Adding RAM to the Epson IM-403

The IM-403 comes with a single empty 72-pin SIMM slot for RAM expansion.  You can add any single- or dual-bank RAM strip to this slot.  Just make sure you use the older, non-EDO RAM.  If you put EDO RAM in this socket, your machine won't boot.  (Want to guess how I know?)

When I was converting my IM-403 to a PC, I paid $25 for 16 megs of RAM.  Not too long ago, that would have cost a couple of hundred bucks...

Refer to the IM-403 manual for details on adding the memory strip.  The only problem you might run into involves single- versus dual-bank RAM.  72-pin SIMM strips with 1, 4, or 16 megs are generally single-bank, while strips with 2, 8, or 32 megs are dual-bank  Install the SIMM strip per the manual, then power-up the box and see how much memory it reports. If you expect 16 and it shows 8, you need to jumper the box for dual-bank RAM.

The IM-403 isn't fussy about parity; it'll take either 32-bit or 36-bit strips just fine.  If you install 36-bit (parity) SIMMs, you will need to use the System Configuration Utility on power-up to set up the unit for parity RAM.

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