Car Wars Tournament Schedule
Game Faire 1989


Friday Night:
Division 15
The Thorne
Division 25
Hammer Downs

Division 5
Enterprise Upscale

Division 10
Circle 30

Division 30
Division 20
The Funhouse

Sunday Afternoon:
Division 25
Circle 40 THE DELTA


THE THORNE: Built in an abandoned parking garage, this arena emphasizes speed and maneuverability. It is quite large, and accurate weaponry is a must.

HAMMER DOWNS: An upscale adaptation of the popular bi-level arena; the ability to take long jumps is essential.

THE ENTERPRISE: Based upon the deck of the aircraft carrier (not the star-ship), this is a wide-open arena -- with a definite penalty for leaving . . .

CIRCLE 30: This arena resembles a four-leaf clover. Speed and maneuverability are important.

THE DELTA: The car-drowning island arena is back. Jumping is required, and without good maneuvering, you might up end in the drink . . .

THE FUNHOUSE: Nothing is as it seems in this obstacle-based arena. Bonus points are for the taking for the foolhardy -- or the brave.

CIRCLE 40: This large arena is particularly channelized, and has its own surprises to spring upon the driver. Good handling is a must, as well as long-range weapons fire and jumping ability.

Edgar T. Lincoln and Norma Barret-Lincoln. Car Wars Tournament Schedule for Game Faire 1989. Spokane, Washington State. April 1989.
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, April 06, 2015.