Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 7
July 02, 2051

Web Posted October 06, 2001
Web Posted October 06, 2001



Greetings suicide jockeys. This is the issue of CWIN you have wanted to read for over four years. It contains official announcements of the plans Steve Jackson Games has for Car Wars in 2001.

After five years of being almost completely devoid of Car Wars discussions, Usenet is exploding with posts about autodueling, specifically the new Car Wars line. The mesages are very interesting but watch for the occasional flamethrower shots over your head when the discussions become heated. You can find these debates on <> and <>.


The search engine Google has acquired the Usenet archives from DejaNews. You can find messages from 1995 to the present. Road warriors will find several great posts from winter 1995 and summer 1996, including how High Velocity Dueling was started.


Google Groops


The WADA League standings will be updated on or before July 4th. Thanks for waiting to see the points totals revised. Continue to play regularly and send me duel reports.


During July, I will be updating several areas of the SWAT Web site, eliminating the URLs that no longer work, archiving Web pages that have disappeared, and performing other changes.

Drive offensively,

Michael P. Owen



Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / 2051 North RDC
Date: Jun 25, 2001, 3:22 pm
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

I know it's short notice, but SPARK has been allowed to run the 2051 North Regional Dueling Championship. It will be held at 1:30 p.m. on July 7th at Source Comics and Games. The event is Division 40 in the Armadillo Autoduel Arena. All standard AADA dueling rules apply. Questions can be fielded through the SPARK Web site.

Source Comics and Games
1601 West Larpenteur Avenue
Falcon Heights, MN, 55113

St. Paul Area Road Knights

Hope to see you there!

Mike Miller
SPARK President



Google Usenet Archives
December 1995

From: J.J. Pierson (
Subject: Car Wars Question
Date: 1995/12/09

I have two questions about the power plant modifications in Car Wars.

1. If you get Extra Power Cells, does the price for PlatCats and SuperCons go up, or are they based on the base price of the engine?

2. When you get Extra Power Cells, it says it increases the DP of the plant by 10%. Do you use that DP when calculating the amount of Power
Units the plant has or do you use the base DP for the plant? Seems sort of strange the thing gives you extra PU from the DP adjustment AND from adding the 50%.

From: James Gassaway (
Subject: Re: Car Wars question
Date: 1995/12/10

I don't think the prices go up.  I believe they are based on the base price of the engine.

Only cycle engines have power capacity based on DP, all the others base it on their size in spaces. I've always understood EPCs to add 50% of
the base power units.  Not 50% plus some more for a bigger engine. Adding an EPC is not making your power plant bigger, it's more like putting another component in the engine compartment with the power plant.

You can also write to Steve Jackson Games with questions. I don't have their snail mail or e-mail addresses around right now but I'm sure someone out there (out here?) does.

From: J.J. Pierson (
ubject: Re: Car Wars question
Date: 1995/12/10

I tried e-mailing them but got a form letter back saying that they don't answer rules questions.

From: Scott D. Orr (
Subject: Re: Car Wars question
Date: 1995/12/10

Write a letter and include an SASE, and you'll get an answer (the address is in the rulebook). Probably the best place to write to is Pyramid (just stick Pyramid, or Pyramid Car Wars Q&A in the address), and if you don't subscribe be sure to include the SASE and tell them you need the answer directly.  The address for Pyramid is:

Car Wars Q&A
Box 18957
Austin, TX 78761

From: Steve Jackson (
Subject: Re: Car Wars question
Date: 1995/12/15

Quote the whole letter, guy . . .

We do *not* answer rules questions in e-mail (or by phone). We *will* answer any rules question that you mail to us with a SASE; that way we can get it to the right person, at the right time, so you get the right answer. (And I'd answer your question here, just to be neighborly, but *I don't know* -- the game has gotten a lot more complex since I designed it, and I am *not* the number one guru for it any more!

We're now interviewing for a CAR WARS line editor . . . the next step will be to see about a net-rep so questions posted in this particular newsgroup, and on, can be answered. The point, of course, is to keep from answering the same questions more than 20 or 30 times a year.

Steve Jackson
President and Founder
Steve Jackson Games


Google Usenet Archives
November 06, 1995

From: Scott Haring (
Subject: Car Wars Line Editor Wanted
Date: 1995/11/06

Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars line is getting ready to receive a major jump-start. We need somebody to help us, a Line Editor for the, well, line.

What does a Line Editor do?

* Makes recommendations for future products in the Car Wars line. Recommends which out-of-print products need to be returned to print (and
whether or not they need errata fixes, minor changes, or a complete rewrite).

* Evaluates proposals and manuscripts for new Car Wars releases.

* Answers rules question, both on the net and in response to letters.

* Helps determine the future of the American Autoduel Association, the Car Wars fan club.

What are a Line Editor's qualifications?

* Must have a thorough, near encyclopedic, knowledge of the Car Wars game system, all its supplements, and the autoduelling world background.

* Must be a good enough writer and editor to be able to at least evaluate manuscripts; we'd prefer if you were also good enough to be published yourself.

No relocation is necessary, at least not yet. We see this as a telecommuting position with all work being done here on the Internet in various newsgroups and via e-mail.

We're looking for a dedicated true fan; this will start out as a volunteer position, though it could easily evolve into something more. Our GURPS
Line Editor started out this very same way, and is now a full-time freelancer for us.

If you're interested, send e-mail to <>.

Scott D. Haring
Managing Editor
Steve Jackson Games



From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Garrity <>, Michael Owen <> Save Address
Subject: Used Go Karts
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001

Here's an e-mail you'd be interested in.

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

From: Yohan Friedman <>
To: NOVA <>
Subject: Used Go Karts
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 14:42:13 EDT

Hi! I work in the summer in a camp and we decided to make a go kart track. I'd like to buy some used karts so I'd like request information about them like prices and whatever else I'd need to make a track. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Yonah Friedman

From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Garrity <>, Michael Owen <>
Subject: More Go Karts
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 19:49:25 -0500

Hi. I thought you'd like to see another one our crazy e-mails.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

From: Scott <>
To: NOVA <>
Subject: Go Kart Chassis
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 20:08:27 -0400

Do you have any pic's of the go kart chassis on the Web site? If you do can you send some to me? Thanks.


Popular Science Forums
April 2001

Editor's Note: The messages below were acquired from the cache feature of the Google search engine <>. While the URL for Popular Science's Forums given above is functional, the Web addresses for the messages listed are no longer valid.

From: Michael <>
Date: 04/18/01
Subject: Whatever happened to serious science?
URL: <>

It seems as if very few, if any, people want to discuss serious science in here. All I see are posts asking stupid questions, or posting stupid
answers to serious questions. I've seen very few good discussions, and even those seem to be peppered with a few stupid posts. I think you
should have to pass a knowledge test before you can post in here. Please, only thoughtful responses.

From: Bots <>
Date: 04/09/01
Subject: Re: Whatever happened to serious science?
URL: <>

Check this out. It describes some bad-ass firefighting equipment including a combination flamethrower/foam dispenser:

Editor's Note: As most Car Wars players know, the Web page mentioned contains statistics for vehicles that do not exist. The vehicles are the results of CWIN's U.S. Forest Service vehicle design competition.



CNN Interactive

June 15, 2001
Posted: 4:09 PM EDT (2009 GMT)

(CNN) -- Just imagine if your mode of transportation donned these: tires that didn't go flat, never blew out, and never lost their treads.

For about 30 years, the tire industry has talked about creating tires such a product -- and one company now says it could have these tires on
the market within two years.

The tires being tested are made of urethane -- the stuff that your running shoe treads and inline skate wheels are made of.

CNN Technology Correspondent Rick Lockridge has the story.

(Editor's Note: See the CNN Web site for the video clip.)


The Associated Press and CNN Interactive
June 20, 2001
Posted: 2:42 PM EDT (1842 GMT)

ASPEN, Colorado (AP) -- Budget Rent a Car is filling a luxury niche by offering Hummers, Mercedes sport utility vehicles and Range Rovers to
discerning vacationers.

"It's an oxymoron. We hear that a lot," said owner Ron Norbutt. "We're stuck with the word 'Budget', but it's always been the philosophy of the corporation to offer a diverse fleet."

The Hummer rents for $399.95 per day while the Mercedes SUV costs $189 per day. The Range Rover is the least expensive at $99 per day.

Customers who make reservations for another 4-wheel drive vehicle are given the option to upgrade to one of the more expensive ones, Norbutt said.

The Aspen office has done well with the Hollywood crowd that flies in on private jets, he said. It is affiliated with a Budget branch in Beverly Hills, California.


CNN Interactive
June 30, 2001
Posted: 1:57 PM EDT (1757 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Despite an attempt by the Food and Drug Administration to halt her efforts to clone a human being, the chief scientist of Clonaid said Saturday she was confident she would succeed soon.

"The only thing I guarantee is that I want a very healthy baby, and I'll do all I can do so that this very healthy baby is presented to you soon," Brigitte Boisselier said. "If it's impossible to do it here, we'll do it abroad, and we'll move on and move on."

The French biochemist said she has faced unforeseen barriers. "I expected some scientific problems, but I had more federal problems, I should say, since the FDA indeed found us."

Clonaid was founded in 1997 in the Bahamas by the Raelians, a religious group that contends extraterrestrials used genetic engineering to
create life on Earth. The Raelians were founded in France in 1973 and claim 55,000 members in 84 countries. The leader is known as Rael, the
former Claude Vorilhon, who dresses in a white spacesuit-like uniform and says he spreads his message after encounters with creatures who
came to Earth in a UFO.

After stories were written about the group's cloning goals, the Bahamian government pressured the company to leave. It relocated last year to the United States.

"I believe that we indeed have been created by intelligent beings -- those beings coming from space . . . ," Boisselier said, acknowledging that
many people regard her views with skepticism. "Usually, people have a little smile and say, 'Well, she's crazy thinking about that.' "

Investigators from the FDA arrived at Clonaid's lab in the spring, a few weeks after Boisselier testified before Congress that human cloning could be done safely, she said. U.S. News and World Report will report in next week's issue that a federal grand jury in Syracuse, New York, near Boisselier's home, has subpoenaed her phone records and other documents. Boisselier told CNN she has not been served with any subpoenas.

The FDA would not confirm that it visited the lab. A spokeswoman did confirm that the agency sent her a letter stating the FDA has jurisdiction over regulation of clinical research using human cloning technology.

Boisselier said that, although she disagrees, she is reluctant to challenge the agency in court. "I want to concentrate my time, my energy, my money on science."

Although the FDA may know the company's whereabouts, Boisselier would not say where her lab is based nor how close it is to cloning a human. "The only thing I will tell: When the baby is born, you will know for sure."

Boisselier said the company would continue to carry out research deemed acceptable by the FDA at its U.S. facilities, but would set up a second lab in another country "where it's legal to do the final step . . . the human cell nucleus transfer."

In order to clone a human, scientists would remove the nucleus of an egg and extract its genetic material, leaving just its shell. Then the nucleus of a cell taken from the body of the person to be cloned would be transferred into the shell.

With only the genetic material from the person to be cloned inside the shell of the egg, the cell would be jolted with electricity to activate cell division. The embryo would then be implanted into a surrogate, who -- if the experiment were to succeed -- would carry the fetus to term.

Still, she said, thousands of people support her: "A lot of parents, a lot of people who would like to be cloned."

But after stories were written about the group's goals, the Bahamian government pressured the company to leave. It relocated last year to the United States.

Clonaid is funded by a man whose 10-month-old son died after a heart operation. The father, who has remained anonymous, wants DNA from his son to be used to create a clone.

In 1997, when Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned from an adult sheep, cloning a human entered the realm of possibility.

The specter also raised concerns. "At least half, probably about three-quarters of pregnancies that are generated will be lost," predicted Dr. Jonathan Hill, assistant professor of animal reproduction at Cornell University.

Other scientists are plowing ahead. In addition to the work at Clonaid, former University of Kentucky professor Panayiotis Zavos said he plans to clone a human within the next year.

But putting theory into practice is not easy: Cloning Dolly required 277 attempts. And it carries risks. Hill, who has cloned cattle, said the cloned calves are often sick and abnormally large.

Scientists have cloned sheep, cows, goats, pigs and mice, but their success rate is as low as one live birth in 100 attempts.

Many bioethicists also oppose the efforts to clone humans. "If you go to the likes of Dr. Zavos, he will give you a dead baby, a defective baby or a deformed baby," said Art Caplan, director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. "We don't know how to do this."

Such talk has not deterred Boisselier, who said any pregnancy would be monitored and, should it go awry, "we will anticipate to do an abortion."

Although the scientific and ethical hurdles may be daunting, the legal barriers are few: Only California, Michigan, Louisiana and Rhode Island ban public or private funding of cloning research.

There is a federal moratorium on the use of federal funding for research on cloning humans and many scientists abroad are abiding by a self-imposed moratorium on cloning humans. Several countries forbid cloning by law.



Subject: General / Artwork
Date: Jun 29, 2001, 5:31 am
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

Speaking of the new game and all, I would say the best comment to come out of everything so far has been when my 9-year-old son saw me looking at the new artwork on the Web. He asked what it was and I told him that the game is finally coming back later this year. He asked was this a "new part" for the game and I told him no, that the rumor was it was being simplified. He said, "Good, then you'll be able to teach me to play." Ahh . . . a proud moment in an autoduelist's life.

Jimmy "Snake" Logan
MADHAT President



Subject: Formula De Sports Car Playing Pieces
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 07:20:34 -0000
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi everyone. Pacific Rail Shops is happy to announce that we now have available sportscar playing pieces for the Formula De game! Now you can run sport prototype and GT cars on your Formula De tracks and have longer races with pit stops. The tracks are available but why limit them to only Formula One races?

We have a set of 10 pieces available which includes four Italian Prototypes, two American GTR GT1s, two German CL GTs, and two German GT1-LMs. Pieces are made of high quality metal and are easy to paint up for your favorite team. We have produced these pieces especially for the Formula De tracks. The pieces have good details of the specific cars. Price is $9.50 per set.

We have the cars available on Ebay (to find them search "Formula De") or if you would like to order them direct please e-mail us.


Felix and John Verser
230 N 2nd Court
Coos Bay,  OR  97420-2402



Watching The Cards Roll Off The Press

The Daily Illuminator
June 14, 2001

Phil Reed is in Kingsport, Tennessee this week, at the Carta Mundi plant, watching as several games get printed. He's already seen the
Munchkin cards come off the press, and he says they're perfect. Next up, Frag and Chez Dork. Carta Mundi prints most of the cards for the
game hobby, but we haven't used them much until now. Clearly, this will be changing . . .

Car Wars Returns

Car Wars HQ
June 25, 2001

At last . . . Car Wars is back. The classic game of car combat is now bigger, faster, deadlier, and easier to play! Best of all, you can get into it for $5.95!

The new Car Wars features a triple-sized scale . . . car counters are 3" long. You don't need a map . . . play on any table!

Online support for the game will ramp up over the next few months with a web magazine, Autoduel Times . . . and it's free! For more information, and to see what's online now, visit the Car Wars pages.

Car Wars launches with three Division 5 sets. Each book gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two evenly-matched car designs (plus variants). Get one and play. Get 'em all and you've got SIX cars . . . host your own Amateur Night! And more are coming next month . . .

And Sometimes We Play

The Daily Illuminator
June 30, 2001

In our Company FAQ, we write, "It's not a madcap all-day games session -- it's an office, and most of us spend all day on the computer or the

Not true today. A bunch of us are here, taking a few last playtest shots at Car Wars and Frag Expansion 1 - Death Match, trying to find the
nasty little corners where things might still be broken . . .

So, we do play. Sometimes. Of course, we do it on our day off . . . Monday, we'll be back at the computers and the phones.

Scott Haring
Marketing Editor
Steve Jackson Games

Car Wars Comes Roaring Back!

The Daily Illuminator
July 01, 2001

With three new products at the top of the October release schedule, we are kicking off a new era for Car Wars, one of our best-selling games

The original Car Wars debuted in 1981. It was an instant hit, winning the Origins Award for Best Science Fiction Boardgame of 1981. The game
spawned dozens of expansion sets and supplements, a fan club with two national tournaments a year, Autoduel Quarterly magazine, and
crossovers with the GURPS and Champions roleplaying games.

And now . . . it's back. The classic game of car combat is now bigger, faster, deadlier, and easier to play. The new Car Wars features a
triple-sized scale -- car counters are 3" long. “The upscaling is just one feature,” designer Phil Reed said. "We went back to the original Car
Wars as our starting point, and left out a lot of the additional complications that came later. It's easier to learn and play, and loads of fun."

Scott Haring was Car Wars Line Editor, editor of Autoduel Quarterly, and designer or developer of many Car Wars expansion sets and
supplements during the game’s original heyday. He said, "Where I think we lost our way was when players spent more time with vehicle design
spreadsheets, fine-tuning armor compositions and ammunition weights, than they did actually playing the game. I'm so glad to see this new
version putting the emphasis back where it belongs -- the action on the highways and in the arenas.”

The first product in the Car Wars relaunch will be Car Wars: The Card Game, an August release. The card game provides the first peek at the
new graphic look of Car Wars, a look that will continue throughout the entire line.

"We knew we wanted something different for the art and graphic presentation as well as the system," Reed said. "After a year of searching for
'the' artist I found Sanford Greene, and his style is perfect. It's kicky and dynamic, and very much in the anime tradition, and that makes it
perfect for the new feel of the game, as well as today's audience."

Scheduled for October are three "Starter Set" booklets. Each booklet has the basic movement and combat rules, with two pre-designed cars
(plus several variant designs per car). Bound into the booklet (and printed on the covers) are counter sheets with all the counters you need.
Each booklet will retail for $5.95.

The first three Starter Sets all feature Division 5 vehicles. One booklet is all that is necessary to play the game, but all three will give players six
different cars (plus variants) for maximum mayhem! And more Starter Sets are coming in future months, featuring motorcycles and other vehicle
types, and higher Divisions.

Future plans for the Car Wars line include the complete vehicle design system, miniatures in the new 3" scale, and a free online magazine,
Autoduel Times.

"I love the new look, and I love the direction the design has gone in," Haring said. "But mostly, I'm just happy that Car Wars is back!"

Steve Jackson Games New and Upcoming Releases: Car Wars and Battle Cattle
July 01, 2001

August 2001 Releases

Car Wars: The Card Game

September 2001 Releases

Battle Cattle: The Card Game

October 2001 Releases

Car Wars Division 5 Set 1: Killer Kart vs. Shrimp

Car Wars Division 5 Set 2: Stinger vs. Firecracker

Car Wars Division 5 Set 3: Napalm vs. Dagger

Car Wars Division 5 Assortment


From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Three Duels
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 12:32:48 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Well, summer is upon us and for me that means gardening so these will be short and sweet.

The first duel was a Div 5 in the Feynman Proving Grounds with the teleporters disabled and featuring the AAIE premiere of Greg "Tsykoduk"
Nokes. Unfortunately, it was also the last Tuesday duel Carol will be able to make for a while. She is employed (Yea!) but has to work Tuesday
evenings. Also visiting was Evan Mendonca, a guy who duels with us at cons.

Only two vehicles I recall were Tom's: a motorcycle with SDs out both sides (it had been long enough that he forgot why he didn't run them) and my DM 1 compact ramcar with a 10 acceleration called We Come In Peace, which used Meatshield TM technology (also known as Johnson and Chang, just back from being attacked by unknown aliens on Beta 3).

Tom had a spectacular outing, getting a Mobility kill on Steve with a grenade right out of the gate and managing to get a full kill on Howard without becoming road pizza despite a 50 mph collision with him.

WADA Stuff

May 22
AAIE Div 5 Weekly Rumble
Feynman Proving Grounds
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 7
Special Rules: Transporters deactivated.

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (42, VK x 1)
2. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (20, VK x 2)
3. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (12, VK x 1)
4. Carol Daugherty (3.5)
4. Steve Carder (3.5)
6. Greg "Tsykoduk" Nokes (1.5)
6. Evan Mendonca (1.5)

Our next duel was a Div 25 in the same arena (we're lazy) but we were trying to allow tire shots for the first time in 15 years. The game has changed a lot, so we figured we'd try it.

I took a page from Rob Hagmaier's book (a very experienced California duelist), and tried a reversed trike with a gauss gun. Steve had similar ideas but had a rammer with slicks. I had a perfect point-blank shot on his rear tire and missed taking it out by 2 points! Guess I should have taken that pulsed laser after all!

Joining us for his first weekly duel after participating in the Northwest RDC was Ken Fourn, another local duellist that has played on and off for many years. Oh, and it looks like this one was Carol's last duel, my mistake.

WADA Stuff

May 29
AAIE Div 25 Weekly Rumble
Feynman Proving Grounds
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 5
Special Rules: Transporters deactivated.

1. Carol Daugherty (30, VK x 1)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (14, VK x 1)
3. Ken Fourn (3, VK x 1)
4. Steve Carder (2)
5. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (1)

The last duel for this report was a Div 15 in Picasso's Pyramid. (Howard set up a square arena with two risers across the middle with a jump in between them and suggested we call it the Pyramid. I pointed out that it looked nothing like a pyramid and someone suggested Picasso's Pyramid. The name was accepted by acclaim amid much laughter.)

Theo Hill joined us again. After Regionals he decided Tom and I could use a butt whipping and he is working on being the young man to do it.  He gave a good accounting of himself, I took him out early with my twin side-mounted flamethrowers after others had softened him up, but he hopped out of his car and continued to duel with his grenades and heavy pistol, almost getting a mobility kill on Tom. Keep working on it Theo, you are progressing nicely.

I ended up screaming around the arena like a madman ("Oh yeah, I have nitrous!") a couple of times until I could get enough shots on Tom's
tires to take him out. His incendiary HMGs weren't having much effect on my metal and my FTs weren't enough to penetrate his unless I rolled maximum damage. Allowing tire shots isn't near as nasty as it was back in the old days, and has allowed a wider variety of viable designs.  We will probably continue to allow them, pending a vote by the group after a couple more duels.

WADA Stuff

June 04
AAIE Div 15 Weekly Rumble
Picasso's Pyramid
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: Risers and jumps.

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (30, VK x 1)
2. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (14, VK x 1)
3. Theo Hill (3)
4. Howard "Wolf" Lalicker (2, VK x 1)
5. Steve Carder (1)

That's it for now, Next week will be a Div 25, no specified arena as yet. See you then (hopefully between my sights!) Just noticed that I got the
same amount of WADA points as Tom in these duels, but he did it with one less. Curse you, Red Baron. I'll catch you yet!

Edgar T. Lincoln
AAIE President


From: David Hudson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: DSI Results for WADA League
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 18:13:00 +0100

Here are the results of DragonSlayers Inc's latest event, completed on the 8th of June.

Taking place at a modified version of the Gladiator Arena, each team had $100,000 to spend on two vehicles, one land vehicle and one aquatic craft. The winner would be the last viable vehicle, of either type. Three teams entered:

* Archdiocese (Alasdair Brooks) fielded a hydrofoil-equipped speedboat and minibus.
* BUMS (Geoff Lambourne) entered an aquabike and a 10-wheel truck.
* DRAGON (David Hudson) came to the event with a metal-armoured cruiser with cupola and a slick-shod luxury.

Battle quickly commenced, with the two oversized vehicles opening up with their big guns (gauss guns, autocannons, x-ray lasers). As the DRAGON cruiser rushed towards the other small craft, he could do little but watch as the Archdiocese boat ploughed into the smaller aquabike, smashing it  into little pieces. The Archdiocese boat then lost control, and rolled off the side of the map. The aquabike never managed to get a shot off, and the DRAGON cruiser now had no targets for his heavy torpedoes.

Above this carnage, the land battle raged, with the little luxury coming off the worst from exchanges with the BUMS truck. He was able to use speed to evade some of the x-ray laser shots, but then found himself facing the equally menacing Archdiocese minibus. Due to his speed and the design of the track, the DRAGON car soon found his way forward totally blocked, as the bus laid a trail of flaming oil in its wake. This forced the car to come to almost a complete stop (or run over flaming oil with slicks), which made him a relatively easy target, with both opponents firing at him with at least one of their weapons. With all front and side armour destroyed, along with the front weapon, the luxury fled the arena as the last point of component armour on the driver was removed, but only after he delivered a crippling blow to the BUMS truck. His final blast cannon shot breaching the truck's side armour, hitting the engine. An unfortunate roll resulted in damage to its oil system -- within seconds, the truck's engine would die.

The truck managed to open a breach in the side of the bus, evening the score a little, as the two continued trading shots with some fire coming
from and directed at the boat, when positions allowed. Shortly after his engine expired, the 10-wheeler surrendered rather than face the inevitable flaming oil attack, leaving the bus, now with both sides breached, and the DRAGON boat, still with intact armour.

The two dodged and weaved for some time, as both vehicles maneuvered for position, with occasional shots from the boat entering the bus' crew compartment, chipping away at the component armour around various crewmembers. Hampered by its low handling and weak weapon, the boat failed to finish the job of destroying the bus, as its crew, with component armour gradually being whittled away, ran out of ammo, and headed out of the arena.

Final Results

1. David "DRAGON" Hudson
2. Alasdair "Archdiocese" Brooks (VK x 2)
3. Geoff "BUMS" Lambourne

Details of the winning vehicle, and event report, will be posted on the DragonSlayers Web site shortly. The next event, scheduled for the 27th June, will be a car-only, Div 35 race around the Lambeau Field off-road track. With its jumps and islands, this promises to be a most interesting event.

David Hudson
DSI President


Subject: General / Missing Product Review Site
From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: May 28, 2001, 7:40 am
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

I just went looking for Hedgeboy's page of Car Wars product reviews . . . It isn't there! Does anyone know what happened to his page? If it needs a home, BMC can host it. That info is too useful to let it slide into oblivion.

Bayou Motor Carriages Webmaster

Subject: General / Missing Product Review Site
From: Michael P. Owen (OWENMP)
Date: May 28, 2001, 9:28 am
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

Dear Michael,

Thanks for informing your fellow road warriors about the lost site. I need more reports such as yours to keep SWAT's hyperlink list accurate.

I have the Web site stored safely on my hard drive. I will post Guy Fullerton's information to the SWAT Salvage Yard in early June.

SWAT Salvage Yard

Michael P. Owen
SWAT Webmaster

Subject: General / Missing Product Review Site
From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: May 28, 2001, 10:03 am
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

Excellent! Once you do, I'll update BMC's link to it, so please do pass on the information. I use that site regularly to check on items I see on Ebay.


(Editor's Note: Sharp readers of this newsletter will notice I said early June will be when I would reprint the document mentioned above, however the file is not on my Web site and it is July 1st. Expect the article to be on the SWAT Salvage Yard within two weeks. I apologize for the delay but working on special Car Wars projects has kept me busy.)


Arena Watch: Bridge Arena (London, England)
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 13, No. 1


Subject: GameX Div 30 Preliminary #2 Report
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 18:51:53 -0700
From: Tom Lalonde <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>, Tom Lalonde <>, Stanley Wells <>

Here is the remaining information for the GameX tournament. Sorry it took so long. Hey, Stan, do you have the sign-in sheet for the last names?

GameX Tournament
Div 30 Preliminary #2

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Jeremy Willis: Luxury, PP, driver and gunner, 2 BCs (1F, 1R), 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Mike Helm: Mid-size, driver, BC front, SnD, AWHs front, WGs back.

* Dean Gibson: Sloped sedan, PP, driver, gunner, 2 lasers left, 2 HRs left, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Kimmy Effrig: Luxury, PP, driver, TL and 2 HRs on rocket platform, 3 HRs (1R, 1L, 1B), FOJ back.

* Cara: Sloped luxury, ICE, driver, BC front, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Sid Nguyen: Subcompact, PP, driver, laser right, airdam, spoiler, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Andy: Luxury, PP, driver and gunner, FT in 2-space turret, HDFT right, FCGS back, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Tom LaLonde: Compact, ICE, driver, airdam, spoiler, ramplate, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Duel Summary

Turn 1: Jeremy and Andy exchanged fire. Both hit each other.

Turn 2: Jeremy and Sid exchanged fire  Jeremy lost left-front tire. Andy made a repeat hit on Jeremy with FTs but Jeremy put out the fire modifiers with a PFE. Mike tagged Kimmy with his BC.

Turn 3: Jeremy hit Sid and was hit by Andy. Jeremy hit Cara with his front-mounted BC. Mike and Kimmy sideswiped each other, and matched speeds with Kimmy half a car length ahead. Kimmy fired the FOJ to set Mike on fire.

Turn 4: The walls came down. Mike blasted through Kimmy's armor and missed the kill by one point. Tom rammed Mike, killing him but continued through into Kimmy's FOJ trail. After he blew his control check, Tom rolled his car and died. Cara headed for Jeremy who shot Cara with his BC. Cara rammed Jeremy. Her bumper-triggered BC goes off during the collision. Jeremy's gunner was killed and his plant is destroyed so he was a mobility kill. Sid and Andy started target practice on Jeremy, blasting him from all angles.

Turn 5: This round was sad. Sid and Andy circled Jeremy's immobile and breached vehicle. They poured massive laser and flamethrower damage into Jeremy's poor dead gunner and plant. Jeremy was on fire, immobile, breached, but still firing his blast cannon when he could.

Turn 6: Dean, who couldn't hit Kimmy or Tom up until now, turned his sights onto Andy and finally scored a hit. Andy and Sid continue to kill Jeremy's dead gunner but little else.

Turn 7: Andy hit and injured Jeremy's driver while Jeremy put out his fire.

Turn 8: Andy's flamethrower and Dean's laser split Jeremy's driver into fiery chunks. They shared the half kill.

Turn 9: Dean's lasers finished Sid.

Turn 10: Dean and Andy came at each other and decided to play chicken with the far wall while exchanging fire. After charging at Kimmy, Cara went for the ram. Kimmy answered with a barage of rockets that took Cara out of the game.

Turn 11: Andy and Dean destroyed each other as they blew each others' tire off and flipped into the wall on fire.

Final Results

1. Kimmy Effrig (killed LaLonde, killed Cara)
2. Dean Gibson (1/4 kill on Willis, killed Andy, killed Nguyen)
3. Andy (1/4 kill on Willis, killed Gibson)
4. Tom LaLonde (killed Helm)
5. Cara (half kill on Willis)
6. Mike Helm
6. Jeremy Willis
6. Sid Nguyen

Two additional duels took place at the GameX convention. They were separate from the two-round tournament.

El Segundo Ugly Oval Blowout #1
Division 15
Towers Arena

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom LaLonde: Mid-size, PP, driver, RR front, HDFOJ back, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Rick Cross: Mid-size, PP, driver, VMG right, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Stan Wells: Compact, ICE, driver, ramplate.

* Jeremy Willis: Mid-size, PP, driver, AC front, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Duel Summary

Tom and Jeremy started out going head-to-head while Stan and Rick broke for the center of the arena. Tom hit his HDFOJ and left a trail of
death behind him which nobody ever got near (except himself).

Tom and Jeremy continued exchanging fire and rammed each other by the northwest pole. Stan and Rick smash into each other near the middle of the arena and a few interesting control rolls later were both rolling west toward Jeremy and Tom. Since Stan and Rick both failed their control rolls during manuvers, there were no kills awarded for their elimination.

Tom and Jeremy stayed nose-to-nose and held down their triggers. Stan rolled into Tom, knocking him into his own HDFOJ. Tom pivoted out of fire, pointed back at Jeremy, and they resumed shooting each other. Rick rolled into Tom but Tom pivoted back at Jeremy again.

Jeremy decided it was time to bug out and back away, trying to get aroung the pole before its too late. Tom got one last shot on Jeremy and wasted him.

Final Results

1. Tom LaLonde (killed Willis)
2. Jeremy Willis
2. Stan Wells
2. Rick Cross

El Segundo Ugly Oval Night #2
Division 15
Towers Arena

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom LaLonde: Luxury, PP, driver and gunner, HMG in turret, 2 OGs (each with ice ammo) front.

* Stan Wells: Mid-size, driver, 2 FTs right.

* Rick Cross: Sedan, PP, driver, RR front, SD back, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Jeremy Willis: Sedan, PP, driver, 2 SGs (1R, 1L).

Duel Summary

Stan, Tom, and Rick charged for the center of the arena while Jeremy hugged the walls. Tom's ice and Jeremy's spikes turned the center area into a kill zone with everyone charging into it.

Rick hit one of Jeremy's spikes and flipped his car into a post, while Stan and Tom duked it out to no avail. Stan turned around and decided to get out of the killing field but left Tom with one last FT blast that ignites and kills him. Jeremy switched sides and was peppering  the field with his other spike gun. As Stan came around, he hit Jeremy's spikes, blew two tires, and skided into the wall where his FTs were useless. Jeremy got the win.

Final Results

1. Jeremy Willis (killed Cross, killed Wells)
2. Stan Wells (killed LaLonde)
3. Tom LaLonde
3. Rick Cross


Subject: SHAAG's Day of Family Autodueling Fun
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 09:23:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Blaylock <>
To: SHAAG Mailing List

Here is the report from Saturday's SHAAG Div 20 Invitational. Read in good health. Please make comments. I had a great time. I hope everyone else did too.

June 09
SHAAG Div 20 Invitational
Memphis Municipal Autoduel Complex
SHAAG Headquarters (John's House)
Players: 8
Special Rules: 3d6 * $100 worth of personal equipment over and above vehicular Division limit. Random reflex rolls. No skill bonuses (all skills assumed base level).

Players and Vehicle Descriptions (Duelmaster Note: I may have missed a WG or a discharger here or there, but these are the gists of the vehicles as used.)

* John Blaylock: Sloped compact, PP, dropped liquid back, 9 dischargers, airdam, spoiler, plastic armor, ramplate, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Denise Blaylock: Sloped mid-size, PP, small-bore projectile front, dropped gas back, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Dwight Dawkins: Streamlined/sloped compact, ICE, small-bore projectile in turret, dropped gas back, 10 dischargers, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WG back.

* Hugh Swindoll: Sloped sedan, PP, small-bore projectile in turret, 2 dropped gases (1R, 1L), discharger back, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

* Rhonda Swindoll: Sloped sedan, PP, rocket in turret, rocket front, airdam, spoiler.

* Chris Ziemer: Mid-size, PP, large-bore projectile front, dropped gas back, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back, plastic armor.

* Jimmy Anderson: Sedan, PP, 2 small-bore projectiles (1R, 1L), flamethrower back, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor.

* Todd Thrash: Sloped mid-size, PP, laser in turret, dropped liquid back, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Duel Summary

Let me start this by saying I had a GREAT time with this one. The action was intense, the strategies were -- interesting.  There were no major disputes. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful day of family autodueling fun.

Everyone left the gate at 50 mph (No slow starters at a SHAAG event!). Jimmy Anderson from MADHAT had made the trek and started fast and furious.  Todd had the honor of firing the first shot, a turreted laser at Dwight's sloped compact. He missed. Dwight answered with a hand-held grenade launcher out the window. The shot went wide and was just out of range of Todd when it went off.  Meanwhile, Jimmy and Denise paired off and exchanged shots.

Jimmy missed with his HDFT loaded with HT ammo, but Denise connected with her VMG containing incendiary ammo. The burning loads pierced the metal and hit the plastic within. No fire, but it was starting to heat things up.

Rhonda, Hugh and Chris all converged in the center of the arena.  By this time, Todd had entered the area and the furball was wild.  Chris unleashed the ATG with sabot rounds into Todd's side. The heavy metal armor absorbed most of the blow but dropped his handling low enough that he could not avoid the ram that Chris initiated into Todd's side. Chris did not have a ramplate but that didn't deter him from making the most of his velocity. Todd survived and left the furball only to meet me going about 80 mph. I took the weakened side and sent Todd packing to Highway One. I was concussed from the ram, though and went careening toward the bunker. When I recovered, all I could do was brake to 5 mph and pivot away from the bunker.

Meanwhile, Rhonda took advantage of Chris's predicament and sent some AP rockets from her launcher into Chris's open front, knocking out the engine, and ensuring that Chris could not recover from the spinout the collision with Todd had left him. Chris exited the vehicle, took a few shots, hiting Rhonda with his AVR twice and left through the TV bunker, ending his day.

Jimmy and Denise were trading VMG shots, neither doing much to the other, but Denise kept the fire modifiers up, hoping to get lucky and test Jimmy's fire exteguisher.  wight, still barreling through the center of the arena, caught me still trying to build up speed and hit me with a flame cloud from his streamer. The damage blew away my 2-point WGs and hubs, and caused me to leave the area while I built up speed and recovered handling.

Jimmy veered away from Denise and closed in on me, hoping to catch me while I was vulnerable. He missed with the VMG. Denise had started trailing Hugh, peppering him with her own VMG.  Hugh let loose a flame cloud from his own streamer, forcing Denise to steep drift one way or the other to avoid it. Denise's instinct was to close on the right and bring her own FCGS to bear on Hugh, but some kibitzing from Todd (Never listen to the dead; that's why they're dead . . . but Denise will learn) Denise chose the left. She never brought the streamer to bear, Rhonda came around the bend and head-on collided with Denise who was killed. Rhonda only lost her engine. She was parked but still had the turreted RL and was using it at anyone that came near.

I had built up speed, so Jimmy went off after Hugh and Dwight, not wanting to chance the ram. Dwight let loose another flame cloud and hit Rhonda's car, killing the driver and collecting half a kill for himself. I closed in with Hugh, trying to line up for a T-bone. Hugh did some great manuvering and I only got a 30 mph rear-end impact. I knocked off a single point of metal, but he managed to pour a total of 20 points into my front from his turreted RR with HEAT shells. I knew I was in a losing position, so I broke off and tried again to reset. Hugh also sent a few flame clouds my way to encourage that decision. Hugh made the fatal mistake and turned then to face Dwight and Jimmy and I turn full into his side at 80 mph, killing Hugh and removing the last of my 75-point ramplate. Those 20 points Hugh had dealt me cost me dearly.

Dwight started closing in on me. I turned so he could only shoot at my rear, I then unleashed the ice dropper I had in the rear on automatic. Dwight broke off and turned to Jimmy, who was recovering from a severe skid while trying to avoid the flame cloud Hugh had left for me. Jimmy caught the burning paint full force, but did very little to him. Jimmy had to slow to 10 mph to get his handling back.

Jimmy had decided to close in on me. With two VMGs, he thought he had a good chance of throwing a shot into my open front and getting a quick kill. Dwight had begun closing in on Jimmy, getting sustained fire bonus with his turreted HMG. I decided I was a big target and wanted to go out on MY own terms. I got the car up to 80 mph and charged at Jimmy. He got one shot at my open front (No longer sloped, because I
had no armor, but still a compact). Jimmy missed. I rammed Jimmy square in the side, reducing my driver to a thin red paste, but also killing Jimmy, leaving Dwight last man standing and the victor of the duel.

Dwight had been tagged here and there, but his heavy metal armor shrugged it off. His flame clouds kept most from getting too close to get a good chance to hit.

Final Results

1. Dwight Dawkins (SHAAG, completed kill on Rhonda Swindoll)
2. John Blaylock (SHAAG, killed Thrash, killed Hugh Swindoll, killed Anderson)
3. Jimmy Anderson (MADHAT, killed John Blaylock)
4. Hugh Swindoll (SHAAG)
5. Rhonda Swindoll (SHAAG, killed Ziemer, killed Denise Blaylock)
6. Denise Blaylock (SHAAG, mobility kill on Rhonda Swindoll)
7. Chris Ziemer (SHAAG)
8. Todd Thrash (SHAAG)

Again, this was a wonderful duel. I'd like to thank Jimmy from MADHAT for making the trek to duel with us. He fought with fairness and honor. I had a great time, and I hope we at SHAAG have many opportunities in the future to duel with our Tennessee brothers at MADHAT.

John W. Blaylock
SHAAG President
SHAAG Minister of Truth, Propaganda and Incendiary Weapons
2050-2051 AADA World Dueling Champion


Subject: Results from SPARK's June 9th Div 10 Duel
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 15:16:21 -0500
From: Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hi, Michael. Here are the results from the Division 10 duel held by SPARK on June 9th. The duel took place in the Aladdin's Castle arena from the Car Wars Arena Book. Eric O'Denius was this event's duelmaster. SPARK President Brian Strassman was running around the woods with a paintball gun and did not attend the duel.

1. Mike Miller: 3 points (mobility kill on Beecher, mobility kill on Jansen, firepower kill on Jansen)
2. Jim Beecher: 0 points (killed O'Denius)
3. Pete Jansen: -1 point (firepower kill on Beecher)
4. Eric O'Denius: -2 points

There was a question after the duel regarding the legality of Jim Beecher's vehicle. Jim had a RR with an extra magazine on a subcompact, violating the third-spaces rule. After analyzing the vehicle sheets, it was determined that since Jim fired only 9 rounds from the weapon and
did not use the second magazine, he should be warned to check his math in the future. Jim was thus not stripped of his duel finish or the resulting circuit points.

Jim Beecher currently leads the SPARK circuit standings with 8 points. Mike Miller is in second place with 6 points, and Pete Jansen and
Brian Strassman are tied for third with 3 points.

A more thorough report with vehicle designs is available as usual at SPARK's home on the Web.

Our next event is on June 30th, and is a Division 40 duel in the Armadillo Autoduel Arena. This battle will be a checkpoint event. There will be 12 checkpoints placed at random on the arena floor, and the first vehicle to cross all 12 checkpoints wins. Longtime Car Wars fans will recognize this as the format for the 2035-2036 AADA World Championships. As usual, all Twin Cities area duelists are welcome to come play. The event will start at 1:30 p.m. at Source Comics and Games in Roseville, MN.

We have yet to submit our report for the May 19th duel-race. I will do so as soon as possible so that duel can be entered into the WADA

Brian Strassman
SPARK President


From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: TCM Duel #5
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 20:15:26 -0700

The fifth round of the 2051 TCM League was held on June 10th. This Div 10 duel was fast and furious for a low budget event, with six competitors dying before Turn 7!

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

* Mike Taylor: Subcompact, ICE, 3 MGs (1F, 1R, 1L)

* Tom LaLonde: Sloped compact, PP, HDFT right.

* Peter Cossaboon: Sloped compact with rollcage, PP with HTMs, GS (with paint) front, IcD back, airdam, spoiler, PFE, CA around driver.

* Aaron Cappocchi (Bumblebee of Death): Sloped compact, VMG (with HD ammo) front, IFE.

* Chuck Phillips: Compact, hvy. chassis, large PP (with PlatCats and HDHTMs), 81-lb. RB back, hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver. Plastic armor: F80 (ramplate), R28, L28, B20, T2, U8 (166 points), two 9-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 9-pt. plastic WGs back, 10 points plastic CA around driver. Accel. 10 (20 with RB), Top speed 122.5 (80 with HDHTMs), HC 3; 4,051 lbs., $9,998.50.

* Stan Wells: Compact, PP with HTMs, RR (with HEAT ammo) front, SD back, metal/plastic armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

* Rick Cross (Serpentine): Sloped compact, medium PP with HTMs, driver (with BA and PFE), gunner with BA, HMG (with HD ammo) in 1-space turret, airdam, spoiler, AWHs front, WGs back.

* Jeremy Willis (The Crack Lighter): Compact, PP with HTMs, HDFT (with HT fuel and SWC) left, IFE.

Duel Summary

1/2: Tom missed Jeremy, who hit Tom for 12 points of damage and inflicted a fire modifier of 6 with a burn duration of 1.
1/5: Rick missed Peter. Stan missed Peter who laid spike counter.

2/1: Peter entered center oil pool. Rick missed Peter.
2/2: Stan missed Peter who laid another spike counter.
2/3: Stan entered center oil pool.
2/4: Peter collided with Stan head-on killing him! Jeremy entered northeast oil pool.
2/5: Jeremy and Tom missed each other.

3/1: Aaron entered northwest oil pool. Tom caught fire!
3/2: Tom hit Jeremy on oil, inflicting 10 points of damage, a fire modifier of 5 (with a burn duration of 3), and a D5 hazard. Chuck T-boned Mike and killed him!
3/3: Tom entered center oil pool.
3/4: Rick missed Peter.
3/5: Jeremy missed Peter. Tom fell unconscious from flames!

4/1: Chuck entered southeast oil pool. Tom collided with Peter head-on for moderate damage. Rick hit Peter for 9 points. Jeremy caught fire but the conflagration was put out by an IFE.

5/1: Rick missed Peter.
5/2: Jeremy enters northwest oil pool.
5/3: Rick turned sharply toward Peter.
5/4 Rick T-boned Peter for moderate damage.
5/5 Jeremy misses Peter.

6/1: Chuck entered center oil pool.
6/2: Jeremy hit Aaron for 10 points and a fire modifier of 6 (with a burn duration of 1).
6/3: Jeremy T-boned Aaron for 21 points of damage, injuring his driver. Chuck and Peter collided head-on to kill each other!
6/4: Jeremy turned right to avoid getting T-boned by Rick, making his weapon face the wall. Aaron caught fire. When his IFE failed, Aaron fell unconscious!

Turn 7: Rick sideswiped Jeremy, forcing him to collide with a wall head-on at 40 mph. Rick then hit Jeremy with his HMG for 6 points of damage, slowed down, and started to circle out of the arena corner.

Turn 8: Rick hit Jeremy for 10 points of damage and continued to circle around to ram him again. Jeremy put his car into reverse.

Turns 9 and 10: Jeremy missed Rick and continued to accelerate in reverse. Rick collided with Jeremy's front end for a 55 mph net collision. Jeremy's power plant was heavily damaged. The impact made Jeremy go 40 mph in reverse! Rick loss of traction caused him to skid and sideswipe the north wall.

Turn 11: Jeremy slowed a bit and Rick accelerated to catch up after the skid. They both exchangd misses and Jeremy survived long enough to win the duel.

Final Results

1. Jeremy Willis: 40 points (killed LaLonde, killed Cappucchi)
2. Chuck Phillips: 20 points (killed Cossaboon, killed Taylor)
3. Peter Cossaboon: 20 points (killed Wells, killed Phillips)
4. Rick Cross: 0 points
5. Tom LaLonde: -20 points
5. Stan Wells: -20 points
5. Aaron Cappucchi: -20 points
8. Mike Taylor: -20 points

Jeremy Willis
TCM President
Throach Corporate Motors: Building a Better Future

From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: TCM Schedule Update
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:50:47 -0700

Hi, Michael. The next time you update the WADA Upcoming Car Wars Events Listings could you post TCM Duel #6 (July 15th, Div 15) as being postponed? The rest is fine. Thank you.

Jeremy Willis
TCM President
Throach Corporate Motors: Building a Better Future