Stephen's Stringed Instruments is comprised of a select group of luthiers and technicians, dedicated to hand-crafting some of the best guitars in the world. In addition, we provide expert service, repair and restoration of guitars and other fretted instruments for clients around the world, as well as consult with and design instruments & tooling for other makers.

Stephen's is the home of the Extended Cutaway heel design, which is a unique, patented type of instrument neck joint that provides incredible neck access to the player, and improves structural and timbral aspects of an instrument. Stephen's builds acoustic and electric guitars which use this innovative design, and also licenses the design to other companies.

It is our goal to provide guitar players everywhere with the very best instruments we can conceive and build, tailored specifically to the diverse needs of a talented musical clientele, and to provide expert service for the fine instruments we all own and cherish,

Stephen's Stringed Instruments is located in Seattle, Washington USA.