(Village) Dajčovo Horo

Дайчово Хоро
Sofia District (Šop Region), Western Bulgaria
Source: As learned by Dennis Boxell in 1964 from dancers in Bulgaria. This dance is an extended arrangement of the typical 4 measure Dajcovo found in western Bulgaria.
Pronounced: Die-choh-vo Hoh-roh
Rhythm: 9/16 counted 1, 2, 3, 4     Q, Q, Q, S     (1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2,3)
Recording:Any lively fast Dajčovo
Formation:Mixed lines of men and women, hands joined down.

MeasCt   The Dance
 Start with weight on L foot, facing center
11Hop on L
 2Step diagonally forward L on R in front of L
 3Hop on R
 4Step diagonally forward R on L foot
 Turning to face slightly R, Step to R on ball of R foot
21Step on L behind R
 2Step to R on R foot
 3Step on L behind R
 4Step to R on R foot
31Turning to face R (line of direction) Hop on R
 2Step forward on L
 3Step forward on R
 4Step forward on L
41Turning to face center Hop on L
 2Step slightly back on R
 3Step on L beside R
 4Step on R beside L
51Hop on R in place
 2Step slightly back on L
 3Step on R beside L
 4Step on L slightly forward
Dance Description by Tom Deering