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"Supplying Marine Safety Boat Anchors for over 55 years"

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Follow the little ship (about the site) and the red arrow for a short tour and anchor information. . Our anchors have been known as the world's finest design for over 55 years. Made by American labor using America's finest steels, this anchor has proven to hold when others twice the size have failed. Each anchor is hand built by retired merchant marine officers who have many years of sea experience, as well as previous commercial fishing backgrounds. Our vessel anchors have been the choice of Alaskans for many years, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and Canadian Fisheries as well as the BC Coastguard. We are the choice of the Alaskan Coast Guard 4o foot patrol boats also. If you own a yacht and demand the best, we would be your logical choice. The yacht above will take you to Lazzara Yachts in Florida. Broward Yachts Inc. is at the page bottom.

Like our Forfjord Safety anchors and just for the record, we also invented the Pal Oil System and our marine oils are judged the world's finest machine and penetrating oils by the world's experts in the field. We supply the United States Navy as well as other military services. Gov. Cage Code #04PK1... The Pal link is also at the bottom of the page, and the pal shop manual is in Military Corrosion Control, the gold button below. The USCG uses the PAL Oil System on its helicopter (Gatling) gun ships also, and Pal has been the precision shooters choice match rifle oil for years. If you are armed at sea use Pal Oil on the weapons...

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