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The main body of this work is reproduced from Ken Scott's description of the rules and regulations for AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Combat printed in Autoduel Quarterly Volume 9 Number 1. The recent variations are those instituted during the 1997 World Championships.

All AADA-sanctioned competitions will be run using the rules found in the Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition (including the errata sheet), and any official rule changes or errata published in Autoduel Quarterly or the AADA Newsletter.
Not every item that's useful on the road will be acceptable in tournament competition. In the interest of fair play and sportsmanship, the AADA has declared several devices illegal in the arena.
Vehicle crews for AADA-sanctioned events will be limited to a maximum of two crew members per vehicle. No vehicle in a sanctioned event may carry passengers. Therefore, vehicles in a sanctioned event will be either driver only, or driver and gunner. All equipment supplied to crewmen will count toward the Division limit, and against the weight limit of the vehicle, as per the alternate encumbrance rules in the Car Wars Compendium, Second Edition.
Arenas in sanctioned events will fall into one of two general categories, Duelling or Racing. Duelling arenas are the most common and can be further divided into two subdivisions, Survivor and Points arenas.
Scoring awarding points or determining kills, is necessarily largely at the discretion of the referee. These regulations will define how points should be awarded or kills determined to a large degree, but situations will arise which must be adjudicated by the referee.
Referee is the final and only arbiter of any dispute that arises at a sanctioned event. Excessive arguing of any rules point, especially after the referee has made his ruling, is grounds for disqualification.


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1997 Tournament Rules, AADA News, Pyramid #25.
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