Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 9
September 04, 2051

Web Posted October 06, 2001
Updated October 06, 2001


Happy Autumn, readers. The 2050-2051 AADA dueling season has ended with the conclusion of the AADA WDC at Gen Con 2001. The final report is still being written by tournament's staff, but this issue has a few details about the results. Those of you who subscribe to this newsletter may remember receiving a letter from me in early August announcing the winner of the event.

As you read this, Car Wars Card Game Second Edition is on store shelves. If someone would be interested in playing the new game and write a short review how it compares to the original game, I will print that review in next month's CWIN.


For three months, I have forgotten to announce in CWIN a special event in the life of Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee. I apologize, Eric. I would like to correct that oversight now.

In June, Eric successfully defended his doctoral thesis in the subject of physics. Eric is now living in New Jersey applying his graduate studies to the non-academic world. Congratulations, Eric. I hope you new title brings you many discoveries and much currency.


Chapter Championships. The AADA Annual Circuit used to run from September to August. Because there are very few active AADA chapters and fewer Regional Championships, the tournament is now being held from January to August.

Both of these schedules are acceptible, but they conflict with schedule of WADA leagues, which start in January and end in December. At this time, WADA accepts only one AADA tournament series (CDCs, RDCs and WDC) each year.

Last year, NOVA held two Chapter Championships, one for the 2049-2050 AADA season, and one for the 2050-2051 AADA season. The first event was held in the first quarter of 2000, and the second event was held in the fourth quarter of 2000. After consulting with several autoduelists, I rewarded NOVA the AADA CDC bonus points only for the CDC held in the first quarter of 2000.

Philip White, former WADA League Manager, and I chose the January-December schedule for simplicity, and the AADA Annual Circuit in 1998 was following a January-August schedule. The AADA Annual Circuit is growing in popularity again, therefore should the WADA League follow the same schedule as that tournament to prevent "overlapping" scheduling? Is the period from September to December a good time for AADA CDCs to be held?

Can AADA chapters run CDCs and RDCs from January to August without many time restrictions (i.e. enough time to place chapter champions and regional champions in higher levels of the tournament, sufficient time to advertise an event, and enough time given to interested participants to schedule time away from work and school to attend these duels)?

Starting next year, the WADA Car Wars League will likely have restrictions on the rules used in an AADA CDC for the game to be evaluated by WADA. The final restrictions have not been written, but you can expect the rules will be similar to AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Guidelines.

For WADA League purposes, AADA CDCs should be restricted to standard budgets, Divisions 5 to 30. Cars, motorcycles, sidecars and tricycles should be the only vehicle types utilized. It would be fine for combat racing events to have higher monetary limits and racing frames, but rules like the ones used by the CADC should be in place to promote maneuverability and speed over powerful weapons and heavy armor.

Dueling Debate and Road In Your Sights. I would like to see many more of you visit and post to my two Car Wars message boards. There is a great deal of information only found on those forums that I do not report in CWIN.

Dueling Debate Car Wars Forum

Road In Your Sights AADA Forum

Dueling Debate, the Car Wars message board I created in 1998, is dedicated to Car Wars discussions of all types. Whether you are an amateur or professional, an independent player or gaming group member, an arena fighter or a campaign-minded driver, Dueling Debate has discussion topics for you. Currently having a capacity over 8,000 messages, Car Wars players must find the forum interesting.

Road In Your Sights, the Car Wars message board I launched in 2000, is a forum for AADA players and Car Wars tournament discussions. You can talk about these topics on Dueling Debate, but tournament autoduelists may find Road In Your Sights more useful than Dueling Debate, a message board that has Car Wars players of many skill levels and types. If you only want to debate Car Wars tournament regulations, Road In Your Sights is a good area for you visit.

Event Reports. I need your help to keep WADA running smoothly. If you are going to submit results of a Car Wars game for the WADA League, I need all of the information specified on the WADA League Worksheet. I also need to have the last names (or initials of last names) of the players in an event submitted to WADA. Listing first name and last name is needed only once in a report; you can continue to use first names and call signs in play-by-play accounts. The reason I need to have last names or last name initials is to prevent errors in the WADA League standings. Many of you are already following this procedure. (Thank you for making my life easier.) If you do follow this procedure, you will make the WADA League Manager happy, and your results will appear on WADA HQ faster, especially when you submit a report at the same time nine other reports need to be added to the tournament standings.


Arenas, Dueltracks and Opponents. One of the goals of WADA was to promote Car Wars players to use many arenas, dueltracks and rules, not the same ones year after year. To provide an incentive to enter new autodueling venues, I am considering rewarding WADA League participants bonus points for playing on many different maps.

Another goal of WADA was to persuade Car Wars groups to increase their ranks. I feel a Car Wars community in a region is stronger if there are a few large groups that interact regularly instead of several small groups that rarely contact each other. Next year, WADA may also provide bonus points for autoduelists who face a diverse group of opponents instead of fighting the same small number of gamers month after month.

I have noticed WADA is becoming dominated by two types of chapters: small groups that play two to four times a month, and large groups that play once a month. The independent autoduelists and groups that have four or less members have a difficuilt time making progress in a WADA Car Wars League. It might be time to start a new tournament, one that runs independently of the current WADA League, that showcases these autoduelists.

Discussions about these topics are taking place on Road In Your Sights. Please join these discussions.

Grand Melees. Would you be interested in seeing WADA sponsor an invitational-only tournament that had Car Wars with the highest WADA championship point totals? The event would have three to five games, each duel having a different set of rules. The winner of theis non-elimination tournament would be determined by the overall performance in the tournament. SWAT would be honored to host such an event next summer, but this meeting would have to be held in Seattle.

Would you like to see a WADA Grand Melee sponsored the AADA? The main difference would be the players invited to participate would be past AADA WDC winners and other prominent figures from the 20-year history of Car Wars.

Discussions about these events are also are taking place on Road In Your Sights.


EvilNET: WizKids Gen Con 2001 BattleTech Discussion Panel

WizKids, LLC

FanPro The Return of BattleTech

At Gen Con 2001, BattleTech players received news from the producers of their game that BattleTech being released in a new version: a game with a timeline set over 50 years into the future, simplified rules, the ClickBase system, collectible miniatures, and an emphasis on combined arms tactics. Details of BattleTech 3130 can be found on the Web pages listed above. Many detailed and passionate discussions about this announcement have been taking place on the Usenet newsgroup

Why am I mentioning BattleTech in a Car Wars magazine? The news release of BattleTech 3130 is similar to the ones discussing Car Wars 2001. Veteran players of BattleTech are going to have to adapt to seeing their game being changed dramatically. The same challenge exists in the Car Wars community with regards to the new Car Wars game. This parallel is the reason I mentioned the BattleTech 3130 news release here.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the September 2001 edition of Popular Mechanics. It features stories about electromagnetic pulse bombs  ("E-bombs") and the MetalStorm weapons system. Car Wars and GURPS Autoduel players will have fun adapting these real-world items to their game worlds. E-bombs can incapacitate C3 over a widespread area for only $400.00 U.S., and a  MetalStorm weapon can have a cyclic rate of fire of over 1,000,000 rounds per minute.

I was ready to mail this newsletter to you in the afternoon of September 1st. As soon as I finished writing The Gunnery Chair column, I attempted to connect to the Internet. My telephone company cut my hardline while making repairs to the local network, preventing me from using the telephone or logging on over the entire Labor Day holiday. Fortunately, service was restored at 1700 PST today.

Once again, the slushpile is empty. Please fill that vacuum by submitting duel reports, scenarios, variants, vehicle designs and game reviews.

Wishing you a pleasant Labor Day holiday,

Michael P. Owen


Subject: 2051 AADA WDC Winner Determined
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 16:14:02 -0700
From: Michael P. Owen <>
To: CWIN Subscribers


The unofficial winner of the 2051 AADA WDC is John Blaylock of Memphis, Tennessee, member Southern Hitmen Autoduel Assassins Guild, and . . . defending AADA World Dueling Champion. Congratulations, John!

Thank you, duelmasters and duelists, for making the tournament an exciting one. I would be glad to publish any accounts or results in CWIN and on SWAT HQ as soon as you send them to me.


If the AADA Annual Circuit does not interest you, take a look at the CWIN Archive. I have uploaded the issues printed in April, May and June of this year. Also take a look at the two WADA Gaming Group Registries, and inform me of errata on them.

Subject: Winning AADA WDC Vehicle Design
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 14:03:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: John "Possum Knavel" Blaylock <>
To: Michael Owen <>
CC: SHAAG Webmaster: Hugh Swindoll <>

Now the AADA World Dueling Championships are over, I can now focus on things I have been neglecting for the past few weeks, like sending e-mails to my friends.

Michael, I would like to submit, as an exclusive to the next issue of CWIN, the design details of my 2051 WDC-winning vehicle. It should draw some people to subscribe to the newsletter. Hugh and I will not place the design on the SHAAG Web site until after the WDC next year, so if anyone wants to see inside the championship vehicle, they will have to get CWIN.

John Blaylock's Unnamed Design -- Luxury, x-hvy. chassis, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 SB PR tires, driver, gunner, VMG (with 10 HD shots and 10 standard shots) in 2-space turret, FkD front, 2 FCGSs (1R, 1L), FOD back, plastic airdam, plastic spoiler. Sloped plastic armor: F40, R35, L35, B36, T20, U5 (171 points), two 5-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back, 10 points plastic CA around PP, 10 points plastic CA protecting driver and gunner together. Acceleration 5 (10 with HTMs), Top speed 90 (70 with HTMs), Cruise speed 52.5, DM 1, HC 3 (+1 for reflex roll, +1 at 60 mph +); 6,600 lbs., $19,999.

Driver's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE.
Gunner's Personal Equipment -- Body armor, PFE.

Driver's Skills: Driver +1, Climbing, Running
Gunner's Skills: Gunner +1, Climbing, Running,

John Blaylock
2050-2051 AADA WDC Winner
SHAAG President

Subject: Re: Winning AADA WDC Vehicle Design
Date: Aug 09, 2001 and Aug 30, 2001
From: John "Possum Knavel" Blaylock <>
To: Michael Owen <>

I cheated myself out of 6 points of armor in the write-up I sent. Please edit the armor to read as the following: F40, R35, L35, B40, T20, U7 (177 points).

Yes, I cheated myself out of the six points in the AADA WDC. I only spread 171 points around, exactly as I sent you originally, when clearly on my design sheet I had 177 points. I am glad it didn't come down to that (it almost did -- three more points on that final ram to the left side and it would have knocked both the driver and the gunner unconscious). There's another exclusive for CWIN.

I had no special name for the car. I did write "Spam" by the driver's name on my sheet.

The Vulcan was loaded with the HD rounds first and then the regular. I actually used 18 rounds in the finals! I also used all four of my flame clouds and my FOD. My front fake discharger was destroyed in a t-bone I initiated with SPARK member Eric O'Denius to force him to turn right, away from the pack, so I could try and immobilize him without everyone else in the way.

John Blaylock
2050-2051 AADA WDC Winner
SHAAG President

Subject: 2051 AADA WDC Report
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 08:56:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: Eric Freeman, Ph.D. <>
To: WDC Mailing List

Dear 2051 AADA WDC Participants,

I apologize for not contacting everyone sooner than this . . . Anyway, I've been typing up all the information I have about the tournament over the last week.  With the upcoming weekend . . . I should be finishing the report and have it out in the next few days. The report needs a lot of filling out, and that is where all of you come in.

If you could, give me as much information/details as you possibly can about what you remember happened in duels you were (details of the car you drove, anything you can think of, etc.) Especially, for the finalists, I want to put together a detailed play-by-play account.

I now have the pictures I took of the WDC online, so if you are interested in that, let me know, and I'll e-mail you where you can view them.  I have a good amount of pictures from the final, and should eventually be able to correlate those with the duel report.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman, Ph.D.
AADA Head Referee





Chris French
Beaverton, Oregon

Counters of these types have three distinct zones, which for clarity will be called Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

Primary: This is the area of the counter itself. In this area, a vehicle is affected by the counter on a 1-4 on 1d6, or automatically if the dropped weapon is remote-detonated. Tires take damage as per the rules; wheelguards and wheelhubs may protect. For mines, armor damage goes to the side nearest the ground (the "underbody"); that is, a car lying on its Left side would take armor damage to its Left armor, etc.

Secondary: This is the area 1/4" out from the counter's edge. In this area, a vehicle is affected by the counter on a 1-2 on 1d6, or automatically if the dropped weapon is remote-detonated. Tires are affected as per the rules; wheelguards and wheelhubs may protect their tires. For mines, armor damage goes to the "underbody" (as previous section).

Tertiary: This is the "burst effect" area for mines, spikes do not have a Tertiary zone. In this area, mines may only inflict tire damage; armor damage is wasted (the explosion is mostly upward). This zone extends 1" from the perimeter of the Primary zone.


1. A vehicle which arrives on a mine or spike in such a way that the tires are not on the ground (i.e., on a side other than the actual Underbody), the tires on the side opposite the side on the ground are unaffected (the rest of the car shields them). So, if the car were on its Right side, Left-side tires would be unaffected.

2. Tires in the Tertiary zone that have a vehicle (including the vehicle to which the tires are attached) or other large object between them and the mine are unaffected by that mine.

Optional Rule

Vehicles which are in the Secondary zone of a mine, but not in that mine's Primary Zone, take the mine's armor damage to the facing nearest the mine counter.


Chris French
Beaverton, Oregon

For too long, dropped-weapon users have had a salient advantage over the rest of the players: No matter what a player does, dropped
weapons cannot be cleared from the map. Thus, a dropped-weapon specialist can cause havoc for more enemies, for less cost than many other tactics. This situation should be changed, hence presentation of the rules below.

Clearance by gunfire. The Beacon Mine rules state "5 cumulative damage points" are necessary to disperse one Beacon Mine counter. Since Beacon Mines are indistinguishable from other mines (same general construction), all mine counters have 5 "DP." Thus, inflicting points of damage on a mine counter of any sort will disperse that counter. In addition, other dropped counters have DP as follows:

Oil: 3
Ice: 2 (takes 2x damage from incendiary weapons)
Spikes: 5
DSP: as per CWC 2.5 Weapon Chart
LDSP: as per CWC 2.5 Weapon Chart
Junk/debris: 3
Obstacle: 6
Sand: 4
Dropped gases and chaff: N/A

(Note: Is it not odd a dropped counter can be exposed to explosions and flames that can damage vehicles, yet remain unharmed?)

Fratricide. Any and all dropped counters inside the area of effect of detonating dropped weapon counters take damage (overpressure and shrapnel from the detonation). For simplicity, roll damage once, and apply the result to all dropped weapon counters in range (advanced players may track dropped weapon counter damage separately).

Clearance by pressure: Concussion grenades may be used to disperse or detonate dropped weapon counters. For any dropped weapon counter in the concussion grenade's area of effect, roll on the concussion grenade table; on a "unconscious" result, the counter is dispersed (if non-explosive) or detonates (if explosive).


1. Due to the small size of the items in question, the damage done may be from any source -- vehicular weapons, hand weapons, even hand-to-hand (representing smashing of important bits of the unit).

2. The damage done clears the entire counter, no matter how small a percentage of the counter is affected.

3. For dropped weapons that will take damage from sitting in another dropped weapon's area of effect for multiple turns (flaming oil, flame clouds, etc.), the counter will take damage upon initial detonation, and on that phase in every subsequent turn in which the damage-causing dropped weapon is doing damage (i.e., a dropped weapon sitting in flaming oil that detonates on Phase 2 of a turn will take damage on the initial detonation, on Phase 2 of the next turn, and so on until the flaming oil is no longer burning).

New Equipment

Minesweeper: Costs 50 percent of the front armor, no weight or space. Can be installed with ramplates and other front-mounted accessories. This item is nothing more than an extension of the unit's Front armor, projecting down and forward of the vehicle. Dropped solids and dropped liquids are neatly swept aside -- if all goes well.

When the vehicle moves onto a dropped solid counter (excluding chaff), remove the counter without checking to see if the counter has any effect, and roll 1d6; on a 1, the vehicle takes the dropped weapon's damage to its Front armor. For dropped liquids (excluding ice), when the vehicle moves onto the counter, roll 1d6; on a 1, the counter remains on the map; on a 2, any damage the dropped weapon would have caused goes to the vehicle's Front armor, and the counter is removed from the map; on a 3+, the counter is removed from the map.

Dropped gases, chaff and ice are unaffected by a minesweeper.


From: Danny Frost <>
Subject: Re: [BattleTech] WizKids Statement
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 03:53:05 GMT

I say we go to the WizKids headquarters, and blow up that damned space marine statue in front of it!

Oh, wait . . . Wrong company.



From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: Fw: AAIE July Duels
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:21:40 -0700

Hey Michael,

You missed a couple of our duels, more importantly, ones I did good in! Please add these to the list. Thanks.

Edgar T. Lincoln
AAIE President

Hey Duel Fans,

A couple of duels to report. The first one was a Div 20 duel with just four of us. Carol Daugherty is back among the unemployed so is able to
join us again for a while. I hope she gets something soon (hopefully with Tuesday evenings free!).


* Carol Daugherty
* Howard Lalicker
* Edgar T. Lincoln
* Tom Lentz

Vehicle Descriptions

* Suicide Slide -- Stretched-chassis luxury, spinal-mounted 75mm TG front.

* Double Dutch -- Luxury, 2 VFRPs (1F, 1B), 2 SDs (each with explosive-tipped spikes; 1R, 1L),

* Gamera -- Sedan, nitrous oxide, overdrive, 2 FCGS (each with extra magazines; 1R, 1L), heavy armor.

We decided to put the cars randomly at gates and then rolled for what gate, and car, we got. Lalicker got the Suicide Slide. Unfortunately, he missed his only two shots and was taken out by Lentz in Daugherty's Double Dutch. I was very fortunate and acquired Lentz's Gamera. I managed to drive between Lentz and Daugherty, and take both of them out with the FCGSs. Thanks to nitrous oxide and overdrive, I was able to dodge their shots with high speeds.

Final Results

July 10
AAIE Div 20 Weekly Rumble
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 4

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (24, VK x 2)
2. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (11, VK x 1)
3. Carol Daugherty (2)
4. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (1)

Our second duel was last night's Div 15 event in the Mud Pit, an arena with two risers in the center, a bridge between them, and a mud pit under
the bridge. The mud pit put out a burning car's fire like a foam grenade, and did damage like off-road terrain. We had six drivers, and the carnage came fast.

Right off the bat, Carder managed to get to Daugherty with a t-bone. He opened her side and took out her tires for a mobility kill. She surrendered for the completed kill. That gave him one of two possible 4-point kills in the game (Carol and I both had enough prestige to be 4-point kills).

Rider drove up on a riser and pulled an unsuccessful AAIE maneuver, colliding head-on into Twitchel's light compact at 120 mph. Twitchell confettied and, due to his 2/3 DM, failed to breach Bryan's front armor. While this is going on, I was putting incendiary RL rounds into Lalicker's back armor, eventually lighting him on fire. Rider then drove in front
of me to get a BC shot on Lalicker that missed.

I t-boned Rider and opened his side, but I failed to get the kill. Lucky for me, Rider lost control and fishtailed in such a way that allowed me to I got a shot at his open side and take him out. Lalicker and I commenced to drive in circles, trying to line up kill shots on each other. Neither of us were able to get good shots, but the fire I started finally took him out.

Carder had been circling, picking up speed and recovering handling, waiting to take out whichever of us were left. As soon as Lalicker died,
Carder headed for me. I, of course, ran! He overtook me halfway around the arena. I had set him up for a surprise and sprang it. I dropped my
FOD on the left side, which he had to go through to get to me for a t-bone. He drove across it, just missed the ram, and the oil lit. I then triggered the PDG on my back, taking out his front left tire. Unfortunately for me, he fishtailed the wrong way and t-boned me at 110 mph, taking both of us out. He won because he got both high point kills.

July 17
AAIE Div 15 Off-Road Weekly Rumble
The Mud Pit
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 6
Special Rules: The Mud Pit is an arena with two risers in its center, a bridge located between them, and a mud pit under the bridge. Mud will put out an active fire on a car like a foam grenade. Mud is considered the same as standard off-road terrain for damage and hazards.

1. "Disco" Steve Carder (36, VK x 2)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (17, VK x 3)
3. Bryan Rider (10, VK x 1)
4. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (3)
5. Carol Daugherty (1.5)
5. Wesley Twitchell (1.5)

Next week will be a Tonka scale duel out in our garden. It will be a Div 50 off-road duel. We look forward to seeing you then.

Edgar T. Lincoln
AAIE President

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Three AAIE Duel Reports
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:14:35 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

First off, Lentz, you were right about fishtails, sorry. For everyone else, when you do a fishtail, you basicly get free movement. You do the fishtail, then may maneuver normally instead of having to move straight. So, if you fishtail straight toward a wall, you may turn away from it.  I've only been doing it wrong for 16 years. Oops!

Our first duel in August was a Div 30 game with six players (Only six! Things have sure changed here lately!) in the Evil Eight Arena, a four-map
sheet arena with a figure-eight made of pillars with tunnels in them. I made this one when we first started playing back in 1985. No one has yet made it through the eight so traveling that path was worth two prestige.

I'm afraid I don't remember too much about this one. I tried to line up for the eight and lost control right off the bat. I was away from the rest of the pack so had some time to line up for another try. Carder dropped spikes and managed a few tunnels befor he lost control and ran headon into a pillar, killing himself.  Daugherty and Twitchell did an AAIE maneuver and survived long enough to get out and take cheesy pedestrian shots for an extra point each.

Lentz managed to take out Lalicker's tires with his spikes for a half-kill. I tried to stay with the figure-eight, having gone halfway around it (you can't deviate a lot from the path of the eight or you have to start over), ran out of nitrous, pushed my engine, blew my tranny, and lost a wheel to Lentz's spikes. My HMGs weren't enough to pierce his armor so I t-boned him while I still could, as I was going faster. I failed to finish him off  while taking myself out. Lentz and Twitchell tied in points but Lentz had more kills, so he won.

August 07
AAIE Div 30 Weekly Rumble
Evil Eight Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6
Special Rules: Tunnels; completing the figure-eight course, an event not accomplished in 16 years, earns 2 prestige points.

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (36, VK x 1)
2. Wesley Twitchell (17, VK x 1)
3. Carol Daugherty (10, VK x 1)
4. Edgar T. Lincoln (3)
5. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (2)
6. Steve Carder (1)

Our second August duel was a Div 10 event in the Feynman Proving Grounds. This one was a big one, with nine people in attendance.
Designs worth noting were:

* Tom Lentz's Baby Gamera -- Compact, 2 FCGSs (1R, lL).
* Howard Lalicker's Unnamed Design -- Mid-size, 2 FTs right, 2 fake FTs left.
* Carol Daugherty's RMADA Rammer -- Electric PP with HD HTMs, ramplate, acceleration 20. This vehicle was designed by Michael Fal of the Colorado-based Car Wars group RMADA.

The teleporters were in use. We decided to use a variation of them where there were only four teleporters. When you were halfway on one, you rolled 1d6 and consulted the table below:

1    The vehicle becomes stuck in the pattern buffer, and out of the arena, until 7+ is rolled on 2d6 at the end of every turn, or another player rolls a 1 on a teleporter roll, kicking you out of the buffer as only one pattern can be held at one time.
2-5    Go to that teleporter.
6    Nothing happens.
No one rolled a 1 during the game. Most of the folks rolled the teleporter they were on which led to some interesting situations. Again, I don't remember too much about the duel.

Hartman, in her first game with us and one of her first Car Wars games ever, managed to dodge being killed by three people before Taylor
finally got a shot into her open side with his ATG. Lentz caught Carder on  fire, burned off Twitchell's tires, and AAIE maneuvered with Daugherty for his 2.5 kills.

Daugherty t-boned me and Taylor, earning a mobility kill on me and a full kill on Taylor. I discovered one turret-mounted HMG is fun but just
not enough damage in a big Div 10 duel. The tactic would probably work well for skulking and scavening kills from a distance but I'm just not very good at that.

Congratulations to Kevin Taylor and Theo Hill who both did pretty well, considering how long they have been playing and the level of competition. Keep it up! Kevin, I was looking at the results and thinking about the duel and you should be tied for third  in this one. I will adjust your character for you.

August 14
AAIE Div 10 Weekly Rumble
Feynman Proving Grounds
Duelmasters: Tom Lentz and Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 9
Special Rules: Teleporters.

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (54, VK x 2)
2. Carol Daugherty (26, VK x 2)
3. Kevin Taylor (11, VK x 1)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (11, VK x 1)
5. Theo Hill (5)
6. "Disco" Steve Carder (3.5)
6. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (3.5)
8. Heather Hartman (WA Independent, 1.5)
8. Wesley Twitchell (1.5)

Carol Daugherty, Steve Carder and Howard Lalicker are consulted as duelmasters when needed. Have I mentioned recently how cool it is to be playing in a group with enough experienced players that there is always a disinterested party to make judgement calls? Thanks, guys!

Last, but not least, last night was a Div 20 duel with seven people at the Potholes State Arena just outside Othello, Washington State. Some of our cardboard islands were set up as ponds (D1 hazard per 10 mph if less than 1/2 inch, slows vehicles by 20 mph. If more than 1/2 inch, the vehicle becomes stuck) with a 50 mph and a 60 mph jump set up in the center in a crosswise configuration. Designs of note were:

* Tom Lentz's Something Different -- Mid-size, RR in turret, 2 MFs (1R, 1L).

* Carol Daugherty's Snick -- Mid-size, RR in turret, BC front, smart link (RR and BC).

* Ken Fourn's Modified Police Cruiser -- No design specifics available at press time.

* Wesley Twitchell's Scorpion -- Compact, 3 HMGs (each with incendiary ammo) front. This vehicle was designed by Edgar T. Lincoln.

* Edgar T. Lincoln's Rocket Rascal -- Luxury, 3 RLs (each with incendiary rockets) front.

The mayhem started with Fourn and I making a pass at each other. I bounced all of his damage off my thick metal-armored front, and hit with a couple of rockets, severely weakening his front, eventually lighting him on fire. We both fishtailed but didn't go into the pond we were alongside. He then took a tough shot at my back tire, needing box cars . . . and hit. The big mean duelist stripped my wheel, sending me sliding into the wall.

Meanwhile, Lentz was trying to take out Daugherty with his mine flinger. He missed with a couple of shots, managed to get her with one, but it had no obvious effect (the mines breached the underside; the severe damage wasn't visible so she didn't say anything) but not before she removed a fair chunk of his armor from both sides. He managed to finish her off but I don't remember how.  During this time, Rider t-boned Twitchell, taking out his tires for a mobility kill. As Fourn came around he drove into Twitchell's front arc and ate two HMG salvos in his open front, losing his power plant to make him a kill.  How rude of Twitchell to steal my kill!

Lalicker came across the board, leaving spikes (which Lentz hit and didn't suffer damage from) and jumped across the 60 mph jump. I managed an airborne shot on him, having skidded around a lot trying to line up the shot and get back toward the end of the arena with the action. Lentz shot by Rider and lost both mine flingers, but he wasn't a kill. Rider then t-boned Lalicker, whom I had hit in the back with two rockets to light him on fire. Lalicker was almost dead from this fire. (Once again, a kill was stolen from me.) Rider lost his ramplate and ATG in the collision so he was a firepower kill.

The impact left Lentz and I alone in the arena. We were within one phase of each other. Lentz maneuvered to present only his front to me, which I figured had to be composed of thick metal front (at least 10 points of metal was my guess). He shot me and bounced the RR off my metal front I held my firing action, figuring if I shot now it would bounce off, and he would drive past, flaunting his open side (I was right again). I thought I had enough armor to take the ram and still have weapons to finish him off in case the ram didn't kill him, always a question with him.

I survived the 140 mph head-on impact without breaching (11 points of metal armor over 60 points of plastic armor, 6 points of metal and 4 points of plastic left) and he lost his power plant, making him a kill for me. I barely won due to the in-air shot on Lalicker.

August 21
AAIE Div 20 Weekly Rumble
Potholes State Duelpark
Duelmasters: Tom Lentz and
Players: 7
Special Rules: Checkpoints, lakes and jumps.

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (42, VK x 1)
2. Tom Lentz (20, VK x 1)
3. Bryan Rider (12, VK x 1)
4. Wesley Twitchell (12, VK x 1)
5. Howard Lalicker (3)
6. Carol Daugherty (2)
7. Ken Fourn (1)

Next week is a Div 25 Duel in Matchbox scale on a 1X scale Muskogee Family Emporium Dueltrack, a four-map oval racetrack with an optional figure-eight and an octagon arena on one end. There is grass on the side of the track, treated as gravel (+D1 to any maneuver or hazard), buildings, and a pit area. It will be a very tight, messy arena. Depending on how many people show up (probably eight or more) I may decide to do it in Micro Machine scale, making it a little bigger arena but not as compact as 3X vehicles on a 1X map. See you then.

Edgar T. Lincoln
AAIE President


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Car Wars Online
Date: Aug 10, 2001 4:04 pm

Does anyone know if Steve Jackson has any plans on creating a massively multi-player online RPG based on a Car Wars theme?

Imagine the awesome world of Car Wars created in an immersive 3-D online world hosting tens of thousands of players all at once. It would truly be an awesome experience and one I hope to see someday.

With the depth of rules and background of the Car Wars tabletop RPG game -- this could be a mega-hit amongst the massively multi-player online role playing market as there would be nothing like it around. Motor City Online is already looking to bring in a large driving gaming audience -- Car Wars online would surely do even better with not only the driving dynamics but also the action of combat.

I'm putting together a petition to hopefully gain the attention of both Steve Jackson and a potential publisher to back this game up if they can see the lucrative potential of it. If you're a die-hard Car Wars gamer from years back or a new fan of this superbly designed game, please take the time to sign up and help bring this game to the next level -- help bring the entire gaming world together into a virtual one where we all can experience it together.

Please spread the word to get as many signatures as we can on this petition and we'll then forward it onto Steve Jackson and company at the petition deadline, six months from August 11, 2001.

Jason Eaglestone


DragonCon Biographies: Blake Smith

Blake Smith is the news editor of indy Magazine (, an online magazine dedicated to covering all aspects of
independent and alternative comics. He also writes poetry, programs Web-based applications and is a frequent contributer to's H.P.
Lovecraft discussion board. He is currently attempting to design a Web-based vehicle-generator for Car Wars.


Subject:  6mm Cars Photographs
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 16:04:59 -0700
From: Michael P. Owen <>
To: Eureka Miniatures <>

Dear Eureka,

Could you e-mail me photographs of the miniature sets below? I am considering purchasing several from you, and I would like for the 160+ subscribers of my Car Wars Internet Newsletter, a monthly journal that discusses the Car Wars board game, to see these miniatures.

6mm Cars -- Pack of ten modern cars and vans. A$ 10.00. Add a little realism to your modern games, or simulate the Irregular Miniatures car park!

6mm Cars -- Pack of ten post-holocaust cars, trucks and motorbikes: A$ 10.00. Comes with assorted armament. Great for "Mad Ron" type scenarios and that old "Car Wars" game you haven't played with for years.

Thank you for your assistance.


Michael P. Owen
Seattle, WA USA

Subject: Re: 6mm Cars Photographs
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 01:21:52 +1000
From: Eureka Miniaturs: Nic Robson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

Sorry we cannot help you at the moment as we don't have any pictures of the said items.

I can tell you though that there are six mid 80's cars, a transit van, an ambulance, a semi-trailler and prime mover and a motorcycle and sidecar in
the Modern Cars, and that the Post-Holocaust pack is a souped-up and gunned-up version of the basic vehicles.

The size is probably nearer 1:250 than straight 6mm, but they are rather cute.

All the best,

Nic Robson
Eureka Miniatures


Our newest figure range comes to us from the U.K. Wargames Foundry has a wide range of historical figures and has long been considered the "Games Workshop" of historical miniatures because of their quality. This is not surprising since the artists at Foundry include a number of current and former GW artists.

This new line -- Street Violence -- is their first foray into the production of science fiction miniatures. Some of you old-timers might remember Mark Copplestone's Future War range that Grenadier produced many years ago. These minis are very similar to those in many ways.

If you want to get a look at the range, or perhaps order some, just head on over to the online store. You'll find them in the miniatures area.


Arena Watch: Diamonds Arena
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 13, No. 3


Subject: SPARK August 11 Div 60 Off-Road Duel
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 16:35:14 -0500
From: Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

I figured I would send this in while it was still fresh . . . I still have three more back duels to send you for inclusion into CWIN and the WADA standings (our May 19th duel-race, the U.S. North Regional Dueling Championship, and our July 14th Div 5 duel).

August 11
SPARK Div 60 Off-Road Duel
Ozark Off-Road Autoduel Arena
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 7

1. Jim Beecher (+4, killed O'Denius, killed Strassman, knocked out)
2. Carter Rosenbaum (+1, still mobile)
2. Pete Jansen (+1, still mobile)
4. Brian Strassman (0, killed Beecher, knocked out)
4. Mike Miller (0, killed Nelson, knocked out)
4. Christian "Flip" Nelson (0, killed Miller, knocked out)
7. Eric O'Denius (-4, knocked out)

Quote Of The Duel: "I didn't think it'd be that much damage." -- Eric O'Denius, moments after rolling manyh fives and sixes for the result of a 15d6 head-on collision with Jim Beecher.

As usual, we'll have a more extensive report and vehicle designs up on our Web site.

Brian Strassman
SPARK President


Subject: SCAB Div 25 Duel on July 28
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:48:22 -0700
From: Tom Lalonde <>
To: SCAB Mailing List<>

July 28
SCAB Div 25 Duel
Junkyard Arena
Brookhurst Hobbies

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom LaLonde's Unnamed Design -- Sedan with rollcage, gasoline ICE, 2 RLs (each with incendiary rockets) and TL front, LGL, AWHs, WGs.

* Jeremy Willis's adVantage VII-G Rescue Rooter -- Van with rollcage, hvy. chassis, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver with PFE, gunner (with extra driver controls and PFE), VS front, BC (with HESH ammo and HRSWC) left, 2 SDs (1R, 1B), HD brakes, no-paint windshields. Plastic armor: F30, R20, L30, B15, T1, U4 (100 points), two 8-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 7-pt. plastic WGs back, seven 10-pt. plastic CA compartments.

* Mike Rosenberg's Unnamed Design -- Rev. lt. trike, laser left, not much else.

* Peter Cossaboon -- Luxury, 6 LMGs (each with incendiary ammo) front, GS (with paint), ramplate.

* Stan Wells's Unnamed Design -- Mid-size with rollcage, x-hvy. chassis, 150 ci ICE (with carburetor, turbocharger and 4-gallon HD gasoline tank), hvy. suspension, 4 SB solid tires, driver with thermite grenade, BC (with HESH ammo, HRSWC and bumper trigger), HDSAs, IFE. Metal/plastic armor: 30 points/136 points, 2 fake AWHs front, 2 fake WGs back, CA around ICE, CA around driver.

* Rick Cross's Unnamed Design -- Luxury, 2 LMGs (each with incendiary ammo) in turret.

* Aaron Cappocchi's Aslan Autoworks R-925 -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, 2 LtRs on rocket platform, 3 incendiary HRs front, 2 LtRs (1R, 1L), 2 FCDs (1R, 1L), 2 IcDs, link (right LtR, right FCD, left LtR and left FCD).

Event Summary

Turn 1: Cappocchi headed toward Cross who shot Cappocchi's tire for 9 points of damage, setting it on fire. Willis shot Rosenberg with a left-mounted BC for 9 points of damage. Willis's driver locked his SD on automatic. LaLonde headed toward Willis, launching two rockets that missed. Cossaboom and Wells closed on Rosenberg from the front.

Turn 2: LaLonde missed Willis again. Cappocchi fired three incendiary HRs at Cross, an attack that breached Cross's armor. The rocket booster linked to the HRs accelerated Cappocchi to 70 mph. Cross fired again at Cappocchi's burning tire, cleaning it from its wheel. Cappocchi was sent into a spinout for several turns. Wells hit Cossaboom with a BC but Cossaboom paints Wells with a GS.  Cossaboom rammed Rosenberg and totals the little trike. Willis bounced a HESH shot off Rosenberg's 5 points of metal armor while his driver locked Willis's second SD on automatic.

Turn 3: Willis's driver turned the right-mounted SD off automatic. Cross hit Willis who tried to use a PFE. The effort failed, resulting in Willis's car being on fire at the end of the turn. LaLonde ran over Willis's spikes with his steelbelted solids without caring about the damage taken. LaLonde locked his laser on Cossaboom, letting two rockets fly. Both projectiles hit Cossaboom. Wells shot blindly at Cossaboom without luck while Cappocchi continued spinning.

Turn 4: Willis's gunner hit Cappocchi with a BC for 12 points of damage. Cappocchi's driver failed again to put out the flames. LaLonde tagged Cossaboom with two more rockets, setting him on fire. LaLonde rammed Cossaboom (the duelist with the ramplate) and almost cleaned off Cossaboom's front armor. Wells rammed LaLonde in the rear with a bumper-triggered BC. The assault wiped out LaLonde's rear armor.  Cappocchi was still spinning while Cross was crossing the arena.

Turn 5: Willis's gunner hit Cappocchi again for 18 points of damage with two HESH rounds. Willis's driver finally puts out the fire. LaLonde was heading into the corner at 50 mph with a HC of -3. Six LMGs and a BC were pointed at his breached rear armor when he decided to perform a . . . bootlegger reverse. In his usual fashion, LaLonde lost control and rolled his car. The situation got worse. Cossaboom put all six LMGs bursts into LaLonde's soft underbelly but the damage was absorbed by his CA. Wells rammed LaLonde. The bumper-triggered BC sent LaLonde's driver to Hell. At the end of the turn, Cossaboom's vehicle exploded.

Turn 6:  Wells took the brunt of Cossaboom's explosion and spun through the debis field. Cross stopped behind Wells and attempted to relieve Wells of the burden of his tires. Willis closed on Cappocchi to finish him off but Cappocchi pulled a surprise on him. A combination of LtRs and flame clouds that emerged from Cappocchi's vehicle put Willis into an embarrassing situation. WIllis bounded back and forth between a wall and the flame cloud, taking multiple hits that were accompanied by many curses yelled into his CB radio. Willis's vehicle caught fire, too.

Turn 7: Wells threw a grenade at Cross. Willis tried to shoot Wells and failed as his driver once again could not get the PFE to work. (The Rescue Rooter was getting toasty by this time.) Cross was still shooting away at Wells but was not having too much luck. Willis's tires blew and Cappocchi bootleggered away, facing Wells and Cross after completing the stunt.

Final Results

1. Stan Wells (+20, killed LaLonde, killed Cross, knocked out)
2. Tom LaLonde (0, killed Cossaboom, knocked out)
2. Rick Cross (0, killed Wells, knocked out)
2. Peter Cossabooom (0, killed Rosenberg, knocked out)
2. Aaron Cappocchi (0, killed Willis, knocked out)
6. Jeremy Willis (-20, knocked out)
6. Mike Rosenberg (-20, knocked out)

Tom LaLonde
SCAB Member

From: Jeremy Willis <>
To:  Michael Owen <>
Subject: SCAB August 11th Div 30 Duel
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:18:11 -0700

A Div 30 SCAB duel took place at the Garbage Grove Municipal Autoduel Arena on August 11th. Gate #0 was empty for this duel.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Stan Wells's Milkshake Boom Version 8.4 -- Luxury, 2 MFs front. Metal/plastic armor: F8/50 (ramplate).

* Tom LaLonde's Unnamed Design -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, driver, gunner, 2 HVMGs with bumper trigger front, 4 WGs.

* Aaron Cappocchi's Atlantis Autoworks Pilgrim -- Six-wheel camper, 3 RLs (each with AP rockets and LGL) front.

* Jeremy Willis's adVantage VII Airborne Express Van -- Van with rollcage, hvy. chassis, large electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver with PFE , gunner (with extra driver controls and PFE), HMG (with 10 explosive shots and bumper trigger) front, BC (with HESH rounds) right, 2 SDs (1L, 1B), no-paint windshields, HD brakes, HRSWC (driver and HMG), HRTC (gunner). Plastic armor: F25, R25, L15, B15, T1, U4 (85 points), two 5-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back, seven 10-pt. plastic CA compartments.

* Erik Rasmussen's Unnamed Design -- Mid-size, 2 rocket boosters (one concealed), great handling. Sloped metal/plastic armor: F14/30 (ramplate).

* Mike Hording's Unnamed Design -- Six-wheel camper, 3 incendiary HRs (with three 1-space incendiary HR magazines and bumper trigger) front, great tires, ramplate.

* Chris Wilcox's Balrog -- Luxury, 2 ACs (each with incendiary ammo) front, FOJ back.

* Bernard Hansel's Burn Baby, Burn -- Compact, gasoline ICE with laser battery, pulse TwL with bumper trigger front, HD brakes.

* Kenny Qiu's Queen Anne's Revenge -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo), HRSWC (driver and 2 ATGs), great handling package.

Gate Positions

1. Stan Wells
2. Tom LaLonde
3. Aaron Cappocchi
4. Jeremy Willis
5. Erik Rasmussen
6. Mike Hording
7. Chris Wilcox
8. Bernard Hansel
9. Kenny Qiu

Event Summary

1/1    Willis's gunner missed Cappocchi with a BC.
1/4    Hansel hit Qiu for 15 points of damage. One point hit Qiu's engine. Cappocchi missed Hansel with a volley of rockets.
1/5    Willis's driver missed Rasmussen with a HMG. Qiu missed Hansel.

2/1     Willis's driver hit Rasmussen's ramplate with a HMG and removed 1 point of metal armor. Hansel hit Qiu's front for 10 points of damage. Qiu missed Hansel again.
2/2    Willis performed a D5 bend left.
2/3    Willis's gunner missed Rasmussen with a BC. Qiu t-boned Hansel, doing 12 points of damage to him and making his car skid.
2/4    Rasmussen fired a rocket booster and screamed towards Willis's van.
2/5    Rasmussen t-boned Willis's right side for 53 points of ram damage. Willis's rollcage let his BC survive with 1 DP. LaLonde t-boned Cappocchi for minor ram damage but LaLonde's bumper-triggered HVMG's inflicted 33 points of damage. Wilcox hit Cappocchi for 25 points of damage.

3/1    Willis's gunner hit Hording with a BC for 11 points of damage, removing 1 point of metal in the process. LaLonde hit Cappocchi's left side for 22 points of damage. Wilcox hit Cappocchi for minor damage. Qiu hit Hansel for 15 points of damage. Cappocchi hit Wilcox's metal armor to no effect.
3/3    Willis's driver flipped his rear SD on automatic
3/4    Wells lobbed mines in front of Qiu.
3/5    Wells's mines blew Qiu's driver out the roof of his car.

4/1    Wilcox flipped his FOJ on automatic. Willis tried to perform a D6 bend to protect his breached  right side from the incoming Hording but failed. As a result, Willis started rolling. Hording swiped the underbody of Willis's van, doing minor ram damage. Three bumper-triggered HRs launched from Hording's vehicle killed Willis's driver. The collision did not slow Hording down like he wanted.

4/2    Hording hit an arena wall head-on at 80 mph while on a spike counter. Hording was unaffected by the spikes, and survived the impact, but vaulted straight up into the air. Hording's front plasticore tires survived the launch. Hording rotated twice in the air, and landed back on the same troublesome spike counter, which inflicted more tire damage.
4/3    Willis's gunner put out a fire modifier of 12 with a PFE. Wells tried to toss a grenade but dropped it, causing Willis to give minor damage to his own vehicle.

5/1    The crowd went crazy as Hording put his camper into reverse, and moved backward with three flat rear tires after his vault. Wells tried to ram Hansel, but he skidded behind him, allowing Hansel to escape.
5/4    Willis's gunner turned his SD off automatic while the van was rolling.
5/5    Rasmussen t-bones LaLonde for major damage and destroyed his engine. The impact caused Rasmussen to spin out.

6/1    Hording continued to move in reverse. Willis's van stopped on its left side.
6/5    Hansel missed hitting Rasmussen with weapons fire.

7/1    Hording stopped his camper with an eye on Willis's underbody.
7/4    Hansel hit Rasmussen for 16 points of damage. Willis's gunner shot across arena at Rasmussen, while sitting sideways, but missed badly.
7/5    After sitting on a FOJ counter for 3 turns, LaLonde caught fire.

8/1    In a repeated attempt to kill Willis, Hording accelerated to -15 mph. Willis missed hitting Rasmussen with weapons fire again. Hansel missed hitting one of Rasmussen's tires with a weapon attack.

9/1    Hording's speed reached 30 mph.
9/2    Wells flung mines in front of Rasmussen.
9/3    Wells's mines ventilated Rasmussen's car.
9/4    Hansel hit Rasmussen for 16 points of damage.

10/1 Hording reached 45 mph and t-boned Willis's underside. The ram damage was absorbed by the rollcage and CA compartments. Three more bumper-triggered HRs went off. One HR missed and two HRs went flying through Willis's cargo area.

10/2    Wells T-boned Hansel for 44 points.
10/3    Wells flung mines in front of Hansel.
10/4    Mines obliterated Hansel. Wells picked up the win with 3 MF-caused kills.

Final Results

1. Stan Wells (+60, killed Qiu, killed Rasmussen, killed Hansel)
2. Tom LaLonde (+20, killed Cappocchi, killed Wilcox, knocked out)
3. Mike Hording (+10, mobility kill on Willis)
4. Erik Rasmussen (0, killed LaLonde, knocked out)
5. Jeremy Willis (-10, mobility killed)
6. Aaron Cappocchi (-20, knocked out)
6. Chris Wilcox (-20, knocked out)
6. Bernard Hansel (-20, knocked out)
6. Kenny Qiu (-20, knocked out)

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager

Subject: SCAB August 25th Div 10 Amateur Night
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 20:14:05 -0700
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

This special Div 10 Amateur Night duel took place at Garbage Grove Ugly Square on August 25th, 2051. Vehicles were supplied by various builders, and were restricted to light chassis only.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom Lalonde's Unnamed Design -- Mid-size, large electric PP (with PlatCats and HD HTMs), ramplate, acceleration 20.

* Stan Wells's Unnamed Design -- Compact, gasoline ICE, MF (with napalm mines and weapon timer) front, no top armor.

* Aaron Cappocchi's Hammer Motors Sohn des Teufels -- Pickup, 2 linked FTs left, IcD left.

* Mike Hording's Unnamed Design -- Mid-size, VMG front, MD back.

* Ben Chernik Unnamed Design -- Compact, RL (with incendiary rockets and HRSWC) front, SD back, FE.

* Bernard Hansel's Dish-n-Wish -- Mid-size, ATG (with APFSDS ammo, SWC and bumper trigger) front, SD back, no-paint windshield, sloped armor.

* Jeremy Willis's Super Fly -- Mid-size, electric PP, RL with bumper trigger front, ramplate, sloped armor, three 10-pt. CA compartments.

Event Summary

Jeremy t-boned Mike for a kill, but spun out from the impact, recovered in reverse to avoid hitting an outer wall, and stopped his car. Without HTMs, he accelerated very slowly. At the same time, LaLonde went head-on with Hansel, killing him.

Moments later, Wells shot mines right between himself and Chernik. They went off and sprayed napalm on their cars, igniting both. They exploded together moments later. Cappocchi hit LaLonde with one FT while LaLonde was on the counter created by the IcD, causing LaLonde to vault to his death.

Willis tried desperately to catch up to circling Aaron while getting lit-up by his FTs. The resulting fire took out Willis's spinout-damaged tires in time to avoid his ramplate just two feet shy of a rear-end impact, allowing Cappocchi to win the duel.

Finai Results

1. Aaron Cappocchi (+40, killed LaLonde, killed Willis)
2. Jeremy Willis (0, killed Hording, knocked out)
2. Tom Lalonde (0, killed Hansel, knocked out)
2. Stan Wells (0, killed Chernik, knocked out)
5. Ben Chernik (-20, knocked out)
5. Mike Hording (-20, knocked out)
5. Bernard Hansel (-20, knocked out)

Thanks for playing, and hope to see you all at the convention next weekend!

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager


Subject: TCM Div 10 Amateur Night
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:47:09 -0700
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Details of the July 21st Amateur Night event at Garbage Grove Ugly Square:

This duel was sponsored by Throach Corporate Motors to test an experimental Div 10 car and took place in prelude to that afternoons SCAB Div 40 main event. All four duelists used this experimental compact. None of the amateur drivers had reaction advantages at the time of the duel.

TCM Amateur Night Special -- Compact, std. chassis, medium electric PP (with HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and HRSWC) front. Sloped plastic armor: F30, R20, L20, B15, T2, U3 (90 points), two 5-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back. HC 3; 3,700 lbs., $9,987.
The action started with LaLonde and Wells flying into the arena and turning toward each other to play a deadly game of chicken. Half a second later they fired their ATGs at each other but missed. They continued screeming toward each other to the point that neither one could turn away without getting T-boned. They collided before one full second had elapsed, and did enough damage that even the two-third damage modifier of their vehicles didn't spare either driver.

On the other side of the tiny arena, Willis turned away from Cross to go around an ugly pillar to enter the center area. Cross, anticipating this, went straight toward the center area to meet Willis in the middle. They both rounded an ugly pillar so close that they didn't have time to shoot before the head-on impact. The combined speed was much less than LaLonde's and Wells's collision speed, but the impact was so violent that both vehicles were torn asunder.

It was declared beforehand tie results would be broken by the greatest amount of damage done in one ATG shot. Because of the collisions, this rule was not very useful.

The entire duel lasted about 1.5 seconds and ended with four dead amateurs. Afterwards, TCM designers scratched their heads while picking through the wreckage.

Final Results

July 21
TCM Div 10 Amateur Night Duel
Garbage Grove Ugly Square
Duelmaster: Jeremy Willis
Players: 4
Special Rules: All players drove the same duelmaster-provided vehicle.

TCM Amateur Night Special -- Compact, std. chassis, medium electric PP (with HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and HRSWC) front. Sloped plastic armor: F30, R20, L20, B15, T2, U3 (90 points), two 5-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back. HC 3; 3,700 lbs., $9,987.

1. Tom LaLonde (17.5, VK x 1)
1. Stan Wells (17.5, VK x 1)
3. Jeremy Willis (1.5, VK x 1)
3. Rick Cross (1.5, VK x 1)

Subject: TCM August 5th Duel
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 15:06:48 -0700
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

TCM Duel #7 took place on August 5th at the Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena. This Div 5 duel was the first TCM duel to feature more experienced duelists (Driver, Gunner, Handgunner, and two extra skill levels). Half of the players went with Driver +2 (the cycle and the ram cars). Dennis Bolin took Driver +1 and Gunner +1, and Rick Cross took Gunner +2. Stan Wells took a driver with Driver +2 and a gunner with Gunner +2.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Stan Wells's Unnamed Design -- Light trike, cyclist, gunner, VMG right.

* Rick Cross's Unnamed Design -- Compact, FT right.

* Dennis Bolin's Unnamed Design: Subcompact, MG front, sloped armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

* Tom LaLonde's Unnamed Design: Subcompact, rocket booster back, sloped armor, ramplate.

* Rich Dekany's Unnamed Design -- Compact, dropped solid back, ramplate.

* Jeremy Willis's TCM Spike Cycle -- Hvy. cycle with plastic windshell, small cycle electric PP with HTMs, hvy. suspension, 2 radial HD tires, LR front, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes and extra explosive-tipped magazine) back. Plastic armor: F12, B12 (24 points), 9 pts. plastic cycle windshell armor, 10 pts. plastic CA around PP, 10 pts. plastic CA around cyclist, 10 pts. plastic CA around SD, four 1-pt. plastic cycle AWHs, two 10-pt. plastic cycle WGs. Acceleration 5 (10 with HTMs), Top speed 110, DM 1/3, HC 3 (4 at 60 mph +); 1,200 lbs., $4,993.

Gate Positions

West gate on north wall: Stan Wells
North gate on east wall: Rick Cross
North gate on west wall: Dennis Bolin
West central gate: Tom LaLonde
South gate on east wall: Rich Dekany
West gate on south wall: Jeremy Willis

Event Summary

1/1    LaLonde performed a D3 bend to the right and fired his 35-mph rocket booster. Wells missed Bolin with his VMG.
1/4    Bolin missed Wells with his MG.

2/1    Willis entered SW oil pool. Bolin entered NW oil pool. Wells missed Bolin's tire.
2/2    Cross entered NE oil pool. Bolin missed Wells again.
2/3    Cross missed Wells with his FT. Willis flipped his SD on automatic.
2/4    Dekany entered SE oil pool. Willis safely performed a D5 bend on oil (a D7 maneuver) away from the rapidly approching LaLonde.

3/1    Wells missed Bolin again.
3/4    Willis performed a D3 bend away from a wall and turned spikes off automatic, cutting off LaLonde.
4/3    Willis turned HTMs off to gain speed as Dekany's ram car moved in. Wells failed to perform a D3 bend and skidded.

5/1    Willis safely performed a D6 bend left to head back into the SW oil pool.
5/2    Dekany started turning toward the SW oil pool in hopes of ramming Willis.
5/3    Willis put his SD back on automatic
5/4    On oil, Willis skidded away from incoming Dekany, losing 2 damage points off each tire. Dekany turned onto the oil but slid toward Willis's spikes. Bolin hit Cross for 4 points of damage.
5/5    Dekany slid over Willis's exploding spikes, losing three of his wheels.

6/1    Dekany skidded to a halt in the oil pool. Wells turned sharply, spinning out and blowing two wheels off. He ended up in the NW oil pool with his weapon facing away from the action. Willis performed a D4 bend on oil (a D6 maneuver) to flee the approching LaLonde.
6/2    Bolin rear-ended Cross for 5 points of damage. Cross missed Bolin at point-blank range. Willis performed a D1 bend to turn away from LaLonde while laying more spikes and skidding a bit, losing another DP off each tire.
6/3    LaLonde drove oo close to the spikes, losing all four wheels. LaLonde's ramplate clipped the side of Willis's bike as his car started to roll. This collision inflicted 3 points of damage to Willis's windshell, causing his bike to fishtail. The clock started ticking for Willis. Cross, obviously distracted by this, tried to perform a D1 bend but he spun out.
6/5    Cross hit a pillar backwards, suffering 4 points of damage.

7/1    Willis turned sharply to the east.
7/3    Willis entered the SE oil pool. Bolin hit Cross for 6 points of damage.

8/1    Willis turned sharply to the north.

9/1    Willis performed a D5 bend left towards the center oil pool.
9/2    Bolin collided head-on with Cross for 12 points of damage.
9/5    Willis entered the center oil pool.

10/1    Willis floored his bike, attempting to attack Wells before time expired.
10/2    Bolin dropped a grenade out his window between his car and Cross's.

11/1    Willis's bike hit 90 mph while going straight for Wells.
11/2    Bolin's grenade went off to little effect.
11/3    Willis got close enough to need a to-hit of 12 to strike Wells with his LtR. He missed. Willis won on time.

Final Results (Victory Points, Tie Breaker Points, TCM Points, Kills)

1. Jeremy Willis (+40, 3, 36, killed LaLonde, killed Dekany)
2. Dennis Bolin (0, 1, 13.5)
2. Rick Cross (0, 1, 13.5)
4. Rich Dekany (-20, 2, 3, knocked out)
5. Tom LaLonde (-20, 1, 1.5, knocked out)
5. Stan Wells (-20, 1, 1.5, knocked out)

I hope to see all of you at the upcoming convention and TCM Duel #8 on September 30th. Thanks for playing.

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager