Macintosh Links
  • Mac The Nice, a pair of editorials by Sean Geer which appeared in the June 1995 issue of the British Windows User magazine. According to his readers, he's spouting heresy.
  • Computing's Holy War, Cary Lu of the Seattle Times explains why people say "more like a Macintosh" and not "more like Windows."
  • New Computer Is Apple Of Its Owner's Eye by Mike Royko. Mike has been using Windows for years, but finally made the switch and he couldn't be happier.
  • A Simple Argument for the Mac, a New York Times article by Peter H. Lewis which describes why he'll never buy another Wintel box.
  • The Mac isn't dead and neither is Apple, a New York Times article by John Markoff which explains why Windows 95 isn't going to make any difference to Apple.
  • Modem Driver by David Plotnikof of the San Jose Mercury News describes why Bob is just another piece of evil software from Microsoft. His tag line is compelling, "As for a user-friendly alternative to the headache that is Windows, we already have one: Macintosh."
  • Why the Mac Will Remain Easier to Use by Peter Sichel.
  • BYTE Magazine October 1995 / Reviews / Power Mac Gets PCI "Running BYTE's Native Performance Benchmark at similar clock speeds, the PowerPC 604's integer performance is 87 percent faster than that of a 133-MHz Pentium machine, and floating-point performance is 72 percent faster." What more can we say?
  • Is Windows 95 all it's cracked up to be? by Philip Machanick is a look at Windows 95 from the Macintosh perspective.
  • Microsoft South Africa braces for the Windows 95 deluge. This article describes the war zone atmosphere that Windows 95 has placed on the South African Microsoft office based on expected support calls. I'd hate to see it if things got unexpectedly ugly.
  • Nathan's Everything Macintosh
  • Microsoft Claims that Windows 95 is easier to use than a Macintosh! This is easily the most audacious claim that I have ever heard them make.
  • The Apple Store. This is the place to get product info and Apple machines.
  • What are you doing to oppose the Microsoft juggernaut? This is my rant about how we need to keep Microsoft from taking over the world.
  • Various Microsoft related Links. These are the links at the end of my previously mentioned rant.

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