerator, and sling lead at whichever misfortunate soul happened to cross my sights.

My ride was a beauty. Having saved the necessary $15,000 to build it with, I decided to go small, fast and maneuverable -- my favorite style. Like flying a vintage WWII fighter plane -- slug-thrower up front capable of pouncing from any direction with the speed to close to firing range (or to bug out and regain advantage), this car would drive rings around the others. Well, that was the plan, at least.

I arrived early to get a few laps in to get used to the place. I carefully popped off a few rounds at the practice targets to get my computer calibrated, and, after my qualifying run, headed back into the garage for a little last-minute tuning. There, I took a few minutes to check out the competition.

Five other teams rounded out the competition. For beginners, there seemed to be some serious firepower wrapped inside some serious vehicles. I wasn't worried. Blame that on cockiness. I was cocky. Blame that on inexperience.

"Auto Fury" was similar in design to my vehicle, with a slug-thrower mounted front. A notable difference from mine was the electric power plant. Might be an interesting match-up.

Next -- the "Bayou Bandit." Gold with a black Fleur de Lis on the hood, you knew he was from the Free Oil States. If anyone, I'd have thought, for sure, that he'd have a gas tank, but he was electric, too. He looked to be going for firepower with a twin-mount front and a single mount rear. No telling how many were fake. I'd have to watch him.

"Frenzied Frenchman Fighting Machine." There’s a name you only needed - or wanted - to say once. A ram-car. If not an incredibly obvious plan of attack, it was an effective one. Take a few thousand pounds, point and launch it, and you pretty much destroy what you hit. You’d think that with that much money, you’d have a gun or two, but maybe he bought all armor.

The "Irish Hammer" was my virtual twin. Figures. Hammer and I are buds. We share the same ideas when it comes to tactics. We also share a competitive nature that clouds our judgment when it comes to teamwork. Maybe, one day, we'll be able to put that competitive thing to rest and cooperate -- nah, too much fun.

Rounding out the field was the "Rath Uv Khan." Pure firepower. Three rocket launchers and two, really big guns. This guy was going for the "Porcupine Award." Damned Trekkies. I'd be avoiding him.

With the race about to start, the field judge awarded me the pole based on qualifying. This also allowed me to choose starting positions for the rest of the teams. Not too shabby. I put the two with the obvious weapons in the center, keeping "Frenchie" on the far side of the arena from me (I wanted a little maneuvering room) and put the other two in the remaining corners.

Revving our engines as we entered, the arena erupted with cheers. What a rush! I gunned it and headed straight for center. I wanted to get across the centerline and get "weapons hot" as quickly as I could, not to mention score a few points. Hammer stayed north and simultaneously went "hot" with Bandit.

Bandit wasted no time in throwing a shot in my direction as he pulled away from center. My heart raced. What if it holed me on the first hit? What if I couldn’t handle the recoil? Miss! No time to ponder luck. Auto Fury went hot, turned, and faced me. Frenchie came up and aimed right at me. I was going to be the goo in the middle of a sandwich. I tried to put the accelerator through the floor. I went hot. Hitting my paint to give Frenchie a second coat, Fury fired at me. Another miss. Intense! My car seemed to sense impending doom and lurched forward.

Frenchie avoided my paint, went hot, and dropped flaming oil while his gunner fired a hidden anti-tank gun - at Fury! My rear view went white from the explosion as Fury’s left side rocked from the blast. No simulator could match this. Frenchie finished Fury by nearly slicing him in half. That could’ve been me. Fury’s hulk wound up against the south wall.

Meanwhile, Rath had managed to rip one of his rockets off by cutting a turn too tight around one of the center walls. Cracker Jack licenses just don't get it. As he rounded the turn, Hammer lined him up. Just as he achieved what I thought was point-blank range, Hammer swerved. Not firing, he apparently wanted to tangle with the Bandit. Pushing the throttle, he headed at the Bandit. The Bandit took the challenge, fired, and proceeded to plow though the Hammer like a hot knife through butter. Leaving the Hammer’s car in a field of debris and seriously damaging his own vehicle, he chalked up the second kill of the night.

I needed points. Rather than go for Bandit (bad decision -- cocky), I, instead, pulled a "u-bie" and went for Frenchie. As soon as I lined him up, I opened with my Vulcan. Watching the incendiary rounds pock the ground near his car, I kept the trigger engaged, striving to maintain a line of sight to him. As my rounds started finding his right side, he went around the other wall. My tires screaming, I kept on him. The impact with Fury had slowed him, and I was pulling up fast. Praying for my rounds to induce combustion, I yanked around the corner, released the trigger, and sped north, hoping he wouldn’t be able to draw a bead on me with that ATG. Trying to get his weak side away from me, he jerked his vehicle around, but tapped the wall doing so, slowing him even more. I chose to extend, and gain a better angle.

As I came around the wall, Rath fired a salvo of twin ATGs! They impacted the wall, shooting debris like shrapnel. Ping! I dove left, avoiding the wall and Rath, and, not having a good angle to fire my Vulcan, lit off some paint in his direction. Three shots. No hits. This was insane. I almost wished I hadn't had so much armor on my car.

Rath avoided the paint and fired again -- at Frenchie. He hit wall with one ATG, but the other found its mark, hitting him squarely in the front. That had to hurt after the collision. Frenchie returned fire, to no avail. The impact rocked the arena as they came together, head-on. Frenchie surrendered.

As I was crossing the line a second time, Bandit swung around the other side. Cursing my reflexes for not being fast enough to get off the paint trigger and onto the Vulcan’s, I veered, fighting for control and trying to throw Bandit off line for a ram. Just as we saw each other cringe, I zigged.

I should've zagged. Bandit swerved right, and, against every rational, conventional, and even sensible thought, I swerved left. I hit him at sixty miles per hour. Metal armor can absorb a lot of damage. I have that to thank that I was still alive. Taking back my earlier wish, my car came to rest with steam, oil and parts littering the floor.

Amazingly, Bandit was still able to drive. As I ran up the white flag, he reversed around - just in time to see Rath come around and fire. I had no clue who he was firing at. One round went wide of Bandit -- the other nearly hit me! (It did hit him). Bandit returned a similarly errant blast, and they closed.

Trading misguided rounds, they came together, demanding that the other give up. Adamant to the end, neither gave quarter. Finally, about thirteen seconds since the start of this match, Rath managed to get behind Bandit and put a finishing round through his car.

As the smoke cleared, I pondered my fate. I had not taken a single round to my car except for that one errant round. I had designed for speed and maneuverability. I managed to travel the most distance in the duel, but fell victim to my own cockiness when a better, less glorious decision would've kept me in it long enough to be a contender.

The moral? I don't have one. Go figure. 15K Awards

Ambush Autoworks Designer's Award -- Nathaniel Gousset, Frenzied Frenchman Fighting Machine

Nathaniel surprised everyone just before impact when his dedicated ram car revealed a heat packing anti-tank gun. This gun, along with the ramplate, gave Nathaniel the duel’s first kill.

United States Navy Top Gun Award -- Curt Lindmark, Rath uv Khan

Curt landed six devastating blows to his opponents, not to mention the heavy handiwork he laid out into the walls. Once Curt crossed the centerline for the first time, he kept plugging away and earned himself the Top Gun award.

Toyota Efficiency Award -- No Recipients

No vehicles qualified for the Toyota Efficiency Award during the 15K. This award is given to any duelist who's car comes in 10% below cost, yet finishes in the top 33% of the field.

Speedy Quick Printing Exit Award -- Nate Berkopec, Auto Fury

This dubious award goes to Nate Berkopec, who was sent rolling across the arena floor early in the duel when Nathaniel Gousset marked him with an anti-tank gun, then followed through with a heavy ram.

Raysbestos Lucky Break Award -- Michael McNeil, Bayou Bandit

Michael survived a head on ram that confettied Joe Barlow's in the Irish Hammer. Later, he managed again to get in the way of a speeding subcompact and again scored a kill without disabling his own vehicle.

Cactus Jack Heavy Hitter Award -- Michael McNeil, Bayou Bandit

For the second time in a row, Michael McNeil takes the Cactus Jack Heavy Hitter Award. This duel it was for his confetti creating altercation with Joe Barlow.

British Petroleum High Octane Award -- Joe Barlow, Irish Hammer #69

Joe topped out at 75 mph in the arena, just before meeting Michael McNeil as they rounded the corner.


Arena Watch: Trinity Racetrack
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 13, No. 4


Subject: July 28th SCAB Div 25 Duel
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 18:24:32 -0700
From: Stanley Wells <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Here are my notes describing the July 28th duel.

Stan Wells's Vehicle -- Mid-size with rollcage, x-hvy. chassis, 150 ci ICE (with carburetor, turbocharger, ICE and 4-gallon HD gasoline tank), hvy. suspension, 4 SB solid tires, driver (with thermite grenade), BC (with HESH ammo, HRSWC and bumper trigger), HDSAs. Metal/plastic armor: 30 points/136 points, fake AWHs front, fake WGs back, CA around ICE, CA around driver.

I began duel with Cossaboon in my sights. As he turned to engage Rosenberg, I headed toward him, hitting with my BC in Turn 2, Phase 5.  I missed the next two shots after Cossaboon painted me.

Cossaboom took out Rosenberg with a ramplate. We both turned towards LaLonde, who rolled after realizing the corner of the arena was close and unforgiving. I skidded into LaLonde's rolling car, breaching his underbody with my bumper trigger-activated BC.

In Turn 6, I spun out across a field of debris created by Cossaboom exploding. It seemed LaLonde had set him on fire. Cross was at this point stopped behind me taking potshots at my tires with a turreted set of two HMGs. I threw a grenade at Cross in Turn 7, Phase 5. I wasted a couple shots on Jeremy before he blew up from entering the flame cloud generated by Cappocchi's FCD.

My steelbelted solids held out until Turn 9, Phase 1 when Cross destroyed a tire and set me on fire. Cappocchi chose not to ram me due to his missing tire (destroyed by Cross early in game). I managed to perform a t-bone on Cappocchi but I caused minimal damage due to a lack of speed. Cappocchi rolled and died, leaving Cross and I limping around the arena. I destroyed Cross's power plant with the BC. As he coasted to a stop, he destroyed one of my remaining tires, finishing me off.

July 28
SCAB Div 25 Duel
Junkyard Arena
Duelmaster: Tom LaLonde
Players: 7

1. Stan Wells (+20, killed Cross)
2. Tom LaLonde (0, killed Cossaboom)
2. Rick Cross (0, killed Wells)
2. Peter Cossabooom (0, killed Rosenberg)
2. Aaron Cappocchi (0, killed Willis, killed self)
6. Jeremy Willis (-20)
6. Mike Rosenberg (-20)


Subject: SPARK Missing Duel Results
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 04:06:58 -0500
From: Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

Here are the results from the three duels I have not yet sent you.

May 19
Division 15 Dueltrack Race
New Boston Autoduel Arena

The object of this event was to be the first to complete three separate rings in New Boston. The duel was continued to find second and third place finishers as well. Vehicles were limited to two spaces of direct-fire weaponry.

Combat proved not to be a factor as speeds were far too high to hit with weapons. This was also the first SPARK duel in which high-torque motors were allowed, so most of the vehicles in the field were electric-powered light trikes and compacts, with top speeds in excess of
150 mph. Flip Nelson was the exception, coming into the race with a ram compact.

Turn 3, Phase 4: Nelson's ram compact collided head-on with Steve Tykkila's light trike in a 150 mph head-on collision. Tykkila took 143 points
of damage and confettied. Nelson took 23 points of damage and a D1 hazard.

Turn 7, Phase 3: Mike Miller and Eric O'Denius suffered a 295 mph closing speed sideswipe as both were heading for an intersection. Both
immediately rolled on the Crash Tables. O'Denius vaulted into the wall and confettied. Miller turned and started rolling down the corridor right
behind the trike of Brian Strassman, who looked in his rear-view mirror and had an Indiana Jones moment as he saw Mike rolling behind him.
At this point, Miller was eligible for second place if he could survive his roll across the line to complete his third ring.

Turn 7, Phase 5: Pete Jansen, coming up the same ring that Brian just exited, rams head on into Mike's rolling trike for a 300 mph
head-on collision. Both are confettied after rounding up and rolling the requisite 55 dice. Meanwhile, over in one of the other rings, Nelson t-boneed Carter Rosenbaum at 95 mph, turning Rosenbaum's compact into confetti.

At this point, the duel was called. Beecher had already completed three rings and won, and Strassman was traveling 100 mph faster than Flip and could easily avoid him to complete his third ring to come in second. We didn't track any kill points in this event, since it was a race, but
I have included vehicular kills scored for the WADA standings.

The top three were the only survivors in the event. Standings fourth and below were assigned based on how far drivers got before ending up as confetti.

May 19
SPARK Div 15 Race
New Boston Autoduel Arena
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 8

1. Jim Beecher
2. Brian Strassman
3. Flip Nelson (killed Tyykila, killed, Rosenbaum)
4. Mike Miller (killed O'Denius, killed Jansen)
5. Pete Jansen (killed Miller)
6. Carter Rosenbaum
7. Steve Tyykila
8. Eric O'Denius

July 07
AADA North Regional Championship
Division 40 Duel
Armadillo Autoduel Arena

In an arena dominated by large vehicles with large weapons, Flip Nelson showed up with a cyberlinked laser in a light trike. Brian Strassman, (driving a pickup with twin ATGs each with APFSDS ammo) ripped all of Eric O'Denius's side armor off two phases into the event. However, Strassman could not capitalize, and Steve Tyykila was able to vulture the kill.

At the end of this event, Mike Miller and Jim Beecher were tied for first place. However, a post-duel check of both vehicles revealed Beecher's vehicle was over divisional cost limits due to errors in the design program he had been using. Unfortunately, that resulted in a disqualification, leaving Mike as the North Regional Dueling Champion.

July 07
2051 U.S. North Regional Dueling Championship
Division 40 Duel
Armadillo Autoduel Arena
Sponsor: SPARK
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 8

1. Mike Miller (+4, killed Strassman, killed Beecher)
2. Pete Jansen (+1, only survivor)
3. Brian Strassman (0, killed Schneider)
3. Steve Tyykila (0, killed O'Denius)
3. Joel Schneider (0, killed Tyykila)
6. Flip Nelson (-4)
6. Eric O'Denius (-4)
8. Jim Beecher (killed Nelson, killed Miller, disqualified)

July 14
Division 5 Duel
Double Drum

Nickel cars are great fun. Most of the field was either set on fire and exploded, or perished in rams. This duel did not last past six turns.

July 14
SPARK Div 5 Duel
Double Drum
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 6

1. Flip Nelson (+9, killed Rosenbaum, killed Jansen, only survivor)
2. Pete Jansen (+2, killed O'Denius, mobility kill on Strassman)
3. Carter Rosenbaum (0, killed Miller)
4. Brian Strassman (-4, firepower kill on self)
4. Eric O'Denius (-4)
4. Mike Miller (-4)


Brian Strassman
SPARK President

Subject: SPARK August 8th Div 100 Duel
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:39:12 -0500
From: Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

Here are the results from last Saturday's Division 100 duel held at Hammer Downs.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Eric O'Denius -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, driver, gunner, 3 GGs front, HDFCE back.

* Jim Beecher -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, driver, pulse XL (with motion compensator) left, cyberlink (driver and XL).

* Mike Miller -- Pickup, gasoline ICE, driver, tight-beam HSC front.

* Pete Jansen -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, pulse HXL front, FCGS back.

* Flip Nelson -- Pickup, gasoline ICE, pulse laser in 2-space turret, pulse laser front.

* Lon Johnson -- Van, gasoline ICE, IRLL and MML in 2-space turret, huge amount of concealed dropped weaponry right, left and back (HDFCE, HDFOJ, 3 SDs with explosive-tipped spikes, 2 SMDs with radio-detonated/proximity-fused TDX mines).

Standard points for firepower and mobility kills were in effect, with an extra 1.5x points multiplier for kills to any duellist completing both an upper level and lower level jump. Jim Beecher and Pete Jansen were the only two duellists to complete both jumps.

September 08
SPARK Div 100 Duel
Hammer Downs
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 6

1. Eric O'Denius (+8, killed Miller, killed Beecher, killed Johnson, firepower on self because of running out of ammunition)
2. Pete Jansen (+7, killed Nelson, only survivor)
3. Flip Nelson (-2, mobility kill on O'Denius)
4. Jim Beecher (-4)
4. Mike Miller (-4)
4. Lon Johnson (-4)

Jim Beecher currently leads the SPARK circuit standings, with a slim half-point lead over second place Pete Jansen, and a one-point lead over third place Mike Miller.

SPARK returns to saner divisions on September 29th with a Division 25 duel in SPARK's home arena, Killebrew Memorial Arena. The duel starts at 2:00 p.m. at Source Comics and Games in Roseville, MN.

I still need to compile up the results for the three duels I haven't yet sent in.


Brian Strassman
SPARK President


Subject: January Releases from Steve Jackson Games
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 20:43:43 -0500
From: Sage <>

SJ Games will release two more books for the new Car Wars line in January.

Car Wars Division 5 Vehicle Guide

They're small but deadly! A dozen hot new Division 5 cars . . . with plenty of variant versions, and scenarios to use them. This book includes two different counters for each car -- 24 in all -- plus obstacles and other bonuses. Stock #40-1004, ISBN 1-55634-616-6. $5.95.

Car Wars Arena Book 1

In the arena, you'll show your stuff before thousands of cheering duel fans . . . You might become an ace. You might leave in a box. Seven different arena diagrams, with special rules and scenarios for each one. The centerfold contains dozens of full-color 2-sided counters for
obstacles and special arena features. Stock #40-2001, ISBN 1-55634-617-4. $5.95.

Scott "Sage" Weber
Steve Jackson Games Webmaster


Subject: TCM August 25th Family Car Challenge
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 20:12:25 -0700
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List

TCM sponsored this specialty duel to promote family car design concepts for possible development and distribution to the public sector. All entries had to follow vehicle design guidelines that were devised after extensive consumer research, but otherwise AADA rules applied. We used alternate encumberance and GE restrictions on all vehicle occupants.

The budget for the vehicles was $20,000. There was also a $5,000 budget for any hand weapons or personal equipement. No leftover money could be applied to the other costs.

Each car was designed for a family of four. Cars could be designed for a driver and gunner in the front seats and two passengers in the back seats. You could also design a car with a driver and passenger on the front seat with two passengers on the back seat. Drivers must be seated
front-left. No other crew configurations were allowed for this event.

Duelmaster's Note: For this duel the front seats were considered "crew compartment" and the back seats were considered "cargo
compartment" for combat purposes. All occupants had their hand weapon firing arcs on one of the sides that they are sitting by (the driver could not have his arc to the right or back).

All vehicles had a single "trunk" of at least two spaces. All unused vehicle spaces were incorporated into this trunk. It was either in the front or back or the vehicle. Any vehicle with cargo-only space had the trunk in the rear. The trunk of a pickup would have been in the open bed.

The vehicle's engine or plant could be located front, middle (between front and back seats), or rear, but the engine couldn't be where the trunk was located. Gas tanks must be at least 5 gallons and can be placed anywhere. Each vehicle had one 50 lb. bag of groceries in each space
of the trunk with 1 DP each.

Skills: Front seat people had base level in the three main skills plus one extra level in something. The back passengers had Handgunner +1. One extra skill level was given to one person in each vehicle.

The event was scored like our normal duels with a minor exception. To break ties, points were awarded for each remaining DP (not including protective measures) of both crew and groceries.

The walk-through of the vehicles were preceeded by a duelists' fashion show, showing off crew members and personal equipement. Ammo types were not announced, but nothing was hidden from sight.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Jeremy Willis's TCM Family Car Challenge Special -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, large  electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs) front, hvy. suspension, 4 solid tires, driver, 3 passengers (1 front-right, 1 back-right, 1 left-back), BC (with HESH and SWC) front, SD back, sunroof, 2 bags of groceries in trunk back. Sloped plastic armor: F75, R25, L25, B50, T7, U12, two 10-pt. plastic WGs front, two 7-pt. plastic WGs back.

Driver Personal Equipment -- Body armor, flak jacket, PFE, tinted goggles.
Front-Right Passenger Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, HGL (with impact-fused paint grenades), machine pistol, tinted goggles.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, MPRL (with AP rockets and LTS), tinted goggles.
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, GL (with impact-fused explosive grenades), machine pistol, tinted goggles.

Ben Chernik's Unnamed Vehicle -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 2 SB solid tires front, 2 solid tires back, driver, gunner, 2 passengers in back seat, ATG (with HEAT ammo) front, HRSWC (gunner and ATG), 2 bags of groceries in trunk back, SD back. Plastic armor: F50, R40, L40, B30, T1, U10, four AWHs, 2 fake WGs front, 2 WGs back.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Impact body armor, LAW.
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, flak jacket, LAW.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, LAW, 3 explosive grenades.
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, LAW, 3 explosive grenades.

Tom LaLonde's Unnamed Vehicle -- Luxury with rollcage, driver, gunner, 2 passengers back, ML in 2-space turret, 2 bags of groceries in trunk back, 4 plastic AWHs, lots of CA.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, flak jacket, PFE.
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, flak jacket, PFE.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- AVR, PFE.
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- AVR, PFE.

Bernard Hansel's Unnamed Vehicle -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, large elecric PP (with SuperCons) front, hvy. suspension, 4 snow SB PR tires, driver, gunner, RR (with HEAT ammo) in 2-space sponson turret right, RR (with HEAT ammo) in 2-space sponson turret left, 2 bags of groceries in trunk back. Plastic armor: 164 points, two 5-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back, 2 CA compartments.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, FP suit, PFE, 2 explosive grenades.
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, FP suit, PFE.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, AVR (with LTS), several non-specified grenades.
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, AVR (with LTS), several non-specified grenades.

Stan Wells's Unnamed Vehicle -- Mid-size, gasoline ICE front, driver, gunner, 2 passengers back, VMG in 2-space turret, 2 bags of groceries in trunk back, two plastic AWHs front, two plastic WGs back.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, FP suit, PFE, 2 explosive grenades.
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, FP suit, PFE.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, AVR (with LTS).
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, AVR (with LTS).

Aaron Cappocchi's Unnamed Vehicle -- Six-wheeled van, electric PP front, 15 MnRs (linked in 7-rocket and 8-rocket volleys) front, 12 MRs (6R, 6L), IcD, 6 bags of groceries in trunk back. Two AWHs front, four WGs.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, HGL (with impact-fused thermite grenades).
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, bazooka (with 2 extra explosive shells).
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, HAVR, 2 explosive grenades.

Mike Hording's TCM Family Lux with Turret -- Luxury, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs) front, hvy. suspension, driver, gunner, 2 passengers back, VMG in 2-space turret, BC (with bumper trigger) front, 2 bags of groceries in trunk back. Plastic armor: F50, R20, L20, B30, T20, U6, two 6-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 6-pt. plastic WGs back.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, flak jacket, PFE.
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, HGL (with impact-fused explosive grenades), machine pistol.
Back-Right Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, MPRL (with AP rockets and LTS).
Back-Left Passenger's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE, HGL (with impact-fused explosive grenades), machine pistol.

Duel Summary

1/1    Everyone pulled out of their driveways.
1/2    LaLonde's turreted MF took out Hording's front left wheel hub and slightly damaged the tire. Cappocchi's driver hit Willis with a
thermite grenade for moderate damage. Hording hit LaLonde with a VMG for 10 pointsd
1/3    Willis hit Cappocchi with BC for 19 points. Willis's MPRL-armed passenger emerges from his sunroof. Cappocchi's bazooka-armed
passenger did the same.

2/1    Willis's BC missed Cappocchi. Willis's sunroof guy missed Cappocchi with the MPRL. Willis's front passenger fired a HGL at Cappocchi.
The grenade went far right, hitting a building in front of Willis's own vehicle to produce a big paint cloud!
2/2    Wells tossed a grenade close to Chernik. LaLonde hit Hording's tire again for 3 points. Hording missed LaLonde.
2/3    Willis's car and sunroof guy went through a green paint cloud. Wells knocked off Chernik's wheelguard with a VMG. Cappocchi's driver
fired a HGL at Willis but its round fell short. Wells's back-left guy hit Chernik for 6 points with an AVR.

3/1    Willis's painted guy dropped back in the car. Willis hit Cappocchi with BC for 16 points. Hording missed LaLonde again. LaLonde's ML
melted Hording's front left tire. Cappocchi fires 7 MnRs and does 6 dice of damage.
3/2    Wells missed Chernik's tire.
3/5    Cappocchi cut a corner at intersection and took out a lamp post. The small impact penetrated his front armor. Hansel missed Hording
with RRs.

4/1    Willis's other rear passenger came out the sunroof. Cappocchi's gunner fired a right side MnR volley at Willis's front right tire for minor
damage to the guard and tire. Cappocchi's bazooka and AVR passengers missed Willis.
4/2    Wells's VMG destroyed Cappocchi's power plant through a front breach, Wells scoring a mobility kill. Hording's back passengers
damaged Hansel with a grenade and MPRL rocket. Willis's sunroof guy missed Cappocchi with a HGL shot.
4/3    Willis's driver attempts to perform a tight bend into the intersection, but the vehicle starts skidding up the sidewalk into a vacant lot.
Hansel hit Hording's left-back tire for 7 points.

5/1    Wells hit Willis for 8 points.
5/2    Willis's BC missed Wells. Cappocchi's right-back passenger hit Willis's right side for 7 points. Hording's back-left guy missed Hansel
with a HGL. Hording's gunner hit Hansel with the VMG for big damage. Hansels RRs missed Hording.
5/3    Willis's sunroof guy missed Wells.
5/4    Chernik hit Wells for 16 points.
5/5    LaLonde missed Hording's tire.

6/1    Willis completes the skid in a parking lot and his sunroof guy inflicted moderate damage to Cappocchi's tires with the HGL. Chernik
destroyed the integrity of Wells's gas tank.
6/2    LaLonde melted Hording's left-back wheel off for a mobility kill. Wells gave 11 points of damage to Cherniks left-front tire. Hording
hit LaLonde for good damage with a RR and a HGL. A second HGL missed enough for the round to almost hit Hansel. LaLonde's passengers
both misssed. Hansel hit LaLonde for 6 points.
6/3    Wells t-stopped in the middle of Second Street.

7/1    Wells dropped a grenade out a window but it bounced too far away to affect anyone. Willis hit Wells with a BC for good damage. Willis's
sunroof guy did more damage to Cappocchi with the HGL. Wells's left-back guy hit Willis's wheelguard for 2 points. Cappocchi shot a MnR
volley at Wells. All six rockets hit with two penetrating metal. Cappocchi followed up with an HAVR attack to remove two more points of metal
7/2    Chernik's right-back guy missed Wells with a grenade.
7/3    Hording's left-back  guy hit LaLonde for 3 points. Hansel's driver shot flaming oil under LaLonde with a HGL while his passengers took
off one of his wheelguards with 2 points of damage passing to the tire. LaLonde's gunner took off Hansel's wheel in return.
7/5    Chernik tries to tight bend onto Second Street, but he performed a flaming roll instead. At the last moment, Chernik's driver hit the ATG
button and a shell flew by Cappocchi. Wells shot at Chernik's underbody and slightly damages component armor. Chernik's groceries went up
in flames.

8/1    Willis rammed Wells for 1 point and his bumper triggered-activated BC missed. Wells's turret and AVR removed one of Willis's front
wheels. Hording hit Hansel with the VMG for 5 points. Cappocchi left-back guy took out Wells's engine with an AVR for a mobility kill.
8/2    Cappocchi's right-back guy shot at Wells but hit the engine again.

Turn 9: Willis's BC went through Wells's engine.Willis's front passenger hit Wells's driver with a machine pistol for 1 point to his body armor.
Wells hit Willis's other front tire for minor damage. His passengers did the same, taking the wheel off and scoring a mobility kill. Hording hit
Hansel for minor tire damage. Hansel hit LaLonde for 9 points. One of Hansel's passengers hit Wells's gas tank. Hording took damage from
flaming oil.

Turn 10: Hording shot at Hansel's tires and got a mobility kill. Willis's BC shell flew right through Wells's car again, and a front crew's
machine pistol did 2 points to his driver, destroying his body armor. At this point, the end of the game was called due to time constraints.

August 25
TCM Div 25 Family Car Challenge
East Midville
Duelmaster: Jeremy Willis
Players: 7

1. Tom LaLonde (+10, 14 DPs, mobility kill on Hording)
1. Stan Wells (+10, 14 DPs, mobility kill on Willis, mobility kill on Cappocchi)
3. Aaron Cappocchi (0, 18 DPs, mobility kill on Wells)
4. Mike Hording (0, 14 DPs, mobility kill on Hansel)
5. Bernard Hansel (-10, 14 DPs)
5. Jeremy Willis (-10, 14 DPs)
7. Ben Chernik (-20, 0 DPs)

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager



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