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Brad's Opens Source Packages
If the Current column is yes, the corresponding package is currently under development.
Package Description License Current
CppAD C++ Algorithmic Differentiation gpl-2.0 epl-2.0 yes
cppad_py A C++ AD Library with a Python Interface gpl-3.0 yes
cppad_mixed C++ Laplace Approximation of Mixed Effects Models agpl-3.0 yes
dismod_at Estimate Disease Rates as a Function of Age, Time, Covariates agpl-3.0 yes
omhelp A Language Independent Software Documentation Tool (see Note) gpl-2.0 yes
sparse_ad Speed Testing AD Sparse Jacobians and Hessians public domain yes
cppad_swig A C++ AD Library with a Swig Interface gpl-3.0 no
pycppad A Python Interface to the Algorithmic Differentiation Package CppAD bsd no
f2cAD Convert Fortran 77 to C++ AD Types gpl-2.0 no
ckbs Matlab / Octave Constrained Kalman-Bucy Smoother gpl-2.0 no
l1_regular Matlab / Octave L1 Regularization Routines gpl-2.0 no

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