AppleScript Resources

Many people have already asked me where they can learn more about AppleScript. This document is an attempt to head off those questions and provide a one stop shopping area for important AppleScript links. While I try to answer all questions, I don't know everything and there are many people who know specifics that I don't, particularly about certain scriptable apps, like FileMaker and Quark. I've never done much scripting in either of them and you would get a much better response by asking the MacScripting mailing list than asking me.

Scripter Information

There are a few books about AppleScript. All of them can be acquired from any reputable computer book store, such as Computer Literacy, while the Apple books can be found on line.

  • AppleScript Language Guide
  • AppleScript Scripting Additions Guide
  • AppleScript Finder Guide

  • Tao of AppleScript, second edition by Derrick Schneider, a decent introduction for non-programmers.
  • Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook, 2nd Edition, by Danny Goodman is a complete reference manual.
  • Applied Macintosh Scripting, by Tom Trinkos discusses scripting a number of applications and also deals with scripting in Frontier.
  • AppleScript for Dummies, by Tom Trinkos is a new book that I haven't seen yet.
  • AppleScript, by Mark Gumpinger is a new book that I haven't read because it's in German. Jon's Commands is on the CD though and my name is in the Danke section, so it's got to be good.
  • Developer Information

    In addition, the entire AppleScript Programmer SDK and runtime has been placed on Apple's servers, free for the download.

    There are a number of Inside Macintosh volumes on line. The one we are interested in: Inside Macintosh: Interapplication Communication is available.

    There are also a number of Develop articles that are worth reading also. You can find a summary of scripting articles here: Develop IAC Articles


    These links take you to places where AppleScript questions can be answered.
  • MacScripting, the home of the MacScripting mailing list. I recommend this list as the primary place to ask AppleScript related questions, although the list is open to all Macintosh scripting, including AppleScript, Frontier, Perl and whatever.

  • Apple Public Mailing Lists, a list subscription page. This page has a form which allows you to subscribe to two AppleScript lists, as well as a bevy of other Apple lists. Check out AppleScript-Users and AppleScript-Implementors, although I consider both of these lists to be inferior to the MacScripting list. The implementor list is useful since it seperates issues of scripting and implementation.

  • MacScripting Recent Messages is an archive of the messages which have appeared on the MacScripting mailing list recently. You are able to browse the messages and their responses over the web. It's pretty handy.

  • Searchable AppleScript List is another searchable database of AppleScript list messages. I think this one's even handier than the previous one as it has a larger database.

  • Implementing AppleScript in Macintosh applications is a very nice article published on a German web site. This article deals with implementing scripting in the TCL and PowerPlant frameworks and includes sample code and bibliographic links.

  • ScriptWeb is a very useful archive of scripting resources, although underpowered.

  • AppleScript FTP Archives is the main archive of the MacScripting mailing list. Most of this stuff can also be found scattered around the various Info-Mac archive mirrors, but here it's all collected together on a powerful server.
  • Answers

    Here are some links to web accessible databases with AppleScript mailing list archives. If you think it's been discussed before, check these out first and you're likely to find your answer before asking your question.
  • Cambridge Publications EvangeList Archive
  • Frontier/AppleSearch
  • Searchable AppleScript List
  • Index to MACSCRPT Digests
  • And don't forget, MacOS Rules!

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