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Extensions, Bug Fixes, and Changes During 2011

  1. Fix problem with import cppad_ in 20111017 version.
  2. Change to use optimize and to check that using pycppad is always more than 100 times faster than straight python for this test case.

Add tape optimization; see optimize .

  1. Add the conditional expressions; see condexp .
  2. Use newer version of CppAD that fixes warnings found by g++ version 4.6.1.

The --undef option is not available to ./ build so ./ build was changed to ./ build_ext in the build instructions .

  1. There was a problem with the pycppad install instructions. To be specific, the debug build was not being installed because of the presence of --inplace in the example command. This has been fixed in the new debug build instructions .
  2. Change from using cppad-20100101.5 to using cppad-20110101.2.gpl.tgz; see CppAD whats_new .
  3. Use external sub directory of current working directory, instead of $HOME/install, for default directory that holds a local copy of CppAD; see cppad_parent_dir under Required Setup Information .
  4. Add boost_python_include_dir to list of Required Setup Information .

Input File: omh/whats_new_11.omh