Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 3, No. 3
March 02, 2050

Web Posted August 05, 2000
Updated September 04, 2001


Welcome to the official start of the third year of CWIN. On March 01, 1998. I published the first issue of this magazine. Two years later, the subscriber list is over 160 members. I must be writing something interesting every month, or all of you are asleep at your keyboards when you receive each issue.

Speaking of sleep, you are not dreaming. This issue is almost on time for its theoretical release date of March 1st. You can expect this publication to return to a regular schedule.

This issue should have something for everyone. Scientists have announced a major breakthrough in the search for an alternative to fossil fuels. The new Web site for the Metalstorm system, mentioned on Car Wars HQ many years ago, is now active. You will definitely want to visit the site, but do not read its content before you go to bed otherwise you may have nightmares about being in a duel facing Metalstorm. Jason Walters, President-For-Life of the Kult of Speed, has submitted the report of his group's first duel. If you are in the market for new vehicles intended for use on dueltracks or in the Badlands, Necromancer Motors, a vehicle construction corporation sponsored by the Kult of Speed, has four designs that should tickle your fancy. Two regular visitors to the Mad Max Movies Message Board, Road Worthy and HUMVEE Driver, have written two high-impact stories set in the Road Warrior universe, reading materials that are not to be missed.

I want to give deep thanks to AAIE and DRAW for making my trip to Rad Con 3 and the U.S. Northwest RDC outstanding. Bill Stevenson and Phil Bedard were two of the most professional and courteous refereesI have ever seen in action for Car Wars or any other game system. I want to extend congratulations to the WADA Guru himself, Philip "Fool" White, for winning the tournament. You performed very well in every round of the competition. I am glad you won the event . . . because I will enjoy seeing everyone attempting to destroy you next year. I also want to congratulate Tom Lentz, member of the AAIE, for destroying my car in the Midville Qualifier with one of the coolest tactics I have ever witnessed.

Once again, I ask you support the gamer registries listed below. Adding your name and contact information to these databases only takes a few minutes and will help you find opponents in a short time.

Access Denied

The Autoduelist

Dragonflight Gamers Connection

Steve Jackson Games Store and Gamer Finder

The Wargamer Opponent Finder

Until next month, may your laser-guided rockets always follow their targeting laser and your bumper-triggered weapons hit their target.

Michael P. Owen



Car Wars Ad Campaign
Fastest Game News Online
November 08, 1999

Multi-Platform: Activision's Vigilante 8 Second Offence is to be jumpstarted with an extensive advertising campaign that will smother TV with the multi-platform title.

As is the fashion nowadays companies are prepared to pay millions in pushing hotly anticipated games. Vigilante 8 is no exception. Television ads are planned for prime time national and cable networks. Spots already scheduled include WWF Wrestling, WCW Wrestling, and UPN's
Smackdown, as well as slots on Comedy Central, MTV, FOX Sports, and TBS.

Running alongside the TV promo will be a print campaign that features two-page ads in the gaming press. A predicted five million ad impressions will be made through the print campaign over the holidays, plus the print push will include a "Pedal-to-the-Metal Sweepstakes," which offers gamers a chance to win a trip to the Evernham/Hawley Racing School at Irwindale Speedway. Also planned is a comic book based around the Vigilante franchise, which will be created by Chaos! Comics.



Man in Yellow Hat Denies Involvement
The Daily Illuminator
February 19, 2000

Too much attention from grade-schoolers will get to anyone, and when it does, they'll snap. Witness the fate of poor Furious George, a shell of his former self. Help George navigate the country, robbing banks, hot wiring cars and shooting for the high score as you go.

Suggested by Drew Johnson

Editor's Note: Here are some autodueling-related crimes I observed Mr. George perform when I played the game.



Roleplaying is one of my favourite hobbies, although I have not had much of an opportunity to play recently. However, I am starting to set up a small Web site of in-house rules for three of my favourite systems, White Wolf -- Storyteller Vampire, FASA -- Shadowrun and Steve Jackson Games -- Car Wars.

Craig Lloyd



MSN CarPoint
February 2000



Paul Recer and The Associated Press
The Seattle Times
February 22, 2000
Web posted at 0658 PST


Alan Boyle
February 21, 2000

February 01, 2000
Web posted at: 10:41 PM EST (0341 GMT)

LONDON (AP) -- A passport used by the creator of James Bond for a real-life spying mission during World War II will be sold at auction later this month, Sotheby's announced Tuesday.

Author Ian Fleming, who died in 1969, used the passport to travel to Gibraltar during World War II to carry out a mission for the Naval Intelligence division of Britain's secret service.

The aim of the mission, code-named Operation Goldeneye, was to conduct limited sabotage and to monitor the movements of Spain in the event that it joined the war on the side of Germany, Sotheby's said.

Fleming's passport was stamped on February 16, 1941, as "valid for a journey to Gibraltar and return to Madrid" and on February 26, 1941, "for a journey to London via Lisbon."

After the war, Fleming named his Jamaica house "Goldeneye," and the name was also used for the James Bond film released in 1995.

The passport is expected to fetch between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds ($3,200 to $4,800) when it is auctioned February 24 in London, Sotheby's said.



David Ignatius and The Washington Post
February 2000


Funtopia: A guide to the writing and music of Mick Farren, legendary British '60s counterculture radical, musician, sci-fi/horror novelist and critic.

Phil Jones



Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 22:39:16 +0100
From: John Ivan Wiik <>
Organization: Telenor Online Public Access

I've just started an Autoduel campaign, and while creating vehicles, my group and I have found the 45mm rocket launcher to be a real find. I mean, it blasts through any armor I've found. 200-300 DP doesn't count for much with an armor divisor of 5 and 9d x 3 of damage.

I think this baby is far too deadly. One shot can easily take out a vehicle (using the advanced damage system). It is also very cheap. Is there a downside to this weapon I've failed to see?

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 05:11:58 GMT
From: Chaos Israel X <>

Sounds like a typo of some kind to me . . . If you have (or know someone who has) GURPS Vehicles, make a TL8 rocket launcher of the appropriate size, and see what the damage comes out as . . .

Rev. Chaos Israel X--Clayton Woolard--St. Coyote-Loki
Copyleft 2000, The Tactical Buddha Institute. All rights revered.
email me or

Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 22:30:27 +0100
From: Ingo Siekmann <>

Well, if it is so cheap, every bad guy (read: NPC) will have at least one of this babies.


Ingo Siekmann <>, Paderborn (Germany)


Autoduelist: This GURPS character template was designed for people whose idea of a job is to use an armed and armored car to fight other people in similar cars, with the purpose of entertaining an audience.

Light & Darkness Webmaster


This is the main page for my current campaign: The Mysterious CyberWorld. It's a GURPS-based game taking place in the world presented in GURPS CyberWorld -- our own, in the year 2043. As CyberWorld was written in 1993, the history of the game world differs from history in the real world from that point on (lucky for us, or we would be dying left, right and center from a horrible plague by now). The campaign is moderately Illuminated, and also uses elements from Autoduel.




February 01, 2000: There is more info at Toymania <>about the new Mad Max figures. It looks like they are due out soon. See the article and pictures at the Toymania site for more info. Thank you, Chris Searls, for this info.

February 05, 2000: There is another link to someone pre-selling the Mad Max toys <>. These guys look a little expensive, but it's your call. Thanks to Ryan Littlefield for that info.

Peter Barton
Mad Max Movies FAQ Webmaster



Subject: Auto-Combat Games
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:07:41 GMT
Organization: Customer of Telstra Big Pond Direct

I love auto-combat games, and I know there are a few different titles and legions of fans.What's your fave? Why? Do you think it is time for another one to be released?

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 22:56:29 +1100
From: "Geoff Watson" <>

I would suggest Car Wars or Battletech.

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 15:12:54 GMT
From: Michel Boucher <>
Organization: Your Company

Is this a survey question? :-)

"You're soaking in it!" - Madge
To send private mail, get the zed out.

Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 18:14:59 -0800
From: Rick Jones <>

I tried with a few friends to muddle our way through a game of Car Wars once but it got so bogged down in the mechanics we gave up after an hour and a half or so. I have found that I enjoy Road Kill from Avalon Hill. I tried to interest some people at a gaming party last weekend in it but a woman said she doesn't like violent games so it got shelved.

Rick Jones
Remove the Extra Dot to e-mail me
"I'll be back." -- Arnold Schwartznegger, various movies

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:06:45 -0500
Organization: d.j.1.11

There's a gentleman who posts here from time to time, Paul Shayne, who designed a game called Road Warrior that was published in the late
1980s. As I understand it, the rights to this game were bought by a large company (Mattel, I think) but the game was never distributed
outside Australia (and maybe New Zealand). Now it's out of print, the rights have reverted to Mr. Shayne, and he's seeking a new publisher.

From the descriptions that have been posted here, Road Warrior sounds like a cool thing. I hope we'll get to see it in a shiny new edition someday.

Ich brauche nicht immer meiner eigenen Meinung zu sein.
I need not always be of my own opinion.  -- Heinrich Heine

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 07:43:00 +1100
From: Paul Shayne <>
Organization: Customer of Telstra Big Pond Direct

Thanks for the mention and the support, Kaspia. In my quest for a new publisher, I have contacted Jolly Rogers games (an American compnay run by a very nice fella by name of Jim). He is currently considering the game for release under his standard, so it may well be that game will be revived. If you are from Australia, I could arrange to get you (or anyone whose interested) a copy (of the original) for cost price.



Subject: Road Warrior
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2000 07:59:32 +1100
From: Paul Shayne <>
Organization: Customer of Telstra Big Pond Direct

Greetings all,

Many of you have seen my posts here over the past few months. I am Paul Shayne, the inventor of the auto-combat board game Road Warrior. Many in this group have expressed interest in obtaining a copy of the game, but seeing our contract has expired, the game is no longer available in the retail stores. However, I can still get copies and sell them for wholesale price. (I'm not so interested in profit as getting the game out there.) If you are after a copy, drop me an e-mail, and we will sort it out -- we could even catch up for a game together.

Americans:, Road Warrior is currently being considered for American shores. If it is produced, I promise you that Car Wars will finally meet its match. Keep posted for updates.




February 13, 2000: AADA 2050 WDC Details Taking Shape

The 2050 WDC will occur at Gen Con Game Fair 2000 on August 10th - 13th, 2000 in Milwaukee, WI! Eric Freeman (AADA Head Referee) and MJ Daniels (2049 World Racing Champion) are putting all the details together. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come early to learn the game. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round provided there is space. The top eight cumulative point scorers from the preliminary events will advance to the final. Regional champions will be awarded points that count towards advancement to the final. Vehicle designs will be provided or players may bring their own for approval. Below is a brief outline of the weekend's schedule.

Preliminary 1: Friday, August 11, 1700-2300, Division 10
Preliminary 2: Saturday, August 12, 1000-1600, Division 20
Preliminary 3: Saturday, August 12, 1900-0100, Division 15
Final: Sunday, August 13, 1000-1600, Division 30

February 20, 2000: Car Wars Referee Questionnaire Updated

Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee, has recently updated the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ). Version 4.1 is now available to help clear up some of the rule conflicts, ambiguities, and variants that exsit in the Car Wars systems. In fact, Eric has revised the format and broken the original into two documents. The second document is called the Other Dueling Questions (ODQ) and it was created because of the plethora of questions that relate to dueling and to keep the CWRQ somewhat manageable. If you have any rule questions that you need clarification on, please e-mail Eric. He will either answer your question personally, and/or add it to the next update of the CWRQ or ODQ.

Car Wars Referee Questionnaire

Car Wars Other Dueling Questions

Sunday February 27, 2000: AADA 2050 WRC Tracks

The Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) will be announcing the four tracks that will be used during the AADA 2050 WRC in the next issue of Tire Tracks, the Official Journal of the CADC. For an sneak peak at that announcement, visit the CADC Web site, and click on the "AADA WRC" button in the top menubar.

The 2050 WRC will be held at Origins 2000 in Columbus, OH. Qualifying will take place on July 14th and 15th, and the WRC will be on the 16th. The event will be listed in the pre-registration books, so attendance is expected to break the 20-player mark hit last year when the event was omitted from those books. Hope to see you there.


Finding Gamers and Stores
The Daily Illuminator
March 02, 2000

Here's another great web feature scripted by the incredible Kira: the SJ Games Gamer Finder. It's just what it sounds like. Anybody can use it;
you don't have to subscribe to one of our 'zines or mailing lists. Log in; add yourself to the database if you like; and search the database by
location, favorite games, or both. Best of all, perhaps, is that entries won't get stale; you automatically get a reminder after three months, and if you don't choose to renew or update your entry, it vanishes.

It's also set up to access our mailing list of game retailers. When you search a location, you can choose to see all the stores in that area, or the
individual gamers, or both.

At this writing, it's just out of beta, and has fewer than 50 gamers in it . . . but I'd like to see it in the thousands. So log in and enter your own
preferences, and check back every so often to see who you can find in the way of new friends or opponents!

-- Steve Jackson



Version 0.13 has been uploaded to the Rogue Matter Web site. This draft features introductory, movement, and combat sections. Very few people are helping James Barton write the game, so please read the current rules and post your comments on the Rogue Matter message board.



Jason Walters
Kult of Speed President



Road Worthy
Mad Max Movies Message Board Member


Mad Max Movies Message Board Member



New Overdrive Details and Screenshots

John Bergerud
January 13, 2000
Web posted at 8:58 pm CST

Perhaps no game better reflects the difficulties of the Russian industry in which Buka Entertainment operates than Overdrive; but while Buka has built its reputation on a legal basis in a big city and a market notorious for their lawlessness, Overdrive invites you to take the opposite course.

Behind the bright, clean surface of a modern city lurk the masterminds of crime, the ones they never catch. You are not yet one of them, though. Here you are, at the federal prison's gates, a crumpled $20 bill in your pocket and a whole new life to build.

You're smart, hi-tech and deadly: will you spend your days being an honest worker? Think again. There are enough high-paying jobs, and, with your underworld connections, it's time to start climbing the crime ladder again, but remember: your reputation will always precede you.

Starting small is a wise choice: it should be easy to become a courier for the local mob. There are a whole lot of opportunities if you don't mind getting your hands a little bloody or occasionally washing them in water that's too hot for comfort. Become a bodyguard – or a hit man. Take orders from no one except the Boss – or work only for yourself. Save up and by a car – or just steal one (remembering to watch out for the police – or just shoot them, if you think that’ll be easier).

This is a new kind of game that redefines the meaning of the words immersive world. Imagine a giant metropolis, several hours across, with streets full of cars and people going about their business, legal or otherwise, hundreds of buildings looming over your head and complete freedom to live your life as you see fit. Make your choices and face the consequences.

Key Features


Mad Max Movies FAQ Message Board

Posted by Brent on January 30, 2000 at 20:37:31:

I just rented Ronin for my DVD today . . . man, if those cars were vintage '60-'70s muscle cars . . . I'd be in heaven. That last chase is one of the best car chases I have ever seen, but the first was damn good too, having bazookas and grenade launchers.

Posted by JtB on January 30, 2000 at 23:04:00:
In Reply to: Re: Awesome Movie posted by MFP on January 30, 2000 at 22:00:48:

Where can I rent this movie? Would it be in Action? Sci fi? Drama? What kind of cars were used?

Posted by Brent on January 31, 2000 at 09:13:25:
In Reply to: Re: Awesome Movie posted by JtB on January 30, 2000 at 23:04:00:

It's an action movie with Robert DeNeiro. Go rent it right away.

Posted by MFP on January 30, 2000 at 22:00:48:
In Reply to: Awesome Movie posted by Brent on January 30, 2000 at 20:37:31:

On Saturday, I hooked the subwoofer from my PC up to the TV, and watched Ronin full blast. The engines sounded kick <DELETED>!

Posted by MFP on January 31, 2000 at 11:57:16:
In Reply to: Re: Awesome Movie posted by JtB on January 30, 2000 at 23:04:00:

Okay, many people hear what cars were used, and think the chases were <DELETED> because of them, but they are damn good cars and damn good chases! Here they are: Audi S-8, Peugute, Citron, Renault, BMW 3 or 5 series (older one though). The chases rocked, and have to be listened to loud!

Posted by 5.7 Interceptor <> on January 31, 2000 at 20:49:39:
In Reply to: Re: Awesome Movie posted by MFP on January 31, 2000 at 11:57:16:

Although I've only owned Chevys, I really enjoy whatching all those cars mentioned by MFP whip thru the Paris-Dakkar rally. I know I'll be checkin' out Ronin this weekend. You said loud, right? The church next door is gonna love me!

Posted by MFP on January 31, 2000 at 21:01:43:
In Reply to: Re: Awesome Movie posted by 5.7 Interceptor on January 31, 2000 at 20:49:39:

The combination of the tires, engines, and gunfire will make them get on their knees!


Road Rage steps up a beat in Death Race 3000

Science Fiction Crowsnest

Making a come-back from his appearance in Stanley Kubrick's truly appalling last film, Eyes Wide Shut, perhaps so-named for the number of members of the audience who go to sleep during the movie -- Tom Cruise is rumoured to be headlining in the Death Race 3000 movie now being produced by Paramount.

This is of course a remake of Roger Corman's classic Death Race 2000, the film from whose loins the deeply criticised pedestrian slaying games like Carnage and Carmageddon sprung from.

The film caused massive outrage in 1975 when David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone replayed Wacky Races as crossed with Mad Max, playing futuristic drivers in a Grand Prix where prizes are awarded for killing pedestrians -- the sicker the kill, the higher the score.

You know the kind of thing: dead nun 50 points, dead pregnant nun 90 points, etc.

The director, Paul Anderson (Event Horizon), has remained tight-lipped about the plot, but has suggested that there will be few concessions to political correctness or the U.S. road safety lobby.

Given the trouble we had getting JG Ballard's movie Crash released in the U.K., you can expect the normal cries of outrage from the Mary Whitehouse crowd when this baby goes live.

The <> URL has already been registered (we presume by the studio), but there's nothing there yet -- just an "under construction" sign.



New Events
February 12: NOVA Div 40 Heavy Pickup/Heavy Camper Duel #5
February 12: NOVA Div 40 Heavy Pickup/Heavy Camper Duel #6
February 15: AAIE Div 50 Weekly Rumble
February 18: SWAT Multi-Ball Ball Death Rally
February 18: U.S. Northwest RDC Qualifier 1
February 19: DRACAR Gibson Cup 500
February 19: Orc Con 2000 Duel #1
February 19: U.S. Northwest RDC Qualifier #2
February 19: U.S. Northwest RDC Qualifier #3
February 20: U.S. Northwest RDC Final
February 20: Orc Con 2000 Duel #2


From: Edgar T Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Leap Day 2050 Carnage
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 10:29:08 -0800

Greetings Duel Fans,

Quick report today (sorry, Michael!). This week's event was a slow duel due to a late start, another new player, and it was a Div 10. Dueling were Lafe Dougherty, Muhammed Hachiem Johnson(the driver formerly known as Khyll W.), Senya "Sin" Olson, Trish Bridges, Norma Barrett-Lincoln, and your humble narrator. Neither Tom Lentz nor Carol Dougherty were able to make it.

Lafe was in a slow sloped compact with a RR front, composite armor, and a ramplate. Muhammed and Senya were both driving a Deeper Shade Of Soul, a slow compact with an APFSDS ATG front and a ramplate. Trish returned in a compact with an explosive-tipped SD back and a MML front. Norma drove a sloped subcompact with SDs out the sides and a PS back. I was driving an updated Mini-Sherman, featuring 2 MGs front.

Trish crossed in front of me and I managed two rounds of fire on her back armor without much effect. She dropped spikes I could have avoided
but I cavalierly drove over them then noticed I only had 5-point tires.  Oops. I lost both front tires, which made me a mobility kill pointed away from all the action.

On the other side of the arena Mohammed managed two cross-arena shots into Senya's side, and barely missed the third shot that would have
finished her off. Trish was closing in to steal the kill but Senya turned in for a head-on that she should have survived but may have killed
Trish so Trish turned out.

Norma put her weapons on auto early forcing Lafe to follow her or cross the spikes. He followed but never managed to get a clear shot on her back.  Muhammed turned toward her after missing Senya but never got a shot on Norma and missed a tough shot at Lafe. Part of his problem was that he was trying something new and never accelerated after starting at 25. Bet he doesn't do that again.

Senya put a shot into me and was going finish me off but lost control and spun out. My bad, I encouraged her to take base level Driver skill; I
forgot it figured into recovery. She recovered going the other way and ended up doing a head-on that killed Muhammed dead and took out her car.

Norma came by and chose not to t-bone me because she would have died and probably not have killed me. Trish was chasing Lafe toward me.  He put a shot into my side and I made him t-bone me to get the kill. Slowed him down enough for Trish to slip past him. Realized it was really late and called the duel.

WADA Stuff
February 29: AAIE Div 10 Leap Day Rumble in the Big B. Arena
Location: Spokane, WA
DM: Edgar Lincoln <>

1. Lafe "Ed" Dougherty (18 points)
1. Trish "Fiona" Bridges (18 points)
3. Senya "Sin" Olson (10 points and 1 VK)
4. Norma Barrett-Lincoln (3 points)
5. Muhammed Hachiem Johnson (2 points and 1 VK)
6. Edgar "Guru" Lincoln (1 point)

Next week is a Div 25. I am open to suggestions for the arena.

Edgar Lincoln


Current Standings now include results of Race #3 and Race #4
Date, time, place, and previews of Races 5 and 6
Tire Tracks Archive: Vol. 4, No. 9, Vol. 5, No. 1
Sneak preview of tracks to be used for 2050 AADA WRC


Rad Con 3 and the 2050 U.S. Northwest RDC are both over. "Machine Gun" Kelly Cariker and Paul "Spapmaster" Theis tied for fourth, Lara "Nutbuster" Hill got second, and Philip "Fool" White of WADA kicked some serious behind and walked away with the U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship! Some pictures of the tournament are now on the DRAW Web site. The write-up is coming soon!

Oh . . . and as a side note, Bill and I took Players Choice GMs for the third year in a row . . . Thanks to all who voted for us.

Phil Bedard
DRAW Webmaster


Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / DRACAR Results
From: Dean Gibson
Newsgroup: Dueling Debate <>
Date: February 28, 2000, 4:57 p.m.

The 2050 DRACAR season has ended with a points margin upset! Race #10 was ran at OrcCon 2000 here in Los Angeles February 12th, and featured a rather large reptilian uninvited guest . . . Godzilla!

I'd like to thank NOVA for their inspired use of Godzilla in the past. I thought I would give it a try for a convention game. It went over very well with those who passed by, especially when there was a video monitor running Godzilla '85 in the background as the race progressed! :)

Randy Shew's win in the #3 Goodwrench on the Motegi Twin Rings course set in Downtown Tokyo gave him the Gibson Cup Series Championship! Pictures of the event and of the fabulous Gibson Cup trophy are on the DRACAR Web site!

The 2050 season gets under way this month! Watch the DRACAR Web site for details.


From: Jason Walters <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Subject: Kult of Speed February 2000 Duel
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 01:32:16 EST

Hey, Owen. It's Jason Walters writing you to let you know how the Kult of Speed's first real battle turned out this evening. There were three players, Tim Sneed, Jerry Clark, and myself, in the Kenosha County Arena, a stadium that was homemade, simple in layout, and would be in our backyard in the game world. The duel was a Division 10 fight with two cars on each of the three sides.

Tim was running two compacts with turreted VMGs, hand weapons, and gas engines. They were the only Division 10 cars I have ever seen with both a driver and a gunner. Jerry was running two compacts, one with a MML guided by a LL front, and one with twin HMGs front. My first car was a compact with a gas engine and a heavy ramplate. My second vehicle was the BC-front-mounted Boomer mid-size from AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 3, with a few modifications to make the design compatible with the CADC vehicle construction spreadsheet.

The event was very bloody, lasting 16 seconds before it was over. The first car to go down was in the third or fourth turn. Tim shot out two tires on one of Jerry's compacts. One turn later, my ramcar collided with Tim at 70 mph. The driver was killed, the engine was taken out by critical damage, and the gas tank was destroyed. The car ended up coasting to a stop and still fighting, with the gunner shooting the turret.

Next up was a fight with my Boomer and the two other cars at point-blank range. I caused the most damage to Jerry and Tim when I got them in my front arc. The heavy damage of this engagement was caused by a ram at 10 mph with my Boomer, enabling me to use its bumper trigger, which fired the BC at point-blank range before the ram.

Jerry managed to breach Tim's back armor, destroy the gas tank, kill the gunner, and take the engine out. Jerry then rammed Tim for the finishing blow. After the collision, Jerry ran away to get some room to fight my ramcar. I chased Jerry down to get him. Jerry lost control, skidded, lost speed, then faced to shoot me. I rammed him at 75 mph, making the head-on collision speed 90 mph. Can you say, "Confetti?" I knew you could. The ram left me with five points less of metal armor, a broken fuel line, six turns worth of gasoline remaining, and a spinout that put me into an arena wall.

The last part of the fight was between me and Tim. Both of his cars had run out of ammunition for their VMGs, so the surviving driver shot me with a gyroslugger . . . before getting blown through the front of his car by a shot from my BC. The gunner in the other car started shooting my Boomer with an AVR. The gunner was hitting and doing damage I could not ignore, so I turned around after killing the one car. After the gunner ran out of ammunition for his AVR, I blew him through the front of his car with the BC. Tim was very lucky with a few of his AVR shots, and was successful with many of the control rolls he had to make. If the driver would have survived, we would have to say he was very lucky and very good.

It was a very fun fight, coming down to the wire with a couple of those shots. My ramcar only lost seven points of metal armor, not more then banging the hood up of it up a bit, since everytime it got shot the damage bounced off. In contrast, my other car endured heavy damage to its armor. Both of Tim's cars were gutted from back to front. One of Jerry's cars was turned into confetti. Jerry's other car was almost intact, but could not continue to fight because it was facing the wrong way.

Next week, we are going to be running a Division 50 two-car race on the Windy City's Gladiator Dueltrack, presented in Arena Book 2039: L'Outrance Circuit. I will let you know how it goes.

I do not know what we have to do, but I am looking at winning the WADA title for the points chase this year if I can help it. I was hoping to have Matt Hampton play tonight, but I do not know why he was not able to attend. I look forward to having the opportunity to shoot at him outside of a CADC race.

Thanks for hearing us out.


Jason Walters
Kult of Speed President

P.S. Owen, I do have an article for the newsletter, a few car designs I am working on. I hope to be able to send them to you sometime this weekend for one of the two upcoming issues.

Also, also by the looks of it, the AADA U.S. Midwest Regional Racing and Dueling Championships are going to be hosted by us at Anime Central in May. I will send you more details after I hear back from the head of the AADA.

Subject: Duh! Turrets and Compacts
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 16:24:11 PST
From: Jason Walters <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Duh! I knew I forgot something about Tim's design. I should have checked it better. We even used CADC's design program; it's a wonder it didn't catch the problem with compacts and two-space turrets. Anyway, it means we now have to teach Tim how to really build a car.

Official news from the AADA: The 2050 AADA U.S. Midwest Regional Racing and Dueling Championships are going to be hosted by the Kult of Speed at Anime Central May 12-14 in the Windy City. Anime Central is an anime convention, but there will be a gameroom hosted by the magazine Anime Squared. If anyone wants to run a game of any type at Anime Central, contact the 'zine <>, and address your letters to Mike Cox, the editor and guy in charge of the gameroom at the convention.

Other news about the 'zine this year is we are going to publish a RPG called, "Which Way to Reality," using the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" game system. We are hoping to have it out by Gen Con this year, but the release date has not been set yet (and may change). We are going to be running demonstrations of the game at Anime Central and Gen Con for anyone wishing to see what the game is going to be like.


From: Eric Freeman <>
Reply-To: Eric Freeman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:05:08 -0800 (PST)

Hey all,

It was a pretty eventful Car Wars weekend in Southern California. I'll have more comprehensive reports on the two dueling events at a later date. For right now, here are the final results.

On Saturday night we had a Division 20 duel held in an arena I designed specifically to hold 12 duelists. We had 11 duelists turn out for this
free-for-all. Especially refreshing was the "new" Car Wars guard brought on by the youngsters Peter Cassaboom, Micheal Rosenberg, and John Mary. For young players they did extremely well.

1. Rob Hagmaier (40 points)
2. Stan Wells (10)
2. Chuck Philips (10)
2. John Mary (10)
5. Bryan Farine (0)
5. Emilio Segura (0)
5. Peter Cassaboom (0)
8. Christian Vanover (-10)
9. Jeremy Willis (-20)
9. Micheal Rosenberg (-20)
9. Dean Gibson (-20)

On Sunday afternoon, we had a Division 30 duel. We had 10 duelists, eight returning from the previous night, and two new folks. The BattleTech veteran and Car Wars rookee, Sid Nguyen, was the big surprise of this duel. The other new player (but a Car Wars player from long ago), Vince, also did quite well. He ran out of time to finish Dean, to give Dean his first dueling win since . . . ever? Stan again just keeps finishing near the top . . .

1. Dean Gibson (40 points; full kills on Rob and Chuck)
2. Sid Nguyen (20; full kill on Jeremy)
2. Stan Wells (20; full kill on Emilio)
4. Vince (0)
4. Michael Rosenberg (0)
4. Rob Hagmaier (0; full kill on Peter; killed by Dean)
7. Peter Cassaboom (-20)
7. Chuck Phillips (-20)
7. Emilio Segura (-20)
7. Jeremy Willis (-20)

Because I was too busy getting the duels ready, I forgot to snag contact information from some of the players. If anyone knows how I can contact Sid Nguyen, Micheal Rosenberg, Vince, Bryan Farine, or John Mary, please let me know.

We also had a DRACAR racing event on Saturday morning. It was marked by the appearance of Godzilla in the middle of the race in Tokyo. I worked my way up from 15th (out of 16 cars) up to third, only to have Godzilla tap my car and have the subsequent hazard send me flying into Tokyo's harbor . . .  Check out the DRACAR Web site for details.

As far as future events are concerned, the 2050 U.S. Southwest Regional Dueling Championship will be held over Memorial Day weekend, May 27-28, 2000. At the worst we'll have dealer dollars for the top finishers. At best, we'll also have trophies provided by Steve Jackson games.
Tentatively, the two-round format will be as follows.

Preliminary 1: Saturday, May 27th, 1000-1600, Division 5
Preliminary 2: Saturday, May 27th, 1800-2400, Division 15
Final: Sunday, May 28th, 1100-1700, Division 25

Use cars loaded with weapons and armor to destroy your opponents. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round. Beginners are welcome. Vehicles will provided or bring your own for approval. AADA sanctioned.  For additional info contact Eric Freeman <> and/or check out the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire <>.

On the local front, my tentative schedule is to host a duel here in San Diego in early April.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman
AADA Webmaster


Arena Watch: Milford Arena, Milford/Battle, Nebraska
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 9, No. 3

Subject: NOVA February 2000 Duels
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 22:51:27 PST
From: "Michael Garrity" <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>
CC: "Philip White" <>

NOVA concluded our tests of the heavy pickups and campers with a pair of Division 40 duels today. Both of them took place in the Southtown Arena, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The drivers in both duels were myself, Norman McMullen, Tim Jacques, Don Jacques, and Adrian Shipley.

The first two turns of the first duel involved maneuvering for position so that we could open up on each other. Turn 3 saw the first combat, with
Don Jacques firing two linked VFRPs at Norman's front armor, whi had a good deal of metal up front, and therefore took no damage. Norman returned fire with his two linked BCs, doing moderate damage. In Turn 4, I fired on Tim with my five front-mounted RLs and did heavy damage.

Adrian Shipley attacked Tim Jacques with a volley from his twin ACs in Turn 5. Things got rather interesting in Turn 10, when Norman, Adrian and Don engaged each other in a three-way fight at point-blank range. Heavy damage was done all around.

Turn 10 was the most lethal of all. Don Jacques ran over three spike counters that had been previously laid by Norman. Don's tires suffered heavy damage. While being chased by Adrian, I opened up on Tim again. Four of my five rockets struck his front armor; the resulting damage killed the driver and put his vehicle out of action. At the same time, Tim fired at Norman's right-side armor with 5 heavy rockets. All the rockets hit and Norman was killed. Before he was killed, Norman fired his twin BCs at Adrian. The resulting damage caused a hazard that made Adrian lose control of his vehicle.

In Turn 11, I fired at Adrian's back armor and only hit him with one of my five rockets. Turn 12 saw Don shoot at Adrian's breached right armor with his VFRPs. Adrian was killed in short order.

Turn 13 was the last of the duel. I inflicted heavy damage to Don's front armor with my RLs. The last volley from his VFRPs only removed 1 point of metal armor from my front. I requested that he surrender and he did so.

1. Michael Garrity (killed Tim, accepted Don's surrender)
2. Donald  Jacques (killed Adrian, killed by Mike)
3. Adrian Shipley (killed by Don)
4. Timothy Jacques (killed by Mike)
5. Norman McMullen (killed by Tim)

The second duel was held without clearing up the debris and other messes left over from the first duel.
Turn 1 had Norman and I fired on each other immediately. I used a TL to earn the consecutive-fire bonus for the next turn. Norman had three
front-mounted RLs, but only succeded in causing slight damage to my metal armor. In Turn 2, I fired at Norman again. This time, I used four incendiary rockets. All four hit and did heavy damage to Norman's front armor. He was also on fire.

Also in Turn 2, Don hit Tim's right side with 11 of 12 VFRP rockets and did heavy damage. Norman returned my fire on him again, but only removed one point of metal armor.

Turn 3 had Adrian and Tim fire at each other. They also started to drop spikes. Adrian rammed Tim and did heavy damage to his front armor; the damage also went internal but Tim's driver lived. The impact knocked Tim back over his own spikes. The resulting damage destroyed all of Tim's tires.

In Turn 4, Don and I exchanged rocket fire. His left side took heavy damage and was set on fire. He did moderate damage to me in return.

Turn 5 witnessed Don and Norman close to point-blank range and savage each other. Norman was killed and Don's left-side armor was breached. The fire caused Don's car to explode. Norman also exploded, as the damage he suffered allowed the fire on his front to go internal.

In Turn 6, I headed towards Adrian. As there was no way he could possibly do serious harm to me, I asked for his surrender and he gave it.

1. Michael Garrity (accepted Adrian's surrender, awarded survivor bonus)
2. Adrian Shipley (mobility-killed Tim, surrendered to Mike)
3. Norman McMullen (killed by Don)
3. Donald Jacques (exploded)
5. Timothy Jacques (mobility-killed by Adrian)


January 31, 2050: Finished adding team rosters for active teams. Still need to calculate vehicle damage from first event and victory points.

Jim "Yoodle" Robertson
SCAR Webmaster