The Blue and Green Screen Store

I've set up this page of direct links to paint, fabric, and screens for blue and green screen compositing work at B&H Photo. From here you can buy blue and green paint, and fabric, to make great composites, with materials designed specifically for the task. Click on the highlighted links for price and more details for each item.

NEW! Precision Matched Colors From Rosco

Digicomp is a line of precision color matched materials from Rosco, designed specifically for the demands of digital compositing. Paint--Fabric--Tape-- Each is perfectly matched to the other for seamless compositing of scenes. Available in Blue, Green, and Red, Digicomp simplifies composites that combine fabric and painted objects in one scene.

Digicomp Paint

Rosco DigiComp paints are specially formulated to provide the proper luminance and RGB values for optimum operation of all digital compositing systems. They were designed to be used in conjunction with the complete DigiComp system of compositing materials
  • ROSCO Digicomp Blue Paint (1 gal.)
  • ROSCO Digicomp Blue Paint (5 gal.)
  • ROSCO Digicomp Green Paint (1 gal.)
  • ROSCO Digicomp Green Paint (5 gal.)
  • Digicomp Fabric

    DigiComp fabrics are made from 100% cotton materials and are impregnated with red, blue or green colors precisely matched to the DigiComp paints and tape.
  • ROSCO Digicomp Blue Fabric 59" X 10 yards
  • ROSCO Digicomp Blue Fabric 59" X 20 yards
  • ROSCO Digicomp Green Fabric 59" X 10 yards
  • ROSCO Digicomp Green Fabric 59" X 20 yards
  • Rosco Digicomp Tapes

    The DigiComp tapes are non-reflective gaffers tape which will not leave a sticky residue when removed.

  • ROSCO Digicomp Blue Tape 50 mm X 50 meters
  • ROSCO Digicomp Green Tape 50 mm X 50 meters

  • More Paints by Rosco


    Blue and Green Cloths and Fabrics

    Spray Paints

    Blue and Green Tapes

    Reversible Photoflex Chromakey Blue Green collablisble backdropPhotoFlex Backdrop

    PhotoFlex -- Chroma Key (Blue and Green reversible) This collapsible background is perfect for location shoots and simple talking head shots. Pin it to a wall, or hang it from a stand.

    Light Meters

    Light Meters are a great help in lighting the background evenly, and balanced between foreground and background. Here are two favorites.

    Books About Special Effects

    Cover of bluescreen compositing book

        Most books about compositing have been about the post production side, not the on set side, but there is finally a book that covers both: Bluescreen Compositing by John Jackman.


    Digital Compositing for Film and Video by Steve Wright

    This new book seems very useful for anyone making digital composites from either film or electronic masters. It is not specific to any one software package, but rather focuses on the tools that all have in common, and more importantly really explains well how they all work.

    The Art and Science of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkmann

    Another interesting book is Digital Compositing in Depth by Doug Kelly. It includes a CD-Rom and is specific to Digital Fusion and other software programs.

    The following is a good general text on Special Effects:
        The Technique of Special Effects Cinematography  Raymond Fielding's classic. It is about traditional film optical/mechanical effects; not video or digital effects.

        Here's a page of useful books on Film and Video topics.

    Other pages by me that may be of interest:

    Lenses And Lights

    My general tips and tutorials site.

    The NTSC Video Signal

    My Home Page, with more links, and a resume.


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