Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 4
April 01, 2050

Web Posted August 05, 2000
Updated September 04, 2001


Happy April Fool's Day! The only joke I could think of that would be fun to play on all of you would be to publish CWIN on schedule. This issue is short because the fuel tank of articles and news is nearly empty. If you want more information in each issue, start writing!

I want to give thanks to regular contributor Edgar Lincoln of the AAIE for submitting another set of detailed duel reports. Without the updates about the activities of the AAIE, this magazine would be much less interesting. Great job, Edgar! I want to also thank Jason Walters and Eric Freeman for also writing game descriptions.

Earlier this week, I discovered Francis Greenaway, Webmaster of Painted Target, was interviewed by about Painted Target's BSG rules for Star Fleet Battles. The article is not related to Car Wars, but it is interesting to read. Congratulations, Francis, for being mentioned on such a prestiguous Web site in the science fiction community.

BattleStar Galactica Game Playing

As part of the SWAT's and WADA's philiosophy to control all players of Car Wars, I have made another grab at power that would make Illuminati proud. I am now an editor of the Open Directory Project, custodian of the list of all Car Wars Web sites on the ODP. Before I started as the database's editor, there were only nine sites listed. Now there are more than nine sites described, and I have been updating it every three to four days. If you have any comments or suggested sites for me to add to the list, please let me know.

Open Directory Project: Car Wars

Recently, one of the VIPs of autodueling, S. John Ross, also joined the ODP to become co-editor of the GURPS Web Site Index. Thanks, S. John for volunteering. GURPS DarkFutureTech fans like myself are looking forward to seeing the database develop under your leadership.

Open Directory Project: GURPS

Duel with you in 30 days.

Michael P. Owen

P.S. Add your name and contact information to the available Car Wars player registries.



Tony "Manycubes" Kontes
Boneheadz of New Idaho Webmaster


From: MiB3347 (RDEIS)
Date: Mar 27, 2000
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

I just came from a fantastic Car Wars game called Vehicular Rugby. Designs ranged from 120 mph-capable light trikes trikes to acceleration 5 electric behemoths. The game play was all-to-the-wall from turn 1, phase 4 to the end.

Here is the basic scenerio -- hopefully some of you can try it and have as much fun as we did.

Arena: Aspen Octagon
Players: 16 (eight teams of two vehicles)
Division: 30 for the team (each of the two cars must cost at least $10,000, with the cost for both not to exceed $30,000)
Victory Conditions: Get the ball and carry it out your gate

The "ball" begins the game in the center of the arena. It's magnetic, so you pick it up just by driving over it. Be careful, though, because fumbling is easy. You risk dropping the ball when you maneuver severely or take hazards, and you automatically drop the ball if you lose control. For hazards, roll over the D of the hazard on 1d6 to keep the ball. For maneuvers, roll over the D-3 on 1d6 to keep the ball. If you drop the ball, use grenade scatter to see where it goes, scattering 1 square per 10 mph of speed.

The ball is targetable at -3. If shot, it will scatter as above. (if stationary, use the damage inflicted to determine how far it scatters). You may drop the ball on purpose with a firing action (for example, so your partner can pick it up). If you drop it this way, it doesn't scatter.

Some teams split the money 50-50, and worked as two people with a common goal, while others built their cars to work together as an integrated team, with a runner and a blocker. Both ideas worked pretty well.

The game was full of spectacular events, and as you might expect, the super-fast trikes had trouble staying alive in such a crowded space. One of them rolled and burned after picking up the ball and running over some carefully placed flaming oil, another lost control and plastered himself against a mid-size, and a third was taken out by a head-on collision with a compact not equipped with a ram plate. If the target only weighs 1,600 lbs., you don't need a ram plate . . .

The runner of the winning team ended up backing out of his gate on three wheels -- setting off lots of mines that had been placed there. His teammate actually had the ball, and was able to escape out the gate after the runner swept the mines away for him.

The action was fast, furious and intense throughout the whole game. Vehicular rugby is highly recommended.

Robert Deis
Rocky Mountain Autodueling Association



Subject: Autoduel/Car Wars
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 10:59:03 +0100
From: Whyasky <>

Has anyone been able to successfully run a campaign using GURPS Autoduel? I bought the newest edition, spent about three months recreating all the weapons from Car Wars using VE2, and have come to the realization that "realistic" vehicle combat is MUCH more deadly. You can't simply pile on all the armor (you need to survive).

I have also used the rules within VE2 to recreate all the personal firearms, based upon stats within "Janes Infantry Weapons," and they differ
a lot from those previously listed. Plus the VE2 rules for building vehicles are very complicated compared to Car Wars. They are also much more deadly and expensive (nearly 10x in some cases).

Comments/suggestions are welcome.

Date: 25 Mar 2000 16:06:16 GMT
From: Andy Fix <>

These are all very common complaints of AD2. I have run a GURPS Autoduel campaign, but I used the first edition's vehicle rules. AD1 vehicle rules are direct translations of the Car Wars rules, so they better convey the spirit of Car Wars style car combat.

I suggest you try to find a copy of GURPS AD1. Yes, the rules are incompatible with much of modern GURPS, but they work great for Autoduel
combat. If you can't find AD1, I would suggest using regular Car Wars for the vehicle combat, and GURPS for everything else. A little clunky, but not nearly as difficult or ungainly as using the rules from VE2.

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 13:36:51 -0500
From: (Bryan J. Maloney)

Actually, I consider these to be great improvements of AD2.

Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 01:01:22 GMT

Yes, kind of. I ran a successful campaign using AD1. I've constructed vehicles that do not run 10 times the cost (though they are more
expensive than in Car Wars). You might want to search through the GURPSnet mailing list archives for some simplified car construction rules. The one I saw had pregenerated body sizes, power plants and drivetrains. It may also have listed weapons, but I'm not sure. I know there is a campaign running in my town that is a Car Wars crossover.



Subject: Re: GURPS Autoduel Campaigns
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 11:40:38 -0500
From: Doug Wolfe <>
To: Michael P Owen <>

Hello! Thanks for all the resources, I'm sure they will come in very handy.

I don't know how much advice I could give, I just started the game, and it is my first attempt. Basically, I am using GURPS Autoduel for characters and character interaction/combat, and using Car Wars for vehicle construction and combat. I am still working out how to get the two combined (using GURPS skills with Car Wars combat), but it's going okay. Of course the combat is abstract, but that is good for story-telling.

I started the game using the old Convoy paragraph adventure with a couple of friends as a trial run, just to see how it would go. It seems to be going well, and they seem to be enjoying it. (Of course they do not know the adventure, and one of the players doesn't even know GURPS or Car Wars. I explained some history and let him go.) I made all of the characters myself from descriptions given to me with skill preferences. I also made the vehicles (if they wanted one, one character does not currently own a vehicle) as well from descriptions. I mailed the characters and vehicles for approval, then started the game.

(Editor's Note: Please do not let the current players know they are playing the Convoy adventure!)

Once the current adventure is completed, I am going to open the game up to other players, and post the game on If you would like to join in at that time, let me know, and we'll work out the character, etc. ahead of time. If you want to lurk on the list, I can add you to receive the posts, and/or give you access to the post archives. (Let me know what e-mail address to use, I suggest one of the free mail services just for the game's mail, as it can clog up your personal mailbox, and it keeps things organised.) Let me know which, if any, you prefer.

Glad to hear from another Autoduel fan!

Doug Wolfe


Subject: Road Warrior
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 21:55:23 +1100
From: Paul Shayne <>

Just a quick note to thank all those who enquired about Road Warrior -- it certainly displayed to me that it is certainly time for another auto-combat game to strike the market.

To all those in Australia who ordered a copy, the games are on their way. To all those outside in other countries, I am truly sorry that, due to know patent protection, I could not send you a copy (though I would have loved to. But despair not for Road Warrior just may be released in your place in the near future (my fingers are crossed).

Thanks again for the inquiries and great support.




From: Arnaud Rouchon <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: WADA Car Wars Gaming Groups Registry
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 04:53:32 -0800 (PST)

We are a French group of Car Wars players, and we want to be registered. Our group's name is the Ugly Town's Desperados. We play a Car Wars campaign based in france on a futuristic town named Ugly Town ("Moche ville"in French). We play with Matchbox miniatures and use GURPS Autoduel for a roleplaying dimension in the game.

You can e-mail us at <> or <>.  Our referee is J-C Fresnais.



Seattle, Washington State
March 03, 2000

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- As if the strike by engineers wasn't bad enough, now this: Someone at Boeing has lost two pieces to the international space station!

Last month workers at the Boeing plant in Huntsville, Alabama had to dig through mounds of garbage at the city's landfill. They were searching for two parts of the International Space Station that were accidentally thrown away.

The nitrogen and oxygen tanks were never found. They were valued at $750,000. The tanks would have held air for astronauts.

You may chuckle, but nobody is laughing at Boeing, where spokesman Jim Keller says the incident is being taken very seriously. The tanks were in crates and apparently had been  moved aside to allow another component to be installed.

Officials at Boeing say spare tanks have already been installed on the space station.


The Associated Press and
March 14, 2000
Web posted at: 10:47 AM EST (1547 GMT)

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) -- An anti-crime group came up with what it thought was a pretty good anti-crime initiative: Soweto schoolchildren would throw their guns, knives and spears into a river. Except other people then waded in to retrieve the weapons.

On Sunday, at least 1,000 children threw the weapons into the Klip River in Soweto township south of Johannesburg. Police weren't told about the event in advance, and when police divers later searched the waters they only found six knives, two axes and two spears, the Star
newspaper reported Tuesday.

Reporters who visited the river on Monday found two youths swimming in the river, one of whom openly admitting he hoped to retrieve weapons.

"We condemn the way the campaign was handled," said police Capt. Richard Luvengo.

Jackie Maarohanye, spokeswoman of Student Trust, defended the anti-crime group's actions. Maarohanye said Student Trust members stayed behind after Sunday's ceremony, gathered the weapons and threw them into deeper water. Police still haven't been able to find them,

Trust members were to meet with police Tuesday to try to locate them, Maarohanye said.


3 injured as Boeing 737 strikes car
March 6, 2000
Web posted at: 1:41 a.m. EST (0641 GMT)

In this story:
Runway soaked after days of rain
'Incident' investigation under way
Hollywood Way snarled by jetliner

BURBANK, California (CNN) -- A Southwest Airlines 737 with 142 people aboard skidded off the end of a rain-slicked runway after landing Sunday night, smashed through a fence and ran out into a busy street, striking a car.

Police said three people -- a pilot and two passengers from the plane -- were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The two people in the car were not hurt.

The jet came to a stop in the middle of the street, near a row of stores, about 100 feet from a gas station, said Burbank Fire Marshal Darryl Forbes, who said about 10 gallons of fuel oil spilled into the street.

A married couple in the car that was struck escaped injury but said they were in shock.

Runway soaked after days of rain

The Federal Aviation Administration said Southwest Flight 1455 landed at Burbank International Airport from Las Vegas at 6:11 p.m. carrying 137 passengers and a crew of five.

The runway was soaked from weekend-long rain.

The airport authority and Burbank Police both said the plane hit the runway traveling too fast, crashed through a perimeter fence and ran into Hollywood Way, a heavily traveled five-lane suburban street that runs through the San Fernando Valley to North Hollywood.

Airline and federal investigators said cause of the incident had not been determined.

"It's not certain at this time why the aircraft was not able to stop," Southwest Airlines said in a statement.

Firefighters sprayed the plane with foam. Forbes said its nosegear collapsed when it hit the fence, demolishing a long stretch of it, 50 to 75 feet long.

'Incident' investigation under way

Bob and Katie Glickman were in the car struck by the plane but not badly damaged.

"I said to myself, 'Oh my God!. We're going to be hit by a plane' and ducked," Katie Glickman told CNN. "There was panic in the street. People thought the plane was going to explode."

The Glickmans were not hurt. They said they were "in shock" and so scared, they didn't think of speeding up.

The National Transportation Safety Board in Washington classified what happened as an "incident," rather than an "accident," which is considered more serious, said spokesman Keith Holloway.

Holloway said the NTSB's regional office in California would coordinate the investigation.

Hollywood Way snarled by jetliner

The injured were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank. The pilot suffered minor head and back injuries, Forbes said. The injuries to the passengers were described as minor but no details were given.

The plane landed on the airport's east-west runway, which was shut down afterwards, leaving only one runway operating and delaying an undetermined number of flights.

Street traffic also was snarled and Forbes said the plane probably would not be moved off Hollywood Way until sometime Monday.

The airport, about 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, is known as Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport locally, but Southwest Airlines refers to it as Burbank International Airport.


The Seattle Times
Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Federal agents have seized an arsenal of 65 firearms -- many of them fully automatic assault rifles -- from a Bothell home after an ambulance crew spotted the weapons while responding to an emergency call Sunday.

"It's one of the largest seizures in this area in a long while," said Jesse Chester, spokesman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms (ATF).

About 6 p.m. Sunday, an aid crew was dispatched to a home in the 19300 block of 100th Avenue Northeast after receiving a call from a man possibly attempting suicide. When they arrived, they found the man, in his 40s, not suicidal but extremely ill.

They also found the guns as well as some drugs in the house, Chester said. They called King County sheriff's deputies.

Deputies arrived but called federal agents "when they realized the magnitude of the arsenal," Chester said. Agents collected the 65 weapons --
some of them handguns -- as well as silencers and 50,000 rounds of ammunition, Chester said.

Possessing fully automatic weapons is illegal; possessing semiautomatic assault rifles is not, King County sheriff's spokesman John Urquhart pointed out. But, he added, if the gun owner has fully automatic guns -- not to mention drugs -- authorities can seize everything as part of the probe.

Neither the ATF nor sheriff's deputies would say whether anyone was arrested in the raid.

The sick man was taken to Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland, where he was listed in critical but stable condition.


The Seattle Times
March 15, 2000

Even veteran federal agents marveled as they moved through a run-down Bothell house, at every turn finding loaded guns and military weapons, some pointing out windows, ready to fire.

"It was the most machine guns I've seen in my 24-year career," said Special Agent John Ross of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). "It's unbelievable to me that one person could have this many weapons in his home."

Now, with the 52-year-old man in jail and more than 60 weapons and 50,000 rounds of ammunition in a federal evidence locker, agents said they are investigating why the scruffy, potbellied man neighbors knew as a loner was operating what appeared to be a machine-gun factory.

The man's house happened to be across the street from a Catholic elementary school.

Sunday's bust, after a chance discovery, may be "the tip of the iceberg" in an underground network of gunrunners, agents said.

"We assume he has been collecting and assembling these for quite awhile, and we assume some of them may now be out there in the public," ATF Agent Tony Woo said.

"It looks like he had a business of assembling firearms to sell."

The man was being held in the King County Jail yesterday, with bail set at $100,000. If convicted, the man could face a minimum of 10 years in prison, Ross said.

Police also discovered marijuana plants in the home in the 19300 block of 100th Avenue Northeast.

Police discovered the guns when a next-door neighbor, Leanne Petrauskas, spotted the man about 6 p.m. Sunday dragging his unconscious housemate down the front stairs of his house toward a truck.

The man came to Petrauskas' door and asked her to help load the sick man into the truck. Instead, she called 911.

"He looked dead; he was just laying there with his eyes open," Petrauskas said of the housemate.

The ill man was in critical but stable condition last night at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland. Police said he has hepatitis.

King County sheriff's deputies arrived and said they could smell marijuana.

"And we peeked through the windows and we could see guns lying all over the place," sheriff's spokesman John Urquhart said. The deputies called ATF.

The ATF said many of the guns were made from kits.

A machine gun was found next to a tripod set up at the front window. "He was prepared for anything," Agent Woo said.

Also, agents found dozens of unassembled parts.

"It's not your general, regular person who possesses that," Woo said. "It's a tight-knit circle of friends who prefer to have fully functional, fully automatic weapons. . . . It's not just a group of friends that go hunting."

Police and federal agents said they know little of the man's past. He has no criminal record in Washington, a search showed. Before moving to Bothell, he had lived at an address on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle for more than a decade.

Neighbors didn't know much about him, either. Petrauskas said he moved in about three years ago.

"It was like he was a hermit down there," she said. "As soon as he got there, he shut every window and put the 'no soliciting' sign up, took all the shutters down and made it look like no one lived there."

Meantime, the neighborhood also was shocked at the find.

"I guess I just thank God nothing tragic happened before this was discovered," said Arlene Sullivan, principal of the 267-student St. Brendan
Parish Catholic School across the street.

"I just think we need to feel very fortunate that those events happened to get to what was going on in that home."


The Seattle Times
March 16, 2000

Stephen Clifford Ferguson not only had a passion for guns and home-grown marijuana, but his Bothell home was decorated with Nazi regalia, including mannequins in German uniforms standing at attention, authorities said yesterday.

Ferguson, 52, was charged in U.S. District Court in Seattle with one count of manufacturing marijuana and one count of possessing unregistered weapons. Bail was set at $100,000.

Police arrested him Sunday night after agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) seized more than 60 weapons,
including about 20 machine guns, boxes of ammunition and 127 marijuana plants from a rental house on 100th Avenue Northeast in Bothell.

Ferguson's attorney contends the government can't prove the cache was his client's.

Ferguson faces at least five years in federal prison if convicted of the drug charge and up to 10 years on the gun charge, according to assistant U.S. Attorney Ron Friedman.

Meantime, U.S. Magistrate Ricardo Martinez ordered Ferguson held in the federal jail in SeaTac while awaiting formal indictment on the charges.

Authorities discovered the guns after an ambulance crew was called to help Ferguson's 45-year-old housemate, a man who is suffering from severe hepatitis. Yesterday, the housemate's health continued to deteriorate at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland, where he has been in critical condition since Sunday, hospital officials said.

ATF agents said it appeared Ferguson was assembling the guns, making many of the complicated metal parts himself.

Many of the military-style weapons -- some of well-preserved World War II vintage -- were loaded, and some were pointed out windows. A Catholic elementary school sits across the street from the house.

Agents also discovered a closet containing gunpowder and other chemicals, including potassium perchlorate, commonly used to make explosives, court documents said.

Ferguson's public defender, Brian Tsuchida, questioned whether prosecutors had enough evidence to hold his client.

"What this complaint fails to state is any real connection between Mr. Ferguson and the residence," Tsuchida said.

But Friedman, the assistant U.S. attorney, said agents found Ferguson's passport, two driver's licenses and mail addressed to him at the house.


The Seattle Times
March 17, 2000

BOTHELL -- A 45-year-old Bothell man whose critical illness prompted the discovery of a cache of guns last weekend has died.

Douglas McAlpin was pronounced dead Wednesday night at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center. The Kirkland hospital would not release the cause of death, citing patient confidentiality.

An aid call phoned in by a neighbor worried about McAlpin led federal agents to seize more than 60 firearms, many of them machine guns, and
about 130 marijuana plants at a rental home on 100th Avenue Northeast in Bothell.

McAlpin was bleeding profusely from the mouth and was barely conscious, a witness said. Police were told he had hepatitis.

His housemate, Stephen Ferguson, 51, has been charged in U.S. District Court with manufacturing marijuana and possessing unregistered weapons. He is being held without bail in federal detention pending a bail hearing next week.

McAlpin was never called a suspect, though police said they had been investigating his involvement in the case.

As with Ferguson, police knew little about McAlpin.

McAlpin's only criminal record in the state was a drug conviction in 1982 in Snohomish County, police said. Court records show he was given a
six-month jail term.

He grew up in Ballard and went to Ballard High School. A former neighbor, Duane Erickson, now a Seattle lawyer, said McAlpin was a loner.

"He was a unique kid," Erickson said. "It just seemed like he didn't fit in anywhere. He didn't have very many friends."



Posted by Brent on March 03, 2000 at 09:07:03

Mad Max Movies Message Board



Sunday March 11, 2000: February AADA and Car Wars Events Reports

The third weekend of February was a busy weekend in the Car Wars world. The AADA 2050 U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship was held at RadCon in Pasco, WA by DRAW and a handful of events were at ORRCON 2000 at the Los Angeles Airport held by the Eric Freeman (the AADA Head Ref) and DRACAR. A new page for the reports was just uploaded. Check out the 2050 AADA and Car Wars Events Reports.

And congratulations to Philip "Fool" White of WADA who walked away with the U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship!

Sunday March 18, 2000: ADQ 4/4 Now Available

The HTML conversion of ADQ 4/4 was just completed by Michael P. Owen. The conversion initiated by Tim C. and Odette Morrison back in June 1997 and now the issue is done. You can find the winter issue of 2036 in the ADQ Archive. This issue features: a Car Wars variant for Hospitalization, Designer notes for GURPS Autoduel, some great mini scenarios, the Corporate Approach to Car Wars, Excepts from the North American Road Atlas and Survival Guide, plus some other great stuff. Big thanks to Tim, Odette and Michael for their hard work.

The ADQ HTML-ization Project is slowly moving along, but I see a couple of issues in the pipeline that should be uploaded in the next two months. There are a few issues that are now available again for conversion. If you are interested in helping with the project, please send me
a line.

Tim Gould
AADA Webmaster


The Daily Illuminator
March 05, 2000

Phil Reed has assumed our Art Director duties. Congratulations, Phil; have fun. And that's all there is to that announcement <Fnord> but I'll type in a bit more just so it won't look so bare and pathetic there on your computer screen.

Steve Jackson



From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
Subject: Lepracon 2000 Car Wars Games
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 18:56:00 -0800

Hey everybody! I will be running some Car Wars events at Lepracon (March 17-19 at the Wenachee Red Lion). The only one that I have the time for sure is a Div 50 anything goes destructive model scale event on Saturday, March 18th at noon. (This concept is all Phil's and Bill's from Omak, but like any good idea it has been stolen.) I have a number of models but if you are using any weird body styles, bringing your own model would be a good idea.

I will also have everything I need to run tabletop Matchbox scale, and I will run some of this action if there is enough interest.

Slay you there,

Edgar "Guru" Lincoln

From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
Subject: AAIE March 7th Rumble
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 12:00:55 -0800

Hey duel fans. We had a quick one today with seven people and an emphasis on big guns. I drove a Suicide Slide Mark 2 -- slow, armed with a 75mm TG loaded with sabot rounds, and not much else. Senya drove a Piecemaker -- two VFRPs with thick composite armor front. Norma and Trish were both driving 2049 Sloped Cyclops -- BCs with thich composite armor front. Carol drove a Boom Boom -- two ATGs front. Tom drove a Cotton -- two VFRPs in an extra-heavy trike with a mixture of laser-guided and unguided rounds. Lafe drove a Muddle, a car with a ramplate and VFRP front, MRs on the sides, SS and SD back. It turned out to be illegal, but we fixed it on the fly. Now Lafe knows how to build a ramplate on Norma's vehicle design program (the ramplate line item is your front with ram modifications figured; buy all other armor separately).

On to the action. Senya started by unloading on Norma with all six rockets(we use the old-style VFRPs, loaded with fifteen 2d6 die rockets). The damage bounced off but the D11 caused her to spinout. I missed getting a kill on Trish by a couple of points on two sides, causing her to spinout also but Senya blew off my right side so I had to turn toward her. She blew off my front and I did enough to her front that her vehicle was killed also in the 105 mph head-on that followed.

Lafe rammed Tom but Tom removed his ramplate with the VFRPs before the collision so Lafe's vehicle died and Tom didn't. Carol screamed
past (with nitrous) and took out one of Tom's VFRPs but didn't manage the kill. She got a shot on Norma but that wasn't enough to breach.  Tom managed a shot on Trish's damaged back and took out her gas tank and engine for the kill. Carol and Trish argued over who vultured the kill until I pointed out that she should have been my kill if I hadn't rolled four 1s on my shot at her and they were both rotten kill stealers. :-)

Tom shot Carol's front but missed with two rockets and failed to get a kill. Trish managed to maneuver so Carol had to t-bone her and got a kill with a dead car. I wasn't going to give her the kill but we decided that since she hadn't surrendered and did it on purpose that it was okay and gave her the kill post-humously since she died in the ram. Tom angled for a head-on with Norma, thinking that they would both die but didn't realize how much armor I had put on the new Cyclops. Norma lived and the duel ended.

WADA Stuff

Event: AAIE Div 25 Duel in The Devil's Cross, 7 players
Date: March 07, 2050
Location: Spokane, Washington State
Duelmasters: Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln, Norma J. "Hear Me Roar" Barrett-Lincoln, "Leaping" Tom Lentz (I love playing with a group with this much collective experience!)

1. "Leaping" Tom Lentz: 42 points, 2 VKs
2. Norma J. "Hear Me Roar" Barrett-Lincoln: 20 points, 1 VK
3. Senya "Sin" Olsen: 12 points, 1 VK
4. Trish Bridges: 4 points, 1 VK
5. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln: 3 points, 1 VK
6. Lafe Dougherty: 2 points
7. Carol Dougherty: 1 point

Next week really is our school meeting so the next time we will play here will be two weeks from now, Division 5 melee. The next event I will run will be at Lepracon in Wennatchee at the Red Lion, March 17-19, some Matchbox scale gaming and a Division 50 destructive model scale event on Saturday at noon. Anything goes, hope to see at least one photon torpedo there.

From: Edgar T. Lincoln <>
Subject: Lepracon, AAIE March 21st Rumble
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 09:54:31 -0800

Hey duel fans. The Division 50 at Lepracon went well. I was hoping that some folks from DRAW or SWAT would show up but apparently they were shaking in terror at the thought of facing me and Tom in the arena (well, maybe just Tom ;-) ). I designed most of the cars so we had a short, brutal duel, go figure. I think it ended in turn 4. I was really bummed when I missed with my photon torpedo due to speed mods, as I was looking forward to taking a rubber mallet to a car. The only other really weird car was Tom's, featuring a spinal-mounted RFTG, two pedestrians, a sunroof, and two ejection seats (each with a 250-lb. aerial bomb and a really fat fake pasenger). We figured the combination was twice as heavy as a person, so the seat would rise half the normal rate and fall the same. He caught Robert in the air with 12d to the underbody (!) which we applied like a collision. Tom failed to get a kill because Robert stuck the landing (-4 at 80 mph) and got a prestige for his trouble.

Dave Acton had a stretched-frame pickup, the only one, and would have had a kill but Wayne blew through his front and gas tank with three GGs, causing him to explode. Dave had managed one T-bone on Michael for a kill. There was a surprisng amount of misses on shots, except for Tom, so most kills were by rams.

WADA Stuff

Event: Lepracon Div 50 Anything Goes Duel, 8 players
Location: Lepracon, Wenatchee, Washington State
Date: March 18, 2050
Duelmasters: Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln, "Leaping" Tom Lentz

1. "Leaping" Tom Lentz : AAIE, 48 points, 3 VKs (none with aerial bombs)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln: AAIE, 23 points, 1 VK
3. Wayne Nelson: Washington State Independent, 12 points, 1 VK
4. Dave Acton: AAIE, 5 points, 1 VK
5. Jen Stadsman: Washington State Independent, 4 points
6. Robert Kwis (might be listed as Robert d'Bruce): Washington State Independent, 3 points
7. Bob Brown: Washington State Independent, 2 points
8. Michael Rice: Washington State Independent, 1 point

Last night the Doughertys, Tom and I ran a Div 5 fight in the Big B. It may take me longer to type this than it took to play :-D.

I had a subcompact with a thick composite ramplate, SD and not much else. I managed a T-bone on Carol's rear since she was spinning out. I missed confetting her by 5 points. Lafe had a motorcycle that I managed to catch in a T-bone, and didn't do enough to kill outright but confettied for a kill. Unfortunately, the spikes he dropped took out my tires for a mobility kill.

About this time Carol had recovered from her spinout but Tom managed a head-on with his compact and confettied her. End of duel with time to play Give Me The Brain, a card game by Cheapass Games where you are zombie fast food workers trying to close the store with only one brain between the lot of you. Lots of fun.

WADA Stuff

Event: AAIE Div 5 Rite of Spring in the Big B.
Location: Spokane, Washington State
Date: March 21, 2050
Duelmasters: Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln, "Leaping" Tom Lentz

1. "Leaping" Tom Lentz (Go figure!): 24 points, 1 VK
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln: 11 points, 1 VK
3. Lafe Dougherty: 2 points
4. Carol Dougherty: 1 point, 1 VK


March 24, 2050 Update

Tire Tracks Vol. 9, Num. 2
Dave Altz wins back to back in Poland and Moscow as Matt Lintemuth finishes second for the fourth straight race
Standings and Statistics through Race #4
Driver Spotlight Race #1 -- Dave Altz
Driver Spotlight Race #2 -- Matt Lintemuth (Coming Soon)
Preview of Events 5, 6, 7, 8
Directions to Matt Lintemuth's House
AADA 2050 WRC Update
Around the CADC
WADA 2050 Update
The Lost Races of the 2040-41 Season
2049 Trophy Presentation
Race 8 of the 2040-41 Season

March 27, 2050 Update

Dates and previews of next two races on main page
Current Standings Page through Race 6 (Unofficial Results from Races 5 and 6 available for download)
Matt "George" Lintemuth's Drivers Spotlight interview in Tire Tracks Vol. 9, No. 2


Photographs of the DRACAR Gibson Cup 500
Results of Goodwrench 500 at Darlington Speedway


Subject: KOS March Race at The Gladiator
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 11:47:46 PST
From: Jason Walters <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

The race we ran last week was strange to say the least. Each of us (Jerry, Tim, myself) had two cars. I was running my ram car from the past Division 10 fight, upgraded a little to have more money to play with. I was also running a gasoline-powered pickup with four HMGs (two front and two in a turret). Jerry was running two electric luxuries each with two HMGs in a turret and a couple of other weapons. Tim was running a gasoline-powered van and an electric luxury.

(Note: Both of these vehicles were illegal, even after four attempts to fix them. There were too many vehicle design sheets to look over, you can manage to build illegal cars on many programs, etc. . . . We can have Master Engineer Tim show you how to construct a vehicle. The first time Tim built a car, a he installed a turreted GC on a van.)

Anyway, all cars started the race, held at The Gladiator in the Windy City, at 60 mph. The firing did not start until my car crossed the next starting line, which happened very soon after both of my cars reached their top speeds and stayed at them for the rest of the race (120 mph for the ram car, 110 mph for the pickup). Jerry never passed 105 mph, while Tim was up to 180 mph before the race ended.

First blood occurred between Tim and Jerry at point-blank range in an intersection of the track. Jerry was the one to move first because he was 95 mph while Tim's cars were going 80 mph and 75 mph. One of Jerry's cars ran through the van and the luxury, both one-half inch apart. Jerry's other car barely squeaked past the front of the luxury, then barely missed hitting my ram car at the next intersection by turning around the back of it. We fired at each other, with both of Tim's cars firing their turreted HVMGs. After the rounds from those weapons bounced off my armor (I love to have heavy metal armor), I fired a laser LAW at point-blank range and missed because of the speed modifiers involved.

I fired at the back car with four HVMGs from the pickup, and tagged with only one of them. I did manage to cause a control roll, which resulted in the car rolling off the track, ending upside-down, although the driver and gunner were still alive.

Tim and Jerry got into each other's firing ranges again a few seconds later, with Tim firing an ATG at Jerry, causing a control roll. Jerry blew the handling check and also started rolling. (Jerry was not having a good night. His underbody was breached, the team knocked out cold, but his team did land on their wheels.) A couple of moves later, Tim made a wrong turn on the track, ending up going the wrong way. The track's officials told Tim he was out of the race for the detour. After this declaration, both of Tim's cars pulled a couple of 90-degree bends, which made the van spin out at 180 mph. Tim was able to drive off after the spinout was completed. The luxury was not as fortunate, rolling out of control, the driver walked away because a roll cage was installed. I won the race because Jerry rolled and Tim took himself out. The race was slightly disappointing because I was hoping to race Jerry to the finish line on the seventh lap.

This week we are thinking about holding a tractor-trailer race, if I can design the rigs in time.

See you later.

Jason Walters
Kult of Speed President


Arena Watch: Aerodrome Racing Complex, Jefferson City, Missouri
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 9, No. 4


From: Eric Freeman <>
To: Southern California Duelists
Cc: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: Detailed OrcCon Duel reports
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 15:08:08 -0800 (PST)

The OrcCon convention was a blast and featured two dueling events, both held in the newly designed Towers Arena, a stadium specifically built to hold up to 12 duelists.

The Saturday night Division 20 match featured the following participants and designs.

Rob Hagmaier: Compact, ATG with sabot rounds
Stan Wells: RR front, HDFOJ back
Chuck Philips: HMG in a turret smart-linked to a HMG front
Bryan Farina: Ramplate, FPG with ice ammunition front. To protect himself from his own ice, Bryan sported snow tires and a front-mounted SnD!
John Berry: VMG in a turret, FOJ back
Dean Gibson: Luxury, two linked VFRPs
Jeremy Willis: BC front
Peter Cassaboom: RL in a turret smart-linked to RL front
Christian Vanover: Concealed BC front
Emilio Segura: Two HMGs in a turret, SD with explosive-tipped spikes
Micheal Rosenberg: Ramplate, VMG in a turret, FOJ back

Jeremy and Dean began the duel mixing it up early with Dean having most of his VFRP rockets ping off of Jeremy's metal armor. Both of them ended up having control problems and ended up going very slow near one of the pillars. Bryan picked up the kill on Jeremy by driving right through him. Having used up virtually all his rounds to little avail, Dean was easy pickings for the ATG wielded by Rob.

After his collision Bryan was left in the mess by the pillar with Dean and Jeremy and was later rammed by Peter who forgot Bryan had a ram car.  The collision was at low speeds, so both survived. However, the collision kept Bryan's ram car going slow and Stan swooped in to use his HDFOJ to take out the nearly immoble Bryan.

John Berry and Micheal exchanged VMG fire back and forth early. Micheal then mixed it up with Stan and in the process flipped his car onto
the side giving Stan a mobility kill.  Near the end of the duel, Chuck came by and blew through the top of Micheal to pick up the full kill points.

Rob H. and Christian both bore down on the weakened and virtually stationary Stan (who was still at "The Pillar of Death"). John Berry used his turreted VMG to knock off Christian's tires to give him a mobility kill. Meanwhile Rob used an out of arc shot through Stan's right side to give him the finishing blow. That gave Rob the second kill he was looking for. He just needed to survive for five more turns to finish the duel in first.

Emilio engaged Rob and tried to finish him off before the five turns was up to continue the duel. He was able to connect a few times, but the well armored Rob shrugged off the blows. The biggest danger being whether he could stay in control or not. Rob was able to hang tight on the
steering wheel and hang onto the victory.

1. Rob Hagmaier: 40 points
2. Stan Wells, Chuck Philips, John Berry: Three-Way Tie, 10 points
5. Bryan Farina, Emilio Segura, Peter Cassaboom: Three-Way Tie, 0 points
8. Christian Vanover: -10 points
9. Jeremy Willis, Michael Rosenberg, Dean Gibson: -20 points

The Sunday duel was a Division 30 brawl. We had eight combatants return rom the previous night plus two new players.

Rob Hagmaier: Grand Slam Lite (luxury, HR salvos front, FCGS)
Chuck Philips: Pickup, two BCs, fake ramplate
Dean Gibson: Two side-mounted lasers, FCGS, and a nice surprise of two concealed incendiary HRs.
Peter Casaboom: TwL in a turret
Vince (last name unknown): Referee-supplied design with BC front and FOJ with most shots HT ammunition
Sid "Vicious" Nguyen: The referee supplied Sid with a design (one the duelmaster had been saving for himself) because Sid was a rookie driver. It was a modified Navigator, Mike Montgomery's 2036 WDC design. It featured three laser-guided RLs with incendiary rockets and a PS back.
Michael Rosenberg: Referee-designed sedan (ramplate and side-moounted laser)
Jeremy Willis: BC front, ATG with sabot ammunition back
Stan Wells: HDFOJ and two RRs front, Stan's infamous combination
Emilio Segura: RR in a turret smart-linked to RR front

The action started early right out of the gate. Peter used his turreted TwL to clean a tire off of Rob H. at 60 mph, who responded by blasting Peter clean through with six laser-guided AP HRs for a quick, full kill. It took Rob several turns to get his vehicle slowed down, and his only remaining weapons consisted of a very well armored and bumper-spiked front (useless with the pitiful HC) and a FCGS with an extra magazine to the rear.

On the other side of the arena Vince and Jeremy traded fire from their massive guns. In the process of trading blows Jeremy managed to spin his
car out at only 30 mph. Micheal came out of the gate firing and used his arc advantage to pepper the side of Sid with a couple laser blasts.
Sid used one of the pillars for brief cover, and very quickly both Micheal and Sid were upon Jeremy. After getting hit early in the game, Sid finally got a chance to do some damage, and unleashed his RLs on Jeremy. Unfortunately for Sid, Jeremy was fireproofed. However with a couple full salvos he was able to penetrate a side that had been weakened by Vince. One of the salvos hit the power plant and set Jeremy on fire. With no FE, Jeremy was going to be goner. He survived two turns before his vehicle exploded. After killing Jeremy, the still-tailing Micheal was able to shear off one of Sid's tires. Micheal kept up his pursuit past the exploded Jeremy. In the process he got painted by Sid's PS on auto. Micheal used his ramplate to slightly bump Sid.

After trading fire with Vince, Emilio's car spun out.  Stan turned to get a bead on the helpless Emilio and put his car into a spinout in the
process. After regaining control, the two "spin" drivers met each other in a head-on collision. They traded fire with Stan emerging as the victor
by blowing throught the front of Emilio.

Dean, Rob and Chuck converged to one side of the arena. Dean unleashed his concealed incendiary HRs on Chuck.  Both hit and put on a substantial burn modifier on Chuck. Dean rolled what he needed to put Chuck on fire and Chuck's car exploded at the end of the turn. Dean then focused on Rob with the bloodlust of a hyena sensing injured prey. Rob managed to put a fire modifier of six on Dean (which he deftly removed with a blast from his PFE), and do some internal damage with two shots from the FCGS, but his vehicle was repeatedly hammered by Dean's lasers, which reduced his engine to a molten slag heap. Although he did have an operational weapon (two shots remaining on the FCGS), he was ruled a full kill as the rear of his vehicle was facing a wall. His driver sat out the rest of the duel in his darkened vehicle, smoking cigarettes and making occasional witty commentary.

After all of that, the five-second clock started ticking . . .

Vince pushed his car to get to Dean before time expired. He was able to get a couple shots off on Dean.  One of which penetrated the interior and killed off the gunner.  Dean fired his FCGS to discourage the pursuit.  In avoiding the FC, Vince pushed his car too far and spunout into the mess formerly known as Chuck's vehicle. He was unable to mount a worthy attack after that.

As time expired, Michael had circled Sid and zoomed in for a head on ram at 80 mph. The hefty front armor of both vehicles left both alive after
the blow. Dean was able to survive for his first dueling win in recent memory . . .

1. Dean Gibson: 40 points, full kills on Rob H. and Chuck: 40 points
2. Sid Nguyen (full kill on Jeremy), Stan Wells (full kill on Emilio): two-way tie, 20 points
4. Vince, Michael Rosenberg, Rob Hagmaier (full kill on Peter, fully killed): three-way tie, 0 points
7. Peter Cassaboom, Chuck Phillips, Emilip Segura, Jeremy Willis: four-way tie, -20 points

Eric Freeman
San Diego Autoduel Association President
AADA Head Referee