Čičovo Horo (Čoček)

Чичиво Хоро (Чочек)
Source: As learned by Tom Deering from Anton and Elka at dance parties in the spring and summer of 1999. The name of the dance is from the word for uncle - čičo.
Pronounced:Chee-choh-voh Hoh-roh, Cho-check
Rhythm: 2/4
Recording:    Any brisk Čoček
Formation:    Mixed lines with arms in close "W" hold. Hands should go up and down energetically with steps. The footwork is loose and close to the ground.

Meas Ct   Basic
11 Facing center and moving R, Step on R slightly forward and to R
&Step on L behind R
2 Step on R to R
&Step on L in front of R
21 Step on R to R
&Step on L behind R
2 Step on R to R
&Touch L next to R
31 Facing center and moving L, Step on L slightly forward and to L
&Step on R behind L
2 Step on L to L
&Touch R next to L
Repeat from the beginning until the music stops.
Cue: Step, behind, step, in front, step, behind, step, touch
Step, behind, step, touch
Variation: Stamp heel instead of touch
Dance Description by Tom Deering