Arena Watch
Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 11, No. 4
Death Row Dueling Arena

Richard Solomon
darthspanky14 AT

Web Posted October 01, 2008
Updated October 01, 2008

Arena Notes

Firepit. About the arena its slightly lower at the center where there is a huge elevator with bolted-on spikeplates and a huge firepit. At the corners are guardshacks that each have a turret and pump that releases oil (it follows the lines to the center). Where the oil touches the pit, it ignites. The pumps cannot be destroyed and will continue to pump oil until turned off. There is a valve in the guardshack that will turn it off but you must leave your car to do it.

Balconies. Anyone who leaves their car is subject to sniper fire from the balconies in the middle of each side they are 5" from the floor. The guards can only be targeted by universal turrets and at -4 to hit. The turrets on the guardshack only fire in self-defense or when the operators are bribed.

Roof. There is a retractable roof allowing the families of the victems to watch their deaths from airships. A surprise helicopter will fire on anyone who becomes a mobility kill.


You are allowed 80 skill points to spend how you see fit on as many crew that you want. One person must have 10 points on Driver and Gunner otherwise there is no maximum limit. You can put the 60 remaining points on Gunner if you want. There is no limit to the number of players in each event.

Design Limits

There is no limit to the amount of money you can spend (on one car only).

Vans and sidecars are okay.

No trailers or oversized vehicles.

Any weapons can be used, even AADA-banned and military.

No targeting computers of any kind.

No personal items including weapons and body armor.

Special Rules

Bribes. Depending on how many cartons of cigarettes you can sell, you can make any bribe you want. At the start of each event, each player receives 1d6 x  $1,000 in funds for bribes. They are expensive and only have a 50% chance of working. All bribes will be made public. Details on the effects of bribes are left to the referee.

Rumors. There is a active rumor mill surrounding this event. The referee should let players know what they are before an event starts. Some will be true, some will be false.