OpenDoc Links ODRhino
Since Steve Jobs put "a bullet through the head of OpenDoc" these links have begun to rot. Many are still active, so I leave the list here as a memorial to OpenDoc.

OpenDoc RIP

  • Install OpenDoc!
  • What is OpenDoc?
  • OpenDoc Home Page
  • CI Labs Home Page
  • Component X
  • Welcome To Apollo Technologies
  • IBM's Club OpenDoc
  • OpenDoc Part Ideas
  • OpenDoc Resource Links
  • 6prime corporation, OpenDoc consulting
  • OdZ : The OpenDoc eZine
  • Wake up OpenDoc with Java!
  • Soft Talk: OpenDoc: Ready for Acme of Success?
  • The Future of Component Architecture
  • Ed Components Home Page
  • -- your software component source
  • The Component 100
  • Welcome to the Harbor
  • The OpenDoc Revolution

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