CWIN 3.10
Arena Watch
Beaverton Switchback
Beaverton, Oregon

Written by Chris French

Web Posted October 18, 2000
Updated October 18, 2000

This track was designed with one purpose in mind -- to teach a lesson to the "mash the accelerator" school of racing. It worked. In the first year of operation, only one driver ever completed a full race lap, and that driver just happened to be the track's designer. The nature of the track's construction (the walls are solid, except for drainage pipes, and a system of pumps is installed under the track) allows the racing surface to be configured for off-road races, ice races, and even boat races!

Arena Notes

The course begins with a 90-degree left followed by a 180-degree right (note that the track narrows from 3" to 2"!) followed by an 180-degree left onto the longest straight on the track. The track narrows again in the corners after the northeastern 180-degree turn. Like the other narrowings, this U-turn prevents a driver simply drifting through those sections. For some events, barriers are erected in the zig-zag sections
at the center, to prevent drivers straightening those corners. A third narrowing of the track occurs in the corners just prior to the finish line.

The "killer segment" of the track is the Serpentine, the 2"-wide zone near the northwest corner. In one infamous event, the entire field was
eliminated in the fourth 180-degree corner. The track designer claims he was the winner of that championship event.

Pits. The pit entrance is located 1" past the Start/Finish Line. The pit exit is located just on the other side of the wall from pit entry. The actual pit area is off the map.

Walls. Both the exterior and interior walls are 1/2" high and have infinite DP.