Assignment 1:

Assigned to:  The New York Times.

What:  Investigate the national levels of fraudulent voting.   Examine areas like Philadelphia and Arkansas where traditional kinds of fraud, like bribes disguised as "walking around money", persist.  Explore the effects of the 1993 Motor Voter Act.  Identify recent elections in which fraudulent votes may have affected the outcome.

Why the New York Times?  Voting fraud most often helps Democratic candidates.  As a partisan, Democratic newspaper, the Times will be far believable than, say, the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal.  This is a large story, requiring substantial, national resources.  The Times has more resources than other possiblities, like the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times.  Under Howell Raines, the Times is acquiring a nasty reputation as a newspaper uninterested in fair coverage of partisan questions.  This story would help them regain some balance.

Last revised: 11:18 AM, 15 July 2002