Car Wars
Tournament Rules
Game Faire 2044

The tournament this year, as in the past few years, will be run on a point system. At the end of the final round, the duellist with the most Victory Points wins. This document covers miscellaneous rules and the point system governing this tourney.

1) All GM rulings are final.

2) This document is by no means complete. It may be appended to or modified by the GM at any time.

3) The GM reserves the right to penalize players and/or eject them from the game at any time due to disruptive or unsportsmanlike behavior.

4) There will be five qualifying duels. Players may compete in as many as they wish provided that they still have money (or a used car) and a driver. The top 6 or 8 (depending upon point spread) duellists will compete in the final. The final will be a Div 35 duel. See the schedule for times, divisions and arena details.

5) Each player may use up to $55,000 for building vehicles to compete in the five qualifying duels. This money carries over from one duel to the next, so that if you compete in both the Div 25 and Div 30 qualifying duels, you will not be allowed to compete again. Pre-built car packs, most following a common theme, are available for those who wish.

6) A "used" car (one you drove out of a previous qualifying duel), may be used again in any same or lower division duel at no cost. No repairs may be made other than refilling of ammunition, fuel, and/or tire changes (these must be paid for). Note that this may also qualify you for a Victory Point under condition n if the car is sufficiently damaged.

7) 1 driver and 1 gunner will be provided for each duellist. Each driver and gunner has 2 clones. If a player loses all three of his drivers in qualifying duels, he will not be allowed to compete in the finals. If all three gunners are lost, then the driver is on his own.

8) Each character (driver and gunner) received 50 skill points. Once skill levels are assigned before your first qualifier, they are fixed. Your driver (and gunner) keep those same skill levels throughout the tournament. Each character must have at least 2 different skills.

9) ABSOLUTELY NO TIRE SHOTS. Indirect-fire tire shots (such as mines and spikes) are okay (and encouraged).

10) You must accept a surrender if offered. A surrender counts as a full kill. Players surrendering are out of the duel but do not get a Victory Point for condition e.

11) Custom car designs must be approved by the GM at least 15 min. prior to the start of the duel. Designs must be on the sheets provided with the game, or by the GM (no car designs on scratch paper). If your design is rejected and you cannot make the required changes and re-submit it by the 15 minute deadline, you will not be allowed to compete in that duel with that vehicle.

12) "Rule Bending" car designs, even if legal, are against the spirit of the game and will not be allowed.

13) AADA tournament approved equipment and weapons only, except for the following:

14) Old VFRP rules are used: 15 shots, up to 3 shots per salvo, 2d per rocket.

15) Spinal-mounted weapons will be permitted.

Edgar T. Lincoln and Norma Barret-Lincoln. Car Wars Tournament Rules for Game Faire 1994. Spokane, Washington State. April 1994.
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, April 06, 2015.