Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 2, No. 10
October 11, 2049

Web Posted November 12, 1999
Updated September 03, 2001



Greetings SancOps and Renegades. This issue is short because Car Wars information is becoming more scarce than ammunition in the Ruins of Houston. I am receiving very few reports on your autodueling activities and very few new Car Wars Web pages are being written. If you are in a gaming group that occasionally hits the pavement, please drop me a line stating your current status and the plans you have for the next few months.

This newsletter is short, but it does have several exciting articles. Tony Kontes and Arthur Samuels present Daemon Mechanic and GURPS DarkFutureTech submissions again. A new Car Wars group, Knights Templar, has appeared on the Matrix with a Web site that will be very useful in the future. Definitely take a visit to Outer Realms, a member of the yet-to-be-established SWAT Web Ring.

The inaugural WADA Car Wars League is almost concluded, with less than two months remaining in the competition. The CADC, dominant force of the tournament, will be ending their season soon. Will top-scoring auto-vigilantes take the title from the Detroit drivers? Stay tuned to WADA HQ and keep sending in game reports to WADA for publication.

I would like to give many thanks to Tim Gould of the CADC for his outstanding performance in the role of AADA Webmaster. The changes to Car Wars HQ have small, but they have been of high quality. Great job, Tim! Keep up the excellent work!

As usual, I would like for you to place your names and contact information on gamer registries, submit material to me for presentation in CWIN, and elmay results of Car Wars games to SWAT for the WADA Car Wars League.

Upgrades to SWAT HQ and upload of past issues of CWIN to the WWW will eventually occur. I apologize for the delay. Amalgamated Meditech has me working overtime to fight ARF's new plot: development of a virus that produces a cold that lasts for six months.

Michael P. Owen
SWAT Webmaster
CWIN Editor






Tony "ManyCubes" Kontes
Boise, Idaho




CNN Interactive
August 17, 1999
Web posted at: 1:20 PM EDT (1720 GMT)



Subassemblies and Body Features: Full-rotation turret with 150 degrees of slope, body with 60 degrees of slope (30 degrees F, 30 degrees B), standard wheels (4), fair aerodynamic streamlining, improved suspension, radial tires

Propulsion: 80 KW wheeled drivetrain

Instruments: Short-range comm; HUDWAC; small dedicated targeting computer (+4 to skill); compact FSS

Weapons: 20mm heavy machine gun (long barrel, heavy automatic, 6d * 3 damage, SS 20, Acc 14, 1/2D 1,300 yds, Max 5,500 yds, Ewgt 68 lbs., WPS 0.51 lbs., CPS $1.02, Cost $5,100) and 200 * 20mm HMG rounds in turret

Weapon Accessories: Full stabilization for 20mm HMG

Accommodations: Driver and gunner with CCS and electronic controls

Power Systems: Two E5 high-capacity storage batteries (42 minutes duration)

Structure: Light frame, cheap materials

Volumes: Body 70 cf, turret 8.2 cf, wheels 7 cf

Areas: Body 102, turret 24, wheels 22, total area 148

Hit Points: Body 76, turret 18, wheels 8 each

Laminate ablative armor
Body: F5/360, R4/240, L4/240, B5/360, T60, U60
Turret: F6/400, F5/300, L5/300, B5/300, T100
Wheels: 4/40 each
Wheelguards: 4/80 each

Statistics: Ewgt 2,128 lbs., loaded weight 2,528 lbs. (1.26 tons), HT 11

Ground Performance: gAccel 5 mph/sec, gDecel 10 mph/sec, Top speed 150 mph, gMR 1.5, gSR 5, high ground pressure (1/6 off-road speed)


Subassemblies and Body Features: Turret with 150 degrees of slope, body with 60 degress of slope (30 degrees front, 30 degrees back), standard wheels (4), improved suspension, radial tires

Power Systems: E6 high-capacity storage battery

Motive: 60 KW all-wheel drivetrain

Weapons: 50mm recoilless rifle [low power, medium barrel, light automatic, caseless ammunition, 19d KE damage, 9d+1 (10) HEAT damage, SS 20, Acc 12, 1/2D 660 yds, Max 3,700 yds, CPS $18. WPS 2 lbs., Cost $10,500], 50 * 50mm RR rounds

Weapon Accessories: Full stablization for 50mm RR

Instruments: Comm, sound system, HUDWAC, small dedicated targeting computer (+4 to skill), compact fire suppression system

Accommodations: Driver and gunner with NCS, envirocontrol and crashwebs

Cargo: 9 cf

Laminate ablative armor
Body: F5/300, R4/180, L4/180, B5/300, T4/70, U4/70
Turret: F6/400, R5/240, L5/240, B5/240, T5/105
Wheels: 30 each
Wheelguards: 60 each

Volumes: Body 140 cf, turret 17 cf, wheels 14, total 171 cf

Areas: Body 160, turret 40, wheels 35

Hit Points: Body 120, turret 30, wheels 13 each

Structure: Light frame, cheap materials

Ground Performance: gAccel 5 mph/sec, Top speed 105 mph, gMR 1.5, gSR 5, high ground pressure (1/4 off-road speed))

Arthur Samuels
RMADA President
Denver, Colorado



The Knights Templar is a rather loosely-knit Car Wars gaming group. Up until now, we have been running Car Wars in a play-by-mail format. We have no specific area of operations like other Car Wars groups, and we have Knights all over the U.S. This gives us a lot of freedom, and even  though we're loosely knit, we're a close gaming group. Most of us have been playing for years, and though play-by-mail might be tedious, we've never complained about it all that much. All that  is about to change, however, as we are now on the Internet. We're going to start running a play-by-elmay game instead, and those of you who wish to join in can join in the next upcoming  game (details for this will be posted in the News page, and also the PBEM page). In order to join the games, you must become a member of the Knights. Don't worry, if you're already a member of another group, we won't ask you to leave that one for ours. Plus, there's no cost for joining; it's free! We may ask you to perform some crazy hazing rituals upon induction to the Knights (something involving sheep, as I recall). Just kidding (I know that'll come as a disappointment to all you sheep-shaggers out there looking for a hot date on Friday night).

We do take our Car Wars seriously, even if we have a warped sense of humor. Playability and enjoyability are the two most important ingredients of our games. We want people to enjoy what we're doing here. If you've never played Car Wars before, but are interested in trying it, please contact us. We'll help you out.


Outer Realms features connections to game retailers and message boards, including Dueling Debate. CWIN highly recommends a visit to this Web site.


Editor's Note: Web page translated from Italian to English using the Babelfish Translation Engine <>.

Some interesting rows for all the appasionati ones of Street Wars, Italian edition published from Das (translation of Car Wars of the Jacson). (94.1 Kb): Sheet of Excel job in order to generate and to print car, motion tricycles and truck for Street Wars (47.9 Kb): Three riproducenti documents word cards of the vehicles for Street Wars (car, tricycles and truck)



Hey, everybody! It is almost that time. The 2049 AAIE Division 100 Bloodbath is Saturday, October 16th, and I want to start killing things at 0900 (sorry all you Omak folks; you will have to get up early or just come down for the entire con).

We are in Tonka scale and are inside again. Normal assortment of jumps and whatever weirdness I can come up with in the next week. I will also
have my big table down there with all my Matchbox stuff so if anyone wants to rumble it is all good. I am afraid everyone will need a
membership this year since the convention is being held inside.

Rates are $25.00 U.S. for the weekend, or $12.00 U.S. for just Saturday; definitely worth the money.

Incon is at the Downtown Doubletree this year, just west of Division on Spokane Falls Boulevard. If there is enough interest, time, and space I
would be willing to try to do a model scale event. Let me know and we'll make plans.

On a sad note, I can't find my Big Book of Little Cars (white notebook) since Westercon. I will have some cars there but not as many as usual.
The up-side of this is that some of those designs were way out of date and not all legal anymore. I am putting together a new book and if any
of you have designs you would like to contribute please do them in Norma's program (if possible) and send them as an attachment to <>. (I will berate anyone who tries to send it to my Juno address.) If you want to phys-mail a design, contact me via elmay
and I will send you my physical address.

I have Div 5-30 designs in Big Book 2, and I would like to have designs that reflect a wider variety of styles than the old one. Think of how
much fun it will be to watch one of your designs win a tournament as some newbie guns you down.

See you at Incon,

Edgar "Guru" Lincoln
AAIE President
Spokane, Washington State



Sunday September 19, 1999: How to Contact the AADA

Here's some tips if you need to contact the AADA for any reason.

Elizabeth Lindsay is the AADA League Manager. Her elmay address is <>. Elizabeth should be contacted regarding the following topics:

Coordination of AADA events (i.e. World Championships, Regional Championships, etc.)
Questions about forming a new AADA chapter or updating information for a current AADA chapter
Any general questions regarding the AADA
Robert Deis is the AADA Head Referee. His elmay address is <>. Robert is the main source for Official rulings regarding rule questions. Players are encouraged to elmay Robert any questions they have regarding Car Wars rules. The Official rulings will soon be published on the SJ Games Web site.

Tim Gould is the AADA Webmaster. His elmay address is <>. He is responsible for maintaining the SJ Games Car Wars Web Site and should be contacted for the following topics:

Problems or questions concerning the site
Reports about AADA Chapters activities for posting in the AADA News Archive (i.e. event reports, new president announcements, etc.)
Suggestions or requests for the site
The ADQ HTML Conversion project is now Tim's responsibility. Anyone who is currently working on a conversion, or is interested in starting one, should contact Tim.

Wednesday September 22, 1999: New Car Wars Fiction

Back From Hell is the latest Car Warriors fiction story. It is written by Mick Farren and is said to be one gritty story. The book is now available from Warehouse 23. Welcome to the world of the Car Warriors the freeways of the future where the right of way goes to the biggest guns.

Sunday September 26, 1999: Sunday September 26, 1999: AADA Hall of Fame

You asked for it and now you've got it. The AADA Hall of Fame is now available and updated through the 2049 World Championships. There is still some information that we are gathering (arena names and group associations), but now the AADA World Champions can be be found in one listing. This new page also includes links to both of the 2049 World Championships reports. Links to the previous reports will be coming soon.

Wednesday September 29, 1999: The ADQ HTML Conversion Project

The ADQ HTML Conversion Project has pulled out of the garage and has starting down the road again. It's packing Twin Anti-Tank Guns with APFSDS ammo with tons of armor now, so we don't expect it to be knocked off the road this time!

I've heard back from most of the volunteers and I now know the status of those the conversions of ADQ to HTML. New volunteers are still needed to help complete the project. If you are interested in helping, please elmay me. I expect to have an issue or two to upload in the next week or two. Keep visiting the site to see what's new. You can view the ADQ issues that have been converted to date by visiting the Autoduel Quarterly Archive.

Sunday October 3, 1999: AADA Upcoming Events Page

Elizabeth Lindsay (AADA League Manager) is putting together the AADA Upcoming Events Page, listing the latest happenings around the American Autoduel Association. The page will include all the contact information so interested players can join the mayhem and excitement. Elizabeth needs your help to complete the first upload of the page. If you are planning an AADA Event within the next 12 to 18 months (i.e. a regional championship, Car Wars demos, etc.), please contact her. If you are looking to drum up new players for your AADA events, this could be your link to them.

Wednesday October 6, 1999: 50 Years Ago Today

Is it Car Wars imitating Life or Life imitating Car Wars? . . . 1999 winners

The 1999 Ig Nobel Prize Winners in the category of peace were Charl Fourie and Michelle Wong of Johannesburg, South Africa, for inventing an automobile burglar alarm consisting of a detection circuit and a flamethrower. It is rightfully called the Blaster and their web site shows still pictures of the flamethrower firing.

A CNN report from December of 1998 explains that flamethrowers are now an available, legal, option for South African vehicles and it includes a 30-second Quicktime (TM) movie of the weapon in action. The Blaster squirts liquefied gas from a bottle in the automobile's trunk through two nozzles, located under the front doors. The gas is then ignited by an electric spark, with fiery consequences.

As an added bonus, it will not damage the vehicle's paint job. Market analysts expect to see Uncle Albert using this added benefit in his marketing campaign for the Blaster.

Sunday October 10, 1999: ADQ 9/1 Now Available

A big thanks goes out to Michael Panitz <> who submitted the HTML version of ADQ 9/1. The Spring 2041 issue of Autoduel Quarterly is now available in the ADQ Archive. The issue features Rules and Regulations for AADA Sanctioned Tournament Combat, Cruise Missiles in Car Wars, plus a great story about Meeting the Inlaws.

Volunteers are still needed to help complete the ADQ HTML Conversion Project. If you are interested in converting an issue of ADQ to HTML, please elmay Tim Gould.


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