Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 7
September 03, 2048

Web Posted September 03, 1998
Updated September 02, 2001


Greetings CWIN Duelists! Although this newsletter is a little behind schedule it is full of information that should have made the wait worthwhile. Michael Drennon once again challenges Car Wars players with an Arena Watch, this time an arena that can have cars, boats, hovercraft and mini-subs at the same time! Francis Greenaway of Painted Target has substantially updated his Aqua Wars Web Pages, presents the first town/city section of the BADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide focusing on Brighton, and has resurrected an old autodueling story related to Fighting Fantasy Gamebook 13: Freeway Fighter. The Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW) and New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) Car Wars Groups discuss recent gaming events they have hosted. There is a very large amount of gaming industry news this issue. You have likely heard some very disturbing rumors involving Hasbro, Avalon Hill, Steve Jackson Games and Microprose. This issue's NANS Section will bring you up to date on these events. Michael Garrity, the winner of the NOVA Event mentioned above, once again presents tools built using the GURPS Vehicles Construction Rules including one that will provide inspiration for a myriad of scenario ideas.

The CWIN Editor is moving to Seattle! The SWAT Web Site, including the CWIN Archive, the HVD Car Wars Mailing List Archive and the SWAT Jump Page will also be moving. Fortune has smiled on me to allow a relocation to Seattle before October 01. Because I will need a few weeks to establish a new Internet Service Provider in Seattle (Internet On-Ramp, the current ISP hosting the SWAT Web Site, is based in Spokane), I will be keeping the SWAT Web Site on IOR active until November. Before I remove that site I will have the Seattle ISP one running and I will notify all of you before I perform any changes.

If you are wondering if anything will change regarding CWIN with my new location, physical and virtual, do not worry. CWIN will continue to be sent about every 30 days and the SWAT Jump Page will continue to be one of the best resources for Car Wars players on the Internet. Living in Seattle will permit me to increase the size of the SWAT Web Site without limit and I will be able to have access to cable modems. I will be able to bite my thumb at the World Wide Wait! :-)

Thanks again for being so patient during my ISP and telephone difficulties. I can access my IOR elmay account when I check my Hotmail account for new messages, therefore you can send elmay to either address. I will let you know well in advance before I end my subscription to Internet On-Ramp.

One major advantage to my moving to Seattle will be the opportunity to work on a long-term Car Wars project of large importance. The details are as unstable as a cloud bomb smokescreen, therefore I am not going to report about the project. You can expect news on the idea in 1999. I can tell you the project will be one of the most memorable ideas for Car Wars in years.

In a few days I will finally post the results of CWIN Vehicle Design Competitions 2, 3, 4 and 5. The main reason for the postponement is that I have needed to create scoring scales for each design. If you want me to judge the designs, I will do so but I thought the idea of a public vote might make the contest more fun. Please tell me your opinion. Do note that I will not be presenting the names of the designers in order to prevent a "popularity contest." This idea, proposed by a CWIN subscriber, will permit voting to based only on the effectiveness and creativity of the designs without having the designer influencing the vote.

Good luck to all of you participating in the AADA World Championships. Both the Dueling and Racing Events should be ones to remember. As soon as CWIN receives results they will be printed in a special-edition newsletter. Although you are expected to red-line your engine and your opponents in the Racing and Dueling Championships, please do not perform those actions while you travel to and from the events themselves. All of the CWIN subscribers and the CWIN staff want to see you around to read CWIN and participate in the AADA WCs well into the future. Drive safely!

CWIN 01.08 will be delayed because establishing Internet connections in Seattle will take a while. The earliest release date I can expect to print that newsletter is October 15. If there is a longer delay I will have a friend elmay my circumstances to you.

To those of you returning to school, have a great quarter/semester. Take care. I look forward to elmaying all of you from the Coffee Capital of the World. :-)

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor

P.S. Remember that my friend Thomas Morton, who hosts the Post-Apocalyptic Media Web Site, previously called Warriors of the Wasteland, has mirrored the SWAT Jump Page! Please also remember to add your name to The Autoduelist which has reached over 90 member and the High Velocity Dueling Car Wars Opponent Finder which has nearly reached 200 members!


Introduction / Regulations for Duels and Races

AutoDuel Question and Answer: World Tournaments-Specific Discussions

The ADQ&A Web Page has been updated again. Be sure to review it before you leave your home for the events. Good luck!



Dear Mr. Buttery:

Are you the Andrew Buttery of Australia that was one of the Masters of the board game Car Wars in the 1980s, one who battled in the Car Wars Tournaments in 1986 and 1988? If not, I apologize for mistaking you for someone else and taking up your time. Please discard this message.

Wow! I was looking for news postings about Car Wars using DejaNews when I discovered a message you posted to on May 28, 1998:

Subject: Re: What is it that calls you back to cons
Author: Andrew Buttery
Date: 1998/05/28

<> wrote: "So hey, people what is it that calls you back to cons again and again, I would certainly love to know and I hope I'm not alone in that."

Well, here's my reasons for attending every Melbourne Easter Con since 1983  . . .

Newbie Con Attendee Phase

Phantastacon 1983 -  I went to was to find out what it was all about and to be with like minded people. Had some great GMs. As a kinda shy individual, it was great.

Phantastacon 1984 -- Went because I had such a great time first time . . . caught up with people who I hadn't seen in a year.

Phantastacon 1985 --  More of the same plus there was a board game there which I was really into - Car Wars. The organiser didn't show, so I ran it. It was a buzz to do something like that. This caused me to drop out of school.

Newbie Tourney Organiser Phase

Phantastacon 1986 -- Ran another CW tournament, more cool fun. Played a bit. More interested in the organising side of tournaments but still loving the RP stuff, more interesting people . . .

Games 1987 -- Played mainly this year -- all my friends were going so I did too -- got screwed by tournament organisers. Result :

Games 1988 - Tournament mania !!! Organised WH40K, Bloodbowl, three-in-one (one session of chess, one session of Risk and one session of Battletech) and Car Wars.

Con as "Work" Phase

Games 1989 - Now working at Mind Games, Games Workshop selling immensely . . . ran WH40K and Car Wars.

Conquest 1990 -- as Mind Games was still going big guns in the GW department: WH40K, WHFB, Car Wars again . . .  Picked up the sarcastic moniker of "Mr. RolePlayer" at the closing ceremony . . .

The "I have some complex that means I have to destroy myself" Phase

Conquest '91 -- To shake off the Mr. Roleplayer tag... Ran T2000, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Also ran Nuke War (with Edd Brgoc) as a Midnight till dawn session. "Mr. Roleplayer" was replaced with Andrew "Get Wrecked" Buttery

Conquest 1992 -- "The All Round Gamer" -- ran a Freeform, War & Peace with Paul Shepherd, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, A Call of Cthulhu -- "The Icarus Machine" and Nuke War with 120 players !!!

"Anger is an Energy" Phase

Conquest 1993 -- Angry with previous years organisation and David Bruggerman's imminent departure to Sydney meant vacuum approaching. So I helped organise, laid out and photocopied the con booklet (never again). Organised Freeform Pieces of War with Paul Shepherd as a sequel because the previous one had been so well received.

"I'm organising large chunks of it so I better be there . . . " Phase

Conquest 1994 -- Lyn James and I took over from David Bruggerman. Bad year, woefully prepared . . . Rewrote the entrant DB on the Thursday night of the con . . . Ran my first M:TG tournament, Nuke War again . . .

Conquest 1995 -- To improve on the debacle of the previous year . . .

Conquest 1996 -- To continue improving the Organisation, to meet Sam Shirley from Chaosium, to play Man-O-War. Organising MTG because we needed one and no one was forthcoming . . .

Conquest 1997 -- Again Improving Con organisation, Michael Pondsmith, the best guest ever. Organising Man-O-War and NetRunner.

Conquest 1998 -- As President of Conquest, Inc a no show was not allowed :). Did it because I wanted to make it better again . . . Ran Roborally . . .

And to the future . . .

Conquest 1999 -- To run a smooth con, with great tournaments, that ends in the black, with cool people like Lyn and Gary and everyone else who helps make the con what it is . . . and at the end of it there is an infrastructure in place so I can retire from organising. Then . . .

Conquest 2000 -- To play as if I was a newbie again :)

In December, 1986 when I first entered the Car Wars Universe, I read about your exploits in the 2034-2036 AADA World Dueling Championship. As I played the game over the years I was happy to hear you were able to attend the 2037-2038 AADA WDC. After that time I had no longer heard about your gaming activities with Car Wars.

Check out my Jump Page, which contains links to all of the Car Wars Web Sites on the Matrix including Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN). I believe you will be amazed how Car Wars has grown since you last battled in 2038. If you like the content of CWIN, tell me and I will add you to the subscriber list. It would be great to have one of the Legends of Autodueling on my reader list! :-) I look forward to hearing from you about your Car Wars activities in the recent past and future.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor

Hi, Michael. Yes, I am that Andrew Buttery (there's not a lot of us around. :) I will actually be running a "Classic Car Wars" at Conquest (Melbourne's major Convention held at Easter) next year as our special guest will be Steve Jackson! Thanks for the info -- I'll chase it up (James Barton, HVD, etc.).  Put me on the CWIN Subscriber List. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing a few bits and pieces now and again . . . :)  Does the AADA still exist ?

Andrew Buttery
Australian Autodueling Association

Yes Andrew, the AADA does exist. The AADA World Championships (there are now two events, one is dueling, one is racing) will be held this September in Colorado.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor



ORIGINAL MESSAGE. Hello out there! Got a question has anyone come up with an effective way to speed up RIFTS combat while still maintaining it's flavor? Also, I'm looking for a good RIFTS character sheet, anyone know any good sites to find one?

REPLY. On thing I did was set up a chart which had number of attacks on the top and half seconds down the side. I then put "x"'s in corresponding locations. this way I keep a list of players and NPC's attacks and I go around the room and tell people they have an attack now. I use initiative to settle ties on the chart. This way you don't have one or two people constantly going and the others sitting back waiting for a turn. It also helps settle disputes over who got what off first, how many attacks someone has left and how many attacks are used up in a dodge and so forth. It worked pretty well when I used it and kept things a lot calmer during games. I didn't have three people yelling at me at once and people getting upset because they haven't had the chance to go. I noticed when people are calm and doing combat in a step by step way the combat goes a lot faster. just my 1 cent (man am I broke). Thanks

Michelle and Craig

ORIGINAL MESSAGE. On Monday, 29 January 1996 wrote: Using miniatures to show location helps with people trying to do impossible things while in combat, and is good as an anchor for everyone's concentration. Plus, I have all my players re-read the combat and any other necessary rules before play to refresh them.

REPLY. That's smart and efficient. We used to use "Car Wars" city maps and arena maps with their little paper miniatures. The maps are graphed so you can really be accurate when determining range. Plus it takes out a lot of confusion as to what a person can or can't do. Also, it's cool to "see" what your character is doing: like having your greyhound Dog Boy run a helluva lot of squares to nail a CS grunt whose E-rifle has run out of clips.

Edward Paul
University of Hawaii at Manoa



Mr. D. Nukem, your resume says you were ten-time champion of the Rainbow Bay Blast Furnace Arena (see Arena Book 2038). That accomplishment means you are not tough enough. You have won two off-road Regional Championships. That record means you are not rough enough. Your five first-place finishes in boat versus hovercraft duels in the Hollywood Bowl Arena (see ADQ 7/4) mean you would "huff and puff" in my stadium, the Treasure Island Arena. You would either become road kill or be sent to Davey Jones' Locker inside of 30 seconds. You are not qualified to enter the Treasure Island Arena. Please send in the next applicant on your way out . . .



Not all the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks are based in the traditional world of orcs, dragons and wizards. Steve Jackson's Starship Traveler journeys to alien planets and peoples beyond a black hole, while lan Livingstone's Freeway Fighter (to be published in the next few months) will be entering the dangerous life of a post-holocaust future. Here, to give you taste of things to come, is a story set in a similar scenario from Australian writer, Garth Nix.

This story was printed in a Fighting Fantasy magazine called Warlock by Games Workshop (in collaboration with Puffin) and was supposedly a view of things to come in the (then) forthcoming Freeway Fighter book.

Forwarded to CWIN by Francis Greenaway
Painted Target President/Webmaster



Francis Greenaway
Painted Target President/Webmaster



Mad Max

1. If you kill Max's woman, you invariably die in a confrontation with a cargo-bearing device weighing over two tons.
2. It takes ten minutes to hack through handcuffs. If you're lucky, you can hack through your ankle in five minutes.
3. Only by following instructions can we hope to maintain a successful highway program.
8. Police officers are extra intimidating with apples hanging out of their mouths.
11. Psychotic biker gangs can be pretty weird and annoying. Hopefully Max will blow their heads off or something.

The Road Warrior

1. Boomerangs are really fun toys.
2. Whether a nuclear warzone is a place with souped-up vehicles or where robots hunt down humans, a post-apocalyptic Earth is pretty damn cool.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

2. A shotgun alone doesn't make you totally cool. For total coolness, you need a shotgun, a pistol, a crossbow, another pistol, some knives, another pistol, a grenade or two, another shotgun, some extra shotgun shells, and a spatula.
5. Keep spare shotgun shells handy.
10. Two men enter, one man leaves.
11. Justice is a lot cooler in the post-apocalyptic future.
12. Don't pick a fight to the death with the star of the movie.
15. In a just legal system, all the laws rhyme.
16. Wheel of Fortune should be like this, where the contestants can get killed, have limbs amputated, and receive other nasty punishments. That would be a damn cool TV show.
22. One-armed leather jackets with armored shoulder pads rule.
33. Don't cast Max into the desert. He's likely to come back and destroy your entire civilization.
35. You better have an airplane, or Max will kill you.


The Eisenhower Interstate System of the United States requires that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.

The Boston University Bridge (on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts) is the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train driving under a car driving under an airplane.

The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.

The first Ford cars had Dodge engines.


To all Car Wars fans:

The Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW) continues its 2048 season with a Division 10 team event. Players paired off to battle as teams using Tonka scale toy vehicles for representation across Phil "Fritz" Bedard's backyard on Sunday, Aug. 2.

Four teams made the event with the "Battling Babes" jumping out to slam into a soccer ball in the first turn to see if they could ricochet it towards eight Dave "Launched" Hill or his team mate Phil "Fritz" Bedard. It took a few more turns before ramming the ball a second time to send it straight at Launch pad's car. After the ball rolled short, he rammed the it straight back into the front armor of Jessica "Sharia Cutter" Taylor's car for the point.

This came after a spectacular T-bone that made confetti out of  Pam "The Ice Queen" Wyllson and sent her debris into her teammate and husband, Gene "Alfred Neuman" Wyllson. The kill was award to Sharia Cutter and Wyllson went around a fountain to take on the team of Paul "Spapmaster" Theis and Jeff "Sir Anal" Hartney. Wyllson soon joined his wife after losing control of his car and rolling it until it had lost all of its wheels and struck a tree near a fence. Wyllson exited the vehicle but by then was to far to rejoin the combat.

Lara "Nutbuster" Hill came to her teammate's rescue after Launchpad took out Cutter's side armor in a combination ram and successful firing of his machine gun. Nutbuster stopped her car and let Cutter jump on the roof to ride around firing a pair of heavy pistols until Hartney (making his only annual appearance for the season) blew her to  pieces.

As the hulk of Launchpad, killed by an excellent double-team by Nutbuster with her Vulcan and Cutter with her pistols, Fritz came around to end the game with the destruction of "Squirrly", Nutbuster's car in a collision that loosed two heavy rockets tied to a bumper trigger and the bumper spikes-ram plate combination. Fritz gave thanks to the Division 10 car designed by Norman McMullen of NOVA who had posted it on the NOVA Web Site.

"Best tactic of the Day Award" goes to Spapmaster for the creativity and incredible rule bending (without an Uncle Schmalbert's device) to create a "tin foil" car with no weapons, a tiny engine and nearly no armor. What the car had was a driver and a gunner with ejection seats and lots of hand weapons.

Spapmaster fired the ejection seats and floated down on the hang gliders taking pot shots at vehicle tops with a HAVR, LAWs and a gyroslugger between his Driver and Gunner. The drawback to his creative application of ejection seats was the distance the seats fly before deploying the wings. He had managed to move himself ten car lengths off the ground which added to his range. The gimmick was different but had its definite drawbacks as a better method of dueling. Referee Bill "Blazen Bob" Stevenson is still deciding with the help of Fritz on whether the rules of DRAW were broken.

Most of the toy cars used were 16" plastic cars that can be bought from Wal-Mart for about $5. A few were hand-painted. Extras ranging from unique stickers to a toy rose decorated the vehicles. The range used to determine ended up being in feet and yards after hours of adding inches and dividing by a certain moment. The next event will be under Fritz's watchful eye as he runs a Division 30 event in Matchbox scale on Saturday, Sept 5. If you are interested in playing, feel free to E-Mail us.

Thanks you for taking time to read this and be sure to check the DRAW Web Site to see if anything new has been added.

Bill Stevenson
Death Racing Association of Washington State (DRAW) President
August 06, 1998

Fellow Duelists:

The Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW) is proud to announce Steve Jackson will be making an appearance at RadCon 2C next February in Pasco, Washington. This is the same convention that DRAW will be holding the Northwest Regionals AADA Tournament with the incredible 1/24th scale final round!

His company, Steve Jackson Games (SJ Games), made the announcement on Sunday, Aug. 9, through their daily E-Mail bulletin. There has been no word on whether Jackson will take part in the Car Wars tournament nor if it had an influence on whether he would attend or not. As DRAW, we ask that everyone that is able to attend RadCon to take part in the tournament do so. The more people turning out to play, better the impression on the man who decides if there shall ever be more supplements. Show your support for Car Wars!

The Northwest Regionals AADA Tournament will feature 3D renditions of Midville and two levels from the hit Sony Playstation game "Twisted Metal 2". Both "Moscow: Suicide Slide" and "Amazonia" will be featured. (Can you tell DRAW loves this game or what?) The final event will using 1/24th scale models that will be destroyed as the game progresses to simulate the damage taken in the game. For the 3-D Midville event, DRAW will take all players wishing to join and find a place for them to start! The more the merrier.

The page everyone was waiting to see is complete. The Tonka Scale Division 10 duel has a page of photos now with the write up that was sent earlier. Come take a look!

Thanks for your time and all of your support!

Death Racing Association of Washington State (DRAW) President
August 10, 1998

The DRAW Web Site has posted results and photographs of the Tonka Scale Event and has updated the 2047-2048 Season Standings. A new Events Page and a Range Chart displaying the ranges of different scales of Car Wars are now available.



Southhampton England -- Fog, the enemy of navies since men first fought at sea, may become the sailor's most powerful ally.

Vosper Thorneycroft (VT) has presented the British navy with plans for a corvette-class ship called the Sea Wraith, which uses a combination of mechanical and electronic techniques to disguise itself as a patch of fog.

The artificially-created mist would serve two purposes. It would fool human lookouts into believing they were observing a small fog bank. At the same time, it would prevent infrared sensors from detecting "hot spots created by the ship's powerplant or recently fired weapons. Radar signals coming into contact with the ship would either be absorbed by its composite superstructure or deflected by its angled design. High-speed electric motors would safely take the ship out of harm's way if detected.

The British navy hasn't decided whether to build the ship, but you probably wouldn't see it if they did.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
December 1997


An unusual sandwich-layered steel saves fuel by cutting car body weight by 10 percent. There’s no increase in production cost, and noise reduction is a spin-off bonus. Those are the findings of Renault, working with a group of European partners. In a second line of research, the Renault team reports a dramatic 25 percent weight reduction in the Renault Clio, with a hybrid body structure of aluminum and composites giving a 10 percent fuel saving. But admittedly, the material is too costly for high-volume cars like this top-selling hatchback.

For the sandwich construction, two very thin sheets of steel are bonded together by a film of poly mer adhesive. This is lighter and stronger than the usual sheet steel and can be formed in normal stamping presses.

Aside from lightness, the steel sandwich has natural vibration-damping, making weighty sound-deadening material in the body unnecessary. Another innovation is the assembly of body parts with epoxy adhesives, reducing the number of spot welds by a quarter and eliminating up to 85 pounds of the mastic normally used to seal the joints after welding.

The hybrid concept is primarily geared toward the future, though for limited-edition cars and “niche” models its advantages could even now outweigh the high material cost. Here, conventional steel body stampings are replaced by extruded aluminum sections formed as an inner space frame. These are combined with fiberglass-reinforced composites for the dash panel and floor, with outer skin panels in sheet aluminum. In addition to major cost benefits, this concept has a high energy-absorbing capability.

David Scott
Popular Science Magazine
April 1996


Champs Sur Yonne France -- You'll need lots of room to pass the newest trailer from Nicolas Industrie. It's a 187-ft.-long 96-wheeler.

All of the trailer's axles are steered and equipped with hydraulic, swing-axle suspension for off-road use. The trailer has a modular design that permits it to be reconfigured for 40 to 388-ton loads.

Statnett, the Norwegian gas and electric utility that purchased the trailer, plans to use it to haul transformers to generation plants and substations.

Popular Mechanics Magazine
April 1998


Graham Hawkes remembers the first time he saw a whale: Waiting for a companion, the animal was motionless and vertical. Hawkes was startled into the realization that life in the three-dimensional space of the oceans need not confine itself to "upright" positions.

He remembered this lesson when designing Deep Flight I, a one-person underwater vehicle launched in California's Monteray Bay last October. Instead of remaining upright at all times and reaching the ocean depths by sinking, the airplanelike craft can "fly" through the water in any direction at speeds up to 12 knots -- using battery-powered thrusters and moveable control surfaces to deflect the flow of water over its stubby wings. The pilot lies prone in the 15-foot-long vehicle, looking out through its acrylic nose.

Built by Hawkes Ocean Technologies at a cost of $1 million, Deep Flight I is made of glass-epoxy composites and can dive to depths of 3,300 feet. The experimental vehicle sponsored in part by television and film companies, is outfitted with a variety of camera mounts. But its primary purpose is as a technology demonstrator for the development of Deep Flight II, a ceramic-bodied sub costing $7 million that will be designed to transport explorers to the very bottom of the ocean: the 37,000-foot-deep Mariana Trench.

Popular Science Magazine
March 1997


The Webmaster of Formula De Internet Headquarters, Jean-Jacques Enser, has provided the latest news in the Formula De World.

During the week of August 9, 1998 Merlyn's Gaming Store in Spokane, Washington State, finally received Racetracks 13/14 (Watkins Glen, USA and Silverstone, Great Britain) and 15/16 (Hockenheim, Germany and Zeltweg, Austria).

August 6th-9th in Milwaukee Wisconsin was the date and time for the Second Annual Formula De GENCON National FD Tournament,
Read the full report from our special correspondent Ron Magin with pictures from Eric Randall.

Jean-Jacques Enser
Formula De Internet Headquarters Webmaster



Building upon the experience gained during the developement of the Legionary prototype battlesuit (see CWIN 01.06), weapons engineers created the Decurion. This unit is a "heavy infantry" battlesuit, intended to operate in contaminated environments for extended periods of time. It is faster, stronger  and more heavily-armored than the Legionary. The Decurion also carries its weapons internally.

The Decurion is at the design and developement stage at mid-TL8, meaning that only 3-5 prototype units would be available. If the assault laser is built using the "chemical laser" option,  the Decurion might be available at early TL8 (GM's option). Otherwise, this battlesuit is available for general issue late in the TL8 period.

Operationally, the Decurion is first deployed at the squad level. Each battlesuit squad would have two Decurion battlesuits (assigned to the squad leader and the assistant squad leader) and eight Legionary battlesuits. Along with providing extended fire-support, a Decurion pilot would also use the suit's nuclear power unit to recharge the power cells of the Legionary battlesuits in his squad.

Sub-assemblies: two manipulator arms, two legs, limited-rotation turret

Drivetrain: 15-KW motive power leg drivetrain in legs

Arm Motors: ST240 arm motor in each arm

Thrusters: None

Battlesuit System: Pilot weight: 200 lbs. Suit upgrades: womb tank, suit computer, NBC kit (in body), Limited lifesystem (12 hours) in body, provisions (5 days) in body, quick access, trauma maintenance

Built-in Weapons: Assault laser in right arm, 7.5-mm LP smartgun (w/ 3,000 rounds explosive ammunition in anti-blast magaine) in left arm

Sensors: AESA (x5) in turret, facing front. PESA (x5) in body, facing forward

Commsuite: Basic commsuite in body

Power Plant: 25-KW nuckear power unit in body. Powers all suit systems (except laser) for 6 months. Has 1.75-KW excess to recharge energy banks.

Energy Bank: Rechargeable power cell w/ 1,920,000 KWS in right arm. Powers assault laser for 300 seconds of firing.

Fuel: None

Volumes: Arms 4.8 cf , Turret 1.2 cf, Body 14.4 cf, Legs 7.2 cf

Structure and Hit Points: X-hvy. frame (advanced materials) w/ good streamlining, Turret 42 HP,  Arms 216 HP, Body 240 HP, Legs 138 HP

Surface Features: Sealed, basic stealth, basic IR cloaking, basic chameleon system, radiation shielding

Armor: PD4/DR250 on turret and body, PD4/DR240 on arms, PD4/DR245 on legs. All armor is laminate.

Statistics: Loaded weight 5,972 lbs., Empty weight 5,583.8 lbs., Loaded mass 2.9864 tons, Mecha Volume 129 cf, Size modifier +3, Arms -1, Turret -2, Legs 0. Price $1,306,645. HT 12 .

ST and Reach: Body ST 480, Arm ST 240 (reach 2, damage thr 25d / sw27d)

Dimensions: 4.12 yards tall, 1.37 yards long and wide

Ground Performance: Speed 18 mph, gMR 2, gSR 2, Move 9

Aerial Performance: None

Space Performance: None

Tip for designers: Although womb tanks are intended for use in mecha cockpits, it is possible to incorporate one into a battlesuit. Simply add the weight of a womb tank (200 lbs.) to the pilot weight when determining the volume taken up by a battlesuit system in a particular sub-assembly.


This machine is a parallel-processing computer with ten individual sub-units. It is built so that it can spontaneously become self-aware. Each of the sub-units is a TL10 macroframe with the bio-computer, genius, hardened, high-capacity and neural-net options. A sub-unit costs $262,500,000, weighs 4,500 lbs., takes up 90 cf and has a complexity of 10.

As a whole system, Magnum Opus costs $2,625,005,000, weighs 45,010 lbs., takes up 900 cf and has a complexity of 11. If Magnum Opus achieves sentience, its complexity will rise to 12.

Note: The cost and weight figures listed for the full machine include the cost and weight for the hardware needed to link the sub-units together.

Data Storage and Power System. Each of Magnum Opus' sub-units has 100 terabytes of protected storage capacity. Each of these memory modules is built with the hardened option. Each memory module costs $500,000, weighs 1,500 lbs. and takes up 30 cubic feet.

To protect Magnum Opus against interference with or interruption of its power supply, the computer and its memory system draws power from a 100-MW fusion reactor. This reactor costs $25,000,000, weighs 120,000 lbs. and takes up 2,400 cf.

Location. Magnum Opus is located in a 4-level bunker placed wherever the GM feels is appropriate. The first level houses the computer's user interface system, along with such other equipment as is desired. The second level houses the computer's processing units, along with environmental controls for the whole bunker. The computer's protected memory storage is on the third level and the fusion reactor is on the fourth level.

Game Notes. Magnum Opus is designed for use in campaign worlds which are at mid- to late-TL8. It is a unique artifact, and should be treated as such. Depending on how the GM wants to use this machine, it could be the mysterious "power behind the throne" which the PC party works for (unaware of their employer's true nature). Alternately, it could be the deadliest enemy the PCs could ever imagine. Magnum Opus could also be the inspired creation of a brilliant computer scientist who wanted to save the world from some particular threat. The possibilities are endless.

Michael Garrity
New Omaha Vehicular Asssociation (NOVA)



James Barton, editor of HVD, has updated the CWOF again. There are now about 200 autoduelists on the registry. Please, if you have not placed yourself on the database, take five minutes to do so. Adding your name to the HVD Car Wars Opponent Finder is one of the easiest ways to contact Car Wars players in your area.


James Barton is nearly finished with another year at university, which means another of HVD will be published. Please contact James now in order to have a 99 percent chance for your articles to be printed in HVD 9. As of the publication date of this newsletter, Mr. Barton has not announced the release date of HVD 9.



Subject: Avalon Hill Sold to Hasbro
From: (AH RuneQ)
Date: August 04, 1998

This is a message from the inside at Avalon Hill. It was announced to us this morning that Hasbro has acquired the entirety of The Avalon Hill Game Company.

All current employees of Avalon Hill have been terminated. This includes: Don Greenwood, Ben Knight, Stuart Tucker, Bill Levay, J.C. Connors, Christopher Lawrence, Rich Kuryk, Mark Glidden, and Steve Holmes.

What does this mean for the future of Avalon Hill? We don't know. All titles and future titles are no the rights of Hasbro, including the upcoming Galaxy: the Arena and RuneQuest: Slayers.

We wish we could tell you more. We don't have any more answers. But we do want to thank the loyal fans that have made Avalon Hill. It was your support that made us the grandfather of boardgaming. We all hope Hasbro continues this tradition.

If anyone has any questions, you can e-mail me at home. I may not have much more to say, but I'll do my best.

BTW -- Anyone who hasn't picked up copies of Civilization, do it now. They won't be around much longer.

J.C. Connors

Tuesday August 4, 10:08 A.M. Eastern Time
Monarch Avalon to Sell Games Division

BALTIMORE, Aug 4 (Reuters) -- Monarch Avalon Inc. said on Tuesday that it agreed to sell its games division, which accounted for 40 percent of the company's sales, to a newly formed Hasbro Inc. (HAS -- news) subsidiary for $6 million in cash.

Monarch chairman A. Eric Dott and President and Chief Executive Officer Jackson Dott, who are the firm's principal shareholders, have agreed to vote in favor of the deal, which is subject to shareholder approval, Monarch said in a statement.

Monarch Avalon's games division includes the Avalon Hill Game Co., Avalon Hill software and Victory Games, which make strategy and military simulation games, the company said.

Monarch Avalon's continuing operations will include the envelope division and Girl's Life magazine and the company's name will change to Monarch Services Inc. as part of the transaction, the company said.

The games divsion generated about 40 percent of the company's $7 million in 1997 sales, A. Eric Dott said in a telephone interview. It could not immediately be determined if a gain or a charge will stem from the business sale.


As we all know, the game market has changed a great deal, and not for the better. SJ Games is reorganizing to deal with a world that is very different from the one of a few years ago, or even last year. The most painful part of that reorganization: we are cutting our payroll to a manageable size while the company as a whole is still viable.

Effective today, we have laid off four staff members and rearranged several duties. Our current staff assignments should permit us to retrench effectively.

We will continue to support our roleplaying lines fully. We will increase our support for conventions. We will continue to support Pyramid Magazine and our Web Site; in fact, more Web Site improvements are coming soon. This is where the future is.

However, some production-intensive (and expensive) projects will be delayed. INWO SubGenius will be our last card set for a while, and Deluxe Illuminati will be a winter release at the earliest. The GURPS CD-ROM is being pushed back, and some other "skunk works" projects are going on the back burner for now.

I'm setting aside my editorial duties for now; they will be in good hands. I will be doing -- of all things -- sales. Our distributors, and the retailers they serve, are vital to us. To adapt to this changing market, I need to learn everything I can about the distributors' problems and needs, and I need to get it straight from them . . . and they need to know that they can call ME any time.

This is very painful, but by doing it now, and working both smarter and harder, we think we've done what it takes to stay here and keep making more games. Thanks for your support.

Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Games CEO

The Daily Illuminator
August 15, 1998


This Web Page is a document with photographs that will make every autoduelist salivate with envy. Photographs of several beautifully-painted Car Wars miniatures are displayed here, including the ultra-rare Games Workshop BattleCars and Grenadier Autoduel miniatures. Although these speed demons are not for sale, the graphics can be used as inspiration when painting your Formula De and Formula Racer miniatures.


Death in the Fast Lane! DECADE is a new AADA Chapter that has appeared on the Internet autodueling scene and it has made its presence known in a big way. The Web Site in under construction but when completed will feature sections titled "Home" (Will this hyperlink take you to the Web Site of Uncle Al's World HQ?), "Deathsport" (This sounds interesting; remember that blood makes the grass grow), "Road Atlas" (autoduelists can never have enough Survival Guide information), "Futureshock" (This section really sounds interesting), and "Automotive" (Gaming and vehicle construction tools perhaps?).

At the moment there is no elmay address listed on the DECADE Web Site but the following elmay address is the author of the DECADE Web Site. The address was located with a search of the GeoCities "Nebula Block." I encourage duelists, especially on the East Coast of the U.S., to contact DECADE and wish them well with the Chapter. Will we see the New York-New Jersey rivalry carried into the arena with New York's CRADA and New Jersey's DECADE in combat with each other? Time will tell.

DECADE Car Wars Group Webmaster


This Web Site is the headquarters of the GURPS Armory. It is also contains the GURPS Revenants Worldbook, an Ultra-Tech science-fiction and space setting involving GURPS Robots with autodueling. The Web Page titled "Roadwar" presents the Patrol-1 Interceptor with an autodueling short story.


Freelance author Steve Hammond is working on the GURPS Vehicles Companion for late this year (or perhaps early next). It will have lots of neat additions to the GURPS Vehicles rules, but mostly it will have tons of sample vehicles, already built and ready to go. Steve has set up his own Web Site to solicit contributions; go check it out!

Scott D. Haring
Pyramid Magazine Editor

The Daily Illuminator
August 16, 1998


Toy giant Hasbro, which just a few days ago announced an agreement to buy The Avalon Hill Game Company, has now unveiled another takeover: game software publisher MicroProse. Commented industry observers, "Well, now we know what they're going to do with Avalon Hill!" Read all about both acquisitions in Pyramid Magazine.

The Daily Illuminator
Friday, August 14, 1998


There are no Car Wars Resources yet on this Web Site but keep your radar locked on this location over the next several months.


Krash has informed CWIN that he is making progress with his Web Site. Good luck Krash!


S. John Ross, who you know as the author of GURPS Russia and many, many GURPS articles, has arrived to take over development of the GURPS CD. He will also be dealing with archiving, helping on Pyramid, and generally making himself editorial. For more about S. John, visit his own Web Site, The Blue Room.

Hot Asphalt Short Tempers Unholy Rites (HASTUR) Internet Headquarters: A Web Page of The Blue Room

The Daily Illuminator
August 08, 1998


I know this newsletter is supposed to focus on Car Wars but the material on this D&D Web Site is quite humorous. The document "Last Words" applies equally well to fantasy RPG campaigns as well as Car Wars and GURPS DarkFutureTech campaigns. Be sure to look at the addendum to the AD&D Monster Manual, describing a specific "terrible lizard" in AD&D terms. :-)

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CAR WARS PLAYER LIST,%20ou%3dUser%20Groups,%20ou%3dGroups,%20o%3dUniversity%20of%20Michigan,%20c%3dUS

I have known about this Web Page for several months but I have not reported it because it is only a list of elmay addresses of UofM gamers who like to play Car Wars. If they feel like they want to play, the list is an easy tool to use to contact everyone. Dan "The Animal" Fuller told me the purpose of the list a while ago when I discovered it. Thanks Dan!


Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998
From: "George Barrett Smith" <>
To: "Michael P. Owen" <>

Michael, here's something you may be interested in.

There's a new search engine, of the reviewing sort, in the arena called "Newhoo!".  It separates itself from the rest of the field by claiming to have "experts" providing its reviews.  There are some general doubts about the quality of its reviewers since anyone can put themselves forward as an expert in anything, and there may be some doubt about the economic ethics because the founders are rumoured to be talking about selling their product.

I do not have a Car Wars Web Page as yet, and sadly I do not have the time to keep another site up to date. I'm not suggesting that you do it either, because we'd lose a wonderful unofficial representative of the game if you gave up CWIN. What I would suggest is that you mention the possibility in CWIN and we see whether anyone else takes up the gauntlet. That way we can guarantee that the "expert" is somewhat close to being an expert.

P.S. I was hoping to get the complete AADA Competition rules up and running soon -- if only I wasn't trying to do a Ph.D. and you fans didn't keep asking me clever questions :-)


NOS is the leading supplier of nitrous oxide products. If you wanted to know how N20 works, the FAQ will answer your questions.


This Web Site is moving from one location to another and is under construction. While you are waiting for more resources you will find several Car Wars vehicles. Be sure to check both URLs for all of the designs.

September 03, 1998 Update: The second URL above now contains a Play-By-Elmay Car Wars League! Planned sections, some of which are now operational, on that Web Site include Rules, Links, Tournaments (Past, Current, Future), Members List, Notworthy Automotive Industries and Creating Your Character.


Although this Web Site is concerned with the RPG RIFTS, the author of the site is using Car Wars materials for the game, including conversion of the Car Wars weapon list and vehicle rules into RIFTS terms.


Writer Bill Reed has joined forces with artist Lance S. Winkel to write an article for Pyramid Internet Magazine describing the Puget Sound Area for GURPS CyberWorld. This article is very much DarkFutureTech in atmosphere.


Pyramid Webzine has acquired the rights to publish Loren Dean's Super-Scale Car Wars article previously presented in Shadis Magazine 45 and has made that article available in the Pyramid Archive. CWIN also published the article a few months ago. Because CWIN acquired the original Shadis edition of the work, all five photographs of that article are now available on the CWIN version of the article.



Another PBEM Car Wars League has appeared on the Internet to fulfill the infinite demand for PBEM duelmasters and Web space. Yippee!


Do you remember the arcade game Spy Hunter? The game had a steering wheel suitable for a fighter jet and the theme from Peter Gun played while you raced down an infinitely-long highway shooting 0.50-caliber HMGs. Relive those autodueling memories by visiting this Web Site, which now features the Spy Hunter for Nintendo Entertainment System Manual, converted to HTML format by SWAT. :-)


This Web Site features everything you want to know about the autodueling-after-an-Apocalypse female freeway fighter.


Where should I begin my news report on the Painted Target Web Site? Francis Greenaway, the Webmaster of that Web Site, appears to be a citizen of Seattle instead of a member of the British Empire. The amount of effort Francis has placed in revising his Web Site suggests he has the severe addiction to coffee that most residents of the The Emerald City (Seattle) have, giving him the ability write Web Pages well into the early morning. :-)

Detailed and very well-written rules for hunting rifles are now available. Although they are primarily used for Dinosaur Dueling scenarios, the weapons will be very useful when rules for various present-day wildlife are written for Car Wars. The weapons are also potent tools when going into battle against animals of the two-legged and the wheeled variety.

What does a mini-sub look like? A company called Deep Flight produces small watercraft that look like fighter planes and the science-fiction television series seaQuest featured several types of mini-subs that would fit into that world of the 2020s, especially the prototype "Stinger." The types of underwater vehicles made by Deep Flight and displayed on seaQuest are accurate representations of the mini-subs found on the Painted Target Web Site, which also has mirrored the Deep Flight Web Site images.

The rules for mini-subs have been significantly changed in order to make those vehicles competitive with boats and hovercraft. The rules for scuba gear have also been revised because the costs and weights of the various diving equipment available in Car Wars did not appear logical when Painted Target, SWAT and Michael "Arena Watch" Drennon looked at those rules with a scanning electron microscope.

The Crimson Shipyards Catalog has been installed, presenting new equipment for marine combat. The AADA RASG for the United Kingdom is now available in HTML format, a supplement previously only available as a PDF document.

Finally, Painted Target gives power back to the pedestrians with power armor. Corporations who perform time travel have been given extra strength to deal with dinosaurs and the corporations' competitors with All-Terrain-Scout-Transports (combat walkers).

Francis, you have done enough in one month. You can sleep now. :-)



The CWIN Editor has written a Web Page discussing the autodueling computer game Death Rally, which was reviewed in HVD 07. SWAT was wondering if autoduelists interested in writing a Car Wars computer game could use Death Rally as a foundation for the combat aspects of the simulation. This idea might be worth exploring . . . :-)


The Dueling Debate Message Board has nearly reached 250 messages since it was established. If you have not yet visited the board, please register with Delphi Internet and perform some reconaissance. Many great discussions have been performed, including one that started with talking about plastic armor then changed to super trucks and the AADA World Championships! There is also many sales and auctions of Car Wars materials so visit if you are looking for those items.



The New Omaha Vehicular Association asked the CWIN Editor (i.e. threatened bodily harm if he did not) to review the 2046 NOVA Works Catalog. The editor is a fanatic about Car Wars so $12.00 U.S. was sent to NOVA for a copy of the book. Because artwork has not been inserted I was told my NOVA that my copy was a work-in-progress. When I received my NOVA Works I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the text. The cover was navy blue vinyl that will last for years and the pages were resume-quality linen. The pages were connected with a strong paper-binding. Wow! The first page is a color title page displaying the NOVA Logo, a combination of the AADA road-in-your-sights and a supernova. The rest of the book, although a rough draft, would be able to be sold now and would be a quality product.

The book is organized into 16 sections, each one describing gadgets from a single corporation such as Advanced Combat Engineering, DGAG and DeathKnight Industries. Along with all of the new platinum ingots like under-barrel shotguns for pistols, HD gas streamers, grenade droppers and goop ammunition there are many revisions of rules in Car Wars that have needed revision, such as race cars and trailer hitches. Cruise missiles are presented in a revised form and there is a discussion of ballistic missiles (the thought of terrorists trying to steal one of those Short War relics gives this duelmaster some great scenario ideas). :-)

The book has several blank spaces reserved for artwork. NOVA sent some test pages with scans of military photographs. I am happy to say the technique worked very well but NOVA and CWIN would like some original artwork for the book. If you are not one of the "artistically challenged" such as this editor, please contact NOVA to see if your Artist +3 skill can be put to good use for autodueling.

The CWIN Editor has volunteered to write an index for the 2046 NOVA Works Catalog, a project that should be completed by spring 1999. The document would be finished sooner but the recent ARF attacks on the Spokane HQ of SWAT has forced the group to retreat to Seattle to gather reinforcements. :-)

Yes, you can download the 2046 NOVA Works Catalog from the NOVA Web Site, and CWIN highly suggests you do so (SWAT's First Rule of the Internet: If you find information you like on the Internet, save it immediately because tomorrow it might disappear). However, having a bound, professionally-printed copy on your bookshelf with all of your other Car Wars materials is very convenient and improves the quality of your Car Wars collection. The estimated cost of the 2046 NOVA Works Catalog will around $20.00 U.S. If you want a lower-quality paper, please ask NOVA and the cost will likely be reduced. Note that the price is the cost of production only therefore the 2046 NWC is a non-profit item. After the CWIN Editor submits the index and the artwork project is completed, the final edition of the book should be available by spring of 1999.

Yes, the 2046 NOVA Midwest Vehicle Registry, also available on the NOVA Web Site, will be available in a printed format like the above. Please note that artists for that book are in especially high demand because the ideal goal would be to create a four-view graphic for each vehicle like in the AADA Vehicle Guides (Volumes One and Two). A more realistic goal would be to add a smaller amount of graphics. The CWIN Editor has also volunteered to write the index for that text too. :-) The publishing date of this book at the earliest would be March 1999.


Kandarp Patel, David Ghandehar and Sherman Mui in 1996 decided to recreate the brilliant video game Spy Hunter using OpenGL. Enter: SpyHunter3D 2049 Ultra Pro: Magnus Edition. The X because all X-Window applications must start with an X, the 3D because we are using a 3D engine, the 2049 because we've set it a bit in the future, and the rest, well, just because.

Spy Hunter 2049 was created for a university computer class project. CWIN has contacted the designers of SH 2049 about the progress of the game but no response has yet been received.



Dear Bruce Lam (President of AVRO):

Yikes! What happened to the AVRO Web Site? Everytime I try to enter the site I get a "University of BC Lockdown Notice." Do you know when your new Web Site on SimpleNet will be ready? I hope you are well. Take care.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor

Hi, Michael. I'm having a few problems with my UBC server. They have finally (after two years of excessive use of their bandwidth) begun tracking Web Site traffic and enforcing their traffic limits.  Kinda annoying isn't it? Sigh . . . okay, I'll transfer the old site over to my SimpleNet account so that people who are really desperate can use the material. I'm stuck editing a nutrition resources guidebook and after that revamping a nutrition Web Site. Then, I have to redo my own Web Site.  Then, I can spend some quality time doing some AVRO stuff (while doing some fundraising for another food education group) . . . sigh . . .

Bruce Lam
Autoduelists of Vancouver Regional Association (AVRO) President/Webmaster


The Car Wars Errata Page has been updated. Several errata notifications are displayed for the Car Wars Compendium Second Edition and Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell.


The URL for this platinum Web Site has changed but all of the great content is still there. CWIN keeps forgetting to mention that Peter Barton, the writer of the Mad Max FAQ, had a beautiful baby boy in May. Joseph was born in St. Georges Hospital, the same medical facility shown in the Mad Max movie. Peter has graciously displayed many photographs of his son in the hospital with all of the family. Be sure to take a look. :-)


The Adventures Section has been updated with the upload of "The Great ASP Hunt Part 1." This document features several mini-scenarios detailing the campaign against the terrorist group Assassination Sabotage Protectionism that came into power between the first appearance of the Anarchist Relief Front (ARF) in the middle 2030s and the renewed campaign of terror ARF is performing as a result of the loss of security and stability, economic and social, produced by the Japanese Protectorate-United States War.

NOVA held a World Dueling Championship rehearsal autoduel in the Eye-of-the-Pyramid Arena in the beginning of August. Norman McMullen, President of NOVA, modifed the arena design so that it had eight sides, four ramps, four jumps and four targets in the center. The one-way jumps in the center of the arena were also eliminated. Jumping and checkopoint-crossing was the majority of the action during the 25-second event with Michael Garrity climbing to the top. This victory makes Mr. Garrity's 2047-2048 Dueling Record 18 wins and 3 losses. Congratulations Michael and good luck in the 2047-2048 AADA World Championships!



Date: Tuesday, Aug 25, 1998
Subject: Car Wars Stuff

I have several items that I no longer use. I have the Deluxe Car Wars Box Set, AADA Vehicle Guides 1 and 2, Uncle Albert's Catalogs with yellow, green and purple covers (2035, 2036 and 2038), AADA Road Atlas 1, 3, 4 and 5 (East Coast U.S., Southeast U.S., Australia, Midwest U.S.), Boat Wars, many older ADQs as well as lots of counters and several expansion sets.

How can I spread the word that i'm looking to sell this stuff cheap? I want to get rid of it and make a few bucks, yes, but I'm more interested in getting this stuff into the hands of people who will use and enjoy it as I have in the past rather than just toss it into the trash.

Please respond to Adam at <>. Thanks.


Mail Order Customers: Send want lists, price inquiries to the following for current availability, pricing, etc.

231 E Street
Davis, CA 95616
Dan Urazandi c/o <>


5228 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Anime, Comics, Movies, Cards, Games, Magazines and In-Store Gaming Tables.


Order Line: 800-460-9272
Store E-Mail: <>or <>.

That places your order in writing, and sends it directly the the folks at the store. If you need any other information, or have trouble reaching the above address, Call the Order Line at 1-800-460-WAR2. You can fax your order to 1-512-994-1863 (24 hrs/day). We accept VISA/MC/AmEx cards, personal checks or money orders. Our mailing address is as follows:

The Armchair Commanders Games & Hobbies
1220 Airline Rd  Suite 130 Box 238B
Corpus Christi, TX  78412 USA

Shipping within the US and Canada is $5.00 for all orders. Overnight shipping is additional. Shipping is free on backordered items, but an additional $1.00 fee will be charged for handling.

International Shipping is priced at the actual shipping cost but can be estimated as follows: for surface shipping, add 25% to the order cost after discount, and for air shipping, add 50% to the order cost after discount. Every effort is made to minimize the package weight.


Boulder Games
4254 Holley Road
Lizella, GA 31052
Phone (Semi-Human): 912-935-8777
Phone (Orders Only): 800-299-6565
Voice or FAX: 912-935-8377
AoL: BoulderG


1699 Hamlin-Parma T.I. Rd.
Hilton, NY 14468
Warehouse Store: 16 Main Street Hilton NY 14468
24 Hours / 7 Days A Week Answering Machine: 800-724-8628 or 716-392-0231
Troll Line: 716-392-0230
FAX: 716-392-0236
Tuesday-Saturday: Noon-6 PM EST


Don Pawley
330 Westminster Dr.
Noblesville, IN 46060

Boardgames (especially Wargames), Collectible Card Games, Non-Sport Cards


Michael Cox -- Proprietor

The Dragon's Trove is a growing, mail-order only, store that buys/sells/trades out of print role playing games and accessories. Since 1994 it has provided the Internet community with items that most traditional stores have long since forgotten about. The majority of the products that are in stock are from TSR (since that is the biggest seller), but there are also lots of other companies (FASA, GDW, Mayfair to name a few) and products represented. One never knows what will come in with a collection that I buy, and sometimes the strangest things will come through here. So if you don't see it now, who knows it may be here the next time you look. With the several years of experience, I know what items people are generally looking for, and keep an eye out for that obscure stuff by Midkemia Press, Digest Group Publications, etc., so check back often.

New releases are usually 25% off retail, so if you are interested in anything that is currently in print but not listed, please see my pre-order rules. The latest stocked items will be put on the Items Just In section as they arrive from my distributor (at the top of each listing for that week). There is never a fee just to place an order and vapor inventory is kept at a minimum to fill your order completely and quickly!


9324 N. Division
Spokane, WA 99218

Comics, Games and Books. Large selection of Games Workshop merchandise. Huge area for in-store gaming.


4402 Country Lake Dr.
Charleston, Illinois 61920
J. Dietz -- President
FAX: 217-348-1559


1936 SE Tenino St.
Portland, OR  97202-6756
10am-9pm PST


Located in Lemoyne, PA (near Harrisburg), we have been selling games since 1982. We sell any kind of games you can think of: chess, checkers, Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering, AD&D, Bingo, Battletech, and many, many more. We also specialize in finding old, out of print, hard to find to games. Now, including video games, too!! Other services include organizing game conventions, game tournaments, gaming space at our store, as well as consulting on developing new games. And, if we don't have something in stock we can have it in two days.*

* Well, on a rare occasion, if you ask for something really odd, it might take a little longer. But, you'd be surprised at what we can do.

M. Foner's Games Only Emporium
230 S. 8th Street
Lemoyne, PA 17043
Phone: 888-569-GAME (1-888-569-4263)
Voice Mail and FAX: 717-761-8988

Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 7 Addenda
September-October 2048

Web Posted September 15, 1998
Updated September 02, 2001


The explosions have stopped, the whine of racing ICEs pushed to red-line RPMs is silent and the dust has cleared in Denver, Colorado,
concluding the 2047-2048 AADA Dueling and Racing Seasons.

CWIN congratulates Miles Messervy for his acquisition of the 2047-2048 World Dueling Championship. After winning that title, I believe Miles
will no longer be remembered as the one duelist in history to activate jump jets in the infamous New Boston "Rings of Doom" Autoduel Arena .
. . and have the audacity to survive after maintaining control after that stunt despite incurring a gigantic hazard of D14. :-)

Best wishes from CWIN are also given to the other Champion of the AADA 2047-2048 Season, Brett Peckinpaugh, who coaxed enough
gasoline from his ICEs and power from his capacitors to claim the title of Racing Champion.

Garth Anderson, the 2046-2047 AADA World Dueling Champion, did not regain his title this year, however Mr. Anderson accomplished a feat
that can be only described as incredible: Garth placed Third in both the Dueling and Racing Championships! Will the AADA see someone claim
both Championships in the same Season? Stay tuned to CWIN.

Special thanks go to Robert Deis of the Rocky Mountain AutoDueling Association (RMADA), the Duelmaster of the World Dueling
Championships, and Norman McMullen of the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA), the RaceMaster of the World Racing
Championships. Gratitude also goes to the AADA Rules Committee for the World Dueling Championships. Their hard work tightened the rules
leaks in the plumbing of the Car Wars rules, permitting the Final Autoduel of the 2047-2048 AADA Season to be performed as smoothly as
possible. The current members of the AADA Rules Committee for Dueling Events are the following: Sumit Sarkar (RMADA), Brian "Miles
Messervy" Kelly (RMADA), Eric Freeman (Southern California Independent), Phil Bedard (DRAW), Tim Jacques (NOVA), Norman McMullen
(NOVA), Scott David Orr (Ohio Independent) and Robert Deis (RMADA). The editor of this magazine, Michael P. Owen, was graciously given a
position on this committee. Although I did not comment on the rules debates, I learned a lot about the Car Wars system and will use the
lessons I learned in future games I duelmaster and racemaster. Thank you Committee Duelists!

The 2047-2048 AADA Season is over but Car Wars action is not at all "on vacation." SWAT is preparing to move its Web Site and will be
adding more gems for gamers to the site after the relocation, the next CWIN will be released in the middle of October and High Velocity Dueling
9 is beginning to be written. If you have any articles, vehicle designs, gadget ideas, scenarios, anything involving Car Wars or GURPS
DarkFutureTech, please submit the data! Because the CWIN and SWAT Staff have become too efficient with recording URLs of Car Wars Web
Sites, many uses of multiple search engines during the past two weeks have not yielded any new Car Wars or related Web Sites! In order to fill
this vacuum, CWIN desperately needs submissions. If they are in the English Language and discuss Car Wars, the articles will be published.

As autumn approaches in the Northern Hemisphere (spring in the Southern Hemisphere), a new AADA Season approaches. SWAT and the
CWIN Staff want this season to be the best ever. One way this will be accomplished is if Car Wars materials are printed again. The entire line of
Car Wars, except for the Car Wars Compendium Second Edition, Classic Car Wars (soon to be out of print) and Deluxe Car Wars, is no longer in
print. The only way gamers can find the great supplements of history is to look in the used game sections of game stores or to look among the
sales and auctions on the Internet.

The popularity of Car Wars would be increased substantially if Steve Jackson Games printed Car Wars materials again, specifically arenas,
scenarios, black-and-white maps, color maps, blank map sheets and miniatures for standard scale (both plastic and metal). If SJ Games is not in a
position to publish new supplements for Car Wars, because of financial and time constraints, the Car Wars system would prosper as much, if
not more, by SJ Games resurrecting supplements that are out of print. SWAT and the CWIN Staff has discussed this issue on the Internet with
many autoduelists and most agree that publishing old supplements would be great. The items in highest demand are Arena Expansion Sets,
Arena Books, DuelTrack 2035 and the Uncle Albert Catalogs (2035, 2036, 2038, 2039 and Catalog From Hell). Please write Steve Jackson Games
and ask them to print Car Wars materials again, especially older items. If enough gamers ask for the supplements, SJ Games may realize there
still is profit in writing Car Wars books. :-)

The Autoduel Quarterly Archive on the SJ Games Web Site is in dire need of volunteers. Many issues are incomplete or have not even been
converted from paper to HTML format. If you have time to scan or type an issue of ADQ, please contact SJ Games to see how you can help.

Speaking of the ADQ Archive, would subscribers of CWIN like to see Car Wars articles that have been printed in other magazines (The Space
Gamer, White Dwarf, etc.) added to the ADQ Archive? Are you interested in seeing the original Massacre at Midville scenario/article from The
Space Gamer 58 on the WWW? If you say yes to these questions, please contact SJ Games to find out how you can help. Please help make the
ADQ Archive be complete. For many Car Wars players, the ADQ Archive is the only location where they will have access to that material
because ADQs are hard to find on used game shelves and in Internet sales.

Please continue to send statistics on your Car Wars Gaming Group (name of group, acronym of group, city, state/province, nation, number of
players, meeting place, E-Mail contact, types of games played, frequency of meeting, etc.) so I can have a state-of-the-art World Autoduel
Association (WADA) Car Wars Gaming Group Registry. Please also state if you are an active (i.e. you have paid the registration fee) member of
the AADA.

Once again congratulations to the two World AADA Champions and all of the participants in the AADA WCs this year!

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor


Below is a preliminary report on the 2047-2048 AADA World Dueling Championships. Expect a more detailed report with pictures and a tactical
blow-by-blow of the finals to be published to the World Wide Web after the film is developed.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2048

Nineteen competitors arrived tonight at the prestigious Octagon, here in Aspen, to fight for the right to challenge Garth Anderson, reigning
AADA World Champion, for his title in San Antonio later this week in the finals. The Aspen Octagon is designed to hold no more than eight
duelists at a time, so the Qualifying Round ran in three heats of six, six, and seven. Drivers were randomly grouped into the three heats.  The
three heats were all fantastically exciting, but as different as night
and day in style. Here are some highlights.

HEAT 1: All the heavy hitters seemed to end up here. Half the cars featured large ramplates and were well equipped to use them. Three targets
of ramcars were utterly destroyed, two others severely disabled, and a fifth was damaged, but continued on to the end of the heat under its own
power. Advancing from this heat were Norman McMullen (New Omaha, NE), Miles Messervy (Westminister, CO), and Ryan Wendlin (Boulder,

HEAT 2: This heat saw rockets versus firestarters, which made for an explosive combination. Although half the competitors were able to start
fires, they all chose different methods. One used the venerable fluid projection gun loaded with flaming oil ammunition, one used three
high-temperature light flamethrowers and another used two equally high-temperature, but larger, standard flamethrowers. Two rocket users
chose the laser-guided accuracy of the Bullseye 2035, a trusted Division 15 model for many years, while the last picked up the heavily-armored
Ironsides, and made a huge mess of things in short order by setting his Artful Dodger (FOJ) to automatic-fire right out of the gate. Advancing
from this round were Amit Sarkar (Littleton, CO), RMADA President Michael Fal (Boulder, CO), and Barbara Deis (Boulder, CO).

HEAT 3: The action here was less violent, but plenty exciting. Four of the six duelists here passed through the same 15' square area from four
different directions within less than two seconds of each other. The leader of the group tried to break things up with a large "V" pattern from his
trailing flame cloud gas streamer, but all of his targets managed to escape with minor singing. Other exciting moments included two competitors
expertly dodging oncoming ramcars by mere feet, and another ram target getting squashed against the outer wall between Gates Five and Six.
Advancing from this round were John Fiala (Denver, CO) and Philippe DeBernay (Boulder, CO).


Eight of the world's top autodueling teams joined Reigning Autodueling Champion Garth Anderson in the newly-constructed Eye of the
Pyramid on the outskirts of San Antonio today to fight for 2047-2048 AADA World Dueling Championship honors. Action was quick and
varied out of the gate,  with the arena floor quickly becoming obscured by landmines and flaming oil. Seventeen seconds later, Miles Messervy
had risen to the top of the scoring despite and earlier penalty for violating no-dropped weapon zones, and though the match continued on for
13 seconds more, the order of scores would not change.

Three duelists relied on lasers for damage, and a fourth used one for targeting, so the smoke of the flaming oil proved a dangerous hinderence
for them early on. Plethoras of napalm mines and the burning oil made it a tough day for tires, and several competitors found themselves
without wheels throughout the match.

Other highlights included two blast cannon shells from the Reigning Dueling Champion ripping open the fragile underbody on Michael Fal's
jumping machine, and Barbara Deis's stubborn continuation to fight despite two breached sides and a fire that burned for more than ten
seconds, threatening to explode in the tanks of her gas-powered machine. Barbara's gas tank never exploded, but her driver finally succumbed
to the flames in the 14th second after T-Boning Anderson.

Amit Sarkar landed a jump on the upper level, then turned for a second jump because of mines laid by Michael Fal near on the bridge near his
landing point, but Fal was waiting for him at the base of the second ramp with yet more mines, which claimed two of Sarkar's radial
puncture-resistant tires and sent him skidding off the bridge to slam the wall on the arena floor near Gate Nine. Though he was being harassed
and pursued by Mrs. Deis, Anderson attempted a 35 mph deceleration to get a shot off at the wounded Sarkar, but lost control and rolled over
three of Messervy's mine counters, setting them off. Deis came steaming up the ramp and rammed him in the underbody, but Anderson's armor
held.  The collision was enough, though, to nudge him off his right side and onto his roof, exposing his blast cannon to the fray.

Anderson continued to fire his blast cannon, and Sarkar managed a late kill with a pair of laser-guided incendiary heavy rockets, but Messervy
would win the day and end the match by dropping flaming oil under the remaining functional lasers, rendering them useless with the smoke.

     First Place: Miles Messervy (Westminister, CO)
     Second Place: Amit Sakar (Lakewood, CO)
     Third Place: Garth Anderson (2046-2047 AADA World Dueling Champion; Las Vegas, NV)

Watch for a full report with play-by-play and photographs of the Finals in the coming weeks.

Robert Deis
Rocky Mountain Autodueling Association (RMADA)


I'm making a much more detailed report for both you and SJ Games which will be done later this week but here are the top three rivers of the
tournament and a memorable moment.

     First Place: Brett Peckinpaugh
     Second Place: Eric Freeman
     Third Place: Garth Anderson (2046-2047 AADA Reigning World Dueling Champion)

Crash Award: Sumit Suksar for crashing into his brother Amit in the hairpin turn in the NW corner of the Ozark Off-Road Dueltrack (Car Wars
Expansion Set 7: Off-Road Dueling), taking them both out and clogging the turn with debris. They ran out of room trying to make the turn.

Norman McMullen
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) President



Make sure you know what Mother Nature has planned for your region by keeping your IRSS and radar locked on this list of Web Sites.



There are many different opinions on the quality of the two AADA World Championship Events in 2048. Read the commentaries on this Web
Page and judge for yourself.



S. John Ross is fresh in the driver's seat as President of the AADA and Line Editor for Car Wars. A fresh AADA Newsletter will appear in the
coming months, and there are new things for Car Wars on the horizon. We ask that all active AADA Chapters drop S. John a line, either via
physmail c/o SJ Games (PO Box 18957, Austin TX 78760) or via ELMAY at <>-- It's time to get up to speed, and the best way to
do that is to start sharing what's going on. S. John is also the editor of Pyramid, our online games magazine, and he's actively seeking Car Wars
and GURPS Autoduel submissions for the magazine -- send them in!

On the subject of Pyramid -- this week's upload includes the first new installment of Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop in a long time!
The new weapon, the Sonic Cannon, is tournament legal (except the military model, of course), and is a new weapon category ("Sonic") for
declaration purposes (see p.96 of the Compendium) -- it's easy to tell a sonic from a laser, just from the gunport.

Watch this space for more, soon.

Steve Jackson Games Car Wars Web Site
Friday September 25, 1998


The third edition of GURPS High-Tech has gone to the printers. It will ship in late October.

Incidentally, this is the same book that was announced earlier as "Second Edition, Revised." We sort of tripped over our own feet here .
. . there was a spirited and not entirely relevant discussion over which one it should be, and apparently some of us went off one way, some of
us went off another, and, well, duh. The cover of the book says Third Edition, and that would appear to settle the matter.

Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Games CEO

The Daily Illuminator
September 15, 1998


We've recently added some new t-shirts to our online catalog; one is a Car Wars shirt with the slogan "The Best Defense Is A Good Offense".
The other is an INWO SubGenius shirt, depicting a one-eyed "Bob" head in the pyramid, and the phrase "Get Slack and Control the World."
And of course if you missed them before, we have an In Nomine burning feather t-shirt, an Illuminati University t-shirt, and an Illuminated
"Someone you trust is one of us" shirt. Visit the t-shirts page to see pictures of them, and our online catalog to order!

The Daily Illuminator
September 20, 1998


Line Editor: S. John Ross (Pyramid Editor) <>
Online Assistant Editor: Robert Deis (Rocky Mountain Autodueling Association) <>

Internet Representatives for Steve Jackson Games
September 25, 1998


Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop Online: Sonic Cannon by S. John Ross and David Pulver. The year is 2048, and North America is
on the road to recovery. The stink of death still haunts the highways, though, and you need Uncle Al's Ironclad Guarantee (and 15-day limited
warranty) if you want to trust your hardware. Just one click and the Online Catalog is ready!

Pyramid Magazine
September 25, 1998


SWAT has significantly changed the organization of their Web Site. Documents printed by SWAT and those published in CWIN are in several
directories. All (hopefully) of the URLs in CWIN and on the SWAT Web Pages have been changed to reflect these revisions. The URLs for the
SWAT Jump Page, CWIN Archive Index and HVD CWML Index have not changed, but you may discover other SWAT Web Pages do not
exist when you try URLs from search engines.


Hooray! Yippee! Wow! Cowabunga! The VDCs are now on the SWAT Web Site! With all of the requests to hurry on this project I expect to
see manypeople participate in the voting. I will print the results when I publish CWIN 01.08 . . . assuming many of you take a few minutes to
vote! :-)

     VDC 1: Div40 Forest Service/Firefighting Tricycle
     VDC 2: Div60 Coast Guard Speedboat
     VDC 3: Div50 Convoy Mini-Bus
     VDC 4: Div100 Four Non-Oversized Vehicle Convoy
     VDC 5: Div100 Subcompact/Compact

You will note that several rules were considered "flexible" on some of these designs, such as installing airfoils, overdrive and thundercat PP in a
certain mini-bus (!). Some of these variants I liked however I was amazed to see how far the limits of the competition restrictions were tested. In
the future, rules will be much more explicit (ground movement only, no car trailers, etc.). If you are not sure about the regulations for a contest,
please ask CWIN. Do realize that these contests are not AADA Tournaments. These tests are meant to challenge a Car Wars player's
imagination, not strategy in the highly-competitive arena environment with multiple restrictions that is the AADA.

One of the main reasons it took so long to publish these designs is that the format, well there was no single format. I was very impressed with
the use of Vehicle Design Spreadsheets, a tool that SWAT has used since 1990. In order to make publishing of these vehicles easier on this
tired editor :-), I am going to make some additional requirements for these contests. One of these new rules will be both a VDSS and a written
AADA Vehicle Guide description need to be submitted. After having to refer from Web Page to VDSS and back to record the vehicle designs, I
became quite tired. :-)

Thanks for your patience. If I missed anyone's entry, please elmay me. I am positive I have your missing designs buried in my huge folders of
elmay messages.


At 6:30 A.M. on Thursday morning, July 16, 1998, Kimberly Young was shot to death while in her vehicle parked at Gas Works Park. The man who killed her, Dominica Zegretti, then killed himself.

Kimberly Young was a very close friend of mine. I met Kimberly in autumn 1991 when I first started attending the University of Washington in Seattle. Kimberly was an employee of the United States Postal Service at the University of Washington District USPS Office. I would have to send important first-class envelopes to my mother in Spokane on a regular basis. After being served by Kimberly the first time, I would wait in line just so I could be helped by her. Every time I would enter the post office, whether to wait in line for personal service or just to drop off mail in the lobby mailboxes, Kimberly would always take time to ask how I was doing and to ask how Mom was doing. When I sent several Express Mail envelopes in December 1995, packages that contained my applications for graduate school, Kimberly was excited for me but was also sad to know that I would be leaving Seattle. Before I graduated in August 1996 from UW-Seattle Kimberly required that I give her my graduate school address. Wow! When I arrived in my Midwest apartment the day before I was to start school, the first phone call I received was from . . . Kimberly Young! She called me long-distance and spent at least 30 minutes to ask about how I was doing. Kimberly also talked to my Mom (who had helped me move to graduate school) and said several nice comments about me. Having a person of such high responsibility as Kimberly call me long-distance across the United States to wish me luck was unbelievable! When I had to come home from graduate school in January 1997 for severe health reasons, Kimberly sent me cards on a regular basis and in February 1998 sent me a WWW Valentine's Day card that is one of the nicest animation I have ever seen.

After having my Internet Service Provider and telephone problems solved, I was able to access my elmay two days ago. The previous Saturday I used a Spokane Library computer to elmay to wish Kimberly well and to tell her that I was going to be moving to Seattle in September 1998. When I accessed my elmay accounts on Tuesday I received the news of the tragedy from Richard Young, Kymberly's husband. The shock of my loss is still not aware to me and I imagine I will not know how or what to think of the incident for many months to come.

Dominica Zegretti was an employee of the University of Washington and Kimberly knew him as one of her many customers. She would have him sign for mail nearly every day. When Dominica approached Kimberly to ask for help with personal problems, the two of them met in Gas Works Park, something snapped in his brain and he shot her once in the chest -- she died at the scene. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

I am doing all right dealing with my feelings about one of the brightest lights in our world being extinguished. I do know that Richard is not doing as well. Fortunately, when I move to Seattle later this month I will be able to meet Richard in person and be able to talk to him face-to-face to share stories about his wonderful wife.

I have shared this story with you because I wanted to let you know that the US Postal Service has some of the kindest people you will ever meet and that I wanted to honor Kymberly's memory by dedicating this issue of CWIN to her. I have also told you about Kimberly's ending because I would appreciate greatly that you send an sympathy e-mail message to her husband. Six weeks have passed since the loss of his lifetime friend and any support you could give would help Richard recover faster. I would love to see the smile on Richard's face, likely the first one in over six weeks, when he sees over 50 E-Mail messages from tabletop gamers who play a certain vehicular racing game that he does not know but who are giving best wishes. :-)

Thank you for your time and attention.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor

Seattle-Times Newspaper Web Site: Deaths, Funerals, Passages
Announcements/Notices: 130 -- Deaths & Funerals

Kimberly I. YOUNG. Born May 11, 1957 in Gombong, Indonesia; died July 16, 1998. She is survived by her husband Richard of Seattle. Also survived by brothers Iwan Setiadi, Kusnanto, Agus, Kiem Kian and sisters Yuliningsih, Lany, and Sumiati all of Indonesia and numerous Aunts, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces, and Cousins. Kimberly had a kind heart and a gentle soul with the ability to touch the life of everyone she knew.

Viewing will be held Tuesday, July 21, 1998, from 9 AM to 9 PM. Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, July 22, 1998 at 2 PM all at EVERGREEN-WASHELLI FUNERAL HOME 11111 Aurora Ave. N., Seattle.

Please send remembrances to Crime Victim's Compensation, PO Box 44520, Olympia, WA 98504

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