Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 12
December 25, 2050

Web Posted January 14, 2001
Updated September 04, 2001



Happy Winter Holidays, road warriors. Once again, CWIN is off schedule, but the extra time I has allowed me to fill this issue full of goodies. Edgar Lincoln of the AAIE has outdone himself again with many detailed duel reports. Eric Freeman has reported on a large duel involving SoCal drivers. Knowby Warrior, a longtime contributor to the Mad Max Movies Message Board, now has a nice Web site devoted to Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome. Thanks, Knowby, for linking to the SWAT Mad Max Online Fiction Archive.


As New Year's Eve approaches, the 2050 WADA League is coming to a close. Can the Detroit Iron of the CADC keep their lead or will DRACAR and NOVA achieve a last-minute victory? Keep your radar locked on WADA HQ for updates.

The 2051 WADA League will be starting in less than two weeks, so start planning your dueling schedule for next year. If you have any suggestions for improving the tournament, please post your ideas to Dueling Debate or e-mail them to me. I hope to have the new rules published on WADA HQ before December 31st. I anticipate there will be few (if any) changes from the 2050 regulations.

Remember the 2000 American Le Mans Series will also be concluding on December 31st with the Race of a Thousand Years in Adelaide. Do not miss this exciting race that is scheduled at night. Details of the race can be found on the ALMS Web site. If anyone has ideas how to adapt ALMS racing to Car Wars, drop me a line.

American Le Mans Series

Thank you for supporting me for 12 more months. I am glad that I have been publishing a newsletter that you find interesting. I look forward to working with all of you in 2001, the year when our sport turns 20 years old. I anticipate there will be many wonderful surprises during the dueling season, including this newsletter returning to a semi-regular schedule. If you have any ideas to make CWIN, SWAT, and WADA better, please let me know.

Best wishes,

Michael P. Owen


U.K. Independent
Years Autodueling: 2+

Subject: Re: Car Wars Internet Newsletter 3.11 (Part 1 of 1)
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 23:56:20 +0000
From: Jai Illitrate <>
To: CWIN <>

Well, I've only been into Car Wars for the last two years or so, rather a latecomer to the game. I can't remember exactly how I got into it, but at the time I was heavily involved in PBEM games, and I seem to remember suddenly getting the urge to hunt down the old Games Workshop Dark Future game for a laugh. My searching on the Net turned up all these Car Wars references and then on reading them, I got hooked. Within weeks I had sent off for a second hand copy of the game, and I've been an adict ever since.

I don't play regularly, mainly for lack of anyone I know who is into the game as well. I've converted a friend who used to play the game years and years ago back into the fold. The first time we played we didn't start until 8 p.m. We laid out the road sections, designed up our two cars (all on the basic rules) and began to play. I think it was three in the morning when we called a halt. It was technically a draw on account of both remaining vehicles being unable to move, mine out of ammo and him unable to roll anything that'd produce a hit. We were near collapse at that point. :)

Since then we've been trying to take the game to the computer with dreams of a multiplayer online version. We're working on it, and as
soon as I have anything that runs without crashing (D6 result = 6, crash, roll, burn), then I'll let you know straight away.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I know the game is eons old, and I don't know how much feedback you get from your newsletter, but I'm glad at
least someone else out there is keeping it alive. I hope there'll be a revival in its 20th year. :)



Eric Freeman
Southern California Autodueling Brotherhood
AADA Head Referee
Years Autodueling: 16+

Subject: Re: Car Wars Internet Newsletter 3.11 (Part 1 of 1)
Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 14:14:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: CWIN <>

First interest in Car Wars? Hmm . . . I think I first heard of Car Wars when it got mentioned in Games Magazine as one their yearly Games 100.  That issue always comes out right before Christmas, and my dad had a subscription. I often picked out games from the Games 100 for Christmas gifts. Seeing the description of the game in the magazine, I knew I had to have it. While visiting my grandparents in L.A. that Christmas, I saw the game in game store (or maybe comic store) and picked it up. I spent most of that Christmas (1984?) reading the rules and designing  vehicles. I can still remember the very first vehicle I designed . . . a luxury with driver and gunner, laser in a turret, 2 MGs front, and MD back.




From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Garrity <>, Michael Owen <>
Subject: Fwd: "Low tire air pressure warning device"
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2000 20:04:12 -0600

Here's some strange e-mail we get at times. Every few months somebody thinks we actually own everything we have on our site. I thought you'd enjoy it.

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President

From: Namiranf <>
To: New Omaha Vehicular Association <>
Subject: Low Tire Air Pressure Warning Device
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 09:22:50 +0330

New Omaha Vehicular Association

Dear Sir,

Greeting. One of the most important factors in trucks and buses is the safety of tires during driving and not knowing about the flat tires, is the most important reason in early destruction of them.

Beside, in 6 wheel vehicles it may lead to explode the next  tire and accidents in roads. Also it is important in the trucks carrying inflammable goods warmth increasing of a flat tyre causes it to inflame during long journey . . .

After years of hard work, we have designed and made and registered a new device that will warn the flat or low tire air pressure during driving,and it can be installed on any kind of trucks and buses, easily.

For more information please e-mail <>.

Best regards,

Farhad Namiranian
Director Manager

Rastin Electronic Industries Co. (R.E.I.C)
designing, manufacturing, and marketing of electronic alarm instruments.
TEL: 98 71 45647
FAX: 98 71 45647
F. Namiranian, No. 11, 2nd Aria St., Shiraz, Iran.



CNN Interactive and The Associated Press
November 17, 2000
Web posted at: 5:45 PM EST (2245 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Army took an important step Friday toward transforming itself for future conflicts, announcing the award of a $4 billion contract for new wheeled combat vehicles. At the same time, it acknowledged that plans for fielding the new vehicles with infantry units will be delayed by more than a year.

Lt. Gen. Paul Kern, military deputy to the Army's chief weapons buyer, said the new vehicle will make infantry units lighter, more mobile and better suited to conflicts expected in the post-Cold War era.

"We are now under way to transform the U.S. Army for the 21st century," Kern told a Pentagon news conference.

The vehicle, called the Interim Armored Vehicle, is not meant as a substitute for the tank but as a prototype for a radically different combat vehicle that is barely on the drawing boards. The Army chose to invest the $4 billion for an interim solution so that it could get started now on making the myriad other changes -- in training and doctrine, for example -- that will complete the transformation effort.

"It is not the final answer, by a long shot," Kern said. He noted that while the Interim Armored Vehicle is expected to be used for 30 years, it is being built mainly with off-the-shelf technology. Scientific research is under way to develop the combat vehicle that the Army hopes to have by 2010.

Heavy tanks, the backbone of Army forces for decades, will be retained and even upgraded. In the meantime, a newly established force called a brigade combat team is being created to give the Army more quick-response capability than it has ever had. For at least the next decade, the centerpiece of these teams will be the Interim Armored Vehicle, and they will not include tanks.

The Interim Armored Vehicle uses tires instead of traditional steel tracks. As to whether the Army eventually would abandon tracked vehicles entirely, Kern said, "That is still an open question."

Gen. Eric Shinseki, the Army chief of staff, had hoped the first brigade combat team would be equipped with the Interim Armored Vehicle, or IAV, by December 2001. Kern disclosed Friday that the timetable has been set back 16 months because more testing and development is needed.

"The chief is not happy with the schedule," Kern said.

The $4 billion contract was awarded to a partnership of General Dynamics Corp. and General Motors Corp. They are to deliver 2,131 of the eight-wheeled vehicles by 2008. The work will be done in Anniston, Alabama; Sterling Heights, Michigan; Lima, Ohio; Peoria, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; and in Canada at London, Ontario.

The Army had received bids that included both wheeled and tracked vehicles, but chose the wheeled version. It runs quieter than a tracked vehicle and can transport a nine-man infantry squad at speeds up to 60 mph. It also is transportable in a C-130 cargo plane, a requirement necessary to meet Shinseki's goal of having combat teams that can deploy anywhere in the world within four days.

The vehicle will come in two basic configurations: as an infantry carrier and as a mobile gun system.

Its infantry carrier configuration will present four other variants: for battlefield reconnaissance, as a mobile command post, as a mortar carrier and to coordinate supporting fire from artillery.

The mobile gun configuration also will have four other variants: for an engineer squad, for medical evacuation, for anti-tank fire and for detecting and identifying nuclear, biological and chemical agents on the battlefield. Development work on this configuration will take an extra two years, Kern said.

Kern said the IAV is the first new combat vehicle the Army has bought since the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in the 1980s.


CNN Interactive and The Associated Press
November 28, 2000
Web posted at: 12:35 p.m. EST (1735 GMT)

DALLAS, Texas (AP) -- A tractor-trailer carrying military ammunition slammed into a car Tuesday in Dallas killing the car's driver, but leaving its shipment mostly intact, authorities said.

The tractor-trailer rig loaded with about 9,000 pounds of ammunition -- including 2,000 pounds of flares -- was en route from McAlester, Oklahoma, to Fort Hood, Texas, when it collided with the car at about 2 a.m.

The 27-year-old woman driver was killed, said Dallas Fire Department spokeswoman Annette Ponce. The truck driver was not seriously injured.

Authorities shut down Interstate 20 and diverted morning rush-hour traffic away from the accident area which was littered with wreckage and debris.

Ponce said diesel fuel leaked from tanks on the truck, which remained upright after the wreck. A hazardous material crew and Army bomb squad were summoned but no evacuations were ordered.


Subject: Weapons/Favorite All-Around Weapon
Forum: Dueling Debate <>
From: Kurt (KALDINGER)
Date: Dec 06, 2000 9:59 am

This could turn out to be my new favorite weapon -- if only someone would come up with stats for Car Wars.

Taking Ballistics by Storm: An electronic gun with no mechanical parts fires a million rounds per minute

Dan Drollette in Canberra, Australia
Scientific American
April 1999



Upcoming Events: TV Listings, Highway Cameras, Road Duel Animation


From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Incon 2000 $100K Bloodbath and November 21st AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 12:35:25 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

First, sorry if some of you are getting this twice. I've been putting this one off because it will take me an hour or so, but the turkey is in the oven, and I don't have anything else to do for a while so here it goes.

At Incon, which took place on the last weekend of October here in Spokane, I held the annual $100K Bloodbath, my annual silly event. It was a pretty good turnout. We had nine experienced duelists so I went ahead and tried an experiemental car I wanted to test.

Players and Cars (Note all vehicles had at least acceleration 10, airdam, spoiler, and LR web. The term fast denotes acceleration 15+.)

Defending Champion Dave Acton's Drive Through: Fast stretched pickup, SR with MTL front, FCGS back, ramplate.

Tom Lentz's Crayola Special -- Stretched pickup with CA frame, 4 EBCGs (2 front, 2 manned by mimes on pintle mounts in cargo bed), 4 mimes with IBA in cargo bed. (Duelmaster's Note: These mimes bailed at 70 mph armed with a mix of PGLs and HAVRs.)

Jeff Holman's Ungodly Boom Boom -- Fast streched luxury, 2 ATGs with APFSDS ammo front, armor sloping.

Josh Diemert's Overkill, Last Year's Winning Design -- Camper with CA Frame, 5 laser-guided VFRPs (2 front, 1 in turret, 1 on right EWP, 1 on left EWP), 2 ATADS connected to TLs. (Duelmaster's Note: The ATADs were set to fire on successive phases when a car is within 10 inches. Josh hoped to overcome the LR webs that present on every design this year after Overkill's dominance last year.)

Leonard Hatcher's Shaboom Shaboom -- Luxury, 2 BCs (1R, 1L).

Edgar Lincoln's Nyah Nyah! -- Fast luxury, 3 SDs (with explosive-tipped spikes and extra magazines; 1RFC, 1LFC, 1B), LRW with 3 front-mounted dischargers, ramplate.

Bryan Ryder's Am I Blue? -- Fast sedan, 3 linked EBCGs (1 in turret, 2 front), sloped armor. (Duelmaster's Note: I allow more than two EBCGs to be linked. Even in Div 100, it is hard to get more than three in the same arc, and they don't do enough damage to be effective.)

Howard Lalicker's Big Bada Boom -- Fast luxury, spinal mounted 75mm TG with APFSDS and DPU ammo front.

Jen Stutesman's Edgar's Folly -- Fast sedan, VFRP front, ramplate.

Robert De Bruce's HARM Piecemaker -- Fast luxury, 2 VFRPs front, 2 VFRPs with HARM mods (1R, 1L). (Duelmaster's Note: Every year there has been active radar (bollix, jammers, rangefinders) in use and wanted to try a design that would discourage this. This car was never hit with active radar and no one had a bollix. Sigh.)

We were in a 6' x 8' arena with a 120 mph jump the long way and a 100 mph jump the short way. There were three teleporters, some trees and rocks, and some walls in the center. Each player got to place an arena element, in order of reaction roll, before vehicle placement.

I came in at 100mph and laid an unbroken trail of junk across one end of the table and halfway down one side before I ran out of spikes. I avoided (narrowly!) collisions with Jen, Dave, Tom, and Jeff.  Jen went over the 120 mph jump followed closely by Dave, who hit her on the ramp but failed to breach her back armor and the SR, which was bumper triggered, missed.

Robert tried for an in-air shot on Jen but missed and was gutted by two shots from Howard's TG. Howard tried but was unable to hit Tom.

Josh tried but was unable to get passed Leonard's LR web, came through the center, and tried a point-blank shot on me after the HDSS had
run out, Fortunately, I had the dischargers and closed for a t-bone and a kill.

Leonard tried to run over two of Tom's mimes but they held their ground and shot off his front tire. He fishtailed and killed one but the other lived. He then tried to close with me but skidded across some spikes and lost the rest of his tires for a mobility kill.

Brian and Jeff, after much jockeying and unsucessful shooting, pulled an AAIE maneuver (suicidal head-on) and confettied in the Corner of Doom. (Brian had run over Tom's last mime, which happened to have plastique and a
deadman switch on him but Brian turned him into a fine red mist. I ruled that the plastique didn't go off because there was no time for the switch to work. Sorry, Tom).

Earlier in the Corner of Doom, Jen and Dave had stuck their landings but Jen slowed down trying to turn back around,skidded, and was confettied by Dave in a t-bone. Dave then lost control and in a highly improbable series of skids and fishtails at 100 mph slid about 4 inches along the edge of the table without going off. (We had determined at the start that there were no walls on the edge. It was a dropoff.) He came back around and AAIEd with Tom, confetting Tom and killing Dave's driver, ending the game. Howard was the only moving vehicle left. I had lost control and hit my own spikes.

October 28
Incon Div 100 Bloodbath
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Host Group: AAIE
Duelmaster: Edgar Lincoln <>
Players: 10
Special Rules: Teleporters, jumps, and anything goes

1. Dave Acton (AAIE South, 60, VK x 2)
2. Tom Lentz (AAIE, 29, VK x 1)
3. Howard Lalicker (SWAT, 18, VK x 1)
4. Edgar Lincoln (AAIE, 12, VK x 1)
5. Leonard Hatcher (Incon Indep, 6)
6. Jeff Holman (AAIE, 5, VK x 1)
7. Bryan Ryder (AAIE, 4, VK x 1)
8. Jen Stutesman (AAIE, 3)
9. Robert DeBruce (AAIE, 2)
10. Josh Diemart (Incon Indep, 1, He got Jack!)

I had modified trophies this year for first and second. I cut off the toppers and glued on Matchbox cars. I also had a wooden base with a Jack
from Jack in the Box for this year's, "I Got Jack!" prize. Dave barely edged out Tom for first and tied for points but Dave had two kills to Tom's one so he got first, sucessfully defending his title. Next year I will paint a target on his car for him. I did that to Tom about a decade ago when we we doing the tourney at Game Faire and he won twice.

Also this year I took a page from DRAWs book and did up souvenir turn keys. Thanks, guys. The ones on the DRAW Web site were easy to print and had enough space to write on. Thanks to everyone who played. I had lots of fun. First time I got to play in the Bloodbath in about eight years.

The second duel to report is last week's weekly rumble, back after a short hiatus. We had two folks join us that we hadn't seen in a while, Dee and Steve Carder. Steve was in our group back in college when Norma and I first started playing.

This week was a Div 25 in the Devil's Cross. I had mines and heavy-duty flaming oil which I used to turn Dee, in a Piecemaker, away from the 80 mph jump which I then took. Norma passed under me, in a Sloped Cyclops, and tried a shot at my underbody and missed. Carol came up the other ramp, collided head-on with me in mid-air. I confettied and ended up nose down against the ramp.

Tom took shots with his spinal mounted RFTG at Norma's front (failing to breach) and Steve's side (ditto). He missed two shots at Dee's side, t-boned her (missing a kill by three points), and finally hit one of two shots at Carol's side (ditto again) before running out of ammo. He tried to t-bone her (missing because she lost control and skidded so it was a rear-end) then drove out, muttering about Crazy Abdoul's Used Gulf War ammo.

Steve managed to hit Dee with two incendiary rockets from his RLs before Tom hit her. Dee AAIE'd Norma then caught fire and exploded. While Tom was trying to finish off Carol, Steve took the 60 mph jump and came down with Carol's wounded front in his sights with no way for her to turn away.  Two salvos from his three RLs finished her off for the win.

November 21
AAIE Div 25 Weekly Rumble
Location: Devil's Cross
Duelmasters: Edgar Lincoln <> and Tom Lentz <>
Players: 10
Special Rules: Teleporters and jumps

1. "Disco" Steve Carder (36, VK x 2)
2. Carol Daugherty (17, VK x 1)
3. Tom Lentz (10)
4. Dee "I'm Usually Dead by Now!" Carder (3, VK x 1)
5. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (2)
6. Edgar T. Lincoln (1)

Congratulations to Steve. It's good to be duelling with him and Dee again. Next week is a Div 30 in the Couer d' Alene Tribal Floater.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: November 28th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 10:39:11 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

This week was a Div 30 Duel in the Couer d'Lane Tribal Floating Arena, and once again the lake gods had more kills than anyone else.

"Disco" Steve Carder's Ming the Mercedes -- Fast sedan, driver and gunner, RR in turret, BC front, RR-BC smart link, 2 SDs with explosive-tipped spikes (1R, 1L), sloped armor.

Dea "I'm Usually Dead by Now!" Carder's 2050 Thompson -- Mid-size, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret, 2 HMGs front, HRSWC, 4-HMG smart link, sloped armor.

Edgar "Guru" Lincoln's Rocket Madness -- Luxury, driver and gunner, 4 RLs (2F, 1 in sponson turret right, 1 in sponson turret left).

Norma "Who Needs a Ramplate?!?" Barrett-Lincoln's Big Fella -- Stretched pickup, spinal-mounted ATG, ramplate.

Carol "Erin" Daugherty's Unnamed Vehicle -- Fast mid-size, driver and gunner, laser in turret, BC (?) front, sloped armor.

"Leapin'" Tom Lentz's Unnamed Vehicle -- Fast mid-size, TL and 3 fake rockets front, 2 MDs with magazines (1RBC, 1LBC), fake ramplate. (Duelmaster Note: The vehicle's name was a horrible pun. The magazines disappeared in a puff of logic toward end of duel when I pointed out that there wasn't enough room for them.)

The arena was set up as a circle of Islands with one in the center. Many were connected with bridges but some had 40 mph jumps. Norma and
Tom started on the same Island facing each other and amazingly enough, Tom decided to turn off the island instead of ramming her.  Go figure.
He left a trail of mines that she actually manage to survive most of. She finally managed a shot on him as all her tires flew off and she skidded to a halt on the bridge.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the arena, Dea and Steve started on facing islands going toward each other, with me behind Dea on the same
island. They headed toward the same set of ramps. I shot her top and barely failed to breach, She unloaded on his underbody as he jumped over her, breaching his armor but failing to kill him. Due to difference in speeds, He went over her. At the top of Turn 2 she put two more HMG rounds into him, killing his driver, hitting his gas tank and causing him to explode. I put two rockets through her underbody, taking out her turret, HMGs and gunner but failed to get a kill.

Carol was coming around after me from behind but Steve's debris was blocking the ramp I needed so I turned around toward her. She lost
control and skidded off the bridge she had just maneuvered onto, opening the way for me to escape and pursue Tom.  Unfortunatly, After making control rolls at -6 to complete my turn around on the island, I blew a "2 or better" roll as I turned onto the bridge that claimed Carol.  Sigh. Into the drink I went.

Dea came around after Tom but needed to cross mines to get to him. She lost three tires and with Tom out of her front arc we called the duel.

November 28
AAIE Div 30 Weekly Rumble
Location: Coeur d' Alene Tribal Floating Arena
Duelmaster and Cook: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Players: 6
Special Rules: Islands and junmps

1. Tom Lentz (36)
2. Dee Carder (15, VK x 1)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (9)
4. Carol Daugherty (3)
5. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (2)
6. Steve Carder (1)

Next week is a Div 10 duel in the Big B. with lots of Jersey barriers.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: December 5th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2000 11:12:27 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

Well, slightly smaller duel this time. Dee was sick and Tom Lentz had to work. Fortunately, occasional duelist Khyll W. joined us for a long (13 seconds) and messy duel. It was in the Airway Heights Modular Arena with all the Jersey barriers available in play. It looked kind of like a D&D dungeon layout.

Steve's Unnamed Vehicle -- Slow compact, standard tires, VMG front, lots of armor.

Khyll's This is Wrong -- Fast subcompact, SD with explosive-tipped spikes back, PS back, fake ramplate.

Edgar's Deeper Shade of Soul Mk. 2 -- Slow compact, ATG with APFSDS ammo front, SD with explosive-tipped spikes back, thick metal/plastic armor front.

Carol's Unnamed Vehicle -- Compact, RR front, ramplate.

Norma's Unnamed Vehicle -- Compact, SD with explosive-tipped spikes back, ramplate.

We tried everyone starting at 40 mph for the first time, and that seemed to work okay. Carol and I started at the north end of the table in the same open area, Norma started to the east, Steve to the south, and Khyll to the west, all by themselves. Carol and I made a pass at each
other, she removed a point of my metal and I forced a control roll on her at point-blank range, causing her to fishtail and miss the head-on ram.
She turned toward Norma and I pulled in behind, ready to vulture the survivor of their AAIE maneuver. Norma dropped spikes before they hit,
blocking one of the few fairly straight passages on the table, then confettied when she and Carol met at 110 mph, making the area virtually
impassable. I tried to turn into an alternate path, lost control for a second time, and ran head-on into a barrier. It didn't cause any damage but it brought me to a stop.

Meanwhile, Khyll and Steve were working on threading the maze to reach our end of the arena. Steve had a straighter path so made it to the center just ahead of Khyll so avoided a conflict. Khyll went into a spinout due to the extreme maeuvering necessary and took out a Jersey
barrier with his left side before he stopped. Steve, upon seeing the mess Norma left, decided to drive through a barrier instead. He came around at me just as i was finally backing out of the corner I was stuck in. I managed two shots on his front, not penatrating his thick armor but again forcing a fishtail that caused him to go back into the maze and drive through a wall, finishing off his front armor and almost his VMG.

Khyll came around, lost one tire driving over the obstacle where Steve went through the wall, turned toward me, spun out, lost the rest of his tires, and recovered with his left side exposed to me. I put two ATG rounds into that side, the second one hitting his engine and causing him to explode. Steve came around and I managed to pivot to face him, firing my final round into his open front for the kill.

December 05
AAIE Div 10 Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Players: 5

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (30, VK x 2)
2. Carol Daugherty (14, VK x 1)
3. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (3, VK x 1)
4. Steve Carder (1.5)
4. Khyll W. (1.5)

Next week we are going to try the same arena with slightly less walls and Div 20 cars. See you then (hopefully in my sights!).

From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: December 12th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 12:51:06 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

This week was a weird duel. Carol wasn't here, probably because we usually have a school meeting on the second Tuesday, and Dee wasn't feeling well so it was just me, Norma, Tom and Steve.

Norma's Be My Guest -- Fast compact, ATG with APFSDS ammo front, SD with explosive-tipped spikes back, airdam, spoiler, sloped armor, AWHs front, WGs back.

Steve's Unnamed Vehicle -- Compact, ATG with HEAT ammo front, MD back, airdam, spoiler.

Tom's Champ 2 -- Mid-size, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs (each with HD ammo) in turret, CA protecting driver and gunner together, sloped metal/plastic armor.

Edgar's Boom Boom 20 -- Luxury, driver and gunner, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front.

We used the same arena as last week with slightly less walls. Steve started north, Tom east, me south, and Norma west. I headed toward Tom.
He put two shots into my front and I tried to shoot his turret but missed. He then shot my front again and turned away. I held off until the end of the turn and managed a shot at his back but he had maneuvered so I got side speed mods. I still managed to hit with both ATGs, taking out his gas tank and the CA around his gunner, but it knocked me out of control so I couldn't finish him off at top of Turn 3. He came back around at me, leaving a trail of flaming gas behind him. He drove through a Jersey barrier, shot off my remaining front armor, and was set for an AAIE
maneuver. I shot but missed with one ATG so I didn't quite take out his engine. I did a t-stop so he would hit my side instead of my front,
finishing off his engine for the kill. Unfortunatly, this spun my front toward Norma and she put an ATG round into my front, exactly taking out my engine. Tom and I both rolled 2s and exploded.

During all this, Norma and Steve passed each other, dropped weapons on auto, although with little effect. Norma came toward me and Steve went around a set of wall due to lack of handling, figuring to line up in a bit. After finishing me off Norma tried to drive through the walls to get to Steve but hit two and failed to make it. Unfortunatly, her spikes had been on auto. Also, she had driven through two of Tom's slicks of
flaming gas and was stuck on the second one. She backed over the spikes, failing to set them off.  She then reversed over them, failing to set
them off again.

Meanwhile, Steve had tried to drive through a different section of wall and also failed. Since they were in each others front arcs, they traded about 3 or 4 shots each through the wall (Aren't sabot rounds great?) to little effect. Norma's tires finally burned off and Steve came around to blast her. Before he could blow through her armor the fire got internal and she also exploded.

December 12
AAIE Div 30 Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Players: 4
Special Rules: Walls and Jersey Barriers (2" long, 15 DP walls that can be shot over with a turret)

1. "Disco" Steve Carder (24)
2. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (4.67, VK x 1)
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (4.67, VK x 1)
2. Edgar T. Lincoln (4.67, VK x 1)

So, Steve didn't manage to do much but none of the rest of us had two kills so his one point for entering and not losing points for exploding
was enough to live. Next week is a Div 30 with risers and jumps.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: December 19th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 08:46:19 -0800

Hey Duel Fans,

Fast game this week. We finished in time to watch That 70's Show. Only four players. Dee is still sick. (We hope you feel better soon.)

Edgar's Rocket Rascal -- Luxury, gas burner, driver and gunner, 3 RLs (with incendiary rockets and LGL) front, airdam, spoiler, CA around engine, CA around driver and gunner.

Norma's 2050 Thompson -- Sedan, gas burner, driver and gunner, 4 smart-linked HMGs with HD ammo (2 in turret, 2 front), airdam, spoiler.

Carol's Unnamed Vehicle -- Stretched pickup, gas burner, ramplate.

Tom's Scary Trike -- Trike, gas burner, 3 laser-guided VFRPs, LRW with dischargers

The arena had two risers running east-west across the arena, connected by a bridge with ramps going up on the north and south sides. Carol started on the north end, Tom on the north half of the east side, me on the south half of the east side, and Norma on the south end.

Norma and I headed for each other and Tom headed at Carol. Norma hit my front with two salvos, only missing with one HMG and removed all but seven points of my 60-point front (Eeep!). I shot at her turret, wiping it out and causing her to catch fire in Turn 2. She rolled a 2 and exploded.

Tom shot Carol with 8 (!) VFRP rockets at the bottom of Turn 1 and was going to finish her off 1/2 way through turn 2 but rolled snake eyes for the laser and missed. He then fled toward me with Carol in hot pursuit. Carol managed a couple of minor bumps from behind then managed to swerve into him as he was turning toward me. She confettied him but lost the remains of her front end, damaged her engine, and exploded. End of duel. Just as well because I had just turned off the ramp I was halfway up and was headed to a flying collision with them.

December 19
AAIE Div 30 Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Players: 4

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (24, VK x 1)
2. Tom Lentz (6.5, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (6.5, VK x 1)
4. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (1)

That was our last duel this millenium. We will meet again on January 2nd for a Div 50. Thanks to everyone who has played with us over the last year. It's been fun. Have a Merry Christmas, and we'll see you next year.


Articles: Old Gas Engines and Power Plants


Play-Aids: Tank Icons
Vehicle Designs: Lee TM-7 MBT
Scenarios: Civilian Action

Subject: Vehicle Construction/Aircraft Construction
Forum: Dueling Debate <>
From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: Dec 01, 2000 2:02 pm

Okay, I've got the first rough tables posted finally. They aren't complete vehicle sheets (no acceleration or HC) yet, but you can see what I put on the Federal choppers (one gunship and four transports) and one of the civvies.

The civvie was an attempt at modeling a restored P-38 Lightning. Truth be told, I'd need to go up a body size and Aeroduel does NOT do well when it comes to handling "catamaran" fuselages. Aeroduel also does not take into account the possibility of mounting engines in the wings, one per propeller.

AirCav Choppers

P-38 Lightning Replica

Take a look and let me know what you think. I'll be expanding this a fair bit and opening it under BMC's "Military History" heading once I get it worked out totally.


Subject: Write-Up For Last 2000 DSI Event
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 18:42:28 +0000
From: David Hudson <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>


As promised (a little late, sorry) the details for the most recent DragonSlayers Inc. duel. I've also included final stats for events held this year to
help with the WADA entries (I believe one/more are currently incorrect, so these should help you to identfy any inconsistencies).

The fourth event was a set of two simultaneous races, run in opposite directions around the Bristol Oval, for Div. 75 land vehicles.  DRAGON entered a ramplate-equipped extended pickup with turreted pulse laser, and a Funny Car Dragster, mounting sponson-turreted pulse medium lasers. Archdiocese came to the event with two racers: a Can-Am and Formula One, both sporting cyberlinked weaponry. Feralgrin entered their first event with a rear-mounted blast cannon in a luxury body, together with an unarmed, ramplate-equipped Can-Am. The BUMS entries surprised all: a 10-wheel truck mounting an x-ray laser, and a mini-bus bristling with rockets (also featuring sponson turrets) and enough crew-members to make it look like a day-out for the team!

The event started with the clockwise racers (DRAGON's pickup, BUMS 10-wheeler, FG's luxury and AD's Can-Am) heading towards the anti-clockwise contestants (BUMS mini-bus, DRAGON's Funny Car Dragster, FG's Can-Am and AD's Formula One), with no firing/ramming permitted until a team's vehicles had passed each other.

First to pass in the middle were the Feralgrin cars, assisted by a healthy dose of nitrous in the Can-Am, allowing the luxury to begin firing it's blast cannon rearwards at the DRAGON pickup. The DRAGON and Archdiocese teams passed at almost the same instant, allowing them to begin combat.

With the DRAGON pickup dodging to limit the BC's effect, whilst retaliating with its turreted laser, their funny car and AD's Formula One headed in the opposite, with both cars travelling parallel at 120 mph. At the same instant, both cars fired, each removing the front wheel of its opponent [synchronised event number 1]. The Formula One retained better control than its opposite number, who fishtailed wildly, and began heading at speed towards the oncoming BUMS truck. Frantic attempts to avoid a heavy collision resulted in loss of control, with the funny car rolling down the edge of the track, eventually coming to rest, still reasonably intact (wheels excepted), on its roof.

Meanwhile, towards the other end of the main straight, the DRAGON pickup was harrying the rear of the FG luxury, who, in a moment of panic, slammed the brakes on. Not a clever manoeuvre with a ramcar behind. Despite the DRAGON team's intention to use the ram car against the softer race-car targets, the driver could not resist the temptation of the slowing luxury,   and promptly rear-ended the FG vehicle. The collision fired off the pickup's bumper-trigger linked MML, and the heavyweight pickup then crashed through the rear of the luxury, destroying the back armour, blast cannon and power plant in the process. Kill number one to DRAGON.

Having finally wound their oversized vehicles up to speed, the BUMS vehicles passed and were able to join in the combat. The 10-wheeler wasted little time, scoring a direct hit on the DRAGON pickup's rear with its x-ray laser. The mini-bus then headed for the upturned Funny Car Dragster, exchanging a couple of volleys of fire, before the DRAGON vehicle surrendered to avoid the inevitable ram, giving the kill to BUMS.

All the while, the Feralgrin Can-Am was haring around the far-side of the circuit, at speeds of up to 170 mph, overdrive engaged, with the Archdicese racers attempting to match this feat, despite one of them now having only three wheels.

Manoeuvring to avoid the heavy weapon pounding its rear, the DRAGON pickup was forced to slow down, losing the opportunity to ram the oncoming FG Can-Am. Despite the widely-held belief that the Can-Am's ramplate was fake, the DRAGON driver didn't want to risk a head-on collision which would have had an impact speed of around 250 mph, and was hoping to T-bone the racer.

Passing the DRAGON pickup/ramcar didn't mean the Can-Am was clear of danger -- he now faced the x-ray laser of the BUMS truck. His high speed helped him survive this encounter, too.

Having missed one ram, the DRAGON pickup set his sights on his next victim: the three-wheeled AD racer, heading at speed towards him. Meanwhile, the other AD racer began to tangle with the BUMS mini-bus, trying desperately to destroy one of the bus's tyres -- a tactic which would prove to be his undoing.

Getting close to try for a point-blank shot, the racer left himself wide-open, and was rammed by the mini-bus. The resulting confetti hampered the mini-bus, trying to preserve his tyres he manoeuvred awkwardly, leaving himself only one way to go -- down the pit entrance, and out of the event, but with another kill under his belt.

At the exact instant that the AD can-am was destroyed, his team-mate met the same fate at the opposite end of the arena, with the DRAGON pickup T-boning him, and turning him into confetti [synchronised event number 2]. Kill number two for DRAGON.

Unfortunately, the ram removed all remaining front armour from the pickup, and slowed him down so much that the BUMS truck was able to close from the rear. A poor decision from the pickup driver followed: rather than driving off the course in his battered vehicle, he manoeuvred into the path of the truck, and became kill number five/confetti number three. Chalk another kill to BUMS.

This left just two vehicles on the track: the BUMS truck, still on lap one, and FG's Can-Am, now on its second and final lap. Which stategy would be the winner: big weapon/slow truck, or a weaponless racer?

The crowd were stunned when, as the Can-Am driver engaged his second bottle of nitrous, there was a loud crack, resulting in what appeared to be terminal damage to the racer's engine. Ignoring the damage to his engine, the driver floored the accelerator -- his only chance was to use all available speed, knowing his engine would begin to die in only a few seconds.

The need to use all available speed meant the can-am took the first tight bend at over 200 mph! His speed did prevent the oncoming BUMS truck from scoring a hit with the x-ray laser, and the racer flew down the back straight, round the final bend and along the home straight with minimal resistance from the truck. The engine began to die before the can-am crossed the line, but he still had sufficient speed to avoid the truck's laser-fire, and come home in first place. And, yes, the ramplate was fake, as can be seen below:

Jim Jimson's Smiling Lady -- Can-Am, x-hvy. chassis, blueprinted 300 ci ICE (with tubular headers, VP turbocharger, supercharger, overdrive, 2 N2O tanks, and 5-gallon racing gasoline tank), 4 FP racing slick PR tires, driver in safety seat, HDSAs, no-paint windshields, FE, airdam, spoiler, roll cage. Sloped LRFP plastic armor: F40 (fake ramplate), R30, L30, B30, T8, U8. Acceleration 25 (20 with overdrive), Top speed 150 (170 with overdrive), HC 7 (8 at 60 mph +); 5,270 lbs., $62,116.

Kills: 2 for DRAGON, 3 for BUMS.

Overall Stats for DSI 2000 Duels

Alasdair Brooks (Archdiocese): 1 win, 6 kills

     Event 2: win and 3 kills
     Event 3: won, but was disqualified; 3 kills

Andrew Troman (Feralgrin Enterprises): 1 win, no kills

     Event 4: win

David Hudson (DRAGON): 1 win, 3.5 kills

     Event 1: win
     Event 2: 0.5 kill
     Event 3: 1 kill
     Event 4: 2 kills

Geoff Lambourne (BUMS): 1 win, 5 kills

     Event 1: 0.5 kill
     Event 2: 1.5 kills
     Event 3: win (following AD disqualification)
     Event 4: 3 kills

Marty Jopson (HAVOC): no wins, 0.5 kill

     Event 1: 0.5 kill

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

David Hudson
DSI President


Subject: Re: NASCAR Challenge Series Update
Date:  Mon, 18 Dec 2000 00:49:55 -0500
From: David Whalen <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Michael,

The message below is a recent one that has been sent to a number of customers. We are letting customers now that we have had problems with the inquiry portion of our Web site and that (after a long wait) the new large 1:64 Scale Mat Version of Daytona Challenge is now available.

Thank You,

David Whalen

Dear Harry,

We apologize for the inconvenience, the inquiry portion of our Web site is not working properly. As you can see, we are unclear of your inquiry.

The New Large 1:64 Scale Daytona Challenge is finally available. It has been a long wait but the product looks great.  We are in the process of updating and adding it to the shopping cart -- for now you can order it as a 2-D but specify in the comments that you want the Mat Version. (That's all we have at this time anyway as the 2-D Board Version is out of stock)

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us directly at <>

Thank You



Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 11, No. 4

Subject: November NOVA Demo Game
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 00:02:30
From: Michael Garrity <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Mike,

I ran a demo game last Saturday at Comics Plus in Clive, Iowa for which I had posted a flyer at the comic shop on the 20th of November. Suprisingly, eight people signed up (rather more than I was expecting). They were Edith Page, Pam Schach, Wendy James, Julie Sims, Walter Herron, Frank Cartier, Tom Graff and Don Lisle.

The event was fought in a generic tabletop arena, with the obstacles being whatever was handy (small paperback books, plastic models,
etc). Much of the first hour was spent going over vehicle designs and answering various questions from the new players. Wendy James and
Frank Cartier were players with some previous experience and were of great assistance to me. Two of the others (Edith Page and Julie Sims) had
never played Car Wars before.

Starting speeds were set at 60 mph in order to save time. We all entered the arena and began maneuvering for position. In turn 2, I angled
towards Walter and Tom Graff. They opened up on me at a range of 12". Tom missed, but Walter's rockets didn't. Walter's rockets were wasted
on me, as they bounced off my metal armor. At a range of 6", I fired my three front-mounted MGs (which were loaded with incendiary ammunition) at Tom's front. He was promptly set on fire. In Turn 3, I sideswiped Walter and unleashed four incendiary MnRs along with a bumper-triggered ice discharger and paint discharger. The damage from the impact and the rockets went internal, as did the fire set by the rockets. The combined hazard (which was rather impressive) caused Walt to go out of control and roll into a wall, striking his top armor.

Tom was rather annoyed with me and gave chase. To put him off, I laid down some flaming oil. He crossed it at exactly the wrong time; while
the oil was on fire, and had two of his tires set on fire. The maneuver which Tom attempted to avoid further contact with the oil  damaged his
handling sufficiently so that he spun out into a wall. Tom's last-second VMG fire did no damage to me. The damage took him out of play by
penetrating to the interior of his car and knocking him unconscious.

At the other end of the arena, Frank and Wendy were having a fine old time. Frank laid spikes and mines that destroyed one of Pam's tires.
She managed to stay in control, but died one turn later when Frank circled around and blasted through her back armor. Wendy brought in a car
with a huge ram-plate that she put to good use. Edith Page got hit with a 70 mph T-bone that destroyed her instantly. The HDSS counters that
Wendy dropped while she was moving protected her against several shots from Julie Sims and Tom Lisle.

While this combat was going on, I crossed the arena and entered the fray. Frank Cartier was my first target, and a very tough one at that. A
shot from his sabot-loaded ATG got past my front-mounted metal armor and did some damage to the plastic underneath. I executed a seriesof
D3 turns that presented my left side to him. Frank fired again and did critical damage to my left side. The hazard I suffered cause me to lose
control and make a severe skid. Accordingly, my tires took a small amount of damage. I recovered handling next turn and got into Frank's rear
arc. He began to lay more spikes and mines to force me away from him. I avoided them and began scrubbing off his back armor (which was all
plastic). Three consecutive volleys removed all his back armor and pushed the fire internal. Frank's minedropper was the next thing to go and
he exploded.

By now (Turn 22), there were only four combatants left (Don Lisle, Julie Sims, Wendy James and myself). Wendy went after Julie and I
attacked Don. Don and I exchanged fire, with my MGs missing two out of three shots in the first pass. Don's VMGs scrubbed of some of my
already-damaged metal armor. His second volley removed more metal and some plastic. I returned the compliment with three hits that set his
front armor on fire.

Wendy James rammed Julie Sims. Julie fired her twin linked RRs. The ram damage done to Wendy's car (plus the damage done by Julie's
RRs) breached Wendy's front armor but did no internal damage. Having no other offensive weapons, Wendy promptly surrendered to Julie.
Julie was in bad shape, but she angled towards Don and I hoping to pick up a kill.

I fired on Don again and breached his front armor. The fire went internal and caused his power plant to explode. Fortune did not smile on
me, as Julie moved into my left arc and fired her RRs. The damage breached my armor and wrecked my power plant. The duel was called after 30 turns, having lasted a total of 3 hours, 10 minutes.

November 20
NOVA Div 30 Demo Duel
Location: NOVA Modular Arena
Duelmaster: Michael Garrity <>
Players: 9
Duration: 30 seconds

1. Michael Garrity: 7 points (killed Frank, Don, Tom, and Walter; M-killed by Julie)
2. Julie Sims: 4 points (accepted Wendy's surrender, M-killed Michael, awarded survivor bonus)
3. Wendy James: 0 points (killed Edith, surrendered to Julie)
4. Frank Cartier: -2 points (killed by Michael)
4. Don Lisle: -2 points (killed by Michael)
6. Edith Page: -2 points (killed by Wendy)
7. Pam Schach: -2 points (killed by Frank)
8. Tom Graff: -2 points (killed by Michael)
9. Walter Herron: -2 points (killed by Michael)

Subject: December NOVA Duels
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 09:02:52
From: "Michael Garrity" <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>

Dear Mike,

Two duels took place within NOVA this last Saturday. The first was a Division 10 snowmobile duel which took place at the Washington Park Arena in denver, Colorado. The participants were Norman McMullen, Don Jacques, Adrian Shipley, Andy Koehler, Mike Garrity, and Lucy Ubadigbo (my fiancee).

Combat began immediately, as Lucy and I exchanged shots (we both missed). I swerved across her path and laid a series of mines which she ran over in turn three. The resulting damage destroyed her immediately.

At the other end of the arena, there was a vicious firefight between Andy and Adrian. VFRP rounds flew and gouged out great chunks  of armor, and mines were laid. Andy came out second-best when Adrian's mines killed him. Don and Norman were going at it simultaneously near the middle of the arena. Don's RL shots penetrated Norman's front armor and destroyed his VFRP. This gave Don a firepower kill against Norman, who promptly exited the combat area, only to come face-to-face with me. A single RL shot killed his driver, giving me a kill. My luck didn't last long, as Adrian circled around and engaged me. His shots destroyed my power plant, but not before I was able to kill him in return.

December 09
NOVA Div 10 Snowmobile Duel
Location: Washington Park Arena
Duelmaster: Norman McMullen <>
Players: 6
Duration: 8 seconds

1. Michael Garrity: 3 points (killed Adrian and Lucy, M-killed by Adrian)
2. Don Jacques: 2 points (F-kill against Norman, awarded survivor bonus)
3. Adrian Shipley: 1 point (killed Andy, M-kill against Michael, killed by Michael)
4. Norman McMullen: 1 point (M-kill against Michael)
5. Andy Koehler: -2 points (killed by Adrian)
6. Lucy Ubadigbo: -2 points (killed by Michael)

The second duel was held at the Westroads Arena in New Omaha. It was a straight Division 20 event with the same participants as before. Lucy and I both used custom designs, whereas Don, Norman, Andy and Adrian all used a variant of one of Norman's BlastFighter designs.

Combat began on Turn 3, with Andy Koehler being eliminated by four APHRs fired by Mike into his left side. The damage killed him instantly. In that same turn, Lucy fired her ATG at Don, who immediately returned the compliment with his blast cannon. Lucy's HESH shot scrubbed off
some of Don's metal, while his short carved off a sizeable amount of Lucy's plastic.

In Turn 4, Andy and I collided head-on at a combined speed   of 90 mph. The impact did massive damage to both of us, but we both survived. Don and Norman exchanged fire, but poor damage rolls did nothing to either of them. In Turn 6, Don, Norman and Lucy went at each other.  Turn 7 had Lucy fire at Don's rear armor  and do average damage.

Turn 8 saw Andy's BC destroyed by Don, who took advantage of the damage done in Andy's collision with me. Lucy seized the moment in Turn 9, and fired at Andy's front. The next shot would have killed him, so Andy surrendered to Lucy.

Lucy's luck turned really bad in turn 10. While trying to avoid Norman, she ran over her own flaming oil and set two of her tires on fire. Norman
also blasted through her weakened front armor and killed her. Lucy's vehicle rolled to a stop three turns later and exploded when the tire fire
spread internally and reached her FOJ.

Turns 11 through 20 had an even more vicious firefight between Don, Norman and me. The impact I had earlier had stopped me cold, so I gegan to back up in order to protect my heavily damaged front. Don and Norman couldn't take advantage of this vulnerability, as they were going much faster than I was. I circled around  in reverse, then stopped. After accelerating I got into Don's front and fired my three RLs. He missed me in return. My damage removed most of his metal, all of his plastic and went internal. As he had suffered much damage in his fight with Norman, my shots killed him.

It was now down to me and Norman. I got into his rear arc and began blasting away at him. Despite his best efforts to maneuver away from me, I
kept up  my fire and eventually killed him. It was lucky for me that was in his rear arc; the damage I had suffered previously completely destroyed my front armor. Due to time constraints, the event was called at 20 turns.

December 09
NOVA Div 20 Duel
Location: Westroads Arena
Duelmaster: Norman McMullen <>
Players: 6
Duration: 20 seconds

1. Michael Garrity: 6 pioints (killed Andy, Norman and Don)
2. Norman McMullen: 0 points (killed Lucy, killed by Michael)
3. Lucy Ubadigbo: 0 points (accepted Andy's surrender, killed by Michael)
4. Donald Jacques: -1 point (F-kill against Andy, killed by Michael)
5. Andy Koehler: -2 points (surrendered to Lucy)
6. Adrian Shipley: -2 points (killed by Michael)

These events aren't the last I will be participating in this month. I have set up another two events at the comic shop next week and will report the results as they are available.

Subject: Additional NOVA December Duels
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 04:08:50
From: Michael Garrity <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Dear Mike,

I'm not dead yet, really I'm not. In fact, I have two more events scheduled at the comic shop before the end of the month. One is going
to be a straight-up slugfest, and the second will be a two-round tournament. The tournament is the biggie, as I have 12 participants confirmed (with the possibility of more).

The way I intend to run the tournament is to divide up all combatants into four equal groups. Each group will fight it out separately. One
duelist from each group will advance to the final round. If there are more than 12 (but less than 16) participants, the next highest finisher will
advance. If there are 16 or more, the two highest finshers among the other duelists will advance.


Subject: Latest RMADA event
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 19:40:26 -0700
From: Arthur Samuels <>
To: Michael Owen <>


I think you will LOVE this one! I recently pushed the limits of my sanity and hosted a Division 60 BLUD event in the Double Drum. Other than
the money limit, it was anything goes -- if you could afford it and put it in your vehicle, bring it on! Here is my report:

Denver, December 10, 2050 -- Yesterday, the local BLUD chapter had its shining moment of fun and glory. It seems they managed to make a connection with the local National Guard and get their hands on a cache of military hardware. The Denver Double Drum (an exact duplicate of the one in Waco) erupted yesterday in a duel that definitely did NOT adhere to any AADA restrictions.

When the smoke cleared (literally), the cargo hovercraft with the 75mm tank gun had won the match. However, the tone of the free-wheeling event was set early on by the BLUDie in the trailer (propelled into the arena by rocket boosters) who bombarded the entire arena in a fusillade of skyborne incendiary artillery rockets. We have a transcript of the hover driver's comment when he saw the rockets arcing skyward, "I don't know what's going to happen, but I know it's going to be bad." The resulting clouds of hot smoke (which blanketed the ENTIRE arena) turned the rest of the event into an infighting match. Amazingly, very few of the duelists caught fire from that or the second "flaming death from above" barrage. Seems even BLUD duelists appreciate the value of fireproof armor and fire extinguishers!

The contestant in the trailer got his due, though, when the dumptruck (no, really!) pulled up next to his by then stationary rocket emplacement and detonated well over a TON of plastic explosives. The dumper had been ignited by the artillery, so its crew decided that dying in the blast was preferable to being guests of honor at a barbecue. The concussion sent a nearby duellist in a speeding car flipping into a wall. The blast was potent enough to even ruin the plans of Artillery Boy -- even his CargoSafe wasn't enough to protect the cyclist inside the safe (yes, that's correct -- INSIDE the safe, complete with an oxygen tank).

Other entries of note included the Luxury with twin Autocannons (loaded with Depleted Uranium Ammo), the military-class Heavy Mines littering the floor, the teams (one with THREE separate cars!), the stretch pickup designed entirely around its Heavy Recoilless Rifle (Holy A-10 Thunderbolt II, Batman!), the ten-wheeler with the Gatling Cannon (who met his end after sliding into far too many mines), and the pickup with the HEAT-loaded Blast Cannon (not to mention five peds in the back, each with his own blister of component armor and a Man-Portable Rocket Launcher) driven by none other than the president of BLUDenver. The president named his truck the "La Migra."

As an aftermath, the BLUDenver was summarily raided by local authorities, seizing all their ill-gotten military hardware.  The local BLUD chapter was unfazed, though. The president, known only by his monicker of "Arthur the Madman," stated with glee that the publicity was worth every penny of the fines, even including the costs assessed for repairing the Denver Double Drum. Seems that BGN somehow got wind of the event and broadcast the whole thing to the whole country. Milton Fletcher, broadcast director for BGN for the Colorado region, said, "It took our techs awhile to computer-enhance the images over the hot smoke, but that's what we do best. This is the kind of duel that made the American public fall in love with autodueling in the first place! It's the highest-rated event we've had in almost twenty years."

However, even The Madman retained enough sanity to admit that the next event would have a FEW more restrictions: "It was a learning experience. Next time, we are going to require sustained motive power, and we're going to have to ban artillery of any kind -- sort of a fait accompli since we don't seem to HAVE any artillery anymore." The Madman also promised another BLUD event next year. "We're shooting for a June timeframe -- maybe as early as April if my lawyers come through."


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SoCal Mailing List
CC: WADA Car Wars League <>
Subject: December 2000 SoCal News
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:17:15 -0800 (PST)

Hey All,

A little slow around the holiday season. SCAB will be holding a Club Championship (open to everyone) in January. Details still to be determined. First guess on the time is sometime during the weekend of the 13th or the 20th and most probably to be held at Brookhurst Hobbies. The winner of this duel will get seeded to the Regional Championship final. (see below)

The most current Car Wars Referee Questionaire (CWRQ) has not been posted on the SJ Games Web site. Please e-mail me for the latest version. I hope to have a new one out before the SCAB Club Championship.

The Southwest Regional Dueling Championship will be held at Orccon 2001 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel, February 17-18.  See <> for more details on the convention. Here are the details set up so far.

The 2051 U.S. Southwest Regional Dueling Championship will be a two-round event. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round.  Vehicles provided or bring your own for approval. Contact Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee <> for
details. Beginners welcome.

Saturday 10:00 a.m. Car Wars Preliminary #1: Division 10
Saturday 6:00 p.m. Car Wars Preliminary #2: Division 30
Sunday 11:00 a.m. Car Wars Final: Division 20

The winner of the Regional Dueling Championship will get seeded to the Semi-Final Round for the 2051 World Dueling Championship to be held in August at GenCon.  Last GenCon, we had close to 50 participants (with only ONE from SoCal).  I'm hoping for 60-70 this year.

In addition, the following new rule changes and equipment WILL be available for both the SCAB Club and U.S. Southwest Regional Championships.

High-Torque Motors (HTM) -- Cost $100 per wheel (must be purchased for all wheels), no weight or space. Compatible with electric car or cycle
power plants only. Limited compatability with overdrive. When HTMs are engaged, the acceleration of the vehicle is doubled, and top speed is
reduced by one-third. If an ISC is triggered while HTMs are engaged, apply the ISC top speed bonus after the HTMs bonus. Because of the extra stress on the engine from combining these systems, the power plant loses half of its DP due to ISC damage instead of normal one-third.
A vehicle may mount both HTMs and overdrive, but may never engage both at the same time. Attempting to engage overdrive or HTM while
the other is engaged will trigger safety interlocks that disengage both systems. Engaging or disengaging HTMs is a firing action.

Metal Airdams and Metal Spoilers -- Cost the same as 10 points of metal armor, weigh the same as 2 points of metal armor, no space. Operation
is identical to their plastic counterparts, with these exceptions:

    1. A metal airfoil becomes ineffective when over half of the metal armor on the equipped side is destroyed.
    2. A metal airfoil is inherently fireproof.
    3. If a vehicle uses composite armor, the airfoil must match the metal frame armor on the vehicle.

Cycle Armored Wheelhubs -- These items work like normal hubs but are $10 and 2 lbs. per point and have a maximum weight of 20 lbs.

We had a huge Div 30 duel at Brookhurst Hobbies in the Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena on November 5th.

Michael T. -- Mid-size, electric PP, driver and gunner, 2 linked lasers front, FOD, IcD, HDSAs, plastic armor,

Stan Wells -- Mid-size, electric PP with HTMs, driver and gunner, AC (with 5 HD shots and 5 incendiary shots) front, 5 FODs, HDSAs, sloped armor.

Peter Cossaboom -- Luxury, concealed ATG with APFSDS ammo front, FCGS left, OD, sloped armor

Tom LaLonde -- Sloped x-hvy. trike, 4 RLs (2 linked R, 2 linked L), metal/plastic armor front, plastic armor elsewhere,

Chuck Phillips -- Luxury, 4 RRs with HEAT ammo (1 in turret, 1 in sponson turret right, 1 in sponson turret left, 1 front)

Eric C. -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, 3 RRs with HESH ammo front, IcD, 2 FODs, 2 FCDs, acceleration 10.

Dean Gibson -- Luxury, 2 lasers left, 3 laser-guided HRs (2 on small rocket platform, 1 left), sloped armor.

Steve -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, 2 concealed RRs with HESH ammo front, 2 PSs (1RBC, 1LBC), fake FT back, ramplate.

Eric Freeman -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, OG (with HTFO ammo and extra magazine of paint and other ammo types), airdam, spoiler, plastic armor, metal/plastic ramplate, acceleration 15/20.

Eric Rasmussen -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, RL with incendiary rockets front, airdam, spoiler, ramplate, acceleration 15, HC 6.

Rob Hagmaier -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, 4 tear gas MnRs, DSP, non-specified dischargers, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor, ramplate, 7 CA compartments, acceleration 20.

Rick Cross -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, BC with HESH ammo front, sloped armor.

Jeremy Willis -- Sedan, electric PP with HTMs, FP solid tires, ATG with APFSDS ammo front, BC with HESH ammo right, HRTC, 2 bumper triggers, AWHs front, WGs back, sloped armor.

Turn 1
* Eric F. paints Michael with cloud from OPG
* Jeremy hits Chuck's left side with BC (HESH) for 18 points of damage.
* Chuck shoots at Jeremy and misses.
* Eric shoots at Peter and misses.
* Dean hits Michael with Laser for 10 points of damage.
* Stan shoots at Ricks tire and misses.
* Rick hits Stan for 15 points of damage taking of 2 layers of metal.
* Eric R. hits Rob for no damage (metal armor)

Turn 2
* Chuck shoots at Jeremy with many RRs and misses.
* Stan hits Rick with AC for 8 points of damage.
* Jeremy hits Chuck with BC (HESH) in front for 16 points of damage.
* Dean hits Mike with lasers for 19 points of damage.
* Rick hits Stan for 15 points of damage.
* Peter fires FCGS at Tom for minor tire damage.
* Eric F. shoots flaming oil ammo at Peter but misses.
* Michael shoots at Dean with lasers but misses.
* Tom shoots at Eric C. but misses.
* Erik R. hits Tom for 2 points of metal and 2 points of plastic.

Turn 3
* Rick hits Dean for 14 points.
* Dean hits Michael for 3 points.
* Michael discharges ice right in front of incoming Jeremy!
* Jeremy rams Michael with bumper-triggered ATG. Sabot shell skips off Michael's armor! Michael's driver and gunner die from collision, but impact and recoil of ATG on ice cause Jeremy's car to flip on fire!
* Erik R. hits Tom's WG for minor damage.
* Tom misses Eric C.
* Eric C. drops flame cloud and ice dischargers. Tom goes through them.
* Eric F. fires high-temperature flaming oil  in front of Tom to make matters worse.
* Stan's AC destroys Peter's front left tire. Peter spins out!
* Tom takes major hazard from dropped stuff (fire modifier of 7 but not on fire yet).
* Rick sideswipes Rob for minor damage and avoids Robs T-bone.
* Chuck hits Rob for 7 points.
* Eric C. hits Stan for 21 points.
* Steven rams Chuck with bumper-triggered RRs for 42 total points killing Chuck.
* Dean hits Erik R. with FCGS.
* Eric C. rams Stan and kills him!

Turn 4
* Peter's car spins out into Dean for minor damage.
* Rob T-bones Chuck for 11 dice damage but only does 25 points! Chuck survives the ram and Rob shoots a tear gas rocket at him to no effect.
* Tom fires at Eric F. and misses.
* Eric F. fires more flaming oil  ammo in front of Tom taking out his front wheel giving the mobility kill to Eric F. Tom's fire mods up to 11! Tom catches fire and due to the roll Eric C. gets credit for the fire.
* Erik R. rams Peter with ATG (sabot) for 52 points killing him.
* Jeremy's car ends up on its roof (that's two for two being upside down in this arena!). Jeremy puts ATG on auto fire just before blacking
  out from the fire.

Turn 5
* Tom elects to stop his car on Eric Freeman's flaming oil and in Eric C.'s flame cloud! He withstands the damage but dies from the fire giving a completed kill to Eric C. at the end of the turn.
* Dean hits Rob on gravel zone for 1 point of metal and 4 points of plastic.
* Eric F. rams Eric C for 91 points damage! He kills Eric C. and only takes 41 points himself.

Turn 6
* Eric F. takes minor damage from Eric C.'s flaming oil counter.
* Dean hits Rob with Laser and rockets for light damage to his ramplate.
* Jeremy needs an 11 to hit Dean who was in the line of auto fire! He misses. His now deceased soul is bummed. Jeremy's car explodes.

Turn 7
* Eric F. accelerates to get himself out of trouble while Erik R. bears down on him. Eric F. veers to the left to get Erik R in his firing arc. He drops a high-temperature flaming oil  slick right in front of Erik R. The hazard causes Erik R. to roll.
* Rick shoots through smoke at Steve's front and misses. Steve returns fire for moderate damage.

Turn 8
* Erik R. stops on his side, giving the mobility kill to Eric F.
* Eric F. shoots flaming oil in front of Rob but it scatters to the side.
* Rick closes range and hits Steve's left for 17 points, breaching Steve's armor and damaging engine.
* Steve activates rear corner PSs and paints Rick when he clips Steve's car.
* Rob rams Dean for the full kill!

Turn 9
* Steve runs like hell from Rick's gun. Rick stops and pivots to hit Steve in back for 20 points with big HESH damage! The blow-through penetrates to the body-armored driver who is knocked out giving Rick the kill on Steve!

Turn 10
* Rob rams the bottom of Erik Rasmussen's car to complete the kill!

November 05
SCAB Div 30 Duel
Location: Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena
Duelmaster: Jeremy Willis <>
Players: 13

1. Eric Freeman: 40 points (kill Eric C., M-kill Tom L., M-kill Erik R.)
2. Rob Hagmaier: 30 points (kill Dean G., C-kill Erik R.)
3. Rick Cross: 10 points (kill Steve)
4. Eric C.: 10 points (kill Stan W., C-kill Tom L.)
5. Erik Rasmussen: 0 points (kill Peter)
5. Jeremy Willis: 0 points (kill Michael T.)
5. Michael T.: 0 points (kill Jeremy W.)
5. Steve Richards: 0 points (kill Chuck P.)
9. Chuck Phillips: -20 points
9. Dean Gibson: -20 points
9. Tom LaLonde: -20 points
9. Peter Cossaboom: -20 points
9. Stan Wells: -20 points

Steve designed a cool T-shirt to go to the winner. I'll be proudly sporting it for the Club and Regional Championships.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman
SCAB President and AADA Head Referee



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