Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 10
October 18, 2050

Web Posted January 14, 2001
Updated September 04, 2001



I am eighteen days late releasing this issue because of the fun hobby called life. This magazine is the only publication that covers the entire Car Wars community, therefore you should shower me with praise and submissions instead of complaints. Seriously, all of you have been great and understanding when I have been off-schedule.

This issue has one of the arenas Chris French submitted to CWIN several months ago, arenas I mentioned but have not gotten around to publishing until now. I have also recovered from my large Car Wars file archive a very interesting article by Rob "GURPS Autoduel" Garitta about a combat concept only superficially discussed until now. Thanks, Chris and Rob, for waiting to see your articles in print.

Edgar Lincoln and the other fanatics of the AAIE have been very busy racking up WADA championship points. Once again, Edgar is responsible for much of the content of an issue of CWIN. Thanks yet again, Edgar, for sharing your detailed and entertaining duel reports with the greater Car Wars community.

Other news includes a mysterious statement about Car Wars made by Steve Jackson himself, a new Car Wars vehicle collection printed in Pyramid Online, and details of an important event involving SHAAG, the 2050 AADA World Dueling Championship Chapter.


Did you know SWAT HQ now has a Mad Max fiction archive? I have been storing all of the Mad Max short stories posted to the Mad Max Movies FAQ Message Board. Now the Road & Track Autoduelist/The Memories of an Autoduelist Web site is no longer functional, a Web site that featured lists of auto-combat stories, SWAT HQ is the most comprehensive source for online auto-combat fiction.

SWAT Mad Max Index

Mad Max Movies FAQ


The American Le Mans Series will be holding its next race, the Grand Prix of Las Vegas, on October 29, 2000. Make sure you do not miss this event. Anyone have ideas how to adapt the ALMS to Car Wars? Would anyone be interested in seeing an ALMS-style event in the AADA World Racing Championships?

American Le Mans Series


The 2050 WADA Car Wars League is at a critical point. The Detroit duelists of the CADC, a group who has dominated the tournament for the entire year, will end their season this month. After the two races in October, most members of the CADC will not earn anymore points for the rest of the year, giving the non-CADC duelists an excellent opportunity to catch up and take the title. Visit WADA HQ today to see how few points separating the top ten and the impressive numbers of kills earned by the top 25 participants.

World Autoduel Association

In the next three weeks, I hope to get back on a semi-regular schedule for this newsletter. Please overflow my e-mail inbox with submissions so I can feel guilty enough about publishing late to actually meet my deadlines.

May your bumper-triggered rockets always hit their target,

Michael P. Owen



Chris French



Robert J. Garrita
Driving Tigers/Road Wolves



CNN Interactive
September 21, 2000
Web posted at: 6:28 PM EDT (2228 GMT)

JARRATT, Virginia (AP) -- Three monkeys hurled bananas and crab apples at cars on Interstate 95, then fled into the woods, police said.

Police believe the monkeys escaped while being taken to the state fair in Richmond or a circus in North Carolina.

State Trooper Mike Scott was flagged down Sunday by a driver who had pulled over near Jarratt. "When I walked up to the car, it looked like a banana had been smeared on the side," Scott said.

The woman told him a monkey had thrown the fruit about a mile back.

"I started laughing," Scott said. But he drove to the scene of the attack and found a van and a station wagon on the side of the highway.

"A man said, 'I know this sounds crazy, but a monkey threw an apple at our car,"' Scott said.

Just then, something hit the van.

"Lo and behold there were three brown monkeys in an oak tree throwing crab apples," Scott said.

The primates jumped down, ran across the highway and escaped into more trees.



From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
Subject: September 19th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 10:02:49 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

I caused a new rule for Vehicular Tag! Tom , Norma and Carol thought that you should get points for every full turn you are It so we decided 1/2 point per turn.

We were doing Division 15 Tag in the Airway Heights Modular arena last night. The only change from last week was Tom pot the riser from the center of the 100 mph jump against the side of the arena, and I placed a rollover, not worth points, inbetween the ramps of the big jump. Once a vehicle crossed the rollover, the vehicle's player rolled 1d:

1: no effect
2-5: random dropped weapon on one jump
6: random dropped weapon on both jumps

I decided to try to take advantage of the It points by taking a fast, sloped compact with a gasburner, driver and gunner, airdam and spoiler, and a turreted HMG. Norma took a modified 2050 Bullseye: mid-size with gas, driver and gunner, 2 HRs in a 2-space turret with two 1-space rocket magazines (four total rockets), spoiler, and a 3-point metal/55-point plastic ramplate. Carol had a mid with two VMGs front. Tom drove his very annoying design called the Potato Bug: a sloped compact with gas, VFRP front, FCE back, at least 12 points of metal on all sides except back, and an average of 12 points of plastic behind those locations.

It started with me as It (I had the highest reaction roll) and we all converged in the middle. I managed to get through with only Tom getting a reasonable shot at me, point blank at my side in the second turn (I was up to 85 mph) so he needed 10s to hit. Sloping saved me: he rolled two nines.

Norma and Carol did a head-on, Carol was a kill with her driver alive and Norma still had front armor left. I headed arount to line up for the big jump but Norma hit the rollover, and rolled a drop spike plate on the ramp I was going to take off from. Having chosen HD radials I decided not to jump after all. If she had rolled the other ramp I would have gone for it as I was going 110 mph and would have cleared the plate.  Tom came past Norma and I tried to drive past him. I would have shot at her wounded front-end but she would have been It, and Tom was lined up to kill her if I had made the shot.

He maneuvered so he got a t-bone and a point-blank salvo on me. Again the sloping saved me (two more nines!) and the t-bone removed most of my left side armor. I had turned hard right toward the wall trying to avoid the ram and skidded some for two sideswipes against the wall before I regained control. This removed the rest of my armor and made a start on my tires. As I was doing this Tom turned for a shot on Norma's front and killed her.

With just the two of us left we determined that I couldn't hurt him and he couldn't catch me so we called the duel. I won on points without firing a shot but it was declared cheesy, and we decided that next time you only got points for being It for two consecutive turns but could get that multiple times in a duel. That's okay. I'll take a cheesy win.

WADA Stuff
AAIE Div 15 Vehicular Tag
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Special Rules: Vehicular Tag

1. Edgar "Cheesemeister" Lincoln: 24 points
2. Tom "You're just Jealous!" Lentz: 11 points and 1 VK
3. Norma "Am I Dead Yet?" Barrett-Lincoln: 2 points and 1 VK
4. Carol "Insert pithy phrase here" Dougherty: 1 point

Next week is a Div 20 duel where we will unveil (ominous music, please) the Phoenix.

From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: September 28th and October 3rd AAIE Weekly Rumbles
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 11:20:43 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Two short but not very exciting duels to report this week. The September 28th duel was a Div 20 where I tried the Phoenix (compact, FP tires, FCE front, ramplate, composite armor) but this duel and last nights were rife withe the AAIE Maneuver (suicidal head-on ram) so it didn't last long. Norma turned into a head-on with me and confettied us both and Carol and Tom finished with a head-on that killed both cars but not the drivers.

WADA Stuff
September 28
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Special Rules: Maze in center of arena

1. Carol Dougherty: 12 points and 1 VK
1. Tom Lentz: 12 points and 1 VK
3. Norma Barrett-Lincoln: 1 point and 1 VK
3. Edgar Lincoln: 1 point and 1 VK

Last night's duel was a Div. 40 race at the Muskeegee Fairgrounds in 3X scale. (Use of 3X miniatures on a 1X map makes for a faster duel.) I made the mistake of not specifying that you had to go the same way as the field, so Tom took a stretch pickup with a big ramplate and a big engine, and went the wrong way. I got out of the blocks fastest with a Can-Am, a big engine with nitrous, driver and gunner, a FCE left, VFRP front, HSD front, and FOD back. Norma was second fastest in a compact with a left mounted LFT. Carol brought up the rear in a mid with a HVMG front.

I took shots from Norma and Carol as soon as the second turn started and weapons went hot, but neither breached nor caused a control roll. I dropped oil and my FCE but had little effect. I was up to 160 mph in the third turn when I met Tom at the beginning of the second turn. I shot his front with my VFRP but unfortunately rolled badly for damage.

Due to speed we ended up so Tom would have got a t-bone on me so I did an AAIE hoping to take him out also. I did enough damage to remove his ramplate, take out his HDSS in front for a firepower kill, and did a little to his engine. He, on the other hand, did over 1,000 points of
damage to me (240 mph closing speed, he had a ramplate and a DM of 2, I had a CA frame) and pieces of me peppered the VIP stands. Norma came in behind me and did basically the same thing. She confettied but finished him off.

WADA Stuff
October 03
AAIE Div 40 Race
Location: Muskogee Fairgrounds
Special Rules: 3X miniatures on 1X map

1. Tom Lentz: 24 points and 2 VKs
2. Carol Dougherty: 11 points
3. Edgar Lincoln: 2 points
4. Norma Barrett-Lincoln: 1 point

Next week is a Div 20 van-only duel.

Subject: Classifieds and Conventions: $100K Bloodbath, Incon, spokane
Message Board: Dueling Debate <>
Date: October 17, 2000 9:41 am

Hey Guys,

Just a reminder about this event. Incon is October 27-29 in Spokane, WA. I will be running a $100K anything goes event and other duels if there is enough interest.


From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE October 17th Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 11:12:26 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

This week was a weird one. It was a Div 20 vans only duel. I had a gasburner with a driver, 2 gunners, 8 HRs front, 2 MRs out each side, 2 corner mounted SDs in the back, and a terrible HC. I also had 10 points of CA around the engine and gas tank so I shouldn't have exploded when I did. Oops. Tom had a gasburner, driver and gunner, 2 HDFTs left, and 2 corner mounted SDs back. Nate had a gasburner, driver and gunner, radial PR tires, and 3 RLs front. Norma's gasburner had a driver, 2 HDFOJs out each side, and a HDFCE in the back. Carol's slow electric van, controlled by a driver and a gunner, had 2 VFRPs out the sides.

The chaos started as Tom and I headed across the middle of the arena after Nate, Norma, and Carol at one end dealing with each other. Norma put her sploot on auto and mostly cut off Carol on that end, forcing her to do a 270 to avoid the fire. Carol shot Norma but failed to breach her

Tom and I turned toward each other at the end of turn one. I hot him with four HRs, hitting with two and rolling badly for damage. He shot Nate with his concealed HDFTs, hitting with one. Nate shot at each of us with one RL, gaining the continuing fire bonus on either of us for next round. Tom turned away from Nate to shoot at me and I turned toward Nate to make Tom's shot harder. Tom hit me with one FT and I lost
control on my next turn, doing a spinout. I recovered at the end of the turn, going backward, and Nate t-boned my side, breaching  the left side
but also going into a spinout. Nate caught fire and Ton shot me again with both FTs. I failed to roll a 16 or higher on 2d, therefore I was also on fire.

A quick side note: In AADA stuff, fire goes directly internal even if you have unbreached armor; see Dueling Debate at for the lengthy discussions about it. After reading all that I realized that fire wasn't as scary in our games as it should be so we are trying having fire do 1/2 d6 to all external locations until there is a breach. It ooks like the days of the really weak tires are over. We now return to the duel coverage.

I shot Tom with all my remaining rockets over two phases but only hit with one HR and one MR. I failed to breach his front. I then exploded
as I my fire hit my gas tank.  I wish I had remembered it had component armor.

Nate shot a couple of salvoes and failed to penetrate Tom's left side or his back before he ran out of rockets and tires. Norma tried to get close enough to sploot him but caught on fire and her tires burned off. Ditto for Carol. Tom managed to kill all his oponents without being killed himself.

WADA Stuff
October 17
AAIE Div 20 Van Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar Lincoln <> and Tom Lentz <>
Players: 5

1. Tom Lentz: 30 points and 2 VKs
2. Carol Daugherty: 4.67 points
2. Nate Gruver: 4.67 points
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln: 4.67 points
5. Edgar T. "Oops!" Lincoln: 1 point

Next week is a Div. 25 in a mostly open arena.

Editor's Note: In the original version of the duel report, Edgar added together the points awarded for second, third, and fourth places then divided the total by three to reflect the three-way tie ((14 + 3 + 2)/3 =  6.33). WADA has been assigning the points for the respective place divided by the number of members of the tie (14/3 = 4.67). Should Edgar's method of scoring ties be used in next year's WADA League?


Auto-Combat Fiction: Boneheadz Family Picnic


September 26, 2000: Just a Hint

We're often asked if we're ever going to offer heavy-duty Car Wars support again. Mmm-hmmm. One of these days. Before too long.

-- Steve Jackson

October 8, 2000: Looking For an Anime Artist

If you know anime and can illustrate like a "Manga Master," we may have some work for you. We are not ready to announce the project yet . . .
it's a high-profile deal that will launch in 2001. For more info, write to our Art Director, Phil Reed, at For fast response,
include URLs or attach files so he can see your work. And no, he won't tell you what the project is until you sign a contract. It's a seeeeeee-cret.

-- Steve Jackson


Joe Taylor
Pyramid Online
October 13, 2000


Subject: 2050 SHAAG Prez Duel
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 20:17:17 -0700
From: Hugh Swindoll <>
To: SHAAG Mailing List

Hello fellow duellists. The Second Annual SHAAG Presidential Duel is still on for this Saturday, October 21, 2000! This will be a Division $40,000 event. Here are a few other things you should know.

First, this is not an AADA sanctioned event, this is open only the SHAAG members & SHAAG recruits & house rules will be applied!

Second, you have $40K to spend on your car or any wheeled vehicle of your choosing. At the event you will roll 3d6 x 100 for personal equipment (i.e. hand weapons, body armor, etc.). You will have to keep up with the grenade equivalents for encumbrance, but personal equipment will not count against vehicle weight (within reason).

Third, if you wish, you can use any left over money from your car design to purchase additional personal equipment.

Fourth, this is a driver-only event. No gunners, period! (There can be only one!)

Fifth, this event is last man standing (time permitting).

Additional rules, house variants, and guidelines for calling a winner if time runs out will be discussed before the duel.

We will be holding the event in Memphis Mid-town area, just down from the corner of Central and Lamar at the Townhouse Apartments or University Tower. (We are not sure which one yet, but both places are within 50 yards of each other, so the choice is no big deal.) Show-up time is 11:00 a.m until noon. Dueling starts around 1:00 p.m. The winner takes home the SHAAG Presidential Trophy and takes on the mantle of the SHAAG Presidency!

If you have any questions or need directions, please contact me or John Blaylock <>.


P.S. To John and Dwight: Please forward this announcement to those I missed.


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: WADA Car Wars League <>
Subject: Results of Gateway 2000 Car Wars Events
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 16:27:01 -0700 (PDT)

September 02
Div 25 Off-Road Duel
SCAB Off-Road Arena

1. Rob Hagmaier: +40 DP (full Michael, mobility Jeremy, possible mobility Peter)
2. Eric Freeman +20 DP (full Sean)
2. Jeremy Willis: +20 DP (full Stan, full Dean, own vehicle killed)
2. Tom LaLonde: +20 DP (full Eric Rasmussen, possible completed Peter, own vehicle mobility killed)
5. Peter Cossaboon: -10 DP (completed Jeremy, own vehicle killed)
5. Eric Rasmussen: -10 DP (mobility Tom, own vehicle killed)
5. Chuck Phillips: -10 DP (own vehicle killed)
5. Sean: -10 DP (mobility Chuck, own vehicle killed)
9. Dean Gibson: -20 DP (own vehicle killed)
9. Michael Rosenberg: -20 DP (own vehicle killed)
9. Stan Wells: -20 DP (own vehicle killed)

September 03
Div 30 Duel
SCAB Modular Arena

1. Dean Gibson: +40 DP (full Eric Freeman, full Jeremy)
2. Rob Hagmaier: +20 DP (full Larry, full Chris Mazourek, own vehicle killed)
2. Tom LaLonde: +20 DP (full Peter)
4. Peter Cossaboom: +10 DP (full Michael, completed Chuck, own vehicle killed)
5. Chuck Phillips: 0 DP (full Stan, own vehicle killed)
5. Michael Rosenberg (full Jason, own vehicle killed)
5. Chris Mazourek (full Rob, own vehicle killed)
8. Eric Freeman: -20 (own vehicle killed)
8. Jason: -20 (own vehicle killed)
8. Larry: -20 (own vehicle killed)
8. Jeremy Willis: -20 (own vehicle killed)
8. Stan Wells: -20 (own vehicle killed)

From: Eric Freeman <>
To: WADA Car Wars League <>
Subject: Gateway 2000 Div 30 Duel Report
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 09:27:28 -0700 (PDT)

Vehicle Descriptions: Clockwise Around Table

Eric Freeman: Sedan, gasoline, two VMGs with HD ammo left, dischargers, airdam, spoiler, ramplate
Jason: Luxury, electric, 2 ATGs (1F, 1B), 2 MDs (1R, 1L)
Chuck Phillips: Two laser-guided AP HRs in turret, RR front
Michael Rosenberg: Pickup, gasoline, FCGS, ramplate
Stan Wells: Two ATGs front
Larry: Pickup, gasoline, 2 BCs front
Rob Hagmaier: Gasoline, HDFOJ, FP plastic armor, ramplate
Chris Mazourek: Pickup, gasoline, 2 BCs front
Peter Cossaboom: Reversed heavy trike, laser right, FCGS back
Jeremy Willis: Van, small-bore (possibly GG) front, 3 SDs (1R, 1L, 1B), SS under, CA around everything, armor sloping
Dean Gibson: Luxury, 2 lasers left, 3 linked laser-guided HRs (2 in rocket platform, 1 left)
Tom LaLonde: Pickup, 2 ATGs with APFSDS ammo front

Eric came straight out of the gate firing VMGs at Jason for two turns. Only scant damage was done. Jason's return fire scored damage despite
the high to-hit roll needed. Chuck turned left towards Mike, but disengaged by going on the other side of a pillar as he had no interest going head-to-head with a ramcar. Jason then ducked behind a pillar. Eric moved in closer towards the slow moving Jason, but decided not to ram with Mike's ramcar that was closing towards them quickly.

On the north side, Larry foolishly charged straight at a ramcar. Rob said, "Thank you," and promptly obliterated him (+20 Rob, -20 Larry). However, at the end of the ram, Rob found himself slowed down and caught in the middle of Stan, Chris and Chuck. Stan and Chris took advantage of the slow Rob and fired. Stan did serious damage to Rob's right side. (Is that correct? How did Rob take a little of Stan's front?)

While they were busy engaging each other, Chuck came up behind Stan, who really didn't have much choice in the matter. Just after Rob hit Stan's front face, Chuck put a RR round into Stan's rear armor, hoping to mess up his handling. Chuck was surprised at how thin the back armor was because the one shot managed to clean off Stan's entire rear armor. The next turn Chuck finished what he started and killed Stan (+20 Chuck, -20 Stan).

As Chuck was moving away from Rob and Chris, Rob asked about Chuck's turret. Rob got his answer when Chuck's remaining heavy rocket tore through his weakened side doing internal damage which set Rob on fire at the end of the turn.

Rob was counting on his FP armor to protect him from fire. With no fire extinguisher and imminent death approaching, Rob used his last breath to head-on ram Chris. The ram at a combined speed of around 150 mph did a ridiculous amount of damage (over 150 points) nicely cleaned out both of their interiors (+20 Rob, -20 Chris).

As Mike came barreling towards Eric and Jason, Eric disengaged from Jason and took three shots at Mike's front tires. Eric nailed the front left tire once for the some damage. Jason fired at Eric as he gained distance and misses. At this point Jeremy was starting to close on Eric, Mike and Jason. Jeremy took one shot at Eric and missed before changing his target to Mike's tires. After originally turning towards Eric, Mike realized that he was not going to catch Eric to ram him, so he turned back towards Jason, who was moving slow. Unable to escape the incoming
ram, Jason was obliterated by Mike.

Eric did a loop around Mike, firing at Mike's front tires once a turn and missing every shot. Jeremy continued to close and succeeded in taking out one of Mike's tires. As Eric went around Mike's right side, Mike nailed him with his FCGS. It did internals through the top and bottom, but hit component armor.

After setting Rob on fire and getting nada, Chuck headed towards Dean and the rest of the party. Chuck put a RR round in Dean's (weak) right side. However he turned just a little too sharp trying to stay out of Dean's firing arc. Chuck missed his control roll (with a two!), and rolled his
car. While Chuck was rolling, Peter laid a FCGS round on him. Chuck survived the roll, but ended up on his side. Since no one had hit Chuck to cause the roll, and he wasn't avoiding any dropped weapon counters, Chuck was ruled a self mobility kill (+10 Chuck).

As he completed his circuit around Mike, Eric continued forward as he could not get Mike in his arc any longer, and continued past Jeremy hitting Jeremy in the sides and rear. The last shot to the rear caused Jeremy to roll.

While heading towards Dean and Peter to get Jeremy's rear in his arc, Eric (neglectfully and stupidly) left his weak side open to Dean, who took advantage of the opportunity to core Eric with his lasers and rockets (+20 Dean, -20 Eric). Jeremy continued to roll and ended up on his wheels. No soup for Eric.

Peter moved around to the bottom face of Chuck and used two laser hits to damage him. One laser set a fire and eventually finished Chuck (Is this correct? +10 Peter, +0 Chuck). Mike chased Peter up the side of the arena, forgetting that Peter was a  reversed trike and that he is in Peter's firing arc. Peter cleaned off a tire and caused Mike to roll (+30 Peter, +0 Mike). After that kill, Peter veered around a pillar to find Tom waiting for him. Tom pounded Peter to oblivion (Tom +20, Peter +10).

Dean then manuevered himself to take potshots at Jeremy, who though survived the roll, was virtually at a standstill. Eventually Dean got
through his armor and garnered his second kill to satisfy the end of duel condition (+40 Dean, -20 Jeremy). Dean was far enough away from everyone to survive the five turns, and was declared the winner.


Subject: Results of DRACAR Race #6
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 16:22:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dean Gibson <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>

Hey, Mike! I finally posted the results of the DRACAR race at the Gateway 2000 convention down here in L.A.

2050 Florida Police Challenge Results

I picked up the win and one vehicle kill there. I also won the Div 30 duel held on Sunday with two more vehicle kills. Two wins and three vehicle kills in a single weekend! I am pretty proud of myself. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing this and the other Gateway duels included in the next update of the WADA League! Thanks!


Chapters 5-8


Arena Watch: Squid Dueltrack, St. Louis, Missouri
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 11, No. 1; Vol. 11, No. 2
Vehicle Designs: Miscellaneous

Subject: September NOVA Events
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 20:11:57 GMT
From: "Michael Garrity" <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

NOVA played two games this weekend. The first event was a Division 20 hovercraft duel in the Milford Arena. The combatants were myself, Norman McMullen, Don Jacques and the newest member of NOVA, Andy Koehler.

The first two turns had us entering the arena at our customary speed of 30 mph. Combat began on Turn 3, when Don fired his blast cannon at my front armor. I returned fire with my two rocket launchers. Damage was moderate on both sides. Nporman fired his sonic cannon at Andy and did heavy damage. Andy replied with his VFRP but missed. I laid a FCGS counter in front of Don (the FCGS being linked to my RLs). In Turn 4, my FCGS dropped another line of gas in front of Don. He crossed this one and took moderate damage to all of his exterior surfaces. Combat ceased in Turn 5 as we maneuvered for better position. In Turn 6, Don fired his blast cannon at Andy and scored heavy damage. In Turn 7, I had managed to get into Don's rear arc. I promptly fired both RLs, missing with one and hitting with the other.

Things really got hairy in Turn 8. Don was caught between Norman and myself. I fired on him again, while Norman fired his sonic cannon at Don's front armor (doing average damage). Andy maneuvered to protect his damaged left side. He then fired his VFRP at Norman's front and did heavy damage with the hit. Norman maneuvered to avoid a head-on crash with Andy. However, this move caused him to hit Don. The impact pushed Norman backwards at 10 mph. Don made the required control roll, while Norman failed his.

Turn 9 had Don firing his BC at Norman's rear, doing heavy damage. I fired at Don's rear armor and breached it with an average-damage hit. Norman rotated his vehicle and fired his sonic cannon at Don. The damaged caused a severe breach, at which point Don surrendered to Norman. In Turn 10, Norman and Andy went head-to-head. Andy's VFRP shot did average damage. This breached Norman's front armor and wrecked his sonic cannon, but not before Norman had a chance to return fire (which he did. I fired at Norman's rear armor and did average damage with my RLs. He and Andy collided head-on; Norman was killed. From Turn 11 to Turn 12, I maneuvered to set up for a shot against Andy. In turn 13, I fired at Andy's front armor, then hit him head-on. Andy replied with his VFRP. The impact of the collision had Andy moving backwards at around 20 mph.

The end came in Turn 14. Andy and I exchanged fire one final time. The damage from my hit breach Andy's armor and killed him, while his VFRP volley removed all but one point of armor on my front. This gave me the victory.

1. Mike Garrity: 1 point (killed Andy)
2. Andy Koehler: 0 points (killed Norman, killed by mike)
3. Norman McMullen : -1 point (killed by Andy)
4. Don Jacques: -1 point (surrendered to Norman)

The second event was a Division 10 duel also held in Milford Arena. We all had compacts with sloped armor of one type or another. Turn 2
saw combat as Andy and I angled towards each other. Norman and Don charged each other while firing their VMGs. Little damage was done as both had metal armor. Don and Norman fired at each other again in Turn 3 with the same results. I fired my ATG at Andy and did good damage with a HEAT shell. Andy maneuvered away from me, but I managed to get into his rear arc again in Turn 4, whereupon I fired at him again with the same results.

Turn 5 saw me, Andy and Norman converging near the central TV tower in the arena. Norman had begun laying spikes in Turn 4, which had Andy doing a tight bend to avoid them. Andy then fired at Norman's right side doing average damage. The HC penalty caused Andy to lose control and sideswipe a ramp. In turn 6, another ATG shot to Andy's rear armor caused him to surrender to me.

In Turn 7, I t-boned Norman and fired my ATG at his side. I did no damage beacuse of a poor roll against Norman's metal armor. We each suffered heavy damage from the collision. However, I got the worst of it. In Turn 8, I began chasing after Norman, who was moving at 60 mph. I ran over his spikes and took heavy damage to all tires. The spikes were incendiary, but I managed to avoid catching fire. Norman had the advantage of greater speed beacuse my t-bone against him had cut my speed down to 30 mph. I hoped to end the duel in Turn 9 by ramming Norman head on. I did so, but Norman's heavy front armor kept him alive. I was killed in the impact.

1. Norman McMullen: 1 point (killed Mike)
2. Mike Garrity: 0 points (accepted Andy's surrender, was killed by Norman)
3. Don Jacques: -1 point (left the arena because of combat damage)
4. Andy Koehler: -1 point (surrendered to Mike)


Subject: Worldwide Gamers Database Unveiled
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 16:27:21 GMT
From: "Greg J. Schloesser" <>

The Strategy Gaming Society is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new Worldwide Gamers Database. This database lists gamers from around the world, divided into geographic regions so you can easily locate gamers living nearby or when you are traveling. In addition to geographic location, the database includes contact information, profiles and types of games played. So, you can search and find gamers whose tastes in games are similar to your own. This service is absolutely free to all gamers. Please stop by and input your data.

The hobby has long been in need of such a database, and now it is available. However, the database will only be useful if the number of
people listed is large, so please input your data now!

The SGS is indebted to Scott Alden for his time and efforts in building this wonderful database. Thank you, Scott!

Greg J. Schloesser
The Westbank Gamers:
Strategy Gaming Society:



Car Wars Emulator by Aaron Feustel1and Robert Meyer



Vehicle Designs




Editorials, Product Lists


Duel Report