Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 4, No. 2
February 10, 2051

Web Posted May 05, 2001
Updated September 04, 2001


Welcome to yet another issue of CWIN, that magazine without a regular schedule but with a consistent volume of content. You can help me get back on schedule, releasing this newsletter on the first of each month, by mailing me game reports, articles, and other types of submissions for this magazine on a regular basis. If I do not have material to publish, I will have to extend the time between issues until I receive enough submissions for one issue.

This issue is very late but its content should be a reward for your patience. Veteran duelists Robert Deis and Tom Lentz, members of RMADA and AAIE respectively, have started new phases of their dueling careers. Congratulations, Robert and Tom. The veteran groups AAIE and SCAB have held large duels recently, making the members of these groups climb the standings of the 2051 WADA Car Wars League very quickly. The PBEM dueling circuits are heating up, with the IDL returning to business and the U.S. Southeast gaming group, AADA Chapters 11327 and MADHAT starting their own PBEM leagues, and DRACAR launching a NASCAR computer game tournament. Jeremy Willis, member of SCAB, is running his own league for SoCal road warriors, a great opportunity for earning many WADA championship points. Finally, Phil Reed, SJ Games Art Director, has announced a major development. Folks, this is the news you have been waiting for over ten years.


I have noticed over the past two months most of the discussions on my Car Wars message board, Dueling Debate, are about rules used for arenas, tournaments, and AADA events. Because of this situation, I have made my message board for AADA Car Wars games, Road in Your Sights (RIYS), available to the general public. I created the forum last summer for AADA members. Restricting access to AADA members was intended to be an incentive to join the AADA. Unfortunately, there have been only 20 messages posted since the creation of the board. Making RIYS a public forum should solve two problems. First, RIYS being inactive because of few visitors. Second, helping arena and tournament duelists having a debate area that does not have the distractions of many discussions unrelated to their preferred types of Car Wars games.


Juho-Matti "Pompo" Stenberg of Finland, the creator of the Car Wars WebRing over four years ago, has been incommunicado for two years, and has sadly allowed the Car Wars WebRing to be filled with non-functional hyperlinks and member sites that have nothing to do with the Car Wars game. Non-gaming aspects of one's life often tend to make gaming projects low priorities, an understandable situation most gamers likely know very well.

I am happy to announce Pompo has returned to auto-combat with a vengeance. Pompo is retrofitting the Car Wars WebRing and is creating a Web site for a new Car Wars gaming group: the Lappenranta Autoduel Association (LADA). Please help Juho-Matti make the relaunch of the Car Wars WebRing successful by joining this group of Web sites.

Car Wars WebRing


All of the results for the 2001 Car Wars games I have received have been added to the 2051 WADA League Standings. I am still performing the process of verifying the points totals for the 2050 League, but I anticipate to be announcing the champion of the tournament in March.

I would like to publish the next issue on or before March 10th. My supply of submissions is almost exhausted again. Please send me articles.

Write offensively,

Michael P. Owen


From: William Horvath <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: First BLUD Part II
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:20:31 -0500

Hi, Michael,

You don't know me, but I was surfing the Net recently, and I came across this:

Mini-Scenario 5: Rumble, First BLUD Part II, The Revenge of the AADA. ADQ Vol. 4, No. 4. Winter 2036.

I wrote this about 15 years ago, when I was still fairly young and active on the gaming scene. I was surprised and pleased to find it had been posted, and I just wanted to say thanks for the unexpected pleasure!


Bill Horvath (II)
Public Policy Office
American Psychological Association
Washington, D.C.


From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Owen <>, Michael Garrity <>
Subject: [Fwd: I would like more information]
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 19:15:26 -0600

Hi. Here's another interesting e-mail we got this week. Boy, am I going to have some fun explaining this one.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

From: "Jackie Hammers" <>
Subject: I would like more information
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 23:51:32 -0600


I recently came across the following site:

New Omaha Vehicular Association

As a member of the Iowa City press, I am particularly interested in the track designed for Iowa City, though any information about this site and this organization in general would be helpful. Specifically, I would like to know who I can contact locally, when this track was designed and for what purpose, how many people from the Iowa City area are involved in this organization and how current the information on the site is. I hope to convince my editors to run a feature on this.

Thank you for any information you might be able to offer me.


Jackie Hammers
Metro Reporter, The Daily Iowan



Subject: General / 2051 WADA Championship Duel
Date: Feb 25, 2001 12:11 pm

Hey, Michael,

I was just thinking, with the advent of the IDL it may be possible to do a championship duel for WADA at the end of this year if the IDL staff  are willing. They should have the system fairly well worked out by then and it would take care of the distance problem. Could be a hoot. Might be my only chance to get slapped around by Mike Garrity and some of the other big Kahunas.

Edgar T. Lincoln
AAIE President



From: Martin "Dungeonmaster" O'Reily <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: Amateur Night 2 Final Results
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 10:32:52 -0500

Highlights of Amateur Night 2

Turn 4.5: Man-Disco achieves first blood with a hit on Max Thugery's right armor for 1 point.
Turn 5.2: Max Thugery hits John Locke in the front armor for 3 points.
Turn 6.5: Man-Disco pierces Max Thugery's right armor and continues to do 4 points to his plant.
Turn 7.1: Man-Disco destroys Max Thugery's power plant with a hit to the right side doing 4 points.
Turn 8.2: John Locke spins out, losing both right side tires while attempting a swerve.
Turn 8.5: Man-Disco knocks Max Thugery unconscious after piercing his back armor for 5 points.
Turn 9.1: Fred Jones takes out John Locke with a 5-point hit to his right armor, 2 hit the driver knocking him out!
Turn 10.5: With both right side tires gone John Locke's car grinds to a halt on the arena floor
Turn 11.5: Man-Disco takes out Fred Jones with a lucky shot to his right side for 5 points.

First Blood: Man-Disco against Max Thugery, Turn 4.5
Most Damage Caused: Man Disco, 21 points
Most Damage Received: Max Thugery, 16 points
Highest Speed: John Locke, 80 mph, Turn 6.1
First Car Out of Action: Max Thugery by Man-Disco, Turn 8.5
Overall Winner: Man-Disco with 2 kills

Applications are being taken for our next event. Details are available on our Web site.


From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: A Month of Duels
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 10:38:39 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

We have been dueling, but my e-mail crashed for a month so I haven't been reporting them. The drawback of this is that I missed being the
best duelist of the year for two years running. (We ran the first duel reported to WADA last year, which I won, so I was the best, baby! I
think we also ran the first duel this year, but that's life.) So, I have 4 duels to report. This means there won't be lots of descriptions (sorry, Michael). On to it.

Our first duel was a Div 50 8x (model) scale duel in our basement. Highlights were Norma and Carol in a 150 mph AAIE maneuver which Norma
drove away from after shattering Carol, Tom tenaciously taking out Norma and Steve, me driving 170 mph (why, because I could!) and staying at 140 mph + for three turns and maintaining control (that was worth a prestige point), followed by the weirdest t-bone I've ever been involved in. It was down to me and Tom, he didn't have much front armor after engaging Norma and Steve and was almost out of ammo. I didn't have direct-fire weapons, only explosive-tipped spikes and a ramplate. I was hoping to drive past him (I was still going 120 mph) and finish off his tires and maybe pull off a t-bone. He looked to be angling for an AAIE maneuver but instead did a t-stop toward me so the head-on would be on his untouched side. Well, we both lost control, skidded around, and it ended up being a t-bone which was enough to kill him. I survived the resultant fishtailing and running over of my own spikes. (I had spikes mounted on the front corners, an arrangement that allows you to go 100 mph without leaving gaps, just don't lose control!) for the win.

January 02
AAIE 8X Scale Div 30 Duel
Lincoln Basement
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: Jumps

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (30, VK x 1)
2. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (14, VK x 2)
3. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (3, VK x 1)
4. Steve Carder (2)
5. Carol Daugherty (1)

Next up is a Div 25 in which I was killed early so didn't see part of (first out between me and Norma gets to tuck in Ana and read her a story) so highlights are sketchy. I made the mistake of trying to take on Tom in a Gammerah (FCGS with extra mags on each side) from the side
without truely overwhelming firepower on my part (I only had two VMGs) and paid for my foolishness.  I gotta try once in a while, that design is undefeated in our duels. He didn't get the kill on me, though. I used a foam discharger to scrub the burn mods before I caught fire.
Unfortunately, Norma placed a heavy-duty flame cloud where I couldn't avoid it, causing me to catch fire and explode. Theo, Tom's semi-stepson, and Carol did a sucessful AAIE maneuver (both died). Tom and Norma engaged each other, taking each other out, but his driver survived and her car blew up.  This left Steve, driving a slow car, just getting into the area with everyone else dead. Only one point (entered arena) but still good for third. I believe the whole duel lasted about eight turns.

January 16
AAIE Div 25 Duel
Devil's Cross
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6
Special Rules: Jumps

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (36, VK x 1)
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (17, VK x 2)
3. Steve Carder (10)
4. Theo Hill (2.5, VK x 1)
4. Carol Daugherty (2.5, VK x 1)
6. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (1)

Next is the first of a string of Div 20 duels where we are testing High Torque Motors with OK results. I think they will be a good addition but expect gas engines will still predominate.

High-Torque Motors (HTM) -- Cost $100 per wheel (must be purchased for all wheels), no weight or space. Compatible with electric car or cycle
power plants only. Limited compatability with overdrive. When HTMs are engaged, the acceleration of the vehicle doubled, and top speed is reduced by one-third. If an ISC is triggered while HTMs are engaged, apply the ISC top speed bonus after the HTM bonus. Because of the extra stress on the engine from combining these systems, the power plant loses half of its DP due to ISC damage instead of normal one-third. A vehicle may mount both HTMs and overdrive, but may never engage both at the same time. Attempting to engage overdrive or HTM while the other is engaged will trigger safety interlocks that disengage both systems. Engaging or disengaging HTMs is a firing action.

Editor's Note: The AADA chapters RMADA and SCAB are playtesting HTMs for publication in Pyramid Online. Both groups have changed the HTM acceleration bonus from +100% to 5 mph.

Only advantage is that some designs that have big guns but no speed are no longer sitting ducks.  We usually started at 5x acceleration as start speed but recently switched to everyone starts at 40 mph to give electrics a chance. Nobody liked this but with HTMs we can go back to 5x accceleration. One interesting thing with HTMs: electric ram cars are no longer a thing of the past.

I had a mid with a large PP, two ISCs, and HTMs. Steve also used HTMs. He and Carol successfully AAIE'd each other. I t-boned Norma at 80 mph (my starting speed! In an electric!) and was able to be back up to 80 mph when I got to her again two turns later. Unfortunatly, this was too fast and I exactly took out my ISC-weakened PP in spite of my rollcage and CA. (ISCs normally burn out one-third of a power plants DP; they do half (!) if used if conjunction with HTMs.)

Tom was unable to attend this duel and won't be back until the February 20th duel due to having his sinuses Roto-Rootered and rebuilt. He is okay but is on intravenous antibiotics when we play. Also, when next he plays, he will be a married man. Congratulations all around.

January 23
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Jurassic Fun Zone
Duelmaster: Edgar Lincoln
Special Rules: Dinosaur Lego vehicles, tarpits, HTMs

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (24, VK x 1)
2. Steve Carder (4.67, VK x 1)
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (4.67, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (4.67, VK x 1)

The Jurassic Fun Zone was a PR event for a local dinosaur themepark. We got Lego Dinosaurs for Christmas, and I couldn't resist.

Last one to report is last week's Div 20 in an arena with two lakes (used two of the islands from the Couer d' Alene Tribal Floating Arena and called them lakes) and HTMs still being tested. Steve and I both did mids with super PPs and HTMs and ramplates.  He had a gunner, a front VFRP, and a SWC. I had a ISC, a rollcage, safety seat, CA on the PP, and a "Cheese Rocket" (MnR with CA that is a 20-point damage sink and provides offensive capability when considering if you are a full kill or half kill when your tires are gone) front. Norma took a Flying, Spinning, Turtle Car (my take on the Gammerah. Carol was in a gas-burner with a front-mounted something or other.

I t-boned Carol for a mobility kill to start and began a string of forgetting of items that allowed Steve to t-bone me. Mostly, I forgot my
HD shocks which would have allowed me to stay in control after ramming Carol. Instead, I lost control, slowed down, and was a sitting duck when Steve came screaming in for a t-bone, taking out my mobility. This slowed him down enough that Norma was able to hit him and Carol with a series of shots with her FCGS, finishing off her engine and burning off his tires. Duel ended with no one getting a full kill.

January 30
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Water Hazard
Duelmaster: Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln
Players: 4
Special Rules: Lakes, HTMs

1. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (24)
2. Steve Carder (11)
3. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (2)
4. Carol Daugherty (1)

It looks like we will keep using HTMs. I think they are a good, balanced addition to the game. This week will be the last Div 20 for a while(we keep redoing it in hopes Tom will make it). Next week, February 13th, is our school meeting so next game (after tonight's) will be on February 20th. Also, I will be running a Div 25 Matchbox scale game at Radcon(February 16-19 at the Pasco DoubleTree, Pasco, WA) on Saturday at noon. Anyone who wants to play is welcome. I'll have cars available for anyone who needs one but, as always, feel free to design your own.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Radcon Duel and February 21 Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 10:47:43 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

Had a messy one this weekend at Radcon in Tri-Cities, WA, home of the Pacific Northwest Regionals for the last three years. Phil Bedard and Bill Stevenson decided that running the tournament for three years was enough and they wanted to play for a change so I ran a Matchbox scale Div 25 battle. We used two 3' x 8' tables and the only arena elements were two risers centered if the table were split into halves. Since Tom Lentz and Phil Bedard were helping as GMs I was able to play also. We had 14 players, many of whom were from DRAW, a very skilled Car Wars group based in Omak, WA.

"Riff" Millar's 2050 Thompson: ICE, driver, gunner, 4 smart-linked HMGs (2 in turret, 2 front), airdam, spoiler.

Tom Lentz' Suicide Slide Mark 2: Electric PP with HTMs, spinal-mounted 75mm TG (with APFSDS ammo).

Jeff Holman's Boom Boom: ICE, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front, airdam, spoiler.

Robert d'Bruce's Piecemaker FP: ICE, 2 VFRPs front, airdam, spoiler, metal armor.

Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln's Flaming Idiot Mark 3: ICE, driver and gunner, 2 smart-linked RLs (each with incendiary rockets; 1 in turret, 1 front), airdam, spoiler.

Johnny Motley's Flameout: Fast, ICE, driver and gunner, 2 RLs (each with incendiary rockets) front, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor front, CA protecting RLs, ICE and driver.

Dave Smith's Hibachi: Driver, gunner, RL (with incendiary rockets) in turret, 2 FOJs (1R, 1L), FCE back, heavy ramplate.

Shandra Fraiser's and Bill Stevenson's Blastomatics: ICE, driver and gunner, BC front, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back.

Larry Brown's Rata Tat Tat: ICE, gunner, 2 VMGs (1 in turret, 1 front), metal/plastic armor  front and top.

Phil Bedard's Phil 25: ICE, ATG front, airdam, spoiler.

"Machine-Gun" Kelly Caricker's Collision Damage: ICE, airdam, spoiler, 2 HRs front, ramplate.

Chip "Mad Jack" Temple's Hell on Wheels: ICE, driver and 2 gunners, AC front, MD back, airdam, spoiler.

Dave "Launchpad" Hill's Survive: Electric PP with HTMs, driver and gunner, 2 RLs (each with incendiary rockets) front, airdam, spoiler.

We started with 12 around the sides, with Larry and I on the risers. First kill was by Launchpad on Dave Smith. Launchpad came in fast, softened Dave with the RLs, and rammed him over flaming oil, causing Dave to explode. This was the first explosion of many.

Next kill was Machine-Gun Kelly. He was shot in the front with Tom's 75mm TG for a one-shot kill. His metal ramplate wasn't up to the 40-point shot. Next, Launchpad ran over two of Mad Jack's mines, enough to finish off his tires for a mobility kill.

Now the Orgy of Death started in the middle of the arena. Shandra, after having her side removed by Riff, turned into the middle, leaving a
string of spikes. Riff tried to follow but was distracted by Tom shooting off most of his side then ramming him, taking out his tires for
a mobility kill. Johnny then came in behind Tom, shooting through his relativly thin armor and causing an explosion. About this time, I
managed a shot on Shandra followed closely by a shot on Riff, hitting both their exposed gas tanks, resulting in expolsions.

Things get pretty confused at this point as all remaining duelists passed through the center, streaming dropped weapons if they could. Mad Jack left a string of mines that got him mobility kills on Bill and Jeff and then rammed Larry for a full kill. Phil and Bill almost made sucessful
passes through but were mobility kills dur to a combination of dropped weapons and the solid carpet of debris and obstacles from exploding cars. Robert and I did a AAIE maneuver which killed both our vehicles but his driver lived. I was yet another explosion.

February 17
Radcon Div 25 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Sponsors: AAIE and DRAW
Duelmasters: Edgar Lincoln, Tom Lentz and Phil Bedard
Players: 14

1. Chip "Mad Jack" Temple (DRAW, 84, VK x 1)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (AAIE, 41, VK x 2)
3. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (AAIE, 26, VK x 1)
4. Dave "Launchpad" Hill (DRAW, 14, VK x 1)
4. Robert d'Bruce (WA Indep, 14, VK x 1)
6. "Jammin'" Jeff Holman (AAIE, 9, VK x 1)
7. Bill "Blazin' Bob" Stevenson (DRAW, 8)
8. Johnny Motley (WA Indep, 7, VK x 1)
9. Phil "Fritz" Bedard (DRAW, 5.5)
9. "Machine-Gun Kelly" Caricker (DRAW, 5.5)
11. Larry "Madman" Brown (WA Indep, 4)
12. Shandra Frasier (DRAW, 2)
12. "Riff" Millar (WA Indep, 2)
12. Dave Smith (WA Indep, 2)

Overall, a great success and lots of fun. Next time I will be careful not to do an arena that channels everyone into the middle.

Next up is our AAIE weekly rumble for February 20th. Tom is finally healed from his sinus surgery (and freshly married, congrats!) so we finally did the Div 20 with lakes that he wanted to do.

Tom Lentz: Van, ICE, 2 HDFTs left, corner-mounted spikes

Carol: Electric PP, RR in turret, ATG front, airdam, spoiler.

Ted: Compact, ICE, laser-guided VFRP front, corner-mounted explosive-tipped spikes.

Steve: Fast compact, ICE, ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front, thick ramplate.

Edgar: Compact, electric PP with HTMs, 3 SDs (each with explosive-tipped spikes; 1R, 1L, 1B), LRW with dischargers, ramplate, acceleration 10 (20 with HTMs).

The mayhem started with me chasing Ted, homing in for a t-bone. He put his spikes on automatic trying to cut me off against the lake but since he was going 60 there was a gap I could use. I crossed through and turned back toward him. He tried spikes again but there was another gap so I managed to get to him with only hitting one spike. I ruptured his gas tank and he exploded. Fortunately, there was an escape path through the
debris for me so I survived. Sorry, Ted.

Meanwhile, Steve and Carol had exchanged shots and  Steve t-boned her for a mobility kill. Unfortunatly, he only had one point of front armor left so Tom blew through that with his HDFTs, lighting him on fire and causing him to explode the next turn. Tom then shot Carol on her still
armored right side but set het on fire. She decided to bail out for a half-kill for Tom.

Tom and I were then coming at each other. I managed to line up for a t-bone but Tom softened up my front with his FTs and I lost my power plant. I took out his FTs and SD on that side but failed to get a kill because he still had spikes on the far side and only lost one tire.

February 21
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: Lakes

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (30, VK x 2)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (14, VK x 1)
3. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (3)
4. "Disco" Steve Carder (2)
5. Ted "Tadpole" Hill (1)

Next week is a Div 5 where we will start continuing characters.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AADA U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 12:52:45 -0800

Hey Guys,

Sorry to those of you that are geting this twice but I don't want to miss anyone. Tom Lentz and I are, with the approval of the AADA,  going
to run the Regional Dueling Championship tournament here in Spokane at Game Faire April 27-29. Qualifiers will be one Friday evening, three on Saturday, and possibly one on Sunday morning if there is enough interest. All these will be in Matchbox scale. The final, in DRAW tradition, will be a destructive model (1:24 or 1:25 scale) starting at noon on Sunday.

Hopefully, Philip White will be there to defend his title but even if not, I expect competition will be fierce if past events at Radcon and Game Faire are any indication. There are a lot of good duelists in the Pacific Northwest. I hope to see you there. More to follow as I figure it out.

P.S. Anyone needing crash space, let me know. I'm sure we can find a place for you.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AADA U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 14:39:59 -0800

Hey Guys,

It's official. Tom and I will be running the regional tourney at Game Faire, April 27-29. I am putting together a mailing list just for that, so if you are interested, let me know and I'll put you on it. As usual, I will  have premade cars there and anyone is welcome to play, the list is more
for those who will be designing their own cars or aren't used to my games. I will also have schedules I will send out that way.

I will also be running the 13th (?) Annual Midville Duel at Lepracon in Wenatchee on Saturday, March 17th at noon. Format include regular scale, hopefully using all six maps of Midville, and Div 50.


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Car Wars 2001
Date: February 23, 2001, 1:22 pm

At the GAMA Trade Show next month we will be running demos of the new Car Wars rules. The actual relaunch will take place late this year and is a radical streamlining and overhaul to the Car Wars game rules. While I can't disclose everything at this time I can say:

1. Faster Play: You and a buddy can sit down and slug it out pretty quickly.

2. Miniatures Support: Not immediately but the rules have been written with miniatures support planned by late 2002. The first step was cranking the scale to 3x current and losing the grid.

3. Inexpensive Starting Price: The new rules are under $10.00 U.S. and include everything you need for some head-to-head automotive mayhem.

More information as time goes on.

Philip Reed
Art Director
Steve Jackson Games

Date: Feb 24, 2001, 12:18 pm

I hope that the game mechanics don't change too much. I would hate for it to be a completely different game.

Jeremy Willis

Date: Feb 24, 200, 1:32 pm

Hey Jeremy,

I'm with you, I won't start leaping for joy until I see it. Anyone see the Champions Fuzion rules? Or perhaps the latest (about eight years ago) rework of Chill? Just two cautionary tales.

And how many of your keen design programs are going to need to be rewritten from the ground up? Don't get me wrong, a well-done revision of the rules would be great! I'm just reserving my opinion of whether this one is great until we see it. Why do I get this sinking feeling we will see two sets of books: Car Wars Basic and Car Wars Advanced? Shudder!

So, Phil, need any opinionated playtesters? I've got a weekly playing group with three players that date back to the Ziplock Bag/Pocket Box days, one of whom is in the process of writing a comprehensive design program, and know most of the predjudices of the players in the Pacific Northwest. Just a thought.

Edgar Lincoln
AAIE President

From: Philip Reed <>
Date: Feb 24, 2001, 6:04 pm

There will certainly not be two versions. The game will be similar to what has gone before but different enough that old car designs will be very obsolete.

Now before everyone has a fit let me say that you could use them with the new rules but you would be at a disadvantage. The new cars are faster, tougher, and a lot sexier!

A playtest today saw vehicle designs completed in under 15 minutes (this included time to teach two Car Wars newbies and not just to the new rules) and a five-player game fly. Massive violence including one car that survived three head-on collisions, two t-bones, and a countless number of sideswipes and another that was completely destroyed in the last phase of the first turn (that was me).

No longer will you need a massive rulebook to play. And don't worry too much about support, we have major plans for Car Wars.

In a month or two we'll start contacting AADA chapters to handle outside playtesting but for now we're keeping it all in-house.

Philip Reed
Art Director
Steve Jackson Games

Date: Feb 24, 2001, 7:41 pm

This sounds scary. Sounds like there will be little left of Car Wars as we know it.

John Blaylock
SHAAG President

From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Feb 24, 2001, 8:07 pm

Hi, Phil,

Not to be negative or anything, but we've heard this before. I'll wait and see for my decision. Is this the long wanted Compendium 3 or something different?

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

Date: Feb 25, 2001, 4:30 am

No Compendium at all. Streamlined.

Philip Reed
Art Director
Steve Jackson Games

Date: Feb 25, 2001, 11:35 am

Hi, Phil,

As my wife said, "Aack!" I'm not sure being able to survive three head-ons at speed and two t-bones is a good thing. Life goes on I suppose. Just be aware from a marketing standpoint, I will be looking very carefully before I buy. I like the Car Wars game as it has evolved over the years. If this is a completely new system, it isn't the Car Wars I've come to enjoy. This is not to say I don't think it will be a good game, but is it the game I want?

Edgar Lincoln
AAIE President


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: Virtual Autoduel Review / DRACAR Digital 2001
From: Dean "Dracos" Gibson
Date: February 23, 2001, 11:15 am

DRACAR has set the schedule for its 2001 Digital Racing league. This league is conducted on-line using the NASCAR simulator "NASCAR Heat" by Hasbro Interactive.

We're doing two digital series this year: Iron Man and Gibson Cup. Iron Man will run weekly, shadowing the NASCAR 2001 season at every stop (save those that Heat does not have tracks for) and is for the true NASCAR enthusiast. Gibson Cup will hold 9 races in 2001, one per month, starting with the Cracker Barrel 125 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 11, 2001.

Get your copy of NASCAR Heat now and race for the championship. Get *YOUR* name engraved on the fabulous Gibson Cup Trophy.

Dean "Dracos" Gibson
DRACAR President


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / Internet Dueling League
From: MJ Daniels (RACING_CHAMP)
Date: February 10, 2001, 8:14 am

Things are back to normal again, and the IDL is prepping the next duel. Sunday, March 4th will be date of the second IDL event. Drop us a line if you would like to join in. We will use the predesigned vehicles again. Custom cars will (likely) be accepted for the third race.

The event will begin at 12:00 EST, and will be called no later than 8:00 EST. I hope to hear from you!

MJ Daniels
IDL Public Relations Director


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / New PBEM Started
Date: Jan 30, 2001 5:22 pm

Hello! Our local Car Wars club has a PBEM playtest going. Everything is going smoothly, and I'm ready to allow non-club members to join in.

I am the referee and we are keeping player identities a secret. We also play using the actual rules just as if we were sitting around a big table.
The first game is taking place in a 20" x 20" plain arena (The Box). I would like to experiment with other arenas and even race tracks, so if you have a particular arena you'd like to play in, let me know.

If anyone is interested, e-mail me. I also plan to try a Chassis & Crossbow event soon.

Jimmy Logan
MADHAT President


Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 12, No. 1

From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Owen <>, Tim Gould <>
Subject: 2051 NOVA CRC Results
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 23:42:55 -0600

January 27
NOVA 2050-2051 Chapter Racing Championship
Div 30 Hovercraft Race
Iowa City Speedway
Duelmaster: Norman McMullen
Players: 5

1. Michael Garrity (3 laps)
2. Lucy Ubadigbo (2 laps)
3. Norman McMullen (2 laps and crashed))
4. Donald Jacques (1 lap and crashed)
5. Adrian Shipley (0 laps and crashed))

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / 2051 Central Regional
From: Stormin Norman (DRJAKE2)
Date: Feb 24, 2001 8:39 pm

The 2051 U.S. Central Regional Championships will be held at DemiCon XII in Des Moines, IA.

Dueling: Div 20 cars in the Twister Arena.

Racing: Div 20 compacts in the Worlds of the Racing Speedway with one space of direct-fire weapons. No dropped weapons or temporary speed boosters permitted.

DemiCon XII

Twister Arena, Grand Island, Nebraska

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President


From: Robert Deis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>
Subject: It's a boy!
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 21:44:15 -0600 (CST)

Nathaniel Gregori Deis
8 lbs., 7 oz., 20.5 in.
Born 15 February 2001, 2311 MST

Mom and baby are doing terrific. Picture links forthcoming.

Robert Deis
RMADA President


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SCAB Mailing List
Subject: January 21 Duel Report
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:48:33 -0800 (PST)

Hey All,

Okay, here it is in a tentatively final form.

January 21st, 2001 Division 15 Duel at Brookhurst Hobbies Duel Report

Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove played host to a SCAB Division 15 duel with nine contestants in The Towers Arena on Sunday the 21st of January.  His duel featured more playtesting of metal spoilers and airdams and a new accessory for electric power plants called high-torque motors (HTMs). These little beauties cost $10 per wheel and add 5 mph acceleration when engaged at the cost of one-third of your top speed.

Starting Positions and Vehicle Descriptions

Going counter-clockwise around the table, I'll label the left-hand side of one of the long edges of the Towers Arena as southwest.

Eric Freeman: Mid-size, electric PP with HTMs, two RLs (each with incendiary rockets) right, SnD front, IcD left, FCD top, 2 FODs (1R, 1B), airdam, spoiler, SWC for RLs, metal/plastic armor front and right, plastic armor elsewhere, ramplate, AWHs and WGs.

Jarett Weintraub. Heavy trike, electric PP with HTMs, SD (with explosive-tipped spikes) back, 2 IcDs (1R, 1L), FCD back, incendiary LtRs with magazines right and left, light metal armor over plastic armor, AWHs and WGs front and back.

Peter Cossaboon: Mid-size, electric PP with HTMs, ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front, FCGS, AWHs, WGs.

Jeremy Willis: Sloped compact, electric PP with HTMs, VMG (with HD ammo) right, SD left-back, link (VMG-SD), HRSWC for VMG, bumper spikes, AWHs, WGs, no-paint windshields.

Steve Richards: Mid-sized, electric PP, MFRP in turret, RR (with HESH ammo) front, 2 PDs (1R, 1L), PDG with bumper trigger back, four AWHs, 1 point metal over plastic armor. (Duelmaster's Note: Steve's design was the only non-gas or non-HTM vehicle in the match.)

Rob Hagmaier: Compact, ICE, SnD front, airdam, spoiler, AWHs, WGs, heavy metal/plastic armor everywhere.

Erik Rassmussen: Mid-size, electric PP with HTMs, 2 VMGs front, SWC, heavy metal/plastic armor front, plastic armor elsewhere, AWHs, WGs. (Duelmaster Note: This design was pregenerated, an upgraded version of the Whitefang.)

Tom LaLonde: Mid-size, electric PP with HTMs, RR (with extra magazine) in turret, SWC, MD back, AWHs, WGs. (Duelmaster Note: This design was pregenerated, a 2051 Defender.)

Stan Wells: Sloped compact, ICE, MF front, heavy metal armor front.

Gate 1 SWW: Eric Freeman
Gate 2 SW Middle: Jarett Weintraub
Gate 3 SE Middle: Peter Cossaboon
Gate 4 SEE: Jeremy Willis
Gate 5 ES: Steve Richards
Gate 6 EN: Rob Hagmaier
Gate 7 NEE: Erik Rassmussen
Gate 8 NE Middle: Empty
Gate 9 NW Middle: Tom LaLonde
Gate 10 NWW: Empty
Gate 11 EN: Stan Wells
Gate 12 ES: Empty

The action started in Turn 2 as folks cleared the barriers of the Towers. Eric Freeman fired rockets at Jarett and one scored a hit, but the low damage bounced off the metal. Jarett's return fire of of a light rocket missed. The two of them continued racing north across the arena  neck-and-neck with a barrier breaking line of sight at the beginning of Turn 3, at which time Jarett kicked his SD on auto, while Eric scored a hit with an incendiary RL that pentrated metal.

Stan proceeded straight out of his gate going east. Tom turned from his gate to head west to set up an impending joust. In the second turn, Tom fired at Stan and missed. Erik turned to the east as well to show his rear to the ramcar-driving Rob.

Peter turned east towards Jeremy while Steve turned west, also towards Jeremy who went straight out from his gate. Jeremy fired at Steve early, scoring a minor hit of five points (perhaps Jeremy's only low damage roll of the night), while Peter's shot at Jeremy missed.

Jeremy and Steve mixed it up, with Jeremy scoring hits on Steve's side and front. Steve was unable to shoot back effectively for one turn because failed control rolls made it impossible for him to hit. Steve let loose his Six-Shooter at Jeremy, but missed with all six shots (three of them by a single point each). After the brief fire exchange, Steve showed Jeremy his rear and fled . . . directly into a freshly-laid exploding flame cloud gas stream, courtesy of Peter. He hit the brakes, swerved right, clipped a wall on his left and limped away.

Erik headed towards the middle (south) and took some shots across the arena at Jarett. As Jarret crossed in front of him, Erik veered to the north to pursue. This put Jarett in a pincher movement between Eric and Erik. Jarrett dropped a discharger package to discourage the
pursuit, but to no avail as Freeman and Rasmussen avoided the spikes and dischargers.

Tom and Stan closed on each other. Tom veered south and fired at Stan's front right tire doing nine points of damage while simultaneously setting his MD to auto. Stan fired a mine in front of Tom, but it fell short and Tom avoided it with a D4 turn. Stan had no interest in following a car spitting mines out the back, so he shot one more mine in front of Tom before crossing Tom's line of mines. Tom set off this mine counter
close enough such that two of Stan's tires were caught in the blast radius as well. Tom took two more shots at Stan's tire (which had taken 14
points by now) as they separated, but both missed. Stan crossed over one mine in Tom's line of mines and managed not to set it off. Stan continued east, while Tom continued south.

In Turn 4, Erik had closed to point-blank range and took shots at the solitary front tire of the Jarret's trike. The two shots missed the guard (though one hit a five-point hub) and the combined damage destroyed  Jarett's wheel, netting Erik a mobility kill and sending Jarett into a
spinout (+10 Erik Rasmussen). A few phases later, Eric Freeman nailed Jarett with two RL shots that penetrated metal and put additional burn mods on (a total fire modifer of nine). With one of the north side separation barriers coming up that cutoff part of the area, Freeman decided to turn east behind the spinning Jarret, accidentally sideswiping him. This did minimal damage to Freeman, but his bumper-triggered ice dropped off harmlessly under the already spinning Jarret. At the end of the turn, the fire mods caught Jarett on fire. This burned off the 1 DP on his rockets rendering him a completed kill (+10 Eric Freeman).

Rob ran down the hobbled Steve, killing him (Rob +20, Steve -20). Tom was heading east towards Rob who was heading west. At this point, Stan was starting to close on Rasmussen and Freeman. Erik continued east while Eric veered hard back south to keep a good speed mod
between him and Stan, fearing that if Rob got a second kill (on Tom), he would need to be there to clean up. This, plus Tom's high speed and
willingness for dual elimination, caused Rob to veer south to avoid a high-speed, head-on collision.

Seeing Rob veer south, Eric turned his heading back east with Stan in pursuit. Stan dropped mines in front of Eric, who manages not to set them off. As Freeman rounded the pillar, Rasmussen veered back south. As Freeman closed, Rasmussen turned his vehicle right towards Freeman,. and accelerateed. Despite having a ramplate, Freeman decided that mutual annihilation was not the best course for defending a club championship, so he hit the brakes to decel from 65 to 40 mph. Right before the collision, Rasmussen took a point-blank shot at Freeman's tire. One of the VMGs scored a hit, but the tire stayed intact.

The head-on collision then happened at 110 mph, taking out Erik's engine and front guns, but his driver lived due to extremely heavy front armor and CA. However with no power plant and no offensive weaponry, Erik was a full kill (Freeman +30, Rasmussen -10). The aftermath of the collision put Freeman at a dead stop in front of Stan, and across the arena, Rob turned back north to pick up scraps.

Stan did a tight turn to get in position to fire, and went  into a spinout, which popped Stan's bad tire. During the spin, Stan had a small collision with Freeman to become stationary.

Rob closed quickly. Freeman accelerated (quickly, thanks to the HTMs) and turned his right side to Rob, conforming Stan and the still-moving (slowly) Rasmussen out of the way. With Stan stationary behind him, Freeman let loose a flaming oil discharger beneath him. When it flamed, it took off Stan's tire-less wheel. Rob then barrelled into Freeman at 80 mph. The impact triggered flaming oil underneath Rob and the two RLs.  The RLs on auto needed nines to hit Rob. Two eights were rolled. The collision forced a control roll from Rob which he passed. The damage from the collision eliminated Freeman's side RLs and damaged some internal CA, but Freeman lived. Rob then veered back south. Freeman veered north to stay away from the action until up to a decent speed.

Stan pivoted to position himself at Freeman and flung some mines. He dropped a counter in front of Freeman. This one sheared off a tire and sent Freeman into a skid. The next turn Stan dropped another mine counter in Freeman's path, which took out the driver (Stan +20, Freeman +10). With Freeman finished, Stan did a D6 at 20 mph to get back in the action. He failed his control roll and rolled his car! With no one in the vicinity at all, it was ruled a self-kill (Stan +0).

Meanwhile, Peter and Jeremy mixed it up. Jeremy shot at Peter and missed his tire by one twice in a row (the second time only needing a to-hit roll of five). Peter took off Jeremy's rear right tire with a sabot shot, causing Jeremy to spin while his spikes were on auto. The spin caused Jeremy to run over his own spikes (but avoided with a good roll) and to cause two spike counters to overlap. Tom went over these counters and they popped his remaining three tires, but with wheels still intact, Tom was mobile (barely). Jeremy ended his spin by smacking into the rear of Steve's wreck, triggering the bumper-triggered PDGs that were still active there. Negligible damage, but fun for all.

Rob turned south and picked up speed to ram the nearly stationary Tom, hitting him at 60 mph, but with thick armor on the impact side Tom
survived. Tom retaliated by shooting off the last couple of points of Rob's front armor, leaving him with a 9 DP engine with CA and a driver with CA. Rob chose to break off the action, hoping to win by default.

Jeremy (recovered from his spin) and Peter closed on the severely wounded Tom, like sharks smelling blood. Jeremy penetrated one side to
injure the driver, while Peter penetrated the other side, hitting the power plant. Jeremy rounded a pillar and took a second shot at Tom, hitting
the driver again and killing him (Jeremy +20, Tom -20).

Jeremy scored a few hits on Peter in the next few turns, but the virtually unscathed Peter was able to shrug them. With time close to being called, Rob turned back towards the action, determined to take out Jeremy in a murder-suicide that would propel him to victory, but Jeremy was too quick, and time ran out before he could make another pass at him.

The place closed at 5:00 p.m. . . . and it finished in a tie. Both Rob and Jeremy earned byes to the Regional Dueling Championship Final in February, while Rob graciously allowed Jeremy to take home the club championship t-shirt (provided by Steve) without a brawl.

1. Rob Hagmaier: 20 points and 1 kill (full kill Steve)
1. Jeremy Willis: 20 points and 1 kill (full kill Tom)
3. Eric Freeman: 10 points and 1.5 kills (completed kill Jarret +10, full kill of Rasmussen +20, killed -20)
4. Stan Wells: 0 points and 1 kill (full kill of Freeman +20, killed -20)
4. Peter Cossaboon: 0 points
6. Erik Rasmussen: -10 points and 0.5 kill (mobility kill Jarret +10, killed -20)
7. Jarett Weintraub: -20 points (killed -20)
7. Steve Richards: -20 points (killed -20)
7. Tom LaLonde: -20 points (killed -20)

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman
SCAB President
AADA Head Referee


Subject: Fwd: SHAAG January 2001 Car Wars Report
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:20:00 -0800 (PST)
From: John Blaylock <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

I am forwarding this to you just for informational purposes. We only had three for this duel. No WADA points were earned, but SHAAG only requires three players. We also had a aecond duel about two weeks ago (this one was four weeks ago) with seven people. There is some controversy over the points system we used and it may be revamped, another reason to delay the report.

John Blaylock
SHAAG President

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:12:29 -0800 (PST)
From: John Blaylock <>
Subject: SHAAG January 2001 Car Wars Report
To: SHAAG Mailing List

This is the report from the first Car Wars game of the year.

SHAAG Div 10 Duel
Double Drum
Special Rules: One half of arena used

Chris: Reversed trike, 2 linked RRs, small ramplate.
Dwight: Mid-size, RR front, airdam, spoiler, heavy ramplate.
John: Compact, VMG front, 4 LtRs

Basically, Chris and I danced around each other, making each other spin out, Dwight got it up to 60-70 mph, split the T between me and Chris, I bailed out of my car, already being weak on that side, tried to shoot Chris's tire out with the double-barreled shotgun. Dwight turned a tight corner and let me have it point-blank with the RR (ouch). He then did a suicide head-on ram with Chris.

1. Dwight: Vehicular Kill x 1, Pedestrian Kill x 1, Killed
2. Chris: Vehicular Kill x 1, Killed
3. John: Nada (Abducted by aliens before the red mist.)

John Blaylock
SHAAG President


Location: GameZone, Pasadena, CA

Venue: Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena

There will be two season winners: one for the most WADA points earned during these events, and one for most total kills during these events. The prizes will be in the form of engraved plaques or something similar. Games will be run with a minimum of four participants.
Event Dates Division
February 25 25
March 25 25
April 15 (Easter Sunday) 15
May 20 (Armed Forces Day) 20
June 10 10
July 15 15
August 5 5
September 30 30
November 25 25
December 30 30

In the event of a cancellation, the event(s) will be rescheduled in October.

Vehicle designs will be checked at 11:30 a.m. the day of each event. Good luck duelists!

Jeremy Willis
Throach Corporate Motors: Building a Better Future



Format: Tabletop
Availability: Out of Print (Core Rulebook on Web site); Armed and Dangerous Expansion Under Development


Format: Windows 95+
Availability: Beta-Test