2049 AADA World Dueling Championship
August 5-8, 1999
Gen Con Game Faire 1999
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Web Posted June 11, 1999
Updated April 01, 2015

This tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday of Gen Con 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Check the on-site schedule for exact times.

Gen Con Game Faire 1999

M.J. Daniels
2048-2049 AADA WDC Referee
Riverside/Chicago, Illinois
doa AT enteract.com

Saturday Morning: Round 1

This is an open qualifier. All wishing to participate may attend. It will be a set of several Division 15 duels. Due to number of participants is unknown at this time, a variety of different tracks will be used (the referee has built a limited number of arenas). None of the arenas will be very gimmicky; they will promote straight-forward dueling.

Vehicles will be supplied but designs may be submitted before the event to the referee via e-mail. Vehicles will be looked over, and any rule infractions will be pointed out so they may be fixed  To make the selection of cars fair, any Division 15 vehicle submitted will be copied, and offered as a possible choice for the other players as well.

There will be 3-5 players in each arena (divided up as evenly as possible). The top performers will advance to Round 2.

Saturday Evening: Round 2

This round will take place in The Cloverleaf Arena of Dearborn, Michigan. This map was printed in ADQ 9/4  in the winter of 2041. If you're not familiar with its configuration, go to any highway cloverleaf, remove any walls or guardrails, and you have the arena. It will be a Division 20 duel with dropped weapons prohibited and bonus points awarded for completing a circuit.

Arena Watch: The Cloverleaf Arena, Dearborn, Michigan. M.J. Daniels. Autoduel Quarterly. Volume 9, Number 4. Winter 2041 (1991). Steve Jackson Games. p. 28.
Original URL: http://www.sjgames.com/car-wars/adq/9/4/arena.html
Warehouse 23: http://www.warehouse23.com/products/adq-number-9-slash-4

June 12, 1999 Errata from M.J. Daniels, The Cloverleaf Arena Designer: The scale given in ADQ 9/4 is a misprint. The actual scale is 1 square = 1 x 1 Car Wars square.

Vehicles for Round 2 may be submitted to the referee in advance via e-mail. In contrast to Round 1, designs submitted for this event will be kept strictly confidential. Rules infractions in designs will be pointed out for correction. Vehicles submitted the day of the event will be verified, but there will be much less time for corrections. The judges reserve the right to modify illegal cars submitted the day of the duel, to make them legal.

The top finishers of this event will advance to Round 3. AADA World Champions (pre-2048) will automatically be placed in Round 2, if they can bring proof of their victories.

Sunday Morning: Round 3

The Final Round will have combat occur between Division 30 off-road pickups in the Mud Bowl of Pike County, Kentucky.

The Mud Bowl is a pit of dimensions 300' x 300'. Vehicles race in, down the sides of the surrounding mountains, through the cheering fans and into The Pit, which is filled 2' deep with mud. Cars traveling in mud will have their speeds reduced by 5 mph per turn. Mud prevents tire shots from occurring. Dropped weapons deposited in mud will not scatter.

In the very center of the arena, is a 60' x 60' platform the vehicles may drive onto, thus escaping the mud. In the center of the platform, is a six-pack of a cool malt beverage. The duelist who claims the six-pack first is the winner. Anyone who destroys the six-pack automatically loses (and will not make it past the angry fans).

Vehicle designs for the Final Round may also be submitted by e-mail or in-person at any of the two previous rounds.

The 2048 AADA Dueling Champion, Miles Messervy, will receive automatic placement in Round 3.