Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 11
November 10, 2050

Web Posted January 14, 2001
Updated September 04, 2001


Greetings addicts of acceleration. As promised last issue, I am presenting another arena created by former NOVA member Chris French, a venue that will challenge your aquadueling skills to their limits. Next month you can expect a scenario and a few other articles from Chris as I plan to publish all of the files (the few that exist) remaining in my slushpile.

As the U.S. is about to complete its 2002 General Election for the Congress, Senate, and the Presidency itself, the Memphis Maniacs of SHAAG have shown democracy in action by running the group's annual Presidental Election Duel. John Blaylock, 2050 AADA World Dueling Champion, provides the details of the event in this issue. Washington State and California have been active as well. Once again, the AAIE and SCAB once present accounts of their metal-crushing mayhem here.


Once again, it is November, the time when the WADA Car Wars League becomes a crazed battle for points. The CADC has finished its racing season for 2050, talking the first four positions in the 2050 WADA League. I would like to extend my congratulations to all of the winners in the group, and to thank all of the CADC members for their dedication to Car Wars. I look forward to seeing the CADC points race next year and watching the champions try to hold their titles.

Although the non-CADC duelists now have two months free of CADC dueling, they need to earn at least 172 points between now and December 31st to seize the WADA Championship from the Detroit Dominators. I wish all of you good luck.

Speaking of the WADA League, I have adjusted every duelist's statistics to reflect a new, official method of scoring ties. The idea was suggested by Edgar Lincoln, the AAIE President. Thanks, Edgar, for the advice. Details of the new system are now listed on WADA HQ and in this issue's NANS Ticker section.

MJ Daniels, 2049 AADA World Racing Champion, and Elizabeth Lindsay, former AADA Manager, have started an organization that might be of interest to a few Car Wars players. The name: Internet Dueling League. A description is in this issue's NANS Ticker section.


After being aired only once during its premiere in 1994, Viper Season One returned to television last week on the Sci-Fi Channel. The series is broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time and Eastern Time. Sci-Fi Channel has two broadcast feeds, Eastern and Pacific, which have different schedules, therefore check your local listings. If you did not have the opportunity to watch the first season, you are in for a surprise. Season One has Metro City controlled by criminal organization called The Outfit who has uses The Highwaymen, a group of elite drivers using state of the art weapons and Dodge Stealths. Season One is darker and closer to Autoduel Earth than later seasons of Viper, therefore the episodes are not to be missed.

Viper Seasons Two through Four are also being rerun courtesy of USA Network. Episodes are aired Monday through Friday at 1:30 a.m. Pacific Time. (Yes, 1:30 in the morning).

Sci-Fi Channel

USA Network

I have no idea if Sci-Fi Channel will repeat Season One, if USA will repeat Seasons Two through Four, if USA will show Season One, or if Sci-i Channel will air Seasons Two through Four.


Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Car Wars. As part of the celebration of this occasion, please tell me when you first heard of, played, and purchased Car Wars. I will publish the stories in CWIN throughout the year. I would also like to receive descriptions of the funniest and most memorable Car Wars games. I want to make next year special for autoduelists, so if you have any ideas to celebrate this milestone, post them to the Dueling Debate Message Board or e-mail them to me.

Design Offensively,

Michael P. Owen



Chris French
Beaverton, Oregon



The Associated Press and CNN Interactive
November 10, 2000
Web posted at: 9:04 AM EST (1404 GMT)

ERIE, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Someone dropped pumpkins from an overpass of Interstate 90 near Erie, Pennsylvania, hitting six tractor-trailers and a van.

No one was injured Thursday but the pumpkins damaged all the vehicles, smashing through a windshield and a sunroof, police said.

"We expect that kind of stuff around Halloween, but not at this time of year," Pennsylvania Trooper Matt Harris said. "We don't know if it is kids, adults or what."

Last month, a similar incident occurred at the same overpass. Several people in a car dropped pumpkins onto a tractor-trailer.

Police had no suspects in either case.



February 1, 2000: I got to play Car Wars for the first time in years! I haven't been working on this page, because I've been out playing games! I'm thinking of adding a Car Wars section.




From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE Regular Games
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 09:19:46 -0700

Hey guys. We didn't play last night and won't be playing next week, it being Halloween and all. Yeah, sorry, Ana doesn't get to usurp things very often but I have to let her now and again. It will be a Div 25 in a fairly open arena, so we play two weeks from now on the first Tuesday of

Also, a last reminder: I will be running the $100K Bloodbath at Incon this coming weekend. It will be on Saturday at Noon in Matchbox scale.
Incon is in the Shilo Inn on the East 900 block of 3rd. See you there.

Edgar Lincoln
AAIE President


2050 CADC Season Awards
Individual Point Champion: Matt "George" Lintemuth, Team Lousiana
Team Point Champion: Team Louisiana (Matt Linthemuth and Scott Hinkley)
Classic Series Champion: Matt Hampton, Team Japan
Rookie of the Year: MJ Daniels, Team Japan

Editor's Note: Matt Lintemuth is currently in first place in the 2050 WADA League, followed by fellow CADC members Keith Scherer, Matt Hampton, and the CADC Webmaster, Tim Gould.


October 28, 2000: It's Crazy, But It Just Might Work

No, on second thought, it's crazy.

But here's something from the Pyramid chat boards, just so you non-subscribers don't miss ALL the fun . . .

What if you had a Monopoly game where everyone got to be the car? And the cars each mounted rockets, MGs and mineflingers?
And every time you landed on someone's property, you had the option of paying rent or dueling it out, torching the place, and generally
razing it to the ground? You know, that big, unused center of the board would make a great arena, just watch out for those two giant stacks of Chance and Community Chest cards.

Thank Christopher J. Burke for this gem.

-- Steve Jackson


Subject: DRAW Lives
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 17:57:31 -0800
From: "Bill Stevenson" <>
To: DRAW Mailing List

Greetings autoduelists! The Death Racing Association of Washington lives! They have returned from their trip to another plane of existence, where men fight with large wooden sticks and wear funny clothing.

DRAW returned for an event with 12 people in the Ozark Off-Road Arena. Yes, 3-D dueling with Micro Machines. There are pictures on the Web site, so go take a look.

Believe it or not, DRAW is going to do it again. On Sunday, November 19th, from roughly 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., DRAW is hosting a Division 25 event in the Dragon Arena. Yep, the robotic turkeys are back and looking for blood. Not only will you be watching for the rest of the bloodthirsty duelists, but there will be robotic turkeys jumping and running every which way. Bring your cars pre-made and be ready to go at Phil's Gamer Paradise (the room off the garage in back). Call if you need directions or further information. This should be a game worth being thankful for . . .

Bill Stevenson
DRAW President


Arena Watch: Terence Phillipe Memorial Arena


Subject: Internet Dueling League
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 15:40:19 -0500
From: IDL Webmaster <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Press Release: You may have heard the rumors that started around the 2050 WRC. More talk came up at the WDC. I am here to tell you that is is true.

How's that for a cheesy beginning.

Welcome to the IDL, or the Internet Dueling League (or International Dueling League, for the roleplayers out there). The IDL was formed so Car Wars players from all over the globe can participate in duels against new opponents not normally available without commuting hundreds of miles to a major convention.

What is the IDL? I first thought of the idea when driving back from a CADC duel, which was more than 300 miles from my home. I decided that in this high tech world, there must be an easier way for the well versed Car Wars player to play. So with a little help, the IDL was born.

The IDL has two PCs, a digital camera, and all the Car Wars supplies needed for a good 3-D duel.

Where is the IDL? The IDL Headquarters are located near Chicago, but anyone can get there by going to <> and following the links. Nothing is up yet, but we hope to have the first images up by 10/22/2000.

How does it work? On D-Day (Dueling Day) players will be able to view a photo of the arena, and all of the cars in it. The players then fill out
a form telling the IDL what they want to do (accelerate 5 mph, perform a D2 bend left, turned as close to the wall as possible, etc.). We then move all the vehicles as per the instructions, and then post a new photo at the site, with all of the new movement covered.  Players then fill out a form telling us what firing actions they want to take. Dice are rolled (by an IDL Referee), and players are notified of the results, as well as given a photo of all that has happened, complete with special effects. Then the next turn begins. Car Wars is already a slow game, but we anticipate a good duel to last about six hours. The whole game will be completed in a day.

Who is the IDL? MJ Daniels, 2049 AADA World Racing Champion, and 2049 WDC Head Referee, is the founder of the IDL. Elizabeth Lindsay, former AADA League manager and ex-Steve Jackson Games computer guru, will be handling all of the technical aspects. B.P. Hammer, CEO of numerous arenas, will be the President of the IDL. Ted Downs, long time advisor to Mr. Hammer, will continue to advise the IDL President. We are also looking for a Chicago area Car Wars player who knows the rules quite well to act as D-Day Referee.

How do I join? Drop an e-mail to <> and let us know about you, and what days you are available. We hope to target Saturdays or Sundays, as that is when most people have the free time.


BP Hammer
IDL President

Mike Owen: Please copy the above message and put it in your next Car Wars Internet Newsletter. While nothing is running as yet, by the time you get the next newsletter out, we should be done with the alpha testing.


Forum: Mad Max Movies FAQ <>
From: Elena <>
Date: October 21, 2000, 7:17 a.m.

Hello everyone. A little while a ago I created a play-by-mail RPG Mad Max on e-groups. All the movie characters are still open and the RPG
picks up about a month after Thunderdome. You can also create your own characters.


Arena Watch: The Raven


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: WADA Car Wars League <>
Subject: Fwd: Final Report of Pasadena Duel
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 07:37:36 -0700 (PDT)

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 21:09:15 PDT
From: "Jeremy Willis" <>
To: Eric Freeman <>
Subject: Final Report of Pasadena Duel

Eric, this is now complete. Please send it to the whole club and submit the results to WADA. Thanks and hope to duel with you soon!

Nine combatants battled it out at the inaugural Division 15 duel at the Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena. The outer walls of the arena were still under construction so the duelists got to draw straws to choose their starting positions from anywhere around the outside of the arena or start from one of the middle gates. Erik Rasmussen was the only duelist to choose a middle gate (north). From the south-west to south-east corners: Jordan Effrig, Jeremy Willis, Rick Cross, Rob Hagmaier. Going north: Dean Gibson, Stan Wells. Steve Richards started from the eastern half of the north wall, Chuck Phillips from the western half.

Jeremy Willis: Sedan, ATG with APFSDS ammo, 5 SDs
Rob Hagmaier: X-hvy. trike, four SGs linked in pairs, FOJ
Chuck Phillips: Mid-size, RR in turret
Dean Gibson: Luxury, 2 linked HDFTs left, GS with paint back
Jordan: Sedan, driver and gunner, HMG, HDID, 2 SDs
Rick Cross: Compact, VMG, good handling
Stan Wells: Mid-size, RR with HEAT ammo, HDFOJ
Erik Rasmussen: Sedan, VMG in turret, 3 foam rockets
Steve Richards: Defender 2048 (RR in turret, MD back)

1/1    Dean shoots Rob with linked HDFTs for 5 points and a fire modifier.
1/2    Rob shoots spikes in front (more or less) of Rick's car.
1/5    Stan shoots at Dean with RR (with linked HDFOJ) but misses. Chuck shoots at Erik with RR but misses.

2/1    Rob shoots more spikes in front of Rick.
2/2    Rick tight bends toward Rob avoiding most of the spikes.
2/3    Rick hits Rob's right side with a VMG for 5 points. Steve fires his turreted RR at Erik and misses.
2/4    Stan hits Dean with HEAT RR round for 8 points.
2/5    Jeremy shoots at Erik with ATG but misses. Chuck shoots at Erik with RR but misses.

3/1    Rick hits Rob with VMG for 10 more points to his right side. Dean hits Rob with both HDFTs setting him on fire! Stan hits Dean with RR again for 12 more points.
3/2    Jeremy shoots at Erik again with an APFSDS ATG round and hits his right side for 18 points. Erik smacks Steve with a foam rocket! Steve hits Erik with turreted RR for 8 points causing Erik to fishtail. Rick takes 12 points of damage to tires for going over Rob's spikes.
3/3   Chuck hits Erik with RR for 12 points causing Eric to do another violent fishtail.

4/1   Jeremy hits Erik with an APFSDS ATG round again for only 12 points. Dean hits Rob with HDFTs again for 10 more points. Rob shoots spikes in front and under Steve's car!
4/2   Erik maneuvers and skids slowing his car by 20 mph. Steve gets flat tire from Rob's spikes. Stan hits Dean's rear with a HEAT RR round for 11 points breaching his armor and destroying his paint-loaded GS.
4/5   Steve turns to T-bone Jeremy but spins-out instead into the gravel zone! Dean hits Rob again with HDFTs for more flame damage. Chuck shoots at Erik with a RR but misses.

5/1   Rob's burning car explodes! Dean celebrates by "discharging" a flame cloud.
5/3   Jeremy goes over an obstacle to avoid some of Rob's spikes and takes minor tire damage and a D3 hazard. Dean fires HDFT's at Stan for 9 points and fire modifiers. Chuck hits Jeremy with a RR for 9 points and causes major fishtail pointing his car strait toward Eric. Erik shoots at Jeremy with VMG but misses. Rick hits Jeremy with a VMG for 9 points.
5/5   Stan's car catches fire!

6/2   Jeremy hits Erik with an APFSDS ATG round for only 10 points and leaves 5 spike counters! Chuck hits Jeremy with a RR for 9 points causing Jeremy to fishtail onto one of his own spike counters!
6/3   Jeremy rams Erik head-on for 28 points to each car! Stan misses the first of many PFE rolls.
6/4   Jeremy's car (not wanting to turn) goes onto one of the oil areas heading toward the center pillar.

7/3   Jeremy turns going 40 mph on the oil and keeps control.
7/5   Chuck hits Jeremy again with a RR causing his car to start rolling on the oil!

8/2   Dean hits Steve with HDFTs for 9 points.
8/4   Chuck shoots at Jeremy with RR but misses.

9/1   Jeremy's car stops on its roof on the oil.
9/2   Erik shoot Jeremy with VMG and misses.
9/3   Chuck hits Jeremy with RR for 8 points.

10/1  Erik hits Jeremy's driver with VMG round and his body armor takes the full force of the blow (3 points)!
10/2  Chuck hits Jeremy again with RR for moderate damage.
10/4  Dean shoots at Erik with HDFT's and misses.

11/1  Erik hits Jeremy again with a VMG and kills driver! Stan rams Rick for only 28 points on 11 dice!
11/2  Stan finally puts out fire on the sixth try!
11/4  Dean rams Chuck for (you guessed it) 28 points.
11/5  Dean hits Erik with HDFT's and sets him on fire with his last rounds of HDFT fuel! Erik's FE puts out fire.

12    Jordan passes in front of Steve going 95 mph dropping HD ice and spikes! Steve nudges him for 3 points of damage and amazingly keeps control with two flat tires from spike damage on ice! Chuck hits Dean's wheel hub with RR for 7 points. Erik hits Dean with VMG knocking his gunner out and causing Dean's car to roll!

13    Chuck hits Erik with a RR for 4 points to his rear. Erik hits Chuck with a VMG for 6 points to his front. Stan rams Erik for 44 points killing Erik! Duel called due to time. Stan declared winner!

1. Stan Wells: 20 points (total kill Erik)
2. Chuck Phillips: 10 points (mobility kill Jeremy)
2. Erik Rasmussen: 10 points (total kill Dean, completed kill Jeremy, own car killed)
4. Dean Gibson: 0 points (total kill Rob, own vehicle killed)
4. Jordan Effrig: 0 points
4. Rick Cross: 0 points
4. Steve Richards: 0 points
8. Jeremy Willis: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
8. Rob Hagmaier: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

Drive Offensively!


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: Southern California Dueling Mailing List
Subject: SoCal Car Wars News
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 18:28:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hey all,

A long time since I put together a report of SoCal Car Wars happenings.

First, the next SCAB duel will be held at Brookhurst Hobbies on Sunday November 5th. We'll start checking vehicles at 11:00 a.m., so we
can start at noon. The duel will be Division 30 and held in an arena yet to be determined. If you are interested RSVP to Chuck Phillips at
 <>. (Do you like how I volunteered you, Chuck?) Brookhurst Hobbies in in Orange County. We'll send you detailed directions to those that RSVP. As always beginners are more than welcome to come.

Second, the Southwest Regional Championship will be held at the L.A. Convention this February. I don't have the exact dates handy, but
needless to say, start planning now for this extraveganza. Here are the details set up so far:

Saturday 10:00 a.m. Preliminary #1: Division 10
Saturday 6:00 p.m. Preliminary #2: Division 30
Sunday 11:00 a.m. Final: Division 20

The 2051 Southwest Regional Championship will be a two-round event. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round. Vehicles
provided or bring your own for approval. Contact Eric Freeman <> for details. Beginners are welcome. The winner of the Regional Championship will get seeded to the Semi-Final Round for the 2051 AADA World Dueling Championship to be held in August at GenCon. Last year, the AADA WDC had close to 50 participants (with only one from SoCal). I'm hoping for 60-70 this year.

Third, we've had a lot of stuff going on recently. We had two big duels at the L.A. Game Convention at the beginning of September. We only have a very spotty report for the first (off-road) duel and a complete report for the Sunday duel.

September 2nd
Gateway 2000 Division 25 Off-Road Duel
SCAB Off-Road Modular Arena

Vehicles (Clockwise around arena)

Eric Freeman: Hvy. trike, ICE, 2 VMGs (each with HD ammo) right
Chuck Phillips: Mid-size, ATG with APFSDS ammo front, SFD back, fake ramplate
Erik Rasmussen: GG front, ramplate
Sean: Luxury, ICE, GG front, FCGS right, HDFOJ back
Stan Wells: Mid-size, ICE, large bore projectile front
Jeremy Willis: Compact, small bore front, dropped solid back (?)
Rob Hagamier: Reversed lt. trike, PP, pulse laser right
Tom Lalonde: X-hvy. trike, ICE, 4 RLs (each with incendiary rockets; 2R, 2L)
Peter Cossaboom: Luxury, 3 small bore projectiles front, dropped stuff, armor sloping
Michael Rosenberg: Luxury (?), 3 rockets front
Dean Gibson: Pickup, 2 ATGs front

All vehicles had off-road suspension (except for Hagmaier), and off-road tires. Despite the huge size of the Hot Wheels scale arena, cars quickly closed on one another.

Eric F. came out of the gate and turned towards Chuck to his left. He fired at Chuck's front on the first turn. Chuck had heavy metal on his
front. One VMG rolled big damage (13 points total) to hurt the front, while the other bounced off. Chuck's return fire missed, however he simultaneously set his stickyfoam dropper on automatic.

Eric and Chuck continued towards each other with Eric veering slightly to the left to avoid a head-on collision and keep Chuck on his strong side. As they closed, Eric took a shot at Chuck's tires. (Did he score a hit with one?) On passing, Chuck turned into Eric to T-bone him. Chuck's bumper triggered ATG scored damage on Eric but the ramplate was fake and Eric survived the collision. The ram set off Eric's linked ice and flaming oil discharger  package. When off-road, all Crash Table rolls are at a -3, so Chuck was able to keep control of his vehicle. The collision left Chuck at a very slow speed. On leaving after the ram, Eric took another shot at Chuck's tires and took one off.  (I'm only somewhat certain I took off a tire after the ram.  It could have been before.) Eric then tenuously went through the stick foam left by Chuck, skidding and sliding along the way . . .

Opposite of this action, Sean and Erik were jousting. Sean missed Eric with his OG, but as Erik closed Sean nailed him with a FCGS. Erik drove
his car into Sean's right side for a T-bone, but the collision was at low speed and Sean survived.

After the collision Erik continued to pursue Sean, while Eric started to move onto the scene. Eric chose the weakened Sean as his target and
peppered him with VMG fire. Meanwhile, Erik took shots at Sean's rear with his GG. As Eric circled the two of them, Sean put out another
FCGS counter right in the path of Eric. The cloud breached Eric's weak under and top, but hit component armor underneath.

Chuck fully turned around towards the passing Erik and Sean. Erik picked up speed again and zoomed past the ever slowing Sean while Chuck
and Eric closed on Sean. Chuck got a shot into Sean's weak side and breached but did not kill him. Sean pivoted to put Chuck into flaming oil.

Meanwhile, Eric continued to shoot at Sean with his VMGs. Chuck passed the 5 mph Sean, and Sean's car (now driven by Stan) pivoted again and put Chuck into flaming oil again. This flame took off the second of Chuck's tires making him a mobility kill (+10 Sean, -10 Chuck).

Erik closed upon Tom. They fired back and forth at the tires of each other. Erik's GG took out the solo wheel on Tom, (+10  Erik, -10 Tom) while Tom took out one wheel of Erik's car, sending Erik into a spin, where the out of control Erik ran straight into the stationary Tom for a head-on collision. Both vehicles survived the ram.

Erik stopped his spin in Tom's arc of fire, and Tom finished the second of Erik's tires making him immobile. (0 Erik, 0 Tom) then he proceeded to
blast through the armor to finish him off (-10 Erik, +10 Tom). Soon after Eric finally managed to shoot through Sean's armor for a full kill (-10 Sean, +20 Eric). By this point, Rob has already racked up 40 points with barely a scratch and started speeding towards the weakened Eric.

Building up to full speed, Rob and Eric took shots at one another while Tom took some long range shots at Eric. Rob scored a hit on Eric, taking
out one VMG, while Tom and Eric missed. Eric turned to get his weapon arc out of Tom's fire, his last shot at Rob before the time clock expired
misses, while Rob's return fire missed as well.

1. Rob Hagmaier: +40 DP (full kill Michael, mobility kill Jeremy, possible mobility kill Peter)
2. Eric Freeman: +20 DP (full kill Sean)
2. Jeremy Willis: +20 DP (full kill Stan, full kill Dean, own vehicle killed)
2. Tom LaLonde: +20 DP (full kill Erik R., possible completed kill Peter, own vehicle mobility killed)
5. Peter Cossaboom: -10 DP (completed kill Jeremy, own vehicle killed)
5. Erik Rasmussen: -10 DP (mobility kill Tom, own vehicle killed)
5. Chuck Phillips: -10 DP (own vehicle mobility killed)
5. Sean: -10 DP (mobility kill Chuck, own vehicle mobility killed)
9. Dean Gibson: -20 DP (own vehicle killed)
9. Michael Rosenberg: -20 DP (own vehicle killed)
9. Stan Wells: -20 DP (own vehicle killed)

September 03
Gateway 2000 Div 30 Duel
SCAB Modular Arena

Editor's Note: See CWIN 3.10 for the report of this duel.

October 15
SCAB Div 15 Duel
Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena

On October 15th, SCAB got together in Pasedena. The arena featured areas covered with oil and a middle area coverered with gravel. Unfortunately, I was unable to be there (We all know I would've won if I had showed) but here is the report from Jeremy.

Editor's Note: See the October 19th letter from Eric Freeman and Jeremy Willis above for the report of this duel.

Drive Offensively!

Jeremy Willis
SCAB Member

From: Eric Freeman <>
To: Southern California Dueling Mailing List
Subject: November 8th Duel Details
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 07:57:45 -0700 (PDT)

You got to see it to believe it. For details on the upcoming duel, check out the address below. Click the button marked "Flash", and download. (Sorry there's no direct URL. It's stuck in frames.) Very nice stuff, Steve.


In addition, we now have a Southern California Dueling Brotherhood e-mail list.

SCAB Mailing List

Hope to see many of you in November.

Eric Freeman
SCAB President/AADA Head Referee


Subject: 2051 SHAAG Presidential Duel Report
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 08:08:57 -0600
From: "John Blaylock" <>
To: "Michael P. Owen"<>

Here is the report for SHAAG's 2051 Presidential Championship which I won. There is only one area that I have a question about for point standings. Dwight and Chris eliminated each other in a head-on ram but the damage to Dwight was only enough to kill the driver, not damage the engine. After I stopped his car, Curt got into Dwight's car and started driving it around and shooting the turreted RR, he blew one of my tires and tagged two others before I breached his armor and eliminated him permenantly. (Curt was a full kill because he was out of ammo.) Does that count as two vehicular kills? He actually hurt me more in Dwight's car than he did in his own car. If not, I had three full kills, although my opinion, it should be another vehicular kill.

October 21
2051 SHAAG Presidential Duel


John "Koala7" Blaylock: Sedan, PP, active suspension, SB solid tires, XL, FCGS, sloped plastic armor.
Hugh "Hip63" Swindoll: Luxury, ICE, 2 smart linked RRs (1 in turret, 1 front), RR magazines of HEAT and HESH ammo, airdam, spoiler, sloped plastic armor
Chris "Johnny Go" Ziemer: Luxury, ICE, 2 linked ATGs front, MML back, plastic armor
Curt "Bob" Workman: Luxury, ICE, laser-guided HRs with rocket magazines in turret, ram plate, sloped plastic armor
Todd Thrash: Luxury, ICE, 2 linked ATGs front, MML back, plastic armor
Tom "Pimp Daddy" Ferguson: Luxury, ICE, laser-guided HRs with rocket magazines in turret, ram plate, sloped plastic armor
Dwight "Atilla the Penguin" Dawkins: Luxury, RR in turret with 2 extra magazines, FCGS with 2 extra magazines, 2 SDs each with explosive-tipped spikes (1RBC, 1LBC), ram plate, sloped metal/plastic armor


* Todd getting caught in a crossfire between me, Hugh and Curt. I chewed up the armor, but Curt and Hugh delivered the finishing blows.
* Hugh getting mobility kill for eliminating Todd's second tire, and Curt finishing him off with a laser-guided rocket in the breached rear.
* Head-on collision between Chris and Dwight resulted in their mutual elimination. Dwight's car had no front armor, but only the driver was killed.
* Tom rolling his car and being parked behind smoke so his laser-guided rockets were useless.
* Hugh chewing up my rear armor and forcing me to make some radical manuevers and eventually throwing a flame cloud that caused him to roll
and bounced out the gate of the arena, thus disqualifying him.
* Curt leaving his car after I blew out the tires and getting in Dwight's wreck and trading point blank shots with me, he at my tires and me at the armor with the XL.
* Finally eliminating Tom with a hand-held GL.

Results (The points are based off the rules used at the 2050 AADA WDC, but they don't mean much to SHAAG standings.)

1. John Blaylock: 80 points (full kills Hugh, Curt's car, Curt in Dwight's car, Tom)
2. Hugh Swindoll: -10 points (mobility kill Todd, own vehicle killed)
2. Curt Workman: -10 points (completed kill Todd, own vehicle killed)
4. Chris Ziemer: 0 points (full kill Dwight, own vehicle killed)
4. Dwight Dawkins: 0 points (full kill Chris, own vehicle killed)
6. Todd Thrash: -20 points (own vehicle killed)
6. Tom Ferguson: -20 points (own vehicle killed)

Order of Kills (First to Last)

Todd Thrash
Tom Ferguson (Vehicle)
Chris Ziemer
Dwight Dawkins
Hugh Swindoll (disqualified)
Curt Workman (Vehicle #1)
Curt Workman (Vehicle #2)
Tom Ferguson (Pedestrian)

John "Koala7" Blaylock
2050-2051 SHAAG President

Subject: SHAAG House Rules
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 00:32:05 -0800
From: Hugh Swindoll <>
To: SHAAG Mailing List

Okay, guys, time to read the fine print. I have posted a very good start on the SHAAG House Rules & Membership Listing at the SHAAG site.  All SHAAG members need to look over the rules and check their personal info, some information I do not have. Let me know of anything you find wrong, left out or questionable. It has changed since the first draft, so please read the freaking thing as I worked really hard on it! God, I need a beer!

SHAAG House Rules and Member Listing

P.S. I need the last of the personal accounts of the Presidental Election Duel from those of you who attended & have not sent it in. John, could you send me a copy of the report you sent to Michael (Hi, Mike) so I can update the SHAAG Club News Page? Michael, please update your e-mail address for me with the one above. SHAAG's new URL is <>. Thanks to all! Let me know what you think of the new page at the site!


2050 WADA Car Wars League Rules and Regulations: November 04, 2000 Update

Suggested by Edgar T. Lincoln of the AAIE, championship points for ties are now awarded by adding together the championship points for all of the positions in the tie divided by the number of players in the tie. Both victory and participation points are used in this formula.

Example 1: Duelists in a three-way tie for first place in a 10-person duel would normally receive 60 (50 + 10), 29 (20 + 9), and 18 (10 + 8) points if
the tie did not exist. These drivers would receive 35.67 [(60 + 29 + 18) / 3] points because of the tie.

Example 2: Duelists in a three-way tie for fourth place in a 6-person duel would normally receive 3, 2, and 1 points if the tie did not exist. These
drivers would receive 2 [(3 + 2 + 1) / 3] points because of the tie.

This new way of scoring ties has been used to recalculate all of the events recorded in this year's tournament. The advantage of this new
method is more points are earned than using the previous system where the points for one position are divided by the number of duelists.





Subject: Car Designs
Forum: Autoduelist's Haven <>
From: bigboy_17801 <>
Date: 10/23/00 10:59 pm

If you want to post a car on the Web, mail the stats and your name to me (so I can give you credit). I will then put it on my site.