November 2018, Part 3

Jim Miller on Politics

Pseudo-Random Thoughts

Worth Reading:  Jonah Goldberg's column, 'The poisonous double standard over “stolen election” complaints'.
When Republicans suggest Democrats are up to no good, it is universally decried as a paranoid, craven or “openly authoritarian” attempt to delegitimize an election.  When Democrats suggest an election was stolen, it’s a grave warning of a crisis that should require “international election monitors,” in the words of Dan Rather.

When Republicans graciously concede, as Rep. Martha McSally did in Arizona, it’s an example of decency and civility.   “I give McSally credit for a graceful concession.  But let’s be clear: It only stands out because of the moral sludge of Trumpism in which any show of grace or honorable conduct is shocking,” tweeted Josh Marshall, the editor of the Talking Points Memo.  “When you lose, you don’t lie about it or attack the voting process. You concede & move on.”

But when Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, a three-term Democrat, refused to concede and move on, insisting that Scott was trying to steal victory, liberals didn’t call him a sore loser.
And Goldberg has more examples of those double standards.

By way of Hot Air.
- 2:39 PM, 23 November 2018   [link]

Classic Joke 4:  Here's the basic version:
In the 1930s two old friends were sitting together on a park bench.   For a long time neither said anything.    Finally, one man let out a deep sigh.

The other turned to him and said:    "Must you always be talking politics?"
Notes:  I vary the joke a little depending on the audience.  If I am speaking to young people, I will often begin like this:  "Back in the 1930s, when times really were bad, what with Hitler and Stalin and the Great Depression, . . "

If I am speaking mostly to men, I'll often add something like this:  '. . . two old friends, who often knew what the other man was thinking, without him saying anything, . . . "  (Most women won't need that explanation.)

Finally, the joke works best if you can say the punch line in a very exasperated voice.  And it doesn't hurt to let out a deep sigh, right after you mention the sigh.

(I should have posted this before Thanksgiving, as I did last year).
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Happy Thanksgiving!   (Though Audubon's turkey may not share the sentiment.)

Audubon's turkey

(Yes, I am fond of that painting — and wild turkeys.)
- 4:19 PM, 22 November 2018   [link]

The Strange Case Of Carlos Ghosn:  Last week, Ghosn was a spectacularly successful businessman, simultaneously head of three giant companies:  Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Renault.

That began to change on Monday.
Tokyo District Prosecutors arrested Ghosn at 4:30pm November 19, upon his re-entry into Japan, for questioning over allegations of false accounting.[131][132][133]

On the same day, Nissan chief executive Hiroto Saikawa announced at a press conference that Ghosn had been dismissed and would be stripped of executive rights at a meeting to be held November 22.  Saikawa stressed that the dismissal was the result of an internal inquiry by Nissan.[134][131]  Nissan publicly acknowledged that Ghosn and director Greg Kelly under-reported their compensation (a violation of securities law) and used company assets for personal use.[135]  Although the company did not provide details, reports in the Japanese media stated that Nissan was paying all or some of the costs for residences used by Ghosn in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut, Paris and Amsterdam, and that Ghosn charged family vacation expenses to the company.[133]
So far, I have not heard any answers to two obvious questions:  Why did he do it, and why did he think he could get away with it?

The French government owns a large piece of Renault, Renault owns a large piece of Nissan, and Nissan owns a significant piece of Renault — which makes matters even more complicated.

(If you were wondering where he came from — I was — Ghosn is "Lebanese–Brazilian–French", but more Lebanese than anything else.)
- 3:44 PM, 21 November 2018   [link]

This Xkcd Timeline should trouble those who favor technological progress.
- 1:39 PM, 21 November 2018   [link]

Facebook Executives Won't Like The Cartoon On The 19th; Trumpistas Won't Like The Cartoon On The 15th:  I Like both.
- 10:09 AM, 21 November 2018   [link]

The Current "Pepper . . . And Salt" made me laugh out loud.
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Who Wrote This about New York's Amazon deal?
Billions for Amazon, but rats, lead paint and mold for public housing.
Some left wing Democrat?  Some Socialist?


That's a pull quote from an editorial in the weekend's Wall Street Journal.  (No link because it is behind their pay wall.)

The Journal has powerful evidence for that summary:
According to the New York State Department of Public Health, 83% of Nycha's inspected units contained a hazardous condition.
That's not something of which Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio can be proud.

(I do not know enough about Democratic politics in New York City to explain why Bill de Blasio is the best they could do for mayor.)
- 1:57 PM, 19 November 2018   [link]

It's A Devastating Criticism Of Pelosi (And Obama):  There are no obvious alternatives to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.
Whatever the reason for the reluctance, the lack of a clear challenger has perplexed many Democrats, including some newly elected lawmakers who vowed during their campaigns not to support Ms. Pelosi, many of them from more moderate districts where she is unpopular.
There were alternative leaders when Pelosi first became the leader of the House Democrats.  Most have left, including Jane Harmon.
When Democrats held the House majority, she was in line to chair the House intelligence committee but was denied the post by then-Speaker Pelosi.[1]  Resigning from Congress in February 2011, Harman became President and CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.[2]
And I don't know of any younger Democratic members who have been allowed to show their leadership skills.

This decline in talent among House Democrats gives Republicans a partisan advantage — but it is bad for the nation, long term.
- 10:56 AM, 19 November 2018   [link]

Forward Thinking Businessmen Are Always Looking for new markets.
- 8:49 AM, 19 November 2018   [link]

Jake Tapper Is Right To Ask This Question:  As he usually is.
Jake Tapper on Hillary, Sherrod Brown Challenging GA Vote:  Is That Any Different From What Trump is Doing?
And the asnwer should be obvious to anyone who isn't a hopeless partisan.

When we quarrel like this, casting doubt on the legitimacey of our elections, it pleases Putin and Xi.
- 5:44 PM, 17 November 2018   [link]

This Andy Marlette Cartoon may be a little over the top for some — but I like the Simpsons reference.

(Some will prefer this Disney reference in another Marlette cartoon.).
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