Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 6
June 13, 2051

Web Posted August 05, 2001
Updated September 04, 2001


Greetings flamethrower fanatics. This issue was well worth the wait because it contains several very exciting reports, including announcements of the plans Steve Jackson Games has for Car Wars in 2001, and the reprinting of a Car Wars item that has been out of print for a very long time.


Edgar Lincoln and the AAIE are taking a break on reporting duels this issue, however Eric Freeman, Rob Hagmaier, Jeremy Willis and the other road warriors of Southern California have filled in for Edgar.


Because I have not updated the WADA Web site in quite a while, I suspect many of the participants in the WADA League feel like I have left them in the Mojave Desert without GPS units. Rest assured I have not abandoned the competition. I expect to update the tournament standings this week.


The column "Blasts from the Past" is not only for scenarios that use older Car Wars rulebooks such as Pocket Box Car Wars. Blasts from the Past is also for scenarios that are intended for use with current rulebooks with the number of rules kept to a minimum. Discussions of how gamers first found discovered Car Wars are welcomed articles for this column.


The CWIN's fuel tank of articles is running on vapors. Please send me duel reports and especially articles as soon as you can. I would very much like to see discussions about strategy, roleplaying, AADA RASG entries, Autoduel Earth background, and variants your gaming group uses regularly.

Drive offensively,

Michael P. Owen



Subject: Gen Con 2001 Car Wars World Championship
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 15:57:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

In Milwaukee this August, the Car Wars 2051 World Dueling Championship. Beginners welcome. Players may participate in more than one
preliminary round (provided they have not already advanced to the semifinals). Vehicles provided or bring your own for approval.

This year's World Dueling Championship will be a three-round event:

Friday, August 03, 1000: Preliminary Round 1, Div 10
Friday, August 03, 1700: Preliminary Round 2, Div 25
Saturday, August 04, 1000: Preliminary Round 3, Div 15
Saturday, August 04: 1700: Semi-Final, Div 30
Sunday, August 05, 1000: Final Round, Div 20

The winners of the preliminary duels (there might be up to four simultaneous duels in each preliminary round) will advance to the Semi-Final
Round to be joined by the Regional Champions. If this total number is less than 16, than the field will be filled to 16 with the highest
CUMULATIVE scorers over the first three rounds. The top seven semi-finalist finishers will meet defending Champion John Blaylock in the final on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Please see the CWRQ and ODQ for details on how ambiguous points will be ruled. Updated versions of these documents will be available in July.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman
AADA Head Referee

Editor's Note: The current versions of the CWRQ and ODQ are now available on SWAT HQ.


Car Wars Referee Questionnaire

Other Dueling Questions


Tim Gould, Webmaster for the AADA and CADC, announced last week the CADC will not be running the 2050-2051 AADA WRC at Origins this July. Because a new sponsor for the contest has not been selected, the tournament will not take place this year. SWAT recommends autoduelists attending Origins to run their own on-demand Car Wars games, and on-demand Formula De games that use the combat racing rules written by Francis Greenaway of Great Britain.

Painted Target



One of the earliest busnoughts, the Caravelle was named for a type of sailing vessel used for hauling anything and everything that could be fitted onboard. The cargo bay could be fitted with seats for passengers, or used as a bulk storage area, or it could be partitioned into passenger and cargo sections; the possible configurations were endless. Firepower was effective against any threat, though the IA's eclectic mix led to some tactical problems; the II and III iterations had more homogenous weapons arrays. Armor was excellent, and the tires were protected;
complaints about the PR tires led to a variant sacrificing some cargo mass for solid tires.

Only one Caravelle ever achieved any kind of notoriety. This was a IA model captured by Achilles "Iron Fist" O'Sea and his "Steal Machine" gang. The IA became O'Sea's personal residence at the gang's Allentown Autoduel Arena base, and remained so until the base's capture by corporate mercenaries. The IA can be seen today in a dueling museum in Allentown, PA.

Caravelle IA -- 40' bus, x-hvy. chassis, regular OV PP, 10 PR tires, trucker, 2 gunners, ATG in 3-space turret TF, 2 RRs in 4-space turret TB, 2 extra RR magazines below TB turret, 8 MGs (2 linked RF, 2 linked RB, 2 linked LF, 2 linked LB), MD back, fire extinguisher, 3 HRTCs. Cargo capacity: 27 spaces, 1,980 lbs. Plastic armor: F50, RF50, RB50, LF50, LB50, B50, TF50, TB50, UF50, UB50 (500 points), six 10-pt. plastic WGs. Top speed 122.5, Cruise speed 72.5, HC 1; 23,220 lbs., $94,050.

Caravelle IIA -- As IA, but remove 3-space turret and ATG. Add 2 linked RRs in 4-space turret TF and 2 extra RR magazines below TF turret. Cargo capacity: 25 spaces, 1,750 lbs. 23,450 lbs., $97,100.

Caravelle IIB -- As IA, but remove 4 MGs and 2 MG-MG links. Add 2 MDs (1RB, 1LB). Cargo capacity: 2,380 lbs. 23,620 lbs., $90,050.

Caravelle IIC -- As IA, but remove 10 points of plastic armor from each location (400 points total). Cargo capacity: 3,780 lbs. 21,420 lbs., $90,050.

Caravelle IID -- As IA, but add 2 MDs (1R, 1L). Cargo capacity: 23 spaces, 1,580 lbs. 23,620 lbs., $92,050.

Carvavelle IIIA -- As IA, but remove both turrets, ATG, RRs, extra RR magazines, MGs, RR-RR link and all MG-MG links. Add 4 linked MGs in 4-space turret TF and 4 linked MGs in 4-space turret TB. Cargo capacity: 2,890 lbs. 22,310 lbs., $92,400.

Caravelle S -- Replace all PR tires with 10 solid tires. Adds 500 lbs. to weight and $9,000 to cost.

Chris French
Beaverton, Oregon



The Associated Press and CNN Interactive
June 11, 2001
Posted: 10:37 p.m. EDT (0237 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Police violate the Constitution if they use a heat-sensing device to peer inside a home without a search warrant, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.

An unusual lineup of five justices voted to bolster the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches and threw out an Oregon man's conviction for growing marijuana.

Monday's ruling reversed a lower court decision that said officers' use of a heat-sensing device was not a search of Danny Lee Kyllo's home and therefore they did not need a search warrant.

In an opinion written by Justice Antonin Scalia, by many measures the most conservative member of the court, the majority found that the heat
detector allowed police to see things they otherwise could not.

"Where, as here, the government uses a device that is not in general public use to explore details of the home that would previously have been
unknowable without physical intrusion, the surveillance is a 'search' and is presumptively unreasonable without a warrant," Scalia wrote.

While the court has previously approved some warrantless searches, this one did not meet tests the court has previously set, Scalia wrote.

The decision means the information police gathered with the thermal device -- namely a suspicious pattern of hot spots on the home's exterior walls -- cannot be used against Kyllo.

The court sent the case back to lower courts to determine whether police have enough other basis to support the search warrant that was eventually served on Kyllo, and thus whether any of the evidence inside his home can be used against him.

Justices Clarence Thomas, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer joined the majority.

Justice John Paul Stevens wrote a dissenting opinion joined by Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, and Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony M. Kennedy.


CNN Interactive
May 30, 2001
Posted: 8:36 AM EDT (1236 GMT)

RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) -- With its bulletproof glass, grenade launcher, laser gun and the ability to foil pursuers with oil slicks and smoke screens, the Army's new SmarTruck is a vehicle worthy of James Bond.

"Actually, the idea did stem from the James Bond concept," admitted GerMaine Fuller, project engineer at the National Automotive Center, which developed the souped-up Ford F-350 pickup as a prototype.

All the usual features of a high-end sport-utility vehicle are there, as well as a mobile video system, an onboard personal computer, built-in night-vision, high-voltage door handles and even a tack dispenser to help throw off the chase.

While the base price of the SmarTruck is the same as an F-350 --  $35,000-$45,000 -- Fuller could not divulge the exact cost of the fully equipped

The SmarTruck was on display recently at a logistics symposium organized by the Association of the U.S. Army, the Army's civilian backers. Much of the exhibition focused on the marriage of military and industry to create a more mobile, versatile and adaptive fighting force.

Urban warfare

Warren, Michigan-based NAC, which is part of the Army's Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, designed the SmarTruck with urban warfare in mind -- against enemies such as terrorists, mobsters or urban warlords.

"The reason we were thinking about urban warfare is because the Army increasingly is being pulled into policing duties," Fuller said.

The SmarTruck might be used to ferry important dignitaries or explore enemy territory. It won't however, be used as an offensive weapon.

"We're not trying to kill anybody," she said. "What we want to do is immobilize."

Lasers, dazzling lights

The vehicle comes well-equipped for that. When started, its door handles will maintain a high-enough voltage to stun an enemy for several minutes. Its weapons -- the laser and percussion grenades -- are designed more to clear obstructions and temporarily stop enemies than to cause serious bodily harm. It has front-and-back dazzling lights, which are so bright that the NAC says "the enemy cannot look directly at the vehicle."

The SmarTruck also was designed to be secure. It has Kevlar-like armor covering everything but the floorboards, an onboard bomb-detection unit and a fingerprint identification system that requires a special ring and the correct print before it allows the vehicle to be operated.

In the future, Fuller said designers want to incorporate a rear-wheel Quadristeer system that will give the SmarTruck increased maneuverability and the ability to make extremely sharp turns. They also plan a hybrid electric propulsion system, which will save gas -- making the SmarTruck cheaper and environmentally friendly -- and reduce noise to the point where one can travel at night virtually undetected.

One can almost imagine Q saying, "Do be careful with this one, 007."


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / More and Bigger Rumors
From: Manycubes
Date: May 11, 2001, 5:08 pm

Hey kids,

I was reading the June issue of "Computer Games" and stumbled across this little nugget on page 67 in an article about a superhero game.

And I misquote, "They will not discuss any plans for future games -- but it's hard not to notice the rulebook for SJG's Car Wars on Ken Levine's desk."

The game company mentioned in this article, Irrational Games, is responsible for the award winning "System Shock 2." So the potential is there.

Take it for what you will.

Tony Kontes
Boneheadz of New Idaho


Saturday, May 26, 1000: Div 30 Qualifier
Saturday, May 26, 1800: Div 50 Qualifier
Sunday, May 27, 1100: Div 15 Final


* Aaron Cappocchi: Van, ICE with VP turbocharger, driver and gunner, OG (with FO ammo) front, 2 HDFTs front, fake ramplate.

* Stan Wells: Luxury, ICE with VP turbocharger, 2 linked MFs front, weapon timer (detonate MF radio-detonated mines one phase after fired).

* Erik Rasmussen: Sedan, ICE, 2 HMGs in turret, airdam, spoiler.

* Rick Cross: Sedan, PP, driver and gunner, GG in turret, 3 bumper-triggered IcDs (1R, 2L), bumper-triggered FOD right, SD back.

* Michael Rosenberg: HVMG front, ID back.

* Peter Cossaboon: 2 HMGs font, FCGS back.

* Chuck Phillips: Sedan, ICE, RR in turret, SD back, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

* Michael Taylor: Pickup, PP, 3 HRs and TL on large rocket platform, 2 HRs on 2-space EWP right, 2 HRs on 2-space EWP left.

The play-by-play account for this duel is a little spotty. Most of the 20 turns we dueled were marked by missed shots, bad damage rolls and remarkably good control rolls. If popular demand insists, I will hash through the 12 pages of notes and come up with something like this.

Turns 1 and 2: Everybody fired. Nobody did significant damage.

Turn 3: Rick mobility killed Aaron by cleaning tires.

Turn 9: Mike Rosenberg vaulted into the air and rolled, landing on his side with a weapon arc in the game, a mobility kill for Erik.

Turn 12: Rick t-boneed with Rosenberg's roof at 60 mph for a completed kill.

Turn 14: Peter set Aaron's immobile car on fire which explodeed, a completed kill for Peter.

Turn 20: Rick and Erik remained alive. Rick had one shot in his gauss gun. Erik was out of ammo. Game called with Rick as winner because we were done.

Final Results

1. Rick Cross: +20 (mobility kill on Cappocchi)
1. Erik Rasmussen: +20 (mobility kill on Rosenberg, completed kill on Phillips)
3. Chuck Phillips: 0 (full kill on Cossaboon)
3. Stan Wells: 0 (full kill on Taylor, mobility kill on self)
5. Aaron Cappocchi: -10 (mobility-killed Phillips)
5. Michael Taylor: -10 (completed kill on Wells)
5. Peter Cossaboon: -10 (completed kill on Cappocchi)
8. Michael Rosenberg: -20


Vehicle Descriptions

* Jeremy Willis: Station wagon, PP with HTMs, 3 side-mounted lasers with HRSWC, plastic armor (253 points)

* Michael Heim: Sedan, ICE with turbocharger, plasticore tires, HXL front, LRFP plastic armor (105 points), 4 WGs.

* Chuck Phillips: Luxury, ICE with VP turbocharger, SD on 1-space EWP right, SD on 1-space EWP left, ATG with HRSWC front, HDID right, HDFOJ left, MD (with napalm mines) back, airdam, spoiler, HDSAs, IFE, metal/plastic armor (14 points/122 points).

* Todd Ornett: Six-wheel pickup, ICE with VP turbocharger, active suspension, FP steelbelted solid tires, HVMG front, HDFOJ back, link (HVMG and HDFOJ), metal/FP plastic armor (34 points/132 points).

* Stan Wells: Six-wheel pickup with 1-space extended cab, ICE (with blueprinting, tubular headers and VP turbocharger), active suspension, 2 BCs right, airdam, spoiler, metal/FP plastic armor (30 points/115 points).

* Rob Hagmaier: Luxury, 2 HDFTs right, ramplate.

* Peter Cossaboon: Design unavailable at press time. It featured a laser and 2 VFRPs.

* Tom LaLonde: Design unavailable at press time.

* Aaron Cappocchi: Design unavailable at press time. It featured a ramplate.

* Erik Rassmusen: Design unavailable at press time.

* Michael Rosenberg: Design unavailable at press time. It featured two lasers front, HRs front, and a LGL.

Turn 1: Jeremy and Heim exchanged laser fire. Jeremy hit but was disappointed to learn of Mike's laser-reflective armor. Stan fired a broadside volley at Rosenberg, hitting with one BC which did little damage (this turned into a theme for Stan). Chuck hit the gas and started striping the arena with joy. Rosenberg turned right and committed to attacking Todd. Tom fired at and cleans Rob's front tire, sending him into a roll.

Turn 2: Jeremy and Heim exchanged more laser fire. Rosenberg unleashed laser-and-rocket fury on Todd. The heavy metal plate in the front of Todd's pickup took the four weapons in stride as Todd returned fire with the HVMG. Tom damaged Chuck's engine to start a countdown to a mobility kill. Stan fired another broadside at Rosenberg and began wondering if the surplus BC ammo was such a good idea when two hits failed to breach. (Duelmaster's Note: I think Aaron was ramming Erik about now, giving 20 points to Aaron.)

Turn 3: Heim maneuvered and failed a control roll. The resulting spinout cleanedthe rubber off his front left plasticore, dropping his HC to 1. Rosenberg fired another round of lasers into Todd's left side before t-boning him. Once again, the heavy metal saved the day as Rosenberg collapsed his CA frame into Todd's pickup (+20 points for Todd). Stan took the easy shot at Todd's damaged left and breached Todd's gas tank. Jeremy and Peter maneuvered to engage each other. Chuck started unleashing ATG sabot rounds into Aaron while continued to make a mess with his dropped weapons.

Turn 4: Chuck continued to fire at Aaron with little success. Aaron plowed through Todd, finishing the job (+20 for Aaron, starting the clock). Stan fired a broadside at Peter and missed with both shots before ramming Heim, who was in a t-stop after regaining control from his spin. The 60 mph collision cleaned Heim's front armor and XL, but left engine and driver intact. Tom was conspicuously absent from the action.

Turn 5: Peter unleashed the "Hell of a Dozen Rockets and a Laser" on Jeremy's left side, clearing the armor and killing Jeremy's driver (+20 for Peter). Stan started circling the slow moving Heim. Chuck kept on firing at Aaron to no avail.

Turn 6: Heim managed to keep his breached front away from Stan, who fired at his tire hitting with both BCs, yet failed to clean the guarded plasticore. Peter unleashed his laser-VFRP combination on Aaron's damaged ramplate killing him (+20 for Peter, clock stopped for Aaron, clock started for Peter). Chuck switched targets to Peter and began shredding Peter's armor. Tom was still conspicuously absent from the action.

Turn 7: Stan finally cleaned Heim's tire, causing a fishtail. Chuck kept on plugging away at Peter.

Turn 8: Heim attempted a bootlegger to keep his breached side away from Stan. He blew the control roll and t-stopped with his breach facing away from Stan. Wells fired at Heim again and hit but failed to clean another tire. Unfortunately for Mike, that breached front was facing Tom, who fired, cleaning Mike's component armor and engine for a mobility kill (+10 for Tom). Chuck's persistence paid off when he finished Peter off with his ATG (+20 for Chuck, clock stopped for Peter).

Turn 9: Stan, in a fit of rage, fired at Tom and missed. Chuck ejected his empty EWPs and came around to aim at Stan. Todd attempted another bootlegger and rolled what is left of his car.

Turn 10: Description unvailable at press time.

Turn 11: Chuck fired into Stan's front before both of them collided head-on for 104 points, killing them both.

Final Results

1. Tom LaLonde: +30 (killed Hagmaier, mobility kill on Heim)
2. Aaron Cappocchi: +20 (killed Rasmussen, killed Ornett)
2. Chuck Phillips: +20 (killed Cossaboon, killed Wells)
2. Peter Cossaboon: +20 (killed Willis, Jeremy, killed Cappocchi)
5. Stan Wells: 0 (killed Phillips)
5. Todd Ornett: 0 (killed Rosenberg)
7. Mike Heim: -20 (completed kill on self)
7. Mike Rosenberg: -20
7. Jeremy Willis: -20
7. Erik Rasmussen: -20
7. Rob Hagmaier: -20


Vehicle Descriptions

* Chuck Phillips:  compact, electric with x2 HTMs, ramplate, rollcage, dischargers, spoiler and airdam

* Aaron Cappocchi: midsize, electric, ramplate, 3 heavy rockets front, spoiler and airdam

* Rick Cross: sloped compact, electric, twin heavy machine guns

* Stan Wells: compact, gas, HDFT w/high temp right, spoiler and airdam

* Tom Lalonde: subcompact, gas, small bore front

* Rob Hagmaier: 2 flame right

* Peter Cossaboom:  ice dropper right, paint spray left, ramplate, spike dropper rear?

* Michael Rosenberg: twin HMGs front, dropped liquid rear

* Erik Rasmussen: two small bore front

* Jeremy Willis: left mounted Blast Cannon

Peter came out of the gate laying ice, paint and spikes. Direct weapons fire began in Turn 2 when Stan fired at Jeremy doing little damage but earning a fire modifier. Rosenberg fired at Rob and Rick hit Tom for 25 points. In Turn 3, Stan hit Jeremy again, bringing the fire modifier up to 12. The hazard sent Jeremy into a roll. Chuck was already turning off HTMs to boost top speed. Peter was making a nice fishhook pattern with his ice as he cut the arena in half.

In Turn 4, Chuck rammed Rob for the kill. He lost control and spun out towards Rosenberg,  who was about to roll due to weapons fire from Hagmaiaer. Rosenberg kept his wits about him and fired his guns on automatic when Chuck was right in front of him. Phillips was killed but his
bumper triggered flame cloud discharger killed Mike's driver. Jeremy rolled onto his roof with his BC facing the action. He put out the fire and is was still in the duel.

Tom and Stan were shooting at each other with varying degrees of success while Rick charged in alternating shots between them. Jeremy picked a good shot and killed Tom with upside down blast cannon fire. Stan and Rick started angling for each other while on the other side of the arena. Aaron rammed Erik twice once in the back then a t-bone that killed Erik.

Stan did a D5 bend to ram Rick hoping for mutual assured destruction. He was only half right as Rick drove away after using Stan's crippled hulk to slow down Peter who is moving in at 80 mph.

Rick followed Peter's ice trail around a pillar while Peter finished off Jeremy who has been taking upside down shots all along Aaron comes around and rams Rick on the ice killing Rick and losing control Aaron was sitting duck when Peter came in for the kill ramming Aaron on his own ice after 16 rounds of dueling.

Final Results

1. Peter Cossaboon: +30 (killed Cappocchi, completed kill on Willis)
2. Aaron Cappocchi: +20 (killed Rasmussen, killed Cross)
3. Chuck Phillips: +10 (killed Steinke, completed kill on Rosenberg)
4. Jeremy Willis: 0 (killed LaLonde)
4. Michael Rosenberg: 0 (killed Willis)
4. Rick Cross: 0 (killed Wells)
7. Rob Steinke: -10 (mobility kill on Rosenberg)
7. Stan Wells: -10 (mobility kill on Willis)
9. Tom LaLonde: -20
9. Erik Rasmussen: -20



And Boy, Are Their Arms Tired!

The Daily Illuminator
June 02, 2001

Managing Editor Alain Dawson is in town from Chicago this week, as is Sales & Marketing Director Ross Jepson, in from Calgary. Wingnut
Games' Aldo Ghiozzi (of Battle Cattle fame) came in from California and is is also hanging around, along with writer Genevieve Cogman, all the
way from England.

What could such a diverse group be up to? Sorry, you're not cleared for that . . .


The Daily Illuminator
June 06, 2001

Aldo Ghiozzi has gone home, but awful schemes were laid while he was here. Hamburger fans rejoice . . .

Battle Cattle: The Card Game

Subject: Shameless Plugs / Battle Cattle: The Card Game from SJG
From: Aldo - Wingnut Games (WINGNUTGAMES)
Date:  09 May 2001, 10:51
Forum: The Game Babe's Retreat <>

Steve Jackson Games, Wingnut Games Join Forces for Battle Cattle: The Card Game

For immediate release:

Austin, TX -- Steve Jackson Games announced today a joint licensing agreement to produce Battle Cattle: The Card Game, a standalone card game that will be fully compatible with SJ Games' Car Wars: The Card Game.

Battle Cattle is the hilarious miniatures combat game similar to the SJ Games favorite, Car Wars -- except it's farm animals duking it out with unique cow-related weapons of destruction. "I love this game. I think there's a strong possibility that Aldo is even sillier than I am," Steve Jackson said. Wingnut's Aldo Ghiozzi replied, "Nah, Steve's just jealous he didn't think of it first . . . "

Steve Jackson Games is relaunching the Car Wars line, starting off with a new edition of Car Wars: The Card Game in August, 2001. "I was looking for another company that I  might be able to share printing costs with by doing two games at once," Jackson said. "Aldo called, and as we talked we realized there was a deal to be made. This is why it's a good thing that people talk to each other in this industry."

Like Car Wars: The Card Game, Battle Cattle: The Card Game will be a standalone game, with everything you need in one package. And the two games will be completely compatible, allowing you to take your souped-up hot rods out gunning for Bessie . . . but this time, Bessie shoots back!

Battle Cattle: The Card Game will have six Cow cards and 112 Moo-ve cards, all full-color, and a rules sheet. It is due out in September, 2001, and will retail for $24.95.

Car Wars: The Card Game SJ Games Stock #1401, Retail: $24.95, August, 2001
Battle Cattle: The Card Game SJ Games Stock #1409, Retail: $24.95, September, 2001

For more information, contact Steve Jackson <> or Scott Haring <> at 512-447-7866, or Aldo Ghiozzi.

Aldo Ghiozzi
Owner, Wingnut Games
Impressions Advertising & Marketing


Subject: PBEM Car Wars Tanks
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 12:06:26 -0500
From: Michael C. McNeill <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

I'm considering running a referee'd tank action using 1/72-scale models. If anyone is interested in participating or has comments (supporting or
disparaging), please feel free to do so. I'll be running one of the scenarios from the Car Wars Tanks rulebook. Which one has yet to be
determined, and is open to suggestion. I'll be setting up a page on the Bayou Motor Carriage Web site to host the pictures for the event, similar to how the IDL operates. Interested parties please respond via e-mail with any comments.

Michael C. McNeill
BMC Webmaster


Counters: Low-Tech, Racing, Wasteworld, Modern Dueling


In Production

We're bringing back this old favorite as the first salvo of our Car Wars relaunch! Car Wars: The Card Game is an easy-to-learn introduction to the wild world of autoduelling, played entirely with cards. Car Wars: The Card Game is complete in one box (no collecting!), and features all-new graphics and packaging.

Stock number 1401  ISBN 1-55634-553-4  Suggested retail price : $24.95

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Car Wars Card Game Art Draws Fire
From: MiB3347 (RDEIS)
Date: Jun 12, 2001, 12:29 pm

Have a look here:

Car Wars Card Game Images

This picture has generated a lot of strong opinions for and against over on Pyramid. It's done (if I understand correctly) by the artist that will do cover art for several new Car Wars products. (Aside -- I don't know what's implied by the plural there, so don't ask.)

What do you folks think of the style? Like? Don't like? Does it say anything to you about the "Direction of the game" that you like or don't like? Or is it just a picture that means nothing in and of itself?

Rob Deis

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Car Wars Card Game Art Draws Fire
From: MiB3347 (RDEIS)
Date: 7:40 am

Fodder for the rumor mill: RMADA's resident gamestore owner heard a "leak" from the Guest of Honor at a convention last week. The guy suggested that some announcements would be made in a chat session on Pyramid this weekend. As to who "the guy" was, what the announcement might be, or if there's any real credence to it at all, you got me.

Rob Deis
RMADA President

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Car Wars Card Game Art Draws Fire
Date: Jun 13, 2001, 8:31 am

I can confirm, cause I chatted with the same guy for about an hour. The "leak" was Aldo Ghiozzi (very cool guy). It wasn't even that mysterious. He stated that himself, Steve Jackson, and some others would be running a chat on Pyramid on the fifteenth to "unveil" what they are doing with Car Wars: The Card Game.

Does everyone know that they are tying Battle Cattle and Car Wars: The Card Game together? It should be funny, at the least.

He also said, "If you are an old time player of Car Wars, you will probably hate the new one." I asked why. He said the mechanics will be far simplified. They are really trying to target the younger gamers. I, personally, don't mind, as I would like to be able to play Car Wars and finish a game with 10 or so players in under four hours.


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Tool Kits and Play-Aids / Access-Based Vehicle Designer
From: Mr. TeamPlay (DHTEAMPLAY)
Date: Jun 05, 2001, 7:35 am

The Microsoft Access Database Vehicle Designer is once again available on the DragonSlayers Web site (on the main page of the Car Wars section). Please feel free to download and use it. It can cope with most vehicle types. Sorry, Outlands, it doesn't handle tanks yet, and equipment (no HTMs yet).

Please remember this is an on-going development, so it comes with no guarantees, though if you spot any errors, please let me know. If you have any specific requests for amendments, I will try to incorporate them, but I have a limited amount of time available to work on this project.

David Hudson
DragonSlayers, Inc. President


Rulebooks: Version 2.0
Expansions: The Enclave, Fallout Dude's Expanded Skills List, Lab Experiment, Magic and Psionics
Play-Aids: Automatic Character Generator Program, Fallout Dude's Character Sheet


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES Page Updated
Date: June 11, 2001, 8:42 am

Howdy, all. The nasty weather here in Houston kept me indoors all weekend, so I was able to add some new designs to the HADES page. I could have played 9X Boat Wars in my front yard on Friday night.

I never realized how easy it is to make awfully fast cycles with a super trike plant. The armor gets thin, but 180 mph + makes up for it.

HADES President

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES 9x Duel
Date: May 28, 2001, 7:58 am

Howdy, all. We tried our first 9X duel yesterday. It was just a quick one-on-one Div. 30 event to wrangle out any problems with the larger scale. It was me against Bryan, HADES Minister of Propaganda. I piloted the Havoc, while Bryan drove the Defiant. The duel lasted nine turns before Bryan surrendered, having no front armor remaining.

The larger scale makes the game much more fun. My backyard is huge so we had lots of space to maneuver. The longer ranges will make for changes in equipment at the next 9X duel. Hi-Res computers and weapons with low to-hits are necessary. WGMs and RGMs could prove to be useful in 9X.

Let's look at the designs:

Havoc: Sedan with CA frame, large PP with SuperCons, driver, 4 radial PR tires, 5 HMGs (each with blow-through concealment) front, SD back, HRSWC. Plastic armor: 217 points. Average damage: 10d-10. A fighter, lots of forward firepower, heavy armor and little else.

Defiant: Sedan, large PP with PlatCats, driver, 4 solid tires, 2 MGs (each with 15 HD rounds) in 2-space turret, 3 MGs front, IFE, HD brakes, HDSAs, HRTC. Sloped plastic armor: 180 points. Average damage: 5d+5. A very well-rounded design, but suited for a duel with mutiple opponents.

(Editor's Note: The Car Wars Tanks HMG damage value, 2d-1, was used for this duel instead of the 2d-2 value from UACFH.)

The Havoc's HMGs have an average damage of 5, while the Defiant's HD-loaded MGs have an average damage of 4.5. If the Havoc had carried 10 rounds of HD ammo per gun instead of 20 rounds of standard, the game would have ended much sooner. If the Defiant had carried incendiary ammo, the Havoc would most likely have been on fire by turn 4.

I'll have pictures and more comments posted to the HADES page tomorrow. I'll add the Defiant to the Div 30 page as well.

HADES President

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES 9x Duel
Date: May 29, 2001, 7:54 am

The pictures and turn-by-turn description have been posted to the HADES Web site. I also added the Defiant to the Div 30 page.

HADES President

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES 9x Duel
From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: May 29, 2001, 7:55 pm

Looks neat! What kinds of cars did you use for 9x? Be sure and take pics of the next 9X duel!

Michael C. McNeill
BMC Webmaster

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES 9x Duel
Date: May 30, 2001, 6:33 am

The cars are Testors 1:25 ProStreet cars. I buy the discounted ones at Hobby Lobby for around $3.50 a car. Usually they have been opened and are missing some parts, but I don't build the engines or suspension. The doors and hoods are glued shut and the wheels are glued to the frame. I use different sizes of aluminum tubing for the gun barrels. The blue car has an oil pan glued to the fender for a gun bulge for the large-bore
projectile sticking out of the grille. The red car uses the top of a water bottle cap for its turret. I have two more cars almost completed and several more kits to build. The detail in the digital pictures is pretty poor, I'll try to shoot some on film and post them.

HADES President

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / HADES 9x Duel
From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: May 30, 2001, 10:26 am

Very nice work with the cars. You might want to look at the pinewood derby section (at the local Hobby Lobby, it's right by the paints) for extra "bits." Also, just last night, I ran across a bunch of "scrap parts" on Ebay under the keyword "junkyard" -- in case you need extra fodder, that is. My "Spectre/Wight" design is based on a model of the Chrysler Atlantic I saw at HL. Maybe I should build it up and post pics, even if I never duel in 9X.

BMC Webmaster


Subject: 15K Results
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 14:07:37 -0500
From: Internet Dueling League <>
To: IDL Mailing List <>

As most of you know, the 15K was held on Sunday May 20th. I an very happy to say that the entire 13-second duel went without any technical difficulties. The duel took 11 hours to complete, but in the end, there was only one duelist still mobile in the arena.

Final Results

1. Curt "Wall Killer" Lindmark: 14 points
2. Michael McNeill: 7 points, killed
3. Nathaniel Gousett: 2 points
4. David "Steel Cobra" McGee: -1 point
5. Joe Barlow: -3 points, killed
6. Nate Berkopec: -3 points, killed

Congratulations to Curt, who won the event, despite hitting the wall twice -- and inflicting over 140 points of damage to the walls.  Curt finished the event with only two rounds of ammo left and 2 points of metal protecting him from the outside world. A prize from the IDL and is on it's way. Sure, it's just a t-shirt, but isn't that more than the AADA gave to the World Champions last year?

Highlights of the duel, and the AVI file, should be on the Web site by this weekend. Be sure to check back often.

In other IDL news, the IDL is moving forward with it's next duel, the Ambush Autoworks 50K. This will be the IDL's first venture into the world of racing. The Ambush Autoworks 50K will take place in the Double Doughnut arena (it is the original Double Drum in 1X scale, but the vehicles running in the duel will be 1.5X scale Micro Machines, making the arena smaller in scale). The vehicles will be custom built cars built on stock luxury frames, with a $50,000 price limit. Qualifying will favor high speeds and handling class. Details on how to qualify will be put up on the Web site.

Many thanks to those of you who have helped to support the IDL. We look forward to more duels, and will continue to provide prizes for duels as long as we can keep it financially possible.

MJ Daniels
IDL Public Relations Director


Subject: MADHAT Spreadsheet Update
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 22:00:28 -0500
From: Jimmy Anderson <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

There is a new update to the MADHAT Car Design Spreadsheet. This update, dated 25 May 2001, incorporates all the newer Uncle Al's items from Pyramid (HTMs, Sonic Cannon, etc.).

MADHAT Car Wars Vehicle Designer

Subject: MADHAT Spreadsheet Update
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 15:52:45 -0500
From: Chris Johnson <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Just to let everyone know, there's a new update of the MADHAT Car Design Spreadsheet. We did a lot with this one. MJ Daniels pointed some things out, and we fixed some things others requested too. This version figures weapon magazines into the 1/3 spaces rule, adds magazine DP to the appropriate weapon, fixed the big CA frame/streamlining cost issue that all the spreadsheets out there had (except the Access one), adds DM to car page, adds sloping note to car page, and has a number of other calculation refinements. This is the 06-12-2001 version.

MADHAT Car Wars Vehicle Designer

As usual, its a self executing compressed file, so just double click it after you dowload it and it will decompress to your Windows desktop.

Happy Control Rolls,

Chris Johnson


Arena Watch: Stockwell Racetrack
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 12, No. 1


Subject: SCAB CWVD 9.1b Released
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 18:19:14 -0700
From: Rick Cross <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Just In Time For GAMEX! Minor update 9.1b released 23 May 2001, making the following corrections:

* Cosmetic corrections to weapon and accessory drop-down menus.
* Corrected extra magazine formula goofyness.
* Corrected error in multiple item CA weight limit.
* Made CA entry on Vehicle Worksheet more clear.

Some of you have suggested other changes that weren't so easy.  If you have any other suggestions for improving the worksheet, let me know and I'll try to implement all of them in time for the 2051 WDC.

SCAB Car Wars Vehicle Designer

Subject: SCAB April 28th Division 20 Duel
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 08:05:52 -0700
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

On April 28th, SCAB hosted a Div 20 duel at Rob Hagmaier's House. Turnout was small due to the late notice for the duel. The action was fast and furious as we played in 3X scale, which made the arena very tight.

Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom LaLonde: Compact, PP with HTMs, airdam, spoiler, ramplate

* Erik Rasmussen: Sedan, PP with HTMs, small-bore projectile in turret, rockets (F, R, L), dropped solid back.

* Stan Wells: Luxury, PP with HTMs, 2 large-bore projectile front

* Chris Ganiere: Mid-size, PP with HTMs, empty turret, dropped solid back, airdam, spoiler, ramplate

* Rob Hagmaier: Mid-size, ICE, small-bore projectile in turret, dropped liquids (R, L), dropped solid back

The action started fast as the arena was very close. Rob came out of his gate and turned his droppers on, a linked package of flaming oil, ice and spikes in between. Chris also added to the mess, by turning on his minedropper.

In the meantime, Stan and Erik both started shooting at Tom, both missing. Tom didn't miss, however, when he went head-on with Erik and turned him into a drive-thru, a full kill for Tom (-20 Erik, +20 Tom). Stan and Chris end up colliding as well, resulting in Chris' death, a full for kill Stan (-20 Chris, +20 Stan). During that exchange, Stan ended up losing some tires, but his wheels were intact.

Tom started to chase Rob, while Rob desperately maneuvered to avoid that ramplate, leaving his trail of death behind him. Rob managed to leave his trail right up to the wall, and Tom was left with no choice but to cross the resulting mess. At 80 mph, he had no chance, and his car turned sideways and rolls. Rob's dropped weapons ran dry.

Rob turned towards Stan and begun to pepper him with his turreted light machine gun. They rammed each other at moderate speed. The collision took out Stan's guns, but left his car driveable.

Tom continued to roll and smashed into a pillar at 50 mph on his right side, and came to rest on his wheels! Battered, but not beaten, he
turned towards Stan and Rob, even though his tires were gone (the wheels were still there).

Rob, with the only working weapon in the arena, parked and begun to shoot at both Tom and Stan's wheels, only needing to do a couple of
points to kill Tom and Stan. Tom's hubs saved the day for him, and Stan lost only one wheel. Tom, throwing caution to the wind, accelerated, came around a pillar, and smashed into the back of Stan, who was backing up. Their combined speed was 90 mph, more than enough to turn Stan into a greasy spot on the road. The crash also managed to take out Tom's engine, making him a full kill as well (Stan -20 and +20, Tom -20 and +20).

Final Results

1. Tom LaLonde: +20, VK x 2
1. Stan Wells: +20, VK x 2, posthumous win
2. Rob Hagmaier: 0, survivor bonus
3. Chris Ganiere: -20
3. Erik Rasmussen: -20


Subject: Re: WADA League May 6th Update
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 01:03:12 -0500
From: Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hi Michael,

We would like to participate in or run a North Regional Dueling Championship. We have e-mailed the AADA contacts we have been able to find addresses for, but so far have recieved no response except from AADA Head Referee Eric Freeman. Any information you have in this direction would be welcome.

Brian Strassman
SPARK President


Subject: SCAB Division 50 Beer Bash Duel Results
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 11:38:43 -0700
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

SCAB played host to a Division 50 Duel on Saturday, May 12th in Anaheim. The duel was not AADA-sanctioned as military and other illegal items were permitted.

Each of the 12 participants was sponsored by prominent beer companies. Each vehicle was permitted to bring one, and only one armored
beer refrigerator, which held a six-pack of the sponsor's beer. Anyone having their beer destroyed was automatically disqualified. Play continued to the last man standing. The last man standing was declared the winner, with other placement determined by kills in the normal fashion. Contestants whose beer is not destroyed were awarded a point for tie breaking purposes only.

The arena used was the Freeman Towers. Oversized vehicles and DPU ammo seemed to be very popular for this duel.

Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Dean Gibson in a 10-wheel van with a turreted ATG, a HDID and HDFOJ, sponsored by Budweiser, the King of Beers.

Gate 2: Tom LaLonde in a Minibus with a RFTG with DPU ammo front and a HDSS back, sponsored by Road Hog Beer.

Gate 3: Jake Effrig in a 30' Bus with a RFTG with DPU ammo front, sponsored by Olde English.

Gate 4: Erik Rasmussen in a high-speed and high-handling sedan with an AC front and a dead-beer switch linked to his AC, sponsored by Schaefer, The One for Fun Since 1842.

Gate 5: Jeremy Willis in a mini-bus with a 75mm TG with APFSDS ammo front, who put his fridge inside a large mini-fridge, sponsored by
Milwaukee's Best.

Gate 6: Kimmy Effrig in a 10-wheeler with a ramplate and a BC front with HESH ammo, sponsored by Killian's Red.

Gate 7: Rob Hagmaier in a mini-bus with a turreted OG smartlinked to an OG with ice ammo right, and 4 SGs right, and a DSP, sponsored by Meister Brau.

Gate 8: Steven Richards in a luxury with an AC with DPU ammo front, a MFRP right, napalm MDs on a weapon timer rear, and a DSP, sponsored by Ithaca Beer.

Gate 9: Rob Steinke in a mini-bus with a RFTG with DPU and HESH ammo back, 4 WGMs on a rocket platform, and recoil spades front, sponsored by Fat Ass Malt Liquor (Crush your competition with your Fat Ass Malt Liquor).

Gate 10: Chuck Phillips in a camper with a turreted and cyberlinked AC with DPU ammo, and a LFT right, sponsored by Bear Wiz Beer.

Gate 11: Stan Wells in a 6-wheel pickup with a HRR with HEAT ammo right, sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

Gate 12: Chris Ganiere in a large hovercraft with a HRR with HEAT and HESH ammo right, sponsored by Plain Wrap Beer.

It didn't take a mental giant to see that there was going to be some carnage in this duel. (Note to reader: DPU blow-through is seriously nasty!)

The first significant blood was drawn in Turn 2 when Jeremy mobility-killed Jake by destroying his power plant with a shot from his 75mm TG.
Tom had also shot at Jake with his RFTG, but it passed right through the empty back part of Jake's bus, doing no real damage. Jeremy then became the target of both Jake and Tom's DPU ammo. The blow-through from Tom and Jake nearly wiped Jeremy out. Jeremy completed  the kill on Jake in Turn 3, while Jake returned the favor by killing Jeremy the same turn.

Chuck, Stan, Erik and Chris also mixed it up early. Chris hit Stan with his HRR, while Chuck hammered  Stan repeatedly with his AC, and Erik joined the "Kill Stan Fun" by blasting Stan's wheelhub. Stan maneuvered wildly to bring fresh armor facings to bear, but in Turn 3, Chuck
managed to destroy Stan's power plant with his DPU ammo blow-through, and caused Stan to roll. Stan later becomes a full kill for Chuck when his driver died in the roll. Chuck changed targets to Erik, and managed to destroy Erik's Beer, immediately disqualifying Erik. Erik's dead-beer switch fired his AC, but failed to hit anything.

Chris took aim on Chuck and killed his driver with his HRR. Chris turned his attention to Dean and was quickly joined by Tom, who killed some of Dean's crew. Chris finished Dean, while Dean's ATG shots bounced off Tom's heavy metal armor. With Dean out of the picture, Chris was free to turn his guns on Tom, who tried to get away. Tom managed to escape and Chris was forced to retire from the game due to real life concerns. He was declared a full kill, but no one received credit for him.

At the other end of the arena, Kimmy set her sights on Hagmaier with her BC, while Rob returned fire with his joy package of a flaming oil, ice and 4 SGs. Kimmy repeatedly took lots of tire damage and massive hazards, but managed to deftly hang on to control of her vehicle. Meanwhile, she pounded Hagmaier's heavy right side armor, wearing it down.

Steinke turned his vehicle towards the wall, deployed his recoil spades, and began to pour the hurt into Hagmaier's  left side armor with
his RFTG containing HESH and DPU rounds. Steve joined the fun by shooting a MFRP at Hagmaier's left side, but only two rockets hit Rob's paper-thin left side armor. Steve tried to get Hagmaier with his napalm mines, but Rob maneuvered around them.

Hagmaier turned towards the stationary Steinke and put the hammer down, with Kimmy screaming in behind him with her ramplate. A parting shot from Hagmaier towards Kimmy caused her to roll. At the same time, Steve finished off Hagmaier's  right side armor with his DPU ammo, and the blow-through destroyed all of Hagmaier's weapons except for his DSP. Steinke took one last shot at Hagmaier at close to point-blank range, then Hagmaier veered off at the last second, avoiding a 50 mph clash of mini-buses.

Steinke satisfied himself by completing the kill on Kimmy who was rolling towards him. He then fired off his WGMs to chase down
and finish off Hagmaier. They would later crash into the wall as they were unable to make a tight enough turn to nail Rob. The unarmed Hagmaier turned towards Steve in a desperate ploy, while Steve fired at him repeatedly. Steve misjudged the speed, and was rammed by Hagmaier, whose victory was short lived as another shot from Steinke turned him into a wet spot on the concrete.

At this point, the only remaining contestants were Tom and Steinke. Rob came towards Tom, who was stopped. They exchanged shots from their RFTGs. Tom's shots did massive damage while Rob's could not seem to get a good roll. Tom finally managed to blast through and destroy Rob's big gun. Rob's shot blew through Tom's armor, but the component armor absorbed the damage.

Rob fires a HR and missed, while Tom's last shot in the magazine managed to wipe out what was left of Rob. Tom was declared the winner as he proved, once and for all, that Road Hog Beer is the best!

Final Results

1. Tom LaLonde: +20 (killed Steinke, beer intact)
2. Chris Ganiere: +20 (killed Gibson, killed Phillips, beer intact)
3. Chuck Phillips: +20 (killed Wells, killed Rasmussen, lost beer)
4. Rob Steinke: +10 (killed Hagmaier, completed kill on Kimmy Effrig, beer intact)
4. Rob Hagmaier: +10 (killed Richards, mobility kill on Kimmy Effrig, beer intact)
6. Jake Effrig: 0 (killed Willis, beer intact)
7. Jeremy Willis: 0 (killed Jake Effrig, lost beer)
8. Stan Wells: 0 (beer intact)
8. Kimmy Effrig: 0 (beer intact)
8. Steven Richards: 0 (beer intact)
11. Dean Gibson: 0 (lost beer)
11. Erik Rasmussen: 0 (lost beer)


Subject: Points Formula for TCM League
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 16:06:12 -0400
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Here is the formula broken down to simple terms where x = number of players. Note that points are only earned with 4 or more players.

First = 6x
Second = 3x - 1
Third = 2x - 2 (only if x > 5)
Fourth = 1.5x - 3 (only if x > 9)

Anyone not earning these points will get:

Last = 1
Second to last = 2
Third to last = 3

Continue this pattern for all other places.

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manger

Subject: TCM Duel #4 Report
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 01:53:13 -0400
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: Michael Owen <>
CC: SCAB Mailing List <>

TCM Duel #4 was a Div 20 event that took place in the Pasadena Municpal Autoduel Arena.

Vehicle Descriptions

* Tom LaLonde: Compact, ICE with 2 rocket boosters, ramplate.

* Steve Reynolds: Sedan, electric PP, 6 FGs (3R, 3L), fake ramplate.

* Michael Taylor: Subcompact, ICE, 2 MGs (1R, 1L).

* Stan Wells: Luxury, PP with HTMs, 2 MFs with SWC front, weapon timer (detonates MF radio-controlled mines one phase after firing), FE, AWHs front, WGs back, 5 points CA around PP, 5 points CA around driver.

* Chuck Phillips: Luxury, OG front, HDID right, HDFOJ left, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back.

* Rick Cross: Sedan, PP with HTMs, snow tires, 2 linked HMGs (each with HD ammo) and SWC in turret, GS (with paint) front, 2 IcDs (1R, 1L), OJ back, HDSAs, AWHs, WGs.

* Aaron Cappocchi: Mid-size, metal/plastic armor, ramplate, acceleration 20.

* Jeremy Willis (adVantage VII-G: The ABC After School Special): Van with roll cage, hvy. chassis, large PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver with PFE, gunner with PFE, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and HRSWC) front, RL (with SWC) right, 2 SDs (1L, 1B), link, bumper trigger. Plastic armor: F30, R20, L15, B15, T1, U4, seven 10-pt. CA compartments. Accel. 5 (10 with HTMs), Top speed 90 (70 with HTMs), HC 2; 6,600 lbs., $20,000.

* Rob Steinke: Luxury, 250 ci ICE (with carburetor, turbocharger and two N2O tanks), HR front, FT back, MD (with napalm mines) back, airdam, spoiler. Acceleration 10 (+5 with turbocharger, +10 with nitrous),

Turn 1: Rick fired HMGs at Jeremy and missed.

Turn 2: Rick fired HMGs at Steve. One hit for moderate damage, causing Steve to spin out on oil. Stan cleaned one of my tires, and I started spinning into the joy package that I had put on automatic. I managed to hit a couple of my own spikes, which took off the rest of my tires and effectively ended my day. I had been going fast enough to keep spinning for another two turns, leaving a really fun streak of flaming oil, ice, and explosive spikes. For some strange reason, everybody else thought this would be a really fun place to drive, and I did manage to get a couple of OG shots out before being rammed.

Turn 3: Rick fired again at Steve, who was spinning, and missed.

Turn 4: Rick made a D5 bend to close with Jeremy. Crossing the center oil slick, Rick fired his PS at no one in particular. Aaron pointlessly rammed Tom, who was already a full kill, at 80 mph. Aaron cleaned out Tom, who kepts rolling towards the arena wall. Aaron drove through his own bumper-triggered flame cloud.

Turn 5: Rick fired HMGs at Jeremy's breached left side and fragged both of Jeremy's crew for an instant full kill. Aaron passed through the confetti of what was left of Michael's subcompact, t-boned Stan (who just finished off Rob and Bob) at 60 mph, and killed Stan.

Turn 6: Rick made a D5 bend to chase Aaron. Rick fired HMGs at Aaron and missed.

Turn 7: Rick fired HMGs at Aaron and missed again. Aaron t-boned motionless Chuck at 60 mph, finshing him off. Aaron skidded enough from  the manuever and collision to enter Chuck's HDFOJ pool, which burned away what was left of his ramcar's tires.

Turn 8: Rick fired HMGs at Aaron, who was on ice, and hit, causing him to roll. Weapons fire from Rick caused Aaron to roll, but since Chuck's FOJ took out the tires, Aaron was technically already a full kill.

Turn 9: Rick drove through Chuck's heavy-duty flame cloud instead of around it. Rick fired at Aaron's right side for minimal damage. Rick turned to close on Steve. Aaron rolled up against the wall on his side after leaving a trail of metal armor obstacles across the arena floor. Rick finished
off Steve for the win. (Rick's driver burned to death a couple seconds later. How noble.)

Turn 10: Rick fired at Steve's tire and missed. Rick caught fire from the fire modifier of Chuck's flame cloud.

Turn 11: Rick, crossing in front of Steve at 60 mph, fired again at his tire and missed again.

Turn 12: Steve surprised Rick by accelerating from 65 to 80, closing in for a ram. Rick made a D5 bend to try and evade Steve's ram. Steve t-boned Rick for 39 points, destroying Rick's engine (mobility kill for Steve) and stripping his driver's remaining CA. Fog condensed as both cars' bumper-triggered ice dischargers went off. Steve lost control and rolled, but Rick maintained control. Rick fired HMGs at Steve's exposed
underside, breaching the armor and hitting the driver for a full kill.

Duelmaster's Notes

In Turn 1, I veared a bit to the right. My gunner fired the ATG (with sabot rounds) at Chuck and missed. My driver missed Mike with my RL. In Turn 2, I entered the center oil area and fired at Mike again, hitting for 6 points. My gunner then put my rear SD on automatic. In Turn 3, my driver hit Mike again for 7 points, then did a drift on oil to avoid a head-on collision with Tom who was coming around the center pillar and firing rocket boosters up to 95 mph (he spun out just before impact). My gunner fired the left side SD just in time to take out one of Tom's tires, starting a roll before he T-boned my left side. He did 75 points of damage, but only destroyed a SD and a bunch of component armor!

In Turn 4, I went through Chuck's HDFOJ counter and then noticed Rick about to come around the other side of the center pillar. I didn't turn left toward Rick knowing that I would choke my roll if I did. Then someone detonated a napalm mine near me and I turned right. I now had tons of dropped stuff blocking any further clockwise rotation. My driver manager to hit Stan with the RL for 4 points. I was able to put out the fire mods with my PFEs in Turn 5. Then Rick blasted me in the breached side with his turreted twin HMGs, killing my gunner and knocking my driver unconscious.

Steinke never got above 55 mph. In Turn 1, Rob activated nitrous which cracked his transmission. In Turn 2, Rob hit Chuck's flaming oil and spikes resulting in lost tires and spinout. He came to rest against one of the central gates. The FT and napalm mines combination destroyed Mike through fire and explosion.

Final Results

1. Rick Cross: 54 points (killed Willis, killed Reynolds)
2. Chuck Phillips: 21 points (killed Aaron, mobility kill on Steinke)
2. Aaron Cappocchi: 21 points (killed Wells, completed kill on Phillips)
4. Jeremy Willis: 6 points (killed LaLonde)
5. Stan Wells: 4.5 points (mobility kill on Chuck, completed kill on Steinke)
5. Rob Steinke: 4.5 points (killed Taylor)
7. Steve Reynolds: 3 points (mobility kill on Cross)
8. Tom LaLonde: 2 points
9. Michael Taylor: 1 point

Chuck received a post-event kill on Rick, who won the duel but died from a fire set by Chuck a moment later. Since Rick won the event before this happened, it didn't affect point scoring, but does count for the TCM kill series!