Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 2, No. 2
February 04, 2049

Web Posted February 04, 1999
Updated September 02, 2001


Happy Valentine's Day subscribers! This issue is three days overdue (according to the U.S. West Coast time zone), but the last issue of CWIN was published on January 13, 2049, therefore you are getting two issues of CWIN in less than 30 days. The delay of this newsletter was a good event because I have received many of the news reports in this issue within the past week.

The 2049 AADA World Championship Tournaments are still being planned but the combat racing experts of the Championship Autodueling Circuit have accepted the CWIN Editor's offer to referee the 2049 AADA World Racing Championship (racemaster the event or be destroyed).  The letter CWIN received regarding the CADC's decision also contains suggestions for where and when the two 2049 AADA WC Events should be held.

Francis Greenaway of Painted Target is consuming too much tea again. Francis has written a new Autoduel Earth supplement that is destined to be a classic. The project is still under construction, which means you can help write it! Details of this new book are discussed below.

The Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW) has made a minor revision to their format the 2049 AADA Northwest Regional Dueling Championship. Two Car Wars tournaments, one in Southern California and one in Australia, are being announced this issue. On the subject of tournaments, SWAT has a very special project for all Car Wars players and it started February 01, 1999!

Michael Garrity of the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) presents two more mecha for GURPS DarkFutureTech gaming. The last two of this series of six (the first two were presented last issue) will be published in CWIN 02.03, followed by the two mecha Michael sent to CWIN a few days ago. One can only imagine the withdrawal symptoms that would be present in Michael if his copies of GURPS Mecha, GURPS Robots, GURPS Vehicles and other GURPS books were to be taken away from him (Michael's ability to create so many cool mecha designs per month is incredible).

On the subject of NOVA, the Nebraska duelists are placing more propaganda on their Web Site, intended to seduce Car Wars players to Fun Side of Car Wars. The Nightmessenger Archive now has one more issue, there are several new military vehicles on the NOVA Web Site and the New Omaha combatants have made the plans for their biggest and most complex project available to the general public. CWIN is on the jazz and presents that news in this issue.

Andrew Buttery, legendary AADA World Championship Duelist of Australia, wrote a commentary on the status of Car Wars several years ago. Andrew has been kind to send the article for publication in CWIN. You can read Andrew's editorial in this issue's The Firing Range column.

SWAT has written another Daemon Mechanic article. This issue, SWAT has turned its binoculars on the subject of characters in Car Wars. The hardware of Car Wars has made characters pieces of equipment, simply used to reduce Crash Table results and to give to-hit bonuses. This era has now ended with the publication of SWAT's Advanced Character System, a simple set of variants that makes character skills much more valuable, rules that can be used in gaming group autoduels and in tournament events. After your read this article, you will want to take a longer amount of time deciding on how many skill points to place into piloting and weapon skills.

I am going to review the Winter 2048 issue of NOVA's journal, The Nightmessenger, and the two new issues of the CADC's journal, Tire Tracks, later this month. I will also add some Cracked Windshield, 50 Years Ago Today and Uncle Edgar articles at that time as well. Because this newsletter contains important news that cannot be delayed any longer, I am publishing this issue without these columns. The missing articles will be added to this newsletter, not published as an addenda issue. Subscribers will be notified via E-Mail when the revisions to this issue and the addition of this issue's hyperlinks to the SWAT Web Site are performed.

Once again, I do not have any AADA RASG entries or Newswatch timelines. Please warm-up your word processor or open your notebook and start writing these articles! I would also like for all of you to add your names and E-Mail addresses to the Car Wars player databases (Access Denied, The Autoduelist and the HVD Car Wars Opponent Finder). Those resources are useful only if gamers continue to support them.

I have been very surprised the feedback from the publication of Car Wars Y2K has been positive. I have not received one incendiary letter. Thank you for reading my commentary and contemplating the ideas I proposed in the article. I will be adding some comments to Car Wars Y2K at the same time I update this issue of CWIN. To those of you who have sent me feedback on Car Wars Y2K, I want to thank you for your letters.

To those of you playing in Car Wars tournaments this year, good luck to you!

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor



Subject: It took a while but . . .
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 06:16:32 -0500
From: "Timothy M. Gould" <>
Reply-To: "Timothy M. Gould" <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>

Dear Michael:

If its not too late, the CADC is interested in hosting the 2049 AADA World Racing Championships. I've received the support I'm looking for from some key members of the CADC.

The biggest concern is where and when. Is that up to us, or does SJGames already have something in mind. My first reaction was to hold it at GenCon (which I believe is in Milwaukee), but I'm concerned about the timing because it is normally held in August. For personal reasons, I will not be available this August for gaming activities. If the WRC was held at GenCon, I probably would not be able to attend. I believe the CADC would still be able to hold the event without me, but I really want to be there.

What do you think of Origins? It is in Columbus, Ohio (you can't get much more Midwest than that) and it is held in July. I believe the CADC could get everything ready in time. In fact, if we can use our rules and variants that are already published on our site, then all we need to do is pick the tracks and division. Of course, there would be more to do than that, but at least a lot of the rules would be out of the way.

Let me know what you think. Also, are you planning on attending?


Tim Gould
Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) Webmaster

Note from the CWIN Editor: The assignment of the CADC as the group of racemasters for the 2049 AADA World Racing Championship is tentative. If there is anyone else interested in running the event, those people should contact CWIN and SJ Games as soon as possible. In the event there are two or more groups seeking to oversee the tournament, SJ Games or the Car Wars gaming community can decide who gets the job. A better arrangement would be for the tentative racemasters to combine their referee efforts. When more news about the 2049 AADA WRC becomes available, those news reports will be printed in CWIN.

It is unknown to the CWIN Editor at this time if the CWIN Editor can attend any AADA Events this year or next year but chances for attending AADA Events in 2001 or 2002 look favorable.



Francis Greenaway, President and Webmaster of the Car Wars gaming group Painted Target, has published Volume Nine of the AADA RASG series! A version much smaller than this book was previously available on the Painted Target. Now, the United Kingdom is treated in the detail Car Wars players require. This invaluable resource for autoduelists in Europe and other areas of the world presents a 2049 United Kingdom very different than the United Kingdom discussed in the article Space Gamer 57 (the campaign article Westway), GURPS Autoduel First Edition and GURPS Autoduel Second Edition.

The United Kingdom is not as peaceful and refined as it once was in the early 21st century. The in-depth articles of cities and towns are still under construction, but there is enough information for Car Wars gamers interested in knowing about the general characteristics of the United Kingdom in 2049. If you are familar with one or more areas of the UK, please contact Francis to inquire on how you can contribute to this wonderful resource. Thank you, Francis, for all of your hard work! Once again, your excellent writng talents and impressive imagination are displayed very well in another Internet book.

Volume Eight: Desert Southwest and Volume Nine: United Kingdom of the AADA RASG have been published. Is there a chance that Volume Ten: Canada will be printed? The Autoduelists of Vancouver Regional Organization (AVRO) started to write that manuscript in the early 1990s, but the project had to be abandoned because of problems in AVRO and in SJ Games. It would be great for all Canadian Car Wars players to contact AVRO to resurrect the Canadian RASG. If you are familiar with some areas of Canada, please contact AVRO and other Canadian autoduelists (use the two WADA Car Wars Registries) to get this project started again.






The current rules for piloting and weapon skills consider characters as components in a vehicle or on a hand weapon, such as active suspension, a cyberlink or a laser targeting scope. The Daemon Mechanic article for this issue of CWIN presents a set of rules created from Car Wars, GURPS and other sources to enhance the importance of characters in Car Wars. These variants are simple to learn, simple to use and can be used in any type of Car Wars game.


The 2049 AADA Northwest Regional Dueling Championship is less than two weeks away and its duelmasters, members of DRAW, are very excited. There has been two changes made to the schedule of Car Wars events at RadCon 2C, the gaming convention where the RDC will he held. First, the Amazonia Arena from the console game Twisted Metal 2, the map to be used for the Division 15 event on Saturday of the RDC, has been replaced by The Dragon. A map and a photograph of The Dragon is available on the DRAW Web Site. Second, the Webmaster of DRAW, Phil Bedard, would like to run an autoduel using Lego sets. If anyone attending RadCon 2C is interesting in playing this upscaled game, please contact Phil as soon as possible.

Phil Bedard
Death Racing Association of Washington State (DRAW) Webmaster



Subject: Re: Car Wars Internet Newsletter 02.01 Now Available
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 17:50:46 +1000
From: Andrew Buttery <>
Organization: Nelms Ran Zeitgeist

I seem to recall a "50 Years Ago Today" article about Car Wars (how horribly self-referencial:) from memory. It missed the point where Cars Wars rolled and burned -- to me it was the 1990 AADA World Dueling Championships -- where the First Edition Car Wars Compendium was released and "sprung" on the World Dueling Championship players.

Changes to fundamentals of the game such as five-phase Movement Charts instead of ten-phase movement charts, Crash Tables that used 2d6 (which showed a complete lack of understanding of probability), nitrous oxide damaging engines, being knocked uncouncious in collisions (which could happen at as low a speed as 15mph -- knocking you out for seconds: see "dead meat") and other rule mods including a predisposition for giving pedestrians awesome firepower.

Despite protests from the entire World Champinship field (which included two Aussies, three UK-ites and numerous Canadians and Americans) and the discussion of a boycott and the nasty incident that happened when angry members invaded the "Meet the SJ Games Crew" seminar, we failed to swing the judgement of the organisers -- I believe Charles Oines was in charge then . . . The result was players who were knocked out of the World Champs by not knowing the new rules or understanding the implications of the changes. I drew the same heat as Tim Ray, the eventual winner and it came down to one dice roll -- Tim made it, kept control of his bike (which would have either flipped then or taken him in serious D Hazard territory) to advance to the final :). I went away disgusted by SJ Games . . . as did many of the other players. I returned home to Australia and packed my CW stuff in a box not to play it again until a couple of weeks ago.

From that point on Car Wars was never run around here anymore -- as I was the major tournament organiser and president of the RADAA at the time -- the support network of players in Melbourne collapsed as I believed it did in Sydney and other places . . .

Anyway, that's my take on it . . . Have fun !

Dear Andrew:

I am very sorry to have learned you had many negative experiences with Car Wars a decade ago. It is very sad to know you traveled thousands of miles to play Car Wars and had to endure disorganization and a low emphasis on fun when you attended some World Championship Events. Well, I hope you will be able to put the past behind you and see the Car Wars Internet Renaissance as a new road for Car Wars. The chaos of the AADA in the past will not happen again if I have anything to say about it. :o) Welcome back to the sport of autodueling, Andrew. Your presence in the Car Wars community means a great deal to many autoduelists. I hope you will continue to play Car Wars for a long time and stay in contact with the rest of the Road Warriors.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor



Chatillon, France -- Already a powder keg in Sarajevo and in Mogadishu, the urban battlefield just got nastier with the introduction of a unique missile that can be fired from an enclosed room.

The Eryx can blast through heavy armor and bunkers. Yet it jumps from its shoulder-fired tube at only 45 mph, slow enough to shoot from confined spaces without a dangerous exhaust. Once launched, the Eryx triggers an in-flight booster that can propel the missile 1,800 ft. in 3.7 seconds.

Like the TOW missile, the Eryx is guided by a remote-control wire that uncoils from the missile's rear. The infantryman simply keeps his crosshairs on the target.

Aerospatiale Missiles plans to crank out 12,000 of the weapons over the next five years.

Color Drawing: Fired from enclosed spaces, Eryx can pierce the equivalent of 900mm armor.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
March 1994


Huntsville, Alabama -- TACAWS won't solve everything, however. Relentless advances in armor technology are shifting more emphasis toward kinetic-energy penetrators in tank battles. MICOM, already developing a new line-of-sight antitank called LOSAT, is also looking ahead to the next generation: ADKEM, or Advanced Kinetic-Energy Missile.

ADKEM will operate at a range of 6 miles, twice that of LOSAT. In addition, a vehicle will unleash the missile via an unusual "virtual launch" feature. ADKEM will first pop vertically from its stowage in a horizontal attitude. Orientation motors will then slew it around to its target.

Photograph: Four discarding boosters flank ADKEM penetrator. Orientation motors guide missile during vertical launch, then drop away.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
April 1994


Mesa, Arizona -- After 20 years of service with the Army, the M72 Light Anti-armor Weapon was ready to retire in the early 1980s, as the well-regarded Swedish-made M136 took over as the frontline throwaway rocket launcher.

Now the long arm of the LAW has returned, with an improved gunner-type launcher sight, longer-range motors and a trio of warheads.

The new LAW is as simple as its predecessor. The changes are all inside. The 66mm rockets are lighter than those launched by the M136. One variant can punch through a foot of armor, one delivers the impact of the original M72A3 warhead, while the third has been tailored for behind-target effects. This latter model is designed to knock out spaced-armor configurations, or to throw out fragmentation against reinforced-concrete targets such as bunkers.

The original Norwegian LAW maker, A/S Raufoss, has been joined by Talley Defense Systems and an international consortium to manufacture the "E"-model upgrades. Formal U.S. type classification is expected by the end of this year. Navy Seals will be among the first new users.

Color Drawings: M72E4 Deep-Penetration Warhead, 72E5 Moderate-Penetration Warhead and M72E6 Behind-Armor Effects Warhead. New series of LAW one-shot rocket launchers comes with choice of warheads for different battlefield targets.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
December 1993


Wedge-shaped inlets under the S22XR air-to-air missile, jointly designed by British Aerospace and Saab, show that it has an air-breathing ramjet engine rather than the usual rocket. This gives it a longer range and the ability to turn more sharply to catch an evading target. Several Western companies are using the ramjets to match the range of Russia's Vympel V-77 (see "Cyberfigher," August 1995). Britain may place the first order for missiles of this kind next year.

Popular Science Magazine
May 1996


Zurich, Switzerland -- The Swiss firm Oerlikon-Contraves is developing a new generation of anti-aircraft ammunition with the smarts to use last-second fire-control data in deciding when to deploy a lethal blast of fragments. This combination of precision timing and kinetic impact should be just the ticket for fast-moving targets like standoff missiles.

Called AHEAD (for Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction), the ammo incorporates a programmable fuze and a heavy-metal payload that breaks into a swarm of spin-stabilized subprojectiles. An AHEAD shell blows out its subprojectiles at just the right moment in front of a moving aerial target.

To do this, the shell gets last-minute fuze-setting data from the muzzle of the gun. Two coils measure the shell's speed and combine it with target information from the fire-control radar. A third coil transmits the time setting back to the shell.

The ammo is under development for the company's 35mm SkyGuard air-defense guns, but could be adapted for other calibers in the future.

Photographs: (Shell breaks into submunitions. Missile hit by the shell looks like it was hit by a shotgun.) AHEAD missile picks up fuze-timing instructions as it passes through the gun muzzle, with devastating effect for the missile target.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
April 1993


Albuquerque, New Mexico -- The venerable rocket sled at Sandia National Laboratories is now testing hardware for hypervelocity missiles tht would spray their targets with heavy-metal buckshot. Speed rather than explosives would supply the destructive punch.

Such a weapon would be have like the reentry vehicle of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, arcing hundreds of thousands of feet through the atmosphere. On the way down, a rocket engine would boost the missile to a speed as high as Mach 14.

Just before impact, the kinetic-energy warhead would release a shower of 1,000 pellets or darts. Moving at a breakneck speed, the pellets could penetrate 1/2-in. armor while the heavier darts could burrow through 6 ft. of concrete.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is sponsoring the tests. So far, at Mach-4.25 speeds, the warhead has released its projectiles in a cloud only 50 ft. wide. The results suggest that hypervelocity missiles, fitted with aerodynamic control surfaces, could offer pinpoint accuracy without collateral damage.

Photographs: A kinetic-energy warhead explodes into a cloud of tungsten pellets traveling at a speed of Mach 4.25.

Popular Mechanics
April 1993


All of this issue's reports of the Formula De community are provided by the Formula De Internet Headquarters Web Site and the Formula De Mailing List.

Formula De Internet Headquarters and Formula De Mailing List


Subject: New Track (Phoenix International Raceway)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 12:04:21 +0200
From: "Folco" <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi all. I just wanted to let you know that I'm almost finished with my rendition of Phoenix International Raceway (one-mile oval). It's not perfect graphically and there's no scenery whatsoever, but the track is there. I played three 4-car races and it looks like it's extremely tough on the engines (all 4th, 5th and 6th gear), and that lapped cars can be a reality. Furthermore, as it's just one mile long, I think that the number of laps should be 3, 6 or 9. Anyway, it will be available before the end of the week in CorelDraw format. Ciao!

Subject: New Track (Phoenix International Raceway)
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 11:25:33 +0200
From: "Folco" <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi FDers! The track is finished and available at <>. The file was produced with CorelDraw 8 and must be scaled up to 200% for printing (just like Roberto Corbelli's tracks).

I haven't been able to produce a PostScript file that prints correctly (for some strange reason there's no scaling in those I produced), so if
someone manages to please let me know.

Please notice that I'm not a very experienced FD player, and that it's my first track. I'm more than willing to make changes to the layout if people
prove me that I made the wrong choice.

The track is fast and tough on the engines. I believe that instead of 1-2-3 lap races it should be used for 2-4-6 or even 3-6-9, even though the latter could be too much for the engines (depending on your local rule): yesterday I did a 2-lap race with 4 cars and there was a total of 5 engine damage points (even though I'd never seen so many 20s and 30s).

Anyway, drive hard and turn left!

Subject: Phoenix International Raceway
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 11:33:20 +0200
From: "Folco" <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi again. I just added a Zipped version. It's easier to download. <>. Greetings

Folco Banfi -- Universite de Fribourg -- Institut d'Informatique
Chemin du Musee 3 - 1700 Fribourg - Switzerland - Tel.+41.26.300.84.75 - e-mail:

Internet Grand National Netcar 98 ------------- #17 Band-Aid Chevrolet
Results at:
Pet Shop Boys fans' tribute CD:


Subject: Masters 1998 Pictures
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 01:12:29 +0100
From: Jean Marie DAVID <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi everybody. Here is the Web Address of my FD Web Site: <>. You will some pictures of the last Masters and soon, some stats of the IAF championship members in the Masters.


Subject: APFD
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 23:14:25 +0100
From: Alain DAVID <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Before parution of the APFD ranking (on my Web Site as soon as possible), here is the name of the new Number One. He won his championship last year, he was really good at the Valreas Open in May ("the other"competition) and he is the new Master : PATRICKK ALESI from Lyon upsets GUY NESS from Montpellier. All details on my site as soon as possible ;-)

Hey guys from anywhere, you can participate in APFD ranking if you are running in a Championship and if this Championship is referenced or in the Formule De Magazine, or on the official Web Site at <>.

Go to my APFD page <> for more information!

Alain DAVID                         F - 78180 Montigny


Subject: New Web Site Addresses!
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 1998 16:05:02 +0100
From: Alain DAVID <>

Hi everybody. My site about APFD (with a page in English) is now at the following address: <>. My photo site about Formula De is now at the following address: <>. Don't hesitate to have a look and mail me your reactions!

Alain DAVID                         F - 78180 Montigny


Subject: Boulogne 1999
Date:  Sat, 28 Nov 1998 12:17:09 +0100
From: Alain DAVID <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi. Boulogne (France, near Paris) begins its season 1999 with a preparation meeting on January the 8th If you want to play, contact me or phone (in french!) to Joel COSTE : (33) 1 69 53 97 50

Alain DAVID                         F - 78180 Montigny
Web   :


Subject: FD demo at Game Day this weekend
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 15:10:13 -0800
From: (Jean-Jacques Enser)
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

If you're located nearby the San Francisco bay area this weekend, this is for you!

There will be a demonstration of the racing game Formula Dé at Games Day V (Sun. Dec. 6) around 4 PM. If you're interested in playing short games (most probably 1 lap, but maybe 2), contact JJ Enser ( JJ will also bring the latest race tracks available with him, so you can try them out.

For more information on Game Day, check <>.

For more info on Formula Dé, check <>.

See you there!

Drive Safely, Play Dangerously!
FORMULA DE web site in English: <>
Le site web FORMULE DE en Français: <>
Add yourself to the Formula Dé mailing list: <>


Subject: Special Report
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 22:50:06 +0100
From: Martin Colo <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

We interrupt our usual program to tell you about a terrible accident that happened in Melbourne, Australia.

It was about half way through a very competitive race when something rare happened in Alphonse Grosboeuf's Malowin, leader of the race.
Everything was going ok for the french driver when his gear box suddenly stayed stuck in 6th gear while he was trying to downshift. Unable to
downshift, Grosboeuf was projected at maximum speed against the protection wall and his car literally blew up after rolling several times.
Uncounscious, the Frenchman would probably have died in the fire without the rescue team's fast intervention.

As we speak, news from the hospital is reassuring: Alphonse has come out of his coma and he's in stable condition. However, suffering from
multiple fractures, '92 vice-master and winner of the '97 Valreas Open will remain hospitalized until the end of January will thus miss the next race.

Fortunately, it's the first time in our league history that a driver was injured during a race. We wish a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year to the unfortunate Frenchman who was the league leader until his accident . . .

Jean Nébavet
Melbourne Racetrack, Australia


Subject: New Racetracks
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:09:20 +0000
From: Eric RANDALL <>
Organization: Lucky Jack
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi everybody. Alain David is right. Descartes has decided to release the Suzuka/Melbourne board earlier than it was planned. Lucky are the Europeans and the Quebecois who will be able to purchase it for Christmas. And for the Americans, I'm asking to you to be patient. You'll get all the FD products next year. Very soon, I will make a big annoucement through the Web Site and first of all, you will be able to contribute on the design and on the artwork of the next tracks. I will need your knowledge about the American culture.

Regarding the tracks 21 Budapest and 22 Nürburgring, its launch is still scheduled for a March 1999 or April 1999 deadline due to the
International game's convention in Paris.


Subject: End of 1998 Albuquerque Mini-League
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 22:04:17 -0700
From: Kevin Whitmore <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Greetings Racers! Tonight we finished up our occasional FD mini-league. Three players navigated six pilots around 7 courses over the past few months, where upon we met with great fun, competition, and a tight race for the driver's championship!

Dell Motors ran away with the makers championship, finishing with 81 points, roundly defeating Sunshine motors and Gateway motors.

Dell driver Lizardo edged out his competitors for the driver's championship with a total of 42 points. His teammate Duknar finished with 39 points, and Sunshine motors driver, Mario, finished third with 35 points.

In a sweet moment for hapless Gateway motors, their driver, Chip, posted a victory on the last event of the series.  This was Gateway's one and only victory for the season.

Our course schedule carried us over courses #1-#6, with the grand finale on the combined Nederland course. Our mini-league opted for two-lap races in an effort to complete a race in an evening's play time.

We observed largely the rules for series posted by Tim Trant on the Game Cabinet. (We modified slightly to allow for the new game dice.)

All in all we had a rollicking good time, even hapless Gateway Motors (me).

For our 1999 mini-league we have decided to open up the rules for wider designs of race cars.  We decided the 6 point limit on tires was
undesirable. We think either no limit or even a 7-point allotment would be more desireable. (Six points means always spinning out when using up soft tires.)

Somehow we got the idea that only tires, bodywork and road holding could be repaired during a pit stop. Since we started with that understanding, we held to it for the whole season.  We will strike this assumption next season.

We also feel we might have been misplaying the skidding rules for cornering in the rain. Upon reflection we agreed that overshooting a
corner should not be exempt from the mandatory +3 movement.

One other probable error was the minor weaving allowed on straightaways. We did not allow weaving during a turn of movement. However, we did allow a pilot to change two lanes per turn. (Thus one weave per straightaway was possibly allowed.)

With some luck, next year we will have a few more circuits to add to the mix, and maybe another pilot or two!

Merry Christmas and Happy Racing!


Subject: New Year Greetings, New Raceracks
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 1999 14:22:48 +0000
From: Eric "Rod Runner" RANDALL <>
Organization: Lucky Jack
To:  Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi FD drivers of the planet. 1999 has just began. I wish you more thrill and many victories on every tracks. Many tracks of the USA will be released this year. Happy New Year folks.


Happy New Year to all of the Formula De community! One of the most important news reports as the year just begins is probably the announcement of a new  publisher in the United States for the Formula De product line. Descartes Editeur decided to open a subsidiary in Pennsylvania to serve the North American territory better and faster. Ron Magin , who already contributes to this Web Site (read his special report), will be driving this effort starting immediately.

Right on time for the holiday season, Descartes releases yet another board (#9) with the following original tracks: Suzuka (Japan) and Melbourne (Australia).


Subject: MOFO Web Site Update
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 20:28:01 EST
From: Bill Jelinek <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hola. In preparation of our 1999 Championship, the MOFO Web Site <> has been updated. You're invited to come vote for your favorite FD track (please don't stuff the ballot box).  More tracks will be available for the voting in later weeks. There are still a couple areas under construction, so pardon my dust. ;)


Bill Jelinek


Even though Formula De is extremely popular in Italy, no league from the country was appearing in our international League Directory, until now. This is now fixed and we hope to welcome many more leagues in 1999 from Italy, or anywhere else!


Subject: Fangorn's Lair Site Update
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 21:24:56 +0100
From: "Vincent Madesclaire" <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Fangorn's Lair has been updated. Here's the new things you can find there:

Drivers Stats, Teams Stats and Championship results have also been updated.

Fangorn's Lair can be explore in French or in English at <>.

All the Drivers of Le Havre Formula De Championship wish you a Happy New Year!

Vincent Madesclaire
Le Havre, France

Web     : (Formula Dé & Blood Bowl)


Subject: Web Site Updates!
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 21:42:36 +0100
From: Alain DAVID <>
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi everybody. My personal site about Formula De welcomes you at the following address:

The site about APFD (Association des Pilotes de Formule Dé) is at the following address (with a page in English):

Hey, APFD is not only for French racers! The San Francisco Bay Area Formula De League is now registered in APFD base, you can do
the same if you contact me!

My photo site about Formula De is at the following address :

A +
Alain DAVID                         F - 78180 Montigny
Web   :


Subject: Looking for US Information
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:54:38 +0000
From: Eric RANDALL <>
Organization: Lucky Jack
To: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hi folks. Here is the big news. Descartes has decided to manufactured eight American circuits and he is expecting to release them for fall of this year. I'm glad to announce you the 8 following US FD tracks we have selected.

So here is my big request: Could you help us to get some information and documentation about those circuits? About Monterey and Portland, we are okay. We have all we need (Track map, aerial pictures and the regional documentation as well).

What we need is some aerial pictures of the 6 others. We are seriously in lack of overall views of these tracks. Don't worry about the maps, we have found everything we want on the Web. If you know some books wich present that sort of aerial pictures, could you please tell us its name and its publisher?

Also, in order to make the art work relevant to the region where the circuit is located, we need more information about the culture of the state.
So, could you please get some touristic books regarding the biggest city of the state. You know that kind of little booklet for $5 with a lot of pictures which present the typical monuments and places to see and what to do in the city and around. Even postcards can be sufficient.

Because any help need a gratitude, be aware that Descartes will know how to thank you.

If you could send this as soon as possible, it would be very helpful from you.

I'm looking forward to know what you all can do about this request. Thanks in advance for your help.

Eric Randall
Designer of Formula De

Note from the CWIN Editor: Contact Eric Randall to get his physical address if you can help with the USA Pack project.


Descartes will be releasing in the autumn of 1998 an amazing package made of eight great American tracks called The US Pack. Discover six of the initial drawing prototypes on the Formula De Internet Headquarters Web Site.


Previews of Track 21: Budapest, Hungary and Track 22: Nuburgring, Germany, are available on the Formula De Internet Headquarters Web Site.



 The Guardian is a light mecha with the ability to disguise itself as a mini-van, making it invaluable for covert operations. Unlike other designs that use reactors or nuclear power units, the Guardian runs on standard diesel fuel (using its energy bank to run underwater). In an emergency, the pilot can tap local power lines to recharge the power cell.

Sub-assemblies: Two manipulator arms, two legs, limited-rotation turret, four wheels

Drivetrains: 250-KW motive power leg drivetrain in legs, 250-KW motive power wheeled drivetrain in body

Arm motors: ST 800 arm motor in each arm

Thrusters: none

Cockpit: Basic cockpit w/ womb tank and genius computer in body

Built-in weapons: 7.5-mm Minigun w/ 6,000 shots in anti-blast magazine (in right arm), four 57mm light missile launchers w/ 20 shots in anti-blast magazine (in left arm), two 40mm AGLs w/ 480 shots in anti-blast magazine (in body facing forward), 20mm autocannon w/ 1,200 shots in anti-blast magazine (in turret). All weapons are fully-concealed

Sensors: AESA (x25) and PESA (x25) in turret facing forward

ECM: none

Power plant: 300-KW gas turbine in body, powers all systems, uses 16.5 gph diesel fuel, has 28.9-KW excess capacity

Energy bank: RPC w/ 2,000,000 KWS in body, powers mecha for 2.04 hours if underwater or if turbine is non-functional

Fuel: 180-gallon self-sealing tank w/ diesel fuel in body. Provides 18.18 hours of fuel for turbine

Cargo space: 39.436 cf and 845.6 lbs. in body

Volumes: Each arm 12 cf, turret 13 cf, body 120 cf, legs 36 cf each, wheels 12 cf

Structure and hit points: X-hvy frame (advanced materials), transformable w/ two configurations "humanoid" (wheels folded), "van" (arms, legs and turret folded), body 900 HP, turret 240 HP, each arm 480 HP, each wheel 120 HP

Surface features: Sealed, basic stealth, basic IR cloaking, basic chameleon system, radiation shielding

Armor: Arms and turret PD4/DR600, legs PD4/DR700, wheels PD4/DR500, body front PD4/DR1,000, body right and left PD4/DR750, body back, top and bottom PD4/DR500. All armor is fireproof ablative

Statistics: Loaded wight 19,154.4 lbs., empty weight 17,766 lbs., loaded mass 9.57 tons, mecha volume 241 cf, size modifier +3, arms, wheels and turret +1, legs +2, cost $4,801,533, HT 12

ST and reach: Body ST 1,800, arm ST 800 (reach 3, damage thr 81d, sw 83d)

Dimensions: 7.97 yards tall, 2.65 yards long and wide. As mini-van 1.84 yards tall, 5.52 yards long and 1.84 yards wide

Ground performance (humanoid): Speed 40 mph, gMR 2, gSR 2, move 20

Ground performance (van): Speed 80 mph, gMR 1, gSR 4, move 10/40

Aerial performance: none

Space performance: none


The Lictor is a heavy, transformable battlesuit whose abilities are designed to complement  the Guardian LBM. Typically, a covert-operations team would consist of 2-4 Lictors and 1 Guardian. In this role, the Lictors would provide escort and reconnaissance and the Guardian would provide the heavy firepower.

Sub-assemblies: Two manipulator arms, two legs, limited-rotation turret, two wheels

Drivetrains: 6-KW motive power leg drivetrain in legs, 85-KW motive power wheeled drivetrain in body

Arm motors: ST 120 arm motor in each arm

Thrusters: none

Battlesuit system: Pilot weight 180 lbs, has complexity 2 suit computer in turret, NBC kit (in body), limited lifesystem (six hours), provisions (two days in body), quick access, trauma maintenance

Built-in weapons: 7.-mm machine gun w/ 1,000 shots in anti-blast magazine (in right arm), 40mm AGL w/ 50 shots in anti-blast magazine (in left arm)

Sensors: AESA (x2) and PESA (x2) in turret facing forward

ECM: none

Power plant: 90-KW gas turbine in body, powers all systems, uses 4.95 gph diesel fuel, has 81.05 KW excess capacity in battlesuit mode and 2.05-KW excess capacity in motorcycle mode

Energy bank: RPC w/ 625,000 KWS in body, runs all systems in battlesuit mode for 19.39 hours and all systems in motorcycle mode for 1.97 hours

Fuel: 25-gallon light self-sealing tank w/ diesel fuel in body, holds 5.05 hours of fuel for turbine

Volumes: Each arm 1.5 cf, turret 1 cf, body 13.1 cf, legs 4 cf each, wheels 3.15 cf

Structure and hit points: X-hvy frame (advanced materials), transformable w/ two configurations: "humanoid" (wheels folded) and "motorcycle" (arms, legs and turret folded), body 240 HP, turret 36 HP, each arm 96 HP, each wheel 54 HP

Surface features: sealed, basic stealth, basic IR cloaking, basic chameleon system, radiation shielding

Armor: Arms and wheels PD4/DR250, legs PD4/DR275, Body and turret PD4/DR300. All armor is fireproof ablative

Statistics: Loaded weight 3,005.25 lbs, empty weight 2,738.25 lbs., loaded mass 1.50 tons, mecha volume 28.25 cf, size modifier +1, arms and wheels -1, turret -2, legs +0, cost $824,810, HT 12

ST and reach: Body ST 360, arm ST 120 (reach 1, damage thr 13d, sw 15d)

Dimensions: 3.72 yards tall, 1.24 yards long and wide. As motorcycle 0.91 yards tall, 2.73 yards long

Ground performance (humanoid): Speed 16 mph, gMR 3, gSR 1, move 8

Ground performance (motorcycle): Speed 120 mph, gMR 1.75, gSR 2, move 17/60

Aerial performance: none

Space performance: none



Subject: Large Tracks
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 23:01:26 -0600
From: "Bill Bass" <>
To: "Fd-Mailing-List" <>

I'm quite new to this list, so please forgive me if I break any "rules of protocol."

I just recently bought this great game, and I am hooked! I would like to play on a somewhat larger scale, using "Micro Machines," which are
approximately 1/144 scale. I am considering making some sort of interlocking track sections at the appropriate scale, which would allow me
to create custom track layouts by moving around the various sections. If any of you have tried something similar to this, or if you have used another method to create tracks large enough to accommodate larger scale cars, I would greatly appreciate any tips you could provide.  Any suggestions you can provide can either be E-Mailed to me directly at <>, or posted to the list if you think they could be to the benefit of others on the list.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, and good luck at the track!

Subject: Re: Large Tracks
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 10:05:44 -0500
From: Bill Koff <>
To: Bill Bass <>
CC: Formula De Mailing List <>

Hey Bill:

Funny you should ask. I just got back from the Fall In! Historical Miniatures convention in Gettysburg, PA last weekend, where I debuted my 16' x 4' version of the Montreal Grand Prix (i.e. sixteen 2' x 2' squares). It's done like a terrain table or architect's model, etc., that is with plywood base, carved bluefoam contours, flocked, painted, with foliage, vinyl wall covering for water, etc. The spaces on the track are etched in lightly, so from a few feet away you can't tell they're there. Also, we have skid marks instead of arrows on the curves to show which spaces you can go into. So it looks much more like an aerial view of a track, instead of the schematic track appearance of the Formula De boards.

One nice thing about doing it in miniature is that you can approximate (to scale) the actual dimensions of the real track, rather than it being squeezed to fit within the shape of the Formula De boards. The FD version of Montreal is a fairly boring misrepresentation of the actual circuit, but when you stretch it out and adjust the turn ratings, you've got a punishing, exciting race. Plus, we ran a full complement of 22 cars in one
race, and 16 in another. Nothing (short of the real thing) beats the spectacle of racing in miniature. A great time was had by all, including the many spectators who were drawn in to the action.

If you are serious about doing this, I'd suggest you do some research on the track you want to model. The FD boards look great, but as I mentioned above, they can be inaccurate. I attended the Grand Prix du Canada this year, took some pictures there, hung onto the program book, etc. If you'd like, I can put you in touch with an experienced terrain builder who'd be eager to make another track. Also, if you want to see the Montreal track, I'll be running it again at the Siege of Augusta convention in Augusta, GA in January.


While the autodueling Australian university student is away from school, the mathematician will play Car Wars. This statement describes the HVD Editor James Barton very well at this time. James is now on summer vacation and is using his free time to update the HVD Web Site. The HVD Car Wars Opponent Finder was updated in December, 1999. James forgot to change to revision date of November to December, but there are over five new autoduelists in the database. The HVD Car Wars Jump Page has been sigificantly revised to show only the largest Car Wars Web Sites. James has not ignored the no-frames-browser combatants. The no-frames Web Page has also been updated.

The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Volume Eight: Desert Southwest U.S. is going to be published on March 13, 1999. This resource was written by the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) and HVD. The staff of CWIN has viewed sample pages of the book. Once again, the high quality of HVD Internet books is clearly shown in this addition to the AADA RASG series. This book is going to be a great resource for Car Wars players everywhere.



The NOVA Works Catalog features Racing Wings and Light Combat Armor. The World Out There mentions the Ooby Dooby cult is causing havoc with its television broadcasts and recent plague of New Omaha bank robberies performed by the Neo ASPs has ended with the arrest of the criminals responsible. The 10 O'Clock News section is devoted to the history of the Neo ASP crime spree.

Nuts and Bolts has three excellent articles. Racing fans will want to read the proposals on how to simulate drafting in Car Wars. Duelmasters and racemasters should read the article about scale in Car Wars before designing new arenas. Adventure-minded duelists will want to read the rules for crosswinds that were neglected in the Operation No Shoulders adventure series. To help novice vehicle designers, the rules how carbon-aluminum frames and ramplates are constructed are presented as user-friendly explanations.

Cube Logs discusses the new Godzilla animated series, which features Mr. G. Zilla using his radioactive breath. The Showroom is a column of nightmares, featuring the vehicles that NOVA members would have used in the final round of the 2048 AADA World Dueling Championship had any of those members qualified for that event. Michael Garrity's article discussing supertrucks should give wonderful ideas for gamers interested in autodueling off-road and playing Chassis & Crossbow scenarios.

NOVA ends the issue with several very nice comments about the SWAT Web Site and CWIN. Once again, NOVA has written a newsletter that is well-written and is very useful for all Car Wars fans.


The first issue of the CADC journal discusses the 2048 CADC Season. Updates made to the 2049 Season Rules and the schedule of the current season are also printed. CADC Interruptions presents the variant rules the Detroit duelists have invented to make racing in Car Wars better. The CADC variants are invaluable to using Car Wars for racing and should be read by anyone considering holding a Car Wars race.

The 2049 CADC Roster lists the drivers for each team in the league, the list featuring several changes since last season. The 2049 Bonus Awards for CADC events have been slightly modified. The fans should be satisified with the changes because the Pinata Award once again being used.

Vehicle construction engineers will want to visit the CADC Web Site to download the new version of CADC Design Program, a very useful tool when creating racing cars that can level city blocks.



Back From Hell is the new Tor Books Car Wars novel, by Mick Farren. Lots of death and destruction; just what you were waiting for. It should be in bookstores in about a month. We may be able to offer it in our online catalog; stay tuned.

Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Games CEO

The Daily Illuminator
February 04, 1999


This Web Site is being written by a Car Wars gamer who works at Apple Computer. Original vehicle designs are going to be uploaded and a discussion titled Classic Versus Compendium, advantages and disadvantages of technological development in Car Wars. There are hyperlinks to some of the largest Car Wars Web Sites and a Car Wars Product Listing already on the site. The Car Wars Product Listing is a database under development that is going to describe every game and supplement of the Car Wars system published. If you can make scans of some product covers or write summaries of products, please contact Mr. Fullerton to help bring the Product Listing to completion, one of the coolest resources for Car Wars. Thank you, Guy for your hard work!

Guy is also establishing the San Francisco Autodueling Association because the Bay Area Autodueling Association, an AADA Chapter listed on the SJ Games Car Wars Web Site, no longer exists. If you live in the San Francisco vicinity, please contact Guy and join the SFADA!


From: Dave Yellope (SIRFOZZIW)
To: Dueling Debate Car Wars Message Board
Posted: 01/29/1999 10:14 PM

Hey all. I've decided to run an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) hybrid GURPS Autoduel/Car Wars campaign. You would have to have the GURPS Basic Set book. Having the GURPS Autoduel book would help as well, but it is not absolutely needed. Combat will be GURPS Skill based, but mostly cinematic. if you do have a Car Wars design, that can be used.

If interested, let me know via Dueling Debate or E-Mail at <>.


This Web Site contains several Mini Compendiums, Web Pages containing very useful information for GURPS campaigns. Advantages, disadvantages, quirks, templates, skills and additional rules are featured.


Two vehicle designs armed with lasers, the Division 25 Beamin' Betty and the Division 20 Both Barrels Mk2, await your persual on this Web Site. There is also a cool play-aid on this site called the Ironbound Section Speedometer, a speed recorder that tells when a duelist moves in each phase, what is the minimum safe handling class, ram damage, and a nice quotation by autoduelist Paul Hawke. All three of these documents are in Word 2.0 format.


For years, we have had a policy of encouraging people to write freeware or software for our games, as long as (relatively simple) licensing
requirements are met. But we have not always responded quickly when programs were submitted. Several good programs have been approved
and posted for download, but several more have languished without evaluation. It was just one of those things that everybody was too busy
to get to, during the last couple of rough years.

Well, we're doing better now. We've thrown a lot of effort at this project in the last month. Jackie wrote a database to make it easier to keep up
with submissions. I rewrote the license to make it easier for us to administer them, and Gene turned it into PDF to make it easier to fill out (if you
can't handle PDF files, though, write us for a hardcopy). And Reese has been working very diligently to get that database filled in, to re-open
communications with those software authors who gave up on us, and to get the backlog of programs evaluated and, we hope, approved!

Correspondence on this should go to <>. If you have a program that you'd like to share with other gamers, let us know!

Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Games CEO

The Daily Illuminator
February 03, 1999

Note from the CWIN Editor: A comprehensive list of Car Wars play-aids currently available is located on the SWAT Web Site.

Car Wars Play-Aids and Vehicle Design Tools


Top Driver Association is an organization promoting racing games from bicycles to boats to auto racing and most everything in between for any and all racing buffs. Top Driver events will be run at gaming conventions across the country to determine who is the best. Points will be awarded in each division, resulting in divisional winners. A Top Driver award will be presented to the highest total in multiple divisions. In order to qualify for Top Driver one must compete in at least three of the eight divisions. The following games or divisions are played by members of the TDA:

All players are welcome to participate and do not have to be members of the association. Players also do not have to participate in the overall event to play in any racing game. Only one score per division will be used, this being your best.

A player will only count one score per division towards the overall Top Driver title, although a player may play in more then one game per division. No one will participate in a game more then once as it will only be offered once per tournament.

As the Association grows there will be an annual fee. One will have to be a member to earn points toward the Top Driver of the Year award. These dues will cover the cost for a news letter to all members in good standing, a database keeping all points earned from all conventions in which one participated, and Web Site with news bits, convention schedules and points standings. There will be an overall Top Driver of the Year at a yet-to-be-named convention scheduled late in the year. Participation will be invitational only for this event. This will come from the top percent of the points leaders.

Note from the CWIN Editor: If there are any readers of this newsletter who have played any of the games the Top Driver Association use in their league, please write a review of the games you have played and send those reviews to CWIN. Formula De has already been discussed by SWAT in HVD 7.



This boardgame looks like it will be a classic. Daytona Challenge appears to be an excellent game just on its appearance. There are two versions of the game, two-dimensional and spectacular three-dimensional. The cost of the game is high: $49.95 U.S. for the 2-D version and $129.95 for the 3-D version, but the game comes with several miniatures and looks like to simulate NASCAR competition very well. Because of the larger scale of the track, you can use standard Car Wars or Micro Machines miniatures when using the game's track for Car Wars events, performing movement with turning keys.


This Web Site has replicas of Mac 10 machine pistol and 0.357 Magnum heavy pistol used by Kurt Russel in the film Escape From New York for sale. You can also find a replica of Mel Gibson's sawed-off double-barrel shotgun used in the Mad Max film trilogy. The CWIN Editor would like to thank Peter Barton, Webmaster of the Mad Max FAQ for providing this information.


The name of this Web Site is the best description of its contents. Everything you wanted to know about the post-nuclear computer RPG Fallout will be available on this site. Weapon statistics, descriptions of enemies, hints, maps and more. Even if you do not play Fallout, you will find the data in the Fallout Compendium very useful for tabletop board gaming, whether using Car Wars or GURPS.


The fans of the post-nuclear computer RPGs Fallout and Fallout 2 who promote etiquette on message boards and discuss those two games now have a new Web Site. There is as much information about Fallout and Fallout 2 as on the Fallout Compendium Web Site. No Mutants Allowed is a required Web Site for gamers interested in playing DarkFutureTech campaigns with Car Wars or GURPS. The CWIN Editor is a member of the Unwashed Villagers and goes by the call-sign Freeway Warrior. If you like these two computer RPGs, inquire about being a member of this organization, a group that has some of the nicest people on the Internet.



Ken Au-Yeung and Steven Lawrence have created the two largest and the best Viper television series Web Sites on the Internet. Ken's Viper Complex and Steven's Viper Project have video files, audio files, series information and other goodies that will make please any fan of Viper. Please visit both sites and thank both Webmasters for all of their hard work in making two of the most beautiful and most useful Web Sites available on the Matrix.


The post-apocalyptic ocean saga continues! Quest for the Mariner is an interactive novel similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure series, except there are video and audio elements to most encounters. This story could easily be converted to Car Wars or GURPS. Set your sail, arm your harpoon gun and go in search for Ulysses, the man known as The Mariner.



Subject: Re: Car Wars Internet Newsletter 02.01 Now Available
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 17:50:46 +1000
From: Andrew Buttery <>
Organization: Nelms Ran Zeitgeist

Hi , Michael. During Easter this year there will be an Original Car Wars (Pocket Box) competition at the Conquest games convention . . . and our special guest is Steve Jackson himself! The description of the event, which is also located on the Conquest Web Site, is printed below.

Conquest 1999

Classic's Night Car Wars by Andrew Buttery. Remember the days of Steve Jackson Pocket Box Games: Ogre, Kung-Fu 2000 and (of course!) the all-time classic Car Wars. Well, it returns in three rounds -- two with pregenerated cars and the third with design your own ($25K) cars! Ten phase movement system and 1d6 crash tables will be used. Uncle Albert, Dueltrack or anything else will not be used . . . just pure Pocket Box autodueling! For more information, please E-Mail Andrew Buttery at the address below.

Andrew Buttery
Classic's Night Car Wars


From: Christian Vanover <>
To: CWIN <>
Subject: CWIN Submission?
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 20:51:06 -0800

Hi there. My name is Christian Vanover, and I'm a member of Ludinn Entertainment (sounds like an AA introduction, sorry about that). Before now, you've only heard about us through E-Mail from Eric Freeman, a San Diego autoduelist who found out about us through the Strategicon Web Site, and this is the first time I've contacted you directly.

Ludinn Entertainment is a group of friends, all avid gamers, who have been running assorted, though mostly roleplaying, games at gaming conventions around the U.S. for almost the last decade. We're based in Los Angeles, so we usually do the local conventions (Strategicon), but we've also been to two Origins cons and three GenCons (1994-96, though we're going back this year). At last September's Strategicon event, we added a BattleTech game to our dance cards, and at next month's Strategicon (OrcCon 1999) we debut our first tournament Car Wars game (which is the reason I'm writing to you now).

First, I've been subscribing to the CWIN for 4 or 5 months, and I'm amazed at the wealth of knowledge that you've managed to gather into one place. Between the newsletter, and a lot of help from Eric, I had all the info I needed to prepare for a Hot Wheels-scale Car Wars event.

If possible, I'd like to put the following announcement into the February CWIN, s the convention is (Eeek!) in two weeks, and I'd like to get as much exposure for it as possible.

Thanks in advance, and if you need any other info, you can E-Mail or visit our Web Site. Both addresses are listed below.


Christian Vanover
Ludinn Entertainment

Car Wars at OrcCon 1999
February 12-15, 1999
LAX Wyndham Hotel
Los Angeles, CA

Ludinn Entertainment

Strategicon 1999 Gaming Convention

Ludinn Entertainment presents an AADA Car Wars Tournament in Hot Wheels Scale!

Friday, February 12, 8:00 pm. Killer Kart Night! This is merely a practice night, to get everyone used to the arena, the jumps, and the system. Not for points.

Saturday, February 13, 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Division 15 Preliminary Rounds. Cars, Cycles and Trikes only, AADA-Sanctioned. Top three drivers from each round (top four if enough participants) advance to Sunday's Final. Six-hour time limit on each round. Drivers who do not qualify in morning round may play again in evening round if space permits.

Sunday, February 14, 10:00 am. Division 25 Final Round. Cars, Cycles and Trikes only, AADA-Sanctioned. No time limit. Prizes awarded to top three drivers.

To pre-register, visit the Strategicon Web Site (games are listed in the ROLE PLAYING section -- don't ask), or visit the Ludinn Entertainment Web Site. You can also contact Christian Vanover, the convention gamemaster for answers to your questions.

Christian Vanover
Ludinn Entertainment






ASIA (3)



The Car Wars HQ Web Site announced on January 13, 1999 Arena Book 2049: Hot Asphalt Circuit was released. On January 19, 1999, announcements of RadCon 2C (Tri-Cities, Washington State), Strategicon (Southern California) and GhengisCon (Denver, Colorado) were published on the site. All three conventions listed are scheduled during the period of February 11-14, 1999.


The CADC has started to run their 2049 season! Can-Ams took to the Montreal Duelway in the first event of 2049 for the combat racers of Michigan. Keith Scherer (AST) was the first car to finish the race, followed by Mike Golczynski (CAN) then Ted Judson (USA).

The second race of the 2049 CADC Season had Formula Ones challenge the Detroit International Dueltrack. Tim Gould (Texas) drove his car to the checkered flag first. Matt Lintemuth (Louisiana) claimed second place. Once again, Keith Scherer (AST) showed his prowess with a steering wheel and a targeting computer, finishing in third place, the second race in a row completing a race in the top three positions.

The CADC continues to place two issues of its journal, Tire Tracks, on its Web Site every few weeks. Remember, you can subscribe to the CADC Mailing List, a publication that will inform you when two new issues of Tire Tracks have been uploaded, as well as providing you with information about the CADC. The Web Site of the Michigan Maniacs may have a new Internet Service Provider. If this event occurs, the SurfTo address listed above will direct visitors of the CADC Web Site to the new location.


The Dragon's Lair has been hit with an EMP. Unfortunately, the Web Site no longer exists.


CWIN 02.01 reported that the Eat Flaming Death (EFD) Web Site had disappeared. On January 14, 1999, one day after CWIN 02.01 was published, SWAT found the EFD Web Site alive and well except with a different URL. All of the cool Micro Machine Wars photographs of an EFD event are once again available.


Peter Barton, the Master Blaster of Mad Max information, continues to revise his amazing Mad Max FAQ. New information includes updates on Mad Max 4, photographs of locations used in the three Mad Max films and photographs of a Mad Max V-8 Interceptor being built.


Volume 6 Number 4 of The Nightmessenger, NOVA's quarterly journal, is now available on the NOVA Web Site. Several new military vehicles are now in the Vehicle Design section. The NOVA Club Schedule now includes a list of projects NOVA is writing and expects to publish in 1999. The coolest projects include the publication of NOVA's rules for its infamous Godzilla Eats Midville Events and Car Wars Compendium 3.
Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. NOVA is now starting to write CWC3. The date of publication of this book, which will be a significant revision of the Car Wars rules, including many errata fixes, will be no earlier than the spring of 2000. NOVA is wisely taking their time to create the CWC3 manuscript correctly the first time it is written. The Ireland Autodueling Association (IADA) Car Wars Compendium Errata Sheet and ADQ&A Compendium 2, two documents on SWAT Matrix Headquarters, are going to be used by NOVA when the group writes CWC3. If you want to assist in revising ADQ&A Compendium 2, which will help the CWC3 project, contact SWAT.


Francis Greenaway has published a very detailed version of AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Volume Nine: United Kingdom on the Painted Target Web Site. Details of the book are discussed in the AADA RASG section above.


The duelists from Minnesota no longer update their Web Site, but if you access the SPARK Web Site's directory structure, you can find a set of racing rules that cannot be accessed via the SPARK entrance page.


The Black Circle Gaming Society has deleted the Tampa Wrecking Crew Web Pages from its Web Site. If you want the Web Pages of the Tampa Wrecking Crew, a Car Wars gaming group that played a campaign combining elements of the movie Death Race 2000 and the animated television series Speed Racer, please contact SWAT. The Tampa Wrecking Crew Web Site is also available in SWAT's Chassis & Crossbow Compendium.