Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 9
September 07, 2050

Web Posted October 20, 2000
Updated September 04, 2001


Greetings, fans of motorsport mayhem. This newsletter is a week late, but when the editor is watching the four-hour version of Dune, opening weekend of the 2000 National Football League season, and auto racing events, the probability of publishing a newsletter on schedule becomes remote. I can say your patience has been rewarded because this issue of autodueling goodies. This edition of CWIN is very special because Robert J. Garitta, member of the Driving Tigers and co-author of GURPS Autoduel Second Edition, has written a short story especially for CWIN that continues the adventures of a NPC featured in ADQ. (Thanks again, Robert.) Also featured on the menu is a preliminary report of the 2050 AADA WDC, a new set of Car Wars/Formula De miniatures, a new NASCAR Challenge board game, and many duel reports from the AAIE. (Thanks again, Edgar, for submitting great event descriptions every month.)


This summer I noticed a race of this ALMS being aired on the NBC network. I almost changed the channel when I observed two aspects of the race that were different than other motorsport shootouts I have watched. First, there were three types of cars racing on the same track, each class having different top speeds. Second, there were Vipers racing on the track. Because the Viper is my favorite type of car and the three classes of cars racing simultaneously was a concept not normally seen (and is an idea that would be excellent for Car Wars scenarios), I continued to watch the race. After that first event, I became a lifetime fan of the ALMS.

If you have never heard of the ALMS, the likely reason is the series is fairly new, started in 1999 by Panoz Motors founder Don Panoz, an auto racing fan who founded Elan Corporation, a company that developed a product that has produced a small amount of income for Panoz: the nicotine patch.

As mentioned above, every ALMS race features three classes of cars racing on the same track: Prototype (custom Can-Am-style cars with top speeds over 300 kph), GTS (race-modified Vipers, Corvettes and Porsches with top speeds over 240 kph) and GT (Porches and BMWs with top ends over 200 kph). The sights of watching Prototypes passing GTSs and GTs, Corvettes trying to break a long winning streak held by Vipers, and the brakes of Prototypes glowing at night should not be missed by any Car Wars fan.

Details about the ALMS can be found on the ALMS Web site. Listed below are the next two races of the league. The tournament will conclude with a race at Adelade on December 31st.

American Le Mans Series

Rose City Grand Prix
Portland International Raceway, Portland, Oregon
September 10, 2000
Televised Live on NBC Sports, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Eastern

Petit Le Mans
Road Atlanta Motorsports Center, Atlanta, Georgia
September 30, 2000
Televised Live on Speedvision, 12:30 p.m.
Repeat Broadcast on EuroNet, October 9th (time to be decided)
Repeat Broadcast on Fox SportsNet, October 15th, 12:00 p.m.

I mentioned last issue the September and October editions of CWIN would feature two arenas designed by former NOVA member Chris French. Because the magazine's editor has only base level in the skill Computer Graphics Artist, the conversion of these arenas from paper to Web format will be delayed for several weeks.

Once again, I ask you register with gamer databases (especially Access Denied, The Autoduelist and the SJ Games Store and Gamer Finder; see the WADA Player Registry for the Web addresses of these databases) and occasionally send me short notes about your dueling activities.

May your rockets always follow their targeting laser and your bumper-triggered heavy rockets hit at point-blank range,

Michael P. Owen



Robert J. Garitta
Driving Tigers/Road Wolves



Tony Kontes
Boneheadz of New Idaho



Subject: Car Wars Minis Question
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 09:29:47 -0700
From: Paul Perry <>

I am getting into Car Wars as a nice side game. Does anyone use miniatures for it? If so, what scale is most workable within the game? Thanks.

Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 16:36:07 GMT
From: Hooked on Lead Crack <>

We used Matchbox cars and Dark Future miniatures as drivers, pedestrians, etc . . .


Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 11:31:36 -0700
From: Mike Gingold <>

Micro Machines also work fairly well. Scale is 150%.

Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 21:38:27 GMT
From: Brian Torrens <>

I used to have some cars that were "N" scale (I think). They were perfect. The luxury-size vehicles were almost an inch long which was perfect for the scale. I glued them to some card bases the proper size for the game to help regulate movement.

Check at your local hobby store or model train shop. There are tons of vehicles to choose from including big rigs and motorcycles. Of course you would have to add any external weapons yourself. We were just as happy with the models as is.

Happy motoring.

Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 22:37:47 GMT
From: Brandu <>

Cars, rigs and cycles? N-scale, huh? Almost makes me want to order up from Uncle Steve and show those Formula De guys a real car game . . .

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 02:14:21 GMT
From: Brian Torrens <>

You'd better double check that . . . I bought those models about 10 years ago, so I'm not absolutely sure that they were N scale! I had everything from a Volkswagon Bug to a Porsche, some vans, a Lincoln Towncar and two big rigs. You could even go a step further and buy some model scenery as well! Lamp posts, mail boxes, garbage cans, even some speed bumps . . . er . . . pedestrians really spice up the look of your Car Wars games.

If you're going to drive, drive in style!

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 16:52:19 GMT
From: Brandu <>

Already been checking on it. Yep, 18-wheelers, Porsches, gas stations, speed bumps, even a Studebaker. Hmm, I wonder if anyone makes an Edsel . . .

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 09:12:14 GMT
From: Henry E. Tyler <>

Matchbox, Hotwheels and other toy cars work well. An old ADQ had an article on converting the game to this scale (3:1). Use clear plastic as the base, enlarge the turn guide, and you are all set. We used to play arenas with a set one guy got for $2.99. With six cars, how can you
go wrong? And they were already painted!

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 10:18:58 -0500
From: Tom Beliech <>

If I remember correctly, Dark Horse made Car Wars miniatures, but they went out of print a long time ago. I've seen people use Matchbox cars and Micro Machines, even in official tournaments.

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 12:28:09 -0400
From: Thomas Pope <>

I've been maintaining a page on the Stuff of Legends Web site for all the miniatures in the original scale of the game. I just got both sets of Irregular vehicles, but haven't posted the photos on the page yet.

Stuff of Legends: Car Wars Miniatures

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 19:57:13 +0200
From: Wolfgang Zeller <>

How about the Krash miniatures? The basic cars may not be the nicest designs, but you sure get a lot of cool accessories to equip and tune your cars. Maybe you should just buy the booster packs and glue the parts to usual Matchbox cars.

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 20:54:19 GMT
From: Tom Bryant <>

Hot Wheels cars work great. Somewhere (I think I know but I am not sure) I have the article for the conversion to Hot Wheels scale cars in one of my old ADQs. Ral Partha used to make a line of 1/300th or 1/200th something scale cars, bikes, trucks, etc. for it. Now that SJ Games has a casting facility, Steve Jackson might be able to redo those for a miniatures game.

Tom Bryant
President, HMGS-GL





August 09, 2000: More Information about the 2050 AADA WDC

Arenas. The "workhorse" arena for this year's WDC will be the Aspen Octagon. See the RMADA Web site for the specifics. This arena will be used for both the preliminary events and final.

RMADA Arena Watch: Aspen Octagon

It is still possible (but not likely) that an alternate arena might be used for the prelim rounds. If so, this arena will be set up in the Car Wars space adjacent to the Octagon a few hours before the first event (probably around 2:00 p.m. on Friday).

Checking Vehicle Designs. It would be extremely helpful to me that if you have your vehicle design done before the event that you could give it to me to check over well ahead of the scheduled time for the event. It gives you time to tweak your design if I find something wrong, and it helps assure that we start in a timely manner.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman
AADA Head Referee

August 20, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Champion

The 2050 AADA World Dueling Champion is John Blaylock from the Southern Hitmen Autoduel Assassin's Guild (SHAAG). John and SHAAG have been spotted dueling in the Memphis, Tennessee area. For more information about the group, visit their Web site.

Southern Hitmen Autoduel Assassin's Guild

Here are the standings from the final round:

1. John Blaylock
2. Dan O'Gorman
3. Darrin Marquez
3. Mike Miller
5. James Bourn
6. Mike Garrity
6. Brian Strassman
6. David Nelson

Below are a few pictures and thoughts from the WDC at Gen Con 2000 thanks to Keith Johnson, SJ Games Assistant Webmaster.

Photograph #1. Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee, set up the Car Wars tournaments for GenCon. Each of the cars are Micro Machines and there are some three-dimensional objects (like big pillars) scattered about the arena. Two arenas were set up, but thirty three people showed up to duel. Two more arenas were quickly added, with Eric running back and forth like a crazed maniac (which I guess is synonymous with Head Referee). All in all, it looks like the first round of the Tournament was a great success.

Photograph #2. Early in the game, things were going well. Cars are taking a few pot shots at each other, and then finally the drivers have been worked up into a killing rage. Forget those Vulcan machine guns, this guy is going for the least subtle method of winning the game: driving into
your enemy's car at 60 miles per hour. Let's hear it for the ram plate!

Photograph #3. This driver is in a world of hurt. He's driving into a field of flaming oil, and behind it is a huge minefield. This guy is not long for the world. However, this still doesn't top the guy who rolled his car next to the arena wall after running over a few mines. The car started to roll, and the top of his car slammed into the arena wall. Basically, that driver needed to be hosed out of a ton of twisted metal.

Be sure to visit Keith's Web site for more pictures from Gen Con. Thanks for the first pictures of the WDC, Keith.

Keith Johnson's Gen Con 2000 Photographs

September 03, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship Report

The AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship Report is now available. Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee, recapped the entire weekend of dueling excitement that ended with John Blaylock (SHAAG) earning the top spot in the dueling world. Special thanks to the mysterious webmaster who converted Eric's report to HTML for upload to the site. The link to the report is available to the AADA Hall of Fame page. Be sure to visit the AADA Hall of Fame for the complete listing of all the AADA Champions, both Dueling and Racing.

2050 AADA WDC Report

AADA Hall of Fame

Tim Gould
AADA Webmaster


From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: August 1st AAIE Weekly Rumble, August 6th AAIE Pick-up Game
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:23:22 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

I have two events to report this time. The first was a duel in the Feynman Proving Grounds with 2050 Mini-Shermans. The carnage started with Trish and Norma taking an inconclusive pass at each other and Norma (Gasp!) turned out of the head-on collision! Trish passed in front
of me and I managed a double tap to take her out. Norma drove onto a teleporter and rolled the one out of the arena so was out of the game.
 Carol teleported in front of me and turned into a head-on collision to kill both of our vehicles. Total duel time: 35 minutes.

Mini-Sherman 2050 -- Compact, hvy. chassis, large PP, hvy. suspension, 4 radial HD tires, driver, 2 linked HMGs (each with 9 HD shots) front. Cargo capacity: 0 spaces, 0 lbs. (70 lbs. with PP upgrade). Metal armor: 25 points, 7 points 2-space plastic CA around driver. Acceleration 10, Top speed 120, DM 1, HC 4; 4,000 lbs., $9,932.50.

August 01
AAIE Div 10 Mini-Sherman 2050 Duel
Location: Feynman Proving Grounds
Players: 4
Special Rules: Teleporters

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (24, VK x 2)
2. Carol Dougherty (11, VK x 1)
3. Trish Bridges (2)
4. Norma Barrett-Lincoln (1)

The second duel was me taking a bunch of fledgling duelists to school down at the original home of AAIE, Richland, WA. That was the intent,
anyway, but I forgot to take into account that newbies always win. It  was a Division 15 duel with six people in custom cars I designed to their specifications before the duel. (I love Norma's spreadsheet!)

* Dave Acton: Compact, 2 HMGs (each with 5 HD shots) front, metal/plastic armor
* Pam Bronson: Compact, nitrous oxide, driver and gunner, VFRP front, airdam, spoiler, SWC, metal/plastic armor
* Andy Pickett: Slow X-hvy. trike, 2 ATGs (1R, 1L), cyclist and gunner
* Clinton Casaw: Slow mid-size, BC front, SD back, armor sloping
* Rob Dean: Slow compact, armor sloping, ramplate
* Edgar T. Lincoln: Wall-hugging sedan, driver and gunner, 2 FTs right, metal/plastic armor, CA on everything

The chaos started with me taking a 90-mph t-bone from Rob. He didn't quite take out my flamethrowers but I lit him on fire. Unfortunatly, he had
to make too sharp of a turn and wiped out into the wall before the fire could kill him. Clint and Andy exchanged shots but only softened each other up for Pam. She used a ram combined with the VFRP to finish both of them off but Clint took her with him. That left Dave and I. He t-boned me to take out the flamethrowers but was going too slow to maneuver for a salvo into my wounded side before I drove out.

August 06
AAIE North-AAIE South Div 15 Duel
Location: Acton Downs
Players: 6
Host Group: AAIE South
Duelmasters: Dave Acton <>, Edgar T. Lincoln <>

1. Pam Bronson (WA Independent, 36, VK x 2)
2. Dave Acton (AAIE South, 17)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (AAIE North, 10)
4. Rob Dean (AAIE South, 3)
5. Clint Casaw (WA Independent, 2)
6. Andy Pickett (WA Independent, 1)

That's it for now. Keep the tires down and screaming.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: August 22nd AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 10:47:15 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Odd week this week. We had two ties! I normally don't believe in them but there was nothing to distinguish the duelists, so what are you going to do?

Five folks this week in the same arena as last time without teleporters and a 100-mph jump added (worth 1 prestige to do sucessfully; it's a narrow table for that big of jump in 3X scale).

* Edgar T. Lincoln (Midville Madness): Compact, active suspension, 3 SDs, airdam, spoiler, HDSAs, ramplate
* Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (Boom Chuka Boom): Compact, nitrous oxide, ATG front, airdam, spoiler, 80-point plastic ramplate
* Carol Dougherty: Compact, VFRP with blow-through concealment, airdam, spoiler, thick metal/plastic armor front, plastic armor only other locations, fake ramplate
* Tom Lentz: Compact, ATG (mounted front?), side-mounted SDs, airdam, spoiler, thick metal/plastic armor front, FP plastic armor other locations
* Ted Hill: Compact, 3 HMGs front, SMD (with spider mines) back, airdam, spoiler

Tom and Carol started on one end going counterclockwise with Tom leading. Norma was on the other end also going counter-clockwise. Ted was on the same end going toward me while I was on the side away from where Tom and Carol were headed. They were going toward Ted and Norma, who traded shots and did a head-on collision. Since Norma had a ramplate and Ted didn't, Norma converted Ted's car into confetti and still had a ramplate left. I managed to drive right across her nose, avoiding a ram, and left a mess of explosive spikes in front of her. (I had them on automatic.) She drove across three spike counters and near two of them, but only set off one, losing one tire in the process. (She had also hit an obstacle from the remains of Ted's car.)

Meanwhile, Tom was dropping spikes in front of Carol and taunting her, "I bet you wish you had an aimed weapon!" At the end of Round 2
she had pulled close enough to fire and gave him two salvos (bottom of 2, top of 3), hit with all six rockets that had the exact amount of damage to kill Tom's driver. Instant karma.

I came around the corner and as we closed, Carol barely managed a salvo at my front, missing with all rockets because I hadn't taunted her. I managed to make the collision a side swipe and again had my spikes on automatic. She had solids so took the first two okay, but she cut a D6 bend to avoid the rest and skidded over three more to lose her tires and become a  mobility-kill.

Norma came around between the two risers in the center of the arena and I turned away through Tom's spikes, adding some of my own, and made her chase me. (I wouldn't have survived the head-on at 145 mph so I didn't give her the chance.) She tried her luck with the spikes but three of them went off, taking out the rest of her tires.

August 22
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Location: Big B. Arena
Players: 5
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln <>, Tom Lentz <>

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (30)
2. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (7, VK x 1)
2. Carol Dougherty (7, VK x 1)
4. Tom Lentz (1)
4. Ted Hill (1)

Next week is a Division 25 race of some sort (I think) but it will definitely be a Division 25 event. Also, we bid a sad farewell to Trish Bridges. She is moving back to Florida to look for better jobs in her field. We'll miss her. If there are any active players in Florida, let me know and we'll get her in touch with you.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: August 29th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:04:20 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

It was another small game this week. Tom was working in the Tri-Cities trying to get US West and GTE to play nice so he can network two
businesses. Not a task I envy, hopefully it won't take too long. Also, Trish Bridges has started her journey down to Florida. On the plus side,
a friend named Nathan "Groovy" Gruver has moved to the area and did his first duel with us this week.

The duel was a Division 25 fight in the Airway Heights Modular Arena. Each duelist could pick an arena element to be placed. I chose an 80-mph jump, Nathan chose a riser to the side of the jump, Norma chose three checkpoints, and Carol chose two teleporters, one on the rises and one to the other side of the jump. The outer edge was still set up as an octagon.

* Nate (Modified Cyclops): Sedan, nitrous oxide, BC front, SD back, airdam, spoiler, armor sloping, thick metal/plastic armor front
* Norma (Hibachi): Sedan, nitrous oxide, driver and gunner, RL (with incendiary rockets) in 2-space turret, 2 FOJs (1R, 1L), FCE back, 70-point plastic ramplate
* Edgar (Not the Face!): Fast compact, active suspension, racing slick PR tires, HMG (with 5 shots) in 1-space turret, SD back, FOJ back, LRW and 3 HSkDs in three front locations, airdam, spoiler, armor sloping
* Carol: Luxury, 2 concealed ATGs front, MD back, airdam, spoiler, metal/plastic armor, fake ramplate

Carol and I started in one corner while Nate and Norma started in the other. Carol and I both ran for the same checkpoint. I made it first, leaving a trail of spikes and oil, and was unsuprised when Carol opened up with the ATGs. (The only reason to have an unsloped, gas-burning, ram luxury is if you are hiding six spaces of weaponry in the front.) I avoided her mines and Carol didn't lose tires to my dropped weapons because she had solids.

On the other side, Nate managed a double tap on Norma's front, removing half of her ramplate, and turned to take the collision as a t-bone. Norma took out his side armor but missed getting a kill by about ten points. She put her dropped weapons on automatic and came toward me.  Nate went around and took the jump. I hit the checkpoint by his landing ramp and dropped my oil and spikes. I finished off Norma's front armor but couldn't get a second shot at it as I was going too fast.

Carol came around and dropped mines by the ramp but was t-boned by Nate after he landed, taking out her side and tires for a mobility kill.  Nate set off her mines, lost one tire, fishtailed into my spikes and oil and lost two more tires, becoming a mobility kill. Norma was out of dropped weapons and front armor so headed for the exit. Carol got a shot at her but  missed due to Norma's speed and the smoke from my oil. I hit the last checkpoint and made it around to get a long shot at Nate's side before he made it out. My shot at his wounded side hit his driver, knocking
him unconscious and giving me the other half of his kill.

August 29
AAIE Div 25 Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Players: 4
Special Rules: Each duelist place one arena element prior to start of game.

1. Edgar T. Lincoln (24, VK x 1)
2. Nathan "Groovy" Gruver (11)
3. Carol Dougherty (2)
4. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (1)

Next week is another Division 25 event in the same arena with the same way of placing arena elements.

From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: September 5th AAIE Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 09:05:15 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

This week we did a Division 25 game in the Airway Heights Modular Arena again, but this time we played Tag. The person with the highest reaction roll starts as It. Any damage done to another vehicle makes the target It. Kills performed when It gives 1 point. Killing It gives 1 point and you become It. Five people were in attendance.

* Nate (Boom Boom): Luxury, driver and gunner, 2 ATGs, airdam, spoiler
* Norma (Flameout): Fast sedan, driver and gunner, 2 RLs with incendiary rockets front, roll cage, airdam, spoiler, metal armor front, plastic armor elsewhere, component armor (engine, driver, both RLs)
* Carol (2049 Piecemaker): Luxury, driver and gunner, 2 old-style VFRPs front, airdam, spoiler, front armor 12 points metal/50 points plastic
* Tom (Tag! You're It!): Fast mid-size, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret, FCGS back, airdam, spoiler
* Edgar (2050 Thompson): Sedan, driver, gunner, 4 smart-linked HMGs (2 in turret, 2 front), airdam, spoiler, sloped armor

Nate was It to start. Carol thought it was Monday, so she was late. Carol didn't come into the arena until the top of Turn 2. Both Nate and Norma did the obligatory head-on at the end of Turn 1. Nate's car was killed and on fire but his driver and gunner survived. Norma was It.

I set up for a double tap on Norma's back. I breached her armor, killed her gunner and took out the component armor on her driver, not quite a kill. Tom, who had been on the other side of the arena, beamed to the teleporter next to me, and lined up with me for a t-bone in Phase 1. Lucky for me, Carol ported on the same one facing the wrong way, forcing Tom back across the arena and allowing me to get to Norma's wounded back for the kill at the top of Turn 3. I became It.

Carol shot in Turn 2 and missed with all six rockets. She shot again in Turn 3 (after I'm It) and hit with four, breaching my left side and knocking out my gunner. At the end of Turn 3, Tom managed to get a deflection shot on my side and took out my engine for the kill, making Tom It. He Shoots Carol with the FCGS a couple of times, lights her on fire and tries a head-to-head pass, figuring if she rams head-on at 150 mph at least he would take her with him. That assumption was incorrect. Between the VFRPs and her thick front armor, Tom was toast and Carol survived with weapons and front armor remaining.

September 05
AAIE Div 25 Tag Duel
Location: Airway Heights Modular Arena
Players: 5
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Special Rules: Teleporters and ramps

1. Carol Dougherty (30, VK x 1)
2. Edgar T. Lincoln (14, VK x 1)
3. Tom Lentz (3, VK x 1)
4. Norma J. Barrett-Lincoln (2, VK x 1)
5. Nate Gruver (1)

Next week is Division 15 Tag in the Modular Arena with a half point awarded for every full turn you are It. The duel will also (hopefully) feature the return of Stephanie, a person that has gamed with us on and off for a number of years but we haven't seen her for a while. I look forward to killing you again, Steph.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE September 12th Weekly Rumble
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 11:54:36 -0700

Hey Guys,

School has started and that means that the second Tuesday of each month is taken up by a meeting at school. Sorry, so the next game will be Tuesday, September 19th, 6:00 p.m. at our place. It will be Division 15 Tag in the Modular Arena. Hopefully, we can change the meeting to
Thursdays. I'll keep you posted.


New Article: Simple Campaigns


Welcome to what could turn into a decent Car Wars Web page after we play a few more games. Right now we're in the stages of generating interest and rekindling old gaming habits so our autodueling muscles are just getting warmed up. That's probably why the temporary name for our league is Down Under Duelling, or DUD for short.

Mostly this page is here to facilitate announcements of games and to give the details of each event. It will probably also include a championship league table (when we get one), our designs and links to a couple of other Car Wars sites around the Web.

So scroll down and start thy browsing!

Peace and light,



Subject: Further Info on DSI Event 3
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 00:49:58 +0100
From: David Hudson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>


Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you on this. You know how it is with pressures of work, etc.

As a follow-up to my earlier e-mail regarding DSI events, Event 3's details were given as unofficial, and a "steward's enquiry" was to occur, as a
result of scrutineering of the winner's designs. The following is a short e-mail exchange.

Initial Announcement

British autoduellists were shocked by today's revelation that Archdiocese have been caught cheating!

The news comes via a leaked statement, following post-duel scrutineering after the Circle of Doom event, less than a week ago. The authorities
have not made an official announcement, though it is understood that they are now looking into the designs of another competitor, BUMS,
whose cycles finished the last combat in second place. With Archdiocese's seemingly inevitable disqualification, BUMS will not only inherit
victory from this event but also the lead of the championship and the accompanying $4,000 bonus.

The controversy is rumoured to revolve around Archdiocese's Inferno cycle, which, according to an inside source, attempted to mount six
spaces' worth of equipment (cyclist = 2, power plant  = 1, FCGS  = 2, extra magazine = 1) on a medium cycle built to hold five spaces.

The only grain of good luck for the God-squad are that their illegal design didn't actually kill any of it's competitors, as this would have incurred
a financial penalty on the team; the "kill" on the DRAGON cycle was merely a firepower points kill, so is not included.

No word has yet been received from the York camp as to whether they will appeal against the decision.

Press Release from Archdiocese
Bishopthorpe, York
For Immediate Circulation

The Autoduelling team Archdiocese would like to announce that we will not be appealing against our recent disqualification from the Circle of
Death event. After rigorous checks of our own, we concur that our Inferno cycle design was illegal. However, these same checks have led
us to conclude to our satisfaction that this illegal design was due to an inadvertent error on the part of our engineering team, and not the
result of cheating or corruption by any member of Archdiocese. As such, no one will be sacked, although those responsible have shown a
commendable willingness to confess and do penance in the eyes of the Lord. We are investigating the possibility of restructuring the
communication structure of the team in order to minimise the chances of similar errors in the future. In the meantime, we reiterate that we
fully accept our disqualification and the attendant penalties.

As a result of Archdicese's disqualification from the event, the other teams shuffle up one slot, giving the final tally below.
Placing Team Cycles Kills For/Against/Total Points Winnings
1. BUMS 2 0 / 0 / 0 5 $24,000
2. DRAGON 3 1 / -2 / -1 3 $12,000
3. HAVOC 2 0 / -2 / -2 1 $4,000
4. Archdiocese 3 3 / 0 / 3 0 $0


These results gives the overall standings for the DragonSlayers in the table below.  For further information, please check out the DSI Web site.
Team 1st 2nd 3rd Kills For/Against/Diff. Points Winnings
BUMS 1 2 0 2 / 1 / 1 11 $70,000*
DRAGON 1 1 1 1.5 / 4 / -2.5 9 $51,000
Archdiocese 1 0 0 6 / 1 / 5 5 $54,000
HAVOC 0 0 2 0.5 / 4 / -3.5 2 $9,000

* This figure incorporates a $4,000 bonus for leading the league.

The next duel, loosely scheduled for mid/late August, is to take place at the Bristol Oval. The event will be composed of two races, each running in the opposite direction. The winner will be the first vehicle to complete two full laps of the circuit, beginning at one of the end pieces
and ending at the other. Any ground vehicle may enter, and each is limited to Division 75. No aggressive acts may occur until your team's vehicles have passed each other fully, and no dropped weapons may be used at all.

Subject: August Event Details from DragonSlayers, Inc.
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 23:38:19 +0100
From: David Hudson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
CC: DSI Mailing List


Here's the details of the latest DragonSlayers, Inc auto-combat -- a non-corporate campaign duel termed an "unfriendly."

The event was to be a Division 10, cars-only duel at Dr. Cobalt's Secret Lab (courtesy of Autoduel Champions), with the following special rules: no surrendering and no X-ray lasers! (We now have an event randomiser, which spits out Division limits, arenas, vehicle types and special rules which doesn't always generate logical events!) This was this intention, but our new recruit Andy didn't note the cars-only part, and brought along a trike.As the event was primarily to get to know Andy, and for him to get to know us, we decided to relax the ruling . . . just this once. Don't think we're going soft.

So, apart from Andy's trike, the field was composed of compacts and subcompacts, with a variety of weapons. Marty's vehicle as the most unusual design with a VS, LFT and JD:

* Geoff (BUMS): RL with AP rockets
* Andrew (Feralgrin Enterprises): Light trike, 2 MGs each with HD ammo
* David (DRAGON): VMG with incendiary ammo, SD, sloped armor
* Marty (HAVOC): Subcompact, LL
* Alasdair (Archdiocese): LFT in turret, VS front, JD

The combat started with all duelists stationary at randomly-chosen points, which had David, Marty and Andy close to one another, and Geoff and Alasdair both near one corner.

The fighting quickly got underway, with shots exchanged but little damage done, until the two distinct groups moved around and tried to merge. Geoff seemed to take the merging a little too literally, and rammed Alasdair head-on, wiping him out, before continuing on to a low speed collision with Marty. Seeing how much fun this was, David followed suit and rammed head-on into Andy, seriously weakening both vehicles' fronts. The continuing exchange of fire between these two rapidly removed the remaining points, also taking out David's VMG and one of Andy's MGs.

Seeing two injured opponents, Geoff and Marty came rushing in like vultures to the kill, but Marty quickly followed suit, losing his front armour too, along with his power plant. The contest ended prematurely, due to time constraints, with the following results:

August 30
DSI Div 10 Duel
Location: Cobalt Laboratory
Players: 5
Duelmaster: David Hudson <>
Special Rules: No surrenders, no X-ray lasers

1. Geoff "BUMS" Lambourne: Two kills to his credit and the only one with unbreached front armour (later revealed to be a single point remaining)
2. Andrew: Still with a working MG
3. David "DRAGON" Hudson: No real offensive weapons, just mobility and a spikedropper
4. Marty "HAVOC" Jopson: Used all of his LFT shots, being immobilised removed the threat of the JD, killed by Geoff
5. Alasdair "Archdiocese" Brooks: Killed by Geoff

The next corporate duel will be the head-to-head race around the Bristol Oval circuit, for two Division 75 land vehicles (any type) per team. This has been provisionally booked for the 15th of September. As always, a report on the event will be posted on the Web site and provided in summary to you.

Keep blastin',



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From: Dean Gibson <>
To: Southern California Car Wars Mailing List
Subject: Southern California Car Wars News
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 09:46:32 -0700 (PDT)

DRACAR will be at GameX Saturday, September 2nd, 2000 at 10:00 a.m. Details regarding the DRACAR Florida State Police Challenge are now posted on the official DRACAR Web site. Bring a DRACAR sedan or bring $40,000 worth of police equipment (a 2032 or 2049 Police Cruiser; any additional equipment must be AADA legal). You can race, or you can try and stop the race! Scoring for both sides is detailed on the Florida State Police Web page.

See you at the con!


Daily Illuminator
August 13, 2000

If you couldn't make it to Gen Con this year, you might enjoy some of the reports being posted elsewhere on our site. Keith Johnson, our
Assistant Webmaster, has created his own page of photos from the con.

Keith Johnson's Gen Con 2000 Pictures

Thursday Page 3: 2050 AADA WDC

Sunday Page 2: 2050 AADA WDC

And if you're a Pyramid subscriber, you can read Micah Jackson's con reports, as he reprises the role of Pyramid staff reporter for Gen Con this year.

Jacqueline Hamilton
SJ Games Webmistress


Subject: Kult of Speed Returns
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 20:19:48 GMT
From: Jason Walters <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hello Owen,

It is Jason from the Kult Of Speed out here in the land of dairies, breweries and brautweirst. Last night I played the first game of Car Wars since
Anime Central (when the KOS tried running the U.S. Midwest RDC) with Dave, a gamer who contacted me before Gen Con. He was interested in playing Car Wars but have never had a chance to play with anyone before.

We set up a battle with a $150,000 limit for cars in a town that looks very much like Midville. The scenario was my car company took to the field to deal with a gang that intended to bomb my company's car factory. I had my custom-built luxury with a 75mm tank gun serve as my president's personal ride. My modified Division 10 Boomer was joined by three mercenary gasoline-powered compacts, a Division 10 ram compact, two Division 5 Threshers, and a Slingshot heavily modified to carry many mini rockets. This armada rolled into town on the main drag going north.
Dave was using a compact, a pickup, a van, a sedan and a mid-size. All of these vehicles were gasoline-powered and carried a variety of weapon systems between them. The most common weapon was the HMG, a nice tool of destruction to have.

Both sides met for the first time on the west side of the mall. As my compacts drove around the corner of the mall, the gang's mid-size and compact confronted them. All of my compacts took off to go around the block (to come up behind the enemy). My other vehicles slowed to turn around and meet the mid-size, compact and the other gang vehicles one block away. The luxury was the first of my cars to exchange fire with the mid-size. I was torn between taking out the compact or the mid-size. I decided to finish off the latter with an APFSDS round, which went into the front and came out the back, causing the car to roll into the side of the mall at 10 mph. After Dave's compact was impaled by the tungsten penetrator, one of my compacts spun out into the park to kiss a tree backwards, a result of too much turning on grass.

The next car ripped was my personal ride. The gang's van happened to be carrying twin anti-tank guns. Their attack left me with no front armor. To add insult to injury, the next two shots I fired from the big gun . . . at short range . . . missed. It is better to give than to receive, so I drove my Boomer to give greetings and saluations to the rolling pillbox. My Boomer's side attack on the van penetrated the armor and killed the driver. I followed up the strike with a 25-mph ram that killed the van's gunner.

Dave's pickup came barreling though to some damage to my van. The cost of this attack was the pickup being shot at by all of my vehicles on the corner, and being chased down the block by the subcompacts and van. By this time, my compacts and ram car caught up to the sedan as it raced past the dead van and other immobile vehicles.

The gang's pickup and compact found my compact that had spun out in the park. A compact vs. compact duel occurred until the gang compact t-boned my compact, which replied with smallarms and a pintle-mounted HMG. This combat ended when the pickup rammed my compact in a 50-mph head-on collision. (The ramplate caused an amount of damage that was sick. The pickup went through the entire car from one end to the other, entering the front and exiting the back, even though the dice roll was only 40 points.)

One turn later, the subcompacts and Slingshot drove between the pickup and compact, which were now turned to face to the rest of my force. The sedan and pickup discovered how awful it is to be on the receiving end of nine mini-rockets from the right and back of the Slingshot. These targets did not have any armor left after the point-blank shot. If we did not quit the game at this point due to time, the compact would have received the same treatment the next turn from the other side of the van.

Both forces were balanced and the fight was good. My biggest disadvantage was all of my weapons were front-mounted, but I kept my cars together to deal with the gang's vehicles which were equipped with many turrets. Thinking about repair and salvage, the gang compact was the only car in the quintet that did not need major work. The van was another story. Overall my forces were in good shape except for the one compact that died in a spectacular fashion.

This rumble was the first time Dave had played Car Wars with an opponent while it was the first time I have played in a battle of this size. The game was hard keeping track of the many hazards but it was fun. I am hoping to get Dave dueling again and to dig up the old members of the group to play a four-person game. I also hope to have a new Necromancer Motors Showcase completed soon. See you next time.


Summer 2050 League Rules
August 2000 Duel Report


Subject: MAXTRAX Realistic Racing Games
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 21:22:31 -0400
From: David Whalen <>
To: Michael P. Owen<>


We are currently in development of the Watkins Glen and Darlington tracks, however, the next release will be a large (6 foot by 4 foot) mat
version of Daytona Challenge officially licensed by NASCAR. The new large mat version will allow our customers to race their 1:64 scale miniatures (Hot Wheels, Racing Champions, etc.). The release date for this item is middle to late September.

We have the box art, rules, and most of the components ready for the Watkins Glen and Darlington Tracks, however cash flow has really slowed the progress.

Thanks for your interest. I have attached some photos of some of our customers at a gaming convention with our new 1:64 scale version of  Daytona Challenge.

Gen Con 2000 Photographs: Daytona Challenge 1:64 Floor Mat

If you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail or give us a call at 813 655-7512.

David Whalen
MaxTrax, Inc.


Arena Watch: Diamond Acres Arena


Battle Reports
* June 24th: St. Paul Demolition Park Division 40 Demolition Derby
* July 15th: Myrtle Beach Medieval Times Arena Division 15 Joust
* July 29th: Santee Aqua Duel Park Division 25 Boat Duel
* August 12th: Dumbarton Slalom Arena Division 75 Duel
* August 18th: Double Drum Division 30 Night Laser Duel


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: Southern California Mailing List
Subject: Car Wars Duel report 7/30/00
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 13:06:24 -0700 (PDT)

SCAB held a Division 10 duel on Sunday, July 30th. Six contestants fought it out in the Double Drum. The Carlsbad Game Cove played host for the duel, truly a wonderful game shop with both a great selection of games and a sizable gaming space.

Starting Gates

1. Daniel Miles: Pregenerated compact, turreted MG, rear MD
2. Empty
3. Chuck Phillips: Compact, ATG with APFSDS ammo front
4. Jarett Wintraub: Pregenerated compact, ATG with APFSDS ammo front
5. Rob Hagmaier: Compact, nasty dropped weapon combination, fake ramplate
6. Steve Richards: Pregenerated compact, RR front
7. Eric Freeman: Compact, oil gun right, ramplate
8. Empty

This duel also featured another playtesting of High-Torque Motors (HTM) and new airfoil rules. Freeman, Hagmaier, and Phillips elected to equip their vehicles with HTMs which increase the acceleration of electric power plants by 5 mph at the expense of top speed.

The action started off fast and furious as Rob and Steve turned towards each other on a collision course.  In the first turn Steve pumped a HEAT round from his recoilless at Rob, but Rob's heavily armored front managed to deflect the damage. In the second turn they closed on one another. At the very last moment Rob veered off to the side. Steve took a shot at Rob's left rear tire and did some damage, while Rob dumped a "joy package" right in front of Steve consisting of two patches of ice, one patch of flaming oil, a flame cloud, spikes and a dropped spike plate. Steve was unable to avoid the mess and it destroyed three of his tires. The hazards caused Steve's car to vault and burn. The fire took out his last tire and Steve ended the roll with his car on its side. Since his guns were pointed at a wall, Steve was declared a full kill for Rob (+20 points Rob, -20 points Steve). Steve did manage to use his PFE to put out the fire after three turns. Rob continued around the drum towards Jarett, trying to force him into his trail of flaming oil and spikes.

Meanwhile on the other side of the arena, both Eric and Chuck turned towards Daniel. Chuck quickly closed on Daniel and unloaded a sabot ATG round in Daniels side at point-blank range in Turn 2. Daniel's return fire was ineffective. However, maneuvering for the point-blank shot and the hazard from firing the ATG left Chuck at a low handling class. Eric placed a spot of flaming oil directly in front of Chuck who lost control and rolled for a mobility kill for Eric (+10 points Eric, -10 points Chuck).

In Turn 3, Eric placed another flaming oil patch in front of Chuck's rolling vehicle right where Chuck would end up. He landed on his side with his roof against the arena wall and in a pool of flaming oil.  However, he was still able to fire and unloaded a point-blank round into Eric's left side as he left the scene to chase down Daniel. Chuck's thick left armor was able to withstand the flaming oil and Chuck successfully used a PFE to kill all the fire modifiers.

Daniel was speeding towards Rob and Jarett on the other side of the arena, hotly pursued by Eric and his ramplate and oil gun. Daniel's turreted MG struck Eric more than once, but only marred the paint on Eric's metal-and-plastic ramplate. Eric tried to get Daniel with his flaming oil gun, but missed both shots badly.

At this point Jarett's luck ran out as he was forced through Rob's flaming oil and spikes. Jarett's tires could not stand up to the oil and two patches of spikes. Three of the spike counters blew, sending Jarett spinning into the arena wall where the collision left an obstacle directly under his vehicle, a mobility-kill for Rob (+10 points Rob, -10 points Jarett). Since his guns were still a threat, Jarret was not declared a full kill.

Rob then made a tight turn towards the incoming Daniel and blew his control roll, spinning into the arena wall. Rob was a sitting duck as
Daniel plowed into his side at 55 mph, but failed to kill him. With Rob and Daniel tied up against the wall, Eric came screaming in. First, he laid a patch of flaming oil under Jarett. This was ineffective as Jarret had 6 points of metal armor on his underbody and was able to extinguish all the fire modifiers with a PFE. After that shot, he turned towards the fray, rear-end ramming Daniel at 80 mph (a 50-mph net collision speed). This was not enough to finish Daniel, who continued through the tunnel past Rob. Daniel then put his mines on automatic to discourage pursuit.

Seeing a whole patch of mines in front of him, Eric pulled a 75-degree turn to avoid going into the tunnel of death. He blew the control roll
and was sent spinning through a set of mines and then later some of Rob's flaming oil. This blew off one of Eric's wheels.

Rob, unfazed and undeterred by Daniel's mines, decided to act as Daniel's minesweeper, running over his mines as soon as they hit the ground. Two patches of mines did manage to blow off Rob's front two tires making him a full kill for Daniel as Rob's only weapons were of the dropped variety (+20 points Daniel, -20 points Rob). But unfortunately for Daniel, he was caught in the blast radius of his own mines which managed to blow through his underbody armor and kill him (+20 points Rob, -20 points Daniel).

This left Eric as the only remaining mobile vehicle. He had to finish off  the kills on Chuck and Jarett within 17 turns to get up to 30 points to tie Rob with total number of points and the overall winner as the tiebreaker is being the last moving vehicle. He made a pass on Chuck and dropped another flaming oil under his vehicle as he built up speed. Although Chuck managed to put out the fire a few times, his driver eventually succumbed to the smoke and flames (+10 points Eric, -10 points Chuck).

Eric screamed around the arena to line up a perfect t-bone on the helpless Jarett. Eric hit him broadside at 90 mph and turned Jarett into a drive-thru. But Eric forgot about the obstacle under Jarett's car from his previous meeting with the wall. The additional hazard sent Eric into
a skid which popped two of his tires. At first, we thought this mobility-killed Eric, however the skid did not destroy Eric's wheels, so he was still
mobile at the end of the duel. This gave him the win as he had 30 points and tiebreaker for first is last one moving.

1. Eric Freeman: 30 points won on tiebreaker, K-Kill Chuck, C-Kill Jarett (VK x 1.5)
2. Rob Hagmaier: 30 points, K-Kill Steve, M-Kill Jarett, K-Kill Daniel, killed by Daniel (VK x 2.5)
3. Daniel Mills: 0 points, K-Kill Rob, killed by Rob (VK x 1)
4. Jarett Weintraub: -20 points, killed
4. Chuck Phillips: -20 points, killed
4. Steve Richards: -20 points, killed

Because the playtesting of the HTMs went well, they will probably be recommended to be made official AADA-sanctioned accessories! The new airfoil rules will probably be implemented soon.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman