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Bradley M. Bell
Research Scientist/Engineer - Senior Principal
Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington
1013 Ne. 40th Street, Seattle, WA, 98105-6698

 B.A.:   in mathematics and physics from Saint Lawrence University in 1973.
 M.A.:   in mathematics form University of Washington in 1976.
 Ph.D.:  in mathematics from University of Washington in 1984.

 1973-76:  Teaching Assistant for University of Washington.
 1976-78:  Computer Programmer for Flow Research.
 1978-82:  Computer Programmer for Applied Physics Laboratory.
 1982-84:  Student Fellow of Applied Physics Laboratory.
 1984-  :  Mathematician for Applied Physics Laboratory.
 2002-08:  Part time lecturer for Mathematics Department.
 2010-  :  Mathematical software for Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.
 2011-  :  Consulting work for private companies.

Brad Bell has the skills necessary for developing a scientific modeling software package that: 1) uses modern statistical methods, 2) uses state of the art numerical methods, 3) is fast, 4) is well documented, 5) is automatically tested with each change, 6) automatically installs on Windows, Unix, or Mac systems.

Work Experience
Public health modeling, underwater acoustic tracking and simulation, acoustic super resolution, modeling surface waves, nonlinear random effects parameter estimation, non-parametric population analysis, nonlinear pharmacokinetic analysis, creating a matrix based language, teaching linear programming, mentoring graduate students.

Research Experience
Estimating human mortality rates, linear and non-linear Kalman filtering and smoothing, algorithmic differentiation, deconvolution and stochastic function estimation, neuron modeling, pharmacokinetic analysis, global positioning, Fourier spectrum estimation, autoregressive modeling, semi-infinite programming, error correcting codes; see list of publications .

Incremental iterative software development, optimization, numerical analysis, statistical analysis, Kalman filtering and smoothing, algorithmic differentiation, parametric and non-parametric scientific data analysis, Fourier spectral analysis, ordinary differential equation modeling and inversion, Monte-Carlo Methods, method of characteristics.

Computer Languages and Systems
Auto(conf|make), Bash, Basic, Bugzilla, C++, C, CMake, Doxygen, Fortran, Git, Gdb, Html, Latex, Lex, Matlab, Make, Mathematica, Octave, Pascal, Python, R, Sed, Sql, Subversion, Unix, Visual-Studio, Windows, Xml, Yacc.

Example Software
Developed, distributed, and supported the open source COIN-OR algorithmic differentiation package CppAD . Developed and published dismod_pde , a statistical model and estimation of disease rates as functions of age and time. Designed the O-Matrix language and developed its compiler and mathematical algorithms. Designed and implemented the numerical methods in the SAAM II pharmacokinetic analysis software. Developed, ... other freely available open source packages ; e.g., the documentation tool  omhelp, Python algorithmic package  pycppad, constrained Kalman smoother  ckbs, and L1 fitting and regularization tool  l1_regular.
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