A line dance from Eastern Macedonia, Sveti Nikola, Ovčepole region. This dance is from a family of dances called Potrčulki. One of these Potrčulki has been named Pletenica because some of the steps resemble braiding. This dance has often been seen at monastery celebrations (slavas), festivals, and weddings.
Source:  As learned by Tom Deering from Atanas Kolarovski.
Rhythm:  2/4
Recording:    Atanas Kolarovski - AK 006
Formation:    Danced in mixed lines with hands held down or hands holding belts, left over right.

Meas Ct    PART I - Repeat until the leader calls a change
1 Facing slightly and moving R (LOD), three light Running steps (R, L, R)
2 Three more light Running steps (L, R, L)
31 Step on R
2 Hop on R, lightly thrusting L foot forward low
41 Step L
2 Hop on L, lightly thrusting R foot forward low
5-8 Repeat measures 1-4
91 Turning to face center, Step on R to R
  &Step on L behind R
2 Step on R in place
101 Step forward onto L
2 Hop on L
111 Step back onto R
  &Step back on L
2 Step back on R
121 Step on L in place
2 Hop on L in place
13-16 Repeat measures 9-12
  PART II - Repeat until the end of dance or alternate with Part I.
11 Facing slightly and moving R (LOD), Hop on L
  &Step on R
2 Step on L
  ahSmall Hop on L, almost like a skip (don't lift completely off the floor)
21 Bending both knees slightly, Step on R with weight forward
2 Hop on R, straightening slightly
31 Still facing R (LOD), but moving sideways towards center, Step L ft to L
  &Step on R in front of L
2 Step L ft to L
  &Step on R in front of L
4 1 Step L ft to L
  &Step on R in front of L
2 Step L ft to L
51 Turning to face center and moving slightly back away from center, Step back onto R, leaving ball of L ft in place, twisting L heel to R
2 Repeat count 1, with opposite footwork
6 Repeat measure 5
71 Step on R to R
2 Hop on R
81 Gradually turning to face R (LOD) Step on L fwd
  &Step on R in place
2 Step on L in place
Dance description by Tom Deering