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Each player begins with $12,000 to buy vehicles and equipment. Players can have as many characters as they can fit into their vehicles, up to four characters each. Each character begins with 80 skill points. No character can begin with a skill above level two. Your characters may purchase any weapons and supplies they can afford, except for firearms, explosives, and Kevlar armor.




New Body Building rules: The base level of bodybuilding adds +1 GE to the character's encumbrance limit. Level one gives the character +1 DP and adds 25 lbs. to the character's weight. The cycle repeats up to level four, so that the maximum limits for any character is GE 9, DP 5, and weight 200 lbs.

Missile Weapons:

Missile Weapons
Item GE Damage Hit# Range Cost Ammo CPS Notes
Boomerang, Metal 1 1d-3 8 3" 10 -- -- 6" max range
Compound Bow 2 1d-3 8 6" 50 1 2 One turn to reload
Crossbow 3 1d-2 7 8" 75 1 2 Two turns to reload
Crossbow, Pistol 1 1d-4 8 4" 40 1 2 Two turns to reload
Knife, Thrown 1 1d-3 8 2" 50 -- -- 4" max range
Molotov 1 1d 9 2" 10 -- -- 5" max range
Pepper Spray -- 5 -- 25 5 1 1" max range
Rock, Thrown 1 1d-4 8 2" -- -- -- 5" max range
Shuriken, 5 d-4 8 2" 10 -- -- 4" max range

Hand Weapon Accessories:

Folding stock: $10. For pistols: +1 GE, -1 to hit, +2" range. For long arms: -1 GE, +1 to hit, -2" range.

Telescopic sight (x2 range modifier when braced and stationary): $200.

Bulk Ammo Boxes: $50, one space, 10 lbs. Holds 12 GE worth of hand weapon magazines. Protects contents with one DP of vehicular armor.

Melee Weapons:

Melee Weapons
Item GE Damage Hit# Cost Notes
Axe 3 +3 9 50 Full damage to vehicles
Brass Knuckles +1 6 10
Chain/Whip 1 +1 8 10 " HTH Range
Chainsaw 4 +5 9 150
Club, Heavy 2 +3 8 30
Club, Light 1 +2 7 20
Hatchet 2 +2 9 25 Full damage to vehicles
Knife, Small +1 8 25
Knife, Large 1 +2 8 50
Spear 3 +3 8 80 " HTH Range
Stun gun 1 -- 7 75 See below
Sword 2 +3 7 100

Body Armor:

Body Armor
Item DP GE Cost Coverage Notes
Fireproof Suit 1* 0 500 All
Gas Mask 0 1 60 --
Helmet, Cycle 1* 0 50 Head
Leather Jacket 1* 0 50 Body, Arms
Leather Jacket, Spiked 1* 0 75 Body, Arms +1 HTH damage
Leather Pants 1* 0 75 Legs


Item GE Cost Notes
Arrows, 5 2 For any bow
Backpack +5 40
Battle Vest 3 75 Holds knife, two grenades, two magazines, and a pistol.
Binoculars 1 100
Crowbar 1 25 Treat as hatchet in HTH
Fire Extinguisher 3 150
Flashlight 10
Flashlight, Heavy 1 25 Treat as light club in HTH
Hand Cuffs 25
Liquor Bottle 1 $10
Medi-Kit, First Aid 1 30 +0 Paramedic (-1 Paramedic without one)
Medi-Kit, Portable 3 750 +1 Paramedic
Mini-Mechanic 1 50 -1 Mechanic (-2 w/ no tools)
Rations (3 days) 25
Shovel 3 30 Treat as heavy club in HTH
Tool Kit 6 600 +0 Mechanic. 1 Space. 40 lbs. 2 DP
Walkie-Talkie 1 250 Three mile range.

Car Designs:

Vehicle types available to players: Cars, motorcycles, sidecars.

Engines larger than 350ci are rare (x2 cost).

Turbos and superchargers are rare (x2 cost).

Turbo-superchargers and NO2 bottles are very rare (x4 cost).

Gasoline costs $3/gallon when available. May be rare, very rare, or worse in some areas.

Chassis: Every vehicle has chassis DP equal to its total spaces (including cargo spaces).

Drivers occupy two spaces. Gunners require one space only.

Rare items (x2 cost)

Tripod MG, MG, PFT, SS, OJ, SD, SMG, AR, MP, Laser Scope, PR Tires, HD Fuel Tanks.

Very Rare items(x4 cost)

VMG, ATG, Tripod RR, RR, FT, RL, MD, LAW, VLAW, Bazooka, GL, URGL, Stinger, Plastique, Pintle Mount, Solid Tires, Racing Fuel Tanks, External Weapon Pods.

Normal Price Weapons & Accessories:

Debris Dropper, Body Blades, Roll Cage, Metal Wheelguards, Portable Fire Extinguisher, Radial and Steel-belted tires, HD Tires, Brushcutter, Articulated mount, Ring Mount, Bumper Spikes, Safety Seats, Sunroofs, Car Top Carrier, Fake Passengers, Long Distance Radio, Portable Shop, Sound System, Spoilers & Airdams, Tow Bar, Trailer Hitch, Winch.

Articulated Mount: Mounted facing the front, back or to one side, the articulated mount allows vehicle or hand weapons to fire into these arcs. It requires a gunner to sit behind the weapon and physically move and fire it. Only the designated gunner may fire this weapon. The gunner still suffers a 1 to hit penalty. Costs $500, weighs 50 lbs., and takes one space in addition to the gunner and the weapon (hand weapons in articulated mounts require no additional space).

Ring Mount: Mounted on the top of a vehicle that has either a sun roof or no top armor. It requires a gunner standing behind the weapon to move and fire it. Only the designated gunner may fire the ring-mounted weapon. The weapon can be fired in a 360 degree arc, but can only swing 90 degrees in one turn. A ring mount for a one space weapon costs $1000, weighs 100 lbs., and requires no space (besides the space taken up by the gunner). A ring mount for a two space weapon costs $1500, weighs 200 lbs., and requires no space.

Pintle Mount: Mounted on the top of a vehicle that has either a sun roof or no top armor. It requires a gunner standing behind the weapon to move and fire it. Only the assigned gunner may fire the pintle-mounted weapon. The weapon can be fired into a 180 degree arc designated upon installation. A pintle mount for a one space weapon costs $600, weighs 20 lbs., and requires no space. A pintle mount for a two space weapon costs $1200, weighs 40 lbs., and requires no space.

Vehicle Armor: The skin of unarmored vehicles provides 1 DP protection versus hand weapons only. Other weapons cut right through unimpeded.

Metal armor is available at x10 weight, x5 price of plastic armor. This primitive metal armor has x2 DP value versus handguns, x3 DP value versus bows, melee weapons, and collisions.

Targeting a person in a car through a window = -5. If you miss by two or less, then you hit the car instead.

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