Pronunciation Guide & Glossary
How to say stuff and not trip on your tongue

Keeping in mind that spoken Gaelic changes from place to place and that different dialects sound different, here's Erynn's opinion on what these words should sound like, based on her work with Old Irish, Modern Irish, and Scots Gaelic. Her pronunciation is probably something of a combination of all of the above. Errors and weirdnesses should be blamed solely on her. Roll your R's just a touch if you can. This guide will be added to as the class progresses.

ogum - AW-gum
ogham - OH-um or OH-yum
     the Irish alphabet
imbas - IM-uss
     poetic frenzy or inspiration
fili - FIH-luh
     a sacred or ritual poet and visionary
ceart - kyahrt
     certain, correct
crann - krahn
     tree, branch
draoi - dree
druim -droom
     ridgepole, roof-tree, stem-line of an ogam letter
féige - FAY-guh
     ridgepole, window, also possibly keenness, sharpness
féige find - FAY-guh fin
     a circular glyph consisting of five rings around which the ogam letters are arranged
fid - fihd
     an ogam letter
fiodh - FIH-yuth
     ogam letters
forfeda - FOR-fehd-uh
     the final five ogam letters
aicme - AYKH-muh
     a group of ogam letters

Ogam Letter Names

beith - bayh
lus - loos
luise - LOO-shuh
fern - fyarn
saille - SOL-yeh
nin - nihn
h-úath - hOO-uh
dair - dehr
tinne - TINg-yuh
coll -kuhl
ceirt - kyert
cert - kert
muin -mwin
gort - gohrd
n-gétal - NYAY-tuhl
cétal - KAY-tuhl
straif - srayf
ruis - roosh
ailm - AE-luhm onn - on
úr - oor
edad - EH-duth
idad - IH-duth
ebad -EH-buth
ór - ore
uillend - YOO-len
pín - peen
iphín - IH-feen
emancoll - EH-mun kuhl