Pure Python implementations

- Salsa20   an eSTREAM finalist
- ChaCha   improved variant of Salsa20
- BLAKE   a SHA3 candidate based in part on ChaCha
- BLAKE2   an improved version of BLAKE
- Blowfish   a venerable encryption algorithm
- SHA-512   incl. SHA-384, SHA-512/224, SHA-512/256
- Helix   encryption with authentication, predecessor to Phelix
- Selected Python3 conversions

Python ctypes wrappers for C implementations

- pyTomCrypt   a Python wrapper for LibTomCrypt
- BLAKE   a NIST SHA3 finalist
- Salsa20   an eSTREAM finalist
- Sosemanuk   an eSTREAM finalist
- eSTREAM   for CryptMT, Dragon, HC, LEX, NLS, Rabbit
- Whirlpool   a 512-bit hash algorithm
- Phelix   early eSTREAM candidate
- Rotor   based on the WWII Enigma machine

Miscellaneous routines

- random_noise.py
- wipefreespace.py