Šumensko Dajčovo

Шуменско Дайчово
Eastern Bulgaria
Source: As learned by Tom Deering at the Koprivstica Festival, Bulgaria, 1991.
Pronounced:Shoo-men-sko Die-choh-voh
Rhythm: 9/16 counted 1, 2, 3, 4     Q, Q, Q, S     (1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2,3)
Recording:Any Dajčovo from the Šumen region. This dance can also be done to most of the slower Dajčovos from eastern Bulgaria.
Formation: Mixed lines of men and women, holding hands. The basic position for the arms is relaxed with elbows bent and the hands at about the same level as or slightly above the elbows. The forearms should be roughly parallel to the floor. When the arms swing, they swing first slightly up then forward and down.

This dance has stamps characteristic of the Dobrudja region. They are solid but gentle, showing the respect an agricultural society would have for the land that nourishes them. The "Scuff" step is a sort of travelling stamp done only by the men. For this step, the women would just step solidly.

The arms swing down and back up only during the last measure of the pattern.

MeasCtThe Dance
 Start with weight on L foot
11Facing slightly R and moving R, small Leap onto R
 2Step on L, continuing movement to the R
 3Leap onto R
 4Step on L
21Turning to face center, small Leap onto R
 2Step on L next to or slightly behind R
 3Step on R to R
 4Stamp on L next to R, do not take weight
31Facing slightly L and moving L, Step on L
 2Small Scuff with R next to L (women just step with no weight)
 3Step on R, continuing motion L
 4Small Scuff with L to L (women just step with no weight)
41Facing center and moving L, Step on L to L, starting arm swing down
 2Step on R next to or slightly behind R
 3Step on L to L. Start bringing arms back up
 4Stamp on R in place next to L without weight.
 REPEAT the dance from the beginning
Dance Description by Tom Deering