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Ideal little step motor driverss

Ideal little servo motor drivers Great CNC forums see

Title: Machine Shop Trade Secrets


This book contains a huge list of machining tips for novice and pro.


The URL is:


Metal working web site- Great  (


Dancad3d site:

Hans Wedemeyer's great web site: 


Shoptronics G code program:

 Kcam3  cnc software geared toward PCB drilling and sign engraving  

X-Y-Z  Ballscrews for Shoptask Machine made by Chuck McGhee

Bill Wainright's Servo Lite home page. A great site for additional information about servo systems. The servo system listed in the products section of this web site uses Bill's low cost servo components.

If you live in Australia try for your CNC needs.

This is a another G code converter program that may be of interest. It has several other neat programs to complete your cnc library of programs.


Master5Control is another fine program that runs off of Windows. Requires a P200 or better to run. It uses the powerful EMC G code engine and has really nice features such as running HPGL files and reading dxf. Only know limitaion is the 8000 SPS max speed for pulses. This could be a problem with the G201 and G320 if there are a high number of step per inch. It could reduce the max speed.