Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 3
March 18, 2051

Web Posted May 05, 2001
Updated September 04, 2001



I could say thirty days is a miniscule amount of time in a geologic or astronomical perspective. I could say my hobbies called work and sleep have been taking up most of my time. These statements probably will not help. I will get complaints from you about this newsletter being off-schedule -- once again -- anyway . All I can ask is to make me feel guilty about publishing CWIN late by flooding my mailbox with submissions.

One benefit of releasing this magazine late is I have more time to gather information for all of you. Details for the 2051 AADA WDC and four (yes,  four) AADA Regional Dueling Championships appear below. Chris French takes us back to Midville contemplating a very different result for the town when Black Jesse made his first attack on the town. The AAIE, SCAB, and Throach Corporate Duelists have been busy giving each other pain. Be sure to read their duel reports which include tests of an accessory that may become AADA-sanctioned later this year: High-Torque Motors.


Last weekend, I had the pleasure and honor to meet John Blaylock, SHAAG President and current AADA World Dueling Champion. John anad his family visited Seattle for a short vacation. All of us had a great time at Pike Place Public Market, the Space Needle, downtown Seattle furniture and antique galleries, REI Headquarters, and the restaurants Wild Ginger and Ray's Boathouse. We had many discussions about Car Wars, living in Seattle, and living in Memphis. Thank you, John for the fantastic weekend. I look forward to painting the asphalt of the SWAT Modular Arena crimson with your blood when you have time to duel with me.

If you are visiting the Seattle area and want to meet the editor of this newsletter during your stay in the Emerald City, I would be glad to meet you, show you some fun places in Seattle, discuss Car Wars, and duel. Please contact me a week before you arrive so we can arrange a rendezvous. I am usually available after 1800 on weekdays, and at all hours on weekends. Depending on the time you are in Emerald City, Philip White and other SWAT members might also be able join us.


I imagine most of you have heard on February 28th, Mother Nature reminded the home of Microsoft, Boeing, the Space Needle, and SWAT
who is really in charge of Planet Earth. The 6.8 magnitude event was the third earthquake I have experienced (5.5 and 5.6 tectonic plate movements in 1995 and 1996 respectively), but it was the first time I experienced geology on the 11th floor of a laboratory. The floor of the building where I was located made me feel like I was on a surfboard rising and falling with oceanic waves. Whoa.

To my surprise, I came home to an undamaged home. Only two of my paperback novels on my bookshelves fell to the floor. I thought I was going to have to spend two hours sorting the hundreds of 1X scale Car Wars counters because my 36-drawer container holding those pieces  cardboard fell of my bookshelves. I was amazed to enter my bedroom to discover the box moved only a few centimeters.

After the shaking stopped, I wondered what would be the hazard of the event if I was driving on a freeway or on Seattle's two floating interstate highway bridges? I suggest road warriors in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, California, and U.S. Midwest (home of the New Madrid fault whose movement caused a 9.0+ magnitude earthquake in the 1800s, altering the course of the Mississippi River) write some rules for autodueling when the planet plays some old time rock and roll.


Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch the second IDL duel. I was very impressed at the efforts IDL Officials MJ Daniels and Elizabeth J. Lindsay showed during the event. Thank you, MJ and Elizabeth, for creating a spectacular show for this driver.

Although MJ and Elizabeth are Talented Normals (see Autoduel Champions), they are human, therefore can only run at most once IDL event per month. Please make their jobs easier by offering to assist them, either through the Internet or creating your own IDL broadcast center.

The IDL is not the only avenue to satisfy your addiction for online autodueling. Play-by-Internet Car Wars has exploded recently. There are several PBEM leagues currently running. Please support these efforts by playing and offering to help run events.

AADA Chapter 11327

Internet Dueling League

Mid-South Autoduelists and Handgunners Attack Team

Mikey Scott's PBEM Car Wars League

The Wolfe Den


Yes, I know. It is March 18th and the 2050 WADA Car Wars League Champion has not yet been declared. I hope to correct this oversight on April 1st. Do not feel too disappointed because I have been updating the 2051 League statistics every two weeks.


SWAT is working on several major projects for release during 2051. If you think the relaunch of Car Wars announced in last month's newsletter was exciting, you will be even more amazed when you see the results of SWAT's R&D Laboratories. Stay tuned to CWIN for details . . .

I hope to make a very good effort during these next two weeks to release CWIN 4.04 on April 1st. Please continue to send me duel results and articles to support my attempt to get this journal back on schedule. Remember to write accounts of your first experience with Car Wars for the column, "Blasts from the Past" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Car Wars, and to sign up with the many gamer registries on the World Wide Web.

Keep on duellin'!

Michael P. Owen



Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / 2051 WDC
From: Eric Freeman (ERFREEMAN)
Date: Mar 11, 2001, 1:48 pm

I am still working the details out.

Friday, August 03, 1000: Preliminary 1, Div 10
Friday, August 03, 1700: Preliminary 2, Div 25
Saturday, August 04, 1000: Preliminary 3, Div 15
Saturday, August 04, 1700: Semi-Final, Div 30
Sunday, August 05, 1000: Final, Div 20

Regional Dueling Champions get seeded to the semi-final round. All preliminary winners advance to the semi-final, which will be at least two boards of eight players, so it is possible that the best non-first-place finishers in the Preliminaries will also advance. If we have a BIG turnout, I'll expand the semi-final to three boards. The top seven will advance to face John Blaylock, SHAAG President and current AADA World Dueling Champion, in the final.

The arenas used will be determined by what Micro Machines-scale and Hot Wheels-scale arenas I have on hand. I'm shipping my two 3-D Octagons plus my plexiglass to my hotel. The plexi gives me the ability to use another Octagon or Double Drum plus Towers at the same time.
Rob Hagmaier might be bringing a 3-D version of Towers and if he does, I might use that. Regardless, I'll be able to handle up to 36 people in any given preliminary round without any help, but I'd prefer to use other folks' 3-D arenas over my plexiglass-covered arenas.

Eric Freeman
SCAB President
AADA Head Referee

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Mar 16, 2001, 8:08 pm
To: Eric Freeman (ERFREEMAN)

Hi, Eric. I hope you realize your present WDC schedule limits any and all other Car Wars events at Gen Con, something to consider. Why not have one round per day or six-hour sessions?

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

P.S. The NOVA Gen Con schedule has been updated in another post.


From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: 2051 U.S. Northwest Car Wars RDC Guidelines
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:29:37 -0800

Hey, Everybody,

I finally got this officially printed up. Those of you used to playing in my games won't find many changes. This is mostly for the folks
that havn't gamed with me before, helps prevent nasty suprises. It is a Microsoft Word document. If anyone needs it in a different format, let me know and I can send a hard copy.

Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln
AAIE President

Attachment: nw2051.doc (32k)

Editor's Note: I have converted the Word document to HTML format and placed it on SWAT HQ. You can find Edgar's rules at the URL above.


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / 2051 AADA Mountain West RDC
From: MiB3347 (RDEIS)
Date: Mar 07, 2001, 9:23 am

The 2051 AADA U.S. Mountain West Regional Dueling Championship has been awarded to RMADA, and will be hosted at Bencon, mid-May in Denver. We try to be good hosts to duelists from out of town (away from the arena, anyway) and would love so see a couple of you guys.

I will post more details as I have them.

Robert "Saturday Knight" Deis

Date: Mar 07, 2001, 8:56 pm

I believe BenCon is the first full weekend in June (7th through 10th).


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / 2051 AADA MidSouth RDC
Date: Mar 06, 2001, 4:31 pm

I got the nod to run a Mid-Southeast Regional Dueling Championship at MidSouth Con in Memphis on the weekend of March 23rd. Anyone in west Tennessee, north Mississippi, or east Arkansas is invited. Rules will pretty much be the same as the ones used at the 2050 AADA WDC.

MidSouth Con

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me.

John Blaylock
SHAAG President
2050 AADA World Dueling Champion


Subject: [SCAB] Car Wars Events for the May Convention
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 14:40:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Sponsor: Southern California Autodueling Brotherhood

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, 1000: Div 30 Preliminary Round
Saturday, 1800: Div 50 Preliminary Round
Sunday. 1100: Div 15 Final Round

Notes: The tournament will be a two-round event. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round. Beginners welcome. You may bring your own vehicle for approval or select a pregenerated one. E-mail the SCAB Mailing List <> with any questions.

Eric Freeman
SCAB President
AADA Head Referee



In most analyses of the failed Crusader raid against Midville, blame is laid on the gang's leader for waiting too long after the brawl between the MONDOs and duellists before attacking. It is widely believed that if the Crusaders had attacked when they first heard of the fight, the outcome would have been quite different . . .

Forces: As per Crusaders (see Deluxe Car Wars, Sunday Drivers, or Crash City), with Existing Damage (see below).

Existing Damage: In this scenario, the Crusaders hit town the morning after the events of Wheels vs. Walkers. To simulate the wrack of that fight, one has two options:

1. If one has played out Wheels vs. Walkers previously, simply use the units and maps from that; no damage has been repaired, no ammo has been replaced, and no injured characters have healed (dead characters remain dead). Buildings also retain any damage and/or losses. Whichever side won gets to set up all town forces; he may also swap around ammo and personal weapons amongst the town forces. Crippled
vehicles may be placed on the streets, but still suffer the full effects of any damage.

2. If one has not played Wheels vs. Walkers, then simulate the effects of the battle as follows: Note all weapons (including hand weapons) a force has; linked weapons will be counted as one weapon (e.g. a car with a RR, two linked MGs, and an SD has three weapons -- the RR, the  SD, and the linked MGs). Total the number of shots (including any extra magazines) each weapon has. For every five shots or fraction a weapon has, roll ld6-1; deduct that many shots from that weapon, and make a note of how many shots were expended; for expendtures from linked weapons, divide the expenditure as equally as is possible.

Example: The car noted earlier rolls 2d6-2 for the RR, 2d6-2 for the SD, and 8d6-8 for the MGs. The player rolls [6, 21 for the RR, [3, 1]  for the SD, and [2, 4, 6, 5, 6, 2, 1, 2] for the MGs. He notes 6 shots from the RR, 2 from the SD, and 20 from the MGs; the MG shots must be divided as evenly as possible, so 10 are deducted from each.

Do not roll for Police, Hospital, or City Hall units. Once all weapons have been rolled for, the duelist and pedestrian forces each roll ld6. The side which rolls higher selects one weapon from his side, selects a target from the opposing side (not Police, Hospital or City Hall), and rolls against the weapon's to-hit (no modifiers). If the roll is successful, the target takes damage. If he rolls a 3, he has accidentally hit a Police unit; the target's side chooses a Police unit to take the hit, then chooses a weapon from that unit (or another Police unit, if the unit hit is unable to fire back), and rolls an attack against the offending unit (remember to note Police ammo use). If he rolls a 2, he has hit a Hospital unit; the Hospital units behave the same way as Police units. Treat City Hall units as Police units. Continue until all shots have been resolved (including dropped weapons -- use a to-hit of 9). Determine the winner as per Wheels vs. Walkers.

Setup: Town setup as per Crusaders, with above limitations. Gang sets up as per Crusaders.

Victory: The gang is trying to cripple the town once and for all. To do so, they must either destroy or capture (by units entering, killing, or incapacitating all enemy units in, and having combat-capable units inside at game's end) City Hall, the Police Station, and/or the Hospital. Score points as per Crusaders; for each civic building captured, +30 to the gang side. Highest points total wins.

Chris French
Beaverton, OR


From: A. Michele Owen
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 9:56 AM
Subject: Fwd: Earthquake

Dear Michael,

This is great! Put it in your newsletter!



From: Back Words Indexing <>
To: Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Indexers <>
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2001 9:56 AM
Subject: Earthquake

The latest from California (forwarded from my sister):

Dear Residents of Washington State,

Wednesday's (February 28th) earthquake was just a warning! Our demands are simple:

1. Sell us your power.
2. Give us back our sunshine.
3. Take back your rain.

When this is done, we'll take back our earthquakes.

Thank you,

The Residents of California



Keeping you up to date as the world gets closer and closer to the game. This week: anti-missile systems on private jets, at $3 million a pop.
Read the story on And fly defensively.

The Daily Illuminator
February 03, 2001

Aspen Vote Part of a Trend

The Aspen Media Watch
Web posted Friday, January 5, 2001

The de rigueur way to get to Aspen these days is by jet -- not the United Airways variety. We're talking private, loaded, personal jet.

And the Cadillac of jets in Aspen is the Gulfstream. Every year, Aspen plays host to the so-called "Gulfstream convention," when corporate CEOs fill the tarmac of Sardy Field with their planes while they hobnob in private with others in the global elite.

Last summer, Dick Cheney ducked out on a campaign appearance with the plebeians in Denver to attend. And look where that got him.

This week, Time magazine keeps us up to date on the latest toy for Gulfstream fliers: your own personal missile defense system.

"Near the top of the list of almost every billionaire's must-have list is a Gulfstream jet," writes Joshua Cooper Ramo. "The sleek, top-of-the line Gulfstream V can zip eight passengers from New York City to Tokyo at 87% of the speed of sound in a cabin that looks more like a Manhattan pied-a-terre than an airplane. At this time of year, airports in Aspen, Colo., Miami and Maui are so jammed with Gulfstreams and other jets that you'd have to call in advance to find room to park yours. The most luxe of these planes come crammed with the toys that keep billionaires happy: showers, kitchens, satellite TVs. Gulfstream in particular has always been one fetish ahead of the acquisitive billionaire.

"But Gulfstream's latest option may surprise: a $3million anti-missile system discreetly installed near the tail of the $20 million-plus jets. Originally designed for military use, the Sanders AN/ALQ-204 works by sending out signals that confuse heat-seeking missiles, causing them to make turns that yank the original target out of range. When used on larger jets such as a Boeing 747, the devices are installed on each engine so that missiles don't have a chance to establish a heat lock. The Gulfstream's rear-mounted engines require only a single unit.

"So far, Gulfstream has sold six of the devices --it won't say to whom -- but customers are asking for more. The system comes with an on-off switch, and a Gulfstream spokesman says it particularly should be switched on when a plane is landing -- a moment when it is moving
slowly and within range of portable missiles. Who knew Aspen was so dangerous?"

Of course, given some locals' feelings about such billionaire interlopers, you can never be too careful. Remember, Hunter S. Thompson still lives here.


The Pentagon has announced a new beam weapon that inflicts pain but -- at least if the targets run away like they're supposed to -- does not
cause actual damage. They're visualizing crowd control applications . . . but wait until the Klingons get hold of it. See the CNN story.

The Daily Illuminator
March 03, 2001

Pentagon's New Weapon: A Pain Beam

CNN Interactive
March 02, 2001
Web posted at: 3:02 p.m. EST (2002 GMT)

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is touting a new "non-lethal" weapon designed to control threatening crowds by using a directed energy beam to inflict a painful but brief burning sensation.

The weapon could be deployed during peacekeeping missions when deadly force is not necessary, military officials announced Thursday.

The weapon, called "active denial technology," was developed by Air Force research laboratories in New Mexico and Texas as part of a
multi-service program run by the Marine Corps.

"This revolutionary force-protection technology gives U.S. service members an alternative to using deadly force," said Marine Corps Col.
George P. Fenton, director of the program at Quantico, Virginia.

The weapon is designed to stop people by firing millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy in a beam that quickly heats up the surface of the victim's skin. Within seconds the person feels pain that is akin to touching a hot light bulb.

Like being burned

"It's the kind of pain you would feel if you were being burned," said Rich Garcia, a spokesman for the Air Force Research Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. "It's just not intense enough to cause any damage."

The Pentagon has made a strong push to develop "non-lethal" weapons in the aftermath of a humanitarian mission in Somalia in 1992-93 that put soldiers in the line of fire in urban areas where civilians were present.

The beam reaches only 1/64 of an inch underneath the skin, causing no permanent injury, Pentagon researchers said.

"When it penetrates in, it activates the pain sensors, and you feel a lot of pain," Garcia said. "But there's no damage. It truly is a non-lethal device."

Michael Murphy, an Air Force lab researcher, said the beam could be used safely.

"We've tested 72 humans that have had over 6,500 exposures," he said.

The military will test a prototype of the weapon on goats and humans in Kirtland over the next few months. The Marine Corps said $40 million was spent developing the weapon during the past decade.

The Marine Corps plans to mount the microwave weapon on top of Humvees, the Jeep-like vehicles used by both the Marines and the Army. Later it might be used on aircraft and ships, officials said.

The weapon could be fielded by 2009, officials said.

Concerns remain

William Arkin, senior military adviser to Human Rights Watch, questioned whether a pain weapon would be safe to use against civilians in combat situations.

"What about children in the crowd? What about pregnant women and the elderly?" he said.

"We have developed a non-lethal weapon which causes pain. What happens when someone continues to walk toward the source of the high-power microwave? What happens when panic ensues in a crowd as a result of high-power microwave? What happens when it's focused on someone's eye?" Arkin said.

Another Humans Rights Watch activist expressed other concerns:

"It may fall into the (wrong) hands. It may be eventually sold to other countries to police forces, military forces that don't have the degree of accountability that you see in this country," Joost Hiltermann said.

CNN Military Affairs Correspondent Jamie McIntyre and The Associated Press contributed to this report.



Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Online Multi-Player Car Wars
Date: Dec 13, 2000, 4:28 pm

Hello! I am making an online multi-player car battling game! (I notice that there are virtually no good multiplayer strategy games available on the net). I am looking for some overhead graphics of cars. The game is going to be free to play. We will get a playable release as soon as possible then scale it up to include multiple cities and many more features! If you can help please ICQ or e-mail me. Otherwise maybe you could point me towards someone who could? Thanks very much!

James Redfern
ICQ 97054522

Date: Dec 16, 2000, 1:49 pm

Hey, Alexx. What kind of development environment are you using to do the multi-player online Car Wars? I've been working on something myself using DirectX and VB.

Dean"Dracos" Gibson
DRACAR President

Date: Dec 16, 2000, 2:30 pm

Hi, Dracos. I'm delving in VB and C++. I'm still looking for graphics and rules, too.

Date: Dec 16, 2000, 6:07 pm
To: ALEXXKIDD unread

Cool. I'm using some rehashed graphics from an ex-game (never made it to publisher) of mine. Gonna start with a simple shared-graphics engine with basic speed/handling class management. I eventually would like the app to automate everything. The end goal is to reduce Car Wars to two decisions: (1) movement, and (2) firing, and do it all in 10 seconds per phase. Imagine a world of one-minute Car Wars turns!

Dean"Dracos" Gibson
DRACAR President

Date: Feb 28, 2001, 11:08 am

This sounds quite brilliant if you can pull it off. It'd be cool to be updated now and then as to how you are getting on.


Mikey Scott

Date: Mar 01, 2001, 10:16 am

Doin' the multi-user code now. The thing can do Car Wars-style movement, firing arcs, range calculations, and speed. The key now is to get it to lay across the network correctly. It's almost testable now but needs more work.

Date: Mar 01, 2001, 10:21am

Well, I'd certainly be up for testing if you need testers.

Something like this is exactly the kind of thing I've wished for for a LONG time. I've just started running a Car Wars PBEM myself lately and it's going quite well, but this would be something else.

Mikey Scott's Car Wars Play-By-Elmay League

Mikey Scott

From: NIDAN71
Date: Mar 01, 2001, 10:45 am

Count me in among the testers, as well.

Drive offensively,

Curt Lindmark

From: Sorvan (CSTOBBE)
Date: Mar 09, 2001 6:54 pm

Hello. I downloaded a trial of Macromedia Flash on Monday and to learn it a bit, I decided to do a kind of Car Wars thing. It could probably be linked up with some CGI to make an online game if I work on it a bit more. (Okay, a LOT more -- but with Mikey Scott helping me out it might actually get somewhere.) Too bad I finally got a job (really restricts my free time).

Colin Stobbe's Car Wars Page

Colin Stobbe

Date: Mar 09, 2001, 8:41 pm

I've been thinking of doing a multi-player, Web-based Car Wars thingie in PHP. It turns out that it would require a LOT of work, even to just do it <DELETED>.

Is anyone interested in helping to develop such a beast, for real? I can do all of the programming, but it'll take forever. If anyone wants to help with anything like brainstorming, design, coding, art, testing, etc. we may be able to crank something out in reasonable time.

If you are interested in pooling your effort, mail me. If there is actually any interest, I'll set up a Vaporware project page on Sourceforge or something.

From: Manycubes
Date: Mar 11, 2001, 8:01 am

Hey, that looks good so far. Are you planning to stick to arena duels or is this going to be part of a larger campaign idea with character developement and role playing?

Personally I'd like to see a campaign that takes place outside the arenas, but I'm probably in the minority on that one.

Anyway keep it up. What you've shown us has wet my appetite for more.

Tony Kontes
BNI President

From: Sorvan (CSTOBBE)
Date: Mar 11, 2001, 9:37 am

My goal with my Car Wars thing is to learn Flash and play around with Corel Draw, so I haven't really thought too hard about where it's going to eventually go (if anywhere).

What will be most likely done with it is that it'll be used for PBEM style games to easily get movement down properly, and perhaps to determine the distance and firing arcs between cars. If someone else wants to write a back end to do more than this (if it's possible) I'll certainly do what I can, but I'm much more interested in graphics than programming.

I'm not terribly intersted in roleplaying online (much prefer doing it face to face), so I'm not likely to include anything like that.

Colin Stobbe

Date: Mar 11, 2001, 4:41 pm

It is quite doable, to start with an initial position, facing and speed (you could even add HC and calculate that). Then output a final position, facing and speed.

There are only a couple of minor issues. One is how do you want the position given (front right corner, center, middle of front). Also how will you interact by way of Flash and whatever programming language the person wants to use (prolly C)? It is not however difficult to program. The final problem is collisions, some way of dealing with this would be needed (i.e. the ability to enter in new co-ords manually or a collision resolver). I would be tempted to try something like this, are the IDL people interested at all? A vector graphic of a Car Wars game would be considerably smaller than a rasterised version. As well as making games far easier to run, a combat system could also be devised fairly easily, even damage tracking and such things.

James "J-Man" Barton
Rogue Matter Editor



From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE Feb 27th Weekly Rumble
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 10:12:35 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

This week we started continuing characters again. It was a small Div 5 event with only four players. Ted opted out and Norma was at the gargling razor blades of a cold so sat out. My vehicle was the only one with a DM of 1.

* Tom Lentz: Fast light trike, HTMs, 2 LFTs (each with HT fuel) left, metal armor front and left, bad HC.
* Steve Carder: Subcompact, MG front, SD back, metal armor front.
* Carol Daugherty: Compact, HTMs, SD back, metal armor front, DM 2/3.
* Edgar T. Lincoln: Compact, HTMs, JD back, 15 points metal armor front, 37 points metal armor elsewhere.

Started with Tom and Carol on the ends and Steve and I on the sides. Tom screamed past Steve, shot his front in hopes of setting him
on fire, and discovered that even with blowing off a point of metal, he wasn't going to pierce it any time soon.  Some fancy maneuvering on Tom's part (with help of a blown control roll by Steve) allowed Tom to avoid a t-bone but put his HC in a hole he never recovered from.  Tom squared off against Carol, discovered she also had a metal front, and attempted an AAIE maneuver but was too close to manage a head-on.  Instead he turned away, got sideswiped, rolled, and burned. Kill for Carol but this left her heading toward a wall at a high rate of speed.  She turned out sucessfully but went into a spinout on the next phase while trying to turn a little more.

Meanwhile, Steve was carefully skirting the edge of the arena, trying not to wipe out. I closed for a t-bone but wasn't close enough and he turned into me for a 130 mph AAIE maneuver!  Fortunately for me, I had a thick metal front, he only had a DM of 2/3, and he rolled badly.
His car shattered but mine wasn't even breached. Unfortunately, I ran over three of his obstacles and rolled max. damage on two of my tires, posthumous kill for him since I didn't have any direct-fire weapons.

February 27
AAIE Div 5 Weekly Rumble
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 4
Special Rules: High-Torque Motors

1. Carol Daugherty (24, VK x 1)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (11, VK x 1)
3. Steve Carder (2, VK x 1)
4. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (1)

Next week is a Div 10 where we will continue to test HTMs ($100 per tire, 2x acceleration, 2/3 top speed, no weight or space) and probably try a couple of designs suggested from Dueling Debate, a Delphi Forum dedicated to Car Wars and other dueling board games. See you then.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE March 8th Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 10:52:00 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

This week was a Div 10 in a new setup, The Quartermain, an arena split into quadrants with dashed walls separating them, entrances centered in the outside wall of each quarter. We are still testing High-Torque Motors ($100/wheel, no weight or space, 2x acell, 2/3 top speed) and still havn't found them to be unbalancing. This week everyone used them except for the ramcar (I know, we're a wacky group!) and that one wasn't a dedicated ramcar. My trike was the only vehicle with 10/20 accel.

* Tom Lentz: Compact, electric, HTMs, 5 laser-guided HRs (2 on rocket platform, 3 front), airdam, spoiler, metal armor front.
* Steve Carder: Compact, electric, HTMs, 3 laser-guided HRs with SWC front, airdam, spoiler, metal armor front.
* Carol Daugherty: Compact, electric, HTMs, ATG front, airdam, spoiler, metal armor front.
* Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln: Compact, electric (without HTMs), FCGS right, airdam, spoiler, ramplate, accel 10.
* Edgar T. Lincoln's Insurance Not Included: Medium trike, HTMs, 2 VFRPs (1R, 1L), spoiler.

The carnage started with Steve and Tom as the only two next to each other and they did an inconclusive pass at each other. I then came screaming past Tom, putting one rocket into his front and removing two points of metal (old VFRP rules). He sideswiped me, unsucessfully trying to make me lose control (close though, I was already at 100 mph in Turn 2 with a HC and recovery of 4, not good in a small arena). I then followed Steve, hoping for a dead on shot at his back for a kill.  Unfortunatly, he turned at the last minute, giving me his side speed mods. I needed a 10 to hit and rolled four 9s (&$@&@$# dice!). He escaped while I continued to make control rolls.

Meanwhile, Carol t-boned Norma but couldn't finish her off in the middle, and Norma got Tom with her FCGS but he didn't catch fire. After
some dancing around, Norma and Tom lined up for a sucessful AAIE maneuver, taking each other out.

While they are doing that, Steve and I are following the outer wall due to low HC. I passed him and he blew his last two rockets at me, failing to breach. I finally blew a control roll, unfortunately putting me into a wall with my rt side, the only VFRP with rockets remaining. Before I could shoot Steve as he came past me again, Carol put an TG round into my almost non-existant side, through my PP, and almost out the other side.  Steve, having run out of offensive capability, left the arena and ended the duel.

March 08
AAIE Div 10 Weekly Rumble
Quartermain Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: High-Torque Motors

1. Carol Daugherty (30, VK x 1)
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (8.5, VK x 1)
2. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (8.5, VK x 1)
4. Steve Carder (2, VK x 1)
5. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (1)

Next week is our school meeting, so no game. We will next play at Lepracon in Wenatchee on St. Patrick's Day. Our next game here, a Div 15, will be two Tuesdays from now.


Forum: Autoduelist's Haven <>
Subject: DRACAR to Offer $1,000 in Prize Money
From: dracos12
Date: Feb 25, 2001, 12:05 pm

DRACAR has posted $1,000 U.S. to the annual prize fund for the 2001 Digital Gibson Cup Series run using NASCAR Heat. Prize money is paid out for each race for all finishing positions. Membership dues are $20.00. For the first five drivers to sign up the dues will be deferred and paid with Gibson Cup Winnings.

First place in each race awards $15.00 and the series will run one race per month for a total of nine events in 2001. An additional $100.00 Championship Bonus will be offered to the overall points leader after nine races.

The DRACAR Digital Gibson Cup starts March 11, 2001 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Visit the DRACAR Web site for details and e-mail me right away to enter!

Drivers can join at any time throughout the season. Prize money is awarded irregardless of whether you join at the series start or not.

Dean "Dracos" Gibson
DRACAR President


Subject: IDL Duel II Results
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 08:48:11 -0600
From: Internet Dueling League <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Here are the results in a nutshell from IDL Duel II held March 9th:

1. Kyle Jerviss: 7 points, 1 kill (Robert Deis)
2. Nathaniel Gousset (Orleans, France): 4 points
3. Glen Bucher (Texas): 2 points
3. John Blaylock (Tennessee): 2 points, 1 kill (Michaek McNeill)
5. Michael McNeill: 1 point, 1 kill (John Blaylock)
6. Robert Deis (Colorado): -3 points

The duel took place with predesigned cars, in the IDL Stadium. Details, including an AVI file, will soon be posted on the IDL Web site.

MJ Daniels
IDL Public Relations Director


Arena Watch: King Solomon Arena, Abrams Racetrack
Vehicle Designs: Car Trailers

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Gen Con 2001
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / NOVA Events at Gen Con 2001
From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Mar 16, 2001

Due to the WDC schedule the NOVA schedule has been updated. The Godzilla event has been cancelled. The Tri-Racing schedule is as follows:

Thursday, August 02, 0800: Round 1, Div 60 Buses at Denver's Lakeside Speedway
Thursday, August 02, 1300: Round 2, Div 30 Hovercraft at Denver's Lakeside Speedway
Thursday, August 02, 1800: Round 3, Div 40 Microplanes at Akron's Aero-Arena

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President


Subject: March 11th SCAB Duel Report
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 08:14:21 -0800
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>, Michael P. Owen <>

SCAB held a Division 10 duel on Saturday, March 11th. Both new varieties of HTMs were playtested. The Towers Arena was used, and there were a total of nine contestants. Steven Richards was good enough to provide a very nice t-shirt as a prize to the winner.

* Tom LaLonde: Electric compact, +5 HTMs, ramplate
* Rick Cross: Electric compact, x2 HTMs, VMG left, OJ
* Michael "The Younger" Rosenberg: Electric sloped light trike, 2 FGs left (can only damage tires), 2 SDs back
* Steven Richards: Electric sloped compact, +5 HTMs, 2 linked MGs front, SS back
* Stan Wells: Electric subcompact, RL (with incendiary rockets) right
* Rob Hagmaier: Electric sloped compact, x2 HTMs, OJ
* Jeremy Willis: Electric compact, VMG right, OJ
* Michael "The Elder": Electric compact, RR front, FOJ
* Peter Cossaboon: Electric sloped compact, RL front, ramplate

The action started fast and furious and never let up. Peter, Tom and Mike "the younger" mixed it up pretty early on. They came together in one fine mess. Mike managed to squeak by, dropping spikes as he went, but Tom and Peter went head-on at 120 mph. The resulting collision killed Tom and banged up Peter's front armor pretty nicely.

Meanwhile, Rob and Rick were playing bumper tag. They first sideswiped to little effect, but Rob came back around on Rick who was moving slowly and finished the job with a 90 mph head-on collision.

Stan and Michael "The Younger" decided to play chicken with a wall, neither willing to give ground to the other as they exchanged shots at
point-blank range. Stan's encounter with the wall began with a sideswipe and ended with a head-on into the corner. He was a mobility kill, but
fortunately for Stan, Michael bumped him so that Stan's right mounted RL might ruin someone's day later (this, by the way, is known as

Rob, Steve and Michael "the elder" came screaming in to join the fun. Rob managed to t-bone Michael, injuring his driver. Persistent to the
last, Rob followed Michael and t-boned him again to finish the job. The clock began ticking for Rob, who would be declared the winner if he could survive for five seconds (not bloody likely with the crowd).

Stan's flaming rockets managed to set Michael on fire, and he succumbed to smoke inhalation shortly thereafter, giving a full kill to Stan. But
unfortunately for Stan, Michael's car obscured a good part of his firing arc.

Peter and Steve then went head on, and Peter was the only one to emerge from the carnage. This gave Peter two kills, so the clock began ticking. If he could survive for five seconds, he would be declared the winner, but only if Rob died first (more of that FORESHADOWING stuff).

After ramming Michael for the second time, Rob made a tight turn to avoid getting into Stan's firing arc. This strategy backfired as he
skidded right into Stan's crosshairs, who immediately made him pay with a RL up the backside. The next turn Rob turned again forcing Stan to attempt a "Hail Mary" shot. Stan needed an 11 if he hoped to connect, so he invoked the magic, and rolled boxcars. The second incendiary rocket set Rob on fire, whose portable fire extinguisher must have been purchased second-hand, as it didn't work at all. Rob's anguished
screams were barely heard over the sounds of his burning flesh. With Rob conveniently out of the picture, the only remaining mobile vehicles were Peter and Jeremy, who mixed it up a bit, but the clock ran out.

In the aftermath of the duel, it was discovered that Peter had brought an illegal design. Through no fault of his own, the outdated design
spreadsheet that he used had badly miscalculated the heavy ramplate on his vehicle. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to disqualify Peter.

This should be a lesson to those that use spreadsheets. MANY of these programs have serious flaws. While they are a convenient tool for
creating quick designs, EVERY item should be checked carefully once a design is completed.

Peter's disqualification left Stan and Rob tied for first place, but since Stan was still breathing, he was declared the winner, and he claimed the title and the t-shirt for himself!

1. Stan Wells: +20 + survival bonus (killed Rob, Michael "The Younger," killed self)
2. Rob Hagamier: +20 (killed Rick, Michael "The Elder," killed by Stan)
3. Jeremy Willis: 0
4. Rick Cross: -20 (killed by Rob)
4. Steven Richards: -20 (killed by Peter)
4. Michael "The Younger" Rosenberg: -20 pts (killed by Stan)
4. Michael "The Elder": -20 (killed by Rob)
4. Tom LaLonde: -20 (killed by Peter)
9. Peter Cossaboon: Disqualified

Rob Hagmaier

P.S. I did not get Michael "The Elder's" last name on the duel reports. If anyone could forward me that information, I will let WADA know so he
can be properly credited with his points.


Subject: First TCM Season Report
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 15:45:51 -0500
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: Michael Owen (WADA) <>
CC: Southern California Autodueling Brotherhood <>

This Division 25 duel took place at the Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena on a rainy day that left the asphalt wet and slippery (+D1 to all
manuevers and hazards). This assisted in the self-elimination of three players due to unforced control loss. The HTMs of the +5 acceleration. and $100 per wheel variety were playtested.

* Jeremy Willis: Compact, x-hvy. chassis, large PP with SuperCons and HTMs back, hvy. suspension, 4 radial PR tires, driver (with impact armor and PFE) in safety seat, GG (with SWC and bumper trigger) right, HD brakes, Sloped plastic armor: F62 (ramplate), R35, L30, B30, T7, U15, two 5-point plastic AWHs front, two 5-point plastic WGs back. Acceleration 10 (15 with HTMs), Top speed 120 (80 with HTMs), HC 4; 4,400 lbs., $24,990. (Duelmaster Note: It was not a good day to use a low-HC ramcar!)

* Rick Cross: Luxury, ICE, snow plasticore tires, SnD front, 2 linked IDs (1R, 1L) on weapon timer, 2 linked HDFTs back, IcD back, two AWHs front, two WGs back.

* Steve Reynolds: Sedan, PP with HTMs, BC (with HESH ammo and HRSWC) front, HDSS (with tear gas) left, HDFCE bac. FP plastic armor, two FP plastic AWHs front, two FP plastic WGs back.

* Rob Hagmaier: Reversed light trike, PP with HTMs, rocket booster (+ 20 mph for two seconds) back, pulse laser left, 4 dischargers (2R, 2L).

* Stan Wells: Mid-size, ICE with laser battery and IFE, 3 HRs with TL front, Fluid Pack Gun (with flaming oil) right, lots of metal/plastic armor. (Duelmaster Note: The IFE was relatively useless since Stan blew up after burning for six rounds or so.)

* Peter Cossaboon: Mid-size, ICE, solid tires, 4 LFTs and SWC (each with HT fuel) front, about 200 points of armor, two AWHs front, two WGs back.

* Tom LaLonde: PP with HTMs, 2 rocket boosters back, ramplate (big and fat), two AWHs front, two WGs back.

* Bob Steinke: Sedan, sport PP with PlatCats and IFE, solid tires, 2 RLs (with DWM front), PS (with extra magazine) back, TC, weapon timer. Plastic armor: F35 (ramplate), 167 elsewhere. Acceleration 10.

Here is a play-by-play from the onboard camera footage of Steve's car:

1/5: Rick fires single HDFT at Steve's right side and misses.

2/2: Rick fires single HDFT at Steve's right side and misses.

3/2: Steve fires BC at Rob's trike and misses (needed an 18 on 2d6!)

4/1: Steve notes Jeremy approaching from the left.

4/5: Steve puts HDFCE on auto.

5/1: Jeremy spins into a freshly laid flame cloud

6/1: Steve turns HDFCE off auto.

6/4: Rick fires linked HDFTs at Steve's left side and misses.

7/3: Steve activates HTMs

8/4: Rick fires linked HDFT's at Steve's left side and misses.

9/1: Steve accelerates to escape.

10/1: Steve fires BC at Rick's left side and misses.

11/2: Steve fires BC at Rob's left side and misses badly (still needed an 18 on 2d6!)

12/1: Rob fires laser at Steve and misses.

13/3: Steve hits Rick's left side point-blank for 20 points.

13/4: Steve plows into Rick's left side, breaching Rick's armor and squishing Rick with 28 points.

15/5: Steve fires BC at Rob's trike and misses. Rob fires at Steve with laser and hits FRONT for 10 points.

16/5: Rob fires laser at Steve's right side and misses.

17/1: Steve fires BC at Rob and misses.

17/2: Rob fires laser at Steve's FRONT for 15 points.

17/5: Steve vaults car after D7 turn and slams into wall with roof. With top armor gone, Steve is squished.

Duel Results (Duel Points, TCM League Points, Kills)

Editor Note: K-Kill = Full Kill, C-Kill = Completed/Vulture Kill, F-Kill = Firepower Kill, M-Kill = Mobility Kill

1. Rob Hagmaier: +10, +5, M-Kill
2. Steve Reynolds: 0, +1, K-Kill, Self-Killed
3. Tom LaLonde: 0, 0, K-Kill, Killed
3. Peter Cossaboon: 0, 0, K-Kill, Killed
5. Rick Cross: -10, 0, C-Kill, Killed
6. Bob Steinke: -20, 1, Killed
7. Jeremy Willis: -20, 1, Self-Killed
8. Stan Wells: -20, 0, Self-Killed

TCM League Point Totals After Event 1

48    Rob Hagmaier
23    Steve Reynolds    VK x 1
9.5    Tom LaLonde    VK x 1
9.5    Peter Cossaboon    VK x 1
4    Rick Cross    VK x 1
3    Bob Steinke
2    Jeremy Willis
1    Stan Wells

The next event will be a Div 25 game on March 25th.

Subject: [SCAB] March 25th TCM Game
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:56:08 -0500
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To:  SCAB Mailing List <>

This is the second game of the TCM inaugural dueling season at Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena. Please RSVP via e-mail to confirm attendance to this event. Good luck, duelists!

Jeremy Willis
Throach Corporate Motors: Building a Better Future.



Subject: [SCAB] Car Wars Vehicle Designer V9.1
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 20:01:47 -0800
From: Rick Cross <>
Reply-To: SCAB Mailing List <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Thanks to suggestions from you all, I've added some features to this thing, fixed the remaining errors, and made a few cosmetic changes:

* Rocket Boosters done right. Staged, paired, jump jets, you name it. (Hey -- it's only rocket science -- it's not like it's that hard.)
* New Cycle Hubs and Guards
* New Metal Spoilers and Airdams
* Front and back tire sections
* Changed tire options to checkboxes and added SNOW TIRES
* Racing Slick cost errors corrected
* To hit penalties for body type and sloping calculated on Combat Record
* Weapon and booster location fields added to Vehicle Record
* Fully sorted accessories list -- added missing costs and weights
* Asterisked Mil/Restricted weapons
* A few more errors weeded out (thanks to Chris Johnson and his team)
* Uniform color scheme
* Link saving
* HTM options no longer give accel bonus if gas engine selected
* Gas prices can be inflated (Hey, who knows, the Free Oil States may start gouging any day.)
* Macintosh-friendlier column widths, help balloons, and control objects
* Saved as a Template -- put it in your MS Office: Templates folder

Zip and Sit archives are available on the Web site. The program should work on Excel 95 but I recommend Excel 97 or later (Mac Excel 5 OK, Excel 97 recommended).


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Got my page online
Date: Mar 15, 2001, 11:26 am

Howdy, all! I got my Car Wars page posted. I've got designs and house rules posted. I still need to make my links active, and shoot my photos for the 9X section. Please look it over and give me your feedback. Thanks!



PBEM Car Wars League


PBEM Car Wars/GURPS Autoduel Campaign