Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 5
May 05, 2051

Web Posted August 05, 2001
Updated August 05, 2001



Happy Cinco de Mayo auto-vigilantes and creepers. I almost made the May 1st deadline to publish this edition of CWIN but my other favorite  hobby besides Car Wars, sleeping, became a priority. The extra four days I took to write this newsletter should make your patience worthwhile. This issue has over ten duel reports. Thank you duelmasters and racemasters for taking time to write detailed accounts of your games.


The 2051 WADA Car Wars League is becoming a very cutthroat tournament. The AAIE has battered and smashed past the duelists of the CADC and SCAB to claim the first, second and fifth places. MJ Daniels of the CADC slipstreamed his way into third place by winning two gigantic CADC races on the same day. The points differences between the other duelists in the top ten are extremely narrow, with several combatants separated by only single digits.

Remember to send me notices of duels and races so I can add them to the WADA Car Wars Events Schedule, sign-up with Car Wars player registries, and to contact road warriors in your area.

Drive Offensively,

Michael P. Owen



Having to carry open space and mass for suspects created a serious dent in a Police Cruiser's combat capability. The Paddy Wagon was
developed to take that burden off of the cruisers. The armor is excellent; even the tires are protected against gunfire. It can carry an impressive number of personnel -- either suspects from a crime scene, or in some cases police officers to a crime scene. Firepower is weak, but this unit is not meant to take the offensive. Performance is average; handling is a bit off due to the wheelguards. For its price, an excellent unit.

Paddy Wagon -- Station wagon, x-hvy. chassis, super PP, hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver, gunner, MG front, MD back, FE. Cargo capacity: (+7) spaces, 1,050 lbs. Plastic armor: F55, R50, L50, B55, T10, U14, four 10-pt. plastic WGs. Accel. 5, Top speed 102.5, HC 2; 5,550 lbs., $14,480.

The flaws of the van-based Ambunaught -- poor handling, and armor incapable of standing up to the typical weapons seen in a firefight
-- led to the creation of this unit, based upon the Paddy Wagon. It has the same firepower as the Ambunaught, and is more expensive,
but has far superior armor (including protected tires), and the ability to carry more personnel (typical loadout is two patients and a dedicated paramedic). Units of this type can be seen today, little modified from the original configuration, which is a testament to the quality of the design.

Ambulance -- As above, but remove, MG, MD and FE. Add 5 points of plastic armor, medical equipment, 2 stretchers, 2 MGs in 2-space turret and RR front. Plastic armor: F45, R45, L45, B45, T45, U14, four 10-pt. plastic WGs. $20,680.

Earlier models of the Paddy Wagon and Ambulance had far lower maximum laods, so they had to carry much less armor, and were consequently
more vulnerable (though with the lower average firepower of the period, this was not that great a concern). What units of these models still exist are used only in safe zones or as arena medical units.

Economy Paddy Wagon : As Paddy Wagon, but downgrade chassis to standard. Plastic armor: F25, R25, L25, B25, T10, U14. Top speed 132.5, Cruise speed 77.5. 4,450 lbs., $11,480.

Economy Ambulance: As Ambulance, but downgrade chassis to standard. Plastic armor: F25, R20, L20, B25, T25, U14. Top speed 132.5, Cruise speed 77.5. 4,450 lbs., $17,680.

Chris French
Portland, OR



CNN Interactive
April 20, 2001
Web posted at: 8:08 a.m. EDT (1208 GMT)

In this story:
Making it safer
Not coming here soon

By Marsha Walton
CNN Science and Technology

MUNICH, Germany (CNN) -- At first glance, the C-1 scooter looks like BMW crossed one of its auto assembly lines with one of its motorcycle plants.

Heads do turn as the hybrid scooter cruises European streets. It's marketed here as a commuter alternative to crowded public transportation -- and to the high costs of fueling a car, the equivalent of some U.S. $4 per gallon for gas these days. The C-1 is miserly by comparison, getting about 80 miles (128 km) per gallon of petrol.

"What I do is I just start with the accelerator, there is no clutch," says Uhland Burkart, demonstrating the vehicle in downtown Munich. "So when I want to go I just open the throttle, and here we go."

Burkart, who heads the sales and marketing division for BMW motorcycles, says company research and development teams began searching
for answers to city driving difficulties in the early 1990s.

"Well, we said, 'There's a solution. It's a scooter or a motorcycle.' But then you don't have the safety, and you don't have the weather protection. Normally in a scooter you need specific garments, you need a helmet."

It took about five years from the first prototypes to production of the part-scooter, part-car C-1. It was put on the market in spring 2000, at a cost of 6,500 to 7,000 euros, or about U.S. $5,500.

Making it safer

Dominating the design concerns was the question of how to make the vehicle safer than an ordinary motorcycle. In the United States, for example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says motorcycle fatalities account for 5 percent of highway deaths each year, although motorcycles comprise only 2 percent of registered vehicles.

That's because motorcycles provide little protection in a crash. They have no roof, no safety belts, no air bags, and less bulk than an automobile.

Burkart says the C-1 addresses some of those concerns with what it calls an aluminum "safety cell."

"The safety cell has been built to withstand crashes like cars. And actually, you experience safety that is comparable to a small car," says

In Germany, C-1 riders don't need to wear helmets, and they don't need a motorcycle-driving license.

But there are different safety standards in different countries. Other European countries still require helmets and some require motorcycle licenses to operate the C-1. The original vehicle has a 125cc engine. But a more powerful 176cc version is on the market, in part because Italy requires 150cc vehicles on its motorways.

Not coming here soon

BMW has no plans to market the C-1 in the United States, Canada or Australia. Tim Hurd of the traffic safety administration says company officials have talked with the agency about the C-1, but haven't begun formal efforts to determine whether the vehicle can meet either motorcycle or automobile safety standards.

The C-1 is sexier than the ubiquitous Vespas and Mopeds that dart through European urban traffic. But it would never be confused with a sleek racing bike because of accoutrements like a windshield wiper, two seat belts and an optional luggage rack.

But there's still plenty of "gee whiz" effect.

"It's actually fun, because all the people in the cars are looking at you. You're enjoying a lot of attention," says Burkart.

He clearly was enjoying that attention on the busy streets surrounding BMW's research and development center, as he demonstrated the vehicle for CNN.


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Virtual Autoduel Review / Road Rage
From: Manycubes
Date: Apr 11, 2001, 6:07 pm

I don't know if anyone's pointed out this Web site before, but it's worth taking a look again just for its "Road Rage Package." Bulldog Direct is a company that specializes in personal and vehicle armor.

Bulldog Direct

Tony "Manycubes" Kontes
BNI President


CNN Interactive
April 18, 2001
Web posted at: 4:31 p.m. EDT (2031 GMT)

In this story:
Runs at mid-range temperatures
Drawbacks remain

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- Engineers may have found a way to build electricity-generating fuel cells that are cheaper to manufacture and leave behind nothing but water, according to a new study.

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology report they were able to generate modest amounts of electricity for short periods of time by using a design based on a solid acid. The new design has some drawbacks, however, and there are questions about whether its materials would hold up under severe conditions.

Fuel cell research has expanded rapidly over the past decade as automakers, utilities and the electronics industry seek ways to replace the
declining supply of fossil fuels -- oil, coal and natural gas -- that power everything from cars to home appliances.

But engineers have run into problems with fuel cell designs running at either relatively cool or very high temperatures. Cooler temperature fuel cell designs can add to manufacturing cost and reduce efficiency; higher temperature fuel cells typically rely on corrosive molten salts that can cause components to break down.

Runs at mid-range temperatures

Sossina Haile and her colleagues at Caltech report in Thursday's journal Nature that they created a possible alternative that runs at mid-range temperatures of 320 degrees (160 Celsius) by making a "sandwich" of cesium hydrogen sulfate -- a solid acid -- and a platinum catalyst.

They were able to generate a modest amount of current for several days when they pumped hydrogen gas into the acid sandwich, called an electrolyte. The system produced only water as a byproduct.

The system is considered "dry" because it uses only gas to generate electricity. Lower-temperature fuel cells rely on water or other liquids, such as methanol, to help the electrolyte generate electricity.

"This is a very preliminary result, but it's a noteworthy result," said John Turner, senior scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado.

If the design proves workable on a larger scale, it could greatly simplify the technology needed to run a fuel cell and make mass production less costly, Turner said.

Drawbacks remain

Drawbacks to the Caltech design includes the possibility of accidental overheating, which could melt the acid sandwich, and the chance it could get wet and dissolve when it is turned off and cools down.

Michael Krumpelt, fuel cell program manager at Argonne National Laboratory, said those drawbacks mean the materials are unlikely to find any useful application.

"She has not tested it under severe enough conditions to convince me it would be practical under real-life conditions," Krumpelt said.

Haile said she is looking for alternate materials to test.



From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Four Duels
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 10:25:46 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Sorry this took so long. I have the Midville 3000 to report, and the first two duels of our club championship.They will all be a little short.

First up, the 14th semi-annual Midville 3000, a Div 50 highly-illegal duel on the four main maps of Midville. (I never did find North Midville. If anyone finds it, please pick it up for me. I'll reimburse you.) Most of the cars were pretty standard designs with the following exceptions.

Sponson Silliness -- CA frame, driver and gunner, HMG in right sponson, HMG in left sponson, 2 HMGs in turret, 2 HMGs front. There was another variation of Sponson Silliness that only had one in each side and more armor. As a matter of fact, one of these scored the first kill. Benjamin Rooney followed and hammered on Don Juno for three turns for the kill.

Fist of God -- Stretched pickup with rollcage, 450 ci ICE with N2O, racing slick solid tires, safety seat, HDSS front, ramplate, CA on everything. This design, driven by Tom Lentz, was the true standout. Tom started in the NE corner of Midville, drove across the north end of town, collided with Patrick Potter from behind (he was in the other Sponson Silliness), and confettied him with a 80-mph ram, an impressive feat as Patrick was going 100 mph. Tom then went to the south side of town and took out Benjamin with a 205-mph (824-point) head-on but lost his ramplate.  He then went east, north past town hall, finished off Carol with a collision that finished off his engine, and coasted out of town at 100 mph.  He only had to make a coupe of control rolls in all of that and they were never very bad.

Shadow -- Driven by Norma Barrett-Lincoln, it was the only other stretched pickup. Its design was similar to Fist of God. The Shadow racked up two kills and took second.

Because stretched pickups took first and second in my last two high division duels, they are no longer allowed until I can play with the numbers for body weight, armor cost, and armor weight, to see if we can balance them out.

March 17
Midville 3000 Div 50 Duel
Lepracon 2001, Wenatchee, WA
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 11
Special Rules: All items allowed. Police and other city defenses active.

1. Tom Lentz (66, VK x 3)
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (32, VK x 2)
3. Benjamin Rooney (WA Indep, 16.75, VK x 1)
3. Carol Daugherty (16.75, VK x 1)
5. Doug Staudt (WA Indep, 7)
6. Evan Mendonca (WA Indep, 6, VK x 1)
7. Patrick Potter (3)
7. Don Juno (WA Indep, 3)
7. Paul Case (CT Indep, 3)
7. Bryan Rider (3)
7. Jennifer Stutesman (WA Indep, 3)

Next up is our first of three duels to determine our club champion. It was a Div 5 in a small arena (a cut-down version of the Airway Heights Modular Arena) with five people in attendance. Norma and I crashed without managing to engage anyone, Tom killed Carol and finished off Steve, Carol took out Tom and Steve's mobility. The champion will be determined by total prestige gained through the tournament.

March 20
AAIE CDC Div 5 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5

1. Tom Lentz (30, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (14)
3. Steve Carder (3)
4. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (2)
5. Edgar T. Lincoln (1)

Our second club championship duel was a Div 15 in the same arena. People were a little more cautious in engaging, partly due to Tom's lux with two ATGs in the front. Tom and I ganged up on Steve but I got the kill. Tom chased down Norma and killed her but I managed to follow him. After five turns of very low speed jockying around, I managed to get the kill on him. It was one of the hardest fought duels I've been in for a while.

Prestige so far is Tom and I tied at 6, Carol at 3, and Norma, Steve, and Bryan tied at 0. The final duel will be a Div 25 next week.

March 27
AAIE CDC Div 15 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (36, VK x 2)
2. Tom Lentz (17, VK x 1)
3. Bryan Rider (6.5, VK x 1)
3. Carol Daugherty (6.5, VK x 1)
5. Steve Carder (2)
6. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (1)

And, last but not least, last week we did a four-person duel. (Steve and Tom couldn't attend the game.) It was a very quick Div 20 duel. Norma took me out with a big ram (half-moves will kill you!. Bryan finished her off, and Carol killed him. Short and to the point.

April 03
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 4

1. Carol Daugherty (24, VK x 1)
2. Bryan Rider (11, VK x 1)
3. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (2, VK x 1)
4. Edgar T. Lincoln (1)

Next Tuesday, April 17th, is the final duel of our club championship. It will be a a Div 25 in the same arena we have used for the last two duels.  Also, the Pacific Northwest RDC will be at Game Faire, the last weekend of April. Hope to see you there.

From:  Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE CDC Duel #3
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 09:45:29 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

We ran the last duel of our club championship series last night, and Steve Carder came up with a win. Tom and I were equally unimpressive but
held on to our tie(in points and kills) and will share the champion spot this year.

We dueled in the same arena as before with the following cars.

Steve Carder (Suicidal Scream): Reversed x-hvy. trike, PP with HD HTMs, active suspension, racing slick tires, RR right, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Tom Lentz (UberRoach): Compact with CA frame, ICE, driver and gunner, VFRP front, 2 TLs (one for driver, one for gunner, to anticipate LRWs) front, 352 points frame armor.

Carol Daugherty: Luxury, ICE, 2 VFRPs front, dropped solid back (never used because Carol forgot to link the dropper to her main weapons), airdam, spoiler, fake ramplate.

Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (Blast Trike): X-hvy. trike, ICE, 2 BCs (1R, 1L), spoiler.

Bryan Rider (Vuja De): Sedan, PP with HD HTMs, RR front, FCGS back, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Edgar T. Lincoln (Boom Boom): Luxury, ICE with N2O, driver and gunner, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front, LRW with 2 HSkDs, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

We started with Steve in Gate 1, Carol in 2, me in 3, Tom in 4, Bryan in 5, and Norma in 6. I came in straight and turned toward Carol when Steve
came screaming toward me at 150 mph (his starting speed!). We past each other with a wall between. Steve past both Tom and Carol without
engaging, tom and Carol exchanged shot with no real effect.

Meanwhile, Bryan managed to t-bone Norma, confetting her, and because of his reduced speed, I was able to t-bone him for a kill. Steve was
completing his first lap of the arena and I missed a t-bone on him by about an 1/8th of an inch. While I was doing this, Tom had lined up on
my back, triggered my smoke dischargers, and put a shot into my back. Fortunately, he was using my dice. I told the rockets not to track, and two of them didn't! (I wish they would listen more often!)

Steve completed anothe 3/4 lap, passing Carol with no effect, when we met again. Again, I barely missed a t-bone, managed a couple of shots
at him, chewing away most of his right-side armor. Unfortunatly, Steve and Tom took this opportunity to chew up my armor, failing to breach but killing my handling. Steve and I both made spectacular control rolls and took off.

My nitrous had run out and I was pushing my power plant by 25 mph, taking a little damage but trying to lose Tom before he finished me.
I rolled a tranny hit on the Critical Engine Damage Table, slowed a lot, and was a sitting duck for both Tom and Carol, who was just getting to our area. I attempted a couple of D6 turns to bring my ATGs to bear on Tom but I was unsuccessful. Tom t-boned me at 70, firing the VFRP as he came in. He finished me off, killing my crew, but lost all his front armor in the process due to his CA frame and my good roll. I had been curious why he had passed up a couple of good ram opportunities on me, that was unusual for him. Carol t-boned him and shot him with both VFRPs, killing his car and gunner. Steve came in to ram her, was blocked by Tom's car, did a tight loop, and t-boned her at 130 to finish her off.  His 100-point ramplate was still in good enough shope for another ram, had there been any opponents left.

Steve won this duel, earning 5 prestige, Carol got second for 1, Bryan, Tom, and I tied for third for 0, and Norma was last. That left Tom and me each with 1 win, 3 kills, and totals of 6 points. Since there weren't any good tiebreakers, we are co-champions this year.

April 17
AAIE CDC Div 25 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 6
Special Rules: Jump

1. Steve Carder (36, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (17, VK x 1)
3. Bryan Rider (5, VK x 1)
3. Tom Lentz (5 + 5, VK x 1)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (5 + 5, VK x 1)
6. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (1)

Thanks to everyone for playing, I had a great time and these were some of the  hardest fought duels we've had in quite a while.  Good job everyone. Next week's duel will be a Div 40 model scale event in the basement. See you then.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: April 24th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:15:10 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

This week was kind of a short duel with only four players. We did a Div 40 in the Airway Heights Modular Arena, used the same setup as we used for the championships. We were too lazy to change it.

Steve Carder: Fast, sloped mid-size with CA frame, ICE, laser front, lots of metal.

Tom Lentz: Sedan, ICE, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret, 2 HMGs front. 6' flatbed trailer, six mimes with PGLs and HAVRs.

Carol Daugherty: Fast luxury, ICE, spinal-mounted 90mm TG (with APDSDS ammo).

Edgar T. Lincoln: Fast, sloped luxury, PP with HD HTMs, HDSS front, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes and extra magazines; 1R, 1L), MD back, ramplate. (Duelmaster Note: The HDSS covered those mines. More on that later.)

The carnage started with Tom north, Carol East, Me south, and Steve west. Tom and Steve turned toward each other, I headed toward them, and Carol turned toward Tom. She popped off a shot at Tom from long range but missed. Tom started shedding mimes immediately. (He was only going 60 mph so they only had to survive a 15 mph sideswipe with the ground.) Steve looked to be lining up for a t-bone but was aiming to sweep the trailr and cut some mimes in half. Tom bounced four shots off Steve's side, failing to pierce his thick metal, and decided to ram him.  Tom discovered Steve had a CA frame but failed to take him out. Steve took off, running over a mime in the process.

I rammed Tom, killing his driver but missed taking out his power plant by one point. Still, it was a mobility kill so I took it. I had all my stuff on automatic for a bit at this point, and turned toward Carol. I passed up a T-bone on her (I was not going fast enough for a kill and my ramplate  was only good for one more ram) and took off for Steve, who had popped nitrous to get around faster.

Carol lined up on Tom, at point-blank range, and put a sabot round through his back armor, what was left of his engine, and out the front armor with points left. (Ouch!) Unfortunately, this put her in a position where she had to go over one of my spikes, setting them off. Also, she triggered a hidden set of mines that finished off her tires to make her a mobility kill.

Steve was up to 110 and I was up to 90, trying to get him in a T-bone. Last week, he weaseled out of two T-bone collisions. I was determined to get him this time. Lucky for me, our speeds were fairly close and I was inside him by quite a bit.  He came close to getting away but not this time! I t-boned him, causing him to confetti, ending the duel.

April 24
AAIE Div 40 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Tom Lentz and Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 4

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (24, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (11)
3. Steve Carder (2)
4. Tom Lentz (1)

Next week is a Div 10 in a different arena. I don't have anything specific in mind. Show up early and stack the odds in your favor! Also, this weekend is the RDC at Game Faire, with a Div 25 Friday night, Div 15 Saturday morning, Div 30 Saturday afternoon, and a Div 10 Saturday evening. The final is Sunday at noon and will be a Div 20 destructive model scale event.  Hope to see you there.

P.S. Michael, I'll try to get the Game Faire reports in as soon as possible to make the May WADA report.

From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Pacific Northwest RDC at Game Faire
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 11:11:12 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Well, Regionals were fun to run. There was not as high of a turnout as I had hoped but such is life. So, on to the report.

The U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship was held at Game Faire 2001 in Spokane, WA. All duels, including the final, were Level 1 events as we didn't have enough total players to eliminate half of them by final. All qualifiers were ran in the Devil's Cross, a Matchbox scale arena set up on two 6' x 2 1/2' tables with a 60 mph jump placed the narrow way, a 80 mph jump the long way, a shoot 'em in the center, and a line of Jersey barriers just in from each corner pointed towards the center.  Other

Friday night was supposed to be a Div 25 qualifier, but lightning storms knocked out the power, so we had to go home. Saturday morning we
ran a Div 15 with five players.I'm afraid I don't remember much by way of specifics from this duel except that the three rawest newbies took the top three places.

April 28
U.S. Northwest RDC Div 15 Qualifier
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6

1. Chris Stewart (WA Indep, 36, VK x 1)
2. Brentson Richards (WA Indep, 17, VK x 1)
3. Catrina Lineha (WA Indep, 10, VK x 1)
4. Howard Lalicker (AAIE, 3)
5. Theo Hill (AAIE, 1.5)
5. Gabe Majeski (WA Indep, 1.5)

On Satuday around noon we did a Div 30 qualifier with four players. It was an awfully short duel since everyone started on the same end of the arena. Howard got in behind Brad and killed him, Josh got a t-bone on Howard to finish him off, and Ken put three ATG rounds into Josh's front to kill him. The battle lasted only three turns, and was finished in half an hour. This was fast enough that we were able to play a pickup game, but more on that later.

April 28
U.S. Northwest RDC Div 30 Qualifier
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 4

1. Ken Fourn (WA Indep, 24, VK x 1)
2. Howard Lalicker (AAIE, 11, VK x 1)
3. Josh Diemert (WA Indep, 2, VK x 1)
4. Brad Yurkiw (WA Indep, 1)

Our last qualifier of the day was a Div 25, and we were only taking one to the final since Chris had already qualified. Chris became a mobility
kill in a big head-on collision by Jack, but Jack's car was finished off by a long shot from Josh before he could complete the kill. Jack's crew
got out to try to finish off Chris. Meanwhile, Craig had pulled in behind Josh and finished him off. While Jack's crew was on top of Chris'
car trying to shoot into the ports, Chris and Craig were exchanging shots while Craig got back up to speed after ramming Josh. Craig came in
weapons blazing, lit Chris' car on fire, finished off his driver, then rammed the dead hulk to wipe out Jack's pesky peds. Craig won the duel
but wouldn't be able to make the final so Josh went.

April 28
U.S. Northwest RDC Div 25 Qualifier
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 4

1. Craig Ambacher (WA Indep, 24, VK x 1)
2. Josh Diemert (WA Indep, 11, VK x 1)
3. Jack Fruin (WA Indep, 2)
4. Chris Stewart (WA Indep, 1)

The final was run Sunday at noon. Ken was unable to make it and we didn't have enough people over all for a Level 2 final so we allowed Theo
Hill, Gabe Majeski, and Carol Daugherty (who had been helping run the con so was unable to play Saturday but was set to play Friday) to round out the field of nine. The arena was square, about 45 scale inches per side, with a set of tables in the center with jumps going up onto them. This was a destructive model scale event, which means I had a Dremel, a drill and hammers so when a person took damage, their model got damaged.

Tom Lentz's Gamera -- Sloped sedan, ICE with N2O, driver and gunner, 2 FCGSs (1R, 1L), FCE back, airdam, spoiler, light metal all around with lots of plastic underneath. Tom, the AAIE co-club champion and winner of many Game Faire duels, was worth one extra point if you killed him.

Chris Stewart's Blast, Blast Baby -- Sedan, ICE, 2 BCs (1R, 1L), airdam, spoiler.

Carol Daugherty's Champ 2 -- Sedan, ICE, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret, airdam, spoiler.

Theo Hill's Trial By Fire -- Sloped mid-size, super PP, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Howard Lalicker's Flaming Idiot Mark 3 -- ICE, RL (with AP and incendiary rockets) in turret, RL (with AP and incendiary rockets) front, smart link (turret RL and front RL), airdam, spoiler.

Catrina Linehan's -- Fast mid-size, ICE, VFRP (with TL and LGL) front, airdam, spoiler, thick metal over thin plastic.

Gabe Majestki's 2050 Thompson -- Mid-size, ICE, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret, 2 HMGs front, smart link (turret HMGs and front HMGs), airdam, spoiler.

Brenton Richard's Rocket Van -- Van, ICE with CA, driver and 2 gunners, 8 HRs (linked in groups two groups of four) front, 4 MRs (2 linked R, 2 linked L), 2 SDs (1R, 1L).

Josh Diemert's Cyclops -- Sedan, racing slick tires, BC front, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

The action started quickly when Brentson discovered that rockets are hard to hit with. He shot too soon and missed Gabe, but closed with him, hit with one HR and one MR, and rammed him, removing all of Gabe's left armor, making him a marked man.

Tom triggered nitrous to come screaming out from under the tables. He scored a quick mobility kill by burning off Carol's tires with two shots of
the FCGS. (I tend to use radial PRs a lot, one of the reasons the Gamera has been so sucessful. All of the design but Tom's were mine.) I took a couple of minor hits and fled back under the tables.

Theo did a head-on with Carol, losing his ramplate (making him a firepower kill as he had no other weapons) but finishing off Carol in the process. Unfortunately for him, Howard was coming behind her and put two incendiary rockets into him, lighting him on fire, then launching two AP rockets to finish him off. About this time Chris rammed Gabe. Chris took his mobility but was unable to finish Gabe off.

Tom came out from under the tables and managed to get Cat and Chris with his FCGSs, eventually getting mobility kills on both. Cat managed
to hit Tom, forcing an ugly control roll at 110 mph which he made (barely!). Tom fled the area, heading for Howard. Weapons fire from both was inconclusive and Tom decided since it was late in the duel, he would do a 170 mph head-on instead of taking a t-bone to the delight of the crowd. The damage was one short of his confetti number and thanks to a plethora of CA, his driver survived but was pinned inside.  Howard, on the other hand, confettied messily. Much fun was had with a hammer.

Josh came in at the three sitting ducks (Cat, Gabe, and Chris), and managed to finish off all three with a combination of his BC and rams.
Brentson, the last car other than Josh, came around and they made a pass that should have killed one of them but didn't. Josh drove over two of his spikes, only triggering one and taking minimal damage. Josh t-boned Brentson but wasn't going fast enough to finish him. It was late and they were going away from each other so we called the game.

April 29
2051 AADA U.S. Northwest RDC Div 20 Final
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 9
Special Rules: Destructive Model (8X Scale) Event, Jumps

1. Tom Lentz (AAIE, 54, VK x 1)
2. Josh Diemert (WA Indep, 26)
3. Howard Lalicker (AAIE, 15, VK x 1)
4. Chris Stewart (WA Indep, 6)
5. Brentson Richards (WA Indep, 5)
6. Carol Daugherty (AAIE, 3.5)
6. Theo Hill (AAIE, 3.5)
8. Catrina Linehan (WA Indep, 1.5)
8. Gabe Majeski (WA Indep, 1.5)

So, it was kind of an odd duel. The only full kills were Tom and Howard on each other, with all of the others half kills. Tom won, making him the Regional Dueling Champion for this year. Congratulations!

Trophies were what was left of the top three cars, glued to a base. Josh was the only one with a car still in reasonable shape, Tom's got beer caned and we had to glue the bits of Howard's. Merlyn's, the nice folks who throw Game Faire, supplied a $25.00 gift certificate for first place and paid for the plates for the trophies (thanks, John!). I'll post pictures when I get  them developed.

Thanks to every one who played. I think that was the most fun I have had at Game Faire in a number of years. I don't know if I will run the Regionals again next year, but I will definately be running Car Wars again at Game Faire. I hope to see you there.

Lastly, and quickly, we had time on Saturday to do a pick up game, so I got to play in one too. It was a Div 25 with eight people. A quick rundown of the action follows.

I lit up Theo with my three laser-guided, incendiary RLs and caused him to explode on the second turn. Tom weakened Cat with his 2 BCs but failed to take her out, partially because he shot at her AA mount. (Cat's vehicle was a station wagon with two RLs on the AA mount.) Tom hit the same RL both times while Cat took out one of his BCs.

Brad, with two front-mounted VFRPs, took on Josh head-to-head, wiping him out. He then cleaned out what was left of Cat's car for another full kill. Meanwhile, Chris had gone in front of me with his spikes on automatic. I missed with my rockets, rammed him, lost all my tires to his spikes,
and forced him onto his own spikes, which caused him to spinout and lose all his tires.

Tom came around and parked with his front into my side, using me as armor and chewing away with his BC. My gunner finished off his   exposed BC with a heavy pistol so his crew got out to finish me by hand. (Tom found an obscure rule that says pedestrians on a car can fire into a weapon port and have a 50% chance of the hand weapon fire going in and damaging the vehicular weapon.) My gunner tried to throw a grenade at them, fumbled, dropped it inside his CA, and blew himself up. Fortunately, the CA contained it.

During all this, "Brother" Glen was circling around the back of Chris's car, chewing away at his back armor until he got the kill. He then came around to join the fun with me, Brad, and Tom's pedestrians. I was plinking incendiary rockets off Brad's six remaining points of metal, rolling boxcars for the rockets to track the laser while rolling fours and fives for damage. Arrgh! He could have finished me with rockets into my open side but was saving them for Glen. His second shot took out my TL. The salvo after that I finally got damage through the metal to Brad's plastic, lighting him on fire. He rammed me, not doing enough damage to kill me but pushed me so my weapons were pointed under a ramp and useless. Glen came around to my breached side, but my fire caused him to explode, ending the duel.

April 28
Game Faire Div 25 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (AAIE, 48, VK x 2)
2. Brad Yurkiw (WA Indep, 23, VK x 2)
3. "Brother" Glen Hibbs (AAIE, 14)
4. Tom Lentz (AAIE, 5)
5. Chris Stewart (AAIE, 4)
6. Catrina Linehan (AAIE, 3)
7. Theo Hill (AAIE, 1.5)
7. Josh Diemert (AAIE, 1.5)

From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE May 1st Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:10:10 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Last night was a fairly quick Div 10 duel, played in the Feynman Proving Grounds with teleporters. We had a new player join us, Howard
Lalicker, a guy that has played here in Spokane for a number of years. Glad you were able to make it, Howard. Steve didn't make it this
time, he was probably busy becoming a new father. (Congratulations to you and Dee.)

Carol: Compact, RR front, ramplate.

Tom: Mid-size, GS with tear gas, MF left.

Howard: Compact, PP with HTMs, VMG front, SD back.

Edgar: Compact, PP with HD HTMs, FCGS right, SD back, ramplate.

When we come into the arena via the teleporters, I screamed after Tom while Carol went for Howard. (A quick aside: I've noticed a pattern here.  Tom and I usually tangle, often at my insistance, and one of us is taken out and the other is wounded badly. Meanwhile, Carol goes and kills someone, then comes and finishes off whichever of us is alive. She has won a lot of games that way recently.) Like this one, She went and rammed Howard from behind, cored him with the RR, then came for us.

I t-boned Tom at 100 mph, didn't get a kill because I was only a DM of 2/3, and was taken out by his mines which he had hidden under the tear
gas. I wouldn't have gotten the ram except he started off the teleporter at a bad angle, had to make a big turn, and did a severe skid, slowing
him down enough for m to get to him before he could excape. I expected something nasty under the tear gas and survived the first set, but was
hoping to kill him with the ram. Anyway, he shot mines in front of me again and I hit him with my FCGS but was unable to take him out. After his
mines finished off my tires, he looped around and pushed me into my own streamer, completing the kill.

Carol came around, looking to finish him with a ram. Tom tried to get away on the teleporter twice but kept ending up on the same one. They AAIEd to finish the duel, a collision that she survived.

May 01
AAIE Div 10 Duel
Feynman Proving Grounds
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 4
Special Rules: Teleporters

1. Carol Daugherty (24, VK x 2)
2. Howard Lalicker (11)
3. Tom Lentz (1.5)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (1.5)

Next week is our school meeting, so no duel. The following week will be a Div 5 with lakes. Oh yea, we should all gang up on Carol and take  her out first!


Scott Haring Rejoins SJ Games

The Daily Illuminator
April 09, 2001

Game industry veteran Scott Haring has returned to Steve Jackson Games, nearly 18 years after the start of his first stint with the company.

"I guess you really can go home again," Haring said. "I've known Steve for 23 years, and I'm looking forward to another opportunity to work

Haring will serve as Marketing Editor, writing and editing ads, the retailer newsletter, sell sheets, and all other promotional and marketing
materials. Commented Steve Jackson, "Now that we're up to a half-dozen releases a month, it's a big job just to make sure that the information
gets out. It was time to bring in a pro."

Haring first worked for SJ Games from 1983 to 1987, as editor of Autoduel Quarterly and Car Wars line editor. He returned in 1993, serving as
Managing Editor through 1998 and editor of Pyramid magazine until early 2000. Three separate stints with the same company may be some sort
of adventure game industry record, though research has not yet confirmed this. Haring noted, "It took me six years to come back the first time,
and only one year to do it this time. Maybe I'm getting smarter."

"I'll also be helping out Loren Wiseman with the GURPS Traveller line, which will be big fun," Haring said. "This is one of the great enduring
roleplaying game universes, and I'm very excited to be contributing to it."


From: David Hudson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: DSI April 7th Duel
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 18:37:16 +0100

Dear Michael,

It's been a while in coming, but we finally had our first duel of the "new" year. Each team fielded three Div 15 trikes for a demolition derby (basically, a duel on a racetrack, with all vehicles traveling in the same direction).

1. Marty "HAVOC" Jopson (VK x 1)
2. Alasdair "Archdiocese" Brooks (VK x 2)
3. Geoff "BUMS" Lambourne (VK x 3)
4. David "DRAGON" Hudson

The new and improved DragonSlayers, Inc. Web site is almost complete, and will (hopefully) be launched within in the next couple of weeks.

From: David Hudson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: Another DragonSlayers Event
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 00:05:19 +0100

Dear Michael,

Here are details of the latest DragonSlayers, Inc. battle which took place on the 20th of April, a Div 60 oversized vehicle highway duel.

1. David "DRAGON" Hudson
2. Alastair "Archdiocese" Brooks (VK x 1)
3. Marty "HAVOC" Jopson
4. Geoff "BUMS" Lambourne

Full details of the event will be on the (revised) DragonSlayers, Inc. Web site shortly.


Arena Watch: Illuminati Arena
Other Pages: 2001 NOVA Schedule


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Virtual Autoduel Review / Online Car Wars
Date: Apr 09, 2001, 6:15 pm

Well, I think I've finally found the correct directory for posting this, and think it should be done just to be nice. Here are all of the online Car Wars games that I've found currently looking for players.

Scavenger Duel 3
Type: Div 40 Team Survivor Duel
Players: Unknown
Phase Time: 48 hours (3 phase)
Special Rules: Random Teams

Type: Div 20 Relay Duel (Bracketed)
Players: Unknown
Phase Time: 24 hours (5 phase)

Mikey Scott Duel 1
Type: Div 10 Survivor Duel
Players: 8/8
Phase Time: 48 hours (3 phase)
Special Rules: No Turrets Permitted.

IDL 15K Duel
Type: Div 15 Duel
Players: 0-8
Phase Time: 5 minutes (5 phase)
Special Rules: Accepting Designs Using Qualifying Formula

Feel free to post more online games on this thread.


Subject: Java Car Wars Designer
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 18:24:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Aaron Mulder <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

After way too long, I'm playing in another Car Wars campaign, and that motivated me to update the Java Car Wars Designer.

Java Car Wars Designer

I thought you might mention it in your next newsletter.


Subject: 2051 AADA U.S. Southwest RDC and Orc Con Tournament Results
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 17:18:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Eric Freeman <>

February 17
2051 AADA U.S. Southwest RDC
Div 10 Qualifier #1
Aspen Octagon

Players and Vehicles

* Rich Dekany (Modified CME-2A): Compact, PP, RR (with HEAT ammo, extra magazine with HESH ammo, and magazine switch) front, 2 bumper-triggered FODs (1R, 1L).

Tom LaLonde: Compact, two rocket boosters on 1-space EWP, ramplate.

* Melinda (Modified Darkfang): Sloped compact, PP, VMG (with HD ammo) front, metal/plastic frame armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

Erik Rasmussen: Sedan, ATG.

* Michael Taylor (Catapult): Compact, PP with HTMs, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and bumper trigger) front.

* Marc Penner (Catapult): Compact, PP with HTMs, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and bumper trigger) front.

* John Hostetter (Modified Sizzler): Mid-size, 2 FTs right, SD back, heavy metal/plastic armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

* = Pregenerated Design

Turn 1. Tom turned at Rich and Rich tagged him with a RR HESH round.

Turn 2. Tom rammed Rich into the wall and set off Rich's bumper-triggered flaming oil discharger. Tom made two amazing control rolls and pulled away from Rich who survived the 65-mph t-bone. John blasted Erik with a flamethrower, but hit Erik's thick metal armor.

Turn 3. Erik tagged John with his ATG and John bounced another flamethrower shot off Erik's metal armor. Melinda started chasing Michael and harassed him with her VMG.

Turn 4. John circled Erik with spikes as Erik pivoted and missed with his ATG. Rich set Tom on fire but Tom put it out with his PFE. (Whew!)

Turn 5. Rich was chased by Marc and tried a bootlegger reverse. Rich pulled it off. They exchanged fire and closed but drew no blood. Melinda continued to chase Michael and hose him with the VMG.

Turn 6. Melinda sideswiped the side of Michael's car that she softened up while taking another shot that destroys Michael's power plant.

Turn 7. Marc rammed Mike. Both had bumper triggers on their ATGs. Mike was killed.

Turn 9. Tom picked up speed and charged into the pack. He t-boned Marc at 70 mph and killed him.

Turn 10. John's flamethrower tagged Tom and set him on fire. This time the PFE didn't do the trick.

Turn 12. Rich and Melinda stopped face to face and shot it out. Rich killed Melinda.

Turn 14. John rammed Rich but Rich survived.

Turn 16. Rich maneuvered into a patch of debris and obstacles causing Tom to slalom around Rich.

Turn 18. Erik smashed into John and they stopped. Rich, John, and Erik, piled together, fought it out as Tom circled the near pillar and pointed into the fray.

Turn 20. Rich fired his RRs to kill John, while Erik blasted away at Rich.

Turn 21. Erik pivoted to shoot Rich. Tom performed a 75-degree bend into Erik's side. Eric is killed. Since Rich was the first to get to 40 points, he hangs on to the win despite being t-boned in the early going, one of the finest recoveries I have ever seen.


1. Rich Dekany: +40 points (killed Melinda, killed John)
2. Tom LaLonde: +40 points (killed Marc, killed Erik)
3. Melinda: -10 points (MK on Michael, own vehicle killed)
3. Marc Penner: -10 points (CK on Michael, own vehicle killed)
5. Erik Rasmussen: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
5. John: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
5. Michael Taylor: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

February 17
2051 AADA U.S. Southwest RDC
Div 10 Qualifier #2
Aspen Octagon

* Michael Moran: Compact, PP, RR (with HEAT ammo, extra magazine with HESH ammo, and magazine switch) front, 2 bumper-triggered FODs (1R, 1L).

* Robert Flores (Darkfang): Sloped compact, PP, VMG (with HD ammo) front, metal/plastic armor.

* William Fretze (Blitz): Compact, PP, HMG front, 2 SDs (each with explosive-tipped and standard spikes; 1R, 1L).

Michael Rosenberg: ATG

Peter Cossaboon: HMG (with incendiary ammo), FCGS.

Stan Wells: Design unknown.

Aaron (Modified Sizzler): Mid-size, 2 FTs right, SD back, heavy metal/plastic frame armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

* = Pregenerated Design

Turn 1. Aaron performed a 90-degree left bend to face Flores while dropping spikes. Stan fired at Moran and missed.

Turn 2. Aaron continues to lay spikes while everyone who fired missed. Rosenberg triggered a FCD which Peter avoided.

Turn 3. More spikes from Aaron were generated. Peter placed a fire modifier on Rosenberg with an incendiary HMG. Aaron tagged Flores with a flamethrower for a positive fire modifier.

Turn 4. Aaron's next shot pinged the metal on Flores. Peter took a tire shot at point-blank range which Moran's wheelguard absorbed. Several more shots all around the table were misses. Rosenberg began firing the ATG without HD shocks.

Turn 5. William and Aaron exchanged fire. Moran and Rosenberg lined up for a ram and exchanged inconclusive fire. Stan came around a pillar and tagged William for 10 points. The damage sent William into severe skid through the middle of the arena. Moran and Rosenberg collided. Moran survived while Rosenberg was killed.

Turn 6. Flores, Stan and Aaron took pot shots at William while skidding through the middle of the arena. Peter tagged Moran with his FCGS.

Turn 7. Aaron hit Rob with a fire modifier. Peter set Moran on fire. Stan and William miss their shots. Flores hit William.

Turn 8. Aaron set Stan and Flores on fire.

Turn 9. Stan met with William at Moran for a three-way collision. Moran killed Stan. Moran and William banged around a bit as Rob and Aaron  came around. Moran had earned two kills, so the five-turn clock started ticking.

Turn 10. Moran put out his fire with his PFE. Peter came in to vulture a kill on Moran. Peter sideswiped Moran and set off a FOD. Peter survived the hazard.

Turn 11. Moran needed to roll under 3 on 2d6 at the end of the turn to set Peter on fire. He successfully rolled the fire check. Due to volatile equipment, there was a 1 in 6 chance for an explosion to occur in Peter's vehicle. A 1d6 was rolled and a 1 was the result: BOOM! Moran instantly became the winner, utter domination as Moran was the only player to score points and all the kills against SCAB veterans Peter, Rosenberg and Stan.


1. Michael Moran: +60 points (killed Stan, killed Peter, killed Rosenberg)
2. Rob Flores: 0 points
2. Aaron: 0 points
2. William Fretze: 0 points
5. Stan Wells: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
5. Peter Cossaboon: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
5. Michael Rosenberg: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

February 17
2051 AADA U.S. Southwest RDC
Div 30 Qualifier #1
Aspen Octagon

Players and Vehicles

Gate 1. Rick Cross: Sedan, ICE, BC (with HESH ammo) front, 2 SDs (each with explosive-tipped spikes; 1RBC, 1LBC), metal/FP plastic frame armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

Gate 2. Empty.

* Gate 3. Matt Coe (Modified Galahad): Pickup, PP with HTMs, six wheels, laser (with HRSWC) in turret, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back, 3 IcDs (1R, 1L, 1B), airdam, spoiler.

* Gate 4. Chris Mazourek (Modified Banzai): Luxury, PP with HTMs, 2 linked lasers (with HRSWC) front, HDSAs.

Gate 5. Empty.

Gate 6. Erik Rasmussen: Luxury, ICE, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and HRSWC), ramplate.

Gate 7. Michael Rosenberg: Sloped compact with CA frame, HVMG (with HD ammo and HRSWC), ID, fake ramplate.

* Gate 8. Jerret Weintraub (Modified Apollo): Luxury, driver, gunner, ICE, BC (with HESH ammo and HRSWC) front, MD (with radio-controlled mines), FOD right, FCD left, 2 IcDs (1R, 1L).

* = Pregenerated Design

The action started out quickly with Michael drawing first blood by blowing off Jarret's front right tire with his heavy Vulcan. Jarret and
Michael turned towards each other on a collision course. Jarret was dropping mines as he came.

One second later, Erik joined the fun by pounding Jarret's side for 23 points of damage with his ATG! Jarret fired at Michael with his BC,
doing only 11 points of damage to his front. Michael then shot off Jarret's other front tire with his Vulcan, resulting in a mobility kill for Michael as Jarret went into a spinout, flinging mines all over the place as he spun. Michael tore out of there with his ice dropper leaving a trail as he went. In the meantime, Matt and Chris were mixing it up a bit, with Matt's laser connecting with Chris' side twice.

Rick, Erik and Michael seemed destined for disaster as they did their best imitation of the Blue Angels, narrowly avoiding a massive, three-way
collision. As they passed, Rick hit Erik's front with his BC. Jarret, seeing a golden opportunity, detonated his mines while Rick was within
range . . . and on ice! Rick took a big hazard and promptly rolled his car.

Chris showed up and began harassing Erik with his lasers. He shot one of Erik's front tires with Erik returning fire on Chris' front. Erik then t-boned Chris at 60 mph with his ramplate, getting a full kill.

Rick, who was rolling, landed on his wheels but right among Jarret's mines. He promptly lost three tires when Jarret detonated the mines, giving Jarret a mobility kill. Jarret and Rick were now immobile, back-to-back, with a mess of rubble and mines between them. Since both had functioning weapons, it would be interesting for anyone to get past them.

Smelling blood, everyone tried to finish off Jarret and Rick. Jarret narrowly missed a point-blank shot on Matt's tire, while Matt and Erik
pounded away at Jarret's sides. Erik's shot penetrated and damaged Jarret's fuel tank (not much use to his immobile vehicle). Michael poured
some hurt into Rick's side armor.

Erik then t-boned Jarret, but hit Jarret's flaming oil, which took out one of his tires. Jarret returned the favor by hitting Erik with his BC, then detonating his remaining mines. The explosions blew off Erik's remaining right side tires while killing Jarret in the process. Eric rolled into a wall with the guns pointing at the wall, so he is declared a full kill.

Matt hammered Michael with his laser, while Michael hit Rick and damaged his fuel tank. Matt then switched targets and hit Rick's engine, setting him on fire. Michael realized that Rick can't live long and decide to finish the job before the fire does. He shot at Rick, hitting the engine, then rammed him, killing the driver and completing the kill.

The only remaining contestants were Matt and Michael. They drove around for awhile, Matt pursuing Michael, firing relentlessly with his laser,
while Michael tried desperately to figure out how to line up a couple of good shots on Matt.

Michael did a bootlegger and camae to rest, pointing right at the hard-charging Matt. They exchanged a couple of shots, but Matt managed to
ram Michael and kill the driver.


1. Matt Coe: +20 points (killed Michael)
2. Michael Rosenberg : 0 points (MK on Jerret, CK on Rick, own vehicle killed)
2. Erik Rasmussen: 0 points (killed Chris, own vehicle killed)
2. Jerret Weintraub: 0 points (MK on Rick, CK on Erik, own vehicle killed)
5. Chris Mazourek: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
5. Rick Cross: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

February 17
2051 AADA U.S. Southwest RDC
Div 30 Qualifier #2
Aspen Octagon

Players and Vehicles

* Gate 1. Sig Bohreu (Viper): Sedan, PP with HTMs, laser in turret, 2 RLs (each with AP rockets) front, non-specific discharger back, LGL, AWHs front, WG back.

Gate 2. Stan Wells: Mid-size, ICE, AC front, AWHs front, WGs back.

Gate 3. Empty.

* Gate 4. Rick H. (Modified Apollo): Luxury, ICE, driver and gunner, BC (with HESH ammo) front, MD (with radio-controlled mines) back, FOD right, FCD left, 2 IcDs (1R, 1L), airdam, spoiler.

Gate 5. Peter Cossaboon: Luxury, ICE, 2 RLs (each with incendiary rockets), dropped solid back.

* Gate 6. Aaron C. (Viper): Sedan, PP with HTMs, laser in turret, 2 RLs (each with AP rockets) front, non-specific discharger back, LGL, AWHs front, WG back.

* Gate 7. Dan (Modified Galahad): Pickup, PP with HTMs, laser in turret, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back, 3 IcDs (1R, 1L, 1B), airdam, spoiler, AWHs front, WGs back, fake AWHs and WGs, heavy plastic armor.

Gate 8. Eric Freeman: Sedan, ICE, SaD front, OG (with HTFO ammo, extra FO/paint magazine and magazine switch) right, IcD back, AWHs front, WGs back. Accel. 15/20.

* = Pregenerated Design

I've only got early action on this one.

Turn 1: Right out the gate, Freeman pulled off his "paint 'em out the gate move" on Dan. The return fire by Dan hit Eric for 7 points of damage. Sig shot at Stan with his laser and took off one point of metal while Stan's return fire missed. Peter hit Aaron with both incendiary RLs while Aaron's return fire of laser-guided rockets removed one of Peter's tires.

Turn 2: Stan AC fire took out one of Sig's tires and sent him into a roll. Before Sig turned onto his side his vehicle slammed into Stan's front at 80 mph for 31 points damage, keeping him on his wheels. Peter hit Aaron's tire for 6 points of damage, however the cumulative fire modifiers set
Aaron on fire at the end of the turn. Meanwhile, Dan nailed Peter. Although the damage was minor, the hazard sent Peter into a swerve and skid. Rick pounded the reeling Aaron with his BC for 18 points of damage. Eric fired high-temperature flaming oil in front of Sig but luckily for Eric the liquid scattered in front of Stan instead.

Turn 3: Eric dropped another high-temperature flaming oil slick in front of Stan and inflicted good damage. Rick hit Aaron again with his BC for 12 points of damage. Sig took vengeance on Stan by taking out one of his tires. Stan's return fire at point-blank range breached the armor and hit the power plant. Dan's laser pinged Peter's right for a measly 4 points of damage. At the end of this turn the pinballed Aaron lost a wheel to the fire damage.

Turn 4: In phase 1, Eric dropped high-temperature flaming oil in front of Sig. Meanwhile, Stan turned towards Freeman. This maneuver put Freeman in the position where he had to take the head on-ram. The collision happened at 90 mph. The 71 points of damage cored Stan, while Eric survived the 34 points to his ramplate with not much sweat.

Turn 5: I have "Sig stops" in my notes. I don't know what that means. I think I took a FCGS hit from Peter, but my notes don't have one on his
vehicle. The notes on Dan's vehicle indicate that Peter finished him off through the bottom armor. I assume that means that Rick H. made him roll earlier.

Later in the duel, Freeman planted high-temperature flaming oil right in front of Rick, sending him into a roll and getting a mobility kill. At the very end, Freeman cored Peter with a ram, permitting Freeman to reach 50 total points and finish the duel.


1. Eric Freeman: +50 points (killed Peter, killed Stan, MK on Rick)
2. Rick H.: +20 points (killed Aaron, MK on Dan, own vehicle MK)
3. Peter Cossaboon: +10 points (killed Sig, CK on Dan, own vehicle MK)
4. Aaron C.: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
4. Sig Bohreu: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
4. Dan: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
4. Stan Wells: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

February 18
2051 AADA U.S. Southwest RDC
Final Round
Aspen Octagon

Players and Vehicles

Gate 1. Micheal Moran: Sloped mid-size, PP, VMG front, dropped solid back, AWHs front, WGs back.

Gate 2. Rob Hagmaier: Sloped reversed light trike, PP, pulse laser right.

Gate 3. Tom LaLonde: Compact, ICE, concealed rocket boosters, spoiler, ramplate, AWHs front, WGs back.

Gate 4. Jeremy Willis: Sedan, PP with HTMs, BC (with HESH ammo and HRSWC) right, FCGS left, three metal/plastic CA compartments (driver, BC and FCGS), AWHs front, WGs back.

* Gate 5. Matt Coe (Modified Trapshooter): Mid-size, PP with HTMs, VMG (with incendiary ammo) in turret, 2 VMGs (each with incendiary ammo) front, dropped solid back, AWHs front, WGs back.

* Gate 6. Richard Dekany (Modified Navigator): Luxury, PP with HTMs, 3 RLs (each with AP rockets) front, dischargers, PS back, AWHs front, WGs back.

* Gate 7. Rick H. (Double Barrel): Luxury, PP with HTMs, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front, GS back, dischargers, AWHs front, WGs back.

Gate 8. Eric Freeman: Sedan, PP with HTMs, SaD front, 2 RLs (each with incendiary rockets) right, 2 IcDs (1R, 1L), 2 FCDs (1R, 1L), FOJ back, airdam, spoiler, ramplate, AWHs front, WGs back.

* = Pregenerated Design

Rob and Tom started in the corner both heading straight out past the column. Rob turned north first while Tom kept going straight to the south.
Right out of the gate, Freeman fired his RLs at Rick H. and one hit. Rick retaliated by turning towards Eric and nailing him with one of his
ATGs that gave heavy damage.

In the second turn, Tom performed a 90-degree bend followed by a 15-degree bend, barely missing the column while pointing right at Rob's trike. In Turn 2.5, Tom kicked in his concealed rocket booster. In Turn 3.1, Tom rammed Rob at 65 mph. Rob was killed but his trike continued to roll across the area for the rest of the game, causing a couple of people to maneuver to avoid it. Tom hit the brakes, turned to avoid the wall, and almost come to a complete stop.

Rick fired again at Eric and hit with another ATG shot. To discourage pursuit, Eric turned his FOJ on automatic while firing his RLs at Rick again, nailing Rick with one RL.

While Tom tried to get back up to speed, Eric Freeman attempted to "cross the T" on Moran and dropped some flaming oil in front of him.  Moran came too close to Eric. With a ram unavoidable, Freeman turned into Moran (who forgot Eric had a ramplate) for a head-on collision.  The high-speed impact made Moran a bloody pulp. Although Freeman easily survived the collision, he blew he control roll from the
ram hazard. Freeman rolled badly on Crash Table 2, forcing a roll on the Crash Table 1. A bad roll there put Freeman into a roll. He ended up on his side, giving a full kill to Moran.

Somewhere around this time, Jeremy hit Rick with a FCGS and set him on fire with a lucky roll. Rick only had a PFE, but plenty of component armor. Instead of trying to put out the fire every turn, Rick took his chances by firing his ATG at Jeremy several turns. Jeremy did not succeed in blowing Rick up in those first few turns, but eventually the Fates left Rick and Jeremy rolled the 1 he needed he needs to detonate Rick into tiny pieces.

Tom drove past Jeremy and rammed Matt, killing him and leaving five turns until victory. Tom pivoted toward Rich and they collided head-on at a good clip. Both survived the ram but Rich lost all of his RLs. Jeremy was coming around a pillar and shooting at Tom and Rich. Tom pivoted away from the shooting and took off. Rich and Jeremy fired away at Tom but could not kill him before time expired. Tom won the 2001 AADA U.S. Southwest Regional Dueling Championship. Note the same pregenerated vehicle design, one I created, won both Division 10 preliminaries.


1. Tom LaLonde: +40 points (killed Matt, killed Hagmaier)
2. Jeremy Willis: +20 points (killed Rick)
3. Eric Freeman: 0 points (killed Moran, own vehicle killed)
3. Michael Moran: 0 points (killed Freeman, own vehicle killed)
3. Rich Dekany: 0 points
6. Matt Coe: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
6. Rob Hagmaier: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
6. Rick H.: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

Sorry it took so long to report these duels, but this is everything I could piece together from my memory and notes.

Eric Freeman
AADA Head Referee


SHAAG held a Div 15 duel on February 1st, an event that was Sperry Workman's inaugural duel. (Sperry is Curt's wife). At SHAAG, we encourage spouses to duel with their husbands because intra-couple dueling keeps marital strife low. Highlights of the mayhem included:

Tom flipping his car, getting out with no hand weapons, and trying to retrieve weapons from Sperry's corpse.

Todd flipping his car, taking out my tires, working on Chris's tires with a shotgun, all while staying in his car.

Curt using rocket boosters and a ramplate to hurt people, then using more rocket boosters to get himself going to fast and wiping himself out against Brandon (a double kill).

I took out Sperry's lightly armored, TwL-armed car, then creamed her pedestrian. I was trapped in a cul-de-sac of Sperry's wreck, Curt's wreck and Brandon's confetti. I never left that cul-de-sac. Todd and Chris entered it. Chris was going too fast, so I popped him a few times with a RR and sent him into the wall. I fininshed him off while Todd took out my tires to immobilize me. He had no weapons to affect my armor, however. I aimed a simple MG and him and peppered him until I wore the armor thin, at which point Todd surrendered. He now knows to at least have an axe when facing SHAAG members.

February 01
SHAAG Div 15 Duel
Memphis Municipal Autoduel Complex
Duelmaster: John Blaylock
Players: 7

1. John Blaylock (killed Chris, killed Sperry, killed Todd)
2. Tood Thrash (MK on John)
3. Chris Ziemer (killed Tom)
4. Curt Workman (killed Brandon)
4. Brandon Thrash (killed Curt)
6. Tom Ferguson
6. Sperry Workman

John "Koala 7" Blaylock
2051 SHAAG President
2050 AADA World Dueling Champion


Subject: SPARK News For CWIN
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 13:10:04 -0500
From:  Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hi Michael,

SPARK held its 2051 Club Dueling Championship on April 8th, 2001. The event was a Division 20 duel held in the Killebrew Memorial Arena.
After the smoke (and flaming oil, and flame clouds, and napalm etc.) cleared, Eric O'Denius was crowned SPARK's Duelling Champion. I'll be
posting a more detailed report on our Web site later on, but anyone who visits the site now can see the vehicle designs used in the duel
and the full final standings.

Our next duel is our open Amateur Night event on April 28th at Source Comics and Games in Roseville, MN.  For anyone who may be
attending, the available pre-generated vehicles and arena notes are available on our Web site.

After that, our next duel will be on May 19th at Source Comics and Games, and will be a Div 15 duel/race in the New Boston Autoduel Arena.

Brian Strassman
SPARK President

Subject: SPARK News For CWIN
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 01:51:33 -0500
From:  Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hi Michael,

Here is the latest news from SPARK.

SPARK's Amateur Night event was won by Brian Strassman. He was the sole survivor after Mike Miller and Mike Korupp killed each other in
a 110 mph head-on collision, followed a few seconds later by Jim Beecher ramming Eric O'Denius' stationary vehicle head on at 75 mph.
Jim killed Eric,and himself in the process. This left Brian to scratch his head and pick up the salvage (which wasn't much, given that all
the good parts had been destroyed by massive collision damage. Go figure.)

Sadly, Amateur Night was not as well attended as we would have liked, despite our promotion. Only the SPARK core membership showed up,
although we picked up one guy who had not played Car Wars since Dueltrack came out. We will probably run another Amateur Night event
later this summer, after we get our 3-D version of Killebrew Memorial Arena completed. Of course, we invite all interested Twin Cities area duellists to attend our events. Contact SPARK president Brian Strassman for information on our upcoming events, or visit the SPARK Web site. I will be putting up the schedule shortly.

And, from our foray into the real motorsports world . . .

The first race of the season at Elko Speedway saw a great run for the A&W Root Beer/SPARK #3 car driven by Tim Graff. After a moment
of silence and a parade lap by all of the #3 cars from the various divisions that compete at Elko to honor the memory of Dale Earnhardt,
Tim started last in the second heat of the Bombers division, and came all the way up to second. This allowed him to start tenth in the Bombers
main feature, and Tim was contesting for second place with eight laps to go when engine trouble forced him out of the race. Still, Tim had a great run with the A&W/SPARK #3, and we're looking forward to the rest of the season!

Brian Strassman
SPARK President


Subject: TCM Round #3 Duel Report
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 15:26:22 -0400
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

The third game of the inaugural TCM dueling season was a Div 15 match on Easter Sunday. The six competitors for this duel agreed to change the dueling venue to outside Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena. The duel took place in the section of the downtown Pasadena parking district next to the main arena. Sealed off by concrete barricades were the neighboring McDonald's, car wash, and service station, with single gates on the shorter north and south walls, and two gates each on the longer east and west walls. A "prop" tanker truck disaster was positioned directly between McDonald's and the service station to provide an overall uniform dueling arena. Checkpoints could be earned by entering either the McDonald's drive-thru, the service station, or the car wash, and by going over the spilled tanker oil.

Players and Vehicles

Kimmy E.: Mid-size, PP with HTMs, BC front, ramplate, AWHs front, WGs back.

Jeremy Willis: Compact, PP with HTMs, VMG (with HD ammo and HRSWC) right, roll cage, bumper spikes front, CA around driver, AWHs front, WGs back.

Tom LaLonde: Compact, PP with HTMs, ATG (with APDSDS ammo) front.

Steve Reynolds: Compact, PP with HTMs, RR (with HESH ammo, SWC and bumper trigger) front, SMD (with bumper trigger) back, 5 PDs (with bumper trigger) back, 4 AWHs.

Stan Wells: Compact, x-hvy. chassis, 100 ci ICE (with turbocharger and 5-gallon economy gasoline tank), hvy. suspension, 4 SB PR tires, HDFT (with HT fuel and SWC) right, FE, link (FT and HDFT), HD brakes, airdam, spoiler, 200 points plastic frame armor, two 5-pt. AWHs front, two 5-pt. WGs back, 10-pts. CA around driver.

Dean Gibson: Van, PP with HTMs, 3 SDs (each with explosive-tipped spikes; 1R, 1L, 1B), 3 IDs (1R, 1L, 1B), AWHs front, WGs back.

Starting Positions

Kimmy: South
Jeremy: Southeast
Tom: Northeast
Steve: North
Stan: Northwest
Dean: Southwest

1/2: Dean put three IDs and three SDs on automatic. Stan's HDFT hit Dean for only 7 points of damage.
1/3: Jeremy's VMG missed Tom's front left tire.
1/5: Tom's ATG missed Jeremy. Kimmy's BC missed Jeremy.

2/1: Jeremy missed Tom's tire again. Tom's ATG hit Jeremy for only 11 points. Stan's HDFT missed Dean.
2/2: Steve's RR missed Stan.
2/4: Jeremy tried to complete an S-turn to avoid Dean's trail and rolled his car. Out of five SD counters rolled over, only one was destroyed. Jeremy eventually came to a rest on his side against the west wall, a kill for Dean.

3/1: Stan's HDFT hit Dean for 12 points of damage. Steve went over an oil area for a checkpoint.
3/2: Tom's ATG hit Kimmy for 16 points of damage. Kimmy's BC missed Tom. Steve's RR missed Stan.
3/3: Kimmy rammed Tom head-on for 104 points, killing Tom. Kimmy earned a kill..

4/1: Stan hit Dean for only 7 more points, but fire modifiers were up to 12. Dean's van was ignited at the end of the turn. Kimmy's BC missed Stan.

5/1: Kimmy's BC missed Steve. Steve dropped a mine counter.
5/2: Stan went over an oil area for a checkpoint.
5/4: Dean turned to avoid swiping a wall, skidding in the process.

6/1: Kimmy's BC hit Steve for 16 points.

7/1: Kimmy hit Steve again for 9 points. Steve set off multiple paint dischargers.
7/3: Kimmy t-boned Steve in the clouds of paint for 41 points and killed him. She lost her BC in the impact, but she still hfs some armor left in front. The clock started ticking.
7/4: Stan's HDFT missed Dean.

8/3: Kimmy turned to avoid Dean's ice but spun out. Stan hit Kimmy for only 6 points, but set her on fire at the end of the turn. Moments later Dean pulled into the service station just before finally dying from the fire set by Stan.
8/4: Kimmy slid through ice and into the arena wall. Her tires blew out from the fire Stan set, allowing him to pull off another upset victory.


1. Stan Wells (+40 points, killed Dean, killed Jimmy)
2. Kimmy E. (+20 points, killed Tom, killed Steve, own vehicle killed)
3. Dean Gibson (0 points, killed Jeremy, own vehicle killed)
4. Steve Reynolds (-20 points, own vehicle killed)
5. Tom LaLonde (-20 points, own vehicle killed)
5. Jeremy Willis (-20 points, own vehicle killed)

The attached overhead shot of the duel's aftermath shows the mess that Dean's van made of the arena.

TCM Round #3 Duel Photograph

Jeremy Willis
TCM President


Pyramid Online
April 27, 2001
Robert Deis, Mike Fal, Eric Freeman, Rob Hagmaier and Rick Cross



Posted At: 1:27 pm CST - Friday, March 2, 2001
Reported by John Bergerud

GA-Source has details for eight potential future releases from Codemasters: Delta Force: Elite Driver, Mad Max: Road Warrior, and more.

Mad Max: Road Warrior

Role of the player: You take on a character in the post-apocalyptic world created in the Mad Max universe. The player can either become part of a gang or chose to make their own way through the game. The gameplay itself will combine all action off road driving with the exhileration that an assortment of weapons will bring.

Gameplay: The game revolves around the your quest to find 'the Promised Land'. Missions can take one of 2 formats, depending on the your choice to play the game individually or as part of a gang. The assignments range from collecting fuel to continue the journey to completing set tasks for specific characters, attacking enemy compounds in order to collect machinery to upgrade your vehicle, to escorting petrol tankers and supply vehicles.