CWIN 3.11
Arena Watch
Willamette Hydroarena
Portland, Oregon

Written by Chris French

Web Posted November 10, 2000
Updated November 10, 2000

The Willamette Hydroarena is one of the few multiple-level boat arenas, and is the only one with multiple water-covered levels. The areas within the second level and under the first level contain the mechanisms for pumping water to the second level and the ramps.

Arena Notes

Ramps. The ramps have water pumped in to counter the water pluming down. This creates turbulence on the ramps; for every inch (or fraction)
moved on a ramp, a boat takes a D2 hazard. Hovers are unaffected. The ramps are angled 35 degrees, but are designed to prevent jumping.

Upper Wall. The upper wall has rollers which allow boats to jump from the second level without taking damage from grounding. However, before calculating the jump, the boat loses 5 mph for each 1/4" of draft. (Example: a speedboat traveling 55 mph attempts a jump; the jump speed
is calculated at 50 mph. A yacht with a weighted keel would lose 25 mph!)

Upper Level. Floating dropped weapons and unpowered boats on the upper level move 5 mph towards the nearest ramp. Any unit on a ramp (boat or dropped weapon) moves downslope at 10 mph (this includes moving units). The vertical distance from the top level to the lower level waterline is 2.5".

For land vs. vehicle events, the water is pumped out. Vehicles on the second level cannot target vehicles on the first level, except via the ramps, and vice versa.

Arena Events

Ring Of Fire. Any vehicle type may be used; typically, it is reserved for land-vehicle events. All dropped weapons (including direct-fire weapons with dropped-weapon properties) are prohibited. The event rules are simple: To win, a competitor must leave his gate, drive up a ramp to the upper level, run a set number (1-5 inclusive, announced beforehand by the promoter) of laps around the upper level (laps must all be in
the same direction, and run consecutively), drive down the same ramp he entered by, and depart the arena through his assigned gate. Note that requiring the competitors to exit via the same ramps each respectively entered by will require some harsh maneuvers upon either entering or leaving the upper level.