Cool Ancient Ski Dogs Picture

The Ancient Ski Dogs Picture

People always ask me what the story is about the picture above.

This is that story.

It's not much of a story. I bought a T shirt during my first visit to Jackson Hole with this picture on it. It was my favorite shirt for quite some time.

I was wearing this shirt under my softball team jersey when I stretched a triple into a home run. Unfortunately, I tripped at home plate and caught myself on the chain link fence as I fell. This apparently was sufficient to break my arm, as I looked up afterwards and thought, "I shouldn't have two elbows."

I grabbed my wrist, pulled my arm across my chest and said "I broke my fucking arm!" At this point John Reynolds said "No you didn't, shake it off." He was seriously wrong.

After playing games at the lab with their "hospital" and getting a lift out so that my wife could take me to the real hospital, the emergency room doctor cut off my jersey and shirt.

I saved the rag and trimmed it down to just the picture that is above. I tacked it to the wall above my computer. There it sat for years until I needed something to put on my web page. Since the shirt was too cool to die, it ended up here.

Now you know, the rest of the story.

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Created on Sat, Oct 21, 2000 and last modified on Mon, Oct 22, 2001.