Victory Sings at Sea

Shanties and Songs from Northwest Musicians

The first critically acclaimed collection of roaring sea shanties and traditional maritime songs performed by 15 of the Northwest's best musicians. Inspired by the Victory Music Open Mikes (and by the jam sessions that followed).

Contact: Philip Morgan
Phone: (206) 285-6861

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  1. Santy Anno
    Sample: Streaming Audio or Download it (175K)
  2. The Final Trawl (A. Fisher)
  3. Jack Monroe
    Sample: Streaming Audio or Download it (175K)
  4. John Cherokee
  5. The Grey Funnel Line (C. Tawney)
  6. Blow the man Down (trad.)
  7. Rollin Down to Old Maui
  8. Bay of Biscay
  9. Ranzo Ray
  10. A Sailor's Prayer (T. Lewis)
  11. Leaving of Liverpool
  12. Bully in the Alley
    Sample: Streaming Audio or Download it (175K)
  13. Fishermen's Song (A.M. Stewart)
  14. A Hundred Years Ago (Kotta & Widmann)
  15. Northwest Passage (S. Rogers)
  16. Old Fid (B. Lowndes)
  17. Haul on the Anchor Chain (J.W. Sparrow)
  18. Bonnie Ship the Diamond
  19. Across the Western Ocean
(all songs traditional except as noted)

Very well produced and the singers and musicians are wonderfully talented.

Cindy Moffett, KMXT Radio, Kodiak, AK

A great collection of traditional seafaring and swashbuckling selections -- Fishermen's Song being the highlight -- a captivating story and a great vocalist [Teresa Morgan].

Mark O'Neil, KEOL Radio, LaGrande, OR

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