Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 8
August 01, 2050

Web Posted October 20, 2000
Updated September 04, 2001


Howdy addicts of autodueling. Once again, this editor is going to make yet another attempt to publish this newsletter on time. This issue corrects last issue's mistake: the discussion of the Taiga RPG that was missing. In early July, I had added the Mad Max debate that mentions Taiga. I removed it last minute for space reasons, but I forgot to also remove the reference to it.

Do not forget to look at the WADA League Standings this summer. The race for championship points is extremely close between many of the top twenty-five drivers. The competition for vehicular kills is accelerating, with four duelists achieving double ace status: Rob Hagmaier of DRACAR (14), Michael Garrity of NOVA (12), Matt Hamption of CADC (10) and Edgar Lincoln of AAIE (10). I want to extend congratulations to you masters of metal-crushing mayhem. Continue the fine show of destruction.

I want to extend my congratulations to the top finishers in the 2050 AADA WRC: Keith Scherer, Matt Lintemuth and Scott Hinkley, all members of the CADC. Perhaps the AADA WRC should be renamed the CADC WRC because the CADC has dominated the event, yes? I want to also thank Tim Gould for volunteering to run the event for the second year in the row. Thank you, Tim for racemastering an important Car Wars tournament well.

Michael Garrity of NOVA and Chris French of BEAVER have sent me several articles for the "50 Years Ago Today" and "Arena Watch" columns. You can expect to begin seeing these submissions in the September issue.

I want to express good luck to the 2050 AADA WDC participants. Please make the WADA League Standings more exciting by preventing 2049 AADA WDC Winner Michael Garrity and other top-scoring WADA League duelists from claiming the dueling crown.

If you are interested in taking a more active role with the publication of this newsletter, I will accept submissions for the September issue until August 25th.

Hoping your laser-guided rockets always follow their targeting laser and your bumper-triggered rockets always hit at point-blank range,

Michael P. Owen



Subject: Auto-Combat Vehicle Information
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 19:03:55 -0700
From: Michael Owen <>
To: Code One Auto <>

Dear Code One Auto,

Have you discovered any information on the vehicles below?

1. Knight Rider 2010 TV Movie
    Jake McQueen's Auto-Combat 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
    Robert Lee's Auto-Combat Stealth

2. Street Hawk TV Series
    Street Hawk Auto-Combat Motorcycle

3. The Gladiator TV Movie
    Rick Benton's Auto-Combat Pickup

4. Stripes Motion Picture

5. Damnation Alley Motion Picture

6. MegaForce Motion Picture
    TACCOM Vehicle

7. Tango & Cash Motion Picture
    Tango's and Cash's RV From Hell
    Yves Perret's Auto-Combat Pickups
    Yves Perret's Auto-Combat Camper Shell-Equipped Pickups

8. Warlords of the 21st Century (AKA Battletruck) Motion Picture

9. Ark II TV Series
    Ark II

10. The Highwayman TV Series
    Highwayman's Helicopter-Equipped Tractor-Trailer
    Jetto's Tractor-Trailer

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Subject: Re: Auto-Combat Vehicle Information
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 22:32:59 -0400
From: "Paul Sher Jr." <>
Reply-To: "Paul Sher Jr." <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>

Hi Michael,

Here's what I know for sure at the moment.

1. Currently sitting in the Warner Bros. Warehouse (photograph attached).

2. Currently sitting in Eric Nagy's driveway in Florida, disassembled for the last three years (photograph attached).

3. Current whereabouts unknown.

4. Current whereabouts unknown.

5. Up for sale in front of Dean Jeffries's shop near the 101 Freeway in L.A. (photograph attached).

6. I am currently trying to purchase it from the Miami Beach Police Museum (photograph attached).

7. Disassembled for a film project called Force 3 (cancelled) and all of the equipment installed in the Trans Am pictured here (photograph attached).

8. Unknown

9. Researching this vehicle for a possible buyer.

10. Currently in a junkyard in Burbank, California. I am sorry I don't have a photograph available.

I will keep you informed if I get any more info. Thank you for your interest in our Web site.

Paul Sher, Jr.
Code One Custom Auto
TV and Movie Cars

Editor's Note: The photographs mentioned above will be available on the SWAT Web site in August.



Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 20:14:41 +0100
From: "Paul Evans" <>

I wonder if anyone can help? Was there ever a RPG based on the Mad Max films? If not, what do you suggest would be the best system to run/cannibalise for a Max-esque scenario? Thanks, love, etc.

Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 21:16:46 +0100
From: Ian Sturrock <>

I'd use either GURPS, borrowing heavily from GURPS Autoduel for the car combat stuff. Is there a GURPS Chassis & Crossbow? If not, get hold of Car Wars Dueltrack (which contains the Chassis & Crossbow section) and borrow heavily from that for ideas as to how jerry-rigged dueling vehicles differ from custom-built ones.

The cars stuff is about the only area you need any more detail than you have in the basic GURPS rules. Background you'd have to suss out for
yourself, but movies (Tank Girl, Salute of the Jugger and WaterWorld) and novels (Michael Swanwick's In The Drift, David Brin's The Postman and Roger Zelazny's Damnation Alley) should have enough to go on.

I ran a very much Mad Max-inspired Car Wars campaign, but of course the characters didn't get out of their cars much -- the standard Car Wars character rules aren't quite detailed enough for an RPG, unless you add a load of extra skills, and even then there tends to be a bit of a problem with lethality if people get into combat outside of their cars!

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 00:31:36 +0100
From: "Garett Lepper" <>

Better yet, there's a quirky freeware game out there . . . Its quite amusing, its called ocTane (or oCtane or octAne or something like that). I don't think its complete, but it shows a lot of promise, and it is free . . . and in this case its not one of those get what you pay for type of things . . .


Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 22:12:24 +0100
From: Ed <>

Obviously "Aftermath" from FGU, the role-playing game of the world post-apocalypse. The system sucks though.

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 01:01:29 +0100
From: Tim Ellis <>

There is a reason they were known as FGU (Fantasy Games Unplayable), you know . . .

Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 00:27:28 +0100 (BST)
From: "David G. Bell" <>

Wasn't there a GURPS supplement set in the Car Wars game-world? GURPS Autoduel? That could be a good starting point.

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 02:40:54 +0100
From: "Daemon" <>

Why not try Taiga by Burger Games? The world is very Mad Max-esque, if not an exact ripoff in some places (a good ripoff, though).

The only problem I have with the game is it wasn't written by people with English as a first language, and you can tell. The grammar in some places is quite clunky -- not necessarily badly wrong, just not how most people would put it.

I got my copy in a bargain bin, and was very happy with the price because of that. I'm not sure I'd get a copy if it was full price (I don't know what that would be), but keep an eye out for it anyway.

Burger Games

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 02:39:32 +0100
From: "Garett Lepper" <>

Oh, I forgot: I.C.E. put out a Mad Max-type area for their cyberspace game called "Death Valley Free Prison." The quality was so-so but much of the Mad Max element was easily extrapolated from the tons of material on hand in the book.

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 03:37:09 +0100
From: "Paul and Voirrey" <>

This may seem an extremely weird suggestion, but what about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles And Other Strangeness? Back in the days before there was the TV series, a campaign was running at a games club I frequented, and it seemed interesting although I never played it myself.

It is definitely post-apocalyptic, they were certainly playing it with Mad Max 2-style vehicles at that club, and it looked pretty good from the
outside -- I was just committed to something else so never got the chance to try it. Although it seemed to centre on mutant animals, there were
certainly humans in the games I saw -- I doubt if the mutant animal aspect is compulsory.

It must be still available, because I saw it on the Leisure Games Web site when I was there recently trying to find a picture of "Cuddly Cthulhu." If anyone on the group has actually played it, perhaps they could give you a first-hand view rather than my second-hand one?


Subject: General / Organizations other than AADA and WADA
From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: Jul 24, 2000 3:14 pm

Are there any dueling associations out there specifically for "bush league" type competitions, like off-road, military or aquatic combat? I'm considering developing such organizations at least for use in the role-play area if none already exist. If they are out there, I'll be able to "plug-n-play" their names into my own settings.


*    Off-Road Combat Association (ORCA): dirt track dueling and racing
*    Military Armored Combat Enthusiasts (MACE): primary VR activities
*    Unnamed Aquatic Division: aquabikes, jousts, etc.

From: Michael P. Owen (OWENMP)
Date: Jul 24, 2000 4:07 pm

The AADA is an organization that exists in the worlds of reality and Autoduel Earth. WADA is a gamer-operated group to support the Car Wars community using different methods than the ones used by the AADA. I never considered WADA to exist in Autoduel Earth because the AADA would assume all of the duties of WADA.

Your ideas for different dueling organizations would work well in campaigns, but there are not enough active players of Car Wars to support events that have rules more advanced than arenas or dueltracks. Trying to access the out of print materials like Car Wars Tanks
is another obstacle to your idea. If both of these problems can be solved, I hope your ideas are implemented, especially dirt track racing.

From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: Jul 24, 2000 6:40 pm

All things start with a dream.

Did SJ Games publish any off-road tracks other than the one in Expansion Pack #7: Ozark Off-Road Arena? Did it have any off-road-specific dueling ideas in it?

I'm most interested in establishing real-world organizations -- particularly since we aren't seeing a whole lot of Car Wars re-release movement (unless us venting our frustrations counts) beyond Uncle Al's Pyramid pieces. Obviously I can't speak for SJ Games, but it seems Car Wars players are consistently griping about "lack of follow-through" in Car Wars support (although Eric Freeman has been a stellar help to me). Getting a real-world association going for various "bush league" or non-AADA operations might be a spark in the right woodpile.

Mailing lists and online forums exist for folks of common interests, so why not dueling leagues?

From: Michael P. Owen (OWENMP)
Date: Jul 24, 2000 8:52 pm

WADA is the exact type of group you mentioned. The WADA Car Wars League does allow its participants to earn championship points at non-AADA events. If you read the rules of the WADA Car Wars League, available on the WADA Web site, you can see the rules of the
competition, simple, flexible and very different from the AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Regulations.

I do not understand your idea of non-AADA organizations. Could you explain your plan in more detail? Is there enough demand in the gaming community for a Car Wars racing league?

WADA provides these resources for Car Wars players that are updated every two to four weeks:

*    Largest Car Wars player database on the Internet
*    Accurate list of active Car Wars gaming groups
*    NASCAR Winston Cup-style tournament for almost every type of Car Wars games

What aspects of WADA do you feel are not helpful to Car Wars players? What resources and services are missing from this list?

I do think AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Regulations are a good set of rules, a set of guidelines that challenge the vehicle design and combat skills of any autoduelist. I decided to not use them in the WADA League because I wanted to get people playing Car Wars first and be concerned about which rules to use second.

There have been a few off-road arenas and dueltracks published in Autoduel Quarterly and in the two Arena Books, but the only off-road supplement was the Ozark Off-Road Dueling Arena. The ADQ and Arena Book entries had very few rules for off-road movement and combat. Wait a few days and I will list here all of the off-road arenas published by SJ Games and autoduelists.

From: Michael (OUTLANDS)
Date: Jul 25, 2000 7:25 am

Remember, I'm new to all this, so bear with me.

WADA looks like a terrific "umbrella" organization: no complaints there. However, WADA's scoring system (as I understand it) allows a player to compete in a racetrack (no weapons) event one week and then an off-road duel (totally different vehicles) the next and then a boating event the next and have his (or her) scores from each event added together. My point was to have "discrete" organizations (whose points would still accumulate "globally") where duellists could "specialize" against others for standings in that particular type of arena. "Top Boat Duelist," "World Off-Road Champ," etc., heck, maybe even "Master Tanker," "World-Class Hover Warrior," or "Tractor-Trailer Duel King."

I'm not much of a straight race fan, so I may never play in one, for example, but I like tanks. How often do clubs report "Corporate Combat Events" to WADA? I'd be behind the curve.

AADA restricts contests to certain body types and disallows certain weapons. What about those of us who want to be known for their prowess in using those body types and weapons? Non-AADA organizations would be the way to go for that.

All that said, I don't see a reason why new clubs wouldn'tb want to send their standings to WADA. As with AADA, other organizations like ORCA and MACE would provide a stable playing structure for interested parties.

From: Eric Freeman (ERFREEMAN)
Date: Jul 25, 2000 9:43 am

What Michael (OUTLANDS) said rang a bell with me. WADA does include events of all types and sometimes the skills required in some events (particularly dueling vs. racing) are quite different.

Now I was passively following the Tour de France and there they have a Yellow Jersey for the Overall Winner and other awards for the race such as King of the Mountains, Top Sprinter, best Team overall, etc.

I'm wondering if WADA could be broken out to several sub-awards like this. The overall points leader would be like the Yellow Jersey, the most prestigious award. We could have a Dueling Champion, Racing Champion, best overall club performance (in multi-club events, take the top three from the club) and other things . . .

The downside would be a magnified amount of bookkeeping that just might not be worth it.

From: Michael P. Owen (OWENMP)
Date: Jul 25, 2000 12:13 pm

If you have noticed yet, one of the goals of establishing WADA was for the AADA to establish its own WADA-style league or to operate the WADA League itself.

I would enjoy seeing several smaller leagues within the grand tournament but there are four major problems with this idea. First, are there enough actively playing Car Wars fans to support multiple leagues? Second, do the gamers playing Car Wars today have the skills and experience to drive in sessions with rules more advanced than dueling or racing that use CCW, CWC2.5 and a short list of variants? Third, would referees have the time and commitment to submit the numerous statistics required to run a multiple-league tournament? Trying to get the small amount of information required to operate the WADA League now is often more difficult than getting a 75mm TG to fit into a subcompact.
Fourth, is there someone or some group willing to devote the time to maintain multiple leagues by crunching numbers and updating Web sites several hours per week?

I am not critisizing you nor Michael but I wanted to point out the obstacles to the idea of expanding the WADA League. Running one competition is almost impossible at times for one person. One of the reasons why I enjoy the WADA League Manager's job is its duties are relatively simple. I get excited seeing the points standings change from week to week.

If the Car Wars community wants to get its number of players approaching the levels of the 1980s, simplicity is a concept that should seriously be considered. Yes, I and several other autoduelists write variants that are often complex, but those articles are aimed at the experts of the game and those novices that enjoy experimenting with game mechanics.



Format: IBM CD-ROM
Publisher: South Peak Interactive
Status: Available


Format: Tabletop Board Game, IBM CD-ROM
Publisher: FASA Interactive
Status: Board Game Available, CD-ROM In Production (Expected Release Summer 2000)


Format: IBM CD-ROM
Publishers: Digital Anvil and Microsoft
Status: In Production, Expected Release Early 2001


Format: IBM CD-ROM
Publisher: UBI Soft
Status: Available


Format: Tabletop RPG
Publisher: Palladium Books
Status: Out of Print



From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
Subject: July 25 Weekly Rumble
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:35:51 -0700

Hey Duel Fans,

Two weeks in a row! Again it was a a smaller turnout. Tom's sinuses were expolding but we had four in the Feynman Proving Grounds (teleporters arena).

I was driving a Flyswatter, a fast, El Camino-style station wagon with an AA mount sporting two RLs in the cargo area, eight LtRs front and a driver/gunner combination. Norma was driving a Frankmobile, a knock-off of the design Frank "The Vulture" Bonnin dominated DRAW with in the 2049 season. It was a fast, sloped luxury with CA around its ICE, a thick metal ramplate, rollcage and MFRP with CA front. Trish was driving a 2049 Ming the Mercedes, a sloped sedan with a turreted RR and front-mounted BC smart linked (both weapons had rotary magazines with mixtures of HEAT and HESH ammunition) and SDs with explosive-tipped spikes out both sides. Carol was driving a 2049 Boom-Boom, a luxury with two ATGs loaded with APFSDS rounds front and a driver/gunner combination. All of the cars had airdams, spoilers and radial tires of some type.

The arena was an octagon with two raised areas in the center linked by bridges. Each riser had a teleporter on it that was the only way up. There were four teleporters, one on each side, for a total of six.

I started on the west pad with Norma to the south and Trish to the north, both coming at me. Carol was on the south riser going north on the west bridge. I took off west and put two rockets into Carol's side and stripped a fair chunk of her armor on her left. Trish tried to get a shot at me before I disappeared behind the riser but she wasn't going fast enough. Trish and Norma then lined-up for a head-on collision. Trish put two shots from both weapons into Norma's front but rolled very poorly, only stripping three points of  metal with 12 dice of HESH damage (removes metal on a 4, 5, or 6). The 180 mph (!) head-on ram caused Trish to confetti but barely touched the component armor on Norma's engine.

Meanwhile, Carol had teleported to the north pad and I teleported to the north riser. Carol lost control coming around after Norma. I went south on the west bridge and managed to shoot Norma's top armor two turns running as she threaded the debris and spikes left from Trish's car. First turn took out her gas tank and second turn hit her driver for the kill. (The gas tank would have been a kill in five turns but I didn't want to let her run around that long.)

I hit the south riser pad and again ended up on the north riser so I just drove off, hoping there was enough room at 90 mph to land and turn before I ate the wall (barely). Carol came around and missed her first salvo at my side due to my speed. Unfortunatly, I was trapped against a wall and couldn't avoid her t-bone. She didn't miss with her second salvo, removing most of the armor on my side, and rammed me, taking out both tires on that side but not doing much internal damage. I was saving my shot hoping for her wounded side but she pulled in behind me.  Fortunatly, I had rolled really good for the collision and was able to finish her off with two salvos of the RLs before she could blow through my back armor.

Next week is a Div 10 event in the same arena.

WADA Stuff

Date: July 25
Events: AAIE Div 30 Duel
Location: Feynman Proving Grounds
Players: 4
Duelmaster: <>
Special Rules: Transporters

1. Edgar Lincoln (24, VK x 2)
2. Carol Dougherty (11)
3. Norma Barrett-Lincoln (2, VK x 1)
4. Trish Bridges (1)

Forum: Dueling Debate
Subject: Classifieds and Conventions / Incon Div 100 Bloodbath
Date: Jul 26, 2000 10:50 am

Hey Guys,

I'll be running my annual $100,000 anything-goes event at Incon here in Spokane, WA on the last Saturday in October. It will be in Matchbox scale and start around 1:00 p.m.

Incon 2000 Spokane Convention

E-mail me any questions you have about the event.

Edgar Lincoln


Subject: Re: WADA League Standings July 2000 Update
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:36:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dean Gibson <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hey Mike,

I ran an introductory duel on June 11th with four people with finished in the following order:

Date: June 11
Event: DRACAR Div 30 Duel
Location: Glass House
Players: 4
Duelmaster: <>

1. Dean Gibson (24)
2. Jordan Effrig (11)
3. Kymberly Effrig (2)
4. Andrea Massod (1)

You have Kymberly's last name misspelled on WADA HQ as "Effring." There is no "n" in "Effrig." Thanks!


Tuesday, July 25, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship Update

The Scoring and Advancement for the 2050 World Dueling Championship (WDC) was recently uploaded. It has all the details you need to know to advance to the World Dueling Championship to claim the title. Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee, also updated the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ) and Other Dueling Questions (ODQ) to be used at the WDC. Be sure to review these important documents that help clear up some of the rule conflicts, ambiguities, and variants that exist in the Car Wars systems. If you have any rule questions that you need clarification on, please e-mail Eric <> and he will either answer your question personally and/or add it to the next update of the CWRQ or ODQ.

2050 AADA WDC Scoring and Advancement Rules

Car Wars Referee Questionnaire

Car Wars Other Dueling Questions Index


Subject: NOVA July 2000 Duels
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 17:10:19 PDT
From: "Michael Garrity" <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>


In preparation for the WDC, NOVA held a pair of practice duels at the World of Dueling Arena (the same place where the heavy pickups and campers were tested earlier this year.

The first duel was a five-way Division 10 contest between myself, Adrian Shipley, Norman McMullen, Tim Jacques and Don Jacques. We entered the arena from vicarious points at our customary speed of 30 mph. Immediately, we began to angle towards each other in hopes of getting a quick kill. The first five turns saw little damage being done, due to the heavy composite armor on all vehicles. In Turn 6 however, I managed to get into Adrian's rear arc. After my rockets blew through his back armor and destroyed his body armor, Adrian promptly surrendered to me.

Turns 7 through 13 saw more firing and maneuvering as the four remaining duelists jockeyed for best position. In Turn 14, Don t-boned Norman at 70 mph. He also fired his HESH-loaded ATG. Norman took very heavy damage and surrendered to Don as a result. Tim surrendered to me after I blasted through his rear armor.

Combat slowed down considerably as Mike, Norman and Don found themselves in a conga-line formation, driving all over the arena. Don
was in front, with Norman in the middle and Mike bringing up the rear. Norman's MG was ineffective against Don's rear-mounted metal armor, so he gave up firing after a few turns worth of wasted ammo. I was in a better position, as my rocket launcher enabled me to scrubb off Norman's metal armor and blast through the remaining plastic. Norman surrendered to me in Turn 33. After that, I maneuvered into Don's front arc and shot through his front armor (which had been seriously weakened in previous combat. Don surrendered in Turn 35.

1. Michael Garrity (VK x 3)
2. Donald Jacques (Surrendered to Michael, Accepted Norman's surrender)
3. Timothy Jacques (Surrendered to Michael)
4. Norman McMullen (Surrendered to Donald)
5. Adrian Shipley (Surrendered to Michael)

Elapsed Time: 35 Seconds

The second duel was a Division 30 contest between Norman McMullen, Tim Jacques, Don Jacques and me. It also took place in the World of
Dueling Arena, after the wreckage from the first duel had been cleared away.

We all started off at 30 mph, angling towards each other (just as in the first duel). Again, most of our shots were ineffective because of heavy
composite armor. Finally in Turn 10, I got the better of Tim Jacques with a shot of HEAT from my BC. Tim surrendered to me.

In Turn 12, I sideswiped Don and managed to set him on fire with a pair of incendiary HRs. This was a lucky shot because my HRs barely managed to penetrate the composite armor on his left side. At the same time, Norman and Don were mixing it up in the central part of the arena. Shots were traded to little effect.

In Turn 13, Don began to lay a double row of spikes as Norman and Don approached one of the central choke-points. In Turn 14, Don got there first, which proved to be bad news for Norman. Don's spikes cost Norman two of his tires. The resulting bad control roll caused Norman to skid over more of Don's spikes, destroying his other two tires. Fate was kind to Norman as he fired on Don and pushed the fire inside the vehicle. Don was awarded a mobility kill against Norman, while Norman accepted Don's surrender.

1. Michael Garrity (VK x 1)
2. Norman McMullen (Mobility-killed by Donald, accepted Donald's surrender)
3. Don Jacques (Mobility-killed Norman McMullen, surrendered to Norman)
4. Timothy Jacques (Surrendered to Michael)

Elapsed Time: 14 Seconds


From: Eric Freeman <> Subject:
Subject: Southern California Car Wars News
To: Southern California Duelists
CC: WADA Car Wars League <>
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 12:00:18 -0700 (PDT)

Hey all,

June 24th Division 20 Duel at Brookhurst Hobbies Duel Report

Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove played host to a SCAB Division 20 duel with nine contestants in The Towers Arena on Saturday the 24th of June. This duel featured playtesting of metal spoilers and airdams and a new accessory for electric power plants called a high-torque motor system. When engaged, these little beauties double acceleration at the cost of $100 per wheel and a loss of one-third to your vehicle's top speed. Stan Wells was the only one to bring a gas engine to this duel, as everyone else wanted to try out the new accessory. Overall, most players felt that HTMs are worthwhile, in fact a few felt that it was too powerful and lobbied to have it increase acceleration by only 5 mph, instead of doubling acceleration.

Vehicle Descriptions

Jeremy Willis: Compact, electric PP, ramplate, IcDs and FODs right and left, ramplate, acceleration 20
Stan Wells: Compact, gasoline ICE, MF front, sloped armor, ramplate
Kym Effrig: Compact, electric PP, sloped armor, ramplate
Peter Cossaboon: Compact, electric PP, concealed BC front, fake laser front, ramplate
Mike Rosenberg: Mid-size, electric PP, VMG in turret, ramplate
Tom LaLonde: Compact, electric PP, laser front
Rob Hagmaier: Mid-size, electric PP, FCGS left, ramplate, acceleration 20
Dean Gibson: Sedan, electric PP, fluid projector gun with flaming oil right, HDFOJ back
Eric Freeman: Sedan, electric PP, 2 linked RLs with incendiary rockets front, FOJ back, dischargers around vehicle

Starting Positions (Counterclockwise beginning with Jeremy, my best guesses on empty positions)

Gate 1: Jeremy Willis
Gate 2: Empty
Gate 3: Stan Wells
Gate 4: Kym Effrig
Gate 5: Empty
Gate 6: Peter Cossaboon
Gate 7: Mike Rosenberg
Gate 8: Empty
Gate 9: Tom LaLonde
Gate 10: Rob Hagmaier
Gate 11: Dean Gibson
Gate 12: Eric Freeman

Eric turned right towards Jeremy, but Jeremy managed to avoid an early confrontation by burning pavement towards the arena center and putting a column between himself and Eric.

Kim came out of her gate and turned right towards Peter. Stan turned right to follow her while Peter turned left towards Kim. With both Stan and Peter bearing down on her, Kim was in a real pinch. Stan used his MF to drop some mines directly in front of Kim which nearly killed her by blowing through her underbody armor and leaving large chunks of fragmentation in her battle vest. A subsequent shot from Stan's MF forced Kim to make a tough turn, which she deftly managed (making two tough control rolls). This only bought Kym a temporary reprieve as Stan followed up by finishing her off with even more mines place in front of her which blew through her breached underbody. Meanwhile, Tom turned left towards Mike and put the pedal to the metal, firing his laser as he came. Due to everyone's high speeds, it took him awhile to see any real action and his laser was ineffective.

Rob turned towards Dean who was streaking towards the center of the arena firing his HDFOJ as he went. Dean and Mike were on a collision course and went head-on into each other, which resulted in Dean losing his power plant and becoming a mobility kill for Mike. The crash left Dean a sitting duck for Rob who t-boned Dean at 90mph to finish the job (half kill). Mike subsequently was forced to drive through Dean's HDFOJ and was also hit by Rob's FCGS.

Stan, smelling blood, turned towards the arena center and was nearly killed by a shot from Rob's FCGS, which did manage to scorch his body
armor. The shot miraculously set Stan on fire as well (needed a 3, rolled snake eyes), but Stan was well prepared for this with one point of
metal component armor protecting his driver, allowing Stan to wait out the flames. Jeremy and Stan went head-on, both surviving the collision. Stan's mines made Jeremy a mobility kill.

While tied up in the middle Rob to snuck in a second shot onto Stan with his FCGS which finished the job -- full kill Rob. All was not done for Stan as he was able to posthumously able to finish off Jeremy (completed kill).

Tom at this point was bearing down on Eric, who was painting the arena red with his FOJ on automatic. Tom took a shot or two at Eric then was
forced to drive through Eric's flaming trail. Eric looped around a pillar and headed back towards Tom, while Rob was coming up from behind.
Tom and Eric took one more pass at each other, with little effect.

Rob t-boned Tom for a full kill, but subsequently lost control of his own vehicle due to the collision and some crafty placement of ice by Tom
-- full kill on Tom by Rob. Between Tom's ice and the collision, Rob's car began to roll, but just before, he fired off a desperation shot from his FCGS at Peter who failed his control roll and then promptly rolled his vehicle, burning. Tom, Rob and Peter all ended up in a big, messy pile in a corner. Rob survived, but was on his side with his weapon pointed at the ground -- full kill for Tom. Peter landed on his roof with his weapon pointed at the wall - full kill for Rob.

With Eric the only surviving vehicle and no opponents remaining, the duel was over.

1. Rob Hagmaier: 50 points and 3.5 kills (completed kill Dean +10, full kills of Stan, Tom, and Peter +60, killed -20)
2. Stan Wells: 20 points and 2 kills (full kills of Kym and Jeremy +40, killed -20)
3. Jeremy: 0 points and 1 kill (full kill of Mike +20, killed -20)
3. Tom LaLonde: 0 points and 1 kill (full kill of Rob +20, killed -20)
3. Eric Freeman: 0 points
6. Mike Rosenberg: -10 points (mobility kill Dean +10, killed -20)
7. Peter Cossaboon: -20 points (killed -20)
7. Kym Effrig: -20 points (killed -20)
7. Dean Gibson: -20 points (killed -20)

There will be several Car Wars events at the Gateway Convention in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 3rd. The Web site of the convention has not been updated since last year, but it can give you relevant details of this year's event because the location will be the same.

Gateway 2000 Gaming Convention

Saturday, Sepetmber 2nd, 1000: Division 40 DRACAR Florida State Police Challenge.
Saturday, September 2nd, 1800: Division 25 Off-Road Dueling
Sunday, September 3rd, 1100: Division 30 Dueling in the Arlington Trench

Details about the DRACAR event can be found on the DRACAR Web site <>. Questions about the DRACAR event should be directed to DRACAR's Webmaster Dean Gibson <>. Questions about the other two events should be addressed to me.



Micah T. Jackson
November 23, 1999
Originally published in the 1997 Game Developer's Conference proceedings <>.

Like many game developers, Micah began as a player. Realizing it was difficult to make money in gaming, but impossible to make money doing anything else, he began to seek work in the industry. He has worked for many years in various capacities for Virtual World Entertainment and VictorMaxx Technologies. He is currently the Executive Producer of Autoduel Online, an Internet-playable version of Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games.