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Various tools and game aids to help intrepid Car Wars players and gamemasters become more efficient and effective at planning and executing their game play. Special commentary from our beloved president (who is also a raving lunatic) will elucidate (or further confuse) the functions of these various items.

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Arena Designing - Sample Arenas - Ice Arena
The Ice Arena was one of my better attempts at getting away from the shoot-kill-win mentality that is so prevalent in Car Wars. It was first created back in 1992 and has since undergone several modifications.

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Ice Arena

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Road Conditions

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Special Rules

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Point System

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Everyone starts with a multiplier of 1. A multiplier can only be increased through jumping. The multiplier increases by a factor of 1 for each successful jump (i.e. landing on the ice) to any of the face-off circles from a ramp.

This will help by multiplying the points gained through puck scoring and target shooting; however, it will not multiply points gained before a multiplier increase (i.e. no backwards multiplying). Warning: multipliers will also multiply the firepower & maneuver point value of your own vehicle, not an opponent's vehicle. So if you are killed with a high multiplier, kiss your points good-bye.

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All targets are holographic. Each target may be hit only once to earn 2 points; these values can be multiplied. Hitting the same target again before increasing one's multiplier will not gain any additional points. If one's multiplier is increased, the same target may be hit to gain the additional points. Targets are -1 to hit for size and +1 to hit for being stationary (i.e. net of -0 to hit).

Targets may be hit by shooting them, ramming them, ramming other vehicles into them (direct cause & effect required), and ramming the puck into them (last person to have physically touched the puck). Burst effects are not legitimate for use in target scoring (explosive grenades need to be in the exact area of a target to score).

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The Puck

The puck is composed of rubber armour (takes 5x damage from vehicular weapons, does & takes 1/2 damage from collisions); it has 50 DP and a DM of 1/5. The puck is moved by ramming (treat as a vehicle in this respect).

The last player to touch the puck before it goes into a net will gain 5 pts. multiplied by the player's multiplier. Destroying the puck is not a penalty reduction. A new puck will materialize in the centre face-off circle at the start of the next phase after the old puck has been destroyed or pushed into a net.

If an opponent's vehicle is pushed through a net, it is taken out of play and the points are awarded to the person who pushed it in. However, direct cause & relationship must be proved. This is not allowed to be an easy way to buy off championships.

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Ice Racing Suspension, Skates, Retractable Skates and Ice Tires can all be found in ADQ 5-3 on pages 20-22. The new Tire Chains and Snow Tires can be found in Uncle Albert's Catalogue From Hell. Rubber armour can be found in ADQ 7-2 on page 4. These specific issues are found in SJ Games' website at the ADQ Index.

According to the rules in Uncle Albert's Catalogue From Hell, Tire Chains and Snow Tires only reduce hazard penalty on ice, not maneuver penalty. To offset these changes, AVRO has modified some of the equipment.

We treat Ice Tires as being already steelbelted; therefore, the only DP bonus is from steelbelting. We have also reduced its maneuver (not hazard) bonus on ice down to -D2, instead of -D3.

In order to cover up some equipment gaps, we have created "Spiked Tires". These tires only reduce maneuvers on ice by -D1 and hazards by -D2. The cost and weight modifications are identical to the radial tire modifications. No DP radial subtraction. Spiked Tires and Ice Tires are not allowed to be made radial, off-road or racing slick.

It should also be noted that in order to use Skates on a vehicle, Ice Racing Suspension is required. If Heavy Duty Brakes, Heavy Duty Shocks or Overdrive is purchased for a vehicle with Ice Racing Suspension, then they must be purchased for each original wheel location. Both of these restrictions are to help support the rear wheels with their extra workload. Also, cycles are not allowed to use Ice Racing Suspension or Skates; use Ice Tires, half-tracks or snowmobiles instead.

Note from SWAT HQ Salvage Yard: Spiked Tires, in addition to Skate Guards, can be found in the
AVRO Equipment Locker previously published on the AVRO Web site from 1996 to 1999.

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